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Reviewed: 04/26/01 | Updated: 04/26/01

Best Football Game for PC?!?!

When NFL Blitz first came out it became an instant classic. Many, including me believe that it is with out a doubt the best football game of all time, for any system. It was made by Midway, the creators of the NBA Jam series, and they applied the same type of play in this game. A hard-core, all out game where there are no rules and you are actually encouraged to cheat, and slam the wide receiver before the ball is even thrown. If you figure out the right strategy, you will become next to invincible with the right cheats. If you are a fan of the NBA Jam Series, which I am, you will most likely be a huge fan of this game.

+ One of the more original sports games that is out there.
+ Once you start to get into this game, you will get hooked on it for a long time.
+ It is very easy to learn, no matter how good of a video game player you are.
+ The fun of playing this game is unmatched by just about any other game on the market today.

- Once you have mastered it to a certain point, the game can get old, but it does take a little while for that to happen.

These graphics are great, I do not know what else to say except that this is an exceptional looking game. The players bodies are a little bit oversized and kind of ''oaf'' looking, but it is very easy to get over, and actually is a fun aspect of this game. The stadiums in the background are very well made. Although they do not look like any one stadium in particular, they are still great. There is one thing that is weird about the game, and that is when it rains it seems as though the rain is just pasted on top of the screen and moves from the top of the screen to the bottom, no matter what the camera angle is. Other than that minor flaw it is has beautiful graphics.

SOUND: 9/10
Once again Midway did a great job with this game. The sound effects are some of the best ever in a football game. Weather it is the bone crushing hit of an offensive linemen sacking the quarter back for a ten yard loss or it is the smack talking that is done after you just scored a touchdown, they are just well done. The commentators are decent at first, but once you play it for a while, they get annoying. There is no real music in this game. The only music that I can think of that is in this game is when you beat your opponent and there is victory music, and that is all right. It is not worth bragging about, but it really does not hurt the game in any way shape or form.

This game is quite easy to learn and control. There are only three buttons that you will need to learn. Turbo Pass and Jump. Every thing else in this game is self explanatory or easy to learn and master. When you need to control your player there is only eight different ways that he could go and most of the time it will go that way when you make it go that way. There is one thing that I would have liked to have seen done in this game that was not done, controlling your endzone dance. That would be one of the greatest features in the history of sports games.

GAME PLAY: 10/10
NFL Blitz did not become as instant classic for no reason, it became one because it is fun to play and has one of the highest replay values in a video game. Weather it is one on one against your best friend, or just you and the computer, or you and three of your friends, it is fun to play. When you are on the same team with another human at the controls, you might start to fight over who is going to score and before you know it you will lose the game, and it will not become fun. If you play video games that are fun, chances are that you have played or even owned this game at one point in your life.

There is a seemingly endless amount of replay value that has been packed into this game. I do not know what it is exactly, it might be the hundreds of cheats, or just the fact that you can do things in this game that you will never be able to do in another football game for the rest of your life. It might also be the originality of this game. Either way you look at it, NFL Blitz will be one of your favorite games for a long time to come.

I decided not to factor in the story lines for some game due to the fact that they have none. I will try to sum up the main points of this game in the next little bit. You can choose from one of many NFL teams to enter in your season mode. Once there you will have to go through a grueling schedule, if you are one of the lucky ones then you will make it to the play-offs, then if you can get through the next couple of games then you will make it to the Super Bowl. Once there you will face the best team for the NFL and the best team will come out on top. This whole time you are not allowed to use any cheats at any time. Good Luck

ENDING: 7/10
The ending for this game is kind of weak, you will get a new video in the video menu, nothing else really happens, except you might get your name on the top score list. There is nothing spectacular about this ending that will make you remember it for a long time, but nonetheless, it is still a great game.

CHEATS: 10/10
Midway has been notorious for creating games that have great cheats that are easy to get in and fun to have. This game will defiantly live up to those standards. There are pin codes where you can get different player heads for the man with the ball, and there are a seemingly endless amount of manual cheats for you to put into the Tonight’s Matchup screen. These cheats make the game even more fun than it already is, which I did not think was possible for them to do.

Depending on which difficulty setting the game is on, the game can either be extremely easy or extremely hard to beat. I personally like the game when it is harder to beat, and so should you. It should be set on a harder setting anyway. It also makes the game a much more fun when it is a close game, and not a 200-0 blowout like it can get on the easy settings. All around this can be a challenging game, but it can also be one of the easiest games ever.

I wish it was possible for a game to get a higher rating than a ten, because that is what this game would get. Up to the time that NFL Blitz was created there was no other football game that could even compare to the style of gameplay for this game. There is just no game quite like it that I can think of. This is just an original game.

If you get the chance buy the game, by now it should be cheap, and it is still one of the funnest games that you can get. I would defiantly recommend that you should buy this game, that is if you do not already have it.


MUSIC: 10/10
ENDING: 7/10
CHEATS: 10/10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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