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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ExtremePhobia

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    Part 1: Doubts

    Head towards the big door. It will unfold and let you into a rather large room. Drop down into the room below and make your way forward. Be careful not to fall or you'll end up at the beginning of the room. Eventually, the path will split in two.

    Head left first and at the back of that room will be a giant white hand. Use it to open the door in this room. You'll enter your "home." Climb around the outside wall of this room until you get to the top and a door. Keep wrapping around past the door to find the switch for it.

    The next room is pretty empty but the room after will have a giant black wall in the middle. If you go around the back side of it, you can drop into the lower levels. In the room downstairs, you'll actually end up taking some elevator platforms back up into a different room. You'll come to a rather large winding room. The room is pretty straight forward except for one point where you need to ride an elevator up and then fall off onto a small platform to activate a button. When you get to the top, walk through the arch and you'll gain the ability to place pieces.

    The next room will have a bunch of moving black boxes. You need to use your blocks to make a pathway around these in an S like curve. After that, you'll need to slowly work your way down with the blocks and through a gap in some horizontally moving blocks. When your feet hit solid ground, turn left and make some ramps leading up to the next platform. In the next room, you'll have to head straight across a gap. When you get to the other side, you'll be back where you started. Now use your blocks to go straight ahead.

    The Pupil

    This is just a simple race with 14 checkpoints. I found this race to be pretty simple but a little frustrating. Just make sure you hit each point because you are faster than him anyway. The problem is that you might hit a lip here or jump right over a point there (which is too easily possible for one point). It might take a little bit of practice but you should have it in a couple of tries, no problem.

    The Beggars

    Turn on Eagle Vision and follow the trail to the woman. When you find her, she will start running and you have to catch her. When you get close to her, hit the grab button to perform a hook sweep which will pull her feet out from under her. Once you've caught her, the mission ends and you recruit her.


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