Story of Sealed Steel is a classic feeling RPG game. If you enjoyed games such as: Final Fantasy 5, or Suikoden you will love Story of Sealed Steel! Download the free hour demo! You take the role of a young girl named Aome. As she steps foot outside for the first time since her father vanished, she is swept up in a fateful adventure to find all of the 'Ancient Weapons' in Redenda! In this game you will find many allies, items, enemies, and fun! A customizable color option for your main menu, as well as a quick saving feature make this unique story an experience for everyone!

*Original Story and a World from another favorite Oliveair title!
*Original Soundtrack.
*In depth Story Telling, and Characters!
*Nostalgic RPG Feel/gameplay
*9 unique characters! As well as a cameo appearance from another Oliveair title!
*Convenient QUICK SAVE function allows you to save ANYWHERE!
*Unique Weapon Focus based battle system!

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