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"Best one yet"

Out of all the Mechwarrior games that I have played, I would have to say that Mechwarrior 3 is the best one.

Gameplay 10/10
The Gameplay was the best I have seen in a Mechwarrior game so far. The targeting system allows you to move the fire point with the mouse, this gives you extreme accuracy. If you use the zoom button you will be able to enter a “sniping mode”. The rest of the controls are just like the old game, and if you don’t like the setup you can change the controls in the control option menu.

Graphics 8/10
The graphics were great when the game was released, but if you see Mechwarrior 4 you see that the graphics on it are much better.
Mechs- the graphics for the mechs are good, but over time they have become “outdated”.
Damage- The damage is pretty cool. If you blow a arm off, you will see sparking wires hanging out of the shoulder region. Just like in the previous Mech games, you can damage their right torso, left torso, center torso, cockpit, right arm/left arm, and right leg/left leg. If you destroy one of the two legs, they will “die”; If you destroy the cockpit they will also “die”; and if the receive enough damage they will “die”. (The easiest way is to blow off one off their legs.) If you destroy the torsos or arms they will lose whatever weapons/items were located in that area. What I thought was really cool was the overheating. If you overheat yourself or another Mech to a certain point they will go critical. It looks like a flaming nuclear bomb going off, and will destroy or severely hurt any surrounding mechs.
Scenery- The scenery was great and worked well for the game.

No characters, not really a story either, but at the beginning of each battle it gives you a brief description of your mission.

Sound 7/10
It sounds alright, but when you first get the game you will need to adjust it to your own liking.

Lifespan 9/10
This game gives you internet playing, missions, and instant action. The internet play is fun, because you fight other people who play Mechwarrior also.(good way to test your skills.) The missions take you through a huge variety of places which will affect you mech’s heat from firing guns. The instant action is your choice, and there are lots of things you can choose to keep it interesting.

Buyability 9/10
This is definitely a good game to buy, you can find it marked down from the original price and probably you could find it used at a game store.

Overall 9/10
I give it a nine overall. They did a good job with Mechwarrior 3 and it is definitely a game worth buying. Be for warned as off now it

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/19/04

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