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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Krystal109

    Version: 1.55 | Updated: 01/28/14 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Shops (Continued)

    Book Shops

    Constantinople BooksThe Odyssey201Sequence 02
    Aeneid242Sequence 02
    Mu'allaqat334Sequence 02
    Geography483Sequence 02
    The History of the Kings529Sequence 02
    Heimskringla1,840Sequence 03 Memory 2
    The Book of Prophicies3,220Sequence 03 Memory 2
    The Golden Ass3,588Sequence 03 Memory 2
    Parallel Lives9,085Sequence 03 Memory 2
    Metamorphoses9,315Sequence 03 Memory 2
    Opus Majus9,775Sequence 05
    Secret History of Mongols24,725Sequence 05
    Anabasis Alexandri27,600Sequence 05
    Record of Grand Historian44,505Sequence 05
    Cappadocia BooksDigenes Akritas59,800Sequence 07
    Cronica76,475Sequence 07
    Tirant Lo Blanch86,250Sequence 07
    Bibliotheca97,750Sequence 07
    Treasure MapsImperial District Map 1949Sequence 03
    Imperial District Map 21,380Sequence 03
    Galata Map 1828Sequence 02
    Galata Map 21,323Sequence 02
    Beyazid District Map 1874Sequence 03
    Beyazid District Map 21,495Sequence 03
    Constantine District Map 1897Sequence 03
    Constantine District Map 21,633Sequence 03
    Arsenal Map1,415Sequence 03
    Cappadocia Map 11,104Sequence 07
    Cappadocia Map 21,760Sequence 07
    Ishak Pasha's Memoir Map12,07525 Animus Fragments

    Piri Reis

    Indian Gunpowder200Sequence 03
    Arabic Gunpowder315Sequence 03
    Sticky Pouch300Complete Sticky Pouch Bomb Mission
    Trip Wire200Complete Trip Wire Bomb Mission
    Sulfur100Complete Cherry Bomb Bomb Mission
    Salt of Petra80Complete Smoke Decoy Bomb Mission
    Phosphorous150Complete Smoke Screen Bomb Mission
    Clatrop165Complete Caltrop Bomb Mission
    Datura210Complete Thunder Bomb Mission
    Coal Dust185Complete Thunder Bomb Mission
    Impact Shell150Complete survey mission in Marseille
    Fuse Shell80Complete survey mission in Tunis
    British Gunpowder420Complete survey mission in Alexandria
    Lambs Blood125Complete survey mission in Tripoli
    Skunk Oil55Complete survey mission in Madrid
    Shrapnel235Complete survey mission in Genoa
    Pyrite Coin105Complete survey mission in Lisbon

    Black Market Dealers

    Fuse Cherry Bomb250Sequence 03
    Tripwire Datura Bomb1,000Sequence 03
    Sticky Splinter Bomb750Sequence 03
    Impact Splinter Bomb500Sequence 03
    Impact Caltrop Bomb400Sequence 03


    ConsumablesMedicine86Sequence 02
    Poison201Sequence 02
    UpgradesFast Poison8,625Sequence 02
    IngredientsSkunk Oil86Sequence 03
    Salt of Petra115Sequence 03


    Main Story Milestones
    Best Served Cold20SilverComplete Sequence 01
    Istanbul and Constantinople20SilverComplete Sequence 02
    Seal the Deal20SilverComplete Sequence 03
    The Prince20SilverComplete Sequence 04
    The Plot Thickens20SilverComplete Sequence 05
    Successes and Failures20SilverComplete Sequence 06
    Old Boss, New Boss20SilverComplete Sequence 07
    Priorities20SilverComplete Sequence 08
    Revelations50GoldComplete Sequence 09
    Secondary Memories & Optional
    Fond Memories20SilverAchieve 100% Synch in all Sequences.
    Holy Wisdom20BronzeComplete the Hagia Sophia's Secret Location
    Capped20BronzeCollect all Animus Data Fragments
    Worth a Thousand Words20BronzeCollect all Ishak Pasha's Memoir Pages
    Pyromaniac20BronzeComplete all Piri Reis Missions
    Armchair General20BronzeControl all cities (except Rhodes) simultaneously
    A Friend Indeed20BronzeComplete all Challenges from a single faction
    My Protege20BronzeHave a trainee reach the rank of Master Assassin
    The Mentor20SilverHave seven trainees reach the rank of Master Assassin
    Sage20BronzeComplete all Book Quests
    The Early Years20BronzeComplete Desmon's Journey, Part 1: Doubts
    The Reluctant Assassin20BronzeComplete Desmon's Journey, Part 2: Training
    Escape to New York20BronzeComplete Desmon's Journey, Part 3: Escape
    The Rotten Apple20BronzeComplete Desmon's Journey, Part 4: Metropolis
    Are You Desmond Miles?20BronzeComplete Desmon's Journey, Part 5: Regret
    Mastering the Art30SilverEarn the Incognito bonus
    Tools of the Templar10BronzePurchase your first Ability
    Achiever10BronzeComplete a challenge
    True Templar20SilverReach level 20
    Looking Good10BronzeCustomize a Persona
    There Is No "I" in Team20BronzeWin a session of a team mode
    Make the Headlines30SilverObtain 13 different Accolades
    The Way I Like It20BronzeEdit your Templar Profile
    Explorer20SilverFinish a session of each mode
    Tactician30SilverScore at least 2,505
    Unique Feats
    Iron Curtain20BronzePerform a perfect Den Defense without using the Cannon attack.
    Spider Assassin20BronzeClimb Hagia Sofia from the ground to the pinnacle in under 25 secs.
    Tax Evasion10BronzeTackle or Leg Sweep a Templar Courier
    Lightning Strikes20BronzeKill five guards in 5 secs using only your Hidden Blade.
    Overkiller20BronzeAssassinate 50 guards with the Hidden Blade.
    Show-Off*20BronzeParachute onto a zipline.
    Fast Fingers20BronzeHave Thieves loot the bodies of 50 guards for you with the Thief Faction Ability.
    Mosh Pit20BronzeHave 10 guards poisoned at the same time.
    Mouse Trap20BronzeKill five guards with a scaffold after they have been stunned by caltrop Bombs.
    Craft Maniac20BronzeCraft 30 bombs.
    Almost Flying20BronzeParachute directly from the top of Galata Tower to the Golden Horn Waterway.
    Silent but Deadly20BronzeKill three guards simultaneously with Throwing Knives.
    I Can See You20BronzeKill five guards while under the cover of a Smoke Screen bomb.
    Monster's Dance20BronzeHave a guard incapacitate three civilians while he's poisoned.
    Bully20BronzeFind and beat up Duccio.
    The Conquerer-PlatinumAwarded for completing everything else.
    • Parachuting onto a zipline isn't what it sounds like. You have to parachute above a zipline, drop and grab onto the line. This is easy, really. Just remember to tap the release and then hold it down to grab the zipline.


    Because the game makes you go through a tutorial already, and the controls are the same as the story ones, I will skip into information that is new to Revelations and was not in Brotherhood, while highlighting information the you should take into account.

    Game Modes

    Introductory Session 1 & 2
    ObjectivePractice kills, stuns, and escapes.
    • These are simple tutorials that you need to finish before playing. Although you only need to do them once, you can do them multiple times to try out different methods.
    Training Ground
    ObjectiveFind and kill assigned targets in any way you see fit.
    • Non-competitive mode, you can use this to learn the lay of the land and how to use your abilities.
    Duration10 minutes
    ObjectiveAchieve the highest score by killing assigned targets while avoiding death yourself.
    • The higher you are ranked, the more pursuers will be on you.
    • Use the compass to determine where your enemy is going to be going and cut him off with death.
    • Blend into crowds with persona of the same type as you to lure your pursuers to kill them instead of you.
    Players4-8 (2 groups)
    Duration2 rounds / 5 mins
    ObjectiveAchieve the highest team score, hiding together as targets and performing valuable kills as hunters.
    • Hide with personas like yours or allies to blend in.
    • Hiding near your team will grant a bonus for each person in the group. It will also help by having you and your teammates stun incoming groups of enemies.* Morph is a great tool for hiding, while Firecrackers will help you identify your targets from civilians. Throwing Knives are great for stopping targets that decide to run.
    Duration10 minutes
    ObjectiveIdentify, acquire and assassinate the target of your choice to achieve the highest score.
    • As soon as you identify a target, use L1 to lock onto and hunt them.
    • When you lock on an enemy you will no longer be seen on their compass but you will also not see any other Templars. Making you an easytarget for them and not even knowing it.
    • You can identify your pursuer by locking onto them and expose them. This allows you to stun them.
    Duration3 rounds / 5 mins
    ObjectiveAchieve the highest score.
    • When Corrupted, kill your enemies as fast as you can so they don't score.
    • When Uncorrupted, hide and survive as long as possible.
    • Defense Abilities such as Decoy, Morph and Bodyguard are great for hiding.
    Duration10 minutes
    ObjectiveAchieve the highest score by killing assigned targets.
    • Exactly like Wanted, but with no compass and no duplicate Personas.
    • Abilities that change your persona or make more of your persona are the key to surviving longer.
    Easy Deathmatch
    Duration10 minutes
    ObjectiveAchieve the highest score by killing assigned targets.
    • This is the same as normal deathmatch, but you can't use abilities.
    Artifact Assault
    Players4-8 (2 groups)
    Duration10 minutes
    ObjectiveThe team with the highest number of captured artifacts wins.
    • This is like the traditional capture the flag.
    • Inside your territory you are a pursuer, but in theirs you are a target.
    • Getting too close to your base will cause your compass to blur.
    Steal the Artifact
    Duration10 minutes
    ObjectiveSteal the artifact and keep it for as long as you can to achieve the highest score.
    • Once you get the artifact you will remain a target until you are killed and lose the artifact.
    • If you run with the artifact, a cursor will appear above you for your pursuers.
    • Hiding gives you a much better bonus than running.
    Players4-8 (2 groups)
    Duration2 rounds / 5 mins
    ObjectiveAchieve the highest score by killing VIPs or by escorting them to checkpoints.
    • Using ranged attacks will help you kill VIPs without being killed.
    • Communication is key. Coordinate your attacks and defense of the VIPs by spreading out.
    • You have no Approach Meter when you defend, so don't worry.
    Chest Capture
    Players4-8 (2 groups)
    Duration2 rounds / 5 mins
    ObjectiveAchieve the highest score by capturing the enemy team's chests, and killing members of the opposing team before they reach yours.
    • This is similar to Domination in Call of Duty. It takes less time to capture together than alone.

    Simulation Categories

    Games are grouped into similar mode types. Within each group is a set number of game modes that the players can vote on.

    NameThemeGame ModesLimitations
    Easy DeathmatchLearn the BasicsEasy DeathmatchNo abilities
    Free For AllSolo PlayWanted-
    Steal the Artifact
    Team ObjectivesTeam PlayManhunt-
    Chest Capture
    Artifact Assault
    PrivateFriends OnlyAllNo XP


    Although getting kills is what gets you points, the way you get the kills is the real way to score. If you kill a player by openly running up to them you will probably only score 100 pts, but if you stalk them or kill them from cover you will get a bonus for being so clever.

    KillGeneric value for basic kill.+100
    Aerial KillKill from above.+100
    Contested KillKill while they simultaneously stun you.+100
    Acrobatic KillKill while climbing or crouching.+200
    Grab KillKill from below while they are on a ledge.+450
    Hidden KillKill while hidden.+300
    Ground FinishPerform a finishing move on anothers kill.+50
    ExecutionUse the Hidden Gun to kill a running target.+100
    RecklessKill when the Approach Meter is Reckless.+50
    DiscreetKill when the Approach Meter is Discreet.+150
    SilentKill when the Approach Meter is Silent.+250
    IncognitoKill when the Approach Meter is maxed out.+350
    FocusKill after stalking for 3 secs while the Assassinate button is over their head.+150
    PoisonKill using poison.+200
    InterceptedKill another Templar's poisoned target.+50
    Mid-AirPerform a kill with the Hidden Gun while they are in the air.+100
    First BloodPerform the first kill of the session.+50
    RevengeKill the Templar who killed you last before someone else does.+50
    PoacherKill while another pursuer is within 10m+50
    SaviorKill a target that is within 10m of theirs.+50
    Honorable DeathStun your pursuer while they kill you.+100
    StunStun your pursuer.+200
    EscapeEscape your pursuer.+100
    Brutal EscapeStun your pursuer to escape.+200
    Hidden EscapeHide to escape your pursuer.+100
    Out of Sight EscapeBreak your pursuers line of sight to escape.+150
    GroundedKill while they are stunned.+50
    Multi-EscapeEscape two or more pursuers at once.+100
    Close CallEscape a pursuer within 10m of you.+50
    LureYour pursuer kills a decoy/lookalike.+100
    ChainPerform a kill 10 secs after an escape/stun.+50
    VarietyEarn 5 different bonuses in a session.+200
    Greater VarietyEarn 10 different bonuses in a session.+400
    Extreme VarietyEarn 15 different bonuses in a session.+600
    Hidden AloneHide at least 20m away from another ally in Manhunt.+10
    Team HiddenHide within 20m of an ally in a Manhunt.+20-50
    Team CaptureTeam captured a chest.+50
    Last ChestTeam capture a third chest.+50
    Secured ChestIn the zone when a chest is captured.+50
    CheckpointGiven when a vIP reaches a checkpoint.+100-500
    PossessionWhen in possession of the artifact.+25
    Hidden PossessionWhen in possession of the artifact and hidden.+50
    ProximityGiven when a pursuer is within 20m.+20-80
    Low/Medium/High ProximityGiven as long as you remain uncorrupted.+20-60
    Sudden DeathGiven when only one uncorrupted is alive.+120
    Artifact StolenSteal the artifact.+150
    Artifact ScoreBring the enemies pursuer to your base.+500
    SupportKill within 20m of your ally with artifact.+50
    RecoveryReturn your artifact to your base.+50
    Last CarrierIn possession of the artifact at game end.+200
    Best StreakBeat the previous best score streak.+200
    Steal the ArtifactCarry the artifact for 2 minutes in a Steal the Artifact session.+400
    AssistAn ally kills/stuns your locked target.+50
    Assist KillKill a target locked on by a teammate.+50
    Assist StunStun a pursuer locked by a teammate.+50
    RescuedOne or your allies kills your pursuer.+50
    RescuerStun a pursuer who is chasing your allies.+50
    Knock OutTeam stuns two pursuers within three secs.+100
    ReviveHelp a stunned ally stand up.+50
    Multi KillTeam kills two targets within ten secs.+100
    DiversionKill a target being chased by your teammate or have your target killed while chasing.+50


    Every point you earn in a game will translate over into experience to level up your rank. You can level up to 50 and beyond via Prestige mode.

    Upon rank up you can receive any of the following:

    • New Abilities, Perks, Kill Streaks or Loss Bonuses
    • A new custom Ability Set
    • An Abilities Crafting point
    • Templar Profile elements such as emblems, titles, picture, etc.
    • Abstergo Dossiers and Videos

    Sometimes rewards and items are not automatically awarded, but unlocked, and must be purchased with Abstergo Credits. You earn credits the following ways:

    • Completing each session
    • Finishing in the first three ranks of a session
    • Being the best player of your team
    • Leveling up
    • Obtaining accolades
    RankAwarded / UnlockablesRankAwarded / Unlockables
    1 - 4-16Custom Set #3
    5Custom Set #1Perk: Resistance
    Ability: DisguisePerk: Overall Cooldowns
    Ability: Decoy17Ability: Throwing Knives
    6Loss Bonus: TrackerAbility: Hidden Gun
    Loss Bonus: Vision18Perk: Blender
    7Perk: Enhanced AmbushPerk: Kill Buffer
    Perk: Sentry19Custom Set #4
    8Kill Streak: 3 Silent Kills StreakLoss Bonus: Minor Hack
    Kill Streak: 5 Kill StreakLoss Bonus: Score x2
    9Ability: Closure20Ability: Smoke Bomb
    Ability: Tripwire BombAbility: Mute
    10Custom Set #2Ability: Charge
    11Ability: Firecrackers21Perk: Easy Chase Breaker
    Ability: Templar VisionPerk: Resilience
    12Perk: Hot Pursuit22Ability: Poison
    Perk: Fast GetawayAbility: Teleport
    13Loss Bonus: Revelation23Kill Streak: Silent Animus Hack
    Loss Bonus: Boost CooldownKill Streak: Animus Hack
    14Kill Streak: 5 Silent Kills Streak24-
    Kill Streak: 7 Kills Streak25Custom Set #5
    15Ability: Morph26 - 29-
    Ability: Bodyguard302 Ability Crafting Points
    31 - 50-


    These abilities can be used at anytime as long as the cooldown time has been reached. These can be improved through crafting, which enables you to improve up to two parameters of the chosen ability.

    Disguise5Change your appearance to look like another Persona and surprise opponents.
    Decoy5Change the appearance of a civilian to mimic yours and run away, tricking pursuers.
    Tripwire Bomb9Explodes when a target or pursuer steps on it preventing them from moving or performing any actions for a short time.
    Closure9Triggers all Chase Breakers around you.
    Templar Vision11Reveal the identities of other Templars within your line of sight.
    Firecrackers11Drop firecrackers that blinds opponents and scares civilians. Civilians drop to reveal opponents.
    Bodyguard15Create a duplicate or you that will protect you from pursuers.
    Morph15Transform civilians near you into duplicates.
    Throwing Knives17Throw knives to slow down your opponent.
    Hidden Gun17Shoot down an opponent once you lock on.
    Smoke Bomb20Throw a Smoke Bomb to confuse the civilians and opponents.
    Mute20Prevents Templars around you from using moves.
    Charge20Rush straight ahead to scatter the crowd and pounce your target.
    Teleport22Instantly changes your location on the map.
    Poison22Poison a target to slowly kill them.

    Crafting Abilities

    Crafting is the process by which you can customize every ability by modifying and tweaking its parameters. This means you can upgrade an ability in the best way that suits you.

    Every crafting requires you to pay crafting points (obtained after rank 30) and some Abstergo credits.

    You can upgrade the following things:


    The range of the ability, such as the area effect of a Smoke Bomb or the distance of Charge.


    How long the effect will last.


    The time the ability takes to engage.


    The time you must wait before being able to activate the ability again. Ability upgrades, perks, and streaks can all decrease a cooldown.

    Execution Time

    The time it takes to perform the ability.

    Various Effects

    Some abilities may alter the personal attributes of you or your target, or exert special effects on the arena.
    AbilityParametersDefaultLvl 1Lvl 2
    Tripwire BombRange2 m2.1 m2.2 m
    Execution Time5 sec4.2 sec3.5 sec
    Cooldown90 sec80 sec75 sec
    Throwing KnivesSpeed Decrease20%25%30%
    Duration2.8 sec3.2 sec3.5 sec
    Cooldown50 sec45 sec40 sec
    ClosureRange20 m25 m30 m
    Duration5 sec5.8 sec6.5 sec
    Cooldown50 sec45 sec40 sec
    Smoke BombRange3.2 m3.4 m3.6 m
    Duration3 sec3.5 sec3.8 sec
    Cooldown60 sec55 sec45 sec
    TeleportExecution Time2.5 sec2 sec1.5 sec
    Range35 m40 m45 m
    Cooldown90 sec80 sec75 sec
    PoisonDelay3.5 sec5 sec3.5 sec
    Cooldown90 sec80 sec75 sec
    BodyguardRange8 m10 m12 m
    Duration8 sec10 sec12 sec
    Cooldown50 sec45 sec40 sec
    MorphRange3.2 m3.6 m4 m
    Civilians Morphed456
    Cooldown60 sec55 sec45 sec
    MuteRange6 m6.5 m7 m
    Duration1.5 sec1.8 sec2.1 sec
    Cooldown90 sec80 sec75 sec
    ChargeAngle25 deg25 deg30 deg
    Duration2 sec2.5 sec3 sec
    Cooldown90 sec80 sec75 sec
    Templar VisionDuration3 sec3.5 sec4 sec
    Distance25 m30 m40 m
    Cooldown75 sec70 sec60 sec
    DisguiseDuration15 sec18 sec20 sec
    Cooldown60 sec55 sec45 sec
    FirecrackersRange5 m5.5 m6 m
    Duration4 sec4.5 sec5 sec
    Cooldown75 sec70 sec60 sec
    Hidden BladeFocus Time2 sec1.5 sec1 sec
    Minimum Hit Chance30%45%60%
    Cooldown90 sec80 sec75 sec
    DecoyDuration10 sec12 sec15 sec
    Cooldown59 sec45 sec40 sec

    Kill Streaks & Loss Bonuses

    Streaks are performance-based bonuses earned through cumulative accomplishments or successive failures.

    A Kill Streak will reward a player with bonuses for success, while Loss Bonuses are rewarded if a player is failing to mount a success.

    3 Silent Kill StreakReceive 250 pts when you silently kill/stun three targets without being stun/killed.8
    5 Kills StreakReceive 250 pts when you kill/stun five targets without being stun/killed.8
    5 Silent Kill StreakReceive 550 pts when you silently kill/stun five targets without being stun/killed.14
    7 Kills StreakReceive 550 pts when you kill/stun seven targets without being stun/killed.14
    Silent Animus HackIf you perform a seven Silent Kills Streak, this enables you to kill whomever you wish from a distance. You earn 100 pts when you kill a non-target Templar.23
    Animus HackIf you perform a nine Kills Streak, this enables you to kill whomever you want from a distance. You earn 100 pts when you kill a non-target Templar.23
    VisionReveals the location of out-of-sight targets until you perform a kill. Occurs after five deaths or stuns in a row.6
    TrackerReveals a target in your sight until you perform a kill. Occurs after five contract losses in a row.6
    RevelationReveals all pursuers in your sight until you perform a kill. Occurs after five deaths or stuns in a row.13
    BoostAbilitycooldowns are reduced until you perform a kill. Occurs after five contract losses in a row.13
    Score x2Doubles the points earned by your next successful assassination. Occurs after five deaths or stuns in a row.19
    Minor HackEnables you to kill your next target from a distance. Occurs after five contract losses in a row.19


    Enhanced Auto-BashIncreases the number of civilians you can barge aside before loosing your footing.7
    SentryIncreases the time a target will remain locked when you lose sight of them.7
    Fast GetawayDecreases the time required to escape a pursuer during a chase.12
    Hot PursuitIncreases your speed when chasing a target and slows down the depletion of your Approach Meter.12
    ResistanceReduces your stunned time.16
    Overall CooldownsReduces all ability cooldowns.16
    BlenderWhen you blend with a crowd, one of them is automatically morphed to your persona.18
    Kill BufferDecreases your Kill Streak by one instead of resetting it when you die.18
    Easy Chase BreakerAutomatically opens a recently closed Chase Breaker when you approach.21
    ResilienceDecreases the duration of abilities used against you.21


    Accolades are rewards given at the end of a session for completing certain conditions in the game. By claiming several accolades you can earn additional Abstergo credits. The first time you receive an accolade you will also unlock the Title that corresponds with it.

    The HackerPerformed the most Animus Hacks.
    The ImproviserUsed the greatest variety of abilities.
    The PoisonerPoisoned the most targets.
    The UndercoverRemained Morphed or Disguised longer than any other participant.
    The VictimSpent the most time afflicted by abilities.
    The SniperHad the most Hidden Gun kills.
    The ProfessionalHad the best kills/death ratio.
    The SavageHad the most contested kills.
    The ExpertHad the best single kill score.
    The Sacrifical LambThe first to die.
    The SurvivorDied the least.
    The TargetDied the most.
    The ChampionHad the highest score.
    The SlayerHad the most kills.
    The UntouchableWas never killed.
    The ImmortalStayed alive the longest.
    The WandererSpent the most time walking.
    The StalkerEarned the most Focus bonuses.
    The WingmanEarned the most Assist bonuses.
    The MasterEarned the most Incognito bonuses.
    The ViciousHad the most Ground Finishes.
    The GargoyleSpent the most time on rooftops.
    The InvisibleHad the greatest Approach bonuses.
    The Escape ArtistMade the most escapes.
    The AchieverFinished first, second or third.
    The DrunkardWas Stunned the most.
    The StunnerPerformed the most Stuns.
    The SaviorRevived the most allies.
    The DependablePlayed on the winning team.
    The Lone WolfWon a Free-For-All session.
    The ElusiveWas acquired in a lock less than any other participant.
    The WiseKilled the least civilians.
    The SaintSurvived longest as Uncorrupted.
    The ThiefStole the most Artifacts.
    The MachineHad the longest streak.
    The WatchdogKilled the most targets near chests.
    The RobberCaptured the most chests.
    The ProtectorKilled the most pursuers near VIP's.
    The AgitatorKilled the most VIP's.
    The ClumsyDropped the most Artifacts.
    The GluttonScored the most Artifacts.
    The StalwartKilled the most Artifact thieves.
    The PracticedMade the most kills without being Stunned.
    The LurkerSpent the most time blended with an ally.

    Multiplayer Challenges

    Four types of challenges are recorded in the Progression menu, unlocked by repeating the corresponding feat a certain number of times. You also receive the corresponding Title.

    The DecieverStun a pursuer while Disguised.x5500
    The LiarKill a target while Disguised.x5500
    The PyrotchnicianUse Firecrackers to kill a blended target.x10500
    The VanquisherUse Firecrackers and stun your pursuer.x1500
    The SlyUse a Tripwire Bomb to stop your pursuer.x10500
    The Master HunterUse a Tripwire Bomb to stop and kill your target.x1500
    The Knife ThrowerUse Knives to slow then kill a target.x10500
    The ArtfulUse Knives to knock down a climbing Templar.x5500
    The Puppet MasterMake your pursuer kill a Decoy.x10500
    The ManipulatorEarn a Lure bonus when your target Stuns a Decoy.x5500
    The TrapperUse Closure to block and killyour target.x5500
    The CleverUse Closure to block your pursuer.x5500
    The PsychicUse Templar Vision to find and kill your target.x10500
    The EvanescentUse Templar Vision to find and stun a pursuer.x5500
    The ObservantUse Morph to reveal and kill your target.x3500
    The ChameleonPerform a stun from a Morphed crowd.x5500
    The BossMake your pursuer kill your Bodyguard.x5500
    The SharpshooterUse the Hidden Gun to kill a jumping or running target.x5500
    The HuntsmanKill three targets using the Hidden Gun in a session.x3500
    The MagicianUse a Smoke Bomb to stop and stun your pursuer.x15500
    The MarauderStop two Templars with one Smoke Bomb.x5500
    The RelentlessMute and kill your target.x10500
    The Quick-WittedMute and stun your pursuer.x10500
    The BruteUse Charge to stun your pursuer.x10500
    The AggressorCharge a target in a crowd.x10500
    The SandmanUse Poison on a stunned Templar.x3500
    The ApothecaryUse Poison after focusing on a target.x1500
    The EvaderUse Teleport and earn an escape bonus.x3500
    The UnstoppableActivate a Kill Streakx5750
    The Elite TemplarScore at least 6,000 pts in a single session.x1500
    The ArtistPerform a kill worth at least 700 pts.x5500
    The VersatileEarn a Variety bonus.x20500
    The PerfectionistEarn a Greater Variety bonus.x51000
    The Mass MurdererKill ten targets in a single session.x3750
    The UsurperTake the lead in the last ten seconds of a session.x1500
    The Good SamaritanRevive an ally.x15500
    The TrespasserTaunt a target you've just killed.x3500
    The ProvokerTaunt a Templar you've just stunned.x3500
    The VengefulEarn a Ground Finish bonus.x50500
    The FighterPerform four stuns without dying.x1500
    The OmnipotentPerform a nine-kill Streak.x1750
    The AmbitiousEarn the First Blood bonus.x5500
    The UnseenEarn a Hidden Kill bonus.x5750
    The Silent MasterEarn a Focus bonus.x5500
    The Flying TemplarEarn an Aerial Kill bonus.x25500
    The Killing MachinePerform two kills in less than seven seconds.x1500
    The WrestlerStun your pursuer.x50500
    The SagaciousStun your pursuer and kill your target within ten seconds.x1500
    The CraftyPerform two stuns in less than seven seconds.x5500
    The GatekeeperUse a Chase Breaker to escape.x10750
    The RunawayEarn the Multiple Escape bonus.x1500
    The EscapeeEscape your pursuer in a chase.x30500
    The DeathlessStay alive for 60 seconds in Deatmatch.x15500
    The ConquerorEarn a 7-kill streak in Deathmatch.x31000
    The CompetitorEarn a streak of five in Wanted.x101000
    The Stealth MasterEarn five Incognito bonuses in Wanted.x5500
    The VultureKill an enemy who has just performed a kill in Assassinate.x10500
    The PunisherStun, acquire and kill a pursuer in Assassinate.x5500
    The BrawlerPerform two stuns without dying in Steal the Artifact.x31000
    The AudaciousHide with three pursuers in close proximity in Steal the Artifact.x10500
    The FinisherBe in possession of the artifact at the end of a Steal the Artifact.x5500
    The EscapistSurvive Sudden Death while Uncorrupted in Corruption.x1750
    The PureAs Uncorrupted, perform three stuns in one round of Corruption.x1750
    The VectorKill an Uncorrupted during Sudden Death in Corruption.x5500
    The EnduringEarn the Multi-Kill bonus in Manhunt.x10500
    The MediumKill a target near two Templars with the same Persona in Manhunt.x5350
    The Master ThiefCapture a chest in Chest Capture.x15500
    The BurglarCapture a chest while hidden in Chest Capture.x5750
    The WardenKill a pursuer near a VIP in Escort.x10500
    The SwiftStun an enemy and kill a VIP within five seconds un Escort.x5750
    The HighwaymanScore with an Artifact in Artifact Assault.x51000
    The EradicatorKill the target holding the Artifact Assault.x5500
    The VigilantStun a pursuer near an ally.x50500
    The Serial KillerPlay a session with every Persona.x1500

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