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"A gigantic fighting field, using the x, y and z axis."

Independence War is a highly furnished spaceship war simulation game. Playing this is as if you are really there, yet still sitting at your computer.

Gameplay: 10/10
WOW! This has an excellent fighting system, real-time and makes your mind think. Using the attack mode in this game really helps, even if you're not fighting. Also, the missions are just well.... real. Like I said before, this entire game is based on real-time, so when a character talks, the game just doesn't pause or anything. It keeps on going, as if the characters here are really real.

Story: 10/10
This game just doesn't launch you into a huge firefight [only a few missions do that :)]. Like Resident Evil, you can make choices that affect the storyline, so the ending is usually different every time you play it. The game gives you missions as though you really have a job as a captain, unknown and not special. You are given non-important jobs in the start of the game, then as you progress, your reputation starts to increase, so essential missions will become drafted to you.

Graphic/Sounds: 2/10
Yuck! This is 2003!!! The music is bad because it gives the game more of a Star Trek sort of thing. As for graphics, it needs improving! The ships have jagged edges, absolutely no use of anti-alias, while the planets have a sort of ''Paper Mario'' sort of look. I guess the only up for graphics and sounds are the Faster than Light travel and the LDS mode. In LDS, the engines start to make this really cool humming sound, and you can see all these little red lines flying past you (try doing this in an asteroid field! It looks really cool) In Faster than Light travel, an FMV occurs, showing you speeding through this ''fire'' tunnel, which is actually your own little universe.

Replayability: 10/10
Since this game is so awesome, replaying it would probably be a good idea. Since you can make different choices to affect the storyline, I would suggest trying them all. Not to mention, Arcade mode would also be a good idea to try and beat the game with. This entire game should take about 20 hours, that's how long I did it the first time (I kept dying, see? Then I learned about the attack view. :D) Also, you might want to try the cheats (I'm not telling you)

Overall: 8/10
This game is extremely attracting, anyone who likes army games or flight sims should try this. It should also be a lot easier, since you can halt in midair. The only downfall to this are the graphics and the sound. The sort of ruin the game, but not by much. It is worth your money buying this, if you can, since this was released a long time ago, like 1997 or something.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/03/03

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