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""Oh no, things are starting to look BAD!!!!""

Don't ya just love the way these guys talk?
Anyway, Commandos was released to little hype. probably the surprise game of...1998 was it? It was a surprise whenever it came out anyway, but it sold bucketloads. This was something a ton of games aren't today, and that's ORIGINAL. think of a cross between Metal gear solid, Red Alert, and Hidden and Dangerous and that's what commandos is. And it's good... real good...

Graphics: 10

Lovely. People seem to complain a hell of a lot nowadays when games don't use 3D but what they forget is that 2D can be used for incredible detail where 3D has to sacrifice that. Commandos uses 2D brilliantly. the dam in the 3rd level looks brilliant, with all that water gushing out of it. The last level's german fortress is a masterpiece of art. The game just looks excellent ok? Trust me, it shows 3D that 3D isn't the daddy yet, just merely the younger bro.
There is actually one minor niggle i get with the graphics... you can't see behind the buildings when you stand behind them. But that's all. Nothing else is bad about the graphics.

Gameplay: 10

Originality is what makes this game so fun to play. Nothing's ever been made like this. Hidden and Dangerous is similar, but not as original.
Each of your soldiers are excellent too. You really get upset when one of them die, because they do become your little buddies. On the other hand howvere, when you see your spy use his syringe to take out a german soldier from behind, you can't help but chuckle with glee! It's a momentous occasion!... i bet this game wasn' released in germany... then again, no games seem to be allowed to get released in germany anymore.

Sounds: 10 or 9... 10

I edged it into a 10 because of the phrases your soldiers use. they are such funny little things... here's a few of them...

''Oh no, things are starting to look bad!!!''
''I'll be right over........ siiiirrrr.''
''Iiiiiii'll be right over''

Don't seem that funny on paper? try saying them in an incredibly gruff slanged english accent... no? Oh for christ sake get them game and listen to them! they'll crack you up!
the music in the game is really nice too. Loads of war songs that are actually soothing to hear, but there are some that are really like, getting you into the mood for slitting some throats. The music actually adds a lot to the game, because it gets you into the mood. A little like silent hill on psx.

Lifespan: 10

10 again? Yeah because the missions are INCREDIBLY hard. I dare you to get through this without using a guide or cheat because if you can, then you're some gamesplayer. A game hasn't been this hard since... Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy... or maybe even Jet Set Willy on the Spectrum. It's super hard. That's why you'll love it, because when you complete a mission, you'll feel satisfied. even after the first mission. Because you'd have done something that you haven't done for quite some time, and that's play a game that rewards you with a new gaming experience.


this is actually my first ever perfect review. And that's quite an accolade in my case. i've also reviewed quake 3, homeworld, gta 2, Rollercoaster tycoon Loopy lanscapes, and none of them are as good as this. This is a celebration for gaming. in fact, this was a milestone in strategy gaming. A strategy game where you weren't building something or making a super army to wipe out another one. This was hardcore, fun, rewarding, originality at it's best. Eidos and Pyros should be absolutely proud of themselves, because they've made a game which no-one could come close to. Command and conquer bows down to this ok?

Buy or rent?

DON'T BUY!!!! Only kidding, make this the first game you own when you buy a pc, make it the NEXT game you buy on pc, buy this game if you don't have a pc! At least own it! The you can tell less trendier people who don't have it that you do! This game is...

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/19/00, Updated 10/19/00

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