"A good game, but with a few flaws"

MechWarrior 3 is definitely a unique game in many respects. It has several good points in it (and believe me, these outweigh the bad), but not without some screw-ups.

This was a great game with several high points, but the gameplay of MW3 came up short. For one, the game was way too short. 22 missions just wasn't enough, and this was emphasized by the fact that the game was just too easy. Once you got a certain 'Mech, you could go through the rest of the game with it without alot of trouble. Pulse Lasers, in my opinion, also made the game far too easy. While the missions were fun the first time around, I just didn't get that feeling that I should go through the game again.

The sound effects of the game were very good, as was the music. The gun/laser blasts sounded excellent, and so did the stomping of your and other 'Mechs' feet. The music was very soft, although it did add a certain level of suspense and mystery to the game, which was a nice touch.

A very basic story. You are defending the Inner Sphere against the attack of the Clan. Simple, ain't it? I found myself not caring too much about the story so much as I did blowing up 'Mechs, which is the fun part of the game.

This is a colorful game that you could spend hours looking at. The 'Mechs, buildings, and landscapes are wonderfully designed. The only problem I had was the fact that there didn't seem to be much texture. Your 'Mech was flat in places that it should have been bumpy, and the footprints your 'Mech left behind disappeared after about five seconds. Still, the game has a decent amount of eye candy, and the graphics are beautiful.

Replay Value
As mentioned earlier, once this game has been beaten, there is little reason to come back any time soon. The ''Quick Play'' option leaves much to be desired. Although it is fun the first time through, that's about it. It's best to come back again once you've forgotten everything about the game so everything seems new to you.

9/10 (NOT an average)
This is a wonderful game that should be added to any gamer's collection. And, for a cheap price ($10.00 to $20.00), there is no reason you shouldn't own this game. While there are some flaws that litter the game, they are few and far between. This is an outstanding game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/08/02, Updated 05/08/02

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