Review by Neimoidian85

Reviewed: 12/21/99 | Updated: 12/21/99

A great WW2 action strategy!!

Ever wish you were a war time hero. Well here's the game for you. It's set back in the 1940s with Hitler's troops storming Europe. During the path of the game you take control of a eam of commandos each specilizing in a certain subject. Such as Fins the marine or Spooky the spy.....


Good clean graphics. Even a dose of WW2 black and White footage. No two buldings are the same. Exposions even look good. Some things however just don't fit in like the footprints in the now look stupid. No sense in whining though.


Superb sound. The plain old pistols sound terrible though. Voices get very annoying at sometimes. Other than that it's sound-realistic.

Game Play

Well you go around in overhead view (like Command & Conquer) usin a cursor to move, command, and do anything with your men. You set bombs, shoot people, lure soldiers, and more. To much to explain abnout. Me I think the AI is terrible. The men find a dead guy they ring the alarm and go back to normal.


None. Once you're done it's done. Way to hard to wanna play again to the end.

Overall its a great game. Download the demo at: to get an idea!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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