Review by gamemaster42

"If you havent tried it, your missing out"

What can I say about this great game. It's great (ha ha ha).Well, I haven't tried the other MechWarrior games, but from what I heard, it is the best one yet. This Mech' combat simulation is a great game to play.

First off, It has some of the best graphics I have ever seen on computer games. The Mechs' are detailed down to the edges. The maps are highly detailed and they are also massive. The weapons are also detailed. The look of the weapons are really cool.

The fighting system is great. With over 30 weapons, and 18 mechs, the combinations are almost endless. The AI is a little weak but they can be strong with more Mechs' against you. I haven't been playing the game long so i haven't been able to play a lot of the combinations. The way you can fight the other Mechs' are great. You can turn around different ways and you can jump to get away from weapons sometimes. The weapon grouping feature is great for personalizing the way you fire your weapons

The sound is really great. I could just sit at the speakers and listen for a while. The sounds of weapons like lasers and machine guns are quite diverse. You can hear the thunderous steps of Mechs' and the shredding of metal in the game. The sound is really great

The controls are preatty easy get used to it. You can use a joystick or mouse, and you also need to use the keyboard. There are many controls that are needed to play but its pretty easy to get used to.

The whole story is easy to follow. The game starts you off easy but it then gets harder and harder. There is one bad thing about it tough. There is only 20 missions in it. At least the expansion gives you more missions.

There is a multi player for this game but I have never played it. I have heard it is easy to play. It's fun to play the extra stand alone games that can put you against many Mechs' that will get you ready for the campaign.

Who wouldn't want to play a game that puts you in a giant robot? It is so fun that you will not want to stop. For anyone who likes simulation or robot games you'll want to play this. It is a gem of a game that you cannot afford to miss.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/30/02, Updated 07/30/02

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