Introducing the first DLC package for The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom! The first DLC pack consists of a map pack with 3 maps:

Battle of Tanholm: On this two-player map, it is up to you to reunite the divided Metropolis of Tanholm and bring it back to its former glory. While there is plenty of fertile building ground inside and outside of the city walls, this realm is also heavily protected by fortifications.

- Play exciting two-player matches
- Settle in 32 partly king-sized sectors
- Expand your realm starting from a heavily fortified start sector with a prebuilt basic economy
- Explore the Cathedral and the Ancient Library
- Gain access to the Watermill and the Cannon Foundry and use them to your advantage

Tempest Taiga: On this four-player map, you will explore the tempestuous Taiga Coast in the north of Tandria and experience a landscape divided by deep fjords. There are few coal mines around, but there are very large, thick forests, which can be used by coking plants.

- Play thrilling four-player matches
- Compete for domination on a huge map with 60 sectors
- Explore the Field of Mandrakes, the Bone Church, the Laboratory and the Enchanted Forest
- Gain access to the Watermill and the Cannon Foundry and use them to your advantage

Fiery Chasm: On this three-player map, a massive volcano spills out streams of lava that cut through the land of volcanic cliffs and green meadows. Fight for domination in this land of conflict.

- Play enthralling three-player matches
- Build up your empire in 40 partly king-sized sectors
- Start your conquest in the remaining fertile, green havens surrounding the volcano
- Explore the fiery volcano in the center of the map
- Gain access to the Cannon Foundry and use it to your advantage

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