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    Navarro Run FAQ by ShadowZero313

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 07/20/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Fallout 2 Navarro Run FAQ
    Created By ShadowZero313 (Shane H.)
    Started 4/22/03
    Version 1.4
    |Table of|
     ) Version History
    0) Intro
    1) Navarro Run Candidates
    2) Getting to SanFran
    3) Navarro Infiltration (kind of)
    4) Making It Out Intact
    5) ...Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Program...
    6) The End
     ) Version History
    v0.0: concept, from way back when
    v0.1: Kicked around with friends, in April, 2003
    v0.5: Worked up motivation to start, 4/22/03
    v1.0: Finished, First version, done on 5/6/03
    v1.1: Changed Flame Address, added info on idiot FAQ, done 5/13/03
    v1.2: First email!!!  Sent up 9/15/03
    v1.3: 2nd email.  sent out 1/16/04
    v1.4: New Website and Email.  sent 07/20/05
    0) Intro
    	My name is Shane.  This is my first FAQ, and it is a fun one.  Fallout 1/2 is
    an excellent series, with a large amount of replayability.  This FAQ is about a
    slightly different way to play Fallout 2.  In this method, you run your skinny
    butt down south to get Advanced Power Armor and absurdly powerful weapons at
    about level 3.  It can be difficult, but it can also be easy.  Get Ready!  Here
    is how I will tell directions in this FAQ:
    N     E
     \   /
      \ /
      / \
     /   \
    W     S
    I will also assume you have Running set to Always under preferences.
    1) Navarro Run Candidates
    	Nearly all characters can survive and succeed on a Navarro Run.  Some builds
    have a much better chance with it though.  I'm gonna break it down into the
    different areas and give advice for each.
    Optional Traits:
    	Usually these are less important, but this build is greatly aided by a couple
    of traits.  The first of these is Finesse.  At first, the -30% hurts, but the
    +10% crit chance will be a great boon to the total amount of damage you will
    dish out.  The other excellent trait is Gifted.  Even though losing 5 skill
    points per level hurts a bit, +1 to all primary stats is very, very good.
    Also, if you are capable of "packing light", unlike me (275 carry weight, about
    400 pounds of goodies), Small Frame is worth a try.  It will get you an extra
    stat point, at the measly expense of losing about 10 carry weight per point of
    strength you have.  I'm taking Finesse and Gifted.
    Primary Stats:
    	Most of this will follow common sense.  This will be slightly biased, as I
    perfer to play a smarter and more agile character.  Since I'm taking Gifted, I
    have a total of 47 stat points to dstribute.  Also, remember about the "Gain
    (Stat)" perks.  They can give a little bit of leeway, as long as you don't mind
    having certain stats off of what you might otherwise have.
    Strength:  The physical strength of your character.  Her/His ability to
    proberly handle weapons of enemy destruction (WED).  His/Her power in meleé
    combat.  Strength modifies Meleé Damage, Carry Weight, Starting HP (1 ST=1 HP),
    and the more physical skills.  This is NOT a build that requires an
    astronomical beginning strength rating.  Since the goal is to get early APA,
    any Strength over 6 is wasted, as APA adds 4 strength to you.  Also, remember
    that you can take Gain Strength at lvl12.  The last permanent gain is the
    strength module, but I don't remember where to find it.  I set mine at 5 (42
    pts left)
    Perception:  The ability of your character to tell what's around him/her.  How
    refined your senses are.  Perception modifies Sequence, ranged accuracy, and
    skills where the ability to observe details is important.  Depending on whether
    you go meleé or ranged will determine how you set this stat.  I'm a career
    shooter, so I set this above average.  I havevn't yet calculated how perception
    is used to modify ranged accuracy, but I am very sure that it is related to the
    distance between you and your target, and any enviornmental conditions (night).
     Since the base accuracy is based on the skill percentage for the chosen weapon
    type, theoretically you can still pull max accuracy with 1 perception with high
    enough weapon skills.  Unfortunately, with 1 preception: a) You start with 2
    sequence, and b) You will likely be surrounded in random encounters.  Not good.
     You could supposedly hit them, but only if you somehow manage to survive 1
    full turn of being figuratively raped by large, ugly creatures.  Not good, once
    again.  Since I play ranged, I want to take Sniper at lvl24, and I also want to
    start with a bit of distance between me and my assailants.  I set mine at 6 (37
    pts left), as I will take Gain Perception, and find the perception module by
    Endurance:  The ability to "take it like a man".  Your natural resistance to
    venom and the radiation that is ever-present.  How fast you heal.  This stat
    modifies your Starting HP (1 EN=2 HP), Poison/Rad Resists, Healing Rate, HP
    gain per level, and Outdoorsman.  Endurance is a casualty when I need more stat
    pts.  None of the things it modifies leave a very big impression, because
    poison and radiation happen anyway, with 6 endurance you still only get 4 HP
    per level, and Healing Rate is useless when you have a time limit that you will
    probably never get to.  If you want to improve it, there is the usual methods:
    Gain Endurance, and the endurance mod-chip.  Since I didn't have to drain it,
    though, it is set to 6 (31 pts left).
    Charisma:  The ability to impress people.  A representation of your general
    people skills.  The ability to coax a person to what you would like them to do.
    Charisma modifies the # of NPC slots in your party, people's reactions, barter
    prices, and skills that revolve around other people.  Unlike Fallout, there are
    more NPCs you can recruit into the ranks, and they improve their abilities
    occaisionally.  There are 4 useful NPCs (Sulik, Cassidy, Vic and Goris), where
    in Fallout, you can get Ian and Dogmeat.  Of course, there is the same two ways
    to bring it up, but getting both 2nd level implants will drop your Charisma by
    a total of two, so that evens out.  I set mine to 6 (25 pts left), because I
    need more pts for the last three stats, but I will have to drug up to 8
    Charisma to get 4 NPCs.
    Intelligence:  Your mental abilities.  How knowledgeable you are.  How well you
    learn from experience.  Intelligence modifies skill pts(5+2 X IN), conversation
    options, and skills that require knowing what you are trying to do.  I like
    smarter characters, since they get lots of stat points, and have more ways to
    mess with people in conversations.  I'm putting 9 here (16 pts left), and I'll
    get one of the stat boosters.
    Agility:  The ability to move quickly.  Your physical dexterity.  The speed to
    dodge attacks.  Agility modifies Armor Class, Action Points, and skills that
    require manual dexterity.  I really like agility.  It is a factor in almost all
    skills, increases the amount of attacks you can get off, and helps in the AC
    department.  Same two boosters as all the others, I'll find one, and set
    Agility at 9 (7 pts left).
    Luck:  The ability to bend randomness to your side.  How fate seems to affect
    your life.  Luck increases Crit Chance, type of random encounter, and skills
    that rely on luck.  You can take Gain Luck, but the other method is odd.  You
    go to the Hubologists in SanFran, and get a zeta scan, saving beforehand.  The
    scan can give you +2 Luck permanently, so 7 luck is all you need, and what I'll
    take. (0 pts remaining)
    As of right now, my stats are as follows:
           Strength: 05         Hit Points: 030/030         Sequence: 05
         Perception: 06        Armor Class: 009         Healing Rate: 01
          Endurance: 05      Action Points: 09       Critical Chance: 017%
           Charisma: 06       Melee Damage: 01          Carry Weight: 150 lbs.
       Intelligence: 09        Damage Res.: 000%       ::: Traits :::
            Agility: 09     Radiation Res.: 010%           Gifted
               Luck: 07        Poison Res.: 025%          Finesse
    Tag Skills:
    This will also be a lump.  Speech is very important, so you can BS without
    relying on a big gun, if the Shi-ite hits the fan.  Also, since you cannot scam
    merchants so easily as in Fallout, Barter should be tagged, so you can afford
    ammo and that stuff.  Now we need a combat skill.  All six combat skills have
    an excellent weapon that can be acquired in a Navarro run, so it is your
    choice.  Small Guns gets the H&K G11E from killing a Hubologist party, Big Guns
    has its choice between different miniguns in shops, Energy Weapons gets the
    Pulse tech weapons from the Brotherhood, Unarmed gets Power Fists found all
    over, Meleé can find a Super-Sledgehammer in the Navarro base, I believe, and
    Throwing gets Plasma Grenades from many sources.  I'm taking Small Guns now,
    and I'm gonna tag Energy Weapons with the Tag! perk.
    Here is the complete setup, after pressing done:
                             VAULT-13 PERSONNEL RECORD
                              25 July 2241  0824 hours
      Name: Girl               Age: 16               Gender: Female
     Level: 01                 Exp: 0            Next Level: 1,000
     ::: Statistics :::
           Strength: 05         Hit Points: 030/030         Sequence: 05
         Perception: 06        Armor Class: 009         Healing Rate: 01
          Endurance: 05      Action Points: 09       Critical Chance: 017%
           Charisma: 06       Melee Damage: 01          Carry Weight: 150 lbs.
       Intelligence: 09        Damage Res.: 000%
            Agility: 09     Radiation Res.: 010%
               Luck: 07        Poison Res.: 025%
     ::: Traits :::
     ::: Karma :::
      Karma: 0 (Wanderer)
     ::: Reputation :::
      Arroyo: Idolized
     ::: Skills :::                ::: Kills :::
      Small Guns ..... 051% (tag)
      Big Guns ....... 008%
      Energy Weapons . 008%
      Unarmed ........ 048%
      Melee Weapons .. 038%
      Throwing ....... 026%
      First aid ...... 040%
      Doctor ......... 030%
      Sneak .......... 042%
      Lockpick ....... 035%
      Steal .......... 037%
      Traps .......... 035%
      Science ........ 046%
      Repair ......... 037%
      Speech ......... 060% (tag)
      Barter ......... 054% (tag)
      Gambling ....... 045%
      Outdoorsman .... 038%
     ::: Inventory :::
      1x Spear
                                          Total Weight: 4 lbs.
    Now we are ready to start our grand adventure!!!
    2) Getting to SanFran
    Temple of Trials Entrance
    Now you could watch a movie of a beautiful woman :) telling you what you need
    to do, or you could read this:  Arroyo needs the G.E.C.K. (Garden of Eden
    Creation Kit) to survive and prosper.  Then the screen whites out, and you are
    on the steps of the Temple of Trials, with only the clothes on your back and
    the spear in your inventory.  Equip the spear, which deals 3-11 normal damage,
    and has a reach of one hex out, then enter the temple.
    Temple of Trials: Foyer
    At the beginning of the area, a message about your surroundings will appear on
    your monitor. Woop-de-do.  There are two Giant Ants in the first room.  Fight
    them or avoid them, your choice.  They give 25 exp each, so I don't think they
    are worth it.  However, the can detect you and start combat from a good
    distance away.  The path then branches off east and west, but I'm lazy, so I
    don't care about them.  Keep heading north, then you will reach another fork.
    Head west, you will reach a door that is locked.  Pick the lock, take your 25
    exp, and then move into the next area.
    Temple of Trials: Hallway
    The first part of this area is rigged with traps, either disarm the traps for
    25 exp each, or boldly run through, and take very minor damage.  Head west at
    the fork.  There will be a pot on the east side of where you will run through,
    take the plastic explosives inside.  The ants will very likely enter combat
    with you, but keep moving towards the door to the north.  Put the plastic
    explosive in your other slot.  When you get to the door, use it, and set the
    timer at 20 seconds (0:20 on the little timer shown if you don't know what a
    second is).   Run away now.  the explosive will likely blow early, but run
    through the door when it does.
    Temple of Trials: Inner Sanctum
    Take the West fork again.  There are a couple of ants, do what ever you want
    with them.  Run down the hallway, and end combat right next to the tribesman.
    If he talks to you, either talk him into giving you the key, or tell him you
    need time to prepare, save, enter sneak mode, and steal it off of him.
    Diplomacy gets you 800 exp, theft nets 600 exp, and beating his ass down gets
    400.  You then get a movie of the sacred Vault-13 jumpsuit, and a trip outside.
    Arroyo: Village  (well no Shi-ite)
    You appear in your snazzy, blue, limited-edition Vault 13 jumpsuit.  It sports
    no resistance to anykind of damage, no AC boost, and a big, yellow 13 on it.
    You are outside of that beautiful elder's tent, talk to her, get your 152
    bucks, and get on with your life.  There are a few small quests you can do
    here.  You can sharpen your spear, fix a well, weed a garden, and save a dog.
    We will do the first two.  The well is easy.  Just walk up to it, activate the
    repair skill, click on the well, and get your 100 exp.  To get a sharpened
    spear, go south to the Bridge area, and talk to Mynac, the guard at the bridge.
     Ask about his spear.  He wil tell you to get some flint from the aunt who
    never liked you, Morlis.  She is outside one of the southern tents.  She may
    ask for 3 healing powders, but I BSed her by saying it would be better for me
    to keep the powders because of my quest.  If she doesn't fall for it, you can
    try to steal it, or weed Harkunin's garden to get the healing powder.  Any way
    should get you the flint, and lying got me another 50 exp.  Head back to the
    bridge, talk to Mynac, and he'll fix the spear up quite nicely.  The Sharpened
    spear has its damage increased to 4-13, but is otherwise the same as a normal
    spear.  Lucas, who is standing by the giant head, will teach you about fighting
    with fists and feet.  Accept his offer.  Also, Jordan, who is in a nearby tent,
    will teach you how to use a spear, a boost to your Meleé skill.  Now head out
    of Arroyo, into the wasteland.
    World Map: NorthWest corner
    SanFran is south and east of Arroyo, and is a very long trek.  Most encounters
    right now will probably kill you if you fight, so always run away.  Save very
    often, and hope you don't meet an Enclave patrol, which will likely 1st turn
    you.  Expect to have to reload fairly often on your trek.  SanFran is 6 squares
    east of Arroyo, and the 4th square from the bottom of the map.
    If you encounter "A group of people who seem to be at the wrong place at the
    wrong time", don't panic.  The people in the fancy metal armor, are two Enclave
    troopers and Frank Horrigan, the end-game boss.  They are interrogating some
    farmers, but they then unleash a couple mini's on them, then tell you to walk
    away, like nothing happened.  Frank also "talks" to certain people a couple of
    times in certain locations in subareas.
    Save every 6 squares or so.  Also, around SanFran, Hubologists fighting
    mercenaries may pop up.  Always enter those, but don't get involved in the
    fight, just wait until one side loses, then loot the other.  You can get good
    stuff this way.  Anyway, enter SanFran.
    San Francisco: Chinatown
    Right now, there is only two places you are really interested in.  The first is
    the Brotherhood Base, in the East corner.  Talk to the man in metal armor, be
    sure to bring up either the Enclave, Navarro, or vertibirds.  He will ask you
    to go to Navarro, and steal a copy of the Vertibird plans.  The second area is
    through the northeastern green exit grid.  There will be a scientist, a guy
    that looks like a merchant, and two guards in Combat Armor.  There is also a
    spacecraft, and a spiral stair.  Right now, though, all you are concerned with
    arer the two guards.  They both carry Pancor Jackhammers, a burst-capable
    shotgun that deals 18-29 normal damage, holds 10 rounds, and has a range of 35
    hexes.  Simply get behind them, save, activate sneak mode and steal all of the
    stuff.  If you get caught, reload.  The Jackhammer is a nice weapon that will
    serve you well for quite some time, and shells are very common in the wastes.
    Leave SanFran and prepare to journey to Navarro.
    World Map
    Right now, I recommend getting to level 3 at least, if only so you don't miss a
    perk when you return the plans.  I recommend taking Awareness as your first
    perk.  You need 5 Perception for it, so a meleé character might not be able to
    take it.  Also, while you level up, you can make money off of the loot obtained
    off your opponents' bodies.  After you are prepared, head 12 squares north, and
    6 west to the Navarro base.  Save often, as Enclave patrols have been sighted
    in the area, and they kill first, and don't ask questions.
    3) Navarro Infiltration (kind of)
    Navarro: Gas Station
    When you get to Navarro, it looks like a gas station.  The "attendant", Chris,
    is supposed to shy away visitors.  There are several ways to negotiate your way
    in, but if negotiations fall through, you must enter combat and silence him
    permanently within 3 rounds, or the base will go on alert, and you WILL be
    killed if you try to enter.  I recommend sticking your Jackhammer (you do have
    a Jackhammer, right?) in your inactive slot, just in case.  Here is my
    conversation path that got me in peacefully (this conversation made possible by
    Chris:	Howdy, stranger, Haven't seen you around these parts before.  What can
    old Chris do for you?
    Girl:	I'm looking for the Enclave.  Are they around here?
    Chris:	Enclave?  Is that a group or something?  That don't ring no chimes with
    me.  What do you want with them?
    Girl:	I want to join.
    Chris:	Join up?  You're a tribal!  What makes you think they'd want a tribal?
    Girl:	I'm serious.  I'm looking to join the Enclave.
    Chris:	Wait a minute.  Are you trying to say you're one of the Enclave
    Girl:	That's right.
    Chris:	Damn.  Sorry for the hassle.  I'm supposed to clear a bunch of newbies
    coming through here but I've got to weed out the trash.  Anyways, just go up to
    the gate, through the woods there, and give them the password.  It's
    "sheepshead".  Oh, and stay on the path!
    Girl:	Thanks!
    So now you are in.  Follow the rock path, head across the grid and enter the
    Navarro base.
    This was sent to me by Charles Ang.
    "When you talk to Chris and you can't get him to believe that you're a new
    Enclave recruit (happens to me often because my characters are rarely very
    diplomatic) and you're forced to kill him, it's not the end of the world yet;
    after dusting Chris you can simply stroll into the door behind him (the smaller
    sheet metal looking building) and go down a trapdoor into the Enclave base's
    basement (comes out right across from the armory). I tend to save and get into
    sneak mode before coming out because the first time I did this the guard
    outside the door shot at me, but I've done it numerous times after that and
    just slipped across to pick up the Power Armor before going back up to get the
    Vertibird plans."
    Navarro: Vertibird Base
    Speak to the first guard, tell him you are new, then the password.  He will
    tell you to go to the first door after the kennels on the right.  Speak to the
    drill sergent inside.  I love him.  So calm and peaceful :)  He will order you
    to get to the armory, unless you were idiot enough to provoke him.  The
    elevator down is next to the hangar.  Feel free to ignore his command that you
    come back for some guard duty :)  If the quartermaster tells you to go away,
    simply go into the locker room and empty the lockers.  The APA is in the 3rd
    locker down.  It has absurd DT/DR, only weighs 45 lbs, and gives +4 ST and +40%
    Rad Resist.  Now head up to the surface, and talk to Raul, the vertibird
    repairman.  He'll tell you to leave.  Now go to the Mantaince (sp?) shed, and
    get some bird plans from Quincy (Raul needs them).  Loot the lockers and tool
    benches, Quincy won't pay attention.  Head back to the Hangar, tell Raul Quincy
    was talking ish.  Raul will go punk Quincy, now loot these lockers and tool
    benches.  Wait for Raul to come back, and leave the way you came in, saying the
    same things as last time.  Save before leaving Navarro.
    More stuff from Mr. Ang
    "One last thing: if you kill Chris and sneak into Navarro, don't try to leave
    through the gate because the guards there will still try to shoot at you; but
    as long as you don't go nearby (I got into the kitchen to talk to the cook and
    they didn't notice), it'll be okay. Just go back out the same way you came in
    and no one will be the wiser (when I came back for the FOB, a LONG, long time
    later, there was still no problem getting in)."
    4) Making It Out Intact
    World Map
    Enclave Patrols will still attack you, even in your shiny new armor, so use
    caution and save frequently.  From here, go back to SanFrancisco
    San Francisco: Chinatown
    Go to the Brotherhood base.  Give Matt the plans, he will give you another
    copy.  Now go to the Shi Temple in the East of town.  In the main room, talk to
    the man in the lab coat.  He will tell you to give a copy of the vertibird
    plans to Dr. Wong, who is in the computer room.  Now, from all of this stuff
    with th plans, you should have recieved a total of 31500 exp (1500 BSing Chris,
    5000 for grabbing the plans, 20000 for giving them to Matt, 5000 giving them to
    the Shi).  Make sure Matt gets the plans first, as he will copy them, the Shi
    won't.  Enter the Brotherhood base, loot it, and get all ops you can now at the
    computer.  More are available when you find more colored memory chips.  Sell
    all of the stuff you don't need for drugs and cash, as they have no weight.
    When you are done, save and head out to the World Map
    5) ...Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Program...
    Congrats.  You Survived a Navarro run.  Here is my Char Sheet now:
                             VAULT-13 PERSONNEL RECORD
                             02 April 2242  0853 hours
      Name: Girl               Age: 16               Gender: Female
     Level: 08                 Exp: 34,152       Next Level: 36,000
     ::: Statistics :::
           Strength: 09         Hit Points: 058/058         Sequence: 09
         Perception: 06        Armor Class: 039         Healing Rate: 01
          Endurance: 05      Action Points: 09       Critical Chance: 017%
           Charisma: 07       Melee Damage: 04          Carry Weight: 250 lbs.
       Intelligence: 09        Damage Res.: 055%
            Agility: 09     Radiation Res.: 070%
               Luck: 07        Poison Res.: 025%
     ::: Traits :::
     ::: Perks :::
      Quick Pockets
     ::: Karma :::
      Karma: 90 (Wanderer)
     ::: Reputation :::
      Arroyo: Idolized
      Klamath: Neutral
      San Francisco: Accepted
     ::: Skills :::                ::: Kills :::
      Small Guns ..... 115%        Men ............ 003
      Big Guns ....... 008%        Women .......... 002
      Energy Weapons . 061%        Centaurs ....... 001
      Unarmed ........ 063%        Geckos ......... 002
      Melee Weapons .. 056%        Giant Ants ..... 001
      Throwing ....... 026%
      First aid ...... 046%
      Doctor ......... 030%
      Sneak .......... 042%
      Lockpick ....... 035%
      Steal .......... 037%
      Traps .......... 035%
      Science ........ 051%
      Repair ......... 043%
      Speech ......... 095%
      Barter ......... 094%
      Gambling ....... 045%
      Outdoorsman .... 039%
     ::: Inventory :::
      14,085x Money            1x Vic's Water Flask     13x 12 ga. Shotgun Shells
      17x Stimpak              7x Psycho                8x Mentats
      8x Buffout               10x Micro Fusion Cell    1x Plastic Explosives
      1x Super Sledge          1x Electronic Lockpick MKII  1x Expanded Lockpick
      1x Power Armor           2x Scout Handbook        2x Rad-X
      3x RadAway               1x Super Tool Kit        1x M72 Gauss Rifle
      1x 2mm EC                1x YK42B Pulse Rifle     1x Pancor Jackhammer
      1x Advanced Power Armor
                                          Total Weight: 219 lbs.
    Now you are free to do whatever now, in the comfort and safety of your Advanced
    Power Armor.  I'm gonna go up to Klamath, and play this like a normal game,
    heading back up to Klamath.  The reason my game has such a long game time, is
    because of the large amount of time building wealth off of dead mercenaries.
    Good Luck, Chosen One.  May the Spirit of the Vault Dweller be with you!!
    6) The End
    Thank you to Charles Ang(charles_angph@yahoo.com) for a couple of tips in
    Thank you to GroZZleR(grozzler@grozzler.com) for a correction in the directions
    to Navarro.
    This FAQ copyright Shane Homan, 2003.  You may post this FAQ on your Fallout
    related web site, provided that A) You email me the name of the site when it is
    up,  B) You do not change a single word, and C) You keep the FAQ updated to
    it's latest version.  The latest version of this FAQ can always be found at
    GameFAQs (www.GameFAQs.com) and my site (shadowzerosoftware.ath.cx)
    Any comments, criticism, props, and anything else that you think of
    about this FAQ can be emailed to shadowzero313@gmail.com, however do not expect
    me to respond to flames.  I also occaisionally am on the boards, as superzerg. 
     Thank you.  Also look for my Fallout 2 Idiot FAQ, coming soon!!!

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