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    FAQ/Walkthrough by horror_spooky

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    Dishonored is the first major effort from Arkane Studios. Developed by 
    Bethesda, Dishonored is a first-person stealth/action/adventure/etc. game that 
    has an incredible amount of player choice. This guide will be as extensive and 
    exhaustive as humanly possible, but even still, there will probably be even 
    more solutions to each mission in the game!
    Dishonored FAQ/Walkthrough
    Written by Dalton “Horror Spooky” Cooper
    Copyright 2012
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    E-mail: horror_spooky@hotmail.com
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    1. Introduction and Controls
    2. Walkthrough
    00. Returning Home
    01. Dishonored
    02. High Overseer Campbell
    03. House of Pleasure
    04. The Royal Physician
    05. Lady Boyle's Last Party
    06. Return to the Tower
    07. The Flooded District
    08. The Loyalists
    09. The Light at the End
    3. Runes and Bone Charms
    4. Powers
    5. Items
    6. Conclusion
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    1. Introduction and Controls
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Corvo is the bodyguard to the Empress, but he is quickly framed for her murder.
    Now Corvo teams with the Loyalists to perform a series of assassinations to 
    exact revenge and redeem Dunwall.
    LT - Left-hand
    RT - Right-hand
    LB - Weapon wheel
    RB - Choke enemies
    Left analog stick - Movement
    Right analog stick - Camera control
    D-pad - Powers/Weapons
    Y - Lean
    X - Interact
    B - Stealth mode
    A - Jump
    Select - Objectives
    Start - Pause
    The nature of Dishonored means that there are countless solutions to each 
    mission in the game. At this point, this guide focuses on getting the player 
    from the beginning of the game to the end, offering strategies to remaining as 
    stealthy as possible.
    I will point out the other possible solutions to each mission as I discover 
    them myself. However, this guide will still help anyone complete the game from 
    beginning to end.
    Feel free to experiment with every mission, e-mail me, and I will add the 
    information to the guide, giving you full credit
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    2. Walkthrough
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    - – - – - – - – - -
    Welcome to the world of Dishonored! The prologue mission in the game is unique
    in that it can’t be played from the Missions menu, and can only be experienced
    when starting a new game. So, watch the beginning cut-scenes as Corvo returns
    to the city of Dunwall to give his Empress news on possible aid for the “rat
    plague” that is destroying Dunwall.
    The game begins with Corvo riding on a boat to Dunwall Tower, where the Empress
    lives. You can look around the area by moving the right analog stick, but Corvo
    is stuck in place like he has glue on the bottom of his shoes. Enjoy the visual
    splendor as Corvo and the crew arrive at Dunwall Tower, and the you will 
    finally be in full control of him.
    Your first objective will be to report to the Empress. An objective marker will
    show up on the screen, pointing to the Empress at the gazebo. Start making your
    way there right off the bat. The Empress’s daughter will stop Corvo on his way,
    asking to play a quick game of hide-and-seek. It is optional to play this game 
    or not, but it is a good way to learn the game’s stealth mechanics if you’re 
    If you choose to ignore the daughter, then just keep going to the gazebo. 
    Otherwise, meet her below the bridge. She’ll explain the rules, that she’ll 
    count to 10, and you have to hide. There are numerous areas to in this place 
    to hide, so don’t worry about not being able to find a suitable hiding spot.
    Press B to go into stealth mode and then find cover to hide behind. I was able 
    to hide next to the supports of the bridge in stealth mode and she had a hell 
    of a time finding me. Behind cover, the game will teach you about peaking your 
    head around corners by pressing Y and then tilting the left analog stick to the
    left or right. It is also possible to vault over cover with the press of the A 
    button. When she says that you win, or finds you, continue making your way to 
    the gazebo to speak with the Empress.
    Corvo will be stopped again, this time by a painter that is painting the 
    commander. Leave him be, or you can screw with his painting to the point that 
    he just gives up, if you’re feeling especially mean. To mess up his painting, 
    snatch the bottle of cider from the table next to the commander and then stand 
    in front of the commander so that the painter can’t see. Eventually, he’ll just
    give up and turn around in anger.
    At any rate, make your way to the gazebo. Listen in on the Empress’s 
    conversation, and then approach her. Press X to give her the letter, which has 
    bad news. The other cities on the island are choosing to blockade Dunwall to 
    keep the plague from spreading, and there is currently no cure for the plague.
    Things go from bad to worse as assassins show up. This is the first time in the
    game that combat will play a role. Corvo has a sword in his left hand and a 
    pistol in his right. To use the sword, press LT, and to use the pistol, press 
    RT. Fight off the assassins. Just when the coast seems clear, the Empress is 
    killed, Corvo is framed, the daughter is kidnapped, and the title of the game 
    flashes at you all mean and aggressive-like.
    - – - – - – - –
    - – - – - – - -
    Six months have passed since the incident. It seems that the Empress’s court 
    decided to kill her and take over for the good of Dunwall, and Corvo is being 
    framed for the murder. After six months of torture and being imprisoned, Corvo 
    has persevered and has still refused to sign the paper to admit that he killed 
    the Empress and kidnapped her daughter.
    When the torturing stops, Corvo will be tossed into his jail cell. A guard will
    deliver a tray of food. When he lives, walk over and press X to eat the bread. 
    Underneath the bread will be a note. Pick it up and read it, and then under 
    that will be a key. Grab the key and open the cell door.
    Move forward and grab the weapon off the table. It's a sword. Then head to the 
    left and press B to go into stealth mode. There are three guards in the next 
    room, and the three of them can be seen through the slits in the steel doors. 
    Watch their pattern. The guard closest to you will always have his back to you,
    while the guard on the right will turn around and walk away when the guard 
    that moves between the rooms has gone into the other room.
    First, take out the guard with his back to you. Quickly pick up his body and 
    dump it into your cell so no one sees where he went. Then wait for the other 
    two guards to keep up their pattern again. Very quickly, sneak up on the guard 
    to the right when his back is turned and take him out. Then ambush the guard 
    that is walking back and forth and defeat him. If you do this quietly enough, 
    the guard on the catwalk should never see you.
    In the next room, there will be a shelf with a pistol, coins, and health 
    elixir. Grab it and then approach the ledge with the red outlines on it. Press 
    A to climb the ledges to the top. There will be a shelf here with another 
    health elixir, so grab it. Grab the healing items off the shelf as well, and 
    then move to the bigger shelf. Grab everything off here, too. On the control 
    panel will be some coins, so snag them.
    Before opening the next door, hold X to look through the keyhole. Two guards 
    will run by. Wait for them to run by, then open the door. Move to the left and 
    take out the guard on the catwalk. Then look down. The two guards from before 
    will walk under the catwalk. Wait for the second one to come, and then jump off
    the catwalk and take him out with an air execution. Quickly move up behind the 
    second one and stealthily take him out. Loot their bodies for the necessary 
    key, and then return to the catwalk.
    Use the key on the door. Sprint into this next room and grab the coins off the 
    bench. Then move into the interrogation room. Loot the first area with the 
    torture chair, then listen to the audio file on the table. There is a note on 
    the desk, so grab it. Then move into the next room. This is where you'll get 
    the bomb. Grab it, loot everything in the room, and then check out the shelf on
    the east wall. There is a bottle in the way on the bottom shelf, so get rid of 
    it and then read the book on the bottom shelf.
    Leave this area, but do so very quietly. As luck would have it, a guard will be
    going into the Yard as soon as you leave the interrogation room, and he leaves 
    the door open. Slowly make your way to the open door, and then quietly work 
    around to the right. There are two guards here. While they're having their 
    conversation, make your way from the cover on the right behind the next piece 
    of cover, and slowly work your way to the stairs at the north end of the area, 
    and you should be able to avoid the confrontation completely.
    The next area has three guards. One guard is talking to the other through 
    glass, and another guard is in the room with the door controls. For this 
    section, you can either go for the door controls as the objective marker is 
    telling you, or you can only kill/knock out one guard and make your way over 
    the big metal door if you'd like.
    To get to the door controls, wait for the guards to quit talking to each other.
    Knock out the one outside of the control room, and then move into the control 
    room, through the door closest to the door you used to enter this area in the 
    first place. Then sneak up on the first guard. Sneak up on the second guard 
    in the door control room and take him out.
    The other way to do this is to wait for the guards to finish talking. Then take
    out the guard outside the control room. He will be standing near a ledge that 
    can be climbed. Work your way up, climbing up the pipes, until you reach the 
    top. Follow the pipes over the door and look down. There will be a guard there 
    that you can take out with an easy air execution. Go up the stairs, and keep 
    your eye on the guard by the door controls. Quickly take him out and then loot 
    the area.
    Plant the bomb on the big door. As soon as you plant the bomb, turn your 
    attention to the trashcan. Open the trashcan lid with X and then hop into it. 
    Close the lid to withstand the explosion. Then quickly exit the trashcan and 
    go through the hole in the wall. Sprint and jump off the ledge to dive into the
    water below. Swim to the right, and stay under water the entire time to avoid 
    attracting attention from the guards.
    Go to the objective marker, which will lead you into a sewer pipe. Run through 
    the pipe to the next door. The game will ask if you want to go into the sewers 
    or stay in this area. Obviously, choose to go into the sewers.
    Now you're in the sewers. Grab the note off the crates, and then climb onto the
    crates. Climb up on top of the caged area. The guards below will be eaten 
    alive by a swarm of rats. Drop down when you can and then move into the next 
    A swarm of rats will come down on a dead body, blocking the way. Jump into the 
    nasty sewer water to swim by them. In the next room, a corpse will be hanging 
    on the valve that opens the door. Hold X to pick up the corpse and toss it 
    aside. Then hold X to turn the valve to open the door. The next area is bright 
    and outside.
    A few bodies will fall into the area in the center, dumped down a pipe by 
    guards from above. Rats are eating the corpses in the area momentarily, but 
    they will need another distraction. Sprint across to the middle area and then 
    climb up to where the bodies fell. Grab one and then toss it away from the 
    valve in the area. The rats will scurry to it, which gives you a chance to 
    run to the valve and open the next door. Quickly make your way through before 
    the rats finish their meal and are looking for another one.
    As you continue to platform around this sewer area, keep an eye out for loot. 
    The likes of healing items, coins, copper wire (which equates to more 
    currency), notes, ammo, and more are lying around all over the place just 
    waiting for Corvo to snatch them up.
    Keep your eye open for booby traps as well. Missile launchers will be attached 
    to tripwires in this sewer area. On the right side of the sewer water will be a
    small alcove with a tripwire in it. To deactivate it, walk over to the wire at 
    an angle. Press X and then quickly step out of the way to avoid the missile. 
    Move into the alcove, loot the missle launcher, loot everything else, and then 
    start working your way down the sewer system some more.
    There will be two paths. You can stay on the side with the alcove and walk 
    along the ledge until you find a small beam and piece of wood that can be used 
    as a makeshift bridge. Or you can go back to the left and climb up the stairs, 
    which is a bit easier. A tripwire is blocking the stairs, so blow it up by 
    throwing a bottle at it or something. Then continue, and you will find the 
    ammo box that has been left behind for you.
    Press X to open the box. Inside will be a crossbow and a decidedly deadlier 
    sword. Loot the nearby dead body, and then open the door. A tripwire will be 
    blocking the way. To get by this tripwire, sprint forward and then hold B to 
    perform a power slide, which will allow you to safely get under the tripwire, 
    so that you can continue exploring the sewers.
    A large safe can be found in the next area. Next to the safe is a note that 
    explains the puzzle. To find the safe combination, check the shelf that is 
    built behind the safe. There are bottles that can be destroyed. Smash them, 
    and behind the bottles you'll see three numbers written in chalk. In my 
    experience, the numbers have always been 451, but this may change from game to 
    game. Enter the combination to get the loot inside.
    You'll come across a seemingly impassable door, but to its right, you will 
    find that there is a ledge you can climb to bypass it. A long black chain will 
    be hanging down. Loot the area and then press X to climb the chain to the top. 
    At the top, press A to jump from the chain to the ledge. Loot the area, and 
    then notice the hole in the roof.
    Guards will be chatting it up below. Drop into the hole. There will be two 
    guards below. One will walk away, and the other will move back and forth 
    between the water and the fire. Wait for the one guard to leave, and then drop 
    down on the remaining guard to take him out.
    Hug the left side of the wall. There are three guards left in the area, and one
    is quite adept at combat. As you hug the wall on the left, there will be a 
    rocky path going up that leads to pipes. Climb on the rocks to reach these 
    pipes, and then use the pipes to nearly make it out of the area without a 
    single altercation. One guard will move back and forth between a farther area 
    and one right below the end of the pipeline, so wait for him to leave before 
    continuing through to the next area.
    Corvo will be outside again. Open the trashbin to find items, and then continue
    until you find Samuel. He'll take you on his boat away from this place.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Corvo is taken to the hideout of the loyalists, which is a pub on the river. 
    When the boat comes to a stop, get off and follow Samuel to the pub's door. Go 
    inside and then speak with the two loyalists here. They will then tell you to 
    go meet Piero before you go sleep and rest up.
    Piero's workshop is just outside the bar. Exit whence you came, and enter. He 
    will be working on gear for you, but then his whale oil tank will run out and 
    fall out of the machine. Before grabbing it, loot the area. There is a book to 
    read on the table, a starchart to grab for coins, and Piero's tools can be 
    interacted with if you'd like. When you're ready to continue, grab the whale 
    oil tank.
    Go upstairs. Grab the filled whale oil tank from the machine and drop it. Place
    the empty one in the machine. Then read all of the notes up here to learn more 
    about the world of Dishonored and Piero's rivalry. Pick up the filled whale oil
    tank and head downstairs. Place it in the machine.
    Piero will then put your mask on you. From there, you are free to purchase 
    upgrades and supplies. Coins are used as the currency to upgrade Corvo, so 
    make your spending decisions and then finish upgrading. Piero will then suggest
    that you go to sleep, so agree with him whe you're ready to head to the next 
    part of the game.
    Corvo will wake up and realize that, well, something's not quite right. Open 
    the door and head outside. The world is a dream-like world, fragments of 
    reality hanging loosely everywhere. Run up the stairs and at the type, Corvo 
    will meet The Outsider.
    Corvo will then be blessed with his first magical ability, Blink. To use Blink,
    hold the left trigger to aim. Then release the left trigger to zoom to the 
    area that the cursor is pointing. Before doing that, however, look down to see 
    the dead body of the Empress. Pick up the note that is next to her, and then 
    open the nearby chest for spiritual remedy, which will refill your mana bar.
    Use Blink to platform across the floating concrete islands. Work your way to 
    the next large area, where the Empress's daughter is seemingly frozen in time. 
    A note is near her hand, floating in mid-air. Grab it and then continue to 
    platform from island to island using the Blink ability. There will be another 
    chest that is in plain sight, so grab it for another spiritual remedy before 
    A ledge will block the path, and it is too high up to climb. Hold LT and then 
    aim the Blink cursor at the ledge. A big blue arrow pointing "up" will appear. 
    That is your cue to release LT and zoom up to the top of this ledge. Then 
    continue moving forward, climbing down the winding staircase, and keep going 
    until you find a ledge that is too high up to jump off. Use Blink to zoom down 
    to the area below safely, and then continue until you meet up with The Outsider
    The Outsider will give you a mechanical heart. This heart can be used to locate
    runes and skeleton charms that are used to improve Corvo's abilities. With 
    the heart in hand, a rune will appear on the map. Keep the heart in your hand 
    to follow the objective marker to the rune. If you hold LT, the heart will 
    actually speak to you, which is fairly creepy.
    Keep moving to the rune. As you get closer, you'll have to exchange the heart 
    for the Blink ability. Open the power wheel with LB and choose Blink. Then use 
    Blink to reach the rune. Pick up the rune, and then spend the rune to purchase 
    the Dark Vision ability, which allows you to see through the dark, see enemies 
    through walls, and also see the line of sight of enemies.
    The Outsider will then return you to The Hound Pits Pub. When you wake up, you 
    should try out the Heart. To use the Heart, equip it with LB. Then it will 
    point you directly to the rune in the area. The rune itself is across the 
    dirty water, on a rock. Pick it up.
    Your primary objective is to speak with Admiral Havelock now, but there are a 
    lot of goodies in this area that can be looted. Plenty of coins are just 
    sitting there waiting to be snatched up, as well as audiographs and more notes 
    to read. Explore the area to your heart's content before going to speak with 
    Admiral Havelock.
    Havelock gives you your first mission. High Overseer Campbell is your first 
    target for assassination. There is a loyalist that is being held in the 
    Distillery District as well that could use saving. Read the book Havelock is 
    reading to learn more about the Tallboys, and then visit Piero for supplies.
    As you go to leave with Samuel, you will be stopped. Captain Curnow is the 
    uncle of one of the loyalists, and she fears his life is in danger. She asks 
    that you make sure he survives the experience.
    Samuel will camp out near the boat and cook rat. If you need a bit of your 
    health replenished, eat a rat off the grill before continuing toward the 
    objective marker.
    As you near it, notice that there is a large bridge here, with a few guards 
    talking at the top. On the bottom, there is a single guard patrolling back and 
    forth. Wait for him to be out of sight of the guards on the bridge, then 
    quickly move in for the kill. Dump his body in the river. A survivor girl will 
    be around, but she poses no threat.
    Make your way up the stairs. This part is tricky as you get to the top of the 
    stairs, you'll have one enemy to your right, and three to your left on the 
    bridge. It is very difficult to get through this section unscathed and 
    unnoticed, but do your best.
    Firstly, you'll want to take out the lone enemy to the right. Ignore the people
    on the bridge for now. Once the enemy on the right has been taken care of, 
    stash the body somewhere. Notice that there is a "Wall of Light", as it is 
    called, blocking the path. This is an invisible field of electricity that kills
    anything that tries to go through. Rats will keep trying to get through, but 
    they will be fried in the process.
    There are nearby alleys that can be traversed very close by. Take those alleys,
    but be careful moving around corners as there is likely one or two guards in 
    each area at any given time. If you are one to complete optional side 
    objectives, now is the time to do that, and be sure to use the Heart to help 
    you hunt down runes and charms.
    But when you're ready to bypass the first "Wall of Light", traverse the alleys 
    until you reach a dead end. Two guards will be yelling at a man that has been 
    boarded up in his own home. I recommend visiting the house of Granny Rags and 
    looting the place for sleep darts so that you can put these guys to sleep from 
    a safe distance. Save the fellow inside by smashing the boards, and then return
    your attention to the dead end of the alley.
    There is a trashbin here, but the wall is too high up to climb normally. Open 
    the trashbin. Use Blink to get the top of the ledge, then quickly press B to 
    duck behind the wall. A guard will have his back to you, so take him out and 
    then dump his body over the side into the trashbin. Wait for the guards across 
    the street to walk away a bit, then quickly make your way across the street, 
    hugging the left side, and work your way down the stairs.
    There will be rat swarms. Sprint by them. Follow the staircases down until you 
    see a bright spotlight illuminating the street. There is a thugh near the 
    spotlight. Watch and wait for him to move to the wall and start kicking rubble 
    around. Use Blink to zoom behind him and then sneak up and get rid of him. 
    Go to the next staircase, and slowly ascend.
    At the top, you'll see a couple of guys kicking around a dead body. They will 
    get into an argument, and will start killing each other while a third fellow 
    watches. When the fight is over, sneak up and take out the remaining two 
    enemies and loot everybody.
    Continue. There are two guards in this area. One will be blocking the door to 
    the High Overseer's Office, and the other will patrol. When the patrolling 
    guard starts to leave, follow him and take him out. Then return to the place 
    that you came from. There is a small shelter that contains a rune and supplies,
    and also has a very nice view of the guard blocking the door. Go in there, 
    snag the supplies, and then take out the guard with a sleeping dart or a 
    lethal arrow if you want.
    When they're dead, head into the High Overseer's Office. Martin will be in 
    shackles in the center of this area, and a lone guard will be taunting him. 
    Sneak up on the guard and take him out before he's done talking, otherwise he 
    will walk off, and it will be that much trickier to take him out. To free 
    Martin, pull the lever next to the shackles, and then speak with him before he 
    makes his escape.
    With Martin freed, turn your attention to the nearby gate. Use Blink to get 
    over the gate, and now you have a slew of options available to you. There will 
    even be a pop-up window bragging about all the different pathways available to 
    you to complete your objective of killing (or not-killing, if you'd like) 
    There are a few guards patrolling the courtyard that leads to Campbell's 
    building, but they are easily avoided using Possession or Blink, or a 
    combination of the two. As soon as you get over the first gate, if you go down 
    the nearby flight of stairs, there will be a sewage tunnel you can crawl 
    through, if you'd like. You can sneak your way across the courtyard. You can 
    fight your way across the courtyard. It's really up to you how to play the 
    game, so if at any point while using this guide you feel that my suggestions 
    just are't up to snuff, then feel free to experiment.
    From here, you have two options. You can enter the building and sneak your way 
    to the office. If you do this, you can use Blink to climb on the pipes that 
    rung along the walls ad platfrom from lamp to lamp. Then just fall through the 
    open window that leads to his office. Otherwise, you can Blink through the 
    open window right at the front and hide in his office that way.
    At any rate, there are many different options still available to you. You can 
    kill Campbell and the Captain if you'd wish. You can spill their drinks. You 
    can switch their poisons. There's a lot that can be done here. The only 
    requirement is to eliminate Campbell in one way or another, and after that 
    happens, deal with the aftermath as you see fit, but be sure to snag the 
    blackmail book from Campbell's dead body so you can have a better idea of 
    where to look for the lost little Emily.
    With the book in tow, make your escape. Work your way to the backyard area by 
    going through a door on the bottom floor of Campbell's mansion. This outside 
    area is easily traversed with Blink, and as long as you stick to the rooftops, 
    there will be no trouble. There are items worth grabbing on the ground below, 
    of course, but they come second to survival.
    The guards in this area will be walking around with dogs as well, so keep that 
    danger in mind. When you reach Samuel, speak to him to return to the pub and 
    complete the mission.
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    Upon arriving at the pub, speak with Admiral Havelock and inform him of the 
    situation. He'll then walk over to the sewer hatches and ask that you take a 
    look for him, as they think there are Weepers in the sewers. Weepers are people
    that have an advanced form of the rat plague. Agree to help him out, and he'll 
    give you the key to the sewer gates.
    Open the sewer gate that Havelock leads you to initially and then hop down. 
    There are two runes down here, but as you'll soon find out by following the 
    objective marker, there are also two Weepers. You can kill them or put them to 
    sleep, but take them out before they can do much damage to you. When they're 
    defeated, check the crate near them for a note, as well as one of the runes I 
    referred to. Another rune can be found by taking a dip in the water and looking
    between the bars on the floodgate.
    Return to Havelock. He will be in the bar now along with the returned 
    strategist Martin. Speak with them, and they will tell you of your next two 
    targets, the Pendleton twins. Yes, they are the older brothers of the loyalist 
    Lord Pendleton, but he recognizes that they must be killed in order to have 
    parliament be in favor of the loyalists.
    As you head to Samuel's boat, speak with Lord Pendleton. Then get on the boat 
    and ride it to the Distillery District, where The Golden Cat is located. Going 
    through this area is going to be relatively identical to how it was before, 
    except Weepers are now a factor as well. For the most part, though, it's 
    smooth sailing, and in fact, the thugs that attacked you before will leave you 
    alone during this mission.
    Make your way to The Golden Cat. The front yard offers numerous means of 
    entering the building. You can charge forward and burst through the front doors
    if you want. You can platform on the rooftops and make your way to one of the 
    windows. You can possess a rat and crawl through a ventilation shaft to get 
    inside that way as well.
    Inside, there are there different objectives that you need to focus on. For 
    one, you need to scour the Madame's room to find information about Emily's 
    whereabouts. For two, you need to kill the two Pendleton twins. This is an 
    incredibly open-ended mission, and you should tackle it based on what abilities
    you have unlocked.
    Possession is an invaluable power for this mission, as possessing a rat 
    provides one of the easiest ways of entering the brothel, and possessing the 
    prostitutes inside is also choice. One twin is located in the Smoke Room, and 
    one is located in the Ivory Room, so here's how we're going to tackle this.
    First, go toward the Ivory Room. The objective marker will let you know which 
    room is which. Try to be as stealthy as possible on your way there by utilizing
    possession abilities. Keep an eye out for spirit remedy to boost your mana 
    when it gets low.
    Make sure you have a prostitute possessed. Open the door that leads into the 
    Ivory Room, and position yourself to the side or behind the Pendleton. Press 
    LT to exit the prostitute body and then quickly kill the Pendleton. The other 
    prostitute in the room will not a pose a threat, but if you're worried about 
    her cries attracting attention, either knock her out or kill her. Then move 
    out onto the balcony.
    From the balcony, you'll be able to see the next set of balconies rise to the 
    one that leads to the Smoke Room. A guard is positioned there. If you have 
    possession, possess the guard. Otherwise, use Blink to get up to the guard and 
    then take him out quietly. However, it is ideal if you possess the guard, then 
    move into the room and take out the Pendleton.
    With the two Pendletons dead, turn your attention to Madame's room. Madame will
    cower at your presence, but luckily her room is sort of sectioned off from the 
    brothel, which means that there is a serious lack of guards in the area to give
    you any problems.
    Kill her or leave her. She'll just stay cowered in her corner. Read the notes 
    on the desk and loot the entire room, including Madame. This will reveal the 
    location of Emily is upstairs in the middle room. Go there now, and check out 
    the other rooms as there is plenty of loot. When you find Emily, she'll 
    run ahead and automatically safely make it out of the brothel.
    Return to Samuel and Emily at the boat. Speak with Samuel and he will take the 
    two of you safely back to the pub.
    Special thanks to Paul for these alternate tips!
    For the Golden Cat Mission
    1. Make sure you talk to Slackjaw, after you help him, he will give you a key 
    to the Captain’s Chair (Inn near the Golden Cat) which can be used to get up 
    to the roofs of the Golden Cat and can make infiltration possible as a human 
    (rather than possessing a rat or a fish) Slackjaw also provides you a way of 
    taking out the Pendletons without killing them, all you have to do is get the 
    safe combination from the Art Dealer.  Best of all, the art dealer is in a 
    room alone, blindfolded and strapped to an electric chair so he won’t see you 
    and can’t run away.  Besides, wouldn’t you want the safe combination anyway? 
    Once you have it, all you have to do then is deal with the Madam and find 
    Emily.  Once you leave through the VIP entrance there will be a couple guards 
    harassing a survivor, if you rescue her she will give you the key to the art 
    dealers house…which you can then loot, including the safe, which contains a 
    Rune in case you needed another excuse to do this, and then give the combo to 
    Slackjaw, he then takes care of the Pendletons.  If you do the mission in this 
    manner, the Loyalist Pendleton will give you a reward of a couple ingots when 
    you finish the royal physician for finding a way to remove his brothers without
    killing them.
    - - - - - - - - - - - -
    04. The Royal Physician
    - - - - - - - - - - - -
    When you're back at the pub, go speak with Lord Pendleton. He will then tell 
    you to go talk to Admiral Havelock. Speak with the Admiral, and he'll give 
    you the brief on your next mission. Stop at Piero's to replenish your supplies 
    and purchase upgrades as you wish and then speak with Samuel so that he can 
    take you to Kaldwin's Bridge.
    Samuel is unable to take you directly where you need to go due to the 
    spotlights that are all over the place. So, you need to turn off the lights, 
    obviously! Your goal here is to kidnap Anton Sokolov, the Royal Physician, so 
    that he can be interrogated to learn the identity of the Lord regent's 
    Upon arriving at Kaldwin's Bridge, use Blink to reach the solid ground. Stay 
    behind cover a bit, as there are three guards in the area. One is in a little 
    metal shack, another patrols between the shack and the water, and another just 
    leans against a pillar, staring at the ground. This is a simple puzzle here.
    First, sneak into the shack and quietly take out the guard here. Leave his 
    body where it is so that lugging it around doesn't attract attention. Now 
    activate Dark Vision so that you can see the position of the guard that is 
    patroling. Wait for him to have his back to you, then move outside so that you 
    can see right ahead, but are touching the spotlight.
    Use Blink to zoom by the spotlight and to be behind the guard that is leaning 
    against the pillar. Quickly take out the guard that is patroling, and dump his 
    body in the water if you are worried about someone discovering it. From here, 
    Blink over to the warehouse, and platform your way to the top of the 
    You'll find a cart, but it needs power. Go up the stairs and you'll find a 
    wheel. Turn the wheel to lower a chain. Now you can use the chain to jump 
    across the gap, or you can use Blink if you have the mana to spare. On the 
    other side, grabe the whale oil canister and then drop down. Do NOT drop or 
    throw it, or it will explode.
    Place the whale oil canister in the device on the wall. This will power the 
    cart. Pull the lever to get the cart rolling, and then hop in for the ride. Be 
    sure to be crouched so that no one can see your head sticking up out of the 
    When it comes to a stop, exit the cart and then stick to the rooftops. Below, a
    guard will be walking toward another metal shack, mumbling to himself. Wait for
    him to turn the corner, and then make your way down to the door that leads to 
    the spotlight controls and enter.
    From here, zoom up to the rooftops. Watch the two guards have a conversation 
    below. One will leave down the flight of stairs, and the other will go into the
    house. Blink over to the house. The guard will come up onto this floor, and 
    this provides the perfect opportunity for a quick ambush. There's a rune here 
    in a safe as well. To get the combination, check the paintings that are on each
    floor, and input the numbers in the order stated on the note on the desk. The 
    game changes things up each time, so don't expect the combination to be the 
    same from one game to the next. My combination, just for reference, was 437, 
    and I had to look at the paintings in the following order:  crowded street, 
    anchored whaling ship, slaughterhouse whaling ship.
    When this is done, you'll be able to make your way to the bridge. I recommend 
    sticking to the houses so that you can avoid detection much easier. As you get 
    to the bridge, there will be swarms of guards, so what you need to do is 
    quietly make your way to the very top. Use the lean move to see around corners,
    and use all of your abilities effectively, such as Possession and the like.
    At the top of bridge, there will be a barricade separating the platform that 
    connects the two parts of the bridge. Blink over the top of the barricade and 
    then go across. Hide behind the cover as the lone guard makes his rounds, and 
    when he's out of sight, continue. Knock him out, and then work your way to the 
    top of this bridge.
    The two whale oil canisters powering the bridge lights will be behind a gate. 
    Open the cage and then remove the whale oil canisters. Throw them over the side
    of the bridge, preferrably in an area away from where you're going to be going.
    Do this with the second oil canister as well, and this should serve as a 
    suitable distraction for the guards.
    If the guards are still patrolling the bridge below, there's a neat trick you 
    can do to get past this if you have Possession. Slide down the bridge supports 
    and in mid-slide, possess one of the guards before anyone can see you. Then 
    quickly make your way to the door that leads to Midrow Substation, where you 
    will continue looking for Sokolov.
    You will have an advantage starting in the next area, as you begin on the roof.
    There are two guards below, and two to the north. Wait for their conversation 
    to be over, and then the guard directly below will have a cigarette while the 
    others walk away. Drop below. Take out the cigarette guard, and then wait for 
    the other one to return. Take him out quietly, and then possess the next guard 
    as he shows up. Walk him over to the fourth guard. Release the possession. 
    Take both of them out, stuff their bodies into the trashbin, and then take a 
    look at your surroundings.
    Two large wheels are rotating that are blocking the way to the whale oil 
    canister that is blocking the Wall of Light. First, you'll need to power down 
    the wheels. Follow their wires to the switch that turns them off and then pull 
    the lever. Then go down to them and Blink through the holes to reach the whale 
    oil canister. Toss it into the ocean and then move through the doorway that 
    was once blocked with a Wall of Light, and go through the following door to 
    reach the North End.
    This is the district where Sokolov's house actually is! Making your way to his 
    house is very easy with Blink. Use Blink to work your way to the right and 
    go from destroyed house to destroyed house until Sokolov's house is in clear 
    view. Two guards will be outside the front gate, but there's an easy way to 
    take care of them.
    Wait for one of the guards to turn toward the railing. Blink behind the walking
    one, take him out, then take out the guard by the railing. Of course, you can 
    also take them out from afar with your bow, or you can possess one and then 
    kill/knock both of them out. The choice is yours. I recommend disabling the 
    alarm by following the wire to its fusebox on the wall, and then continuing 
    into Sokolov's house.
    The first section of Sokolov's house can be a pain. There are enemies 
    everywhere, and getting through here is troublesome, especially without the 
    Possession ability. Use that if you have to it to jump from guard to guard as 
    you make your way to Sokolov, the objective marker.
    Eventually, you will reach a Wall of Light that is seemingly impassable. You 
    can get through easy if you have a rewiring tool, and you should definitely at 
    this point, which will make it so the Walls of Light can be passed through by 
    you, but enemies will be fried if they try to do the same thing. Do this, and 
    then make your way to the next floor.
    There will be two guards in the hall. Defeat them both. Turn around and return 
    to the room that the Walls of Light were blocking. Take the whale oil canister 
    out of the device that powers them, and then take it to the small elevator 
    shaft at the end of the hall. Trust me on this. Use it to power the elevator, 
    and then go to Sokolov's lab.
    Loot his lab. There is a locked desk. Make note of it, and then go up the 
    stairs until you're on the roof. Sokolov can be found in his greenhouse, 
    tending to plants. Quietly open the door and then get behind Sokolov, but do 
    so when there are no guards around. Knock him out and then grab the rune off 
    the desk that he was standing in front of. Loot him. Pick him up, and then 
    carry him down to his lab. Open the desk and take the ingots. Then take him 
    down to the elevator.
    Ride the elevator down with Sokolov's body. Sneak around the lower level to get
    by all the guards, and when you exit the front door, quickly make your way to 
    the Wall of Light. Rewire it, as a group of guards are about to come flooding 
    into the area. They will all be fried by the Wall of Light. If you want to go 
    the non-lethal route, then you'll have to move very fast to remove the whale 
    oil canister and get through without being burnt to a crips yourself.
    Take Sokolov's body through the main streets. A group of survivors will be 
    huddled together, trapped by a Wall of Light. If you choose to save them by 
    removing the whale oil canister, they will reward you by telling you about a 
    secret safe hidden behind a painting above them, and they'll also give you the 
    combination to said safe.
    Walk down the stairs with Sokolov to find Samuel and his boat at the bottom.
    Special thanks to Paul for these tips!
    Got a couple suggestions on the Royal Physician Mission.
    1. The two walls of light in Sokolovs house can be bypassed by going through 
    the front door, straight ahead up the two flights of stairs (there are at least
    two guards here but they can be taken out one at a time when they stop to 
    admire the back wall, you do have to remove the first body however) then turn 
    right and then another right into the room cleaned by the maid (you may need to
    take out both maids and two more guards, once again, hide the bodies in between
    take downs, I hid them all outside but you might not need to go that far) once 
    you go through the dining room and out onto the scaffolding, go down one flight
    of stairs and then underneath the stairs there is a large pipe, if you follow 
    this pipe you will come up in the back corner of the room that is completely 
    walled off by the walls of light.
    2. Remember, you can blink while carrying Sokolov, so once you take him out, 
    grab his key, loot his desk, then come back up and carry him over to the crane 
    with the chain and blink across to the roof, stay to the roofs until you get 
    directly above Samuel then check to see if the coast is clear and blink down to
    ground level and walk over to Samuel, you don’t have to worry about any extra 
    guards because they will have gone to Sokolovs house.
    3. If you are going to rescue the survivors to get the combination to the 
    hidden safe, do it before you get to Sokolovs house, also, take out any guards 
    in the area prior to releasing the people otherwise the guards will kill them. 
    (as a side note, the guards do seem to give priority to the escapees so 
    releasing them can be used as a diversion if you don’t mind missing out on the 
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Upon arriving back at the pub, go to the interrogation room to speak with 
    Sokolov. You can bribe him or you can send in a group of rats to scare him. 
    Once he is convinced, he'll tell you about a ball that is about to take place 
    where the mistress of the Lord Regent is. However, he only knows that she is a 
    Boyle, and there are three "Lady Boyles", as it were. To make matters even 
    more complicated, it is a masquerade. Luckily, Corvo already has a mask!
    Piero will be upstairs in his workshop and not downstairs, so his shutters are 
    closed. He has left a note saying so. If you don't have the key to his 
    workshop, then you'll have to do without his upgrades for this mission. In the 
    meantime, Lord Pendleton will stop you and give you a note to deliver for a 
    side-mission during this part. Tell Samuel when you're ready to depart.
    Don't be too intimidated by the Tallboys. Jump into the water and possess a 
    fish. Move to the gate that leads into the sewers. The bottom of the gate will 
    have a bar bent just enough to fit a fish, so swim through. Exit your fish 
    body and continue through the sewer, which leads right to a door that opens 
    into the Boyle Mansion Cellars.
    The game will tell you that this is a "Neutral Zone". What this means is that 
    as long as you blend in, there will be no problems. First thing's first, 
    though, and that is getting out of the cellar. Turn your attention to the 
    rafters above and Blink up there. Be wary of the large amounts of rats in the 
    area, as they can deal significant damage to Corvo if he stands idle for too 
    On the rafters, follow them to the gate. On the other side is a lever. Pull it 
    to open the door that leads from the basement to the upstairs area. Hold X to 
    put your weapons away. If you ever use your supernatural powers during this 
    mission, remember to hold X to once again put your weapons away. Now it's time 
    to mingle.
    If you speak with the guests, they'll offer clues as to how to figure out which
    Boyle is which. Granted, you can just go on a murder spree to find out, but it 
    is a bit stealthier if you take this one step at a time. To find out more 
    information about each Boyle (the three sisters will be wearing different 
    colored costumes), you'll have to search their rooms upstairs, which can be 
    very dangerous indeed.
    The stairs are blocked with a Wall of Light. To get by it, either possess a 
    rat and move through the vents, or possess a guard and move them upstairs. The 
    bedrooms will feature a ton of loot and notes that will help you narrow down 
    the possibilities. Be careful exploring upstairs, however, because there is a 
    healthy amount of guards, and leaving their bodies lying around will cause more
    guards to come along, plus they will probably suppress your supernatural powers
    with their annoying music box thing.
    Figure out which sister you have to assassinate, get her alone, and then kill 
    her. There are other solutions to this as well, a ridiculous amount mind you, 
    so experiment a bit and decide which route you'd like to take. Once she's dead,
    escape the building and make your way back to the canals.
    Samuel will have to move as they will close the floodgates. To reach him, 
    you'll have to cross a bridge protected by a Tallboy. Wait for the Tallboy to 
    pass, and then jump off the bridge into the water below. Swim up to the boat 
    and speak to Samuel to conclude the mission.
    - - - - - - - - - - - -
    - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Back at the pub, speak with Havelock and he'll tell you that the Lord Regent is
    the next target. Samuel will drop you off outside of Dunwell Tower, where you 
    once rode up the cool water shaft. This time, however, you'll have to work your
    way up to the top by climbing on ledges and pipes and using Blink. It is rather
    basic to the top, but check the small tunnels on either side to find loot.
    At the top, it's just a matter of getting into the tower. There are Tallboys 
    and guards galore, so what I did was simply possess a guard, move through the 
    Wall of Light blocking the way, walk up to the front door, de-possess the 
    guard, kill the guard, and then go inside the tower.
    Luckily, the tower is designed in such a way that it is actually very easy to 
    traverse compared to the other levels in the game, and doesn't really need much
    direction. There are guards, but not so many that they are unmanagable. There 
    are a couple of devices that shoot lasers that can kill you instantly, however,
    so be wary of those.
    To disable these devices, sprint by them and then pull the whale oil container 
    out of the wall that is powering them. Another way to get by them is by slowing
    down time and then getting out of there before time picks back up and the 
    device can fire.
    There are two different ways to handle Lord Regent and foil his plans for rule.
    One way is to simply make your way to the top of the tower and kill him as you 
    have killed anybody else in the game. Another way is to make your way to the 
    radio broadcasting room where you can find the man that has been spewing 
    propaganda throughout Dunwell. As long as you spare him, he will tell you the 
    combination to the safe in Regent's room that contains an audiograph that can 
    be uploaded into the broadcast system, which will ruin his political career.
    With this information in hand, go to Regent's room. You'll have to walk around 
    a Wall of Light, but getting there is straight-forward. And that reminds me. 
    Any Walls of Light you come across can easily be passed in this mission simply 
    by possessing a guard and moving through it, or even just walking around the 
    thing, so don't worry about the Walls of Light too much.
    At any rate, with the audiograph in hand, return to the broadcasting room and 
    upload it into the machine. This will cause Regent to come down from the tower,
    so if you want to kill him too just for the hell of it (and for the 
    achievement!), then that is an option as well. However, what I did was possess 
    him and use him to exit his own tower.
    Outside, quickly dive into the water to the left. Tallboys will be everywhere 
    and there is way too much opposition to go the traditional route. Climb over 
    the ledge and go into the small cabin. There will be a rune on the ground, so 
    grab it and then continue. Following the objective marker, you'll be lead 
    directly to the huge drop with water below.
    Jump off and splash into the water. Swim to Samuel and speak with him to return
    to the Pub.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Upon returning to the Pub, go to the bar. Everyone will be there celebrating 
    the victory. They will tell you your next mission will be to escort Emily so 
    that she can be successfully coronated as the next Empress. When they tell you 
    to do this, walk to your room.
    Corvo will begin feeling unwell and then pass out. Ah! It seems he's been 
    poisoned by the Loyalists, who plan to control Dunwell themselves, with the 
    other interested parties out of the way. You will wake up floating on the river
    in the Flooded District. And then you will have an experience with The Outsider
    world. Walk forward a bit, listen to him talk, and then you'll wake up in a 
    hole that is serving as your prison.
    Foolishly, they only use bits of wood to cover up your prison. Grab a brick 
    from the ground and chuck it at the wood. Repeat the process with the other 
    bricks on the ground until the wood is demolished. Then use Blink to get out of
    the hole.
    Two objectives will pop up on the screen. One will tell you to go after Daud, 
    the assassin that captured you, and the other is an optional objective to 
    recover your missing gear. Unless you want to lose all of the equipment you 
    have purchased from Piero over the course of the game, I highly recommending 
    retrieving your gear.
    From your spot in the warehouse, slowly make your way up the stairs. There are 
    two assassins up here. Sneak up on them, but if they see you, a straight-on 
    fight will not be too much trouble. Jump off the warehouse into the water below
    and start swimming to the objective marker for your gear.
    As you swim, strange creatures that spit acid will start attacking you, as well
    as the fish. Possess a fish or slow down time to get next to the creatures, and
    then quickly climb up on the concrete they're sitting on so that you can get 
    behind them and they can no longer attack. If you are being badly damaged, 
    to the left of the area right before you see these creatures is a health vial 
    on the ground.
    From here, continue to the objective marker. As you move up the street, you'll 
    encounter a group of Weepers. Kill them or leave them be, and then approach the
    next door to enter the Greaves Refinery, where they are keeping your gear.
    First, you'll have to get inside the actual Refinery. The stairs that lead into
    the Refinery need to be brought down by pulling a lever. That switch is located
    in the building just across from the Refinery. Sitting in-between the two 
    buildings are a series of tanks that are filled with whale oil.
    Empty oil canisters can be found in a small wooden boat being guarded by those 
    acid-spitting creatures from earlier. They will deal serious damage, and 
    without a lot of health remedies, it's best to use your supernatural powers in 
    this situation. Slow Motion is incredibly effective in this situation so snag 
    an oil canister.
    With the oil canister in hand, take it to the tank. Fill it up, and then walk 
    it into the building. Power up the lever and then pull the lever. The stairs 
    will unfold. Walk up the stairs as far as they go and follow the catwalk into 
    the building. Inside, there will be another empty oil canister device. Follow 
    this place around to the right and you'll walk by numerous tanks to fill up an 
    empty oil canister with.
    Down the end of this hall is a room sectioned off by a gate. The top of the 
    gate is blocked off by wood. Jump up on the crates and then smash the wood. 
    Jump inside and grab one of the empty oil canisters. Jump and toss it through 
    the hole so that it lands outside. Then climb out and fill up the oil canister.
    Place it in the machine, and a chain will fall down.
    Grab onto the chain and climb it as far down as it goes. Then Blink to one of 
    the platforms. Follow the stairs down and you'll find your gear in the middle 
    of an area filled with Weepers. Grab the gear and get away from the Weepers. 
    Go up the nearby stairs (not the ones you came down), and then turn the valve 
    to open the door.
    Move outside and then Blink your way by the mollusks. Blink your way on top of 
    the building with the locked door, and then Blink across the gate. Blink down 
    to the ground. Overseers will be crawling on the ground, dying. Put them out of
    their misery if you wish, and then go through the next door.
    More dead Overseers will be here initially. Go up the stairs and turn the valve
    to open the next door. Go through and you will be on the roof. Check out your 
    surroundings. Below, there will be an assassin walking. Another assassin will 
    appear on the nearby rooftop, and there is one on a higher up rooftop as well.
    Wait for the assassin on the nearest rooftop to spawn. Then zoom over there, 
    behind him, as he looks over the side. Knock him out and loot the key off his 
    body. Make sure to drop his body in such a way so that he doesn't slide off of 
    the roof. Then Blink to the ground below and rush to the next door, unlock it, 
    and head through.
    There are about three assassins walking around this makeshift bridge leading to
    Daud's building. Luckily, they move in a pattern that is spread out from each 
    other and they hardly ever look at each other. If you're quick enough, you can 
    feasibly Blink behind each one of them and eliminate them in quick succession. 
    Make sure to loot their bodies, and scour the area for other loot; there's 
    plenty of health items around this area.
    Go through the open window. To your left will be two assassins talking. Possess
    one and then start following the other around. Break the possession, and take 
    out the two of them. Open the doors, and then in the next room, there will be 
    a bright, blinding spotlight, and two assassins. I used the rat swarm here to 
    devour the two assassins so I could make my way through easily. There will be 
    a dead end, so go out the window.
    Use Blink and use the air conditioners to platform up to the next open window. 
    Through here, an assassin will be leaning against a bookcase. Sneak up on him 
    and take him out. Then exit the room, and you will see a pair of big, glass 
    double doors.
    Daud is inside the next room. This is the man that you saw kill the Empress at
    the beginning of the game, and oh how sweet will revenge taste. You can open 
    the doors and no one will even see you, and this gives you a chance to figure 
    out exactly how you want to handle this assassination attempt.
    For one, you can just kill Daud and all the other assassins in the room. Being 
    a target, Daud is a bit more difficult to kill than the regular assassins so it
    would be a wise move to jump him. However, there is also a nonlethal way to 
    kill Daud that can be done relatively simply.
    You can send a powerful message to Daud and get him out of the picture by 
    intimidating him. To do this, possess one of his assassins. Quickly swipe the 
    pouch from his hip, then walk the assassin away so that no one can see you 
    exit the assassin's body. Then choke out the assassin. Daud will get the idea.
    Regardless of what you do, be sure to grab Daud's key and go unlock his chest
    downstairs. And then when you're ready to leave, return to Daud's office area
    and exit through the window. Work your way around the rubble and aim Blink at
    the nearby window. Get through the window and then grab the chain. Take it all 
    the way down. Pick up the rune off the table and then unlock the door, and then
    move down the hall and move through the next door.
    Take a left and move through the water. Climb over the pile of gunk and then 
    continue. There is a wide open area, with multiple Tallboys and guards. An 
    electrified track runs through it, and the gate is tightly shut. Now, like any 
    situation in the game, there are numerous ways to tackle this. But this is how 
    I did it.
    Blink your way to the closest destroyed building. To the right, a guard will 
    be walking around checking the spotlights. Blink behind him and take him out. 
    Then loot the table for supplies. Make sure your mana is full, and then slow 
    down time. Sprint across the battlefield, to the destroyed building in the 
    northwestern corner, facing the gate. Wait here for a second to let your mana 
    recharge, and then slow down time again.
    This should give you enough time to Blink up to the tracks. Remove the whale 
    oil canister, and then run along the side, hugging the left wall. When you 
    reach a shaft, climb down the chain. Sprint immediately to the next door as a 
    Tallboy will be right there, and then sprint through the next room as well 
    right to the next door with the objective marker hovering over it.
    Now work your way to the sewers. There are virtually no enemies to deal with in
    this section. Just make your way through the rubbled buildings until you find 
    the sewer hatch. Turn the valve, and then quickly Blink through the hatch 
    before it closes automatically. Then enter the sewers proper.
    You'll find a thug leaning against the wall, dying. He'll explain that the 
    Sewer Master Key can be found where he and his friends were viciously attacked 
    by something that "used the rats". Snag his pistol for ammo, and then start 
    making your way to the next objective marker, since your previous one was to 
    go through the door to the pub (which, obviously, is locked).
    Sprint by the acid-spitting mollusks and jump into the water. There is quite a 
    long swim ahead of you. While swimming, if you start to run out of breath, look
    for nooks and crannies to swim up to in order to catch your breath, or possess 
    a fish for a while. Keep swimming and following the objective marker until you 
    finally reach the key...and it is with Granny Rags!
    Granny Rags and Slackjaw are two characters I haven't talked much about in this
    guide because they are parts of side quests. This is where these side quests 
    come to a head, and you have to make a few choices. One, you can go along with 
    Granny Rags and toss Slackjaw's body into the boiling bathtub, and she'll 
    reward you with the master key you need. Or you can side with Slackjaw and do 
    battle with Granny Rags.
    If you choose the latter option, quickly snag all the loot that is laid out in 
    front of Slackjaw. Pickpocket the key from Granny Rags when she is turned away,
    and then release Slackjaw from his bindings. Granny Rags will teleport all over
    the place and summon huge swarms of rats.
    Very quickly make a beeline to the nearby building. Open the furnace by 
    pulling the switch on the wall. Loot the room for health items, and then grab 
    Granny Rags's cameo from beneath the pillows. Toss it into the furnace and then
    shut the furnace by pulling the lever. The flames will destroy the cameo, and 
    Granny Rags will have her power considerably weakened.
    Now it's just a matter of finding her. The rats will continue to spawn, and if 
    they start giving you a lot of trouble, kill a few by smashing them with your 
    sword. When Granny Rags appears, run up and kill her quickly before she can 
    continue her madness. Speak with Slackjaw, and then explore the building 
    There will be wooden planks covering up a hole in the floor. Destroy the 
    wooden planks and then drop into the hole. You'll be swept away by a current in
    what is an incredibly terrifying and claustrophobic sequence, but it will spit 
    you out right near the sewer gate!
    Rush to the sewer gate. There will be a Weeper right on the other side. Take it
    out and then scour the area for loot. Follow the objective marker through the 
    place, and you will come across a room with spitting mollusks and a lot of 
    water. Blink across to the platform on the far side. Slow down time, destroy 
    the wooden barricades, and then climb over the barrier.
    Sprint through the next area and work your way to the door to the Pub. Try to 
    avoid stepping into the water as it has a current that can be annoying to 
    jump out of occasionally.
    - - - - - - - - -
    - - - - - - - - -
    You'll come out of the sewer in an abandoned apartment building. Cecilia will 
    be there. Speak with her if you want filled in on the events that have been 
    going down in your absence. After speaking with her, go upstairs. Grab the keys
    off the rack and then unlock the door that leads outside.
    You'll notice Tallboys lumbering around. Gulp. Possess one of the guards that 
    are talking and then leave the conversation. Enter the bar and grab Havelock's 
    plans that are sitting on the counter. Make your way to the top of the bar to 
    Corvo's room and you'll find a note from Emily there, instructing you to find 
    Callista, and she also announces her location as a lighthouse.
    Well, Callista is dead, along with Wallace and Lydia, wrapped up near the 
    docks. If you want to avoid the Tallboys and the guards right now, there is a 
    very helpful sidequest with Piero and Sokolov in which you steal blueprints 
    from Havelock's room, deliver them, and then take a canister of whale oil to 
    the roof to power one of those laser machines. You can choose to have the 
    machine knock out all of the enemies or kill them. Doing this side quest will 
    also allow you to purchase goods from Piero.
    When you're ready, make your way to Callista's body. Loot it for a note from 
    Samuel as well as Emily's Tower key, which is the key that opens the door to 
    the nearby tower where they have been keeping her safe. Also check Wallace's 
    body for another note, and there is a new audiograph located under the boats 
    that are stacked together, as well as one inside of Piero's workshop.
    Samuel has told Callista to fire a flare cannon that is positioned in the tower
    if Corvo returns. Meanwhile, he is scouring the river for your body. Go to 
    Emily's Tower and take all the supplies there and listen to the audiograph. 
    Then pull the lever on the flare cannon to signal Samuel.
    When you're ready to meet with him, exit the tower through the other door, and 
    then Blink your way down to the beach. Samuel will be there in his boat. Speak 
    with him, and instruct him to take you to Kingsparrow Island.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Samuel will drop you off at Kingsparrow Island, the military lighthouse that 
    the Lord Regent was developing, and where the Loyalists are currently hiding 
    out. Depending on how you've played the game, Samuel may fire a shot in the 
    air to warn them of your presence, as he hates what you've "become", i.e., if 
    you have a high Chaos rating and have killed a lot of people.
    There are two different ways that are pointed out by the game to enter the 
    fort on the isle. There is an entrance on the left, the harbor entrance, and 
    the beach entrance to the right. For the purposes of this guide, I went to the 
    Blink onto the segmented platform of stairs, and then jump into the water. Swim
    over to the ship and climb up. The guard will be staring out into the ocean. 
    Sneak up and take him out. Then turn your attention to the objective marker. 
    There will be a guard on ther level, and then two guards on the upper level. 
    Take out the guard on the lower level first, then sneak your way up the stairs 
    so that you can see the two guards that are chit chatting.
    Possess one of the guards and then walk through the Wall of Light. De-possess 
    when you're out of sight and dispose of him. The nearby door is locked, so 
    Blink your way over the nearby barricade. On the other side, the tunnel opens 
    up to show you Martin and Pendleton.
    Martin is on the ground level, yelling up at Pendleton, who is hiding out in 
    a guard tower. They will get into an argument and start shouting and yelling at
    each other. Possess Martin when their squabble is over, and lead him away from 
    prying eyes. De-possess him, then knock him out or kill him.
    Now it's a game of possessing guards all the way to Pendleton. Of course, this 
    is an optional side quest, but it is on the way through the main quest anyway. 
    So, when you reach Pendleton (be sure to loot everywhere), he will be speaking 
    with a guard. Take out the guard, and there will be a variety of different 
    things that can happen.
    If you were caught on your way to Pendleton, there is a good chance he'll have 
    been struck by a stray bullet, and will die on his own by bleeding out. If 
    not, you'll have to knock him out or kill him the old fashioned way. When he's 
    gone, one way or another, continue your way to the main objective by going up 
    the stairs here.
    At the top of the stairs, you'll see a bright light and a guard. Behind that 
    light will be more guards, and there is also a laser machine there that will 
    deal serious damage to you. Possess the closest guard and walk all the way to 
    the elevator. Unlock the elevator doors, leave the guard's body, step inside, 
    and then pull the lever before anyone is the wiser.
    At the top of the tower, move outside. There will be a lone guard. Knock him 
    out. Then continue up the lighthouse. Another guard will be leaning against the
    rail, and a second guard will come down the stairs. Wait for the other guard to
    leave, then take out the guy by the rail. Sneak up the guard on the stair as 
    he moves up, and takes him out before he is in the line of sight of his fellow 
    Sneak by the next two guards, and you will be at the top of the lighthouse, 
    with a building to move through. This building is efficiently creepy, but has a
    lot to loot. There is blood on the ground. Follow the blood up the stairs, and 
    then outside, on the edge, you'll see Admiral Havelock wrestling with Emily. 
    Do you choose to attack Havelock and save Emily? The choice is yours.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    3. Runes and Bone Charms
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Runes are used to increase the power of Corvo's abilities. Runes can be located
    in each area by using the Heart. The Heart will point out the exact location of
    each Rune, and it will beat intensely as the player nears the Rune.
    There are a few Runes that are delivered to the player through side quests and 
    by completing certain actions in the game. These Runes are pointed out in the 
    Walkthrough as they come up in the main quest. A Rune can even be purchased 
    from Piero at his workshop.
    Bone Charms are found in much more quantity than the Runes. Bone Charms are 
    objects that Corvo can equip that improve various stats, but he only equip a 
    certain amount of Bone Charms at a time.
    Like Runes, Bone Charms are found using The Heart. The Heart can point out the 
    Bone Charms, but also like Runes, there are a few Bone Charms that can only be 
    collected by completing very spefici tasks in the game.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    4. Abilities
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Early in the game, Corvo is granted by The Outsider with supernatural 
    abilities. By collecting Runes, players can improve these abilities. Each 
    ability in the game requires a certain amount of Runes to purchase and then 
    level up, and they all have two levels.
    The following information is taken directly from the game:
    Dark Vision
    LEVEL I: See in the dark and see living beings through walls, including their 
    fields of vision. Representations of the sounds that you make are also visible.
    LEVEL II: See useful objects and security systems through walls as well.
    LEVEL I: Rapid forward movement for a short distance.
    LEVEL II: rapid forward movement for a longer distance.
    LEVEL I: Allows control of animal targets for a short duration.
    LEVEL II: Allows control of human targets for a short duration.
    Bend Time
    LEVEL I: Slows time for a short duration.
    LEVEL II: Completely stops time for a shorter duration. You move normally.
    Devouring Swarm
    LEVEL I: Summons a swarm of rats that will attack others then disperse after a 
    short duration. The swarm will also consume corpses.
    LEVEL II: Summons a larger swarm of rats that will attack others then disperse 
    after a short duration. The swarm will also consume corpses rapidly.
    LEVEL I: Powerful wind that can push back or knock down enemies and shatter 
    LEVEL II: Very powerful wind that can kill enemies by throwing them into walls,
    and shutter doors.
    These are my personal recommendations:
    -Level "Blink" to II
    -Level "Possession" to II
    -Level "Bend Time" to at least I
    -Level Dark Vision to at least I
    Spend the other Runes as you wish, but those are the four main abilities that I
    found myself using most frequently in my playthrough of the game.
    LEVEL I: Health is increased.
    LEVEL II: Health regeneration is improved.
    Blood Thirsty
    LEVEL I: Build up Adrenaline then trigger brutal melee fatalities.
    LEVEL II: Build up Adrenaline faster then trigger brutal melee fatalities. 
    Enables a double-attack for Adrenaline kills which can be used against 
    multiple enemies within range.
    LEVEL I: Jump height is increased and falling damage is reduced.
    LEVEL II: Overall movement speed is increased.
    Shadow Kill
    LEVEL I: Unaware enemies who don't see you turn to ash as they die.
    LEVEL II: All enemies turn to ash as they die.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    5. Items
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    These are a variety of the different items that can be found throughout the 
    course of the game. They are segmented into different categories. You can check
    your inventory at any time by pressing selecting and moving over to the 
    "Inventory" tab in the menu.
    Descriptions for the items are taken directly from the in-game menus.
    Coin - Lord Regent Minted coins.
    Use: Currency in the game. Coins can be spent at Piero's shop and at dealer's 
    in levels as well. They are used to purchase ugprades and other equipment for 
    Corvo throughout the course of the game.
    Rune - Carved from the bones of great whales, these artifacts can be used to 
    acquire or upgrade supernatural powers by those who bear the Mark of the 
    Use: These objects are used to improve Powers and Enhancements.
    Rewire Tool - Allows you to rewire technological circuitry and turn security 
    systems to your advantage. Consumed on usage.
    Use: If there is a fusebox in the area, this device can be used to mess with 
    whatever is connected to the fusebox. For example, when Walls of Light are 
    connected to fuse boxes, use a Rewire Tool to convert the energy to only hurt 
    enemies. This can also be used to turn off alarms.
    Sokolov's Health Elixir - Restores health. Use the Quick-access Wheel or 
    emergency shortcut to consume.
    Use: This object is used to refill your health when it is low. When your health
    is at critical stages, the game will give you a chance to quickly consume 
    health with a click of the d-pad to the right.
    Piero's Spiritual Remedy - Restores mana. Use the Quick-access Wheel to 
    Use: Same concept as the Health Elixir, except for mana. If you try to use an 
    ability and you don't have enough mana, the game will automatically fill your 
    mana bar for you, assuming you have these on your person.
    -KEY RING-
    Throughout the course of the game, Corvo will collect a ridiculous amount of 
    keys that are used to unlock anything from chests to doors. These keys are all 
    kept on his keyring for future use.
    The Heart - A strange artifact that appears to have a will of its own. Leads 
    you toward Runes and Bone Chams, whispering secrets along the way.
    Use: This device is used, as the description says, to locate Bone Charms and 
    Runes. If you press LT while holding the Heart, it will also whisper to you in 
    a woman's voice. The Heart beats rapidly when pointed at an object of interest.
    City Watch Pistol - Modern firearm, used by Citch Watch officers, veterans, and
    the Gentry.
    Use: Common pistol in the game. There are other pistols in the game, but these 
    will be the one used almost exclusively throughout the entire course of the 
    game. These things are single-shot, but they pack an incredibly powerful punch.
    Those wanting to be stealthy should not use the pistol, however, as it is 
    extremely loud.
    Corvo's Crossbow - A silent, exotic weapon crafted from the finest materials. 
    Used to launch bolts, sleep darts, and incendiary missiles.
    Use: Basically, this is the silent version of the pistol. It is a ranged 
    weapon, but by its nature it is quiet and won't attraction attention
    Corvo's Folding Blade - Light, retractable and sharper than a razor.
    Use: This Corvo's main tool of the trade. It is used with the right trigger, 
    and can be used very effectively in all combat situations. It can also be used 
    to bash down breakable objects such as barricades.
    Regular Bullet - Pistol ammunition. Very loud.
    Use: These bullets can be replenished throughout the game by looting corpses, 
    pickpocketing, or just finding them lying around the environment. Before 
    upgrades, Corvo can carry 10 of these.
    Crossbow Bolt - Crossbow ammunition. Very quiet. Can sometimes be recovered 
    from the bodies of fallen enemies.
    Use: Basically, the opposite of a Regular Bullet. It is quiet and can be 
    recycled as long as the arrow does not break.
    Sleep Dart - Crossbow ammunition that puts enemies to sleep after a short 
    Use: For those that want to go through the game and try to not kill people, 
    then this is the ammunition/weapon combo for you! This will put guards to sleep
    from a safe distance and keep your hands clean from blood.
    Incendiary Bolt - Incendiary crossbow ammunition that will immolate a single 
    Use: This is the more lethal version of the "sleep dart" in that it will 
    incapacitate the enemy it hits 100% of the time, it's just that instead of 
    going night-night, they burst into flames.
    Springrazor - When triggered, this tightly-wound mechanism throws up a cloud of
    shrapnel. Can be locked onto most surfaces. Triggered by vibration.
    Use: Basically, it is like a proximity mine.
    Grenade - A metal shell, packed with a thick tar made from whale oil. Can be 
    "cooked", or held for longer to ensure a timely blast.
    Use: Grenades in this game are incredibly effective. The on-screen cursor lets 
    you know exactly how long the grenade needs to be cooked, and better yet, you 
    can actually hit enemies with the grenade, which will cause them to stagger 
    with it at their feet.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    6. Conclusion
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    I hope this guide helped you beat Dishonored for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360!
    There are nearly countless ways to tackle each mission in Dishonored. If you 
    find even better strategies than mine, be free to share them, and I will add 
    them to the guide and give you full credit!
    Feel free to check out my other work at Cheat Masters and GameFAQs!
    And in the meantime, be sure to experiment and have fun with the incredible 
    game that is Dishonored!

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