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    FAQ by Manic

    Version: 3 | Updated: 01/30/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    From: manic@infinity.ccsi.com (Manic)
    Date: 30 Jan 1998 00:51:03 GMT
    Newsgroups: rec.games.video.arcade
    Hot new blitz info.. Read the faq for the info..
                   __________.____    .________________________
                   \______   \    |nfl|   \__    ___/\____    /
                    |    |  _/    |   |   | |    |     /     /
                    |    |   \    |___|   | |    |    /     /_
                    |______  /_______ \___| |____|   /_______ \
                           \/        \/                      \/
                              Manic's NFL BLITZ FAQ
                                   Revision 3
                                January 29, 1998
    What is this?
    This is a FAQ for NFL BLITZ, the arcade game, by Midway.  This FAQ is maintainedand updated by Manic(manic@ccsi.com).  I decided to write this FAQ because I
    wanted to contribute to the Blitz community in some way, I used to write a FAQ
    for MK3, so I decided to do this, In addition to a web page, however, this
    could be more up to date than the web page, but may also not have some of the
    information such as strategy, etc.. that the web page has.  The web page will
    be available at http://www.ccsi.com/~manic/blitz 
    What's New?
    1 New Code, 3 Hidden Characters, Stratiegies from the designers and me,
    a special tip from me, block EVERY field goal.
    In the secret codes section, anything with a ! in front of it, is something new
    to this revision of the faq.  Anything with a * in front of it, is a code I
    myself discovered, or was given directly to me by someone else, and I was
    the first to publish it anywhere on the net. the same goes for the
    glitches/bugs section of the faq.
    Secret Codes
    Show FG % :             0,0,1,DOWN
    NO CPU ASST:            0,1,2,DOWN
    Fog On:                 0,3,0,DOWN
    Unbeatable Drones:      3,1,4,DOWN
    No Fumbles:             4,2,3,DOWN
    Show More Field:        0,2,1,RIGHT
    *Tournament Mode:       1,1,1,DOWN
    No Punting:             1,5,1,UP
    Big Heads:              2,0,0,RIGHT
    No 1st Downs:           2,1,0,UP
    Stepping Out Allowed:   2,1,1,LEFT
    *No Interceptions:      3,4,4,UP
    *Power Up Teammates:    2,3,4,UP (maybe 2,3,3,UP)
    *Super Field Goals:     1,2,3,LEFT
    *Big Players:		1,4,1,RIGHT
    *Big Ball:		0,5,0,RIGHT
    *Super Blitzing:	0,4,5,UP
    *Thick Fog:		0,4,1,DOWN
    Secret Characters
    TURMEL  0032
    SAL	0201
    ROOT	6000
    Bugs & Glitches
    These bugs and glitches will have the revisions that they have been
    experienced on, just because it does not show it to be on a certain
    version, does not rule out that bug.
    v1.1 & v1.21
    When you block a field goal, if you catch it and start to run it back, the
    screen will not rotate, instead of running up field like normal, you will
    instead be running down the field, it looks really strange, and makes it
    difficult to do.
    Somehow, when having 0,0,0 for the blocks on the matchup screen, I moved
    the joystick all different directions, and managed to make it where I
    could not move down in any of the play select screens, I was only able to
    pick from the top row of plays, on both offense and defense for the entire
    Heres the scenario..
    3rd quarter, your up 35-27 and the computer is driving, you fail to stop
    them from getting the TD, the score is 35-33 and you know they are going
    for the tie, you read the offense wrong and the waltz in for an easy 2
    point conversion, only instead of being tied, the score is now 41-35, the
    computer somehow is given an extra 6 points.
    Game Designer's Secret Strategies
    I can not reveal how I came about getting this information, because then
    more people will be able to get it before or as soon as I am, and I want
    my page to have stuff ahead of other pages, but I assure you, this is
    legitimate information.
    Mark Turmell:
    If youre in trouble, dump the ball off to another teammate by hitting the
    B button to lateral to the teammate nearest you.
    Man to man is your best bet when your opponent needs to pickup more than
    30 yards.
    Sal DiVita:
    When running downfield with the ball and a single defender is closing in,
    run right at him and stiff-arm him onto his butt.  It's demoralizing and
    it's good for another 10 yards.
    Never do a Suicide Blitz unless thereþs less than 10 yards between the
    of scrimmage and the endzone. It's impossible to cover more field with one
    player back and youþll be giving away touchdowns.
    Jason Skiles:
    The deep pass is a desperation move. Instead, throw short passes, then use
    spin moves and stiff arm your opponents for yardage.
    Rush the passer every single play. Hit change player right after the snap
    and take over a lineman so you don't soften your pass coverage.
    Jennifer Hedrick:
    Use the Back Split play to dish the ball off to the side in the event of a
    blitz. This still leaves two men open to the sides to pass the ball to.
    Use "Safe Cover" for man to man defense and keep trying to intercept the
    ball from the receiver. Every once in a while sneak in a blitz play.
    ball from the receiver. Every once in a while sneak in a blitz play.
    John Root:
    The "Back Split" play is an easy 10 yards when playing against Mark
    . . . every time!
    I always use "Medium Zone," it's a good generic defensive play.
    Mike Lynch:
    When on offense, don't forget Spin Moves (double tap the TURBO) and Stiff
    Arms (TURBO + B) to evade would be tacklers.
    I don't bother with defense, it's not important.
    Jeff Johnson (Japple):
    I don't bother with offense, it's not important.
    When you're on defense, dive at the intended receiver when he lights up,
    and knock him down early in the play.
    Luis Mangubat:
    Press TURBO + A + B on the offensive snap to have your man in motion
    become an extra blocker.
    Don't forget to hide your cursor during play select. Push the joystick up
    three times before you start to pick plays. That way your opponent canþt
    see what you're up to.
    Dan Thompson:
    When running downfield, stay near the sidelines so that you can get out of
    bounds and stay out of trouble.
    To block a field goal: Position your man near on opening so that you can
    rush in and tackle the kicker as fast as you can.
    Brian LeBaron (Grinch):
    Confuse your opponent by using your man in motion to back up your intended
    receiver. Sometimes youþll be surprised at who turns up with the ball.
    Always keep an eye out for the opening to try and get in there for a sack!
    My Strategy
    Mix up your offense, never go for the kill, work it slow and consistent,
    occasionaly throw in a deep play, but other than that use 2 or 3 plays to
    get your first down.
    The fake field goal is a great a weapon, 4th and 30 from the 40, they
    think your going to kick, choose fake field goal, and throw it to the
    receiver just off the right end of the OL, spin him once as soon as he
    catches it to avoid the defender and run for the first down.
    As the designers mentioned the back split is a great play it gives you the
    option of a pitch and run, throwing with the qb, or pitching it and
    letting the back throw it.
    Always attack the quaterback, do not give your opponent time to throw, mix
    up the blitzes coming in from different sides and angles, but watch the
    short passes, and pitch outs, if your not careful, they will kill you.  If
    you get pressusre on the QB fast enough he can not go long.
    A sure way to block ever FG, if you do it right is to choose safe cover,
    bring the highlighted man down to left end of the OL and run him straight
    at the holder, DO NOT dive, just keep running, and run straight into him,
    you will block it.. I have done this dozens of times.
    Credits & Thanks
    Zio & Don, I got some of the codes from their pages.
    Zio - http://blueneptune.com/~zio/BLITZ
    Don - http://home1.gte.net/bigdon/blitz
    Midway, for making an awesome football game, hopefully they will keep it
    up in the future.
    Two people at Midway for the correspondence with me, and VERY VERY special
    thanks to one of them for the information he has given me.  Both of them
    know who they are, as do I, so I will leave them anonymous so they can
    avoid the flood of e-mails.  Thanks
    NFL BLitz is a registered trademark of Midway and the NFL.

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