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    FAQ/Walkthrough by BacterX

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 05/24/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                   $$$.         _____                        _      
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                 .OZ$..          | | ___ _ __ _ __ __ _ _ __ _  __ _
                .Z$$~.           | |/ _ \ '__| '__/ _` | '__| |/ _` |
               .=Z$$.            | |  __/ |  | | | (_| | |  | | (_| |
                Z$$.             \_/\___|_|  |_|  \__,_|_|  |_|\__,_|
            ..ZZZZ.                         Walkthrough                     
            .ZZZZ..                             and                              
             ZZZZ..                         Game Guide                           
    .I?++===~+ZZZZZZ$~~~~~~:~~. .                                                  
    .?I=+++===ZZZZZZZ=~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~:........... .....               
    ....~~?I$OOOOOOO.........     .... ...................:~++++++++====++++?+++.  
          .ZOOO.... .                                            ...............   
                              Walkthrough by: Bacter
    			Contact: Bacterx@gmail.com
    			      Version: 1.30
                           Last Updated: May 21, 2011
    Note: items in [brackets] are put there for easier searching. If you want to 
    skip right to enemies, for instance, type in [ENM].
                                TABLE OF CONTENTS
    [TOC] Table of Contents
    [INT] Introduction
    [NOT] Opening Notes
    [CTL] Controls
    [STR] Getting Started - How not to die in five minutes!
       [ST1] Step 1: Timberrrrrr (Orientation and materials collection)
       [ST2] Step 2: Home Sweet Home (How to make your first house)
       [ST3] Step 3: Begin to Hope (Getting a furnace and anvil)
       [ST4] Step 4: Closing Notes (How to upgrade health/mana, alchemy stations)
    [WLK] Sample Walkthrough - A possible, comprehensive path to top-tier gear!
    [EXP] An Explorer's Guide to Terraria (Where to find terrain and what's there)
       [FST] Forest
       [GRS] Grasslands
       [DST] Desert
       [SEA] Border Seas
       [UGD] Underground - Dirt Layer
       [UGR] Underground - Rock Layer
       [UGH] Underground - Hell Layer
       [MUI] Mushroom Islands
       [COR] The Corruption
       [MET] Meteor Crash Site
       [DUN] Dungeons
       [FLI] Floating Islands
    [SPE] Special Events: What they are and when they are
       [MTC] Meteor Crash
       [GLI] Goblin Invasion
       [BDM] Blood Moon
    [NPC] The care and maintenance of NPCs: Who they are and how to get them
    [CRF] Crafting Guide: Your life at the forge
       [NOC] - No Requirements Recipes
       [WBC] - Workbench Recipes
       [ASC] - Alchemy Station Recipes
       [TCC] - Table + Chair Recipes
       [FNC] - Furnace Recipes
       [ANC] - Anvil Recipes
       [DAC] - Demon Altar Recipes
       [HFC] - Hellforge Recipes
    [FND] Found (uncraftable) items: Ancient artefacts of power that you can't make
    [ARE] Armor Set Effects
    [RAW] Raw Materials : The stuff of Life
    [ENM] Enemy List/Strategies: Stupid mother slimes, how I hate you.
       [BOSS] - Strategies for Eye of Cthulu, The World Eater, and Skeletor
    [FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions
    [RKS] Thank Yous/ Awesome Links
    [CPW] Copywight Information
    Alright, well shucks and welcome to the world of Terraria! This addicting game
    might best be described as minecraftvania. If you're familiar with
    minecraft, there will be enough similarities between the two games that you
    will have a real leg up when starting Terraria. If you have never heard of
    minecraft, don't worry, this guide is here for you!
    Terraria is exploration and building-based. Your character has the ability to
    move and reshape terrain, craft and find unique items, and battle huge boss
    enemies in your quest to... uh... to do whatever you want!
    Most of the fun of Terraria is in the exploration and materials gathering, and
    the beautiful environments really make it worth your while. I hope this guide
    gives you a good start!
                                  Opening Notes
    In order to be most helpful, this guide is essentially divided into seven
    First, there is a section that gives a helpful starter guide to new players
    who are overwhelmed and have no idea what they're doing (like I was!).
    Following that guide will get you safely through the first day or so, and put
    you in a good place to expand your domain and resources further.
    Second is an explorer's guide to Terraria. This will describe what
    different terrain types you might come in contact with, as well as landmarks.
    It will describe in broad terms what the randomly generated world will look 
    like, and where you should go to look for anything in particular that you
    want to find (how high the floating islands are etc.) 
    Third is the NPC guide- this short section will talk about how to get NPCs to
    move in, and list what they sell.
    Fourth is a list of craftable items. Also included in this section is the
    locations of the materials you need for crafting them, as well as any special
    requirements (anvils, furnaces etc.) that you need. You should check here if
    you want to know how to craft top-level items.
    Fifth a list of findable items- any gear that cannot be created, but
    must be found in chests will be included here, as well as items that are 
    dropped by bosses. Check here if you want to know what items are our there
    that you can hope to find, maybe to give you an edge vs. bosses.
    Sixth is a list of all the items listed by stats. If you want to know what the
    absolute best sword is, and don't care if you have to craft it or find it,
    check this part of the guide.
    Finally, there is an enemy list, along with strategies as to how to defeat 
    This pattern may change as the guide progresses, but this is the opening 
                                 Controls (default)
    A- Move left
    D- Move Right
    S- Drop down (use on platforms, tables, and workbenches)
    Space- Jump
    Right Click- Use selected item
    Left Click- Interact with environment (open doors, use beds, open chests, etc.)
    Esc - Open inventory/crafting menu/equip list
    Number Keys- Select the item on that spot in your inventory
    Crafting: When pressing escape, a menu will open in the bottom-left of the
              screen. Thre will be a vertical scrolling list of items- these
              are the items you can craft based on what you have in your inventory.
              One item will be selected, which you can tell because its icon is
              larger and in the middle, and you can see the items that go into its
              construction to the right. 
              Click on any other item in the vertical scroll panel to select it,
              or click on the selected item to craft it.
              WARNING! Crafting an item will destroy all the items that go into
              its construction.
    Equipping: When pressing escape, a menu will open on the right side of the
               screen: this is where to equip your helmet, shirt, pants, and
               five accessories. Choose your accessories carefully, as they can
               make difficult situations much easier!
               Note that you don't have to equip tools such as pickaxes, axes,
               hammers, or weapons. Those you will use by having them on your 
    Toolbelt: When pressing escape, your full inventory will open. However, the
              top row of your inventory is special- this is where you place items
              that you want to have access to while roaming the world. To access
              them, press a number key from 1 to 0, one being the leftmost, 0
              being the rightmost. Then use the left mouse button to use the item.
                    Getting Started- How to not die in five minutes!
    This guide will get you started on your path to complete Terrarian dominance!
    On my first playthrough, my first night found me totally unprepared. With just
    some dirt in my inventory and zombies rampaging everywhere, I was forced to
    hide in a tiny unlit 2X2 dirt hole, crying away the night. My hope is that
    you won't repeat that experience!
    Alright, take a deep breath. You are alone in a hostile wilderness, where all
    the local animals and some of the local plants want to kill you, and all you
    have is the clothes on your back. And night is coming. But we can get you
    through this!
    [ST1]  Step 1- Timberrrrrrrrrr
    Alright, so first look around. You're standing on the surface, with the pits
    beneath you and the sky overhead. You might see some trees nearby, and maybe
    another guy walking around. You have five hearts and no mana. 
    The other guy is your guide, and you can talk to him using the environment
    interaction button (right mouse click). I didn't find him to be SUPER helpful,
    but there he is if you need him.
    The first thing you're going to need is some wood. If you don't see any trees
    on your screen, walk left or right until you find some- three to five trees 
    should be sufficient for now.
    You've got two items in your inventory right now- the copper pickaxe and the
    copper axe. Select the axe by left-clicking on it, and left-click on the BASE
    of a tree when you are near it. Clicking on the base prevents there from being
    a stump left over which you can't build over. It will take a while of chopping
    before you get your prize, but eventually the tree will disappear, and a rain
    of planks will fall into your pockets. Note that you can pick up items just
    by being near them.
    You should see the wood and maybe an acorn appear in your inventory next to
    the axe.
    At this point, you want to avoid falling into pits, so if you manage to fall
    into one, and you can't readily jump out, mine some dirt with your pickaxe 
    (just like chopping down trees with the axe), and place the dirt by selecting
    dirt from your inventory and left-clicking on the screen. Use it to make a 
    ramp and jump out.
    At this time, the only monsters you should really run into are slimes. If you
    want to run, that's fine. Otherwise select the axe or the pickaxe and swing 
    it at them. You don't have to have your cursor over them to hit them, just
    make sure that the swinging animation makes contact with them. 
    You are the lowest level right now, and need to focus on surviving. If you 
    run into 1) a brick structure wth an old man out front or 2) an area where
    the screen darkens, and the music changes, and there are purple growths, 
    LEAVE THEM ALONE. Seriously. Don't try to cross the corruption, build your
    first house on the other side of it. The old man is harmless unless it's night,
    but DO NOT TALK TO HIM if it is! You can tell it's night because of a music
    change. The moon and stars come out slightly before it's "night", so you can't
    always go by that. 
    We'll deal with those areas later.
    You lose half your money and respawn at the spawn point, but you keep all your
    items. You can go back and collect your money, too!
    [ST2]   Step 2- Home Sweet Home
    MATERIALS LOCATIONS: Wood - trees on surface level, cut down with axe
                         Dirt - Surface and below, mine with pickaxe
                         Stone - Surface and below, mine with pickaxe
                         Gel - Collect from dead gels
                         Cobwebs - In the top corners of caves, can be found near
                         Silk - Make from cobwebs
    So you've got about 3-5 trees worth of timber. Now it's time to constuct a 
    shelter for the night (you'll understand when night gets here, trust me).
    Find a more-or-less flat area, and make it totally flat by removing any trees
    in the area and mining any dirt or stone down to level with your pickaxe. If
    there are any gaps, fill them in with dirt or stone. This will be your house,
    so make sure it's at least two dozen squares wide. You want to have some room,
    after all!
    Now, time to make your house! I prefer to make the walls and roof out of stone,
    which can be mined just like dirt with your pickaxe. You're free to make them
    out of wood if you please, there's no real difference. Build wides
    straight up by stacking blocks on top of each other as high as you can reach,
    six blocks up. There's no real reason to make it taller except aesthetics, but
    if you want to build a scaffold with dirt to make it taller that's your call.
    Note that dirt walls and edges do cause problems with the game recognizing 
    your house, so stick with wood or stone!
    Once the front and back edge are up, strack blocks to make a ceiling between
    the walls on the topmost block. Now, from the floor, use the pickaxe or axe
    (if your house is wood) to remove the bottom three block from both walls. Now
    you've got the structure of your house!
    Now press escape, and look at the bottom-right. Assuming you have enough wood
    left, a menu will open there telling you that you can craft a wood platform
    or what looks like a little table beneath that. Select the table.
    CRAFTING RECIPE: Workbench - 10 wood
    Craft the workbench, and add it to the top row of your inventory. Select the
    workbench with a number key, and place it somewhere within your house. This
    workbench will be the center of your item creation! While you are standing
    near it, you can craft many more things than you could otherwise.
    Now move on it, and let's start crafting some stuff! Venture out to get more
    materials as you need them.
    CRAFTING RECIPE: Door - 6 wood  *Workbench
    CRAFTING RECIPE: Table - 8 wood  *Workbench
    CRAFTING RECIPE: Chair - 4 wood  *Workbench
    CRAFTING RECIPE: Stone/Wood wall (4) - 1 stone/wood  *Workbench
    CRAFTING RECIPE: Torch (3) - 1 wood, 1 gel  *Workbench
    CRAFTING RECIPE: Wooden Hammer - 8 Wood  *Workbench
    CRAFTING RECIPE: Wooden Sword - 7 Wood  *Workbench
    CRAFTING RECIPE: Wooden Bow - 10 wood  *Workbench
    CRAFTING RECIPE: Wooden Arrow (3) - 1 wood, 1 stone  *Workbench
    CRAFTING RECIPE: Sign - 6 Wood  *Workbench
    CRAFTING RECIPE: Silk - 10 Cobwebs
    CRAFTING RECIPE: Bed - 5 silk, 15 wood  *Workbench
    To place anything, put it in your toolbelt, then select it and place it with 
    the right mouse click.
    You'll want to place the doors on each of your walls, put them in place of the
    three blocks you hollowed out. You can open them by left-clicking on them. 
    Monsters can't get in!
    Walls were confusing to me in my first playthrough! They don't actually keep
    monsters out, their purpose is to keep monsters from spawning anywhere they
    are placed - so you can leave your house and not worry about finding twenty
    slimes in your bed when you come back. Place walls the same as anything else-
    but they don't have to be connected to any other blocks, they can float in
    space. Think of them as the BACK wall to your house, while the edges are the
    SIDE walls. 
    Torches in minecraft are designed to prevent monster spawning, but as far as
    I can tell, the only purpose they have here is to light an area. That said, 
    it gets DARK out, so you will want lighting. You can't place a torch
    on a ceiling, but you can on floors and walls. I'd recomment placing two
    torches on the top-right and top-left corners of your house, and if you want 
    to, add one block down from the center of the ceiling, and place torches on
    either side of that. Now your house should be totally lit!
    Place the chair and table next to each other in the house. These are needed
    for the game's definition of a house, and also for some crafting recipes. 
    For the game to consider your structure to be a "house" it must be:
    Have two outer walls
    Have a back wall
    Have a table and chair
    Have a light source (Torch is fine)
    The floor can be dirt.
    The sign is useful only for vanity purposes. Place it wherever you want, then
    left-click on it and click edit. Then enter in any text you want, and anybody
    who clicks on the sign in the future will see it. This is mostly valuable in
    a multiplayer context but it can help to make your buildings seem more
    If you're OCD like me, you don't want any walls sticking out past the sides
    of your house. If you misplace one, you'll have to craft the hammer above and
    use the hammer to break them. Hammers eliminate background objects, doors, 
    and chests. 
    You WILL have to go hunting during this part for gels. You don't need a sword
    to fight them, as they are the weakest enemies. If you're having trouble
    with them, check out the enemy section of the guide. If you want, you can craft
    a wooden bow and arrows or wooden sword to go after them, but a pickaxe or axe
    should be fine.
    If your house is a long distance from your spawn point (where you started),
    you'll probably want to craft a bed. A bed must be placed in a non-dirt room
    with edges and walls. Once you place it, you can right-click it and it should
    saw "Spawn Point Set!" You will now respawn here if you die.
    [ST3] Step 3- Begin to Hope
    MATERIALS LOCATIONS: Sand - Can be found in massive quantity in deserts, or in
                                pockets underground. Can be mined with a pickaxe.
    So it's probably about nighttime by now. The music will change, and, more
    importantly, zombies and flying demon eyes will come after you. This is why
    you're glad you have a house! You'll probably want to wait out the night here.
    If you're feeling bored, you can do some excavation. As long as you don't
    open your house to the outside, you should be relatively safe from monster 
    attacks. Make sure you don't dig yourself into a pit though!
    My favorite way to get back up is to use wooden platforms. These you can jump
    onto through the bottom, unlike dirt or stone. You can drop down from them by
    pressing the S key. Keep in mind you will suffer falling damage if you fall 
    too far!
    CRAFTING RECIPE: Wood Platform - 1 Wood
    NOTE: Lenses
    If you want, you can farm zombies for coins and the demon eyes for both coins
    and lenses. Getting two lenses and being near a table and workbench will allow
    you to craft Goggles
    CRAFTING RECIPE: Goggles - 2 Lenses  *Workbench, table
    There are two major things you need to accomplish before you are ready to set
    out on your own. One of them can be done aboveground, and one of them almost
    certainly requires some digging. Which is good- it'll prep you for later!
    The first one though is super important, so let's get to that.
    CRAFTING RECIPE: Furnace - 3 torch, 20 stone, 4 wood  *Workbench
    Once you create a furnace, you'll be able to do all sorts of other crafting!
    Basically anything that requires working with metals requires a furnace. 
    Now that you've created a furnace, you're ready to start exploring the deep!
    If you want to find a natural cave to get a head start, go ahead. Make sure you
    always leave yourself a way out! The two major ways to do this are: tunneling
    diagonally down, so that the dirt forms natural stairs, and using wooden 
    platforms as described above.
    Once you get down far enough, you can start looking for metal deposits. The
    two big ones to look for early on are iron and copper. Copper is sort of an
    orangeish color, while iron is brownish red. 
    When you mine ore with a pickaxe, it'll enter your inventory as ore. Take
    it back to the furnace to make bars of metal out of it.
    CRAFTING RECIPE: Iron Bar - 3 iron ore   *Furnace
    CRAFTING RECIPE: Copper Bar - 3 copper ore   *Furnace
    Your first goal should be to get 5 iron bars, and then to create an anvil.
    CRAFTING RECIPE: Anvil - 5 Copper bars   *Workbench
    Now that you've got the anvil, you can start collecting more ores, melting 
    them into bars, and making the bars into weapons and armor at the anvil!
    [ST4]  Step 4: Closing Notes
    MATERIALS LOCATIONS: Mushrooms - Found in green vegetation, can be harvested
                         with any tool.
    You are ALMOST ready to take on the world! From here, you will find more and
    better ores, dig deeper, and discover a ton of new items to craft! Just a 
    few final notes to get you ready for everything!
    * To upgrade your health, look underground for crystal hearts - these commonly
      require some exploration. You'll break them apart with a hammer, and then
      use the heart that enters your inventory to gain a heart.
    * To upgrade your mana, look for falling stars at night. They'll disappear if
      out in the open during the day, so get them fast! Collect ten and you can
      craft them into a mana star, which can be used to give you another point
      of mana.
    CRAFTING RECIPE: Mana Star - 10 Fallen stars
    * Look for chests and urns while you are exploring. Urns usually have money
      and health in them, while chests can have powerful, unique items. The lower
      you are, the better the loot!
    * Try to get some NPCs to move in near you at the nearest opportunity. See the
      section on NPCs for more info about that.
    * You can make glass at the furnace.
    CRAFTING RECIPE: Glass - 2 sand blocks   *Furnace
    CRAFTING RECIPE: Bottle (2) - Glass Block    *Workstation
    * Put a glass bottle on a table or workbench to create an alchemy station
      where you can make health potions. This will be really useful for battles!
    CRAFTING RECIPE: Lesser Healing Potion (2) - 2 gel, 1 mushroom, 2 bottles
    That's all you need to know! Good luck, and happy hunting!
                   Sample Walkthrough- A possible path from zero to hero
                         (presented in the form of mile markers)
    * Arrive on Terraria
    * Gather wood with axe
    * Flatten ground, build house
    * Build workbench
    * Build house
    * Construct NPC Houses (6, or 5 if you're ok with one living in "your" house)
    * Build a furnace
    * Digging into dirt layer
    * Find Iron desposits
    * Build an anvil
    * Build an alchemy station
    * Find copper deposits
    * Get copper gear
    * Find more iron deposits
    * Get iron gear
    * Digging into rock layer
    * Merchant has moved in by now
    * Find silver deposits
    * Get silver gear
    * Collect stars and hearts to upgrade health/mana
    * Find gold deposits
    * Get gold gear
    * Nurse has moved in by now
    * Find demon alter
    * Create suspicious looking eye
    * Defeat eye of cthulu
    * Dryad has moved in
    * Exploring Corruption
    * Create worm bait
    * Defeat world eater (multiple times for enough shadow scales/ demonite ore)
    * Get demonite gear
    * Use nightmare pickaxe to mine ebonstone (or purifiation powder from dryad)
    * Break shadow orbs with The Breaker
    * Arms Dealer has moved in
    * Demoman has moved in
    * (Random event but hopefully) Meteorites fall
    * Explore meteor crash sites, mine for meteorite
    * Get meteorite gear
    * Find underground jungle
    * Get cobalt armor
    * Digging into hell layer
    * Divert underground stream onto lava pool, mine obsidian
    * Mine hellstone
    * Get molten gear
    * Find floating islands
    * Defeat Skeletron
    * Explore Dungeon
    * Start a new world!
                          An Explorer's Guide to Terraria 
    Detailed herein are the various biomes to be found in Terraria, where they
    can be found, and what you can generally expect there.
    [FST]  Forests
    Found on the surface, forests are notable because of the presence of trees.
    Trees can be chopped down for the wood they produce. There seem to be more
    natural caves in forests than in deserts or grasslands- look out for cobwebs
    in those caves!
    Forests are surface biomes, so night/day cycles matter. 
    Monsters (Day): Slime, Pinky
    Monsters (Night): Zombie, Demon Eye
    [GRS]  Grasslands
    Also found on the surface, grasslands are where not a lot is going on. Maybe
    you've cleared the trees out, or maybe there's just nothing of interest there.
    Grasslands are good for two purposes- building, and mushroom collection. There
    are also lots of caves in these areas, like the forest.
    Grasslands are surface biomes, so night/day cycles matter.
    Monsters (Day): Slime, Pinky
    Monsters (Night): Zombie, Demon Eye
    [DST]  Desert
    Found on the surface (huge pockets of sand are also found in the dirt or rock
    layer of underground, but those aren't a unique biome), deserts are notable for
    not much going on. There's just a heck of a lot of sand. There are relatively
    fewer caves (because of sand's collapsibility), so fewer urns and chests too.
    Deserts are surface biomes, so night/day cycles matter.
    Monsters (Day): Slime, Pinky
    Monsters (Night): Zombie, Demon Eye
    [SEA]  Border Seas
    On either side of the map there is a deep sea. These are mentioned here for
    two reasons- firstly, that they are always there- so if you run into a big
    pool of water and can't go further to the left or right, you've hit the edge
    of the map, and second because a chest containing the flippers is ALWAYS in
    one of these seas.
    Border Seas are surface biomes, so night/day cycles matter.
    Monsters (Day): Slime, Pinky
    Monsters (Night): Zombie, Demon Eye
    [UGD]  Underground - Dirt Layer
    The dirt layer is the top layer of the underground. There are many iron,
    copper, and some silver desposits. There may be chests and urns, but they
    generally have mild rewards in them- some minor artefacts in the chests, and
    some money or health in urns.
    Mushroom islands can be found here, and the underground jungle frequently
    extends into the dirt layer. If you run into the dungeon (notable for being
    a layer of colored bricks), and haven't defeated skeletron, DO NOT tunnel into
    it! You will die (and be unable to fight back).
    Demon alters rarely spawn here.
    The dirt layer goes from the surface to about 1200 feet down on medium-size 
    Monsters: Slime, Pinky, Giant Worm
    [UGR]  Underground - Rock Layer
    The rock layer is the middle layer of the underground. There are more and 
    tougher monsters down here (including the black slime and mother slime, that
    I hate), but also many more ore deposits and better loot in chests and urns.
    Mushroom islands are more likely to be found in the rock layer, and the 
    underground jungle will certainly be in it. If you run into the dungeon and
    haven't defeated skeletron, DO NOT tunnel into it.
    Lava pools become common towards the bottom of the rock layer.
    The rock layer extends from about 1200-3000 feet on a mediums-size map. 
    Demon alters rarely spawn here.
    Monsters: Slime, Pinky, Giant Worm, Mother Slime, Skeleton
    [UGH]  Underground - Hell Layer
    The hell layer is the bottom-most layer of the underground. It is currently the
    highest-level area, and shouldn't be tackled by low- or even mid-layer players.
    It should also never be tackled without an obsidian skull, as most of the
    blocks down here are either lava which will always kill you, or hellstone,
    which will burn you without an obsidian statue. 
    The hell-layer is where players go to obtain stores of hellstone, which is
    necessary for forging magma gear, the current highest level of gear.
    There are also large deposits of ash, and the ruins of an ancient civilization 
    with hellforges in them.
    To the best of my knowledge, demon alters do not spawn here.
    Monsters: Bone Serpent, Fire Imp (both EXTREMELY annoying)
    [MUI]  Underground - Mushroom Islands
    More of a cool, frequently found feature than an entire unique biome, sometimes
    in the dirt or rock layer you will come across a large floating dirt platform,
    flat on the top and curved along the bottom, which is just FULL of glowing
    blue mushrooms as well as very, VERY tall mushrooms.
    The tall mushrooms can be chopped down with an axe for many glowing mushrooms,
    and when harvesting here, there is a greater chance (because of the number of
    mushrooms) of finding mushroom seeds. Note these places and return periodically
    to find new crops of glowing mushrooms.
    To the best of my knowledge, mushroom islands are never found in the hell layer
    but may be close to corrupted areas.
    Monsters: As in dirt layer, rock layer, or corruption
    [COR]  Corruption
    The result of an assault on the very earth itself by the nefarious and 
    mysterious shadow orbs, this area is recognizable because the screen takes on
    a brownish-red tint, the music changes, you can't mine through the earth at
    low levels of gear, and awful monsters spawn.
    These areas are the source of much of the problems in the world of Terraria,
    and so defeating the bosses that come from here place you firmly on the side
    of good in the world of Terraria! (There's no "bad" side that you can align
    yourself with, so don't get all excited).
    You can induce corruption yourself by planting "seeds of corruption" in dirt,
    and keep in mind that you can limit its spread by planting sunflowers or lining
    an area with rocks.
    To summon a boss you can harvest the vile mushrooms that grow here.
    If you are having trouble finding enough, it can help to build a large flat
    (one block thick) area or bridge, and plant corruption seeds on them.
    Note that the purple spikes that grow here hurt, and don't give you anything,
    but can be easily cleared away with tools or swords.
    At the bottom of the deep pits in the earth rest the shadow orbs, extra-
    terrestrial chests that hold potent artefacts, but are encysted in the super-
    strong ebonstone. The ebonite is the first material that can't be mined with
    most picks that players are likely to run into.
    To get through the ebonite to the shadow orbs, players can:
    1) Blow it up with dynamite (expensive but quick)
    2) Clear it away with purification powder (buy from dryad after beating a boss)
    3) Dig through it with a demonite or better pickaxe.
    Breaking three shadow orbs WILL spawn the eater of worlds, so watch out! Each
    shadow orb broken will also have a chance of spawning a meteor strike. Meteors
    only hit one at a time, so the rest of the strikes will be in a cue until you
    mine all the meteorite out of previous strikes.
    1st Orb: "A horrible chill goes down your spine..."
    2nd Orb: "Screams echo around you..."
    3rd Orb: "The Eater of Worlds has Awoken!"
    Shadow orbs are broken with a hammer or hamaxe.
    Demon alters frequently spawn in the corruption - you will always be able to 
    find at least one near corruption.
    Note that ebonstone spawns eaters of souls, so it's not good to use it as a 
    building material.
    Monsters: Eater of Souls, Devourer
    [MET]  Meteor Crash Site
    Meteor crash sites are tiny biomes that are spawned when the player destroys
    a shadow orb and causes a meteor to strike the earth. A message will appear
    telling you of the meteor's strike. Different music will play when the player
    encounters the meteor strike (plus the huge chunk of a hill taken out and 
    glowing stone will be a clue). Meteor heads will continuously spawn and
    swarm tne player, but can be avoided by continuously digging, causing them
    to be harmed by the pickaxe.
    The music will return to normal if a majority of the meteorite is mined, and
    the meteor heads will stop spawning. Note that building with meteorite may
    cause there to be sufficient quantity of meteorite to start spawning meteor
    heads, so it's encouraged to use meteorite sparingly in construction.
    Meteorite blocks hurt a player unless they have an obsidian skull, but it is
    possible to mine it all without touching the stone. 
    During a blood moon, overwhelming numbers of meteor heads are spawned, so it's
    not encouraged to harvest meteorite during that time.
    It is NOT encouraged to build a continent spanning bridge before meteor strikes
    because if a meteor hits a thing bridge, it will replace only a very few of
    the blocks with meteorite, allowing enough for only 2 bars or so of meteorite.
    Monsters: Meteor Head
    [DUN]  Dungeon
    Probably the last biome most players will come in contact with, the dungeon
    is guarded by skeletron, and the player will be struck dead if they attempt to
    enter without first destroying that boss.
    The dungeon is made of colored bricks, and contains large numbers of chests 
    with high level loot, as well as chain lamps and books that can be collected,
    and some unique items like the blue candle (be careful when carrying that!).
    There are large numbers of life-up hearts in the dungeon as well.
    The dungeon spans the whole depth of the level, from the surface to the hell
    layer, but always has the same enemies.
    Note that you can mine the dungeon blocks and walls, but NPCs will not live
    in a house built from them.
    Monsters: Skeleton Head, Angry Bones, Burning Skull, Dark Caster
    [FLI]  Floating Islands
    The highest of the biomes, the floating islands are easy to miss! They float
    above the ground, at 400-500 feet up for a medium-size map. They contain a
    chest with good loot in a building, as well as ore deposits. 
    A quick way to tell how good the loot/ores on the island are is by looking at
    the house on the floating island: the bricks show the quality of the treasure 
    and the wall material shows the quality of the ore. 
    The Floating Islands are on the surface level, so day/night cycles matter.
    Monsters (Day): Slime, Pinky
    Monsters (Night): Zombie, Demon Eye
                                   Special Events
    There are a few events that stand out- things that happen at a particular time,
    and are announced to the player. You'll want to know and be prepared for these,
    because getting caught off-guard can seriously mess you up!
    [MTC] Meteor Crash
    Meteors fall from the sky and can hit anywhere on the surface (or closest to
    the surface) level in Terraria. They have a very small chance of falling 
    naturally, which is increased greatly by breaking shadow orbs.
    Meteors burrow into the area they hit and replace many blocks with Meteorite.
    These areas also spawn meteor heads in small numbers (or large numbers during
    a blood moon) until they are mined down sufficiently that they stop spawning.
    Dynamite is a good mining tool here, as it makes large amounts of ore with
    a quick explosion, which also reduces the amount of meteorite blocks, which can
    quickly eliminate meteor head spawning.
    Note that building a long thin bridge if you want meteor strikes is a bad idea,
    since meteors will replace the ground it hits with meteorite ore, and if it
    hits a thin bridge, it doesn't have much ground around it to replace, so you
    won't get much meteorite.
    [GLI]  Goblin Invasions
    Not a terrain type so much as an event, Goblin Invasions nevertheless have a 
    profound impact on the enemy types how well your day is going to go. 
    You can get a goblin invasion if you fulfil the following three qualifiers:
    1) At least one in-game player with 200+ life
    2) At least one smashed shadow orb
    3) At least seven in-game days since last invasion
    Every morning after that you have a 1/15 chance of spawning a goblin invasion.
    You will recieve a message "A goblin army is approaching from the East/West!"
    a few times before finally getting "A goblin army has arrived!"
    Goblins will pour into the area by your house. They will
    steal your stuff, attack your NPCs, and generally make a nuisance of
    Note: Goblins will always attack where your initial spawn point was, not where
    you've changed it if you've used a bed.
    There are 100 goblins + 50 for every in-game player with more than 200 life, 
    of spiky balls, gold, harpoons, and even rocket boots!
    There are four kinds of goblins: peons, theives, warriors, and sorcerers.
    Thieves can open doors, so watch out for them! Warriors and peons are melee
    attackers, while sorcerers can teleport and fire projectiles called chaos
    [BDM]  Blood Moon
    Every night has a 1/7 chance of being a blood moon. The sky will turn red,
    the moon will be bright red, and enemy spawn rates double. 
    This isn't the worst part about blood moons though! The WORST part is how
    zombies can now open doors! Unlike the goblin invasions, they won't target
    your NPCs, but they will still come after you.
    There are really two options during a blood moon. You can board up your
    house (with dirt walls or something) and wait it out, or if you have some
    decent equipment, you can farm monsters for gold. It's a great way to get
    a lot of quick money!
                         The care and maintenance of NPCs
    You've been collecting money for some time now. You are starting to wonder
    what to DO with it. That's what this guide is here for! NPCs are characters
    that offer goods and services for a price, and who will move in near you if
    you complete their requirements.  
    Some quick notes about NPCS:
    During the day, NPCs will wander within a small distance of the house, opening 
    any doors around them and sometimes not closing them. 
    At night, they will try to stay inside their houses. 
    Each NPC settled in your town will decrease the spawn rate of monsters near 
    your home.
    All NPCs that are vulnerable to damage have a damage resistance (defence) of 
    There is no set order in which the NPCs appear, you just have to fulfill the 
    requirements and they will move into a empty house.  
    Every NPC requires a house. A house in Terraria, to be a true house, must:
    * Have walls (including background walls)
    * Have a floor (some platforms are alright, but they can't all be platforms)
    * Have a table and chair
    * Have a door
    * Have a light source (torch, etc.)
    * Be at least 5 blocks wide X 7 blocks tall
    There are additional requirements for each NPC. They are as follows:
    *Requirement: No special requirement, spawns at beginning. Moves into your
                  first house. Kind of annoying.
    * Requirement: All players must have a combined total of 50 silver coins
    Mining Helmt - 8 Gold Coins
    Piggy Bank - 1 Gold Coin
    Iron Anvil - 50 Silver Coins
    Copper Pickaxe - 5 silver coins
    Copper Axe - 4 silver coins
    Lesser Healing Potion - 2 silver coins
    Torch - 50 copper coins
    Shuriken - 20 copper coins
    Wooden Arrow - 10 copper coins
         Arms Dealer
    * Requirement: Spawns when a player has a firearm, which can be found easily
                   in shadow spheres
    Minishark - 50 Gold Coins
    Flintlock Pistol - 5 Gold Coins
    Musket Ball - 8 Copper Coins
    * Requirement: Player must have defeated a boss (eye of cthulu, world eater,
                   or skeletron)
    Dirt Rod - 20 Gold Coins
    Sunflower - 2 Silver Coins 
    Purification powder - 75 Copper Coins
    Grass Seeds - 20 Copper Coins
    Acorn - 10 Copper Coins
    * Requirement: Player must obtain an explosive (dynamite or bomb)
    Dynamite - 50 Silver Coins
    Bomb - 5 Silver Coins
    Grendae - 5 Silver Coins
    * Requirement: Player must upgrade their health with a crystal heart
    No inventory, but she heals you for coins.
                     Crafting Guide: Your life at the forge
    Crafting is really at the center of the Terraria experience. This is how you
    go from being just some dump off the street into a gleaming warrior. It's how
    your appoint your house, get weapons and armor, and otherwise change the
    landscape of terraria!
    One of the first moves in crafting should be to make the things that allow you
    to craft other items; workbenches, anvils, fornaces, and alchemy stations.
    Some items also require a table and chair.
    Recipes are set up like this
    Name : Components - Description
    [NOC] No Requirements Crafting
    These recipes can be done anywhere, and don't require you to be near any kind
    of workbench or forge.
    Copper/Silver/Gold Coin (X100) : Silver/Gold/Platinum Coin (1) - Conversion!
    Silver/Gold/Platinum Coin : Copper/Silver/Gold Coin (X100) - Conversion!
    Flaming Arrow (X5) - Wooden Arrow (5), Torch (1) - 7 damage, for bows
    Mana Crystal : Fallen Star (10) - Consumable, increases mana by 20, 200 max.
    Sticky Bomb : Bomb (1), Gel (5) - Explosive, sticks to surfaces
    Torch (x3) : Gel (1), Wood (1) - Can be placed, provides light
    Wood Platform : Wood (1) - Flooring that can be fallen through with "s"
    Workbench : Wood (10) - Can be placed, required to craft some items
    [WBC] Workbench Crafting
    These crafting recipes must be done near a workbench
    Bed : Silk (5), Wood (15) - Placeable allows you to set your spawn point
    Candle : Gold Bar (1), Torch (1) - Placeable, provides light
    Chest : Wood (8), Iron Bar (2) - Holds up to 20 items
    Furnace : Stone (20), Wood (4), Torch (3) - Required to craft some items
    Necro Breastplate : Bones (35), Cobweb (50) - 7 Defense +30% movement speed
    Necro Greaves : Bones (30), Cobweb (45) - 6 defense, +30% movement speed
    Necro Helmet : Bones (25), Cobweb (40) - 6 defense, +30% movement speed
    Sign : Wood (6) - Can be placed, contains editable message
    Silk : Cobweb (10) - Used to create beds
    Walls (X4) : Brick (1) - Building background.
    Wooden Arrow (X3) : Wood (1), Stone Block (1) - 5 damage, for bows
    Wooden Bow : Wood (10) - 5 damage, slow speed, ranged combat.
    Wooden Chair : Wood (4) - Required furnature for NPCs, some crafting
    Wooden Door : Wood (6) - Toggled door. Required for a "house"
    Wooden Hammer : Wood (8) - 2 damage, very slow speed, 25% hammer power
    Wooden Sword : Wood (7) - 7 Damage, average speed
    Wooden Table : Wood (8) - Required for NPCs, some crafting
    [ASC] Alchemy Station Crafting
    These recipes require you to be near a bottle on a table/workbench (alchemy
    Healing Potion : Lesser Healing Potion (2), Glowing Mushroom (1) - +200 HP
    Mana Potion : Lesser Mana Potion (2), Glowing Mushroom (1) - +200 MP
    Lesser Healing Potion (X2) : Mushroom (1), Gel (2), Bottle (2) - + 100 HP
    Lesser Mana Potion (X2) : Fallen Star (1), Gel (2), Bottle (2) - + 100 MP
    Lesser Restoration Potion : Lesser Healing Potion (1), Lesser Mana Potion (1)
      - +100 HP +100 MP
    Restoration Potion : Healing Potion (1), Mana Potion (1) - +200 HP, +200 MP
    Vile Powder (X5) : Vile Mushroom (1) - Used to craft worm food
    [TCC] Table and Chairs Crafting
    These recipes require that you be near a table and chairs, and also require
    a workbench.
    Depth Meter : Copper Bar (10), Silver Bar (8), Gold Bar (6) - Tells depth.
    Goggles : Lens (2) - Helmet, 1 defense
    Watch (Copper/Silver/Gold) : Iron Chain (1) Copper/Silver/Gold Bar (1) 
    Copper watch tells time to the hour, silver to the half hour, gold to the 
    [FNC] Furnace Crafting
    These recpies require that you be standing next to a furnace. A hellforge will
    also work!
    Bottle (2) - Glass (1) : Used to make potions and alchemy stations
    Brick (Copper/Silver/Gold) : Stone Block (1), Copper/Silver/Gold Ore (1)
    Clay Pot - Clay Block (6) : Can be placed, grows flower over time
    Copper Bar : Copper Ore (3) - Used for making copper gear
    Demonite Bar : Demonite Ore (4) - Used for making demonite gear
    Glass : Sand (2) - Translucent building block
    Gold Bar : Gold Ore (3) - Used for making gold gear
    Gray Brick : Stone Block (2) - Can be placed
    Iron Bar : Iron Ore (3) - Used for making iron gear
    Meteorite Bar : Meteorite Ore (6) - Used for making meteorite gear
    Obsidian Brick : Obsidian (2) - Can be used for building, explosion immune
    Obsidian Skull : Obsidian (20) - Accessory 2 defense, immunity to fire blocks
    Red Brick : Clay Block (2) - Can be used for building
    Silver Bar : Silver Ore (3) - Used for making silver gear
    [ANC] Anvil Crafting
    These recipes require you to be near an anvil
    Copper Axe : Copper Bar (9), Wood (3) - 3 damage, slow speed, 8% axe power
    Copper Bow : Copper Bar (7) - 8 damage, slow speed
    Copper Broadsword : Copper Bar (8) - 8 damage, average speed
    Copper Chainmail : Copper Bar (25) - 2 defense, shirt
    Copper Chandelier : Copper Bar (4), Torch (4), Iron Chain (1) - light source
    Copper Greaves : Copper Bar (20) - 1 defense, pants
    Copper Hammer : Copper Bar (10), Wood (3) - 4 damage, very slow speed, 35%
                    Hammer power
    Copper Helmet : Copper Bar (15) - 1 defense, helmet
    Copper Pickaxe : Copper Bar (12), Wood (4) - 5 damage, average speed, 35%
                     pickaxe power
    Copper Shortsword : Copper Bar (7) - 6 damage, very fast speed
    Empty Bucket : Iron Bar (3) - Used to transport water and lava
    Grappling Hook : Iron Chain (3), Hook (1) - Used to scale walls
    Iron Axe : Iron Bar (9), Wood (3) - 5 damage, slow speed, 9% axe power
    Iron Bow : Iron Bar (7) - 8 damage, fast speed
    Iron Broadsword : Iron Bar (8) - 10 damage, average speed
    Iron Chain : Iron Bar (3) - Used to make grappling hook and chandeliers
    Iron Chainmail : Iron Bar (30) - 3 defense, shirt
    Iron Greaves : Iron Bar (25) - 2 defense, pants
    Iron Hammer : Iron Bar (10), Wood (3) - 7 damage, slow speed, 45% hammer power
    Iron Helmet : Iron Bar (20) - 2 defense, helmet
    Iron Pickaxe : Iron Bar (12), Wood (4) - 5 damage fast speed, 45% pickaxe power
    Iron Shortsword : Iron Bar (7) - 8 Damage, very fast speed
    Silver Axe : Silver Bar (9), Wood (3) - 6 damage, slow speed, 10% axe power
    Silver Bow : Silver Bar (7) - 10 damage, slow speed
    Silver Broadsword : Silver Bar (8) - 11 damage, average speed
    Silver Chainmail : Silver Bar (30) - 4 defense, shirt
    Silver Chandelier : Silver Bar (4), Torch (4), Iron Chain (1) - light source
    Silver Greaves : Silver Bar (25) - 3 defense, pants
    Silver Hammer : Silver Bar (10), Wood (3) - 9 damage, slow speed, 45% hammer
    Silver Helmet : Silver Bar (20) - 3 defense, helmet
    Silver Pickaxe : Silver Bar (12), Wood (4) - 6 damage, fast speed, 45% pickaxe
    Silver Shortsword: WHY DOESN'T IT EXIST, TERRARIA?!
    Gold Axe : Gold Bar (9), Wood (3) - 7 damage, slow speed, 11% axe power
    Gold Bow : Gold Bar (7) - 11 damage, very fast speed
    Gold Broadsword : Gold Bar (8) - 13 damage, fast speed
    Gold Chainmail : Gold Bar (35) - 5 defense, shirt
    Gold Chandelier : Gold Bar (4), Torch (5), Iron Chain (1) - Light Source
    Gold Greaves : Gold Bar (30) - 4 defense, pants
    Golden Hammer : Gold Bar (10), Wood (3) - 9 damage slow speed, 55% hammer power
    Golden Helmet : Gold Bar (25) - 4 defense, helmet
    Golden Pickaxe : Gold Bar (12), Wood (4) - 6 damage, fast speed, 55% pickaxe
    Gold Shortsword : Gold Bar (7) - 11 damage, very fast speed
    Demon Bow : Demonite Bar (8) - 12 damage, average speed
    Light's Bane : Demonite Bar (10) - 16 damage, fast speed, sword
    Nightmare Pickaxe : Demonite Bar (12), Shadow Scales (6) - 11 damage, fast
                        speed, 65% pickaxe power
    Shadow Helmet : Demonite Bar (15), Shadow Scales (10) - 6 defense, helmet
    Shadow Scalemail : Demonite Bar (25), Shadow Scales (20) - 7 defense, shirt
    Shadow Greaves : Demonite Bar (20), Shadow Scales (15) - 6 defense, pants
    The Breaker : Demonite Bar (10), Shadow Scales (5) - 28 damage, very slow speed
                  55% Hammer power
    War Axe of the Night : Demonite Bar (10) - 21 damage, slow speed, 15% axe power
    Blue Phaseblade : Meteorite Bar (20), Sapphire (10) - 21 damage, average speed
    Green Phaseblade : Meteorite Bar (20), Emerald (10) - 21 damage, average speed
    Meteor Hamaxe : Meteorite Bar (35) - 20 damage, slow speed, 60% hammer power,
                    20% axe power
    Meteor Helmet : Meteorite Bar (25) - 4 defense, slowly regenerates mana
    Meteor Leggings : Meteorite Bar (30) - 4 defense, slowly regenerates mana
    Meteor Shot (X100) : Meteorite Bar (1) - 9 damage, bounces off surfaces
    Meteor Suit : Meteorite Bar (25) - 5 defense, slowly regenerates mana
    Purple Phaseblade : Meteorite Bar (20), Amethyst (10) - 21 damage average speed
    Red Phaseblade : Meteorite Bar (20), Ruby (10) - 21 damage, average speed
    Space Gun : Flinklock Pistol (1), Fallen Star (10), Meteorite Bar (30) - 15
                damage, fast speed, uses mana as ammo.
    Star Cannon : Minishark (1) , Meteorite Bars (20), Fallen Stars (5) - 75 
                  damage, very fast speed, fires falen stars.
    White Phaseblade : Meteorite Bar (20), Diamond (10) - 21 damage, average speed
    Yellow Phaseblade : Meteorite Bar (20), Topaz (10) - 21 damage, average speed
    Fiery Greatsword : Hellstone Bar (35) - 34 damage, very slow speed, made of
                       fire! HUGE blade.
    Flamarang : Hellstone Bar (15), Enchanted Boomerang (1) - 32 damage, very fast
    Molten Breastplate : Hellstone Bar (40) - 10 defense, shirt
    Molten Fury : Hellstone Bar (25) - 29 damage, average speed, lights wooden
                   arrows on fire, bow.
    Molten Greaves : Hellstone Bar (35) - 9 defense, pants
    Molten Helmet : Hellstone Bar (30) - 9 defense, helmet
    Molten Hamaxe : Hellstone Bar (35) - 20 damage, slow speed, 70% hammer power,
                    30% axe power
    Molten Pickaxe : Hellstone Bar (35) - 18 dmage, average speed, 100% pickaxe
                     power, light surrounding area when used
    Molten Pickaxe : Hellstone Bar (35) - 18 damage, average speed, 100% pickaxe 
    Phoenix Blaster : Hellstone Bar (20), Handgun (1) - 28 damage, very fast speed
       Underground Jungle
    Blade of Grass : Silver Broadsword (1), Jungle Rose (40), Stinger (20) - 28
                     damage, slow speed.
    Ivy Whip : Grappling Hook (1), Jungle Rose (30), Vines (3) - Upgraded grappling
               hook, shoots 3 vines that attach to walls
    Thorn Chakrum : Jungle Rose (40), Stinger (30) - 25 damage, very fast speed
    Unholy Arrow (2X) : Wooden Arrow (2), Worm Tooth (1) - 8 damage, consumable
    [DAC]  Demon Altar Crafting Recipes
    These recipes require that you work at a demon altar - this cannot be moved to
    your home!
    Suspicious Looking Eye : Lens (10) - Use at night to summon Eye of Cthulu
    Worm Food : Vile Powder (30), Rotten Chunks (15) - Use in corruption to summon
                eater of worlds
    [HFC]  Hellforge Crafting Recipes
    This recipe requires that you be at a hellforge. Note that you can do all other
    furnace crafting recipes here too!
    Hellstone Bar : Hellstone Ore (6), Obsidian (2) - use for making hellstone gear
                            Found (uncraftable) items: 
                    Ancient artefacts of power that you can't make
    There are plenty of awesome items that show up as monster drops (not raw
    materials, those are covered in the items section) or in chests. These are
    found items. They are detailed here, along with any special places they are
    found and their powers.
    Included here are also all the monster drops.
    The record goes Item : Description - Where to find
    Acorns : When planted on grassy dirt above underground dirt level, spawns 
             trees. Number of leaves on tree = # of acorns spawned when cutting it
             down - Obtained by cutting down trees.
    Angel Statue : Random item. Junk. - Chests
    Anklet of the Wind : Gives 10% bonus to move speed, stacks with other anklets
                         - Found in shrines in underground jungle
    Aqua Scepter : Magic staff that sprays glowing water 7 blocks. 15 base damage,
                   slow speed - Found in the dungeon.
    Ball 'O Hurt : Does 15 damage, slow speed. Throws spiked ball at foe then falls
                   can hit enemies multiple times - found in shadow orb, dropped
                   by eater of worlds.
    Band of Regeneration : Accessory that slowly restores health, 1 HP/5 seconds.
                           Effect is stackable. Found in chests in rock layer or
                           below, dungeon, and underground jungle.
    Band of Starpower : Accessory that slowly regenerates mana. Effect is
                        stackable. - Found in chests, shadow orbs, or dropped by
                        Eater of Worlds
    Bones : Used with cobwebs to craft necro armor - dropped by angry bones, 
            burning skulls, and dark casters in dungeons.
    Books : Decorative item, can be placed on surfaces. - Found in dungeon.
    Blue Moon : Flail, does 30 damage, slow speed - Find in dungeon.
    Bomb : Explosives that do 100 damage, thrown at average speed. - Buy from
           demolitionist for 5 silver, found in pots.
    Breathing Reed : Lets you breathe as long as you are less than four blocks
                     under the nearest air pocket. Also doubles the time your
                     air lasts underwater, from 23 to 46 seconds - Find in
    Chain Lantern : Source of light that hangs from ceiling - Dungeon
    Cloud in a Bottle : Accessory that lets the player double jump. - Found in 
    Cobalt Breastplate : 7 defense, slowly regenerates mana - Dropped by
                         underground jungle monsters.
    Cobalt Greaves : 6 defense, slowly regenerates mana - Dropped by underground
                     jungle monsters
    Cobalt Helmet : 6 defense, slowly regenerates mana - Dropped by underground
                    jungle monsters.
    Cobalt Shield : Accessory that removes knockback when damaged. - Found in 
                    chests in dungeons.
    Corrupt Seeds : Create a corrupted area when plantd on plant dirt blocks. 
                    Won't grow near spawn point. Stop corruption with sunflowers/
                    stone. Grows vile mushrooms - Only dropped by eye of Cthulu.
    Cobweb : Slows player to 25% of normal speed. Useful for stopping falling 
             damage, can make silk, or combine with bones for necro armor. - Found
             in caves or underground.
    Crystal Heart : Heart shaped stone that is obtained from crystaline hearts
                    broken with a hammer. Use to increase max. life - Dungeons or
    Dirt Rod : Magical tool that moves a single block of dirt around. Costs mana
               to use. Dirt may be flung with momentum - Buy for 20 gold coins from
               the dryad
    Enchanted Boomerang : Does 13 damage, very fast speed, indefinate use, can
                          be upgraded to flamarang. - Find in chests
    Fallen Star : Star shaped items that fall from the sky. Will hurt monsters if
                  fallen, restores mana if taken, or combined to form mana potions
                  or mana crystals. Disappears if dropped during the day. - Falls
                  from sky anywhere on Terraria.
    Feral Claws : Increase melee speed by 10%, stack with other claws. - Chests
                  in Underground Jungle or Floating Islands.
    Flamelash : Summons a fireball that can be controlled with mouse movement.
                Fast movement. -	 Rare drop from bone serpents
    Flintlock Pistol : Gun, 7 damage per shot, fast speed, uses musket balls. - Buy
                       from arms dealer for 5 gold, find in shadow sphere
    Flippers : Accessories that allow swimming in water (and lava, but that's a bad
               idea!). Press the jump key repeatedly to swim. - Found in chests in
               the border seas or underground lakes.
    Flower of Fire : Spell that throws fireballs. Follow an arc and bounce 5X
                     before disappearing. Can pass through water and lava.  
                     do 30 damage, use  10 mana points per  cast. Dropped by
                     fire imp and bone serpent.
    Gel : used to make torches, sticky bombs, and potions - Dropped by slimes
    Glowing Mushroom : Can be consumed to recover 50 HP or used to make healing
                       potions. - Found on mushroom islands.
    Grass Seed : Lets you grow grass that can be farmed for mushrooms if planted
                 in dirt. - Buy from Dryad for 20 copper coins.
    Grenade : Explosive, does 60 damage, explodes on contact with enemy monster.
              Buy from demolitionist for 10 silver.
    Handgun : Similar to flintlock pistol, 12 damage - Found in chests in dungeons
              or in caves.
    Harpoon : Ranged weapon, requires no ammo, similar to ball o' hurt. 15 damage,
              slow speed (quicker with shorter distance). Hold down left click to
              attack continuously - Rare drop from goblin army
    Hellforge : Furnace capable of smelting Hellstone ore into Hellstone bars.
                - Found in the hell biome, can be picked up by removing the floor
                  or using a Meteor Hamaxe or better hammer.
    Hermes Boots: Accessory that increases max. speed by 100%, but acceleration is
                  unchanged. Requires long stretch of flat land. - Found in chests
    Hook : Can be crafted with 3 chains for Grappling Hook - Dropped by skeletons
           and pots.
    Jester's Arrow : Arrow for bow, 9 damage, passes through unlimited enemies 
                     before disappearing in a cloud of sparkles a certain distance
                     away. Non-retrievable. - Found in chests
    Lens : 10 can be combined to get a suspicious looking eye, or 2 for goggles.
           -Dropped by demon eye.
    Lucky Horsehoe : Accessory that protects against falling damage - Found in 
                     chests on floating island or RARELY underground.
    Magic Mirror : Use to instantly return to spawn point - Find in chests
    Magic Missile : Spell that summons a projective that can be controlled with
                    the mouse. Vanished on hitting obstacle or after a period
                    of time. - Found in dungeon chests
    Mining Helmet : Hat, 1 defense, provides player with light without using a
                    torch. - Buy from merchant for 8 gold.
    Minishark : A minigun that's "half shark, half gun, completely awesome". Does
                5 damage, fires at insanely fast speed. 
    Muramasa : 22 damage, fast attack speed, can be swung continuously - Found in
               dungeon chests
    Mushroom : Healing plants found on grass, regrow. Eat for 20 HP, or combine
               with bottle/gel for lesser healing potion.  -Found on grass.
    Mushroom Seeds : Planted on mud underground, will slowly grow glowing 
                     mushrooms. Farmed from glowing mushrooms.
    Musket : Gun, 14 damage, extremely slow speed, fires musket balls - Found in
             shadow orbs.
    Musket Ball : Ammo for musket, flintlock pistol, minishark, handgun, phoenix
                  blaster.  Musket balls do 7 damage. - Bought from arms dealer
                  for 8 copper, found in shadow sphere.
    Nature's Gift : Lets wearer spawn with max life/mana after regrowth - Found
                    in jungle shrines or growing on mud tiles. 
    Orb of Light : Summoned orb costs 40 mana and projects light around you. A 
                   little slow, but can teleport up to you. - Found in shadow
    Piggy Bank : Functions like a chest, the main difference being in multiplayer
                 where only the person who purchased the piggy bank can access it.
                 Multiple players can use the same piggy pank without having access
                 to each otheres items. - Purchased for one gold from the merchant.
    Purification Powder : Turns Ebonstone into stone - Bought from Dryad for 75 c.
    Rocket Books : Accessory, allows you to fly, uses mana. - Dropped during goblin
                   invasion, chests underground or in floating islands.
    Rotten Chunks : Ingredient in Worm Bait - Dropped by Eater of Souls
    Shackle : Accessory that gives you +1 to defense. Stackable - Zombie drop
    Shadow Scale : Makes nightmare tools and armor - Droped by eater of worlds.
    Shiny Red Balloon : Accessory that increases jump height by 50%. - Found
                        in chests in copper buildings on floating islands.
    Shuriken : Ranged weapon, passes through enemies and inflicts damage. Most
               can be retrieved, but some break - Found in pots and chests, bought
               from merchant for 20 copper.
    Starfury : Sword, when swung 3 pinkish-red stars fall from the sky. Stars +
               sword damage 45 per hit. uses 11 mana to swing. Area of effect 
               weapon - Found in floating islands.
    Stinger : Used for making thorn charkum and blade of grass - Dropped by hornets
              in jungles
    Sunflower : Stops spreading of corruption - Found on surface, break ground
                under them to get them.
    Sunfury : Flail with 40 damage, emits light. - Rare drop from goblins, bone
              serpants, and Skeletron.
    Vile Mushroom : Used to make vile powder for worm bait - found in corruption
    Vilethorn : Staff that does 8 damage, slow speed, costs 5 mana. Causes a
                piercing spear of thorns to go through walls and hit enemies.
                Hitting casters stuns them, and they won't fire spells.
                - Found in shadow orbs. 
    Water Bolt : Spellbook that casts slow-moving projectile. Bounces off walls 
                 and passes through enemies causing 15 damage. Bolts richochet 5
                 times and cost 20 mana. - found on bookshelves in dungeon.
    Water Candle : Blue candle, source of light. Causes extra monsters to spawn
                   when in inventory, may spawn Eye of Cthulu, increases chances
                   of blood moon. Effective for farming monsters. - Found in
    Whoopie Cushion : Makes funny noise when steped on - Chests, pots, or dropped
                      by burrowing monsters
    Worm Tooth : Used to make unholy arrows - Dropped by devourers and giant worms
                                  Armor Effects
    When all three pieces of armor (hat, shirt, pants) are similar, the player
    gains an extra bonus! These are the bonuses:
    Copper Armor: +2 Defense
    Iron Armor: +2 Defense
    Silver Armor: +3 Defense
    Gold Armor: +3 Defense
    Meteor Armor: 20% reduced mana consumption
    Shadowscale Armor: 25% reduced mana consumption, 15% faster melee speed
    Necro Armor: 30% faster movement speed
    Molten Armor: + 10 defense
                             Raw Materials - The Stuff of Life
    This section details the various materials that can be used in construction,
    crafting metals, and gems for phaseblades.
    Construction Materials
        Dirt - Found on floating islands and from surface to hell layer
        Stone - Found on floating islands and from surface to hell layer
        Sand - Found in deserts and large pockets underground in rock layer
        Clay - Found near surface and large bodies of water, in pockets underground
        Mud - Found in massive quantity near underground jungle
        Ash - Found in hell layer
        Glass - Created using sand
        Bricks - Created from stone using Anvil
        Ebonstone - Mined from corruption using meteor or better axe
        Walls - Created from stone using workshop
        Copper - Found from surface layer to hell layer underground
        Iron - Found from surface layer to hell layer underground
        Silver - Commonly found from rock layer down underground
        Gold - Commonly found from rock layer down underground 
        Demonite - Found in corruption, mined with meteorite or better pickaxe
        Meteorite - Found at meteor crash sites
        Hellstone - Found in hell layer, mined with meteorite or better pickaxe
        Obsidian - Created by combining lava with water, mined with meteorite or
                   better pickaxe
    All found in small deposits commonly from rock layer down. Topaz seems to be
    the most common.
            Enemy List/Strategies: Stupid mother slimes, how I hate you.
    This section is a rundown of the enemies you'll come across, where you'll
    face them, and what to do about them.
    It is laid out like this:
    - Where Encountered
    *Bone Serpent* 
    - Hell Layer
    This guy is super annoying. Space is pretty cramped in the hell layer, so
    these guys can get some good hits in. Destroy at least one part of him to kill
    him, so that means that attacks that hit one part multiple times like the 
    ball o' hurt are good ideas. Try to mine yourself a little room to run around
    in when facing him, and he'll go down without too much trouble.
        Head - 120
        Body - 150
        Tail - 200 
    Attack Damage
        Head - 40
        Body - 30
        Tail - 20 
        Head - 5
        Body - 6
        Tail - 9 
        Flower of Fire 
    *Burning Skull*
    - Dungeon
    By the time you get to the dungeon these things shouldn't be much of a problem
    individually, but they can really pester you while you're exploring. The cobalt
    shield will keep them from knocking you around, and using a big powerful sword
    will knock them back far enough that you don't have to worry too much about 
    Attack Damage:
         Physical Contact - 25
        Up to Gold Coins. 
    *Dark Caster* 
    - Dungeon
    These guys are super annoying. They teleport, throw water spheres at you, 
    and generally harass you. They spawn in great numbers. Wear a cobalt shield
    to keep them from knocking you around and charge them when you see them to
    clear them out.
       50 HP
    Attack Damage:
        Water Sphere - 20
        Physical Contact - 20 
    *Demon Eye*
    - Overworld, night
    While kind of a menace early on, these guys will be no challenge to a mid- or
    high-level character. Wait for them to swoop at you and bat them away. They
    fly away from you, so don't try to chase after them.
    Attack Damage
        60-105 Copper Coins
    - Corruption
    These should not be tackled by beginning level players. These burrowing
    enemies are a giant step up from mere giant worms. Using a grenade will kill
    them in one shot, no matter where you hit them!
    Attack Damage:	
       Worm Teeth, Coins
       Head - 1 Body - 3 Tail - 5 
    *Eater of Souls*
    - Corruption and ebonstone-rich areas
    These guys are like upgraded demon eyes. They fly in straight patterns and
    can knock into you and be generally annoying while you're adventuring. If you
    can get a clear area with time to react, it shouldn't be any trouble batting
    them away. If they corner you in a pit, you can be in trouble.
    Attack Damage	
        Rotten Chunks
        70-130 Copper Coins 
    *Fire Imp*
    -Hell Layer
    You'll be cursing their name by the time this game is done. They can appear
    far from you and fling burning spheres at you. Hit the sphere with anything
    (you can  be digging and hit it with a pickaxe) and ignore them, or go after
    them and dig when you have a break between spawns, either way these guys
    will hound you the whole time you're in hell. There are vulnerable to lava,
    which is weird.
    Attack Damage
        Burning Sphere - 25
        Physical Contact - 30 
        Flower of Fire
    *Giant Worm*
    -Underground, rock/dirt layer
    The first of the burrowing enemies, listen for the increasing tempo of their
    digging sound to indicate that they are close. Once they get close swing
    wildly with pickaxe or sword, and you should do enough damage to take them
    down. Having the cobalt shield equipped will keep them from knocking you
        Head - 10HP
        Body - 15HP 
    Attack Damage:
       Whoopee Cushion
    *Goblin Peons*
    -Aboveground during goblin invasion
    These are basic melee fighters with no real special abilities. Take them out
    or they'll protect the sorcerers.
    Attack Damage	
        Spiky Ball
        Rocket Boots
        Gold Bar
    *Goblin Sorcerer*
    -Aboveground during goblin invasion
    The really annoying part of the goblin invasion, these guys can teleport
    and cast spells at you, acting as support troops while the rest of the army
    charges you. Make them a priority! Swat their spells to destroy them, and
    try to take them out before they teleport away.
    Attack Damage
        Spiky Ball
        Rocket Boots
        Gold Bar
    *Goblin Thief*
    -Aboveground during goblin invasion
    These jerks open doors the same way that zombies do during a blood moon.
    They move quickly and have a higher/longer jump. 
    Attack Damage
        Spiky Ball
        Rocket Boots
        Gold Bar
    *Goblin Warriors*
    -Aboveground during goblin invasion
    These are the straight-up melee fighters of the goblins. They are frontline
    troops, so expect a tough fight! They are also the slowest moving of the
    Attack Damage
        Spiky Ball
        Rocket Boots
        Gold Bar
    -Underground Jungle
    These are somewhat like demon eyes. They will swarm you the whole time you are
    there, but fortunately have drops that you want! Swat them away with either
    a fast gun or a big sword.
    Attack Damage
        Blade of Grass
        Thorn Chakrum
        Ivy Whip
        Cobalt Greaves
        Cobalt Helmet
        Cobalt Breastplate
        Up to Silver Coins 
    *Man Eater*
    -Underground Jungle
    This is a plant monster, so it's rooted in place. You'll want to hit the head,
    while making sure it doesn't jump out and hit you. These things hit HARD.
    Note that you can also destroy the block it's tetherd to to destroy the 
    Attack Damage
        Gold Coins
        Silver Coins
        Vine (Uncommon)
        Ivy Whip (Very Rare) 
    *Meteor Head*
    -Meteor crash site
    These guys are essentially identical to the demon eyes. They'll swarm you
    while you're trying to mine meteorite ore. You can keep them at bay by hitting
    them with the pickaxe while mining the ore, or swatting them far away with
    a powerful sword. They disappear once enough ore is gone, so blowing it up
    with dynamite is a quick way to dispatch them.
    Attack Damage
        250 Copper to 5 Silver Coins 
    *Servant of Cthulu*
    - Around Eye of Cthulu
    Esentially a stronger, low-health version of the demon eye. Deal with them
    as soon as the Eye of Cthulu spawns in order to not be swarmed by them when
    fighting that boss! They can drop health hearts, and most weapons will kill
    them in one hit.
    Attack Damage
    - Stone Layer
    Tough monsters for the early player, they can break down doors and jump
    after the player. They give up on trying to attack you if blocked for a short
    time. Ranged weapons are a good choice for the early player.
    Occasionally drop hooks!
    Attack Damage
    -Above ground, dirt layer, rock layer, floating island, underground jungle,
    Slimes are the most common enemy. Besides mother slimes, that divide into three
    baby slimes when killed they all simply hop after the player. They drop gel
    when killed. Each color has a different health and damage rate. Mother slime,
    baby slime, and black slime can only be found underground.
    Slime Type 	Health 	Damage 	Defense
    Green Slime 	15 	8 	1
    Blue Slime 	25 	7 	1
    Red Slime 	35 	12 	2
    Purple Slime 	40 	12 	3
    Yellow Slime 	45 	15 	4
    Black Slime 	45 	15 	2
    Mother Slime 	90 	20 	4
    Baby Slime 	30 	12 	1
    Pinky 	       150 	1-3 	3
    -Above ground, at night.
    The biggest threat to earl-game characters, you want to stay indoors to
    avoid them. They can open doors during a blood moon, so make sure and block
    up your doors during that time. They are good to farm for money and shackles
    once the player is able. They simply walk in a straight line, so they should
    be easily repelled with offensive gear.
    Attack Damage:
        40-90 Copper Coins
    [BOSS] Boss Monsters
    Some general tips for boss monsters: You get to (usually) choose the time and
    place of your battle, so do some pre-battle modification. I find that it's
    helpful to build a lattice of wooden platforms, maybe five platforms running
    the length of the battlefield, each withing jumping distance of each other,
    so you get manuverability along the X and Y axes. Additionally, make sure you
    are full of ammo and health potions, and that all of these are displayed on
    your toolbelt. Get full of health, and good luck!
    *Eye of Cthulu*
    -At night, after using suspicious looking eye
    The first boss is sometimes  the hardest. A frequently used strategy is to buy
    a large number of shurikens from a merchant, I bought about 200 and have maybe
    100 left over, and run back and forth flinging them at the eye. Make sure to
    take out the servants of cthulu as soon as they're spawned.
    Once the eye is to about 1500 health it'll get faster and grow teeth. The good
    thing is it doesn't spawn servants anymore, the bad thing is that it hits 
    harder. Run fast, have your potions on standby, and throw shurikens as you
    run. It should go down.
    Note that you have to beat the eye before sunrise or it'll run off.
    The eye can be farmed later for corruption seeds or demonite. 
    Attack Damage	
        Phase 1 - 18 
        Servants - 23 
        Phase 2 - 30 
       Demonite Ore 
       Unholy Arrows 
       Crystal Heart 
       Corrupt Seeds
        Phase 1 - 6 
        Phase 2 - 3 
    *Eater of Worlds*
    -Corruption, after using worm bait or destroying 3 shadow spheres
    The eater of worlds is like the devourer but with more health. Also note
    that it will split into segments if a piece of it is destroyed, so if possible
    it's good to destroy segments at the front or back of the body to keep the
    number of small segments down. 
    Try to have upgraded your health a lot by this point. Shurikens are good as
    they hit multiple segments, the Ball O' Hurt is fantastic for that same
    reason, and the vilethorn works well too. Have PLENTY of potions handly, try
    to get the eater to come up through the ground next to you and you can hit it
    a lot, and try to stay topside!
    If you summon the eater by breaking shadow spheres get topside in a hurry. You
    want to be as manuverable as possible with this boss!
    Note that this boss will follow you after you die back to your home, and will
    keep attacking until you're destroyed. It's the only boss that doesn't mind
    the daytime.
        Head - 120
        Body Segment - 200
        Tail - 300 
    Attack Damage
        Head - 40
        Body Segment - 15
        Tail - 10 
        Head - 0
        Body Segment - 2
        Tail - 4 
        Demonite Ore
        Shadow Scale
        Shadow Scale Armor
        Ball 'O Hurt
        Up to Gold Coins. 
    -Outside of dungeon, talk to old man at night
    This is it, the final battle! Make sure you've got lots of end-game level
    weapons and armor. Skeletron has two segments to his body, the hands and
    head.  The hands come after you sweeping or swating, and the head will
    roll after you while spinning and roaring.
    Avoid the rolling head at all costs, as it hurts a lot. Make SURE you have
    a lot of platforms to deal with him on. Note that arrows shoot through
    My winning strategy was to get a long-range melee weapon, like a flail or the
    molten sword, and take out his hands, as they had less HP, first. Once that
    was done I ran away from the head, hopping from platform to platform, shooting
    arrows at the head until it died.
    Manuverability is key in this fight, so make sure you can quickly jump to
    all sections of your battle. Clear out part of the dungeon entrance as this 
    will help you manuver. Bring plenty of potions.
    If you have access to the phoenix blaster with 500 meteor shots, jump as far
    away from him as possible and spam bullets. This should deal with him.
    Attack Damage
        Hands - 30
        Head - 35 
        Life Crystal,
        Hands - 9
        Head - 6 
                              Frequently Asked Questions
    This is where I'll put the answers to any further questions you guys have
    that weren't covered in the previous part of the walkthrough. Ask away!
                              Thank yous / Awesome Links
    This game was really fun for me, and it's the first massively open-ended game
    I've tried to walkthrough! I hope this guide served to focus and crystallize
    the data for you, offered up as easily-plucked peices of datafruit.
    I didn't want to bog you down with details, but I wanted to be more or less
    complete. If there's anything else you guys want in here, send me an email
    and I'll be happy to include it!
    Also: thank yous to: The Terraria Wiki. You guys were INVALUABLE for filling
    in the gaps in my knowledge, both the ones at 
    You guys are awesome!
    Let me also HIGHLY recommend googling the "Terraria Map Viewer". It can be
    REALLY super helpful to find those blasted floating islands and underground
    jungles, and it's an awesome way to visualize your projects besides! Top 
    I'll also include the links to any awesome servers/ fan projects you guys want
    me to put in here. Send me and email, and I'll include them!
                            Copywight Information
    Because I find including copyrights on privately published online FAQS silly,
    at least until people start paying me to do this, I will simply say that the
    use of this document without crediting me will cause wights to haunt you. 
    Specifically, the copywights. They HATE people who steal stuff.
    As long as you give me credit, use away!

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