How do you make shirts?

  1. I can't figure out how to make shirts for my character (body armor).

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    VelcroX - 5 years ago

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  1. Can you be more specific? Do you mean Armor or Vanity items? The crafting will differ item-to-item.

    In general, Armor will require Bars of Copper/Silver/Gold/Demonite/Meteorite/Hellstone, depending on the armor set. This is usually the only requirement for early armor sets (Copper - Gold). Mid-to-Late armor sets have other requirements (gems, shadow scales, other armor sets, etc.)

    Assuming - from your post - you are armorless, the "early" armor is your goal. As such, all you need is:

    - Collect Ore (Copper/Silver/Gold)
    - Convert that Ore into Bars at a Forge (craftable at the workbench)
    - Convert Bars into Armor at an Anvil

    The Guide can give you the pieces for the Forge and Anvil, if you do not yet have those.

    Without more specifics, it is hard to provide further clarity in the answer.

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  1. Actual armor:

    Copper to Silver (and Meteorite Armor), 20 bars = headgear, 25 bars = Greaves, 30 bars = Plate Mail.

    Gold to Hellstone, 25 bars (15 + 10 Shadow Scales for Demonite) = Headgear, 30 bars (20 + 15 Shadow Scales for Demonite) = Greaves, 35 bars (25 + 20 for Demonite) = Gold Chainmail/ Shadow Scalemail/ Molten Breastplate.

    Cobalt + Mythril, 10 bars = 1 of 3 types of Headgear, 15 bars = Greaves, 20 bars = Cobalt Breastplate/ Mythril Chainmail.

    Adamantite Armor, 12 bars = 1 of 3 types of Headgear, 18 bars = Greaves, 24 bars = Adamantite Breastplate.

    Hallowed Armor, Cobalt Hat + Mythril Hood + Adamantite Headgear + 20 Souls of Sight = Hallowed Headgear, Cobalt Helmet + Mythril Helmet + Adamantite Helmet + 20 Souls of Sight = Hallowed Mask, Cobalt Mask + Mythril Hat + Adamantite Mask + 20 Souls of Sight = Hallowed Helmet, Cobalt Leggings + Mythril Greaves + Adamantite Leggings + 20 Souls of Might = Hallowed Greaves, Cobalt Breastplate + Mythril Chainmail + Adamantite Breastplate + 20 Souls of Fright = Hallowed Plate Mail.

    Vanity Items:

    Bunny Hood, 1.33% chance to drop from Corrupt Bunnies.

    Gold Crown, craft with 30 Gold Bars and 1 Ruby.

    Robe, craft with 30 Silk and 3 Rubies.

    Jungle Rose, 1% chance to drop from Flowers in the Underground Jungle.

    Mime Mask, bought from the Clothier for 2 Gold Coins, only sold during a Blood Moon.

    Quote's Hat (Robot Hat), 0.2% chance to drop from Angler Fish and Piranhas.

    Sunglasses, crafted from 2 Black Lenses. Black Lenses have a 0.67% chance to drop from Demon Eyes.

    Fish Bowl, crafted from 2 Goldfish and 1 Bottle of Water.

    Red Hat, brutally murder the Clothier.

    Summer Hat, sold by the Clothier for 1 Gold Coin, only sold during Daytime.

    Archaeologists's Hat, kill the rare Doctor Bones mob.

    Archaeologist's Jacket + Archaeologist's Pants, crafted from 15 Leather. *Crafted Separately*

    Hero's Clothes, crafted from 20 Silk and 3 Green dye. *Crafted Separately*

    Santa Costume, hack it into the character. *Only Available to buy from Santa Claus during Christmas Events*

    Clown Costume, buy a Clown Hat from the Clothier for 2 Gold Coins, only sold after the first Clown Kill of the world the Clothier is in, Clown Shirt + Clown Pants, same requirements as hat, bought for 1 Gold Coin. *Sold Separately*

    Ninja Clothes, dropped from the King Slime. *Dropped Separately*

    The Doctor's Clothes, bought from the Clothier for 20 Gold Coins, only sold after a Full Moon. *Sold Separately* *You have to get the hairstyle upon Character Creation*

    Familiar Clothes, bought from the clothier for 1 Gold Coin. *Sold Separately*

    Plumber's Clothes, Mario's Hat (Plumer's Hat) has a 0.2% chance to drop from a Fire Imp, Mario's Shirt (Plumber's Shirt) + Mario's Pants (Plumber's Pants), sold from the Clothier for 25 Gold Coins. *Sold Separately*

    Tuxedo Set, Top Hat is dropped from the rare The Groom mob, the Tuxedo Shirt + Tuxedo Pants are crafted from 20 Silk + 3 Black Dye. *Crafted Separately*

    I know you only requested Shirts, but this is the full list.

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  2. Its simple just get a certain ammount of ore depending on wich armor u want say gold for gold armor then go to your furnace and melt them and you should be able to make armor

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  3. An amendment of lawatsonscape's answer:
    With the latest update (1.2), you don't need to combine existing armor and weapons to make the Hallowed set. They take Hallowed bars, which are dropped from the hardmode bosses with enouth to make at least one piece each. Also, with the addition of the new dyes and dye slots, Green/Black Dye is now Green/Black Thread as dyes can be crafted from the items Black Ink and Green Mushroom in a Dye Vat. There are also alternate ores a world might generate which make their version of weapons and armor using the same recipes

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