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"Almost as hard as actually being a commando in these situations"

When you hear the word Commandos, you think of the guy that hides in the dark behind enemy lines and cuts peoples throats and drags their body into the darkness. Thats pretty much what this game is, but you get a few more companions to help you out. Its a strategy game and boy do you need to be strategic. Maybe I suck at this game but this game was hard as crap. I didn't beat it without codes and I doubt I could ever beat the game without codes. I'm sure its possible, but not for your average gamer.

World War II, behind enemy lines. Sounds hard. Trust me it is. Sounds exciting. Trust me it is. Sounds dangerous.. and it is too. On a map of the enemy territory, you have control over a handful of commandoes each with specific abilities. You have to strategically use all of your commandoes to complete scenarios. Perfection is the name of the game. Get caught and your in deep crap. SAVE THE GAME A LOT because a simple slip up could screw up everything. You will be doing missions in all types of enviroments from hot deserts to the cold north. You will also be given a wide variety of objectives from blowing up dams and houses to destroying boats and cannons. How do you complete these objectives? Through careful planning, stealth, and trickery of all sorts. Everything from bear traps to a spy sneaking up and lethally injecting a guard to more intense methods such as sniping and unloading on them with a machine gun. Stealth is another important factor. Laying down and crawling is more effective than standing up and running... obviously. Make sure to hide bodies after you stab them to death with your commando too... or make sure to harpoon the guy instead of shooting him with a pistol because the harpoon is silent. There is a lot of different features and cool things you can do in the game but as the game goes on the difficulty increases. Its hard as crap and thats no understatement.

I liked the story. A bunch of commandoes behind enemy lines trying to complete some missions in order to save lives and end the war. Thats pretty cool in my book. Its a heavy burden to carry on your shoulders considering that the German's were trying to take over the world and all, but I seemed to pull it off. The story isn't too personal and doesn't follow the characters but instead follows the war. There is no love triangles or cinematics that involve a bad guy that you must kill. Its simly do this and your mission will be accomplished.

This is probably one of the few games that I love the character's individual response when you tell them to do something. They all have their own personalities. The green beret is a bad ass and the spy seems to be a softy. You get the idea. Their little sayings when you click them are well done and aren't annoying. The music is just okay and so are the sound effects. A gun sounds like a gun and a machine gun kinda sounds like a machine gun. The focus is more on the gameplay.

The graphics are actually pretty decent. They don't look amazing and aren't jaw dropping realistic but they look great. The character's animations are done very well and in no way does the graphics impede the strategic part of the game.

This game is very very difficult. Its not impossible, but very, very hard. I can't stress this enough.

After you play as far as you can go before the game gets too hard, you might go back and play the first few missions over again. Its a lot of fun and there is a lot of different ways you can go about beating the levels. However, I doubt you'll get a lot of replay out of this one.

Its a good game. I don't know many other games like this one. However, it is alittle too hard for my tastes but definitely a worthy title. Its a good game and deserves all 7 points I gave it. It might even deserve more but I think the 7 will suffice in my opinion.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/01/05

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