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"Annoying enemies ruined what would have otherwise been a superior game"

I will start out by saying that I enjoyed this game immensely. I bought it several months ago and ended up quitting after crafting a gold armor set, and it was around that time I got bored. I recently as of three weeks ago, got a friend of mine into it, and we've since cleared normal. At the moment, we're nearly through hardmode.

The premise is simple. Terraria is a sandbox game in which you start off with absolutely nothing except a few basic tools, like a pickaxe for mining dirt and stone, and an axe for chopping down trees. You're to build a small house, complete with whatever material you choose (usually wood) and this house must have a light source, a table, chair, a door, and a wall. Typically, more monsters come out at night than during the day.

The further you mine down into the earth, the rarer materials you're going to find which you will use to craft better equipment for better longevity against the game's MANY enemies. More on that in a bit.

The game itself feels like an RPG which has mated beautifully with the Zelda series. To improve your health, one must collect heart pieces, and one character may only have a total of 20. (sound familiar?) By the time I had all twenty, I had already had many hours invested into the game. The heart containers are hidden in random places all about the earth.

There are bosses in this game which are incredibly challenging and even fun to do battle against. At no time was I ever really annoyed with bosses. There is a boss in hardmode which spawns as soon as you climb to a certain height. This boss flies and dives at you and does tremendous damage. Aside from this, I greatly enjoyed the boss fights.

Here's where my complaints come in.

Depending on the world you make, the game could potentially be huge. I will be comparing the flaws in this game to minecraft, Terraria's much better looking cousin.

The enemies are the absolute worst part of this game. Nothing else has given me more frustration in this game, than the CONSTANT enemies which spawn without end. There are enemies in this game which can spit things at you, and they float just out of your range. The bow and arrow has no real aim function, and some of these enemies move so quickly that hitting them with arrows seems nigh impossible. The melee enemies run into you, just as most of the enemies in any typical mario game. However, hitting some of them with melee weapons does little to deter them. Especially in hardmode, these enemies have LOTS of HP. Most enemies require 5-7 swings, and that's with a decent weapon. (A forged phaseblade is what I was using, for those who have played the game)

There are enemies like wyrms/worms, that come out of the walls and dive right at you, giving you no time whatsoever to dodge. Slimes which jump at you constantly. It really seems like I was constantly taking damage. This wouldn't be so bad, if it were not for the punishing cooldown on potions. With a max HP of 400, drinking the mid level potion heals 100 HP. The cooldown is a minute, and there are accessories you can get which allow you to regenerate health at a slow rate.

Now, in minecraft. There is no punishing cooldown on healing items. Even while playing on the harder difficulties, you can scarf bread and bring your hearts back up to full just as long as you have the bread to do it with.

Back to the constant enemies. Fighting enemies should be fun. When playing Zelda, I seldom felt annoyed. When playing Mario, it was crazy fun to stomp on goombas.

In Terraria, there is minimal reward for killing enemies aside from currency, which you can use to buy items from your NPCs. These NPCs spawn after you have sufficient housing built, and you've met other qualifications in the game. A lot of the useful items cost ridiculous amounts of gold, which means that you won't be able to buy many of them until at the late parts of the game.

To reference Minecraft one more time, the enemies are actually fun to fight, and SCARY! When you see a creeper walking toward you, you get this terrible feeling in your stomach that compares to panic and fright. Especially if one appears in your base. The zombies can be overwhelming at times, and the skeletons who fire arrows can be a pain, but not annoying. In Terraria, you can see pretty much everything around you with the exception of the enemies who embed themselves in the earth. In Minecraft, you don't see the enemies around you. When in tunnels, and while digging, you may hear the moans of zombies, or the squeak of a spider, but you won't see them. This only adds to the terror. Terraria has no terror.

The enemies are in Terraria, are like your mother or father giving you an awesome game to play. While challenging in it's own right, the game is fun. The enemies in Terraria are like your mother or father beating you mercilessly with a hammer while you try to play. Sometimes they switch it up and drip boiling water onto your scalp during your gameplay.

In addition, these enemies, especially in hardmode, do insane amounts of damage. Most of them taking ten percent or more of your health in one hit. While that may not sound like a lot, when you consider that most enemies can get away with hitting you once or twice before they die, AND that there tons of them spawning at all just ends up being more trouble than what it's worth.

I end my reviews on a positive note. The game itself looks pretty. The graphics are simple, and the 2d version appeals to the young boy in me who fell in love with The Super Mario Bros. games that came out on the NES. The game is fun in small doses, and it can be a LOT of fun while playing with a friend. The sound is good, and the music is decent. The annoying sounds of your character getting hit, is likened to the sound of a school boy getting punched in the face by a high schooler.

Here's my summary:

Graphics: 10/10.....The graphics are simple, yet done well. I give it a 10/10 because of my love for the simple.
Story: NA.....There is no story whatsoever
Music/Sound: 7/10.....The music and sound fit the game, though the sound of your character getting hit is annoying.
Controls: 7/10.....I seldom had any problems with the controls. I rated it a 7 because of the lack of aiming function for shooting far away enemies.
Gameplay: 2/10...The enemies are really that bad. If there were less of them, or if they died easier, then perhaps this rating would have been higher. The regular enemies are enough to ruin the gameplay for me in its entirety, no matter how good the rest of the game is.
Replayability: 9/10...If you spend enough time away from this game, you will want to come back. Playing with a friend multiplies the fun of this game tenfold.

FINAL SCORE: 7...If you love sandbox games which involve freedom to explore, dig, and build, and if you're ok with fighting hordes of constant enemies that annoy you, rather than enhance your gameplay experience with challenge, then this game is definitely worth checking out.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/09/12

Game Release: Terraria (US, 05/16/11)

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