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    Sniper Guide by SparkyCoulter

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/15/13 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    A Sniper Guide by Sparky Coulter (Ver.1.0)
    Game: (Far Cry 3) 
    Contact: Cease2exist320@yahoo.com
    Date: 5/15/2013 Copyright (2013)
    Copyright Notice:
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
     web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
     violation of copyright. 
    Which means That if you want to Print it out for Personal use, Feel Free!
    But It is my work and I do not Allow My work being downloaded to be used
    as a means of Profit, which includes Publishing it without My written, And 
    oral Permission.
    I. Introduction
    II. Sniper Rifles 
    III. Sidearms
    IV. Reccomended Equipment
    V. Tactics & Evasion
             A. Sniper Approach
                  B. Sniper Evade
                       C. Trapping
    VI. FAQ
    VII. Acknoweledgements
                I. Introduction                               
    I'm Back once again to tell you about a recent game that came out back in 
    December, a game few haven't played, and a game still new on the shelves.
    Now I'm going to skip all the details as this is a sniper guide and I am going
    to teach you step by step, section by section about the Equipment you can 
    Use to increase survival on this Tough Game.
    I will cover first your most important tool, The Sniper Rifle, In the Next 
    section. Next I will teach you the Sniper's Second important Tool, your 
    Sidearm, and help you decide which is best for you, as well as give you 
    a few Pointers on Mines, C4, Grenades, and Molotovs.
    and Then I will teach you all the tactics I have learned on Far Cry 3, and
    Tell you them as well.
    So If you searched for hours for a sniper guide to this Game, 
    Here it is. If you have any questions, Check the FAQ at the bottom.
    So Gear up, Stay sharp and listen Closely, Your In my Sniper School now!
    II. Sniper Rifles
    There are 3 Sniper Rifles at your disposal by the time you reach the 2nd 
    Whilst at the Beginning there is only 1That is affordable, which is the
     Dragunov SVD 
    Sniper Rifle which is for sell in Ananaki Shop for $1,100.
    It is very expensive, and the easiest way to get it is to activate 2 radio
    towers, which then makes it free.
    So now lets understand our important tool, The Sniper Rifle.
    It allows you to Reach out further than any other weapon in the game
    and Kill your enemy safely at a distance, and provides an Excellent 
    way to Reconoiter the Area, Especially when on a Steep hill or cliff.
    However, as a Sniper, You must understand your tool, and Know that it 
    Isnt used for up close encounters, It isnt accurate when hip firing, and it 
    Does have its limitations to about 200 metres. There is No bullet
    Drop in Far Cry 3, so that is not a factor to worry about.
    Taking all this in account is just basic knoweledge, You can add attachments
    to The M-700 and the Z93 (Anti Material, By the way) to increase both 
    Accuracy, Range, and clip size.
    Also, Both the M-700 and the Z93 is Bolt action, which gives them a
    slow fire rate, Unlike that of the Semi-Automatic SVD.
    So now that you have some basic knoweledge down pat, let's look at 
    the 3 sniper rifles and determine which is best in a few situations.
    Dragunov SVD Sniper Rifle
    The SVD is the Cheapest Rifle in the Game, It is Fairly dead-on Accurate 
    at no more than 80 or 90 meters. It has Very Low zoom level and makes 
    long distance shots Difficult. Being Semi automatic, it allows for fast
    follow up shots Minus the Game animation for the bolt action rifles and 
    Boasts a Clip limit of 5 rounds. It has no attachments, but does have
    several paint schemes, and dishes out the same amount of damage as that
    of the M-700. On Unarmored enemies, it is usually a "one shot, One kill"
    Kinda weapon. It's accuracy is Lacking somewhat but it makes up for it
    by allowing follow up shots so if you miss, it allows a slight readjustment
    of aim and allows you to place another Round. Reloading is slightly
    faster than that of the M-700 and Z93.
    It has no attachments, as mentioned and cannot be silenced, making it 
    a "Shoot and Change Position." kinda weapon.
    For armored enemies, multiple shots can be expected and you
    are likely to deplete ammo faster trying to hit your target, at ranges 
    greater than 100 meters. Especially when aiming for the Head.
    Clip size: 5
    Fire Rate: Fast
    Accuracy: Average
    Effective Range: 80-90 Meters
    Damage: High
    Zoom Level: Poor
    M-700 Sniper Rifle
    The M-700 Is another weapon that you have early access to in the game.
    It has Low zoom level but a Higher powered scope can be attached to 
    increase accuracy and Range. It also can be equipped with a silencer
    allowing for Easy stealth kills.
    It costs $1,800 Dollars but can be unlocked by activating 6 radio towers.
    It, like the SVD, isnt effective against Armored enemies but its High Accuracy
    allows for Headshots eliminating this problem. Its a weapon that 
    requires you to be sure before shooting as it will take a full second for 
    Jason to be ready to shoot it again, due to its Bolt action. It's Magazine
    boasts a clip of 5 rounds but can be extended with attachments to 10. 
    It is Very accurate and it allows for long range Kills up to 160 meters. 
    Sometimes you can reach farther than that, but never more than 200 meters.
    It is accurate, but it has a very slow rate of fire.
    You can usually shoot it silenced about two or three times before you have
    to change position (Covered In Tactics & Evasion Below).
    It too is a "One shot, One Kill." On Unarmored Enemies.
    Clip Size: 5 (With attachments: 10)
    Fire Rate: Slow
    Accuracy: High (With Attachments: Very High)
    Effective Range: 160 meters
    Damage: High
    Zoom Level: Low (With Attachments: MAX)
    Z93 Anti Material Sniper Rifle
    This Rifle isnt unlocked until you reach the south island.
    It is Anti-Material meaning you can shoot through walls, sheets of metal,
    and roofs in order to hit your target. It can even send a round through one
    enemy and into the next killing them both instantly, if they are lined up
    one in front of the Other. 
    It's Fire rate is as slow or slightly slower than that of the M-700.
    However its Range is effective all the way to 199 meters. And it is 
    Even more accurate than that of the M-700 (With attachments for both range
    and Accuracy) when equipped with a high power scope. 
    It is both, more accurate than the M-700, has Farther range, Higher power and
    boasts a .50 caliber Anti-Material Round that can go through walls.
    It is the best sniper rifle in the Game next to the Signature version 
    Which kills everything in one shot and features explosive Rounds, Known
    as the "AMR".
    The Z93 can be equipped with a silencer, an Extended magazine and an
    Illuminated scoper for Night time scenarios. It is the Perfect Stealth Rifle
    for eliminating enemies at a distance and it Costs $3,400 but can be unlocked
    by activating 15 radio towers.
    It is Effective against both armored and Unarmored Enemies, as well as 
    Tigers, Bears and Crocs. It Kills Heavy enemies in 2 or 3 shots to the Torso,
    1 to the Head.
    Clip Size: 5 (With attachments: 10)
    Fire Rate: Slow
    Accuracy: High (With Attachments: Very High)
    Effective Range: 180-199 Meters
    Damage: Extremely High
    Zoom Level: Medium (With attachments: Max)
    AMR Signature Weapon
    This is the Modified version of the Z93 and boasts its own  paint scheme. 
    It has Max damage, Max Accuracy and Max range (200 meters).
    Its Fire rate is Slightly Faster than the Z93 and it can Completely destroy 
    Vehicles in 2 or 3 shots, Usually it just takes two.
    It is the Greatest sniper rifle in the game and Kills 
    Heavy and armored enemies, In 1 shot.
    In fact, it kills Everything in 1 shot.
    It's Only drawback is that it doesnt have a sound suppressor, which 
    will require the "Hit and Move" tactic (Covered Below)
    It can be discovered by finding 20 relics but you have to buy it and it 
    costs $4,800.
    There is no way to get it free. No attachments, Either.
    III. Side Arms
    Whilst I will not Give specific Details on each one, there are numerous
    options from Shotguns, Smgs, and Handguns. It is really up to you but
    I will provide only Pros and Cons and mention the weapons in a Category 
    What you need to know is that Sidearms are the Second most important tool
    in the Sniper's Arsenal, alot of targets will engage you up close and personal
    and will make them Impossible to shoot, such as chargers, or will catch you 
    off guard and the Sidearm plays a Huge role in protecting you.
    They will also come in handy when you get Detected and end up in a full out
    assault, and get Ambushed by a group of enemies. Make sure as well that
    you choose the one that will Effectively Kill a Tiger or bear, effieciently.
    Shotguns Excel in that category, but are Very poor ranged weapons.
    Pros: Highly Effective against Lightly armoured enemies,
    Unarmored Enemies and All animals. Inflict high damage at Close
    range and Kill most enemies in one shot. You dont have to be Diligent
    with your aim as with SMGs or Handguns. Just Get the Circle near the 
    enemy and Pull the trigger, at least one pellet will find its mark
    Cons: Very Slow Reload times, Slow Fire rate ( not the case with the SPAZ 
    shotgun) Somewhat Poor accuracy and Effectifve range is about 12-20 Meters.
    Ammo Costs $40 for 12 slugs, So dont waste ammo.
    Pros: High fire rate, quick follow up shots and Very fast 
    Reload times. Ammo is cheap, about $35 for 40 rounds
    and all SMGs can be suppressed with a silencer.
    Cons: SMGs Chew threw ammunition very quickly, most inflict 
    little damage and only the BZ19 inflicts the most damage.
    apart from the signature weapon "Shredder". Expect to reload
    at least once to bring down a tiger or Heavy enemy.
    Not reccomended for heavy enemies but will kill armoured enemies or 
    unarmoured enemies fairly quick, and remember that range tends to be
    maxed about 50 or so meters. And at that range, Accuracy seems to be
    Very Poor. 
    Pros: Ammo is very Cheap, Costing $20 for 24 rounds. Decent Damage, Quick 
    reload speeds and medium to high accuracy. They are the perfect sidearm.
    Cons: Range tends to be about 30-50 meters approximately. the 50 meter mark
    is given to the most accurate gun in the Game, the 44. magnum. 
    The Colt 1911
    Is ineffective against Heavies and takes 4 shots to kill an unarmored Enemy
    making it inapplicable later in the game for anything more than headshots.
    It handles many critters well though, for instance Rabid dogs, Cassowaries 
    and Komodo Dragons, as well as Dingos and All birds. killing almost all
    in less than 6 shots. 
    The 6P9 is even less damaging than the 1911 and
    is extremely ineffective against bears and Tigers, But sports higher accuracy
    for Headshots. 
    The 44. Magnum is Highly accurate and Kills in less than 6 shots almost 
    all animals, and kills Lightly armoured enemies such as privateers in 2 shots
    or less.
    And Finally the D50 unlocked when you reach the south island is 
    the Best handgun available, but lacks the range and accuracy of the 44. magnum
    Quick Note: 
    Since your Main weapon of choice is the sniper rifle, 
    its ammunition is Fairly expensive, costing about $100 or so for 10 rounds.
    which is why I only included the easier to replenish weapons that cost 
    less to keep ammo stocks. If you can afford it, assault rifles and LMGs
    are very effective sidearms as well. but if you want to continually gain 
    enough money for maintaining your sniper equipment, it is reccommended
    You Choose from the 3 categories I have listed.
    Handguns are by far the best choice, Shotguns Second and Smgs third, as
    there ability to chew through ammo will end up costing you more in the long
    run, than firing 12 shotgun rounds, For example.
    If you Killed an armored enemy with torso shots, chances are you expelled
    about 10 or so rounds from your clip. killing 3 armored enemies would 
    mean 30 rounds were lost. Thats alot of ammo lost!
    Now let's look at the Shotguns, it would take 1 Solid hit to the Torso 
    costing 1 slug to kill an Armoured enemy. You would have killed 12 enemies
    costing you $40 to replenish the ammo lost. if you killed 12 enemies with 
    the SMG, with about 10 shots for each armored enemy it would cost about $120.
    Therefore the shogtun is Second best.
    IV. Reccommended Equipment
    There Are Four pieces of Equipment that I reccomend to help you with your 
    Sniper Experience. They Are from most important, to least: 
    Mines, C4, Grenades, and Finally, Molotovs.
    Mines Will play a fair role in most of your Tactical work covered in the next
    Section. They provide a way or covering your flank whilst you go to work.
    They also Pathguard, meaning Whilst they are also covering your flank from
    Enemies, they also tell you if an enemy was approaching before the mine
    went off and killed it. Which tells you its time to change position.
    they also can be used as traps and finally they 1 hit kill every enemy.
    C4 will play a large part in distractions and directing enemies into your 
    booby traps set up with mines.
    Grenades will Play an important factor from Pulling enemies from cover
    to distractions.
    Molotovs will allow for cheap, Effective ways of Distracting or preventing
    Chargers and Animals from getting to you by causing a wall of Fire.
    But they are almost never used.
    I reccomend always Keeping stocked up on Mines as they are cheap costing
    about $25 a pop and are both Decent pathguards and booby traps.
    They will be your Third most important tool in your arsenal.
    V. Tactics and Evasion
    Whilst there are more ways to your playing strategy, i will tell you some 
    of what I learned that you probably didn't notice and will prove very helpful
    in time. There are Several different Sniper approaches and tips you should
    always follow, and There are 3 different Categories:
    A. Sniper Approach
    B. Sniper Evade
    C. Trapping
    Each with their own Sub Categories, but all provide useful tips and Ideas
    on Helping you out, especially in Tricky situations. I cannot stress enough
    that i Cannot cover every scenario, but the Ideas included are Tactics
    and Can be used when the situation allows. So Let's begin with the First
    Categorey, Shall we?
    A. "Sniper Approach"
    1. "Elevation"
    The Higher up in Far Cry 3 it seems, the Better. Always when choosing a 
    Sniper position, Find a spot that gives you better View.
    a place that is High up and also contains a little foliage is almost the
    perfect sniping area, Foliage allows you to shoot and move without
    being noticed and that proves helpful if your rifle of choice is the 
    3."Ranger Danger"
    You always, ALWAYS, want to be far away but under 200 meters. That is
    important in Sniping when playing Far Cry 3. Your Rifle is Ineffective beyond
    200 meters or so. Also, the farther you are, the farther out of range of the 
    enemies Assault rifles you are, making them less likely to hit you on 
    Full Auto. Best distance is about 80 to 175 Meters. To Judge Distance
    Mark the Outpost or Area where your enemies are on the map.
    The Distance Meter will appear beside your radar giving you an estimate.
    4."Set Up Shop"
    Choose your Sniper point, Plan out escape routes, So if you get detected
    you know immediately where to move afterward to engage Again and Remember
    to Cover your flank.
    5."Cover that Rear"
    Look for areas where you think if you are detected an enemy will travel
    to get to you. Place a mine on a tree, Rock or flat on the ground wherever
    you think the enemy will walk. Narrow paths, Doorways and alongside
    buildings are good places, but you can also place mines on  walls.
    To place a mine on a wall or tree or anything like that, Get really close
    to the object you wish to place it on and watch brody's hands, when the mine
    raises, Press the button to place it, he will arm the mine, and place it where
    you want it. Multiple mines increase security so that you dont have to worry
    about whats behind you. Dont place them too close to one another
    or the explosions will trigger a chain reaction.
    6."Reconoiter the Area"
    Use your scope or Camera to Tag enemies if you dont have that option turned 
    off in the Options Screen. This will help you locate your targets after 
    they dissappear and help you spot things like Alarms and Dogs, as well
    as Caged animals that can be used to your advantage.
    7. "Prioritize"
    Pick your first priorities, When freeing an outpost.
    Alarms Come first, Always. That should be your first target, and when you are
    sure you have Shot all the alarms, then you may kill your first enemy.
    Enemies should be prioritized which ones to kill first, And I have them
    pegged to a T, so to speak.
    Sniper/RPG enemies should always be killed first. They can spot you
    easily and you are always in range of their weapons if they are in range of
    your Rifle.
    Regular enemies Come next, as they are dangerous in their own right and
    seem to be semi-accurate with their assault rifles even at 100 meters.
    Guard dogs, If present should be killed next. They will always find you,
    Chargers will Automatically run to wherever they think you are, if they 
    see a fellow Enemy drop, they will seek you out. this is why we flank
    ourselves with mines People...
    Heavies Come last, as they are too slow to be a threat if your farther
    than 80-90 meters. Headshots always recommended, their weak spot
    for SVD lovers and users is a small open area on the back of their head.
    usually results in A Headshot kill.
    8."Dont Forget me!"
    If changing to a better Position further away from your original position,
    Take any Mines you set out with you. Dont leave them there or you will 
    forget them, or lose them. When you get to your next position though, 
    remember, "Cover that Rear".
    B. Sniper Evade
    1."Hit And Move"
    After Every 3 shots, I Advise you move to the next bush,
    Behind the next tree or Just a little away from your chosen
    sniper Area, Stay crouched and Move Cautiously. Enemies tend to catch
    on Quickly where your shooting from. Move After every two shots when using
    the SVD or if you dont like using Suppressors.
    2."Fight Or Flight?"
    When an enemy makes it past your Flanking mine, it is best to equip your
    Sidearm Immediately and take them out. If you havent destroyed the outpost
    Alarm (if that is the Case) Then it is too risky and it is better to use a 
    Takedown. Never Leave a body out in the open if killed in your sniping
    position, you never know when Untagged Enemies will come strolling by.
    If you are spotted altogether, and the Alarm gets triggered, It is best to 
    Move as Undetected as possible to a new position, and dont worry about your
    flanking mines, they may kill a couple enemies that are working their way to
    3."Burning Bush"
    Use The Molotov to your advantage, If Enemies are Coming straight near you
    are hiding in Foliage, Tossing a molotov into the bush or grass will flush 
    them out and they will be too busy to notice you're also changing postion.
    This however only works when they are running away from you so you need
    to be quick.
    4."Hit or Miss"
    If you miss your target, you are risking detection by remaining in the same
    position, it is better to move just a little to the left or right and Aim 
    C. Trapping
    Ahh, my Favorite thing to do on Far Cry 3. It Does get a little tricky 
    at times, but you generally need to remember a few things.
    1. "You Need Mines, Always." Not only is this their intended purpose, but they
    are Versatile and stick to multiple surfaces allowing for all kinds of 
    applications. Trees, Rocks, Walls, end of stairwells, the Ground, Roads,
    On Vehicles, In front of alarms, Everywhere you can attempt to place one, they
    2. "Look for where you want to place a trap." Generally look for areas like
    Roads, Trees they might walk by, Walls they may pass by, Openings in 
    fences surrounding outposts, the end of the stairwell on Look out towers.
    Wherever you think they will travel, place a Mine.
    3."Use Remote C4 to your advantage." They can be placed anywhere from you
    and be detonated while you are far away. They can be placed Everywhere just
    like mines. You can use them as Traps, but I use them to lure enemies into
    my mines, that saves money and is fun to watch.
    4."If their is a mounted gun anywhere nearby, Thats perfect."
    Placing Either C4 charges or a mine on a Vehicle with a mounted gun is 
    Ingenious. Understand that the enemy always runs for these whenever SHTF.
    And same applies to Mounted guns that are not on vehicles.
    5."C4 Lures"
    All enemies will respond to this. Set Up several mines spread out in 
    a fashion where you think an enemy will go, and place a C4 charge a little way
    away from your Mines. Make sure the Blast doesnt trigger the mines though,
    and get far away where you can see what happens and trigger the C4.
    Notice that Chargers are always the ones that seem to get blown up first,
    then the Regular enemies. Heavies will almost make it to where the explosion
    was, but then Loses attention and snipers will automatically be looking near
    the blast area. 
    My point being, enemies will go to investigate the blast area, which forces
    them to have to pass through your mines, Killing them. So place C4 charges
    away from your mines. Enemies will go to whereever the blast came from so
    Place your mines Infront of your C4, Always.
    Quick Note:
    It is always best to set up traps after choosing a sniping position 
    if you want to. Traps provide alot of strategy and give the game an edge.
    they also help you out alot and sometimes kill more enemies than you expected,
    so its always good to flank your rear and use traps wisely.
    VI. FAQ
    Which Sniper Rifle is Better?
    I prefer the SVD. I like how its scope looks, how it requires Skill and gives
    you a challenge, as well as its Overall look and Fire rate. I wish it was
    more accurate but hey, Its Awesome. The best gun though, Minus my opinion,
    is the AMR. But since that Is alot of work to get, the Z93 is the Best.
    Will my own mines blow up on me?
    No. You infact can pick them up again.
    I cant pick my mines up, what do I Do?
    It is a bug, sometimes,all you have to do is Equip your mines from your
    Inventory, and Press the button when prompted to pick them up.
    How to Get the best Sniper Rifle?
    You got to find 20 relics, then the AMR will be become available to buy.
    VII. Acknoweledgements
    Thank you Ubisoft for this awesome Game, And thank you readers for reading
    my work. I hope you enjoyed it. And I'd like to Thank GameFAQ's for hosting
    My Guide, Thank you so much.

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