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"Terraria: Unique experience or shameless copy?"

Many people assume Terraria is an exact copy of Minecraft. Is this game really a copy or a unique experience that you will love? Let's find out.


In Terraria, you have one man objective. Get stronger through the use of equipment you have found underground, in secret areas, and against bosses. The beginning starts out quite similar to Minecraft, where you are mining for various items and making houses, but quickly becomes more open ended as you become more powerful and when you are able to take on new areas.


This is the core of the game itself. When you first start out, you will most likely make a house using wood. Further on, you will mine for various ores to upgrade your equipment and add even more houses, and eventually npcs can move in. They have various functions such as selling items, healing you, and teaching you the basics of the game. As you upgrade your equipment, certain tasks such as mining and fighting enemies becomes easier. Terraria differentiates itself from Minecraft in several ways. Terraria has the inclusion of life upgrades, mana and items which use it, various items which do a variety of different effects, and armor sets which provide unique effects when used. There are also bosses. The boss fights are each unique and very fun, however I will not spoil them here. The inclusion of multiplayer makes for an amazing experience, especially when 4 of your friends go against a boss or go against each other in player versus player. The worlds in Terraria are finite unlike in Minecraft, which does help on some older PCs. I give Terraria's gameplay an 8/10.


Even though this game is in 2D, the graphics are good. The bosses are very cool looking, the armor sets look good, and equipment looks good. For what Terraria is, it does a good job at showing its graphics can be good even though it is in 2D. I give the graphics a 7/10.


There aren't too many songs in the game, however for the few songs that there are, they set the mood for what you're doing. The boss music brings a rushing pace of excitement to the battle, the night music makes it feel like night, and the “deep underground” music brings a feeling of mystery. Terraria's sound earns a 7/10.

Play Time and Replayability:

You can get to the end game content and the game's final area in about 15-20 hours, not including items given over multiplayer. Since you can always build fun stuff, create new worlds, and play with friends, Terraria goes on for as long as you want it to. The creators update it about every 2-3 weeks, depending on some factors. Terraria plays its way to a 8/10 in replayability.

Final Thoughts:

Many people assume Terraria is exactly like Minecraft because of the inclusion of mining and crafting. This game plays more like a role playing game, and is its own unique experience. With everything there is to do and the enjoyable graphics and sound, I give Terraria a final score of 8/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/24/11

Game Release: Terraria (US, 05/16/11)

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