What you get with LINKS LS '99:
- Make up your own games! New Mode of Play (MOP) Game Designer--create your own Modes of Play and swap them with your friends! Over 30 MOPs are included to get you started!
- LS '99 features four world-class golf courses! Along with Latrobe Country Club (now in beautiful fall foliage) Links LS '99 also features the birthplace of golf itself--St Andrews Links Old Course of Scotland! Also Arnold Palmer's Bay Hill Club & Lodge, and the stunning red cliffs of Entrada at Snow Canyon in southern Utah.
- Tournament Environment--immerses you in a tournament atmosphere with galleries of thousands to cheer your every shot!
- Two New Swing Options--PowerStroke and 3-Click mouse swing options in addition to original 2-Click swing.
- 3-D Objects--raise the realism to an even higher level.
- Caddie Book gives useful tips to help you master each hole.
- New Features for Internet Play--now enjoy "Internet Spectators" and Real-Time Voice Chat through new audio-compression technology.
- More realistic than ever with improved panorama, colors, textures, flora and trees.
- Two New Golfers to choose from (8 in all).
- Expanded Sound Script Editor allows you to edit crowd noises, add your own comments (WAV files), and insert them wherever you want.
- Improved Controls make game play easier than ever.
- The most realistic ball-flight physics of any golf sim are now even better!
- Supports more than 25 expansion courses (sold separately) including tournament sites, Championship Courses, Tour Player courses and 5-Course Libraries. New courses are added regularly each year to extend the playability of Links LS.
- Smart cameras let you view your game from any angle!
- Resolutions up to 1800x1440 and 16.7 million colors with "Look-Ahead" rendering for superfast redraws.
- Haze and fog options as well as waving flags, airplanes and other visual enhancements add even more realism.
- Includes multimedia tours of St Andrews Links, Bay Hill Club and Lodge and Entrada.
- Get acquainted with the legend himself, Arnold Palmer, through "Virtual World Tours" of his workshop, office, trophy room and in-depth multimedia interviews!
- Over a dozen new improvements for off-line tournaments! Play alone or against computer opponents, recorded players, internet friends and Internet tournaments. Links LS is competition!

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