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"How was this game not more famous"

To put it simply I am in awe of how Commandos is not more famously recognised throughout the world. The game is pure unadulterated genius. While Commandos doesn't have a specific and well developed unique feature to identify it from other similar titles in the genre, it chooses to mesh together the best ideas and create them into a soup like masterpiece. The best thing I find about Commandos are the characters. Each reflects a great amount of personality, character, individuality and charisma. While the Green Beret comes across as a muscle head prepared to take action rather than sit about waiting, the Sniper comes across as cautious while the Driver comes about as cocky. Although the speech samples for each character are small they will entertain you for your first hour of playing. They then become annoying. More on that later in Sound.

A lot of reviews of Commandos have said that the graphics are sub standard. I for one do not agree. Not only are Commandos far above adequate, they almost surpass greatness. They show such brilliant details. From the thrust of the Spys Lethal Injection to the explosions caused by the Sappers explosive weaponry. Its not just the graphics of the playing screen that are impressive. Even the Inventorys of the characters are very deatiled. Every character carries a 9mm gun although each person has more specific items. More on that under the character section. The game looks brilliant on lower resolutions such as 640 x 480 and unbaleivably crisp on the higher resolutions ie: 800 x 600 upwards. You will definetly benefit from higher resolutions.

Apart from the voice introductions which have a very ''old general'' feel to them the sound in Commandos basically revolves around the speech of both the main characters and their enemys. Each of the characters has their own catchphrases. For example, the Green Beret gives a little grunt. As said earlier this repetitive speech can get repetitive :). There is however an option to turn it off although it should be passive enough to withstand for the whole game.

Commandos is a frustarting game. The difficulty level is pushed WAY up for this one. Its a strategy game in which you absolutly NEED strategy to get anywhere. You need to kmow the guards patrol routes. You need to know when the best oppurtunity to take action is. You need to know who the best man for the job is. Thankfully like all great things it gets easier after practise. You will no doubt find the first level near enough impossible but as you buildup you will be able to pass through the levels eventually. If you tried the final mission without going through all the other missions you would doubtfully ever complete it. Its almost as if, like a real war, there are a host of minor battles leading up to the final major battle.

Commandos is a must buy, despite its age. There is not a single doubt in my mind about that. Thing is, even though its worthy of a purchase by any serious PC strategy gamer. It is however not a perfect game. There are faults. Its very difficult, you need patience and you need to develop strategys and you need to be prepared to reload if you muck up and make a bad mistake. Overall its well worth a 9/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/11/02, Updated 04/11/02

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