How the **** do I beat Wall of flesh???????

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    AWESOMEMAXMAN - 4 years ago

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  1. One of the popular methods to take him down is to make a loooooong bridge so that you don't have to hop from obsidian tower to obsidian tower. Then, equip yourself with the best ranged weapon you've got (Demon Bow and Unholy arrows work well) and aim for his mouth.

    The mouth and eyes are his only vulnerable points. The crab-claw things will detach and chase you when they take enough damage. Unholy Arrows have a piercing effect that will make them easier to deal with while still harming the wall itself.

    The mouth will vomit leeches that act like Giant Worms. They gain momentum as they dig through solid blocks. Rocket boots will help you avoid taking damage from them.

    Using the Magic Mirror to escape will kill you, but at least you'll die at your spawn point. That means that if things look hairy, you can bail out and not lose your gear or money to the lava.

    I assume the guy that asked this question either figured it out or gave up since he posted it 10 months ago. But if anyone else is having trouble, try that out.

    User Info: Korokiro

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  1. First you shall need either a good gun (flintlock if youre good but i wouldnt reccomend for first time) so a handgun or phoenix blaster(upgraded from handgun with hellstone bars)or the molten fury or shadow bow and building a bridge of blocks is easies then summon him and shoot him while walking backwards on the bridge. thank you and i hope this helps.

    User Info: minigingernuke

    minigingernuke - 4 years ago 1 0
  2. Well, This guy took about 7 Hours to beat Because Solo is diffucult but my friend was scared and i went down with
    Adamantite Armor
    Adamantite Sword
    Laser Pistol
    Flame Boomerang
    Book of Watershards
    and ALOT of Grenades.
    And Jetboots
    And just stay as far away as you can and remove everything to make a flat area and make a path covering the lava in hell and you will be fine until you reach the end.

    User Info: GhostBurnzy

    GhostBurnzy - 4 years ago 0 4
  3. Well,You definately need to stay out of range of the lasers that he shoots so use a good gun

    User Info: thomasmcfeccco

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  4. What worked for me was True Night's Edge and wings I crafted from a multiplayer server that was already in Hardmode. Also Lava Waders

    User Info: GabePuratekuta

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