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    FAQ/Walkthrough by GBryant

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    	Another George's Fallout 2 Faq
    Character Creation
    Vault City
    Broken Hills
    New California Republic (NCR)
    Vault 15
    Vault 13
    New Reno
    Military Base
    Sierra Army Base
    San Fransisco
    Oil Rig
    Character Creation:
    	First decide the role of your character. Is he a charismatic tech? 
    (Tag: Repair/Science/Speech. A very hard but fun char to play) Maybe 
    Kane from Kung-Fu? (Tag: Wilderness, Unarmed, yourchoice) Or perhaps the 
    basic fallout character, the small arms diplomat. (Tag: Small Arms, 
    Speech, and yourchoice. Though its usually sneak) 
    	After deciding that move onto the stats. Increase the stats your 
    tagged skills depend on. (Science=Int, Speec/Barter=Char, and so on) 
    Here are some general hints. Most chars need high Agility, I recomend 9 
    or 10. If you're using guns you'll need a str of 5 or 6. (for 
    small/energy weapons. Big guns need 7 or 8) If you're using unarmed or 
    melee I'd go with a str of 10.  Perception is also very good for gun 
    using chars, I usually go with 7-9. Charisma and Endurance is usually 
    the low point for my combat characters. If you increase speech you can 
    get by with 4 char and 4 Endurance is fine. Having a high endurance is 
    good for the extra HP but it isn't *that* much more HP and a few lucky 
    criticals kills you anyway. (unarmored that is, get armor fast!) Next 
    comes Int, a combat char can have 4 or 5 but since I usually go with 
    gifted I take 7 or 8. Luck is something you should either take a lot or 
    not bother with, I usually concentrate on criticals (take all the 
    critical perks like more/better) so I start with 9 or 10. If you're not 
    concentrating on criticals you can have 4 or 5.  
    	Be very careful with traits, a bad one can hurt your char for the 
    entire game. (there is the mutate perk but that makes you waste a perk)  
    The two best are Small Frame and Gifted. Both have very low 
    disadvantages. Small Frame just lowers your carry weight, you don't need 
    to carry much (quest items,stims and ammo) and if you need more just use 
    your npcs as mules. Gifted gives +1 to all stats and -5 to skills at 
    each level. You can add +3 to int and it negates the -5 to skills at lvl 
    (sp formula, 2xInt +5 at lvl. 3 more int is +6 then)  and you get the 
    other +1's free. One hander is propably safe for small arms since 3/4 
    are one handed weapons but I've never seen much advantage when using it. 
      Quest: Pass trial
    	You can kill everything if you wish but you don't get much 
    experience so you might as well just get through as quickly as you can. 
    Run (or sneak) by the various monsters till you get to the first door, 
    lockpick it. Run through the traps till you get to some bugs and a pot, 
    inside is an explosive. Arm the explosive then drop it by the door. 
    (running away is a good idea) The door explodes then go to the next area 
    and pass through a door to the N/W to get to your final test. You may 
    pummel him in HtH combat (even if you didn't tag unarmed it isn't too 
    hard) or convince him you don't have to fight. (I was able to even with 
    4 ch)
      Quest: Rescue the dog, Smoke. 
    	Go to the N/W exit grid and then head to the N/W corner of this 
    area. Cross the toxic waste via the bridge and the walk by the dog. 
    He'll follow you back to the guy who gave you the quest.
      Quest: Kill the plants
    	Just go behind Hakunin's house and kill the plants there.
      Item: Sharpened Spear
    	Don't bother unless you tagged melee, if you did steal or buy the 
    flint from the woman south of the old woman. (your aunt)
    	You can increase your unarmed from the guy near the south exit 
    grid, in a nearby tent another guy will increase your melee.  I heard 
    someone will increase your Perception if it's really low but I always 
    start with a high PER. 
       Quest: Find Vic
    	If you ask around you'll see he's not in town. You can raid his 
    house for some free items and make sure you take his radio.
       Quest: Help Torr
    	Kill all the scorpions. The two brothers are nearby and you find 
    some fake scorpion arms but I'm not sure how to finger them.
       Quest: Find Smiley
    	After getting this quest a new map spot will apear NW of town. 
    (Toxic Caves) Head there and go through the caverns till you reach 
    Smiley then talk to him and bring him back to the town. You might want 
    to do the quest below this so you have the boots and don't take any 
    radiation damage. 
       Quest: Clean out the Rats/Item: First engine part
    	Get the key to the rat area from a nearby trapper then kill rats 
    till you reach (after a few sewer levels) the Rat God, kill him. A 
    ladder in one of the sewer levels will get you to the other side of the 
    buildings near the abandoned car, you can get a car part that helps your 
    gas mileage. Also, you can get some rubber boots in the sewer. (since 
    rad-x is so expensive it might be a good idea to get the boots before 
    doing the smiley quest) 
    	One of the people at the bar will increase your unarmed skill. 
    Smiley will also increase your wilderness skill and give you the ability 
    to skin geckos. 
        Npc: Sulik 
    	Pay the $300 or ask for his release after rescuing Smiley.  He's 
    good as he can't accidently hit you with a melee weapon. He doesn't do 
    much damage (even with a super sledge) but give him good armor and let 
    him draw fire. 
     A choice! You can either go find Vic and that leads you to Vault City 
    and eventually Vault 15. (your lead to Vault 13) Your other option is 
    the much shorter route to Redding, then a caravan to NRC, then the 
    president's quest to Vault 15.  However, the quest here is combat 
    intensive so if you go the shorter route do some random encounters and 
    get up to lvl 9 or 10. 
       Quest: Free Vic/ Npc: Vic
    	Talk to the head slaver and get permission to see Vic. (ask the 
    guard to open the door) Then give Vic the radio and pay the head slaver 
    $1000. Or you could just kill all the slavers and lockpick the door. 
    (propably not an option now but I didn't bother with Vic till lvl 17 in 
    my latest game) Vic is a pretty crappy npc, he's a bad shot so he tends 
    to hit you a lot. He's also very weak so he dies quickly unless you 
    babysit him. I just took him for the Ranger quest in NRC then dumped 
       Quest: Take meal to Smitty
    	Take a meal to Smitty for "Mom". You get a stimpack, yippe. 
       Quest: Get money from Fred
    	Don't bother doing these missions. Bad pay for lots of work. If 
    you *really* want to here's the solutions..
    	I'm not sure if his location varies but in my game he was in the 
    southern house with the father of the young thieves. 
       Quest: Find Becky's book
    	Just wannder around the city till you find it, location seems to 
       Quest: Have Stacey tell you about her cat
    	Get Stacey (near the center table at Mom's) to tell you about her 
    cat and you get an easy 200 xp. 
       Quest: Help Laura's gang
    	First head to the church, get the guards to let you in, and look 
    at the crates. Head back and she'll ask you to get permission to attack 
    the guys guarding the church from the head slaver. Then she'll send you 
    to find a weakness in the guards, just talk to one of them outside. 
    (he'll tell you about the party) Then she'll ask you to help them take 
    out the guards.  (if you're weak her gang can handle them on their own, 
    just hang back) 
       Warning: Watch out for the thieves! They'll take any item so they 
    might nab a quest one. Not sure if you can get them back. The thieves' 
    father has the items they stole from you for sale, I think. 
       Item: Car
    	You can buy the car here for $2000 plus a part you get in Gecko
       Quest: Guard Brahim
    	You can make $1000 by guarding some brahim from wild dogs. Get the 
    quest from Grisham
       Quest: Find Jonny/ Quest: Ghost Farm
    	You can find Jonny's BB gun at the bottom of the well, but wait! 
    He's not dead!
    	Go to Jo (the guy in the General Store) and talk to him about the 
    Geck. Eventually you'll get asked to do a quest for him which is to 
    investigate a Ghost Farm. Head there and surrender to the guards. Accept 
    the Slag leader's quest to take a letter to Jo. After talking to Jo 
    *run* to Den and talk to Karl there. ("hear his story") Then run back to 
    Modoc. (remember you have a time limit) Tell him about Karl then go back 
    to the Slag Leader and talk to him. Then go through the caves and find 
    Jonny. Ask the Slag Leader for permission to take him back. (they'll 
    escort you) 
       Quest: Help Farrel with his Garden
    	Just tell him you will help him and he'll take you to the garden. 
    Kill all the vermin and that's it.
       Quest: Help Farrel find the Gold Watch
    	Climb inside the outhouse (the one in the north section of the 
    city, the clean one) and once down there use dynamite (just set the 
    timer and drop it by them) on the rocks forming a wall then climb up the 
    ladder. Climb back down and go to the new section of the cave and kill 
    the pigrat and take the watch.
       Quest: Caravan runs
    	Easy way to reach a town and get some EXP and Gold. Especially 
    good if you still have weak weapons because if you're attacked by 
    bandits you can loot them of their good weaponry and get help killing 
    BUG: Haven't seen this in the newest beta patch but in the original 
    version sometimes if you didn't take the first caravan offered (like you 
    come in while the vault city one is there and you wait for the NRC 
    caravan) , no more will appear. 
        Quest: Help the sheriff
    	You can't get these till you're lvl  9 or 12 I think. Not sure, I 
    did em at lvl 20. Anyway, tell the Sheriff you'll help him and he'll 
    send you on a series of missions. First one head a little ways from his 
    office and talk to the old woman. You can either be nice (and give her 
    the money) or boot her out. (I guess, didn't do this) Second mission is 
    to stop a bar brawl. If you tell them to "not do it for now for the 
    sheriff's sake" you won't get the gold. The way I completed it was I 
    threatened to kill the first person who threw a punch and didn't back 
    down. They eventually wilted and I put em in jail. Might wanna save in 
    case they take you up on your threat. Next mission is to find who cut up 
    a whore (Unforgiven), talk to the people in the bar then talk to one of 
    the guys at the lower mine. Listen to his excuse then throw him in jail. 
    Last mission is to take out some bandit at the <big sp> Wannamingo 
    mines. Instead of heading towards the front door I went around to the 
    side and killed the few guards and came at them from behind. That way I 
    was able to take the first shot and it was an easy battle. There are 
    traps around there if you try to out flank them so be careful. 
       Quest: Get the chip for the machine
    	There are two chips in the Wannamingo <sp!> mines, one inside a 
    large machine and another near by. 
       Quest: Clear the Wannamingo mines (buy the deed from the mayor)
    	This is very tough, the mine is filled with Aliens. The first 
    alien you find is a 'boss' alien which is much tougher then the rest. If 
    you don't kill him quickly you'll be swamped by the smaller ones. Best 
    to leave this quest till lvl 15-20. 
    Vault City:
       Quest: Getting inside
    	Take off your armor and talk to the guy in the building outside 
    the gate or just steal the pass off him.  (Note: They won't let you in 
    with a Ghoul or Mutant in your party) 
       Quest: Rescue Joshua
    	Go talk to the head guy in the "servant allocation" building. You 
    can convince him to let Joshua go, maybe if you're a citizen you can 
    have him assigned to you and then let him go but I'm not sure. 
       Quest: Give Tools and a Wrench to Valerie (Vic's daughter)
    	Just give them to her and after a few days you'll get a super 
    tool. You need this for a later quest. (you can get a wrench from the 
    kid in the couryard but you have to do a pixel hunt quest first. I hate 
    those so just wait and you'll run across a few wrenchs later on , like 
    in New Reno. Come back and finish the quest then) 
        Quest: Fix the Autodoc/Skills/Stats: Upgrade
    	You can fix the autodoc for the docter in the repair yard.  You 
    can also get some combat implants. If you have a high docter skill look 
    at the medical computer on the first level of the vault. After that talk 
    to the docter in the courtyard. The operation requires a suit of combat 
    armor and a lot of money.
       Quest: Solve the Gecko matter.
    	Wipe em out (and shut the power down) per the First Citizen or the 
    much better option (from the head councilman, McClure) of cleaning up 
    the reactor. Talk to the people at Gecko and find out what they need 
    (Harold will tell you) then talk to the head councilman, he'll get you 
    the part. (the head councilman is in the building with the first 
    citizen) Then you can either install it yourself or convince one of the 
    techs to do it.
       Quest: Cure for Jet addiction?
    	You can get a quest from the Docter inside the Vault to smuggle in 
    some Jet. I heard if you have a Jet addiction this is one of the ways to 
    get it cured. I've never been addicted so I dunno. (the easiest way to 
    "smuggle" it is to just give it to an npc) 
       Quest: Defeat the raiders
    	Travel south and look for their base. With a bit of looking you 
    should find it. Once there, kill em all. (take evidence from the vault) 
    Make sure you work your way through the gates and traps through several 
    exit grids till you get back outside. You'll get an exp bonus for 
    "breaking the raider's strength".  You can also find a map and some more 
    info in Bishop's safe at New Reno. 
       Npc: The Bartender, Cassidy
    	Just talk to him and ask him to join.   (you have to talk to him 
    for a while to get the option) He's fairly good, kinda low HP though.
       Item: Free books
    	Get them by talking to the old Librarian (west of Servant 
    Allocation Center)
       Item: Micro Fusion Cells
    	By repairing a vent in the 2nd level of the Vault you can find 
    some cells.
       Item: Required engine part
    	To get the engine part you need to get the car running (forget the 
    name) give the super toolkit to Skeeter. (he can also upgrade your 
    weapons but he charges a lot) 
       Quest: Optimize the reactor
    	Take the disk and use it in the main computer in the Vault at 
    Vault City then bring it back and use it on the robot control terminal.
       Quest: Gecko-Vault City Alliance
    	Get the disk from Gorden (he's near Skeeter) then give it to Head 
    Councilman McClure. (I think you have to do this before you optimize the 
    Broken Hills:
       Quest: Fix the mine purifier
    	Talk to the Head Miner he'll give you a password to give to the 
    doc in the western part of New Reno so you can get the part from him. 
    (Roscoe? name's something like that, near the gun shop) Then just run 
    through the mine and install the part. Make sure you bring plenty of 
    stims. You'll get a combat shotgun for your trouble.
       Quest: Find the missing people
    	You can find their bodies in the sewers beneath the northern part 
    of town. Do what the msg from yourself says and talk to the Head Miner 
    and Francis instead of Marcus. If you talk to Francis correctly he'll 
    leave town and you'll get the exp.
       Quest: Help the ghoul with fly trouble
    	After talking to him go to the power plant operator and ask him to 
    give the ghoul more power to his house. I couldn't convince him but you 
    can just use your science skill on the computer. 
       Npc: Marcus
    	After doing the above quests Marcus will join you. He can't wear 
    armor but he's pretty useful. He didn't hit me too often but he sucks up 
    ammo very quickly. Make sure you keep a surplus. 
    New California Republic: (NCR) 
       Quest: Free the slaves
    	You can join the Rangers by completing this quest. I just killed 
    all the slavers then had vic open the cell doors. If you have an 
    insanely high science/repair skill you can open them yourself. 
       Quest: Resolve the crisis at the power station/Item: Free Gun
    	Walking by the power station you'll be asked to come inside and 
    help deal with someone threatening to blow up the station. Something 
    triggers this quest but I'm not sure, I didn't get asked till the 2nd or 
    3rd I was in NRC. You can try to reason with him but its never worked 
    for me. If you can't kill him before he blows himself up you'll have to 
    repair the station. The quest giver will give you some science and 
    repair manuals. If you go to the bar outside the city you can also get a 
    free gun. 
       Item: Upgrade for car
    	Just talk to the guy west of the slavers
      Quest: Get the Parts
    	You'll get a quest from President Tandi to get some parts from 
    Vault 15. Solution in the Vault 15 section.
    Vault 15:
       Quest: Rescue daughter
    	A woman will ask to speak privatly, after you agree she will ask 
    you to rescue her daughter. Someone will be listening outside then run 
    off, chase after and it'll lead you to a sentry to the north. Tell the 
    sentry someone's life is at stake and she'll let you through. At the 
    building you can convince the guard to let you in or just kill him. Use 
    the key and take the daughter back to her mother. The mother will thank 
    you and tell you to talk to the mayor who will give you a key to the 
    vault. (the entrance is on the side of the mountain) Convince him to 
    sign a deal with NRC which he will do if you kill the bandits.
      Quest: Kill bandit leader
    	Use the key on the doors before oppening to deactivate the trap 
    then head down. Either convince the sentry you're a bandit or kill em 
    all. Take the elevator down to the 3rd floor then kill the head bandit. 
    (watch out, the two guards in combat armor can be tough. If you're 
    having probs just come back to this quest later) One computer on this 
    level will give you the location to Vault 13. Another will tell you 
    about a spy in NRC. (the info goes on a holodisk) Head back to NRC and 
    start a deal between NRC and Vault 15 and give the holodisk to President 
    Tandi's aide. (note: you can just take the parts but I think you get 
    more exp for signing the deal, plus its a good thing to do) 
    Vault 13:
       Quest: Repair the computer.
    	The head deathclaw will give you a quest to repair the main 
    computer. The parts can be bought from the gun shop owner in New Reno 
    for a few thousand dollars. After this he'll give you the GECK. Note: If 
    you're an evil char you can just lockpick the lockers in the 3rd lvl and 
    take the geck. There is also some combat armor down there. (as well as a 
    quest item for later)
       Npc: Goris
    	He's pretty good at HtH combat and I think will use his science 
    skill like Vic's repair. (never tried though)
    New Reno:
        The Mob Familys:
    	You can end up a made man in one but after that you can't get 
    quests from the others. You get the same things from all of them so its 
    just your choice. You might wanna get the 2nd quest from the Wright 
    Family before becoming a made man to get the location of the Sierra Army 
    Depot.  This section is incomplete for reasons stated above.
       Quest: Wright Family, First mission
    	You can find the poisened jet container (in his room I think) or 
    just finger anyone you want. 
       Quest: Wright Family, Second mission
    	Head to the Sierra Army Depot. I don't remember what they want 
    because I've never completed the quest for them. Sierra Army Depot will 
    be covered in its own section.
       Quest: Mordino Family, First mission
    	Pretty simple, just deliver the stuff. To get the mission talk to 
    Little Jesus first.
       Quest: Bishop Family, First mission
    	To talk to Bishop get the suitcase from the nutty guy in Vault 
    City. (the guy who's preaching, Thomas Moore. Have to talk to him many 
    times) The quest is to kill the rancher, Westin, in a non-obvious way. 
    To get inside his ranch tell the guard you're looking for a job. (get 
    the option from a nearby cop I believe) You can use a super stimpack on 
    him or some of the drugs/poisen from the docter in town.
       Quest: Bishop Family, Second mission
    	Steal the presidential pass from Tandi's aide then just walk in 
    and kill him. I had sneak on when I did it and the guards didn't react. 
       Stat/Skills: Become a Boxing Champ/Porn Star
    	Go to either of these places and talk to one of the people there. 
    Becoming a Porn Star requires certain stats (end/agi?) and boxing 
    requires a good unarmed skill.
       Npc: Myron
    	He's on the bottom floor of the Mordino drug factory. I'm not sure 
    if you can get to him without killing all the guards. He's annoying and 
    pretty weak. 
       Item: Free upgrades!
    	Break into the shop behind the arms dealer during the day (he'll 
    ignore the dogs barking) and go down the stairs behind the shelves. The 
    gimp down there will upgrade weapons for free. I think he's also the 
    only one who'll make a turbo plasma rifle. (didn't work right in the 
    original un-patched version though) 
    Military Base:
       Quest: Get inside/Clear Base
    	Use the pole (its nearby, go pixel hunting) on the cart then the 
    dynamite on the cart. Push the cart then *boom*. Head inside and kill 
    everything till you get to a nutty mutant. Kill him and you get a gauss 
       Items: Repair Manuals/Loc of San Fran/ Rockets
    	Lots of these outside the base, search the tents.
    Sierra Army Base:
       Quest: Get inside
    	Kill the turrets, then put a shell into the howitzer and blow open 
    the door. Then go to the power generators to the north and go down the 
    ladder and throw the switch. Head inside. From here its pretty easy, get 
    the pamphlet and the password. Just run through the red fields. (keep 
    picking up the eye balls for the scanners) Turn the computer off (run 
    diagnostics), collect junk and try not to piss off the really big 
    robots. (they're *very* tough) 
       Npc: Skynet
    	To get him talk to the big computer on the last floor (5?) then 
    get some of that gel from the first floor and use it on the robot. Then 
    get one of the brains from storage. (higher science skill= better brain) 
    After that kill one of the robots for its motivater. (recomend you do 
    this on the first floor, much easier robots. Use the eye scanner w/o the 
    eyeball) He's okay, he'll use small guns decently. 
    San Fransisco:
        Quest: Get the Vertibird Plans
    	Finally, the Brotherhood of Steel give you answers! Solution in 
    Navaro section. After completeting the quest you'll find the best energy 
    weapons and some powered armor (yawn, now that you've got mark 2) 
    inside. You'll also find a computer that'll increase your stats. You 
    have to find a chip first for each stat. One is in the Sierra Army 
    Depot, one's in Navaro, one's in the Military Base.  (Note: You get the 
    same quest from the Shie) 
       Quest: Get the tanker moving
    	Rescue the hacker's girlfriend from the below decks (she can be 
    killed so don't spend too much time fighting the monsters around her) 
    then have him hack the the fuel from the Shie. Then get the nav part 
    from Vault 13. (its in the lockers with the geck and combat armor) You 
    will need the FOB to get to the room where you install the nav parts. 
    Then go up to the Captain's room and start the computer.
       Item: Hardened Power Armor
    	You can buy this from one of the Hubologists. Its for the original 
    armor so its not worth it. 
       Quest: Get inside
    	Make sure you've left your npcs behind before entering. You can 
    either convince the guard you're a recruit (follow the path to the N/W 
    and tell the next guard the password) or just kill him before he is able 
    to radio anyone and take the secret entrance behind him. 
       Quest: Free the Deathclaw/NPC:Cyberdog
    	Kill the docter (soundproofed room) then take the keycard and let 
    the deathclaw free. (not sure if you have to ask permission to kill the 
    deathclaw before killing the docter to get inside the cell) Next head up 
    to the ground floor and tell the tech (Raul) in the hanger the doc wants 
    the part to repair his dog. Take it and go use it on the dog.  The dog's 
    pretty good, his hth dmg is decent and he's got a lot of hps so he isn't 
    easily killed. 
       Quest: Get the Vertibird plans
    	Talk to Raul then talk to the tech in the northern hanger/garage. 
    Tell him Raul wants the plans. He'll then let you get them. 
       Quest: Get the FOB
    	Talk to the guard outside the commander's room and tell him you've 
    come to secure the key. The commander will then let you take the FOB. 
    NOTE: one char didn't get this option, not sure why. If you don't try 
    talking to the guard a few times and try all options. That char ended up 
    just killing everyone on that level and taking the key. When I tried the 
    house keeper option the commander would attack me when I tryed to touch 
    the locker with the key. 
       Item: Advanced Powered Armor 
    	Goto the supply officer on the bottom floor of the base and he'll 
    give you access. In the locker behind him is the armor plus lots of 
    cells and energy weapons. 
    Oil Rig:
       Bug: Computer at Entry
    	As of Beta Patch #2 I could get various info from the computer but 
    if I tried to fool the computer into thinking I had the presidential 
    pass key I would get stuck at that screen. (there was only one option 
    "Fool the computer... etc" and when I clicked that nothing happened, so 
    I couldn't exit the computer or anything. Had to alt-tab out and close)
       Quest: Pass idiotic door puzzle
    	No real easy answer, just keep trying till the ones you want are 
    open. Its time consuming but you'll get through it eventually. You open 
    the last door manually. (meaning not with a computer)
    	Note: What the hell was with this puzzle? Coming to this Myst like 
    puzzle was very jarring. They might as well had Ultima 8- style 
    platforms to jump to. 
       Quest: Kill the president!
    	I've been told you can use many super stim packs on him which will 
    kill him eventually. I wasn't able to get this to work but I didn't have 
    many super stimpacks left. If you close all the doors and shoot him 
    while sneak is on it doesn't alert the guards. (you may have to kill him 
    on your first round though) 
       Quest: Release the virus into the station
    	Convince the docter on the level with the president what he did 
    was wrong and he'll release the virus into the Oil Rig. 
       Quest: Shut down the power
    	Destroy the main computer or convince the head scientist to shut 
    it down for you. The scientist and the main computer are both on the 4th 
    floor, reached by the stairs near the President's Office. I'm not sure 
    how to destroy the main computer (I couldn't reach it) but if you talk 
    to the head scientist  (the guy behind a desk with someone in powered 
    armor in front of him) and threaten him he'll turn it off for you. Then 
    the reactor starts to blow and you have a limited time to get out. This 
    seems to be an alternative to releasing the virus except I'm not sure 
    how to turn off the power when you do that option. (as the head 
    scientist won't talk to you if you release the virus) 
       Quest: How do I defeat Frank Horrigan?!
    	Kill the president (see above) and take his passkey. After doing 
    one of the two above options of destroying the station (explosion or 
    virus) head back to the dock entrance, once there sneak at the bottom of 
    the screen and get to the computer. Activate the counter insurgency 
    option in the presidential passkey listing. 
       Misc: How do I improve my ending?
    	Doing quests in a town, especially the ones aimed at helping the 
    town. (Examples, establishing relations between Slags and humans in 
    Modoc, getting Vault 15 and NRC working together, etc) 
    	I can be reached at gbryant@sonetcom.com or at gbryant@sunnet.net
    	If neither of those work (and the web page doesn't work) then you 
    can try rollo__@hotmail.com . Really slow response from  here though
    	The newest version of this faq can be found at: 
    	Please check the above site before sending me a question. An 
    answer might be in a newer version of the faq. (this happened often with 
    my MM6 faq)
    	Please also tell me before you post this on your site. This way I 
    can mail you newer versions of the faq.  Hopefully I can avoid 15 
    different versions of this faq from floating around the net. (which also 
    happened with the MM6 faq) 
    	If anyone has suggestions on what else to add or has something I 
    missed, please email me.
    Copyright 1998 (C) George Bryant

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