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"Making a 2.5D style fighting game with Tekken is risky but this game nailed it."

I've been a huge Street Fighter fan ever since I saw SFII in the arcade as a kid. I've also played most of the Tekken games, part 3 being my all time favorite of the series. These do seem like two fighting games that would be almost impossible to merge into one crossover. I'm sure being on the internet long enough, you've heard lots of genitive opinions about this game and those are all from people on the anti-Capcom bandwagon of 2012. If you leave your bias at the door and play the game for what it is, you can't honestly say it's a bad game in any regard. If you think it's bad then try playing an actual bad game like Shaq Fu for a few hours. Is it perfect? No, but it is still one of the best fighting games this gaming generation.

Story - 7/10
The main plot is that there is a mysterious box called Pandora that showed up in the Arctic and nobody knows what it actually is. The box reacts a lot in the presence of conflict which brings us to M. Bison's Shadoloo and Heihachi's Mishima Zaibatsu, along with everyone in between doing whatever it takes to get to the box. The stories are set up for specific teams of two like M. Bison & Juri, Ken & Ryu, and Paul & Law for example. Generally it's one of the two who takes charge and his/her partner is there to help with the mission. Everyone wants the box for something different and it does react to their specific intentions, for better or worse. The structure of the story is an opening cut scene, a rival battle, and then an ending that is first a cut scene and then text to explain the aftermath. After each fight both members of the team will exchange dialogue on their quest for Pandora. If you mix and match your team, you get a generic cut scene about Pandora and a generic text ending. There's a good mix of serious endings and pure comedy endings as you would expect from Street Fighter and Tekken stories.

Game play - 9/10
The first thing to say is that this is a different kind of crossover. It isn't a Capcom VS game nor does it play like one and it doesn't play like Street Fighter IV either. The game is played tag team style but if one fighter loses all his/her life then the round is over. The combat system has a large emphasis on combos and they are easy to form along with different attacks like you can chain light, medium, and hard punch or kick into a combo that tags your partner in. There is a tutorial that explains everything to you. There are plenty of systems in the fights like if one fighter is very low on health, you can sacrifice that fighter which puts your guy with more health in Pandora mode where you do more damage but you only have a few seconds to finish the fight before your life drains from Pandora. It's high risk but if you pull it off then you can win that way. Everyone has their super moves but you can also do a level 3 super where one fighter starts a big super combo and them they call in their partner to finish it, these are the most fun super movies to watch and they do big damage. The gem system is another aspect of the game, as you play the game you unlock more gems. The way it works is the gems have different features and different ways to activate them. There are beginner gems to help with blocking and special moves but there is enough balance that a veteran can fight through that. Most gems are effects like added damage, moving faster, faster super meter charge, but they all have a trigger like if you take so much damage or you do this or that and it activates for a few seconds. Personally I just ignore the gems and fight without knowing any better.

The roster is very well thought out and you have a great selection of the most popular characters of each franchise. The Tekken roster really is a blast to play, since they don't have projectiles and other Street Fighter staples, these fighters focus much more on fighting up close and using a lot of combos. Tekken fighters really feel very natural in the 2D style of Street Fighter. Also some fighters like Yoshimitsu feel like a perfect fit for Street Fighter. If you're familiar with both franchises then you won't need much to get the hang of playing as these characters, you just have to adapt to the SF x Tekken systems. As far as difficulty goes, it's not as hardcore as the typical Street Fighter game but there's still a good challenge and a lot of room for competitive players including professionals. I haven't had any problems with the game since I bought it, everything seems balanced enough for me but I'm not the professional gamer type. There are also plenty of single player, multiplayer, and online modes to keep you busy. The scramble battle is one of the my favorites on and offline, it has four fighters all fighting at once in teams of two, kind of like the Street Fighter Alpha dramatic battle. There's a lot of content in the game and it's worth every cent.

Sound - 9/10
This is another great example of Capcom creating more memorable fighting game music. There is a whole new original score for this game, it has music for each stage, menus, victory screens, and every part of the game. The sound effects are all what you would expect from this quality of fighting game. They once again hired some good voice actors for both English and Japanese. You also get the option to assign individual characters English or Japanese voices. This is also the first time you've heard a lot of Tekken fighters speaking English. One of my favorite parts are the cut scenes for the rival battles where you see fighters of both franchise meet for the first time and the voice actors really make it even more enjoyable.

Graphics - 9/10
Street Fighter X Tekken is made on the Street Fighter IV engine that has been around since 2008, I don't think it's shown it's age too bad. For a crossover game, it is a natural look. The Street Fighters look a lot like they did in Street Fighter IV, including new characters done in that style like Poison & Hugo from Final Fight. The Tekken fighters all look really cool done in that 2.5D Street Fighter IV style and everyone looks how you would expect them to. As with modern Capcom games on the PC, they did a fantastic job catering it to the hardcore PC gamer. It goes to 1080p at 60 frames per second, and you have all the graphics options you would expect. This is a very gorgeous and colorful game that shines brightest on the PC.

Controls - 10/10
Just like Capcom's PC versions of Street Fighter IV, there are a lot of options for you. Any USB controller works on this game and of course a high quality fightsick is ideal but you could use a Xbox 360 controller, PS2 controller with USB adapter, or even a keyboard which does work very well. Whatever you feel the most comfortable with is fully supported by this game.

Overall - 9/10
Street Fighter X Tekken is a different breed of crossover fighting games and it does set itself apart from the Capcom VS series. This game does a good job of walking the line of a more lighter VS game and a skill based fighting game like Street Fighter. It won't please everybody, especially fanboys but if you love fighting games and you want a fighting game on your PC that is something different from Street Fighter IV then this is the way to go (and the only other option you have right now.) I can't think of a single reason why you wouldn't want to get this game if you're a fan of the genre.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/24/13

Game Release: Street Fighter X Tekken (US, 05/11/12)

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