Review by Vexx1313

Reviewed: 10/15/12

Must read if you have questions or doubts about this game.

I am writing this review to help answer some of the questions that I have seen pop up or the board for this game many times.

First and foremost this is a stealth action game. Do you have to play the game stealthy to enjoy it NO. Do you have to go through the game not killing anyone to get the best ending and make it easier NO. There is no good ending or bad ending the only thing that changes is how "dark" the ending is. So far I've made it most of the way through the game with low chaos killing people as I see fit. Do I kill everyone in my way no. The way the chaos system works is similar to the karma system in the fallout games if you take out your target in a nonlethal way its considered a good action and can negate some of the chaos you cause by killing a few guards here or there.

Second there is no right or wrong way to play this game. Yes certain achievements are unlocked by a nonlethal play through and killing no one. If there is a guard in your way you can avoid him, tranq him, summon forth an army of rats to attack him, freeze time and go around him, slit his throat, blow him up, set a spring razor trap and lure him into it, or get elaborate and summon an army of rats, set a spring razor on one of them possess the rat walk up to the guard leave the rats body and watch as the guard gets cut down when time resumes. These are only a few basic examples of some of the unique ways you can take out a single guard imagine what you can do to a whole group of them. So do what you want experiment. The levels are also built around multiple choice. You want to get in a building a the doors are locked well what about the second story balcony? Or what about that little crack in the wall a possessed rat can fit through? Do what you want there is no right and no wrong.

There are no special rewards for playing solely stealth and nonlethal aside from a couple of achievements. There are actually side missions that require you to kill people. One even has the possibility of killing hundreds if you follow through with it.

Now to the review.

The story is fairly straight forward Corvo is betrayed and is now out to settle the score with the men who tried to frame him for murder.

Gameplay is enjoyable and fresh if a little linear. This is not a sandbox game but you will revisit some areas of the game between missions. The idea of a karma system called chaos make sense if you sit and think about it a little. In high chaos there will be more guards more rats and weepers also civilians may be willing to rat you out to the guards if they see you. All of this makes sense because to attain high chaos you must be going around killing all you meet and leaving the bodys in plain view. More bodys means more rats and more rats means more plague victims (weepers). The opposite is true for low chaos.

I'm going to leave off by saying if you want to play a game where everything is up to you on have you want move about to how you want to deal with enemies give this game a try. Also this was my first review so I know its not perfect but I focused on the gameplay and the mechanics of the game to give people reading an idea of what this game is all about.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Dishonored (US, 10/09/12)

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