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    Controls Guide by SilverStream

    Version: 0.9 | Updated: 07/15/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    11.07 PM
    Written by Kopio(cqyyong@hotmail.com)
    Version 0.9
    This FAQ is strictly PUBLIC DOMAIN-
    it's free and no one should profit from selling any part of it to anyone.
    Section 1: Introduction
    Section 2: Controls List
               -Movement Controls
               -Weapon Controls
               -View Controls
               -Targeting Controls
               -Cockpit Controls
               -Communication Controls
               -Mission Controls
    Section 3: Credits
    Section 1: Introduction
    This Movelist is a quick guide to the controls of MechWarrior 3.
    It may be confusing at first (almost the whole keyboard is used!), but
    persevere and you'll surely get the hang of it. Me, I'm still confused.:)
    Even though these controls can be obtained from the options menu, I still
    hope this guide could assist you in your mastery of MechWarrior 3.
    I'll keep this section short for now and will include future updates here.
    Happy blasting!
    Section 2: Controls List
    Movement Controls
    Forward throttle              Up
    Reverse throttle              Down
    Turn left                     Left
    Turn right                    Right
    Twist left                    ,
    Twist right                   .
    Pitch up                      -
    Pitch down                    =
    Center torso to legs          Shift /
    Center legs                   /
    Toggle throttle direction     Backspace
    0% throttle                   1
    10% throttle                  2
    30% throttle                  3
    40% throttle                  4
    50% throttle                  5
    60% throttle                  6
    70% throttle                  7 
    80% throttle                  8 
    90% throttle                  9 
    100% throttle                 0 
    Jump jet                      J
    Jump jet reverse              End
    Jump jet left                 Del
    Jump jet right                Pg Dn
    Rotate left                   Insert
    Rotate right                  Pg Up
    Get up                        G
    Crouch                        C
    Startup/shutdown              S
    Toggle MASC                   V       
    Weapon Controls
    Fire weapon                   Space or Left-mouse-button
    Next weapon group             ]
    Previous weapon group         [
    Previous weapon in group      Ctrl+[
    Next weapon in group          Ctrl+]
    Next weapon                   Enter
    Weapon group 1                F1
    Weapon group 2                F2
    Weapon group 3                F3
    Weapon group 4                F4
    Weapon group 5                F5
    Assign weapon to group 1      Shift+F1
    Assign weapon to group 2      Shift+F2
    Assign weapon to group 3      Shift+F3
    Assign weapon to group 4      Shift+F4
    Assign weapon to group 5      Shift+F5
    Toggle fire mode              \
    Alpha strike                  Numpad enter
    Flush coolant                 F
    Override thermal shutdown     O
    Jettison ammo                 Shift+K
    View Controls
    Cycle camera mode             X
    Look left                     Alt+Numpad 4
    Look right                    Alt+Numpad 6
    Look up                       Alt+Numpad 2
    Look down                     Alt+Numpad 8
    Look back                     Alt+Numpad .
    Look forward                  Alt+Numpad 5
    Cycle resolution              Shift+V
    Targeting Controls
    Target next enemy             E
    Target previous enemy         Shift+E
    Target nearest enemy          Ctrl+E
    Target next ally              W
    Target previous ally          Shift+W
    Target nearest ally           Ctrl+W
    Target object under reticule  Q
    Clear target selection        T
    Target head                   Numpad 8
    Target left arm               Numpad 7
    Target right arm              Numpad 9
    Target center torso           Numpad 5
    Target left torso             Numpad 4
    Target right torso            Numpad 6
    Target left leg               Numpad 1
    Target right leg              Numpad 3
    Cockpit Controls
    Zoom reticule                 Z
    Lock zoom reticule            Numpad 0
    Toggle torso mode             Ctrl+Numpad 0
    Freelock                      L or Right-mouse-button
    Toggle damage display         D
    Toggle enemy damage display   Ctrl+D
    Toggle radar size             R
    Toggle radar mode             Alt+R
    Toggle radar map              Shift+R
    Toggle HUD on/off             H
    Toggle AMS on/off             A
    Communication Controls
    Attack my target              F6
    Defend my target              F7
    Follow me                     F8
    Hold position                 F9
    Repair in MFB                 F10
    Lancemate command screen      F11
    Lock awaiting orders          Shift+F11
    Cancel awaiting orders        Ctrl+F11
    Order MFB                     M
    Next op point                 N
    Previous op point             Shift+N
    Nearest op point              Ctrl+N
    Send message to team          Numpad -
    Send message to all           Numpad *
    Mission Controls
    Mission objectives            F12
    Exit mission                  Ctrl+Q
    Message window                `
    Section 3: Credits
    This is the second FAQ I have done (the first one is a NBA99 movelist; can 
    also be found on GameFaqs). Well, this guide could't have been possible
    without the following people & I'll like to thank them...
    Gamefaqs (www.gamefaqs.com)          for putting up this faq and for having 
                                         the faqs when u need 'em. 
                                         Greatest FAQ site ever!
    Microprose (www.microprose.com)      Delivers the goods big time..Tops!
    Official Site (www.mechwarrior3.com) Info on MechWarrior 3
    ...and last but not least, thanks to all of you who have used this guide 
    as your reference.
    Bye everyone, hope u liked the guide.
    Please send all comments, criticism, and notification of any typos to:
    MechWarrior 3 and all associations(C)1999 Hasbro Interactive, Inc.

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