• Steam Achievements

    88 MphMake three trucks with maximum speed upgrade drive by a Donut Shop in any game mode.
    Bear PawExhaust two gold mines in 1v1 or Merger without letting your opponent have any.
    BootstrappedWin all Challenge 27 without claiming the gold mines.
    Built to LastWin a 1v1 or Merger game without losing a single building, and destroy 10 of your opponent's buildings.
    Bull MarketDefeat an opponent in 1v1 or Merger who has exhausted a gold mine without ever taking one yourself.
    ChessmasterScore with a truck your opponent could see the whole time in a 1v1 or Merger game.
    Cold ClockedLand a direct hit on an enemy air turret before it turns around. (Singleplayer or Multiplayer)
    De-TouristWin 5 consecutive Free For All games with no less than 4 players.
    Does Your Momma Dress You?Begin a multiplayer game with a non-default truck skin.
    Don't stop now...Survive 10 consecutive stages on Survival mode.
    Double TroubleWin 5 consecutive 2v2 Merger games with a Steam friend on your team.
    Firin' Mai LazersShoot down 100 missiles with laser turrets.
    Going... Going... Green?Donate to the wetlands 50 times throughout your career.
    Head to Head to Head to HeadWin a free for all game against 3 other players on a default map, with each player one point away from winning in a 3 point game.
    I Am The Law!Pull over 100 enemy trucks.
    Ironwall ConstructionmanWin a 4-player multiplayer game after destroying 14 enemy trucks.
    Just ToysLose 200 trucks.
    Ka-Ching!In a 4-player free for all game on a default map, claim at least 4 goldmines in a single map, and hold them for the remainder of the game.
    Keep Them Doggies RollingScore with a truck that has hit three piles of nails in a single multiplayer game.
    Like a BrickSurvive 10 consecutive rounds on tower defense.
    Mine! Mine! Mine!Contest the same mine three times in a single game.
    Mystery MachineScore a truck that was under the cover of a Scanner Tower when your opponent initiated a scan.
    Never Tell Me The Odds!Defeat three Unyielding AI opponents in a 1v3 match on the official map; Crossroads.
    Newton's SecondUse the handbrake to save 2 trucks from being destroyed by a bomb in a multiplayer game.
    No Fly ZoneWin a multiplayer game after shooting down 5 enemy bombs and without losing a single truck to enemy bombs.
    Out of the BlueIn a 4-player online game, destroy an enemy truck with a direct hit while 3 enemy air turrets are in play.
    PacifistWin a game against an Unyielding computer opponent on one of the default maps without causing any explosions. (No Turrets besides Scanner Towers)
    Pardon Our Dust! And Then Eat It!In a multiplayer game, launch a truck first thing, and then score a point with it.
    Pass the Caffeine PillsLog 24 hours of playtime.
    PliableBeat the first tier of Singleplayer Challenges. (9 / 27)
    Power of FriendshipWin 5 consecutive 2v2 Conglomerate games with a Steam friend on your team.
    Red Right HandWin a multiplayer Conglomerate game without launching any trucks, and destroy 3 enemy turrets.
    RigorousBeat the second tier of Singleplayer Challenges. (18 / 27)
    Shell ShockDestroy 15 enemy structures with a single ground turret in a multiplayer game.
    Speedy DeliveryWin a 4-player online game without having any of your trucks stopped, and have all 3 trucks cross the finish line at max speed.
    Stealthy SemiScore with a truck that passed through a square threatened by enemy ground turret in a multiplayer game.
    Tenacious DefenderWin a 4-player multiplayer game after destroying 9 enemy trucks.
    The Coffee! It Buuurns!!!Destroy an enemy truck 15 seconds into a multiplayer game.
    Tread LightlyScore with a truck that has hit one pile of nails in a single multiplayer game.
    Under the RadarDefeat an opponent in a 1v1 game, after being Scanned, without letting your opponent see any of your trucks.
    UnyieldingBeat the third tier of Singleplayer Challenges. (27 / 27)
    Yo Dawg I Heard You Liked TrucksUnlock all of the truck skins.
    You Play Pyro?Destroy 500 forest tiles throughout your career.

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

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