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"MechWarrior 3....even better than the first two. Yep, you heard me right."


This game is just great to play! It's just fun! You'll spend hours playing the skimirsh missions, a while playing the campaign, and days, and days playing multiplayer. OK, just imagine this: you're going up against another mech that's 2 times as big as you, and you're getting killed, annihilated, and all of a sudden one of your clan mates comes from out of nowhere, and the enemy overheats. This is your chance. You're firing close range lasers, while your buddy is knocking ‘em down with missiles. All of a sudden: “Target destroyed!” See what I mean? It's played on the Zone( so it's free, and 8 people can play in a game, so that means you could have anything up to a 4 on 4 game, 8 player free for all, or even four 2 player teams all going head up. Plus there are always at least 300 fellow mech pilots there, ready for a game. A cool thing added to this MechWarrior game this time around were the MFB's, short for Mobile Field Base, that are used to repair your mech in the middle of battle and also reload your weapons. That is: if you have any ammo in storage. Another cool thing you can do is customize your mech, which you can use in multiplayer, campaign, or even the skimirsh missions. Gameplay couldn't get any better! Now the controls: the mechs are very easy to control. Using such buttons as aiming with the mouse and firing with the left mouse button. Switching gun groups with the F1 buttons. They're just really easy to use. Maybe not at first, but once you've gotten through the training mode you'll think differently. And the alpha strike mode is very original. Press the Enter button on your keypad and all of your weapons shoot at once. The cache is that you can easily overheat doing this too often. The campaign is a very nice difficulty level. It's like you'll be getting killed quite a few times, but it's definitely easy enough to beat after you get a nice strategy worked out. A++ for this category!


Hmmm….., I don't want to spoil the great campaign for you, but I'll tell you this. At one time all of the mech clans were formed together making the Inner Sphere. Everything was peaceful until, a clan was created that broke apart from the Inner Sphere, the Smoke Jaguar. Your mission is to destroy the Smoke Jaguar Clan, and leave the clan useless. I don't know if all of this is correct down to the letter, but you get the idea.


The graphics are very well done. The mechs are very well detailed. If you're leg gets hit too much you can actually see the leg falling off of your mech. The same goes with your arms. And if you have any weapons connected on the limbs that are blown off, you won't be able to use them. A very nice little touch. The cockpit also looks very nice, with your standard radar, the damage indicator, weapons reloading bars, nothing to fancy, but looks good nevertheless.


I love this game's sound! It's just the best! The missile fire sounds awesome. So does the “tswr” of the heavy lasers. And you can actually hear the stomping of footprints shaking the ground for miles. Another nice little touch is the when you start up your mech, and the voice says: “Reactor online. Weapons online. All systems nominal.” It might be just a little touch but it makes it seem even more real.

Replay Value-9/10

The replay value of this game is very high. As I said early, you will be playing multiplayer for days, and the campaign mode adds a lot of replay value, as well as the skimirsh missions. The only complaint here is that there could have been a few more levels in the campaign, but there is still a very good amount of them. Plus, you'll probably be playing the campaign more than once.


This is a great game, and is even better than the first two games of the series(in my opinion.) If you're into the MechWarrior series: buy immediately. Otherwise, you can download the demo from quite a few places on the net including the official web site: Great job on MechWarrior3 Microprose!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 07/05/02

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