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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by Briareos_Kerensky

    Version: 2.X | Updated: 11/15/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    by Briareos Kerensky (briareos@inwind.it, briareos_CWE), ver 2.X 15/11/2003
    Table of Contents
    1-Update History
    2-History Briefing
    3-Weapons Briefing
    4-'Mechs Briefing
    5-Vehicles Briefing
    6-How to costumize a 'Mech
    7-General Tactics
    8-Multiplayer Tactics
    9-Instant Action
    11-Credits and misc
    15/11/2003-version 2.X. More submissions. Unfortunately I've lost the
    submitter's name and e-mail address as I'm changing e-mail address, and as the
    mails where sent to the old mail, I just forwarded them to the new account,
    realizing only when addind submissions to the document that I had no name or
    e-mail address. All submissions with no direct credit are his. Hails to you
    23/7/2002-version 2.X. Submissions, minor corrections.
    25/1/2001-version 2.0. All sections completed.
    21/1/2001-version 1.4. Mission 2 and 3 completed. Still no sign of MW4, though
    it is possible that distribution is beginning. I hope that in one week I'll be
    able to play it.
    13/1/2001-version 1.2. How to Costumize a 'Mech, General Tactics and Operation
    1 (walkthrough) Completed.
    6/1/2001-version 1.0. As I'm writing three walkthroughs at once (MW2, MW2:GBL
    and MW2:Mercs), only few sections are online for now.
    After Comstar won on Tukayyid in 3052, freeing the Inner Sphere from the Clan
    threat for 15 years, all Great Houses united under the flag of a new Star
    League, with the task of defeating the Clans and driving them away from the
    Inner Sphere. The reformed Star League planned a massive campaign to drive the
    Smoke Jagaurs from the Inner Sphere. Codenamed BirdDog this campaign was
    planned as a years-long campaign, but incredibly took only few months to repel
    the Jagaurs. After this stunning success the Star League officers deciced to
    kill an entire Clan: once again the Jaguars were overunned by the League
    forces, and only small parts of the former Jaguar Touman reamins, operating in
    separate units on various planets in Clan space, especially on Tranquill...
    Before the description of every single weapon and equipment, here is a brief
    description of the categories. Remember that Clan equipment tend to be lighter,
    less bulkier and more powerful (damage, heat generated and range) than their
    Inner Sphere counterparts.
    + Energy weapons: energy weapons uses massive amounts of electricty produced by
    the 'Mech's reactor, and they can be fired without ammunition problems. This
    advantage is balanced by the large amounts of waste heat that they produce: the
    only way to dissipate this heat is to mount extra heat sinks, which compensates
    for their relatively light mass and compactness. Range are firepower increases
    in proportion.
    + Balistic weapons: these weapons must be fed by ammunition: this limits the
    times the weapon can be fired, and ammunitions explode when struck by weapon
    fire. They do not produce large amounts of heat, but are bulky and weight a
    lot. Lighter models have a longer range but less firepower; heavier models have
    more firepower than range, and carries less ammo.
    + Missile weapons: like balistic weapons they use ammunitions, and each
    launcher fire a specified number of missiles in a single salvo.
    Missiles are explosive, and they produce moderate amounts of heat. Damage is
    spread among the whole target, and not concentrated like other weapons.
    + Equipment: this category contains the larger variety of accessories a 'Mech
    can mount. They include alternative type of armors, heat sinks and EW
    (Electronic Warfare) suites.
    STANDARD/ER LASERS: normal lasers fire a single beam of coherent light, and the
    must recharge. Heavier is the laser, longer is this period. The ER (Extended
    Range) version of the standard lasers increase the maximum range, at cost of
    more heat produced per shot. Laser beams are the faster "projectile" in the
    game, and require little or not care about "lag fire" from the MechWarrior.
    Inner Sphere has access to all kind of standard lasers (Large, Medium, Small),
    but only to the ER version of the Large Laser; Clans haven't standard lasers,
    as all lasers they have are at least ER variants. Larger is the caliber, longer
    will be the range and greater will be the damage allocated and heat generated.
    PULSE LASERS: unlike standard lasers, which fires a single beam of light, pulse
    lasers fire multiple light beams in quick succession; this makes the Pulse
    Lasers more accurate than any other energy weapon currently deployed, though
    they produce more heat and do less damage. Weight and bulkiness are increased,
    too. A Pulse Laser's beam lasts for 3/4 seconds and during this period
    everything hit by a Pulse beam will recieve damage, though it will be very
    light. Pulse Lasers need a slightly longer recharge time than normal lasers.
    Both Inner Sphere and Clans have the full range of Pulse Lasers (Large, Medium
    and Small), though the IS lasers have a much shorter range.
    STANDARD/ER PPCS: Particle Projection Cannons. They produce a lot of damage but
    a lot of heat too, and you must be careful in firing too many of them in a
    single salvo (firing 4 ER PPCs will shut down you 'mech, no matter what how
    many heat sinks you have). PPCs, especially their ER (Extended Range) version
    have a medium/long range, and they theorically are the best weapon you can use,
    especially the Clan version, which allocates the same damage as a Gauss Rifle
    without needing ammunition. A PPC's shot is slower than lasers and normal AC
    shells, and you'll have to practice a bit to learn how to make long-range
    attacks with them. I'd say they are only for veteran and elite pilots, for the
    monstrous amounts of heat they produce and relative slowness of a beam.
    FLAMERS: a Flamer. Nothing more, nothing less. It spits super-hot gases tapped
    directly from the 'Mech reactor; it doesn't allocate too much damage, but
    increase target's heat value a lot. Note that if you shut down a 'Mech with
    flamers, and continue to hit him with flamers to make its reactor explode, the
    explosion will destroy both 'Mechs. Effective as anti-infatry weapon and for
    fast-moving boats, though it is one of the worst tactics you can use in
    MACHINE GUNS: fast-firing, short-range guns. They eat ammo in huge quantity,
    and each shell allocates light damage. They do not produce eat, and a single
    Inner Sphere gun weights half a ton, while the Clan version only 0,25 tons.
    Both versions occupy one critical slot.
    STANDARD AUTOCANNONS: ACs fire a stream of high-velocity AP rounds toward a
    target. Smaller is the caliber, lighter will be the damage allocated and longer
    will be the range. The Inner Sphere has access to the full range of standard
    ACs, while the Clans rely on the other models. The projectiles are fast, not as
    Lasers, but faster than PPCs and missiles, and the damage is allocated in a
    single location.
    LB-X AUTOCANNONS: LB-X ACs can fire two types of ammo, solid and cluster
    rounds. In MW3, solid LB-X shells do not exists (they'll act as normal rounds,
    BTW), and LB-X are loaded with special cluster rounds: unlike standard rounds,
    these projectiles will divide into several submunitions that will strike a
    different part of the 'Mech; they have more knockout power than other ACs,
    though the patches reduced it a lot. Inner Sphere players can use only the 10-X
    version of this AC, while the Clans have all ACs (2, 5, 10 and 20).
    ULTRA AUTOCANNONS: if you want to allocate pure damage to a single location of
    your target, Ultra ACs are the best choice. Ultra ACs fire two rounds in a
    single salvo, and both shells allocate full damage if they hit. Note that
    ammunition will be depleted at a faster rate, and this will limit Ultra ACs.
    Inner Sphere has only the U/5 variant, while Clans all.
    GAUSS RIFLES: Totally different from any other ballistic weapon, the Gauss
    Rifle fires a single, large slug of metal by electromagnetically accelerating
    it. The Gauss Rifle is a long-range, hard-hitting weapon. Both versions (IS and
    Clan) allocates 15 damage points, generate little heat and has a good shell/ton
    ratio. The projectile is faster than an AC shell, though sligthly slower than
    lasers. Inner Sphere version weights more and occupies more critical slot.
    AMS: Anti-Missile System. This modified machine gun will shoot down any
    incoming missile. A single AMS has 100 rounds, and the only way to increase
    this load is to mount an other system.
    LONG RANGE MISSILES (LRM): Long-Range Missiles. These missiles need a lock to
    effectively follow the target, and they are the best when engaging target on
    rolling hills. LRM salvos come in 5, 10, 15 and 20 missiles per shot, though it
    is rare that all missiles hit the target. Artemis IV can upgrade LRMs.
    SHORT RANGE MISSILES (SRM): a single Short-Range Missile allocates more damage
    than a single LRM but has half of its effective range. SRMs fire 2, 4 or 6
    missiles in a single salvo, and tend to be less accurate than LRMs. SRMs can be
    upgraded with Artemis IV FCS.
    STREAK SRMS: advanced SRMs. If you fire an Streak SRM salvo (2, 4 or 6 missiles
    at once) after you have a full lock, all missiles will hit the target (provided
    if it hasn't AMS). Streak SRMs are equal to normal SRMs except for the homing
    system. Artemis FCS won't upgrade Streak launchers and ECM Suites won't stop
    Streak system.
    NARC MISSILE BEACON: NARC Missile Beacon is a missile version of the Artemis
    FCS. Rather than using a single Artemis for all launchers on a 'Mech, the NARC
    fires a single missile that, if the missile hits, provides the same effect of
    an Artemis FCS. NARC informations can also be used by all you allies, unlike
    Artemis ones. You must first enter effective range (about 500 meters), hit the
    target with a missile and then redo the whole procedure for an other target.
    ECM Suites disrupt NARC effects.
    JUMP JETS: Jump Jets give jump capability. Each jet allows you to jump for
    about 30 meters, and they can be mounted on any 'Mech, but only in leg and
    torso sections. In MW3 jump jets weight half a ton and occupies one critical
    slot whatever the 'Mech's weight is, and there is no distinction between Clan
    and Inner Sphere versions.
    HEAT SINKS: one heat sink weights 1 ton and occupies one critical slot, and
    dissipate one heat point. There is no difference betwwen Inner Sphere and Clan
    standard (single) heat sinks.
    DOUBLE HEAT SINKS: a Double Heat Sink weights one ton and occupies 3 criticals
    (Clan Double Heat Sinks only 2), but dissipates 2 heat points. One of the
    greatest assets in 'Mech construction.
    ENDO STEEL INTERNAL: it halves the weight of internal structure at cost of
    available critical slots. Inner Sphere 'Mechs with Endo Steel internals will
    find 14 slots occupied by this structure, while Clan only 7. It is not possible
    to mount Clan Endo Steel on Inner Sphere 'Mechs and viceversa.
    FERRO-FIBROUS ARMOR: this particular armor compound lightens the weight of
    standard armor at cost of internal space. Ferro-Fibrous armor multiplies
    current armor value by 1.2 if using Clan F-F and 1.12 if using Inner Sphere
    F-F; not enough, Clan F-F uses 7 criticals, while Inner Sphere armor 14. Unlike
    XL Engines and Endo Steel structure is possible to mount Clan Ferro-Fibrous
    Armor on Inner Sphere 'Mechs and viceversa.
    XL ENGINE: Extra Light engines weight half of a standard engine but takes up
    more critical slots in the lateral torsos. Inner Sphere XL Engines take 3 slots
    in each side torso, while the Clan engines only two. Like Eno Steel structure,
    It is impossible to mount Clan Endo Steel on Inner Sphere 'Mechs and viceversa.
    MASC: MASC (Myomer Acceleration Signla Circuitry) is used to give a 'Mech an
    extra burst of speed when needed. When engaged the MASC makes the legs move
    faster, allowing you to run up to twice your walking speed value. Better to use
    its tonnage for jump jets.
    CASE: Cellular Ammunition Storage Equipment. It is used in the same location
    where there is any kind of explosive equipment (ammo and Gauss Rifles). When
    struck by enemy fire these components will explode, and the damage is allocated
    directly to the internal structure, and the damage will spread into the 'Mech
    until the explosion's force is estinguished. CASE keeps the explosion in the
    location where it is mounted, preventing the explosion to spread in other
    locations. Clan CASE weights and occupies none, while Inner Sphere versions use
    half a ton and one critical.
    ARTEMIS IV FCS: this particular device is used to increase the numbers of LRMS
    and SRMs (but not Streak SRMs) hitting the target. It must be placed in the
    same location of the launcher you want to upgrade, and the Artemis Fire Control
    System must be used on all launchers of the same type (i.e.:if you use an
    Artemis on an LRM-10, you must place an Artemis with all other LRMs, any type
    of salvo they fire.). Inner Sphere and Clan versions weight one ton and occupy
    one slot. ECM Suites block both versions.
    C3 COMPUTERS (MASTER and SLAVE): There are two types of C3 Computers: Master
    and Slave. If you are going to use this equipment be sure to have at least one
    lancemate, and to mount the Master device on your 'Mech, and the Slaves on your
    lancemate(s). A working C3 Network allows each 'Mech composing a lance to share
    radar datas. ECM Suites block both Computers. Master device weights 5 tons and
    occupies 5 critical slots, while the Slave weights only one ton and occupies
    one critical slot.
    TAG: this is a special laser used to paint targets for homing Arrow IV
    artillery missiles. It deosn't allocat neither damage nor heat points. Weights
    one ton and occupies one slot.
    TARGETING COMPUTER: one of the most deadly breakthroughs made by the Clans, the
    Targeting Computer enhaces the standard targeting datas providing a small
    yellow circle indicating where to place the sight to hit the 'Mech. It also
    provides targeting datas to hit limbs of a moving 'Mech. It can direct
    direct-fire weapons only (PPCs, Lasers, ACs, Gauss Cannons, etc.), weights one
    ton and occupies one critical slot. ECM Suites block Targeting Computers.
    BEAGLE ACTIVE PROBE and ACTIVE PROBE: The Active Probes allows you to detect
    shut-down 'Mechs. The Inner Sphere version, dubbed Beagle, weigths 1.5 tons and
    occupies one critical slot. The Active Probe, manufactired by the Clans weights
    one ton and occupies one critical slot. ECM Suites block both Probes.
    Notes: Clan 'Mechs have two names: the original and the Inner Sphere codename,
    in brackets. If the 'Mech has Omni capabilities, I'll write the "locked" specs
    of the chassis.
    The word "fragile" in a description means that I've found the 'Mech very
    susceptible to lose its arms or other limbs; dunno why, maybe coders did it for
    maximizing differencies between 'Mechs of the same tonnage.
    --CLAN 'MECHS--
    Mass: 35 tons
    Tech: OmniMech
    Cruising Speed: 64,8 km/h
    Maximum Speed: 97,5 km/h
    Torso Twist: limited
    Arms Twist: yes
    This light 'Mech is renowed for its impressive firepower: in its primary
    configuration the Adder uses twin ER PPCs linked to a targeting computer, and
    it is fast enough to keep itself away from larger opponents while firing its
    weapons. It cannot twist its torso, and to engage enemies in circling battles
    must use its arms, which limits its firepower.
    Mass: 45 tons
    Tech: OmniMech
    Cruising Speed: 65 km/h
    Maximum Speed: 97 km/h (130 km/h with MASC)
    Jump Capacity: 180 meters
    Torso Twist: yes
    Arms Twist: yes
    A medium weight OmniMech with superior agility and firepower; in all
    configurations the Shadow Cat has MASC and jump jets and still has enough space
    to carry large weapons. The Primary configuration uses a Gauss Rifle with twin
    ER Medium Lasers, and, so far, it is the best version the Clans have delopyed.
    Other versions are missile carriers or substitutes the Gauss Rifle with large
    energy weapons.
    Mass: 50 tons
    Tech: OmniMech
    Cruising Speed: 54 km/h
    Maximum Speed: 86 km/h
    Jump Capacity: 150 meters
    Torso Twist: limited
    Arms Twist: yes
    The origin of this 'Mech is a secret: the Clan Nova has two hands and a
    different torso/arm structure, and the 'Mech in this game is too similar to the
    Black Hawk KU, a 60-ton Inner Sphere OmniMech developed to fight the original
    Nova (called the Black Hawk in the Inner Sphere). However, here it is one of
    the most powerful 'Mechs in the Clan arsenal: in its primary configuration this
    OmniMech has 12 ER Medium Lasers, 6 in each arm, and enough heat sinks to
    alternate fire between 3 groups of 4 lasers each. Other configurations feature
    mixed weapon loads, though they are all centered around a long-range weapon
    with a smaller, back up weapon. The Nova has a low profile, but cannot twist
    its torso.
    Mass: 60 tons
    Tech: OmniMech
    Cruising Speed: 54 km/h
    Maximum Speed: 86,4 km/h
    Torso Twist: yes
    Arms Twist: yes
    An OmniMech designed for fire support. All Vulture versions have at least two
    medium long-range guns. All configurations haven't a good heat-dissipation
    capability, except the alternate C, which has two Gauss Rifle, and no other
    Mass: 65 tons
    Tech: OmniMech
    Cruising Speed: 54 km/h
    Maximum Speed: 86 km/h
    Torso Twist: limited
    Arms Twist: yes
    An OmniMech developed and deployed by Clan Smoke Jaguar, the Cauldron Born is a
    good all-around 'Mech in all of its configurations. The main problem of the
    Cauldron Born, aside the limited torso twist capability, is its tendency to
    overheat in all of its configurations or to run out off ammunition quickly. The
    basic chassis if very flexible, however, and has a low profile; the torso tend
    to cover legs when engaged in the frontal area.
    Mass: 70 tons
    Tech: OmniMech
    Cruising Speed: 54 km/h
    Maximum Speed: 86,4 km/h
    Jump Capacity: 150 meters
    Torso Twist: yes
    Arms Twist: yes
    One of the few 'Mechs capable of making me seasick, the Thor is a good
    combination of mobility and firepower. The Primary configuration is depends too
    much on ammunition, though other versions are better.
    Mass: 75 tons
    Tech: OmniMech
    Cruising Speed: 54 km/h
    Maximum Speed: 86,4 km/h
    Torso Twist: yes
    Arms Twist: yes
    The most famous Clan 'Mech, and probably the most famous 'Mech of all ever. The
    Timber Wolf is a perfect mixture of agility and firepower, and it is the
    primary heavy 'Mech of Clan Wolf, though all other Clans use it in smaller
    numbers. Every configuration of the Timber Wolf is good at any range, thanks to
    an effective mix of various kinds of weapon. It has few problems with heat
    management, however, in most versions. The basic Timber Wolf chassis is
    flexible, with a good engine and enough space to mount nearly any weapon.
    Mass: 90 tons
    Tech: BattleMech
    Cruising Speed: 32 km/h
    Maximum Speed: 54 km/h
    Jump Capacity: 90 meters
    Torso Twist: yes
    Arms Twist: yes
    Weapons: 6 Clan ER Large Lasers
    The only Clan standard BattleMech represented in this game. The Supernova is a
    bigger version of the Nova OmniMech, and has similar capabilities, though it
    cannot exchange pods like its smaller cousin. The Supernova is slow, though it
    has jump jets to improve its agility, but its six ER Large Lasers greatly
    compensate for this drawback. Though it carries a lot of Double Heat Sinks, do
    not pretend to fire all Lasers in one salvo, or you'll shutdown immediately.
    Mass: 100 tons
    Tech: OmniMech
    Cruising Speed: 32,4 km/h
    Maximum Speed: 54 km/h
    Torso Twist: yes
    Arms Twist: yes
    Daishi, or Great Death, as its Inner Sphere name can be translated (from
    japanese). The Daishi is slow, but features huge arrays of weapons in all
    configurations, especially the Primary config; this config has some problems
    with heat (4 ER Large Lasers plus other beam, AC and missile weapons...),
    though all other version keeps it under control without losing too much
    firepower. You'll encounter only two or three Daishis throughout the game, and
    everyone is a good piece of battlefield salvage.
    Mass: 1ton
    Tech: Power Suit
    Cruising Speed: 10 km/h (?)
    Maximum Speed: 20 km/h (?)
    Jump Capacity: 90 meters
    Weapons: 1 Clan ER Small Laser, 1 Clan SRM-2 (2 salvos), 1 Machine Gun (50
    It is not exactly a 'Mech, but it is totally different from a vehicle. The
    Elemental is a foot soldier usually operating in groups of five; in MW3 they
    cannot perform swarm attacks, but can be a nasty opponents at close ranges. It
    is impossible to pilot an Elemental in Instant Action or during the campaign.
    Mass: 25 tons
    Tech: BattleMech
    Cruising Speed: 54 km/h
    Maximum Speed: 86 km/h
    Jump Capacity: 120 meters
    Torso Twist: yes
    Arms Twist: limited
    Weapons: 3 Medium Lasers, 1 LRM-5 (2 tons), 1 AMS
    The Firefly is a light BattleMech, though its armor and standard engine
    increase its lifespan somewhat. The most distinctive feature is its AMS which
    protects it against missiles. Nothing more than a nuisance, however.
    Mass: 35 tons
    Tech: OmniMech
    Cruising Speed: 86 km/h
    Maximum Speed: 130 km/h
    Torso Twist: limited
    Arms Twist: yes
    One of the first Inner Sphere OmniMechs ever deployed, the Owens specializes in
    recon missions, with a complete load of specialized electronic suites. The
    Owens is strangely "though" for a light 'Mech, and shouldn't be understimated;
    limited torso twist capacity limits this 'Mech.
    Mass: 40 tons
    Tech: OmniMech
    Cruising Speed: 65 km/h
    Maximum Speed: 97 km/h
    Torso Twist: yes
    Arms Twist: limited
    Mass: 55 tons
    Tech: BattleMech
    Cruising Speed: 54 km/h
    Maximum Speed: 86 km/h
    Torso Twist: yes
    Arms Twist: yes
    Weapons: 1 AC/10 (1 ton), 2 LRM-5s (1 ton), 1 ER Large Laser, 2 Machine Guns
    (1/2 ton)
    The Bushwacker is a medium-weight BattleMech with good long-range firepower,
    though it cannot compete with Clan 'Mechs. It will be your first 'Mech, a good
    choice, though you won't be able to costumize it until mission 3 or 4. Its two
    main weapons, the AC/10 and the ER Large Lasers tend to create too much heat,
    and the first thing to do on a Bushwacker is to change is single heat sinks
    with Double ones. Removing the Machine Guns for a LB 10-X, a LRM-10 and AMS is
    an other popular variant durign the first missions.
    Mass: 60 tons
    Tech: BattleMech
    Cruising Speed: 54 km/h
    Maximum Speed: 86 km/h
    Torso Twist: yes
    Arms Twist: limited
    Weapons: 1 SRM-6 with Artemis IV FCS, 2 Medium Lasers, 2 Small Lasers, 1 LB
    10-X AC (2 tons)
    An other good 'Mech limited by its single heat sinks. The Champion is a good
    all-around 'Mech, though it relies on ammunition weapons too much. It cannot
    twist its (huge) arms and has a very small head section, though its torso is
    good target. One of the most interesting features of this is 'Mech is that
    center torso-mounted weapons do not follow the crosshair, but are fixed in the
    center of the screen.
    Mass: 70 tons
    Tech: OmniMech
    Cruising Speed: 43 km/h
    Maximum Speed: 65 km/h
    Torso Twist: yes
    Arms Twist: yes
    Weapons: 2 Medium Lasers plus Omni pods
    The best Inner Sphere heavy OmniMech so far. Every configuration of the Avatar
    has two hardwired medium lasers in the center torso, plus enough space to mount
    other large-caliber weapons. One version of the Avatar features a C3 computer
    for sharing targeting datas.
    Mass: 70 tons
    Tech: BattleMech
    Cruising Speed: 43,2 km/h
    Maximum Speed: 64,8 km/h
    Torso Twist: yes
    Arms Twist: yes
    Weapons: 1 LB 10-X AC (2 tons), 1 SRM-4 (2 tons), 1 LRM-20 (2 tons), 2 Medium
    Lasers, 1 Narc Beacon (2 tons)
    An other 70 tons 'Mech, the Orion is a standard BattleMech designed to provide
    direct and indirect fire support. The Orion is good at close ranges too, thanks
    to its twin Medium Lasers and SRM-4, and the effectivness of its launcher can
    be ehnaced with the Narc Beacons.
    Mass: 90 tons
    Tech: OmniMech
    Cruising Speed: 43 km/h
    Maximum Speed: 65 km/h
    Torso Twist: yes
    Arms Twist: yes
    The first assault OmniMech ever produced, the Sunder was designed to fight
    against the Thors and Gladiators OmniMechs, though it cannot match the
    felxibility of both Clan designs. The Sunder is extremely efficent in close
    range fightings when deployed in its Primary configs; other configs use ER PPCs
    and Gauss Rifles or LRMs as main firepower, and the latter has two C3 Computers
    for coordinating company-wide C3 networks.
    Mass: 100 tons
    Tech: BattleMech
    Cruising Speed: 22 km/h
    Maximum Speed: 32 km/h
    Torso Twist: yes
    Arms Twist: yes
    Weapons: 4 LB 10-X ACs (4 tons), 4 Medium Pulse Lasers
    Fast and agile as a slab of marble, the Annihilatr features impressive
    medium/short range firepower thanks to its 4 LB 10-X AutoCannons. The Medium
    Pulse Lasers are optimal backup weapons. Its main drawnback is its very low
    speed, plus a relatively thin armor. The first thing to modify in an
    Annihilator is its engine, and maybe its tendency to make me seasick. Strangely
    enough, it is relatively easy to do an head-shot to an Annihilator, especially
    with Gauss Rifles.
    Unlike all other BT-related games (except MechCommander), vehicles play a major
    role in MW3: starting from the most important, the MFB, vital to your campaign,
    other vehicles will be always against you, and in large numbers may pose a big
    threat even for medium/heavy 'Mechs.
    Mass: 10 tons
    Cruising Speed: 65 km/h
    Flanking Speed: 97 km/h
    Weapons: 2 Machine Guns
    Though usually deployed to carry infantry, the APC in MW3 are used to garrison
    low-priority targets. Thier machine guns may become a nuissance, but they're
    lightly armored and seldom travel at maximum speed.
    Mass: 25 tons
    Cruising Speed: 108 km/h
    Flanking Speed: 162 km/h
    Weapons: 2 SRM-6
    Fast and with good short-range firepower, the Harasser usually operates in
    group; pilots prefer to keep circling around their targets and fire their SRMs
    where the armor is lighter. Lightly armored, but can be dangerous if you are
    Mass: 60 tons
    Cruising Speed: 43 km/h
    Flanking Speed: 65 km/h
    Weapons: 1 Large Laser, 2 SRM-4, 1 Machine Guns
    Though slower than the Harasser, the Bulldog is havily armored and effective at
    any range, and can be deadly for light 'Mechs in close combat. Try to blown it
    from afar, and keep hitting the same location, especially the sides or the
    rear, where its armor is thinner.
    Mass: 21 tons
    Cruising Speed: 97 km/h
    Flanking Speed: 151 km/h
    Weapons: 1 Clan ER Large Laser, 2 Clan Streak SRM-2
    The only airborne fighting vehicle in MW3, the Donar is a fast assault
    helicopter capable of dealing moderate amounts of damge thanks to its ER Larg
    Laser. As genuine Clan vehicle, its weapons are Clan quality. Lighty armored; a
    direct it to its rotor will cause it to crash.
    Mass: 35 tons
    Cruising Speed: 54 km/h
    Flanking Speed: 86 km/h
    Weapons: 1 LRM-10, 1 SRM-6
    This wheeled light tank is famous for supporting its allies from afar and then
    closing in to fire its SRMs. Not heanvily armored, however.
    Mass: 200 tons
    Cruising Speed: 43 km/h
    Flanking Speed: 64 km/h
    Weapons: none
    Three of these vehicles will support you during your campaign on Tranquill.
    Each vehicle can support up to 300 tons of equipment, and can transport up to
    two other 'Mechs. During missions, you can order the MFBs to deply as a mobile
    repair base, which will repair your armor and replenish your ammo bins; these
    repair won't replace lost arms and equipment in them.
    In this section I won't explain how to use the 'Mech Lab (the instruction
    booklet exists for this), but some guidelines to create a powerful 'Mech. As
    MW3 has a different weapon balancing, most players from MW2 or BattlTech itself
    will find some weapons too powerful and other not enough. These drawbacks and
    advanages will be explained in the following sections.
    MechWarrior 3 has less chassis than other MW games (Mercs in primis), though
    the selection here tries to cover the widest range of possible tonnages. Some
    chassis may be "thougher" than others, and this might be explained as the
    coders' will or simply a factor rose after the polygonal models and never
    resolved; "though" 'Mechs are the Shadow Cat, the Owens, the Timber Wolf, the
    Nova (Black Hawk), the Bushwacker and the two 100 ton-'Mechs (though their
    total in-agility makes them nearly useless). Remember that the Owens, the Nova
    (Black Hawk), the Adder (Puma), the Cauldron Born and the Firefly have limited
    torso-twist capacities.
    After you chosed the chassis, it is time to chose what kind and what rating the
    engine; MW3 isn't precise to allocate critical damage (read below for more
    info), and an XL engine will be the best for every chassis, freeing up tons and
    leaving enough criticals for most weapons. Unlike MW2 or BattleTech, it is
    possible to mount any kind of engine on any kind of 'Mech, instead of the
    standard 10 kph (1 Movement Point for the board game) increments and it is
    possible to lighten the engine without losing too much speed. However, try to
    use at least an engine that will give at least 50 kph to a heavy/assault 'Mech
    and 70 kph for others (though you can decrease the speed a bit for medium
    'Mechs). Now go to the armor tab and assign the maximum armor points allowed
    for the 'Mech. If you are using an Inner Sphere 'Mech and you want to costumize
    it with ferro-fibrous armor, it is better to switch the internals, you'll save
    more tonnage. Note that Clan 'Mechs can accomodate both ferro-fibrous and endo
    steel in the same space as a single Inner Sphere improvment.
    Now switch back to the weapon tab and begin to assign weapons. The head and the
    center torso sections should be used for AMS if playing as a Clan pilot (CASE
    is totally free). Inner Sphere 'Mechs can use center torso crits for a large
    laser or other small weapons (DO NOT include ammo in the CT, if you overheat
    the 'Mech will explode), while the head is a good place for equipment like C3
    Slaves or Targeting Computers.
    Place Double Heat Sinks (Clan palyers) or jump jets (both factions) in the
    legs; note that Jump Jets cannot be allocated in head or arm sections; then
    place the remaining weapon starting from the lateral torsos and then in the
    arms. Arms are ideal for placing ammo in them.
    Always mount two or three AMS plus CASE on any 'Mech you have, plus some
    back-up weapons for ammo-boats like Medium Lasers (std, Pulse or ER, doesn't
    matter, what you prefer).
    This might seem a short description of the 'Mech lab, but in MW3 how you place
    your items doesn't matter too much (unfortunately).
    Keep moving. It is the basic rule of any engagement, and MW3 isn't an exception
    to that rule. One of the best improvments of MW3 is that the terrain isn't a
    flat table like it was in MW2 (all games), and has several hills, ridges,
    bridges, houses and natural obstacles which will help you during the battles.
    Always try to keep something between you and your enemy, and let him waste
    amnmo or heat to destroy the obstacle (if possible).
    Heat tracking is also different, more realistic (mhm...it is closer to the
    board game, though 'Mechs tend to overheat a bit), and continously firing
    weapons will make you shutdown. Heat Sinks are capable of dissipating an amount
    of heat equal to their total number in about 7/8 seconds, and a PPC (for
    example) is ready to fire in 4/5 seconds; be careful with the heat, and keep in
    mind that you have always a limited escort of coolant to use; the coolant used
    is equal to one half of the total heat of your 'Mech, and the usage will vary
    from pilot to pilot. An other way to dissipate heat is to submerge your 'Mech,
    though submerging the torso will make ballistic and missile weapons useless,
    and only energy weapons will be able to fire. Submerging even a leg without
    heat sinks will dramatically reduce the internal heat, and if you like to use
    energy weapons a lot, be sure to have a body of water before unleashing several
    alpha strikes in quick succession.
    Combats are different, too: a 'Mech can be knocked down by some weapons, and
    weapons with an high impact force (Gauss Rifles, AC/20, sometimes PPCs) will
    make your torso or arm move, effectively moving your sight; LB-X ACs are the
    best weapons for knocking down 'Mechs, especially if you aim for legs; with the
    patches their force was reduced, but they are still capable of taking down
    'Mechs with few concentrated shots. Once you're grounded the preferred tactic
    of the CPU is to leg you at the most damaged limb; quickly regain your feet and
    MOVE; your damaged limb will make movements very difficult, so try to withdraw
    to the MFBs for repairs.
    If combat is different, weapons are totally different from MW2 or even
    BattleTech: the best Laser weapons are ER or standard model, as they allocate
    on a single location; Pulse Lasers can allocate more damage and can be aimed
    more easily, but it's not so easy to keep the beam on target; they are quite
    good for sniping and massed Medium Pulse Lasers can be deadly. PPCs produce a
    lot of heat, but are the deadliest of the laser weapons, especially the Clan
    version: you must be good at "lag shooting" and to anticipate enemy's
    movements; three  ER PPCs fired togheter will make your 'Mech very close to
    shuttdown, and four ER PPCs will make you shutdown; if you are going to use a
    'Mech with a similar way (for example the Primary configuration of a Black Hawk
    or a Supernova) is better to alternate fire of single weapons or small groups
    (usually two, four for the Black Hawk). Remember that extreme heat will make
    your 'Mech slower and your cockpit instruments will shows statics; extreme
    damage to the center torso will produce the same statics as extreme heat, but
    won't reduce your speed.
    Ballistic weapons can be used as main weapons, though you'll need some energy
    weapon to compensate for the ammo. They are good for legging 'mechs and inflict
    high damages without risking too much about heat.
    Missiles are the best weapon of the game. They are guided, LRM can fire lots of
    missiles, allocate high damages and unlike standard BT launchers, they tend to
    concentrate damage, especially on torso sections. Four LRM 20s with Artemis FCS
    and 3 tons of ammo each can devastate any kind of 'Mech on the battlefield.
    AMS and ECM Suites are here to counteract missiles; ECM can block Artemis, and
    enough AMS can block great number of missiles, though you'll need about 6 AMS
    for four LRM-20 salvos fired at once. CASE protects you from ammo explosion,
    events that will make the entire 'Mech blow into pieces. Other equipment like
    BAP (Beagle/Clan Active Probe) and C3 Computers are nearly useless.
    Note that MW3 only assigns weapons and ammo critical hits, and XL engines, even
    in Inner Sphere variants, aren't subject to hits, like gyro, jump jets and
    other equipment. Head shots are relatively hard, and enemies will prefere to go
    for your legs; keep the maximum protection for the head, however.
    It is very easy to complete some missions by simply popping up with jumpjets
    and sniping off enemies' legs. Hide behind an unapproachable ridge, stay in
    a canyon or crouch behind the peak of a hill on a ridge. Just find a spot
    where other Mechs can't get to you and you can poptart at your own leisure.
    A targeting computer won't hurt either. Your Mech goes up slowly when
    jetting up, giving you time to aim and fire. The moment you stop jetting,
    your Mech falls back down quickly, and whatever the enemy has thrown at you
    will either hit the terrain or fly overhead. For such tactics, my trusty
    Nova with 8 CER Medium Lasers always comes in handy. When required, a
    Summoner with 6 CER Medium Lasers and a CUAC20 with 30 rounds will suffice
    as well. Both are fully armoured and have as many double heatsinks as
    possible, and of course, both have at least four jumpjets. In fact, I only
    use these two cofigurations to complete the whole game.
    The multiplayer matches have some differences from their single-player
    counterparts, though all tactics previously described are still ....
    First of all, you won't play against AI 'Mechs but against humans, so expect
    them to act in a more intelligent way the AI bots, and also expect a general
    flatness in weapon configs, especially after the patches; also, the Clan room
    generally contaist few players, unlike the Inner Sphere one, busy at all the
    times. MW3 lag is also remarkable, especially for players with slow connections
    (56K modems or less); I've heard that MW4 is much better, but we aren't here to
    speak about internet protocols and programming...
    First of all, you won't see assault 'Mechs on the net; they're extremely slow
    and offer a large target for boaters; the heaviest 'mech I've ever seen was a
    Supernova with modified engine, though the Mad Cat and other 70-75 tons 'Mechs
    are the heaviest. Other 'Mechs frequently used are the Owens and the Shadowcat;
    you'll probably see "no SC" or "no Owens" in the battle room, because these
    'Mechs have a "strong" chassis...call it however you want, but destroying an
    Owens or a Shadowcat is like bringing down a Black Hawk or similar 'Mechs-dunno
    why, but it is.
    The best way to survive in multiplayer battles is to keep the engine rating
    high (enough to give 50 kph as walking speed), but do not exceed: you can mount
    a 390XL engine on a Mad Dog which will make it very fast (90 kph maximum),
    though you'll have some problems in short-range battles if you haven't a good
    control over the throttle.
    Boaters are the wort thing of MW3; first there were LB-X or small laser boats,
    capable of knocking down or destroy a 'Mech's leg with a single salvo, but the
    patches reduced the power of LB-X ACs and increased the small lasers' heat
    output, so these boats are rare today. Flamer and machine gun boats are also
    present, though they are less effective. Missile boats are the most effective
    boats on the battlefield, and MicroProse/Zipper/Micro$oft/whoever else never
    reduced their power; unlike the original BT rules, missiles tend to strike the
    torso, in a very concentrated pattern; they aren't affected by pings (only when
    you aim, though) and when 4 LRM-20s fire at once even 6 AMS can shoot down the
    missiles. League rules tend to limit the numbers of weapons installable on
    'Mechs, though every league has its own rules.
    PPCs and Gauss Rifles are nearly useless as their projectiles tend to be slow
    when compared to anything else (missiles excluded, but they are guided...),
    generate too much heat (PPCs) or have a very limited ammo supply (Gauss Rifles).
    The best Lasers are the standard/ER ones, as you haven't to keep the beam on
    the target for long times to allocate damage, though Medium Pulse Lasers can be
    useful at close range against (relatively) slow 'Mechs.
    Always allocate the maximum armor points on every 'Mech, and remember to use
    the MFBs on the map to repair damages (if you chosed to play with MFBs; these
    vehicles are invulnerable), and to use water to cool down.
    Jump jets should be used to climb ridges and to gain an edge over your
    opponent, and destroy that light 'mech before it can get too close (if it
    hasn't fired its LRM yet...oh, always keep at least two AMS on you 'Mech).
    + GORGE: a good map featuring any kind of object you will find during the game:
    water, buildings, hills, bridges etc etc. There is a river running throughout
    the map, starting from the south; it divides itself in two branches in the
    center of the map, where a small city rests. One branch continues toward north,
    and the depth of this part is enough to hide a BattleMech. The other branch
    turns toward west. Near the beginning of the river there is a small waterfall,
    and in the east portion of the map there is a small firebase. Hills sorround
    the map, and most are accessible even wwithout jump jets.
    + BIG LAKE: very flat terrain sorrounded by hill with few access points for
    'Mechs without jets. On the west part there is an abandoned base, and you'll
    start in a small city where you can destroy almost everything (including the
    two men running away >:).
    Near the city there is a small firebase, and the north side of the map as the
    big lake giving the map its name. The lake can submerge a 'Mech in almost its
    surface. Good map if you like energy-only 'Mechs.
    + GRASSLAND: realtively flat area with ridges blocking the way. If you want to
    climb these hills you'll need jump jets or prepare yourself for a long journey.
    Near the starting position there is a small base and the north has an (out of
    order) elevator tower and a road going from east to west. the south east part
    has some water sorrounded by tall ridges and the south-west part is the dry
    lake bed you'll encounter during the second campaign. It is rumored that coders
    placed here an ester egg, at the north entrance to the lake bed (coordinates
    A-2, IIRC), though I've never seen it; it should be a green gift pack with red
    stripes. If anyone has info, please tell me.
    + ROLLING HILLS: like the name says, this map is covered by rolling hills which
    all 'Mechs can climb. You start near a burning DropShip, and the flat areas
    form an ideal road to the DropShip. The west part of the map has a small river
    with a road. The TOD is night.
    Owens, alternate C
    Strider, alternate B
    Strider, alternate C
    Strider, Primary
    Puma, Primary
    Puma, alternate B
    Owens, alternate B
    Owens, Primary
    Shadow Cat, alternate B
    Shadow Cat, Primary
    Shadow Cat, alternate A
    Strider, alternate D
    Strider, Primary
    Puma, alternate B
    Thor, alternate C
    Thor, Primary
    Thor, alternate A
    Mad Cat, Prime
    Mad Cat, alternate B
    Vulture, Prime
    Vulture, alternate C
    Puma, Primary
    Strider, alternate B
    Mad Cat, alternate A
    Vulture, alternate B
    Thor, alternate B
    Shadow Cat, alternate A
    Black Hawk, alternate A
    Black Hawk, alternate C
    Black Hawk, alternate D
    Mad Cat, Primary
    Notes: the salvage after the missions is randomly decided by the computer.
    Normally it includes tons of armor, various ammo types and other misc
    equipment; remember that every 'Mech is salvageable: by destroying one leg, the
    'Mech will be destroyed and you'll have it. Note that if the enemies destroy
    one of your legs you'll have to replay the whole mission. There aren't any
    weight limitations, so bring the best 'Mech you have. You'll start with a
    Bushwacker, standard configuration. Harder difficulty levels will increase AI
    values and not your enemies' tonnage.
    --OPERATION 1--
    While you were droppoed on-planet by the DropShip Warhammer, the DropShip came
    under attack by something from the planet. The Fate of your lancemates, the
    other commando groups and the DropShip itself is unknown.
    Operation one was planned to destroy Clan Communication Centers and a 'Mech
    Production Facility.
    Primary Objectives:
    + Take the Comm. Center offline at Nav Point Able
    + Destroy fixed emplacemnets
    + Rendezvous with the MFBs at Nav Point Baker
    You'll start with the beach on your left, inside the sea. The MFBs are at Nav
    Point Baker, and will keep a low aspect and radio profile to avoid detection;
    you won't be able to use them in this mission.
    Begin to advance toward the two SRM turrets directly in front of you; two APCs
    will "intercept" you: destroy them with laser fire while in water to improve
    cooling capabilities and save ammo. Do the same with the two turrets and cross
    the bridge: 3 trucks are trying to escape, but destroy on ly the first and
    approach the bridge: it will explode, with the other two trucks on it. An Owens
    (alternate C) will approach from the ridge previously connected by the bridge.
    Destroy it (remember that your Bushwacker has only standard heat sinks and
    using the laser only isn't a good idea; the AC combined with the Machine Guns
    are an ideal back-up system), and the use the wrecakges of the bridge to climb
    the ridge. The Comm. Center is on the right; target the antennae on the top and
    then target the remaing SRM turrets.
    Now go to Nav Baker to rendezvous with MFBs.
    Primary Objectives:
    + Capture the barracks at Nav Point Able
    + Destroy Missile Platforms at Nav Point Baker
    Secondary Objectives:
    + Destroy all enemy units
    The MFBs technicians were able to pierce the encripted Clan communications, and
    you'll have direct access to their communications. In addition, all other
    troops dropped reported in, but the Black Hammer did not. Dominic Paine will
    join later, at the 'Mech Factory.
    You now have to attack two heavy missile platforms: they have an extreme range,
    but there is a blind spot in the south.
    Begin by following the road in front of you: two APCs and an Owens (alternate
    C) are going to the barracks at Nav Able to reinforce the current garrison
    force; take out the APCs first and then concentrate on the Owens before the
    Strider (alternate D) garrisoning the barracks will come to help his sibkin (a
    Clan term; simply put, a sibkin is someone you've grown with). Destroy these
    two 'Mechs (oddly enough the Strider will be an easier kill with its huge
    torso...) and target the first missile platform (the active one).
    Now step in the lake and destroy the approaching Bulldogs (they should be
    four). Now climb the small hill and destroy the last platform.
    Primary Objectives:
    + Destroy East Facility at Nav Point Able
    + Destroy West Facility at Nav Point Able
    + Escort MFBs at Nav point Charlie
    Secondary Objectives:
    + Destroy all enemy units
    After your succesful attack at the missile platforms the DropShip Eclypse, an
    other DropShip dispatched to attack Tranquil transmitted that it will wait you
    in the area north of you. The MFBs crew also discovered that the Blackhammer
    was probably shot down by Naval Lasers mounted on fixed emplacements.
    Follow the small road, and destroy the Firefly coming from the left.
    Stay on the ridge and use your long-range weapons to destroy the 2 APCs and the
    3 Bulldogs protecting the first facility.
    Descend the hill and kill the Strider D patrolling the area around the East
    Facility; step in the river and destroy the pop-up missile turret; now destroy
    one support pilon for each structure of the first facility to destroy the
    buildings, and approach the second facility; destroy the other hidden turret
    and then destroy the Bulldog comong from Nav Charlie. Do the same with the
    Bushwacker, and use the river to avoid legging and to dissipate heat in a much
    efficent way.
    Now order the MFBs to move to Nav Charlie and wait them.
    Primary Objectives:
    + Destroy Enemy Structures at Nav Point Able
    + Destroy Power Station at Nav Point Baker
    + Destroy Laser Towers at Nav Point Charlie
    Secondary Objectives:
    + Destroy all Jaguar forces
    Operation Final Objective:
    + Destroy 'Mech Fatory at Nav Point Able
    Some infos on the current situation: the Eclypse, the DropShip waiting for you
    is trying to hide from an entire front-line Trinary, and Team 2 reported that
    they succesfully destroyed the dam in their operation area. It is now time to
    destroy the 'Mech Factory and end the first operation.
    Begin to head at Nav Able, and destroy the Firefly and the Black Hawk
    protecting the greenhouses; Dominic Paine, piloting a Shadow Cat Primary, will
    enter the area from the west, targeting the greenhouses first. Try to salvage
    the Black Hawk, you'll need a good 'Mech for the next mission. Now destroy the
    Power Station and the turrets (4 SRM Turrets) protecting the 'Mech Factory.
    Two 'mechs will come from Point Charlie, namely a Strider and an Owens, both C
    variants. Order Paine to destroy the Owens while you take out the other one.
    Now call the MFBs for replenishing your ammo bins and repair your armor and
    begin to soften up the Orion protecting the Factory with long-range fire. As
    its torso armor reaches very low levels or the 'Mech is completely destroyed,
    cross the lake and destroy the factory.
    --OPERATION 2--
    Primary Objectives:
    + Destroy fixed emplacements at Nav Point Able
    + Destroy local commander
    + Escort MFBs to Nav Point Charlie
    Secondary Objectives:
    + Destroy all Jaguar forces
    This area was previously visited by Team 2. The dama that was used to be here
    is no longer operative thanks to your allies; Team 2 ecncoutered heavy
    resistance, and there are no datas on the present activities.
    Begin to head toward the destroyed dam; it will be your door to the dried lake,
    where's an entrance to underground facility. A Strider C will try to intercept
    you, and will call for reinforcments: 4 Bulldogs and 3 Strikers will come from
    the right, and when you'll reach the dam, an Owens B will enter the fight. The
    dam itself is protected by two SRM turrets.
    As you step into the dried lake, 5 Elementals will ambush you, and a Firefly
    will come to help its smaller friends.
    Once entered the lake, destroy the two inactive turrets on the right and then
    call your MFBs for repairs.
    A Shadowcat will begin to run toward you; try to pick it out with long-range
    fire; this Shadowcat is an A variant, and doesn't have the Gauss Rifle.
    Once the Shadowcat is no longer operative, recall you MFBs for an other repair
    session (if needed) and head toward Nav Point Charlie; a Noruff-class Assault
    Dropship will take off from the main elevator tube, followed by a Thor C, a
    version carrying an LB 20-X. Try to salvage this 'Mech, and have no mercy for
    its pilot; one of the best tactics is to send Paine to engage it first, and
    then fire at the Thor's legs as Paine keeps him occupied.
    After this battle, call your MFBs for a rendez-vous at Nav Charlie and prepare
    to descend.
    Primary Objectives:
    + Destroy docking station at Nav Point Able
    + Destroy headquarters at Nav Point Baker
    + Destroy all Smoke Jaguars
    Secondary Objectives:
    +  Destroy the convoy
    The only infos you have on this zone was a short video shooted by an
    infiltration team. They got out from where you'll enter, and entered from where
    you'll go out. Near the exit there is a tank of a corrosive gas capable of
    destroying your armor, and you'll be death if it is released. There is a small
    HQ and Nav Point Baker and two low-orbit shuttles that have to be destroyed at
    As you power-up, an Orion and a Shadowcat A will enter the elevator room; the
    Orion will attack you, while the Shadowcat will go after the MFBs. Concentrate
    on the Orion before destroying the Shadowcat.
    Now follow the paved road and begin to take out the truck composing the convoy
    headed to the headquarters. 2 Bulldogs and a Bushwacker are protecting it;
    destroy the Bushwacker and then the Bulldogs.
    Now aim your weapons on the shuttles and destroy them.
    Head to the headquarters: advance slowly, and stop when you get into a valid
    range for your weapons: destroy the 2 Laser Turrets, the 5 Elementals and the
    Firefly with long-range fire, and you won't have to fight them in close
    quarters. To destroy the HQ, destroy the tall column on the left; you'll
    salvage a Thor by destroying the colum; now climb the small building and
    destroy the trucks, and collect your salvage.
    A Black Hawk B will power up; engage it in the HQ chamber, or the mission will
    become too risky.
    Now head toward the exit, and you'll hear the Clan commander ordering to blow
    the gas tank. Engage the Orion doing so ASAP, or the mission will fail.
    After the gas threat has been eliminated, reach the armored door behind the
    tank, blown it up and step in the small corridor to reach an other elevator.
    Primary Objectives:
    + Destroy elevator at Nav Point Able
    + Destroy buildings at Nav Point Baker
    Secondary Objectives:
    + Destroy all Jaguar forces
    More informations about the Eclypse; the front-line Trinary patrolling the area
    is still present, and Kit Andrews suggests a more prundent approach. Epona
    Rhi's position is still unknown, but she might be only on radio silence.
    You'll begin this mission just outside the elevator that brought you on
    surface; blown it to pieces and engage the two Firefly sent by their commander
    to investigate. No move toward Point Baker slowly, and destroy the three Donars
    patrolling the area before engaging the Strider Primary and its escort of four
    Now you should be near the river. Destroy the four Pumas (two B and two
    Primary) with long-range fire and then cross the water and destroy the several
    APCs patrolling the area. Call the MFBs and dock for repairs before destroying
    the building at Nav Baker.
    Head toward Nav Point Charlie, and destroy the Champion protecting the entrance
    to an underground 'Mech facility.
    Step into the cave and reach Nav Point Charlie to end the mission.
    Primary Objectives:
    + Destroy mining equipment at Nav Able
    + Destroy 'Mech factory at Nav Baker
    Secondary Objectives:
    + Destroy all enemy units
    This is an other 'Mech production site; it should have been Team 3's job, a
    full lance of heavy 'Mechs, and this will be hard. Fortunately enough Epona Rhi
    will assist in the attack.
    Begin to walk into the corridor, until it turns right: on the small platform at
    its end, an Owens Primary is waiting you; try do destroy it with a direct leg
    attack or at least to heavily damage it; as you step on the platform, two Thors
    will power up: order to Paine to take the D variant (the one with a jungle
    camo) while you destroy the other one, a Primary config. As these tow 'Mechs
    are down, destroy the Owens if you still have to do this and call your MFBs,
    you'll surely need repairs after this fighting. The cave you're in has tow
    lines moving mined material: to destroy them you must obliterate the support
    pylons: the lines themsleves are invulnerable; be sure leave the south line
    intact, or you won't be able to proceed in you mission (if you haven't jump
    jets). The mining equipment is powered by a laser turret in the building which
    connects the lines: destroy it.
    Now use the small concrete ramp to access the southern mining line and step in
    the building where the turret was: on you left there's an armored door that
    have to be destroyed to let you enter the 'Mech facility (side note: it is
    extremely rare that your lancemate would be able to follow you: when I played
    this mission for writing this walkthorugh, it fell from the line and destroyed
    its own head, or something similar: I know only that Paine's 'Mech didn't
    survived for head damage).
    Follow the tunnel until you see the 'Mech factory, shrouded in a green light: a
    Puma A is patrolling the area, and it is better to take it out before entering
    the factory: an Annihilator is awaiting you, but it will be engaging Epona's
    Bushwacker, leaving you free to palce few shot before it begins to fire at you.
    After this 'Mech target the center column and destroy the factory; you'll
    salvage a Vulture, a Thor and an Annihilator everytime.
    --OPERATION 3--
    Primary Objectives:
    + Destroy headquartes at Nav Able
    + Escort MFBs at Nav Charlie
    Secondary Objectives:
    + Destroy all enemy units
    For the intelligence, Operation Area 3 is the hardest of all areas; it had to
    be swept by Team 4, 5 and 6. Kit Andrews is still trying to meet you, but he
    suggests to rendez-vous in the north. In this operation area it is vital to
    destroy the spaceport and the city near it. Meanwhile, you have to pick up
    salvages for R&R.
    As soon as you power up you'll notice an Orion on your left: after the small
    ridge you'll see that this 'Mech is standing on a small platform: try to shoot
    at him ASAP, or it will continue to fire LRMs at you.
    Other 'Mechs will join the battle: two Striders (Primary and C variants) will
    directly attack you, while an Avatar Priamry will join the HQ defenses. The
    Striders can be easily took out with long range fire, and it is also possible
    to damage the Avatar before it exits your firing arc. All other 'Mechs are
    projected by the platform where the Orion was, and are inoffensive, though
    they'll block you weapons; there's no way to destroy the platform and its
    projector, so ignore them.
    Head toward the enemy HQ: you already know that it is protected by an Orion and
    an Avatar Primary, but there are also a Bushwacker and two Laser Turrets; take
    out the 'Mechs first, then the turrets and finally the HQ. Call your MFBs and
    dock fro repairs.
    Now head toward the small river on the south: destroy the turret protecting an
    armored gate and move past it; the local commander is awaiting you there and
    when you encounter a Vulture Primary it will challenge you to a one-on-one
    duel. The Vulture is protected by some ruins and continues to fire LRMs, so
    move in ASAP and destroy it: now move to kill the commander, piloting a Mad Cat
    Call your MFBs to rendez-vous at Nav Charlie and prepare yourself for the next
    Operation 3 Mission 1 Here's a good mission to practice poptarting. After
    finishing off the laser turret and Orion on the platform, and the two
    Striders, proceed towards the platform. Crouch your Mech to minimise its
    profile. Target an enemy's leg, jet up and shoot it. Repeat until all
    targets are destroyed.
    The targeted Mech will usually keep running around in your sights. Sometimes
    they'll charge you and sometimes they'll run away into the open, either way
    just to get out of your line of sight or range, but wait a while and they'll
    drift back for more punishment. It may take some time to judge just the
    right distance to jet up and to aim and fire at the same time. Jet too high,
    and you might get hit by lasers and autocannons. More likely you'll get
    missiles fired at you, and those missiles will be able to track you long
    enough to hit you instead of slamming into whatever terrain that's in front
    of you, so be careful.
    After destroying the HQ and its defending Mechs, lead your team to the next
    MFB point across the river and through the tunnel in the ridge. Order your
    lancemates to stay put, jet on top of the ridge and proceed towards Nav
    Charlie. Stay on the other side of the ridge so that the Vulture and Madcat
    can't target you. Get close enough to attract their attention, crouch
    slighty behind the peak of the ridge, then jet and snipe. They'll be paying
    full attention to you and are all ready to shower you with lots of LRMs.
    Order your lancemates to engage them. They'll be so busy running around
    trying to get you, they won't know what hit them! If they engage your
    lancemates, jet up and shoot them to get their attention again!
    Primary Objectives:
    + Take control over the fortress at Nav Able
    + Protect the fortress core
    The datas you have are old, as the previously unknown presence of that
    holoprojector proved; from the datas recovered from the HQ, the Jaguars have
    enough men but no 'Mechs, as you destroyed their factories. It also apperas
    that Galaxy Commander Ratache Osis is leading a force to track you down.
    Not enough, the MFBs are in need of refit and repairs, and Andrews reported
    strange movements from the west.
    Kit Andrews also reported some strange movements on the west.
    The fortress is protected by an Annihilator and a Mad Cat A. Split your
    lancemates evenely between these two targets and attack. When the Annihilator
    comes down one Shadow Cat Primary will power up, trying to help is sibkins;
    kill it too and call the MFBs, but do not dock for repairs, there's no time: a
    Sunder Primary cmoing from the east brought more enemies: fortunately enough
    this 'Mech is piloted by Alan Mattila, your last lancemate: order the lancemate
    piloting the lighest 'Mech to take on the Shadowcat B, and order Alan to
    destroy the Vulture B; you have to engage the Mad Cat B, which is the
    commander, while the remaining lancemate closes and finishes off the Thor C.
    Primary Objectives:
    + Secure the DropShip at Nav Able with the MFBs
    + Protect DropShip from attacks
    Alan reports that the Blackhammer crashed, and he had to run when the Jaguars
    came to collect the salvage, eventually entering in your operation area. Kit
    Andrews is near, and it is possible to use his Arrow IV missiles with the TAG
    equipment in the DropShip.
    Begin to destroy the Avatar Primary guarding the hill in front of you: three
    Striders will power up: the two on the left (D and B variants) will go to the
    DropShip, and the third, a B variant, from the right, will attack you.
    Move past the bridge and order your MFBs to move to the DropShip when the last
    Strider falls under you fire.
    The area will become very hot, with three Donars doing high speed passes over
    you and 5 Elementals attacking your moving MFBs; an Orion will also enter the
    area, followed by two Avatars (C and Primary configs): take out the Donars and
    the Elementals first, then the Orion and finally the Avatars; concentrate fire
    and do not slipt your forces.
    Operation 3 Mission 3 Don't order your MFBs to go anywhere. After
    destroying the Avatar and three Striders, take a little stroll to explore
    the area. The Orion and two Avatars will come from east of the the
    Blackhammer. Explore the eastern part of the map. Jet up onto ridges to
    cover more ground and keep your eyes peeled. Stay on the ridges. Eventually,
    you'll find those three Mechs powered down in a U-shaped ridge. You can try
    giving one a headshot. They won't power up until you've shot one of them.
    Proceed to dismantle them. Order your lancemates to go to the dropship, and
    go there as well. Destroy all opposition. Order your MFBs to go to the
    dropship. Two Owens will power up somewhere in the West to attack you once
    your MFBs have reached their destination. Cheerfully give them a warm
    welcome. If you prefer, you can destroy them in the same way you destroyed
    the Orion and two Avatars, if you don't mind running across the whole map.
    Primary Objectives:
    + Destroy facilities and bridges at Nav Able
    + Destroy the central bridge
    + Destroy towers and bridge at Nav Charlie
    Secondary Objectives:
    + Destroy all Jaguar forces
    Mission Final Objective:
    + Defeat Ratache Osis
    Unfortunately the Clans where able to take a great portion of equipment from
    the Black Hammer; you have to take them back or at least deny them to the
    Jaguars, or you and the rescue team will be cut off.
    This area also features two Naval Lasers that need to be destroyed.
    Once again, destroy the 'Mech (a Shadowcat B) guarding the hill in front of
    you, and then move toward the river. Take out the two turrets and let your
    lancemates destroy the bridges.
    When you spot the two pyramids, destroy the nearest: a Black Hawk primary will
    power up: take it out while its Lasers cannot reach you.
    Other 'Mechs will power up: order two of your lancemates to destroy the Vulture
    B on the left, while you and the other one take out the Cualdron Born B and the
    Mad Cat A on the right. Destroy the second pyramid and head toward Nav Charlie.
    Ratache Osis, in his Thor C, will challenge you to a Circle of Equals: show him
    who is the real trueborn (side note: one of the greatest things of MW2 and GBL
    is that you are a Clanner, and not an Inner Sphere pilot...maybe in MW5
    Clanners like me will be able to stage single players campaigns with their
    beloved Clan...) and destroy the two towers supporting the Lasers and the last
    Operation 3 Mission 4 There so many ridges in this map for you to get on
    and snipe! Get your lancemates to help you with enemies which stay in the
    open beyond any ridges. Otherwise, you can jet from ridge to ridge, sniping
    everything in between. Sniping Ratache Osis is really fun. Or you can hide
    under the bridge and destroy him when underwater. He won't fire at you, and
    stupidly enough he won't run away either.
    Primary Objectives:
    + Destroy urban complex at Nav Beta
    + Blast open corridor gate at Nav Charlie
    Secondary Objectives:
    + Take over loading dock at Nav Dog
    + Defeat all Smoke Jagaur units.
    Ratache Osis is still alive. He's very angry now, and he will use any kind of
    resource to track you down. It is now time to strike the city near the
    spaceport and access it by a tunnel; this tunnel is heavily protected, but Kit
    Andrews is in poistion, ready to use its Arrow IV missiles when you'll
    highlight targets with the TAG you recovered from the Black Hammer (you lef the
    TAG in the previous mission? Not too bad, it is useless even in the only
    mission you have artillery support). There's also a Clan DropShip at the
    spaceport, your only ticket out of here.
    Begin to head toward Nav Dog: destroy the Puma B and the two Bulldogs there and
    return to the starting point: two Owens (A and B configs) will welcome you,
    plus a Vulture A and an Annihilator shooting at you from the big pyramid a the
    center of the map. Take out ther light 'Mechs first, then concentrate on the
    Annihilator and finally on the Vulture.
    Now climb the pyramid and get rid of the three Bulldogs protecting the city;
    descend from the structure and approach the city gates (in the right corner
    from where you are) and destroy the two Pumas (B and C configs) patrolling the
    Move in with your lancemates, and begin to shoot at the three structures under
    construction on the opposite side of the side; when you approach to them an
    Annihilator and an Avatar Primary will power up, trying to defend the complex;
    slipt your lancemates evenly and destroy them.
    Now exit the small city and place yourself in front of the corridor; begin to
    destroy every turret protecting it; if you have the TAG, use your zoom to
    target the door and wait for the Arrow IV missiles; if haven't this system,
    just enter the corridor to blast the door open with your weapons; in both cases
    an other Annihilator will try to stop you; it will be always active, and you
    should be able to pick it out with aimed long-range fire.
    Operation 3 Mission 5 When you get to the small city, it's all out sniper
    time! Stay outside the city behind the walls and poptart all the way. If I'm
    not mistaken, there's either one or two Vultures lurking the ground between
    the city and entrance of the corrider. Remain in the city, get within range,
    and poptart them. The city walls will protect you very well. When you get to
    the corrider, take out all the turrets, and then go back towards the
    entrance. Take the high ground and run all the way along the edge of the
    corrider until you reach the gate. Drop down onto the gate. The Annihilator
    will pay attention only to you. Let your lancemates finish him off.
    Primary Objectives:
    + Destroy the fortress at Nav Able
    + Destroy the spaceport at Nav Baker
    Secondary Objectives:
    + Destroy all Jaguar forces
    Final Objective:
    + Defeat Ratache Osis
    You're near the spaceport, but it is protected by a fortress that could support
    an entire Trinary; there's also an other Naval Laser tower in the spaceport;
    seems also that the rescue teams are pulling back, so your only chance to left
    this planet is to capture the DropShip.
    Begin to walk toward the fortress: 4 Elementals and six Strikers will power up:
    use long range weapons to take them out and destroy the fortress central pylon
    to reduce it to rubble.
    An Avatar B and a Mad Cat Primary will come to stop you; there's no need to use
    your lancemates: the Avatar can be easily destroyed with long range fire, and
    the Mad Cat won't pose a great threat if you have a similar or heavier 'Mech.
    Now move to the spaceport: it is protected by a short-range turret and four
    'Mechs: two Cauldron Borns B will try to flank you, so redirect two of your
    lancemates to destroy them: order the third lancemate to destroy the first
    Avatar C while you take out the second.
    There are also three Donars in the zone: be sure to take them out before
    assaulting the spaceport.
    After the main spaceport structure is gone, Ratache Osis, this time piloting a
    Supernova will powerup: take it out and prepare for some bad news.
    Operation 3 Mission 6 The ridge on your right will be your main sniping
    platform. Use it to take out all opposition, and the Avatar and Madcat. Be
    very wary when attacking the Cauldron Borns and Donars. Those stupid
    helicopters LOVE to crash down RIGHT ON TOP OF YOUR LANCEMATE'S HEADS and
    take them out!
    --OPERATION 4--
    Primary Objectives:
    + Destroy North Tower at Able
    + Destroy South Tower at Charlie
    + Destroy East Tower at Baker
    + Destroy train at Dog
    Secondary Objectives:
    + Destroy all Jaguar forces
    Ratache Osis is finally dead, but Galaxy Commander Corbett took the command of
    the operations on Tranquill. The DropShip you planned to capture lifted off
    after dropping enough Jaguar forces to retake Tranquill; this was broadcasted
    by Corbett himself on all open frequencies, and the Eclypse commander ordered
    to all rescue teams to pull back; looks like you're stranded on a hostile world.
    As soon as you powerup, move north, heading toward Nav Able; it is the area
    wiht less resistance, and the train won't wait for you, so the first part of
    this mission is going to be a hit and run.
    Near Nav Point Able you'll find two Cauldron Borns (B and C variants): order
    your lancemates to engage them while you run toward Nav Able: there you'll find
    the first Comm Tower; ignore it for now and destroy the 4 Strikers protecting
    it, and wait for you lancemates to arrive. The train is protected by a Thor C
    and a Mad Cat Primary: order your lancemates to destroy them and move to
    destroy that train, which should be at the depot now.
    Now regroup and finish off any Comm Tower and 'Mechs in the area.
    Operation 4 Mission 1 Jet up the cliff to your left. Remain as far left as
    possible within mission boundaries and run all the way down. When you see
    the train line, jump down and follow it towards the right. Destory the Thor
    and Avatar protecting the train, then destory the train. Jet back up the
    cliff and run all the way back to your lancemates and MFBs. Take your own
    sweet time to destroy everything and complete all objectives.
    Primary Objectives:
    + Destroy village at Nav Able
    + Destroy laser tower at Nav Baker
    Secondary Objectives:
    + Destroy all Jaguar forces
    This is going to be a simple smash and run mission; in the area there is an
    other Naval Laser, plus a small village used by Clan warriors.
    Move to destroy the three laser towers in front of you: 'Mechs will power up on
    any side: take care of the Champion first: it will go after the MFBs.
    Now concentrate on the Thor C and the Mad Cat D. The village itself is not
    protected, but other 'Mechs will come from Nav Able: the first that you have to
    take down is the Annihilator, followed shortly by the Supernova and then by the
    Head toward Nav Baker: a Supernova is still active, but a Daishi B will power
    up: try to salvage both 'Mechs is you use assault 'Mechs, or simply destroy
    them is you use more agile 'Mechs; destroy the laser tower and hit CTRL and Q
    to end this mission.
    Primary Objectives:
    + Capture supply depot at Nav Point Able
    + Capture Shuttle Pad at Nav Beta
    The rescue company is pulling back, but they are waiting for you where they can.
    Begin to move along the shore you are on; beyond the hill two Vultures (C and A
    configs) will power up, ordering to all other 'mechs to power up; start the
    fight with the Vultures, and pay attention when two Orions enter the battle, or
    their missiles will make your life very difficult.
    Once you've destroyed the first four 'Mechs call the MFBs and dock for repair;
    cross the nearby bridge and ignore for now the supply base: destroy the Orion
    and Annihilator patrolling the shore where you are now and then head back; if
    you don't destroy them now, the Orion's missiles will be a pain during the
    attack to the base.
    ow proceed to capture the base: it is protected by four Strikers and two
    Supernovas, plus three PPC turrets; not enough, three Donars will begin to
    sweep the area as the ground forces engage you. Let your lancemates engage the
    vehicles while you take out the 'Mechs and the turrets; when you destroy all
    threats in the base, it will be captured.
    Call on more time the MFBs for repair and proceed toward Nav Baker, and destroy
    all turrets your sensors show; Nav Baker is protected by 5 Elementals and 2
    Annihilators: the Elementals will attack first, while the Annihilators will try
    to flank you in a pincer move. Split evenly your lancemates between these two
    'Mechs and proceed to Nav Baker: a shuttle will take off, but there's nothing
    you can do for now.
    Operation 4 Mission 3 This is a real easy one. You can hide all day in the
    river canyon and jump and snipe until you reach the shuttle pad.
    Primary Objectives:
    + Capture Clan base at Nav Point Able
    Secondary Objectives:
    + Capture warehouse at Nav Point Baker
    The MFB crew was able to track the shuttle to a peninsula north of your
    position; it appears to be Corbett's personal shuttle, and it is your only way
    to escape from the planet; this means abandoning our 'Mechs, though. The
    shuttle is somewhere near this fortified base you need to capture to discover
    its position. The MFBs will remain in a small cave to avoid threats (and if you
    need to repair you'll need to run for a full kilometer to reach them).
    The warehouse (Nav Baker) is protected by a turret and an Elemental, and there
    are two 'Mech patrols in the area, plus one composed of three Elementals; the
    first patrol has two Mad Cats (Primary and D configs) and one Thor C; these
    'Mechs will engage you just outside the cave where the MFBs are, and they'll
    prefer to engage your Mobile Bases tham engagin you directly. After having
    destroyed this patrol move to the warehouse and annihilate any opposing force
    (the warehouse will give you 4 Clan LRM 20s).
    Move toward the base: the second patrol, this time a Thor B and two Orions,
    will block your way; in the meantime, three Donars will begin to stage strafing
    runs; destroy the 'mech first and then the VTOLs; the base itself is protected
    by two pop-up turrets with Gauss Rifle, plus a Mad Cat A and a Thor Primary
    moving along the border; you can take out these two 'Mechs by sniping them from
    afar; the turrets active themselves when you are about 400 meters away from the
    base, and they'll need few shots to go down.
    The last two 'Mechs are two Daishis (one A and one B configs), near the
    generator you need to destroy, on the fortress' roof; use one of the horizontal
    supports to climb on the roof and snipe the two Daishis: the place where they
    are is very tigh, and with their firepower will destroy you in seconds; your
    lancemates won't follow you on the roof because they don't know how climb the
    support, so you're going to engage two Daishis alone; to destroy them, engage
    them from above, and try to gain a position from where you hit their torsos but
    where they can't shoot back.
    When these two 'Mechs are down, step where they were and destroy the dome
    Operation 4 Mission 4 Yes, that's right, snipe those two Daishis from the
    hill. Practice getting headshots.
    Primary Objectives:
    + Destroy Core Tap at Nav Point Able
    + Destroy Core Tap at Nav Point Baker
    + Destroy Core Tap at Nav Point Charlie
    + Destroy Core Tap at Nav Point Dog
    + Destroy all Smoke Jaguar forces
    Final Objective:
    + Reach elevator at Nav Point Echo
    This is going to be a solo mission. This lava pit is capable of producing
    enough energy for the whole peninsula. If intelligence is correct this pit is
    guarded only by Elementals and light 'Mechs; you won't have MFB support.
    Do not destroy the core tap until you reach the elevator, and be sure to do not
    destroy the small bridge connecting the platforms.
    The area is protected by at least eight Elementals and three Sunders (one
    Primary and two C configs...light 'Mechs, quiaff?); the three Sunders are near
    the first (Nav Able) core tap, the second (Baker) and the fourth (Dog), and the
    Elementals are two groups of four each (or five...I think there are 10
    Elementals, but one or two will jump directly into the lava...ah, falling into
    the lava means immediate death for everything) near the first core tap and the
    third; it also possible that tehy'll split into smaller groups, depends on how
    many of them ended in the lava.
    Note that the lava greatly increases your heat output, and the best thing to do
    here is to use Gauss Rifles.
    Once you have reached the Elevator, destroy the four core taps and enter the
    Primary Objectives:
    + Destroy all Jaguar 'Mechs
    The shuttle is out there and the Eclypse is waiting in orbit for you. However,
    Corbett is out there too, and he's waiting in the caldera: you have to buy some
    minutes to allow the MFBs crew to prepare your only escape from Tranquill.
    There are four 'Mechs: Corbett's Daishi Primary, one Mad Cat D, one Cauldron
    Born B and one Supernova. They will go after you, and looks that your
    lancemates are dumber than usual: they'll tend to fire only when they reach 500
    meters, and the Clan 'Mechs are piloted by elite 'Mechs who'll place their
    shots wherever they want; no wonder that your legs will become their favourite
    Let your lancemates engage first (advance slowly and issue the attack order),
    or the Jaguars will make a short work of you.
    You won't have MFB support.
    Operation 4 Mission 6 This mission can be really easy by doing something
    really sneaky. After ordering my lancemates to stay put, I jetted up the
    side of the caldera. There's one particular spot on your right when you
    start where you can do that, but you need to move at full speed and have
    just enough jumpjets to make it through. When you're over the edge, run
    roughly towards the direction of Corbett's Star. Go up the side of the
    caldera and approach slowly and carefully when you're nearing the edge. It
    wouldn't do for you to get sniped after all this while. Corbett and his Star
    would probably be all excited by this time. They're all ready to take a
    crack at you. Good. Order your lancemates to attack the target closest to
    them. Somehow only Brandon Corbett has the brains to stop paying attention
    to you when your lancemates get close enough, so reward him by having him
    destroyed. When your lancemates have the rest engaged, make a dramatic
    entrance by running up and jetting over the cliff and all the way down into
    the caldera and finishing off all enemies. Usually you won't even have to do
    that. Everyone's so intent on facing you, your lancemates can just destroy
    them all with impuny. All you have left to do is to tag the Nav point.
    Sit back and enjoy the ending.
    Just to write something else, the highest score I've ever did is 240000, with
    the rank of Captain.
    11-CREDITS and MISC
    First credit? To Fasa for having created the whole BattleTech universe. Then to
    me, Briareos Kerensky (Zone ID: briareos_CWE) and to all site showing this FAQ
    with my permission; visit them at:
    1) Wolf Art (http://www.geocities.com/khan_briareos/index.htm; it's my site.
    Visit it, this will make me very happy)
    2) GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com)
    3) Neoseeker (http://www.neoseeker.com)
    4) The Cheat Empire (http://home.planetinternet.be/~twuyts)
    5) Video Games Strategies (http://vgstrategies.about.com)
    6) Sjel's Walkthrough Page (www.sjel.org)
    7) Cheat City (www.cheatcity.com)
    8) Free Games (www.freegames.it or www.freegames.es), translated in Italian and
    9) Gamespot (http://www.gamespot.com)
    10) All About PC Gaming (http://www.allaboutpcgaming.com)
    11) IGN FAQs (http://faqs.ign.com)
    an everyone who helped with this document.
    Special thanks to:
    all italian BT/MW players; all programs I used to do this FAQ; my turtle and my
    dog (he's not died yet); my PC (asking every time to kill him when I push any
    of its buttons); Dynamic Italia for having published Evangelion's 10th Genesis
    and other tapes I and the italian otaku community were waiting for; all
    soundtracks that accompained me during this long work (nominally: all Eva OSTs,
    Cowboy Bebop OST, and everythign from Beethoven, Back, Pachelbel, Wagner, Saint
    Saen, Orff and everyone I forgot); my still trasparent and bodyless girlfriend.
    To ask permission to post this document, just send a mail writing down the URL.
    To contact me, write at briareos@inwind.it; ICQ UIN is 40534369; Odigo ID is
    264286. Write only about this FAQ or if you have a cute (female)friend/sister
    to introduce.
    Copyright (c) Briareos Kerensky 2000/2001. Reproduction  and translation of
    this document (as a whole or parts of its) in any mode without permission is
    strictly forbidden.
    All names and marks are proprieties of respective owners.

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