One Night: Full Circle is the final game in Dark Gaia's horror themed One Night series. It serves as the conclusion to the series and resolves the story arc that has been established through the previous games and ties the stories of One Night and One Night 2 together in a cohesive whole.

One Night: Full Circle is a semi-remake of One Night 3: Shadows of Stillwater, widely regarded as the weakest in the series. It is intended to replace the previous game entirely and rectify its flaws. It offers a completely rewritten, more in depth story to improve the flow of the narrative and add a more tangible conclusion to the series. It also includes tweaked gameplay and polished systems so that it is more fun to play through. Best of all, this re-release features two completely new areas, the Sewer and the University, each packed with brand new puzzles, enemies and story details, to significantly extend the length of the game.

The year 2019. A bizarre accident occurs in the bustling mining town of Stillwater.
Contact with the town is mysteriously lost, and the fate of its citizens is unknown. Several rescue groups attempt to investigate the situation, but they never return. Three months quickly pass without any explanation of the event, though Stillwater never leaves the public eye. Speculation runs wild, with everything from the supernatural to aliens having a part in the bizarre proceedings.

Another mysterious event; Tom Hawkins receives a letter in the mail from his sister, a journalist staying in Stillwater on that fateful night. The letter is dated three months previously, though the reason why it has arrived now is as mysterious as its origin. Is there a chance that Tom's sister is somehow still alive, trapped in the nightmare that Stillwater has become? Seeking the truth, Tom packs for a long journey and soon, he himself vanishes without a trace. He has decided to trace the letter back to where it came from, and is headed to Stillwater itself. What awaits him is beyond anyone's comprehension...


- Six eerie locations to explore, each filled with clues to find and terrifying horrors to face.
- Tense event based combat system with multiple equipable weapons and directional based attacks.
- Mysterious storyline which challenges you to find every shred of information you can to unravel the unknown fate of Stillwater.
- Two different endings to discover based on your choices throughout the adventure!
- Links to previous One Night games and resolutions to the unanswered questions of the series.

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