Eternal Grace Episode 1 will bring you into the beginning of whole Eternal Grace story, and where the story is started.

Enthrea, a prosperous planet with seven Pillars to keep the balance of the living things. 100 years ago, some of the people in the planet living with high-technology led by Sarx, and some others live with spiritual power and entangled to the nature led by Enolc, commenced a great war known as Mahakala; the war to decide the manipulator of the pillars. Mahakala caused serious damage to these Pillars. And the damage made those pillars to require a huge amount of energy to stay functional. They started to absorb anything from the outside that made meteors assault Enthrea and annihilated almost half of its population.

The people those wanted to recover Enthrea established an organization called ZNF (Zebadian Nature Fortifier). ZNF succeeded to build a high-technological building to give energy supply for the the pillars, in order to prevent meteors to come into Enthrea. This building is called Harmonizer. The several years of calm made people could build up their environment once more. But now, the meteors start to fall again and causes terror to mankind.

Great, Im running out of money.... Yes, this is what Razh has thought about. It is necessary to have money to survive in Enthrea. Luckily, he got enough money for getting some booze ~He needs it daily, seriously~. But what he has found is not the booze. He encountered the troubled Millia. Thanks a lot, you saved me..., said Millia with gratitude. Razh does saved her. It leads with Millias trust to make Razh her bodyguard.

Along the journey, they meet their fateful encounters, Renavia, Sieghart, Kara, and Philo, theyre the new companions of the party. Their adventures made them realize that theyre involved in a great conspiration that is more hazardous than any disasters that has occured, and threats that endanger mankind of Enthrea. Razhs bodyguarding business is not only smell of money, but this is his groups important journey, to save Enthrea from the ambition of those certain people.

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