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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Orgulo

    Version: 1.7 | Updated: 04/21/17 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    |.><.|       AGE OF EMPIRES 2: AGE OF KINGS GUIDE / WALKTHROUGH         |.><.|
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    Guide author: Orgulo
    Guide version: 1.7
    Game version: 1.0
    System: PC
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                                   TABLE OF CONTENTS
    		1.1.1 WELCOME
    		1.1.2 HINTS AND INFO
    	1.3 CONTACT ME
    		2.1.2 FEEDING THE ARMY
    	2.2 JOAN OF ARC
    		2.2.4 THE RISING
    		2.2.5 THE SIEGE OF PARIS
    		2.2.6 A PERFECT MARTYR
    	2.3 SALADIN
    		2.3.2 LORD OF ARABIA
    		2.3.5 JIHAD!
    		2.4.1 THE CRUCIBLE
    		2.4.2 A LIFE OF REVENGE
    		2.4.3 INTO CHINA
    		2.4.5 THE PROMISE
    		2.4.6 PAX MONGOLIA
    		2.5.2 HENRY THE LION
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                                     1. INTRODUCTION
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                                     1.1 INTRODUCTION
     1.1.1 WELCOME
    This is my walkthrough for Age Of Empires 2: The Age Of Kings.
    I realise that the AOE games are RTS, and that an RTS walkthrough might be 
    considered an oxymoron. This walkthrough is for people who, like me, had or 
    are having problems beating any or all of the single player levels. I can't 
    guide you through every minute of every game, since RTS games are so open, but 
    I can help you with the levels and bits that gave me difficulty, and there are 
    lots of those.
    Most of these level guides take you through only one specific way to complete 
    the level, because obviously it's impossible to list every method. If you have 
    a better way to win a particular level than the ones in here, by all means use 
    Objectives sometimes change when you achieve certain triggers. My listed 
    objectives are the ones which you are given at the start of the level - any 
    other subsequent objectives are dealt with in the guide, though not 
    specifically mentioned.
    I haven't read any other walkthroughs for AOE2:AOK, though I know there are 
    some. This stuff is all my own work, and any similarities between mine and 
    someone else's are coincidental, though I'll surely be ahead on swear words.
    ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~
     1.1.2 HINTS AND INFO
    I've given each level a difficulty rating from one to three. I realise that 
    even some of the levels I've marked as Easy can be quite hard, but difficulty 
    is relative, and if you think The Maid Of Orleans is hard, wait until you come 
    up against the likes of The Lombard League.
    In this guide I have mostly denoted enemies by unit / building colour, instead 
    of by nationality. This just makes it easier to know which ones I'm talking 
    about while you're actually playing the game, since some levels have four or 
    five nationalities of enemies, and frankly I sometimes have difficulty 
    remembering what frigging nation my own guys are from.
    If you have stone to spare, build a castle. Then build another one. They are 
    by far the best things in the game, and they solve most problems. Try to have 
    units garrisoned inside to deal with trebuchets, rams and bombard cannons. 
    About the only level where building a castle is a bad idea is The Lombard 
    League - read that section to find out why. Oh, and The Horns Of Hattin, 
    because it's impossible.
    The computer often tends to attack the last building you built. This means 
    that you can defend your entire main base just by building a castle somewhere 
    else and making sure it stands. Weird but true, mostly.
    Trading carts count towards your population limit - be careful how many you 
    Try to find a balance between workers and combatants. I tend to have nine 
    farmers (or six fishing boats if I'm using only boats for food), seven 
    lumberjacks, five gold-miners and four stone-miners, plus a single peasant for 
    building and repairing. This allows me a lot of combat units, but even one 
    extra can make a big difference, especially if that one is a trebuchet or 
    When you are nearing the end of a level, where everything is a fight and your 
    base is all but forgotten (except for those sodding farms making scittery 
    noises at you every two minutes), try getting rid of some of your peasants. 
    It's safe to say that if you have over 10,000 units of food, you can kill off 
    a few peasants to make room for more combat units. Try not to have any units 
    who are virtually superfluous. And sell your surplus goods in the market - I 
    know 14 isn't much but it's still better to have less wood and a bit more 
    stone than have tons of wood you'll never need.
    Castles and towers are excellent, since they are technically combat units 
    (well, buildings), but they don't count towards the pop. limit. You can have, 
    in theory, fifty towers, five castles and one peasant, and your population 
    will be 1/75. So with one actual unit you can hold off vast armies. This isn't 
    really tenable though, since god only knows where you'll get the stone from, 
    but you get the point. Use your stone - that's what it's for.
    Base defense is a lot easier if you look for the nearest bottlenecks and block 
    them off. The computer almost never sends units at you in transport ships, so 
    pay attention to the shape of the land and plan your base layout accordingly. 
    Holy Roman Emperor in the Barbarossa campaign is a great example of this - you 
    can build one massive wall all around your island, or you can build four gates 
    and fewer than twenty squares of wall for the same effect.
    Town centres can act like mini-castles if you pull your peasants back to them 
    with the town bell. It's unreal how often town centres can save your arse, yet 
    they're still easily forgotten. One full town centre and one single scout 
    cavalry to draw enemies in can provide a better base defense than an empty 
    town centre and ten knights.
    Group units according to abilities and movement speed. Grouping scout cavalry 
    with Teutonic knights would be a mistake. Grouping champions (melee) with 
    skirmishers (ranged) is another mistake - the champions will be almost 
    useless. Monks do well in groups of monks only, as a sort of ambulance service 
    bringing up the rear.
    Use the scatter formation when you're getting attacked by mangonels or 
    scorpions. One mangonel can instantly delete an entire squadron of yours, so 
    know where they are and make them a priority kill.
    Quick in and out attacks can be very useful in this game. For instance, send a 
    scout cavalry running around the perimeter walls of an enemy base, then send 
    him running back home, drawing the gullible enemy guards into the firing range 
    of towers and castles. Sometimes it's amazing how many enemies you can take 
    down just by having a quick unit run past to get their attention.
                                  1.2 USING THIS GUIDE
    Please view this guide in a text viewer / editor with a set fixed-width 
    font, or else it might look a mess. I use Courier New, Size 10.
    Use the Find command (CTRL + F) with the numbered contents menu at the start 
    of the guide, in order to quickly jump to the section you want.
    I have put the main walkthrough section of the guide towards the end, after 
    all the other game information. This is not a design flaw - it's deliberate.
                                     1.3 CONTACT ME
    As the game is now quite old, and since I now consider this guide complete, I 
    have no intention of updating it in the future and will therefore no longer 
    respond to feedback.
    |.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.|
                                     2. WALKTHROUGH
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    This is the section of the guide which will instruct you on how to 
    successfully beat each of the levels in each of the campaigns. My strategies 
    are my own, and they worked for me; but if you have better ones then just 
    stick to using them, obviously. And maybe think about contributing them to 
    this guide.
    I've tried to split each mission guide up into sections, though some don't 
    lend themselves to this at all. I've also included a QUICK HELP section at the 
    end of each mission guide, to allow you to skip past all my inane pish and get 
    right to the useful hints.
    Anyway, good luck and I hope my tactics help you out.
                                   2.1 WILLIAM WALLACE
    This campaign follows the fortunes of William Wallace, in spite of the fact 
    that he doesn't show up until the last level. This leads me to believe that 
    this campaign was designed by Americans. The Scottish campaign is generally 
    really easy, true to the fact that Scots can pretty much stroll through any 
    conflict without even cracking a fingernail. We're the greatest.
    ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~
    Difficulty - 1/3
    Follow the instructions to reach the Scottish village.
    Even if you are the type of person who waves at aeroplanes, you will still 
    have difficulty failing this level. There is an urban legend which says that, 
    instead of the usual 'YOU HAVE BEEN DEFEATED' message, this level will just 
    grow hands and smack you in the head.
    Anyway, run around all the flags, take down the outpost and then defend the 
    base against the three English soldiers.
    The map designer initialled this one - try using the reveal map cheat. No, I'm 
    not telling you it.
    ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~
    Difficulty - 1/3
    Gather 50 food, 50 wood and 50 gold.
    You can just let your first villager do everything, or go down the route of 
    having different villagers do different things. I don't know which one takes 
    longer, and I intend to spend zero time finding out.
    Just follow the instructions.
    ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~
    Difficulty: 1/3
    Train 4 militia.
    There are no enemies in this area, though the game hints would have you 
    believe otherwise. Just build a house then a "berrecks", and train four 
    militia men.
    ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~
    Difficulty: 1/3
    To win you will need to advance to the Feudal Age and repel the English raids.
    There are no English raids here. Just gather enough resources, of which there 
    are plenty, to advance to the Feudal Age.
    Some gold and sheep to the north.
    A lone villager hiding to the south.
    ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~
    Difficulty: 1/3
    Defeat the English army and destroy their tower.
    Finally, a bit of excitement. No, I'm wrong. The AOE games always prided 
    themselves on being historically educational: if this is an accurate portrayal 
    of the Battle of Stirling then my arse is a detailed scale model of the 
    Wallace Monument.
    There's plenty of stone to the north and gold to the west. Build a house, then 
    a mill next to the berry bushes for quick food. Then just build up your base 
    while you soak up the pathetic English attack, which incidentally was the 
    basis for their latest World Cup campaign. I just realised that if I never 
    update this document again, that statement will remain true. Anyway, ringing 
    the town bell should deal with the enemy easily.
    Once you've got about fifteen scout cavalry and fifteen skirmishers, just 
    charge the tower. Use your ranged units to take out the English behind the 
    palisade wall, knock the wall down with your cavalry, charge the tower with 
    the horsemen and take out the last two archers with your own ranged units.
    Ranged units are always good for drawing enemies away from the protection of 
    their towers.
    ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~
    Difficulty: 1/3
    Capture 3 relics and guard them in your monastery.
    This is the first of the Scottish missions with any real challenge, unless you 
    count evasion of boredom. Peasants apart, you can do this mission with one 
    monk and one siege onager. 
    You get a lot of resources at the start, so turn all your peasants into 
    farmers so you can advance to the Castle Age very quickly. Build houses while 
    you're waiting, then produce a few more lumberjacks. This will get you up to 
    speed as soon as possible.
    There's plenty of gold and stone to the west. The first relic is just south of 
    your monastery. The quicker you grab it, the more gold you'll get.
    Explore the coastline around to the west. The two crossings both lead to the 
    gates of the enemy, so avoid them for now. Head into your allies' base 
    (yellow) and discover the second relic on top of the hill to the north. Take 
    it back to the monastery.
    You have tons of time to build up your base and forces, since the English 
    attack your allies before they attack you. Get all the way to the Imperial Age 
    and assault the English base with the strongest units. Building stone walls, 
    gates and towers at those two river crossings might not hurt either. 
    Constructing your unit production buildings just behind these river defenses 
    will be a good plan too, making it easier and faster to replenish any units 
    you lose.
    The relic is on a hill beyond the red walls, directly south of the eastern 
    river crossing. Smash up the base, grab the relic and take it back to the 
    Here's my sneaky, cheap way of getting the third relic (cheap unless you 
    include mangonel upgrades). Draw the English forces away from the area of 
    their eastern gate, and sneak a peasant all the way around the coast to the 
    south east while the English are occupied. When your peasant reaches the edge 
    of the map he should be on a grassy hill with thick trees to the west and the 
    river to the east. Build a siege workshop and a monastery here. Produce one 
    priest and one mangonel. Upgrade mangonels to onagers, then to siege onagers. 
    Siege onagers can smash through trees using their attack ground ability, so 
    break through the trees to the sand. Follow the treeline around until you're 
    due north of the southern corner of the minimap. Smash through these trees and 
    send your priest in to pilfer the relic from under the noses of the English. 
    Take it back to your new monastery and you're done.
    Use your initial stocks to advance quickly.
    Don't bother tributing your ally.
    Building walls and towers at both river crossings makes this level a joke.
    The sneaky way is ALWAYS better.
    ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~
    Difficulty: 1/3
    Build a castle.
    Destroy the English castle.
    Right. The second the level starts, put all your peasants to work, build four 
    more, then advance to the Castle Age. Gather all your starting combat units 
    together and send them down to the river crossing to the west. You should have 
    enough stone to build a castle, so get the four miners to go down and build 
    one right at the crossing, while your combat units guard the construction 
    site. As soon as the castle is done, garrison your combat units in there, and 
    send your miners back to work at your main base.
    Wallace arrives with a lot of help, so get his lot over to the castle too. 
    They won't all be able to fit in, so explore the area with your horsemen while 
    you build up your base. With that castle there, you don't have to worry about 
    your base getting attacked any more, so just take it easy. Build a university 
    and research murder holes and other upgrades so you can deal with invaders 
    more effectively, including the rams.
    And that's your base safe, with a ton of free combat units into the bargain. 
    This couldn't really be easier. Use the free transport ships to take Wallace 
    and the elite woad raiders (good name for a band) over to the south east of 
    the far island, along with some trebuchets and whatever else you feel like. 
    You'll meet not much resistance, and wiping out the English should be easy if 
    you keep your groups organised and your siege units protected. Take out their 
    castle on the hill with trebuchets.
    A castle at the crossing basically wins you this level from the very start.
    Woad raiders are really quite crap.
                                     2.2 JOAN OF ARC
    Take Joan Of Arc on a tour of what seems like the entire country of France. 
    She's a talisman but she's dangerous to use in battle, since most of the 
    levels rely on her not dying. Ironically, the most difficult level of this 
    campaign is the only one she isn't in.
    ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~
    Difficulty: 1/3
    Escort Joan from the camp at Vaucouleurs to the Chateau of Chinon.
    Joan must survive.
    Is there such a thing as a likely messiah?
    This is just a walk-from-A-to-B-to-C mission. Take your knights, men-at-arms 
    and crossbowmen south, keeping Joan at the back. Watch the British beat up the 
    Franks, then follow the dirt path around to the broken bridge on the west 
    shore. Go north, sticking to the trees to the east. Take out the group of 
    thugs by the outpost, and head farther north by the trees. Cross the bridge 
    and go north west to the Franks encampment. Joan must approach the group of 
    units to get their help.
    Don't go across the north west bridge; instead go back over the bridge to the 
    south and use the ram to attack the gate to the west. Remove any red units 
    which attack the ram, and bust your way through the gate. You can try to take 
    down the whole base if you want, but there's not a lot of point.
    Anyway, head west, over the river crossing, and deal with the three wolves. 
    Farther west is an ambush, but sticking to the southern coast should let you 
    avoid it. Pile onto the boats. The only important one is Joan, since this is 
    the last piece of combat. When you knocked down that gate, you ceased to have 
    a use for your ram, so send it in first as a decoy, while everyone else jumps 
    onto the boats.
    Head south, following the western coast. Halfway down, you should see a cliff 
    with some trees around it. There will be a small break in the cliff edge where 
    you can pass, so let your guys off here, then just right-click on the flag at 
    the north west corner of the mini-map and your units will get there by 
    Keep Joan away from combat, but still quite close to your other units.
    Watch out for wolves.
    The ram is good for drawing fire at the boats.
    If you get warnings about where not to go, heed them.
    ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~
    Difficulty: 1/3
    Joan must survive.
    The cathedral in Orleans must remain standing.
    Escort Joan to Blois so she may command the French army.
    Send everyone north. You will meet a bunch of goons halfway there - use the 
    monk who waves you off if you need healing. 
    Keep pushing everyone north. When they reach Blois you will get a lot more 
    units, as well as six trade carts.
    Outside the eastern gates, it might be worth exploring a bit to the east and 
    down south, since there are lots of minerals around here. Head along the 
    northern coast when you're done here - don't go too far east or you'll run 
    into trouble. Along the coast you should find the boats, so take everyone 
    across, including the carts. 
    There is gold to the west which might come in handy, and farms and stone north 
    of that. The farms will save you a lot of building in a short while. Get over 
    to Orleans - as soon as you approach the gates, the city comes under your 
    control. The carts aren't essential, but they will give you a lot more 
    supplies to get started with.
    Well, from here it's up to you. You've got a nicely walled compound, whose 
    surrounds should be dotted with towers as soon as you have enough stone. You 
    can try a castle if you want, but since you'll be under attack from all 
    directions, its effectiveness will be lessened a bit. The biggest problem is 
    protecting your farmers, lumberjacks and miners, since they'll all have to 
    work outside the walls. I'd suggest building a tower next to every mining / 
    lumber operation, and next to the mill. Get your peasants in there at the 
    first whiff of danger, and keep a close eye on them. The enemies will attack 
    them once in a while.
    Here's how I prefer to do this.
    Immediately upgrade to the castle age, and build a castle north of your base, 
    just out of reach of the red towers. Meanwhile have your first three peasants 
    start farming, and use the food they bring in to create about ten or fifteen 
    more peasants. Have your ranged units fill the guard towers along the south 
    and east edges of your base. Have about five of your new peasants mine the 
    stone north of the free farms, and the rest cutting wood right next to your 
    Next to your new castle build a siege workshop and a university, upgrading to 
    Murder Holes when you can. Build about ten rams (no trebuchets allowed here), 
    or more if you can afford them (you should have plenty of gold). Attack the 
    red wall due west of the red castle (the part surrounded by trees, in between 
    the range of the corner towers) with your rams - they should break through but 
    they will be under attack. Send all your surviving rams through the gap and 
    have them attack the castle. Send in all the rest of your forces after them, 
    so that the rams draw all the fire but all your units are hammering the castle 
    at once (keep Joan out of it). With luck the castle should fall, though you 
    will have very few units remaining, and you'll have to watch for mangonels. 
    Believe me, this way does work, and you can get this mission over with very 
    quickly just by using a lot of rams and your starting units.
    If you do it the long way, you'll spend a lot of time mopping up all around 
    your walls, dealing with mangonels, lots of rams, horsemen, archers, etc. 
    You'll need towers at every length of wall, and a strike-force of cavalry 
    ready to charge out and get rid of any siege weapons. Plus you'll have to 
    protect your peasants at the same time.
    _______________________________V1.3 CONTRIBUTION______________________________
    Harpret Kalsi <bruceybonus3002@hotmail.com> 
    "just wanted to say that I found a very easy way of getting past the maid of 
    ORLEANS scenario. Basically when u start theres one of the enemy castles 
    placed just above your troops to the west a bit. You can take out this castle 
    from the very start of the map with the troops u are given including the ones 
    u need to collect to the west of the map. But yea if u can take out that 
    castle and then take ur trade carts to ur town, u win the map as soon as they 
    reached the flagged area without worrying about defending the town and 
    I tested this for the first time after your mail, and it worked great for me. 
    Basically got all my units together and blasted the hell out of the castle 
    south of the bridge, which I usually avoid. This is good if you're a decent 
    enough player to get away with it, but that castle and its guards can be 
    dangerous, so save before you head in if you're going to try it. 
    _______________________________V1.3 CONTRIBUTION______________________________
    One thing worth noting: once you reach Blois, the yellow monk who was standing 
    by the cathedral at the very start will possibly have followed your guys all 
    the way to Orleans without getting killed. For some weird reason, this guy 
    stood outside my northern gate and HEALED MY FRIGGING ENEMIES. If he does this 
    to you, introduce him to the business end of a mangonel, because that sort of 
    aid is the last thing you need in this level.
    Look for the boats outside Blois.
    There is a lot of farms and a mill west of Orleans, just waiting to be used.
    Rams can end this level quickly.
    Build towers everywhere, including next to your peasants.
    There are lots of minerals in this map - just explore.
    ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~
    Difficulty: 1/3
    Destroy at least 3 British castles.
    Joan must survive.
    This mission can be hard or easy, depending on how you approach it and where 
    you site your main base. Take all your guys north at the start, and you should 
    meet up with some ships. Take everyone across the river and let them off, then 
    kill off your transport ships to lower your pop. limit.
    You can either choose to start your base right away, or you can attack 
    Burgundy with what units you have. This is not difficult at all - just head 
    north from your landing point, and you should find their small base. It's 
    defended by four or five towers, but these are not tough to take down, as long 
    as you stay out of the firing range of the others while you're doing it. Take 
    out the town centre first though, sneaking through in between the towers, and 
    get rid of any peasants or combatants around. This will do you a favour in the 
    long run, since these guys would have been using up the valuable gold and 
    stone dotted all around here.
    There are several places you could put your base, but I recommend way down in 
    the southernmost corner of this island, over the river crossing. There's 
    plenty of gold and stone along to the east; tons of trees which are also 
    grouped closely together to make up nice bottlenecks where you can put your 
    gates; the river is just south west if you want to build boats to go up the 
    smaller river to the north; and the area is as far away from any enemy base as 
    you can get.
    You will be under attack from over the river crossing once in a while, but not 
    so much if you got rid of Burgundy at the beginning. Most of the attacks will 
    be from the north east, but nothing some walls and towers can't handle.
    Explore to the north - you should find three castles behind walled compounds 
    about two thirds of the way north east, from the top of the map to the bottom. 
    There is another castle in the far north, but this is more difficult to take 
    When you destroy your first castle, Fastolf will attack with some of his 
    goons. He is pretty tough, but not if you capture him with monks. He has the 
    same stats as Joan, and is well worth grabbing.
    You might also want to take out Fastolf's base, which can be tough since it's 
    quite spread out. Worth it though, since it allows you to sneak around to the 
    back of the middle castle.
    The three lone castles are all in small, walled compounds, vulnerable to 
    attack from the rear. Just use rams on the walls then pile everyone in through 
    the gap and raze the castles.
    The base in the north is a different proposition, involving longbowmen, 
    mangonels, towers and walls. Nothing too heavy though, and it is easier if you 
    attack through the eastern wall. Better to leave this though, when there are 
    three easier castles.
    The less open your base is to attack, the better. A corner is always better 
    than an edge.
    Taking out Burgundy at the start saves you a lot of grief.
    Capture Fastolf if possible - he is noticeably different from his bodyguards.
    If you're placing mining operations far beyond your city walls, protect them 
    with towers - they may be attacked, and one tower will not be enough.
    Go for the three red castles, rather than the one in the bigger base in the 
    Towers by the river will deal with all those red ships.
    ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~
     2.2.4 THE RISING
    Difficulty: 1/3
    Travel west to help reinforce the French town.
    Be wary of opposition along the way.
    Joan must survive.
    Go north from the starting point and follow the coast along to the far west. 
    This should let you avoid almost all of the enemies in the middle of this 
    area. Once you get Joan to the flag, you will gain some peasants, a town 
    centre, a mill, a lumber yard and a mining camp. Use the berries for some 
    quick food.
    Whatever you do, this base will be pretty hard to defend for quite some time, 
    especially since it's in such a suckage position for defending. The nearest 
    bottleneck is to the north, over the river crossing. You should wall this off 
    as soon as you get a chance, but otherwise it will be a case of desperate 
    defending and ringing the town bell a lot until you get enough stone to put a 
    castle up, which will definitely do you a favour in this mission. I'd 
    recommend relying on quick response units for defense, rather than a lot of 
    walls and towers, since the area is too open and there's not a lot of stone 
    around. Keep some mobile units around your town centre and farms, since 
    enemies have a habit of suddenly appearing inside your base from out of 
    apparently nowhere.
    I tend to put a wall and a gate at the crossing to the north, then build a 
    castle at the other crossing, plus another wall and gate, since the eastern 
    crossing is the most dangerous.
    Once the nearby stone and gold deposits are exhausted, the next nearest is to 
    the east. They may be lightly guarded by the last of the reds, but nothing 
    major at all. 
    You can help yourself in this mission by realising that all you have to do is 
    wipe out the town centres of each of the three enemies, not every building and 
    unit. And the orange and green centres are actually very easy to take down.
    For the greens to the north of your base, just send in four or five rams as 
    soon as you have them built, and you probably don't even need to bother with 
    an escort. The rams can knock out the town centre very fast, and once this is 
    done the greens will just stop functioning. The same applies to the orange 
    base, except for this one I just sent about six trebuchets halfway up the 
    eastern crossing and had them heave their ammo over the gate and onto the town 
    centre, which is right next to the castle. The castle will topple with the 
    town centre, and the orange base will shut down straight away too. That's two 
    out of the three enemy bases gone with only a few siege weapons needed. True, 
    the trebuchets were under attack, but they managed to get rid of the town 
    centre before the orange guys destroyed them. So you can launch full scale 
    attacks on both bases and lose quite a lot of units in the process, or you can 
    expend money on a few cheap siege weapons - it's up to you.
    For the ships cruising along the river, I built my own dock to the west and 
    quickly got some galleons together. Take out any enemy docks and stay away 
    from the orange castle to the east. I tend not to bother with sea units in my 
    games, but the boats in this level can be a pain for your walls and gates at 
    the western crossing.
    The final base is a different prospect altogether. This place is seriously 
    well guarded by towers, many mangonels, and many, many longbowmen. Trying to 
    get through is a nightmare, especially since they have two castles, both of 
    which will constantly produce longbowmen, who will always try to suck your 
    units in by firing then retreating. But you can't follow them because of the 
    mangonels, who will pour out of the gates and reduce your squadrons to mince.
    I've had good luck with sitting just outside the east gate, trying to suck 
    longbowmen out one at a time and finishing them off with my own ranged units, 
    who are all the time getting healed by priests. This has the added advantage 
    of being out of range of the castles, and being as far away as possible from 
    all those mangonels. Meanwhile I get rams / trebuchets to attack the northern 
    corner of the wall and break through there, which should not raise undue 
    suspicion from the enemy. At that point I pour my horsed units and siege 
    weapons through and head across the northern edge of the map. I get all my 
    siege weapons to target the town centre, sending my other units in first to 
    draw fire. Trebuchets and rams should do the job in time while the rest of 
    your units are distracting the billions of longbowmen.
    Remember it doesn't matter how many units you lose, just as long as you take 
    down the town centre by the end of it. Throw everything you have at it. 
    Wall off both crossings as soon as you can.
    Keep plenty of fast, mobile units in and around your base - ranged units are 
    little use in this level.
    Stone is scarce, but castles are very much worth it at each crossing.
    Taking out the green base early can gain you valuable resources.
    A few siege weapons can beat two out of the three enemies.
    When attacking enemy bases, target EVERYTHING on the town centres.
    Sneaking into the yellow base is far better than a frontal attack.
    ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~
    Difficulty: 1/3
    Joan must survive.
    Refugee villagers in Paris are attempting to escape English tyranny. Locate at 
    least 6 of the refugees.
    Rendezvous with the king's reinforcements in Paris, just south of the river 
    This is another cross-country traipse, this time through the enormous city of 
    Paris. Like the Hints window says, defend your siege weapons because this 
    place is a nightmare without them.
    Take everyone north, sticking to the west edge of the map. You will reach a 
    castle defended by towers and a wall. Destroy it and head carefully east until 
    you reach the gate. Attack the gate with your bombard cannons while everyone 
    else fends off the enemies who come through the gate. Send someone through the 
    ruined gate to pick up the peasants, then pull them back out again with the 
    peasants. From here you can knock out a lot of the Paris buildings from behind 
    the wall, just by firing over with your cannons and trebuchets. Careful of the 
    castle to the south and the trebuchet guarding it.
    Next, head inside the confines of the walls. There is a mangonel to the south 
    and a couple of galleons guarding the water - all three of these units should 
    be taken out in order to make your life easier. You can destroy all the 
    buildings you want, but it doesn't make any difference to the level. You 
    should be more concerned with getting to the bridge to the south east. There 
    are two towers and a galleon on the near side of it, a monk and another tower 
    in the middle island, and another tower and a mangonel at the far end. Attack 
    the monk in the middle with Joan, who cannot be converted.
    Once over the bridge, take Joan east to the cathedral and kill the other two 
    monks. There is another mangonel lurking to the south who may take a shot at 
    you. Don't let it draw you towards the champions farther south.
    Head south east and pick up the militia, scorpions, axemen and a couple of 
    knights, who can help you deal with the elite longbowmen against the eastern 
    wall. Next, knock a hole in the wall where you met the bowmen and go through 
    to find the dirt path to the east. Follow it south until the road forks. Stop 
    This is probably the hardest bit of the level if you choose to attack, so 
    don't. Watch the battle in the revealed area to the east, where Burgundy take 
    on the Compeigne. Your purple enemies will win and remain lurking around 
    inside the walls, but their large force should be pretty depleted. This should 
    make it easy for you to send in all your forces first, then run in Joan and 
    the six peasants while the Burgundians are distracted.
    Guard your siege weapons.
    Don't chase enemy units too far - let them come to you.
    Attack monks with Joan.
    Exploring can get you killed - just follow a narrow route.
    Leave the Burgundians to it at the final area, and only charge in once their 
    forces are heavily damaged by Compiegne.
    ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~
    Difficulty: 2/3
    The Trade Cart carrying the French flag must survive.
    Plant the French flag (loaded in a Trade Cart) on the hill in Castillon 
    (covered with flags).
    Rendezvous with the French artillery, commanded by Jean Bureau.
    Rendezvous with the French army, commanded by Constable Richemont.
    No Joan in this level, but at least you don't have to watch her back all the 
    The first job is to get rid of Burgundy, which is really quite easy if you do 
    it sensibly. Loth as I am to be sensible about anything, let's give it a go 
    Head south until you find the rendezvous point, where you will gain control of 
    the army. Head over the river crossing to the west and get the artillery. Now 
    take all your units, including the trade cart, down to the southern edge of 
    the map, where the trees are. Keep heading west, past the batch of gold and 
    across the little rocky place which looks like it's blocked.
    Incidentally, if you want to build up your base quicker, you don't actually 
    have to pick up the artillery yet. Just avoid them and take down the base with 
    the army, then come back for the artillery once your base is up and your pop. 
    limit is at 75.
    If you did get the bombard cannons, group them together, your horsed units 
    together, and all the rest of your combat units together (apart from 
    trebuchets), so that you have three groups. Put your remaining units 
    (trebuchets, peasants and trade cart) in a fourth group and keep them well 
    away from the action. Put your three combat groups on 'no attack stance'. Go 
    past the purple mill of Burgundy, and the fishing peasants, and go south 
    across the crossing. Now put all your units on aggressive (apart from the 
    bombard cannons, as they can accidentally land their cannon balls on the heads 
    of your men) and get them to decimate the base. Make sure you mop up the 
    peasants especially.
    As soon as you attack the southern settlement of Burgundy, the northern one 
    will empty and all of those units will charge to protect their twin base. 
    Mount your defense at the southern end of the river crossing you just came 
    over, keeping your groups intact (keep the bombard cannons out of it). Once 
    all the Burgundians are gone (check for stray peasants), Burgundy should 
    resign and you will get their resources. You can now set about building your 
    base at either of the sites they have just vacated.
    ______________________________V1.6 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________
    "in the last Joan of Arc mission: A perfect Martyr, you said in your guide to 
    build a town. Now this strategy may appeal to people who like to destroy 
    everything or want a bit more fun (me for example in the "siege of Jerusalem" 
    village i totally leveled Jerusalem minus the untouchable buildings) Instead 
    of building a base i used my starting troops to just go straight to the finish 
    line at the red British base.
    I first annihilated the northern Burgundian base (purple) by using siege 
    weapons and keeping my melee units on stand ground in front of them and the 
    ranged units whom i also kept in stand ground (i grouped melee together, siege 
    and ranged together) my ranged units would focus fire on anything that came 
    close (required my input of course) if anything reaches the ranged units 
    (highly unlikely) the melee units on stand ground would take them out. As soon 
    as the Burgundian base was leveled i moved my troops past it (the base was 
    only leveled to give me more room to work) i saved as often as possible as 
    soon as a small objective was completed (eg. a tower was destroyed without 
    losing any units) you might not need to do this but personally i hate losing 
    troops and i loaded every time i lost a few, though you must not lose too many 
    because you wont be getting more using my strategy.
    As soon as the Burgundians were gone, i moved carefully down south west of the 
    Burgundian base then up a little to a marshy crossing over the river where a 
    number of red British troops, 2 Keeps and a few mangonel await. I kept my 
    knights on stand ground directly north of the crossing and then i used my 
    siege to take out the towers, the ranged units took out any reds that came 
    (keeping in mind purple will still harass you with two handed swordsman and 
    champions in small groups take them out as they come) the knights are to move 
    down and take out the mangonels as they come as they will be absolutely 
    devastating against your weak archers and cannoneers. As soon as they were 
    defeated you would have lost a few troops maybe move across the river again 
    fending off the constant but laughable red and purple attacks. Hug the river 
    with your troops to ensure minimum damage from more towers. Soon you may come 
    across a bombard tower dangerously close to your men, at this point array 
    siege to destroy the tower and again use your troops to defend. Then move 
    further north and finally west until you meet a red castle which you take out 
    with siege. Then keep moving west and little bit south until you come to a red 
    gate facing north, take this gate out and move all your troops in, at this 
    point tons and tons of red troops engage you, too much for your army, keep 
    them busy with your troops and get some of your troops to attack the tower 
    guarding the target destination of the flag (you did keep the flag with you 
    right? and the civilians to repair the siege with your resources from 
    destroying the purple TC) the troops will be targeted by the towers, the rest 
    of your men will be busy getting cut to pieces (though putting up a good 
    fight) then simply weave your cart in between the fray and get to the flagged 
    area. Voila mission accomplished."
    Thanks. I am the kind of player who likes building bases, but an all-out 
    assault is another way of doing it, and if it works it works.
    ______________________________V1.6 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________
    Each site has advantages over the other, but I tend to go for the southern 
    base. It has a fantastic bottleneck, enough space (just) to build up a full 
    base, and it is very far away from the enemy bases. The northern site has 
    berry bushes, walls, gold, stone and lots of trees, but in my experience it 
    comes under heavy and constant assault even when you're not ready to defend 
    against it. Besides, those resources will stay there untouched for a very long 
    time, and you can build your secondary base here later. 
    By the way, that big area in the south that you passed at the beginning might 
    look attractive, what with all that gold and those trees. No, it isn't. I've 
    tried a few times and I just get a kicking from attacks from both sides, as 
    well as problems with having to mine the stone to the west, which leads to my 
    mining operations getting wiped out almost as fast as I can build them. It's 
    the lack of stone that makes this area a bad place for a base, but if you 
    think you can successfully maintain a base here, good luck to you.
    Anyway, assuming you are using the southern Burgundy site for your base, just 
    plug the crossing bottleneck with walls and a gate as soon as you can, and use 
    your given units to fend off attacks while you get building.
    Three problems with this place: firstly, you will probably be attacked by some 
    red ships from the west. Your bombard cannons should be able to take them out 
    when they appear, but don't build any important buildings by the western coast 
    until they're gone. Another problem is the red tower across the river to the 
    north, but again use bombard cannons.
    The third problem isn't really to do with the site, it's the number of units 
    you have. I had sixty-five by the time I'd gotten rid of Burgundy, and it took 
    me a long time to get my infrastructure up with that many units taking up 
    space. So I killed off most of my light cavalry and sent the rest exploring, 
    not minding if they got killed. I also got rid of some of my arbalests, then 
    just let the others gradually die from defending. Don't go overboard and kill 
    them all off, but you will probably want to sacrifice some to make room for 
    Once your base is up and running, and you're used to fending off bunched 
    attacks from longbowmen, knights, siege weapons, whatever, you will probably 
    want to take care of that orange base in the north west. To do this, it would 
    be very helpful to establish that second base in the old Burgundy site to the 
    north. To do this, send in your own combat units to clear away any reds who 
    might be lurking, then build walls and gates and then a castle in the gap 
    between the lines of trees at the west of the walled area.
    Build a stable, siege workshop, monastery, whatever else you want behind the 
    castle, and start mining the stone and gold. Your first base should be OK from 
    now on, since the enemies will target the new one, but keep an eye on it 
    Taking down the orange base should be pretty simple, as long as you group your 
    units intelligently and keep them away from that castle. Use trebuchets or 
    bombard cannons on the castle, and your hand cannoneers or whatever to fend 
    off the enemy's ranged units. This battle can take surprisingly long, but 
    concentrate on the castle and the unit production buildings first, and it 
    should have a happy ending. All that remains is to explore the surrounding 
    area for those pesky peasants who will try hard to start up a new base to the 
    If you're lucky, there will be a big batch of stone among the ruins.
    Take out the two red towers over the river, then send through whatever combat 
    units you have amassed. Heading south west is suicide, since this is where all 
    the main fortifications are. Much easier to head north, taking out towers as 
    you encounter them, and all the way around the top of the map, past the 
    castle, until you come to the back gate. Make sure you have your trade cart 
    with you, then just bash through the gate and walls with everything you've 
    got. It should not be hard to distract the enemy while your trade cart rolls 
    up to the flag, at which point the level ends, along with the Joan Of Arc 
    The southern Burgundy base is the best site for your own first base.
    Do not allow your trade cart to be destroyed - if you get a DEFEATED message 
    without knowing why, it's probably because of this.
    Sacrifice your starting combat units to make room for peasants.
    If you want to build up your base quicker, as well as go over your pop. limit 
    later, don't pick up the artillery until later.
    Attack the orange base through the easternmost gate.
    The red base is a joke if you sneak around the back and send your cart through 
    while the rest of your units provide a distraction.
                                      2.3 SALADIN
    This campaign can be surprisingly difficult in places, given that it's the 
    third of five.
    ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~
    Difficulty: 1/3
    Defeat the Franks west of Cairo.
    Fend off the first attack by the blue scouts, then take everyone east to the 
    coast. Follow the coast down, running into very little trouble on the way. 
    Eventually you will come to a larger encampment at the south end of the river, 
    guarded by knights, crossbowmen and axemen. Group your units intelligently and 
    beating these guys should result in few friendly casualties.
    Head over the bridge to meet the last of the blues. The Egyptians have 
    probably changed stance to enemy by now, which means you're going to have to 
    get rid of the bunch of red units who will come out of the city and onto the 
    middle island. Take them down without going too far east yet. You have to 
    threaten the Egyptian mosque in the northern end of their city, which means 
    breaking through the gates. You get a free cannon galleon, which you can send 
    north along the coast to explore the western walls and find out where the 
    towers are. You should also use your cannon galleon to take out that first red 
    tower behind the southern gate, before you send your ground units through it 
    (you'll have to destroy the gate too, unless you can inveigle everyone through 
    when an enemy unit opens it from the inside).
    By the way, if you destroy that blue blacksmith on the island you get a free 
    chain barding armour upgrade.
    When taking your units through the Egyptian city try sticking to the middle - 
    too far west gets you within range of towers, too far east takes you too near 
    more towers and a castle. It's not hard to make it up there with hardly any 
    injuries, and when you run into a solitary monk in front of a gate you're 
    nearly there. When this monk falls the Egyptians become your friends again, so 
    it might be a good idea to send just one unit all the way up there on his own 
    and kill the monk without endangering everyone else. Then the rest of your 
    units can pass through the city unharmed.
    Your units can now get through the red gates, which is nice since you've just 
    been handed a lot more units, including a ram. Take everyone through the north 
    east gate and out into the desert. You now have to defeat the turquoise Franks 
    to the south east, and it will be much easier if your siege units remain 
    intact. They have a siege workshop and a town centre surrounded by widely 
    spaced towers. They also have quite a lot of units, including mangonels.
    I like to attack one of the towers and then fall back, letting the Franks 
    come to me, way beyond the protective range of their towers. They will empty 
    their base, and if you are stationed far enough away you can mop up the 
    turquoise knights well before the mangonels and pikemen reach you. With all 
    their units gone, you can then send your ram to break down the town centre on 
    its own.
    Protect your siege units.
    Destroy the island blacksmith for an armour upgrade.
    Send one solo unit to the mosque to kill the red monk - this will save your 
    other units some trouble.
    Don't attack the Frankish base by piling all your units in - attack then 
    retreat, drawing their units away from their towers.
    ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~
     2.3.2 LORD OF ARABIA
    Difficulty: 1/3
    Defeat Reynald's pirates.
    Defeat Reynald's raiders.
    Do not allow your allies of Aqaba and Medina to be defeated.
    There's nothing particularly hard about the beginning of this level - just 
    build up equal numbers of farmers and lumberjacks quickly, then gold miners. 
    The best defense of this base is just to ring the town bell whenever enemies 
    appear, then suck the enemies towards the centre with your mounted units. 
    You'll be getting attacked from the north quite often, and also sometimes from 
    the west, where the blue base will drop units off from boats. A castle on the 
    western edge of your settlement should deal with them easily, while a few 
    towers and scattered units will sort out attacks from the north.
    Unfortunately you do not have a lot of stone, so research cartography from 
    your market so you can see what your allies see. Don't worry about your allies 
    by the way - they will hardly ever be under serious attack, and you can 
    basically ignore their constant pleas for help. Get a stone mine going next to 
    the south east allied base, and your own base should progress nicely.
    By the way, your allies will occasionally gift you some resources. They will 
    also keep complaining about being under attack, even after you get rid of the 
    raiders. Ignore the idiots.
    This is extremely easy. I had a group of knights, a group of mamelukes 
    (castle), a few monks and five rams. Use mamelukes to mop up while your rams 
    hit their southern gate. Take out the tower next with the rams, and fend off 
    more archers with everyone now inside their walls. The archery is to the north 
    and it should be the next target, followed by the town centre. Get rid of the 
    remaining two towers while your mamelukes and knights take out the rest of the 
    peasants. There might be more peasants hiding outside in the desert (try next 
    to the stone deposits), and once they're gone the raiders will resign.
    The pirates are in the west, across the water, and you'll have to build 
    transport ships to get over there.
    But first, a few things to tie up on your side of the water. There is a couple 
    of stone deposits in the north, past the turquoise base, and a relic between 
    the yellow and turquoise walls, by the trees. Across in the middle stretch of 
    land, which can be reached via the river crossing in the north, there is more 
    stone and gold, as well as a walled off area full of red raiders. Get rid of 
    the crossbowmen and the mangonel so you can access the gold. The pirates have 
    a mini base down to the south of this island, with a tower, some houses and a 
    dock. Finally, to get your ships up and running, try building your dock in the 
    very northern end of the river, just around the crossing. Your dock will be 
    attacked right away, as well as your ships, so make sure your dock is north of 
    some fortifications. I like to build a castle right on the coastline so that 
    any passing galleons will be shot down before they reach my dock.
    To take out the pirates' base, just get all your units to the southern tip of 
    the western island and head north, getting rid of buildings as you find them. 
    There are some towers, and you will probably be hassled by galleons, but 
    nothing major. Keep your units together, your rams protected and everyone away 
    from the beach, and you should have little trouble dealing with the blue base, 
    including the castle. Since they're a sea-faring bunch, the pirates actually 
    have very few ground units - I just ran into some knights and that was it.
    You might want to build about ten galleons to clear out the seas of enemy 
    galleons before you transport your units across to the pirates' island, but 
    this will probably necessitate killing off some of your own land units to make 
    room. It will make traversing the sea much safer, but it's up to you.
    To get rid of the pirates for good, wipe out all their buildings then hunt 
    around for any stray peasants or ships. There are lots of fishing boats 
    around, and sometimes the pirates send one or two peasants to the beach just 
    west of your main base, where they just stand doing nothing.
    Use your starting units and the town bell for early base defense.
    There is plenty of gold and stone on your island, and more gold can be gained 
    via trade carts.
    Ignore your allies' cries for help - they're in no danger.
    Attack the turquoise base as soon as you have a decent strike force - there's 
    no point hanging around.
    Defend your dock by placing it in a site where enemy ships will have to pass 
    close by to a castle or towers.
    ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~
    Difficulty: 2/3
    Capture the Piece of the True Cross (a relic) and return it to the Horns of 
    Hattin (marked by flags).
    This is a very tricky level, but it's one where it helps to bear your main 
    objective in mind. You don't have to wipe out all your enemies, just find the 
    relic and bring it back to your base. But first you're going to have to get up 
    a decent base, and this is one level where you have to defend almost totally 
    through units.
    Get all your starting peasants in the north base to collect the mutton from 
    the sheep, and use the food to produce lumberjacks. Set up a lumber operation 
    on the northern corner of your base, where there are plenty of trees, then 
    produce a few more peasants as gold miners. There is a batch of gold along the 
    eastern edge of the map - just send the peasants along and down the little 
    archipelago to find it.
    The southern base is not really worth worrying about - I tend to get the three 
    peasants there to mine the gold, and also build a monastery once you're at the 
    castle age. The monks can capture any enemies who might attack the palisade 
    walls (including the knight Reynald de Chatillon), but most attacks will be 
    launched at the northern base.
    Your market can help give you any resources you're short of, since you should 
    have plenty of gold for quite a while.
    As I said, defending this base is reliant on units, and so the quicker you can 
    get into the castle age (sorry, no castles, towers or stone walls allowed in 
    this level), the better. I rely on skirmishers and knights to take care of 
    whatever enemies break through the south western palisade walls, as well as a 
    few monks to capture enemy knights. The town bell can help deal with any who 
    get through, and your mangonel can do a job on units lurking beyond your 
    One thing I thought I'd note: I'm not a fan of scorpions at all, but almost 
    all your enemies will be streaming through a tiny gap in the wooden palisade 
    wall at the southern edge of your north base. Sitting four or five stationary 
    scorpions within range of this gap might be a good move, since every enemy 
    passing through the gap will get hit by multiple bolts at once.
    You'll just have to concentrate on building up your forces inside your 
    northern walls and deal with enemies as and when they break through. Your goal 
    is to have enough units to continually defend your base, while also looking 
    for the relic. Your job might be made a bit easier if you can take out the red 
    British base to the south east. They have some scorpions and quite a lot of 
    crossbowmen, but taking out the archeries and town centre with rams while your 
    knights get rid of any ground units and the siege workshop should be enough. 
    You might have a hard time tracking down the last of the British units, since 
    they'll have stray peasants all over the place trying to re-establish the 
    base. Just keep scouting around with knights while everyone else defends your 
    own walls, and eventually you should clear out the last of the red units.
    The relic you need is in the northwest of the map, in a double-walled compound 
    defended by monks. Unfortunately the Hospitallers and the Knights Templar have 
    bases nearby, so you're going to have to break through those difficult bases 
    before you can get to the relic. That is unless you knock down the wooden 
    palisade wall at the north west corner of your own base and sneak some forces 
    around the back.
    I took two monks, a couple of mangonels, a handful of knights and a few 
    skirmishers along the northern edge of the map, encountering hardly any 
    resistance. Don't get your guys to shoot at any peasants they pass, and the 
    enemies should not be alerted to your presence. Take out the monks inside the 
    walls with your skirmishers, while your mangonels knock down the walls. The 
    Hospitallers will be alerted and send a few units to try to stop you, but take 
    them down with your escorts, while your monk grabs the relic and takes it 
    home. Remember you're taking the relic to the pavilion surrounded by flags in 
    the middle of your base, not your monastery.
    Stone is useless in this level, so don't bother buying any.
    The space in your pop. limit taken up by the five or so peasants whom you 
    would usually have gathering stone is free here - use those slots for more 
    Rely on ranged units and knights to defend your base - most attacks will come 
    through the exact same section of wall, making scorpions probably your best 
    Wiping out the red base as soon as possible will make things easier.
    The relic is easier to get by sneaking around the back than it is by steaming 
    through two heavily guarded enemy bases.
    Reynald de Chatillon will attack your southern base near the start - if you 
    can capture him with monks your southern base should be left alone from then 
    on, and he is a very useful unit to have.
    ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~
    Difficulty: 1/3
    Do not allow any Jerusalem Monastery or the Dome of the Rock to be destroyed.
    Destroy the 5 towers defending Jerusalem so that Saladin's army can occupy the 
    The best way to win this level is with a very well protected base, and it just 
    so happens that you have everything you need close by to get one up and 
    running quickly. There's stone just north of where you start, and some nice 
    cliff edges for you to base your walls and towers around. Explore to the north 
    west and south east of where you start, and plan your walls accordingly, 
    making sure you leave enough room for all the buildings you'll need as well as 
    two or even three castles. Pretty soon you'll be under attack from all angles, 
    so try to make sure that the first thing enemies encounter is a castle and / 
    or towers. Beyond this, it's up to you how you build your base.
    You will eventually run out of gold and stone, and the nearest, most easy to 
    access deposits are to the south east. Explore and you should find batches of 
    both, with little chance that the enemy will try to take your new mining 
    operations out. Might be worth putting a tower next to each mining camp you 
    build though, just in case. 
    The game tells you to take out both the inferior enemy camps before going for 
    Jerusalem itself, but this isn't really necessary. Once you have enough of a 
    force for an attack, taking down the orange base to the west is extremely 
    easy, but not essential, since the enemy will just be launching lots of 
    fruitless attacks against your castles and towers.
    The yellow and orange bases are heavy on peasants, obviously designed not to 
    really do you any damage but mostly to just get in your way while you attack 
    Jerusalem, and also to eat up resources. There is a relic in a walled square 
    at the back of the orange base to the west.
    Bear in mind that all you have to do to win is to knock down the five towers, 
    all of which are on the perimeter wall. So gather together lots of mamelukes 
    and knights, plus a few monks and trebuchets, and just saunter around the 
    outer walls, knocking out each tower as you find it with the trebuchets while 
    everyone else defends the siege weapons. Make sure your trebuchets don't take 
    out the Dome or the monasteries and this should be easy.
    A walled off base with two or three castles behind it is crucial to winning 
    this level.
    Make sure you leave no holes in your walls on the north west or south east 
    approaches to your base.
    Just one bombard cannon inside your walls, behind your castles, can take care 
    of all enemy siege weapons.
    Mamelukes are fantastic for every aspect of this level - build as many as you 
    A bunch of well-escorted trebuchets can knock out the towers easily, winning 
    this level in no time.
    There are lots of unguarded resources to the south and east of this level.
    ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~
     2.3.5 JIHAD!
    Difficulty: 2/3
    Defeat any 2 of the 3 Crusader cities: Tiberias, Tyre, Ascalon.
    This mission has two timers on it from the beginning to make it more 
    difficult, and it's also a very definite siege level, with your enemies 
    holding most of the cards. Don't worry about your allies however - as far as I 
    know they never get attacked. I've given this level two out of three because 
    it's so much easier if you build an intelligent defense and send out recon 
    ______________________________V1.6 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________
    WILLIAM SULLIVAN <wsully1954@msn.com>
    "In the level Jihad! it is possible to build a wonder for an easy victory. You 
    probably will have to take out the orange's wonder first but if you get it up 
    and defend it for 350 years, then you won't have to eliminate Tiberias or 
    Thanks, I never think of building a wonder unless it's an actual objective, so 
    this should make the mission easier, if also more boring.
    ______________________________V1.6 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________
    First things frickin' last. Get your fishing ships busy immediately and put up 
    another four or five farms near your mill. Next produce some lumberjacks. You 
    may have noticed the less-than-abundant trees inside your walls; you may also 
    have noticed your allies' town to the north east. This would be a charming 
    place to site your lumber and stone operations, since your peasants will be 
    out of the way of enemies and won't have to hang around just outside your 
    northern walls to work. Get seven or so lumberjacks up there as soon as you 
    can and get them to the trees west of your allies' town. There is stone 
    directly south of their market, so get some peasants started there too. You 
    might even want to build a new town centre up there, though I haven't done 
    this. The gold you'll be using first is at the southern point of your main 
    Here are some priorities for you:
    Build a castle. You can actually do this pretty quickly thanks to the fact 
    that you have so many buildings given to you already, including a market. 
    Building a castle just south of your archery is a good idea, and it will do 
    you a lot of favours. I also like to build a second castle right next to my 
    docks, because these will be under serious fire later and ships just won't be 
    good enough, especially since you'll be needing so many land units.
    Build at least ten knights. The land units attacking you will include all 
    sorts of delights, and knights are versatile and quick enough to deal with all 
    of them. I'd especially recommend skirting around the perimeter of your base 
    so that you can see enemy squadrons coming, because many of the enemies won't 
    actually switch to attack stance until they reach your walls, even if you 
    attack them pre-emptively on the way. It's always so much nicer to get rid of 
    four mangonels and two trebuchets before they start shooting back.
    Pick up the relics. You can't exactly get the one in the western end of the 
    blue base at the moment, but the one north of your allies' town will do nicely 
    when you get a monastery up.
    The only yellow ships which will give you real trouble are the bombard ships, 
    which is why you should always have some galleons next to your docks. Use the 
    galleons to draw these particular enemy ships into range of one or both of 
    your castles and your towers.
    Anyway, the oranges in the south will start building a wonder sooner or later, 
    before anyone attacks you. By this time you should have all your peasants and 
    your knights ready, and should be building a castle, preferably the one which 
    will be dealing with the eastern attacks - the ships come a bit later from the 
    west and north. That wonder makes the oranges your first priority, and you 
    will be needing mostly trebuchets and knights, and mamelukes if you have a 
    There's no rush and you'll have to fend off a few attacks from all directions 
    first, but don't leave it too late. Your first batch of knights will probably 
    get defeated through defending your base, but you should have the resources to 
    build more anyway. The Tripoli guards will resign once their first attack is 
    wiped out, but be on the lookout for mangonels and rams from the east.
    I'd also recommend that you wait for your castle to be built and then just 
    concentrate on mamelukes for your ranged units - I tend to ignore the archery. 
    Keep building up your forces as you see fit, but make certain you have some 
    galleons or war galleys. Try not to go overboard on towers in this level - the 
    stone is pretty limited for a while. Just rely on a couple of castles, and 
    mobile units ready to draw enemies towards them.
    ______________________________V1.6 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________
    pull tiger <pulltigercock@hotmail.co.uk>
    "this may be really obvious but ive found a way to make the jihad!!! level a 
    ton easier.  i beat the level on only the third try and the attacking troops 
    hadnt even got anywhere near my wonder, they hadnt even made much of a threat 
    at any of my buildings
    the way i did it was there are three ridges that provide access to your 
    fortress.  i quickly got villagers building walls here and i basically blocked 
    up these ridges with walls 4 deep. I then built some towers either side of 
    these to draw some of the fire and then placed some of those cannon guysaround 
    this area as well to take out the trebuchets that they throw at you. i then 
    had to block up the beach area to the top left hand area of the fort next to 
    the river, again, walls 4 deep.  you then need to make sure the area to the 
    right of your fort is taken care of as a lot of soldiers keep coming through 
    here but the trees slow down their progress, you can put your ships in the bay 
    here to attack the people as they come through, although any troops in this 
    area will get pounded from the ridge above. 
    like i said this may be totally obvious but i beat the level in about 40 mins 
    on my third try and pretty much started building the wonder straight away."
    I don't know why it didn't occur to me to use guiding walls in this level - I 
    certainly used them in other levels. But if you can stream your enemies to one 
    or two points and have towers or ships there waiting for them then this level 
    will, as you say, get much easier. Cheers.
    ______________________________V1.6 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________
    Nothing too hard here, though try attacking their north eastern gate, as the 
    other one is too close to their ships. Take out the towers first, and send 
    knights and mamelukes in to clear out the mangonels and various other land 
    units - there should not be many, as this base is mostly defended by towers.
    Once you've gotten rid of the last of these, get your trebuchets to knock out 
    the wonder inside the walls. The oranges will only be defeated when you wipe 
    out the units next to the wonder, as well as the last of their ships.
    You have now defeated Ascalon, which leaves you with only one other of your 
    enemies to vanquish in order to complete the mission.
    Incidentally the Tiberians may have offered you a truce if you tribute 1000 
    gold to them, but sod that. Well, it gives you a bit of respite while you 
    rebuild your forces, but... it gives your enemy 1000 gold. It's up to you. You 
    will almost certainly have run out of the first stocks of gold and stone by 
    now anyway, but there is plenty more gold and a little more stone to be found 
    on the mainland. Just scout around north and east and buy stone from the 
    market if necessary.
    The yellow base is to the north. It's tiny and it's an island, but attacking 
    an island surrounded by bombard towers is not a lot of fun. Another 
    interesting thing is that the yellows have very little wood on their island 
    and will soon run out, leaving them unable to build more ships. But the blues 
    are directly east, and who wants to have to build five or more transport 
    ships? So let's attack the blues instead.
    Find the forest due south of your allies' base and follow it down until you 
    meet the blue castle. They have a couple of other castles - one on the south 
    western approach to the base and one away to the east beside some gold, but 
    once you've taken care of the castles the blues really have very little else 
    that can't be easily slaughtered by mamelukes and knights. From there it's 
    just a case of systematically slaying their peasants until they resign.
    Use your allies' base for stone and lumber operations.
    Two castles - one on the east, one on the west - will be very helpful.
    As much as you might dislike building ships, have about eight galleons at all 
    times and upgrade them when you can.
    Use scouts to warn you of incoming attacks - this virtually halves this 
    level's difficulty.
    Elite mamelukes, trebuchets and monks are all you really need versus the 
    oranges and blues.
    There are two relics - one north of the allies' base, the other in the blue 
    ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~
    Difficulty: 3/3
    Construct a wonder and defend it.
    Oh God. This level is hellish, and whatever you do you'll have great 
    Firstly, there's only really one place to build your wonder, and that's at the 
    back of your base, next to your gold and stone deposits. Try to build it 
    outside the walls and it will attract immediate attention from virtually every 
    enemy unit, and there are four different sets of enemies in this level, all of 
    whom will send very varied squadrons at you, including every type of siege 
    weapon (except maybe scorpions).
    Of course, this will also be true if you build it inside the city walls, but 
    at least that way you can defend it. Speaking of defense, your first castle 
    will not be enough - I'd recommend at least one more against the east wall, as 
    well as a lot of towers and maybe a second layer of wall. Inside your castles 
    should be either mamelukes or knights or both, since you're going to be 
    running around outside the walls a lot to mop up all those trebuchets and 
    bombard cannons. The fact that your base only begins with two gates and 
    neither are on the east wall is a pain in the arse, but if the enemies manage 
    to knock a gigantic hole in that wall put a gate in it, since this makes it a 
    lot easier to deal with the attacks from that direction. If you've first 
    gotten rid of the trees that is.
    Of the four resources you'll need, wood is the most difficult to come by. 
    There is plenty of stone and gold - so much that you can start building your 
    wonder right away if you like living dangerously. Be aware that the level 
    gives you a little time at the beginning to prepare, but not if you 
    immediately start on the wonder - then it's on for real.
    For peasants, have about eight or nine farming around your town centre, 
    another seven or eight on lumber (within the walls, unfortunately), and about 
    six or seven each on stone and gold. You get four fishing ships but these are 
    very slow and they take up valuable space in your pop. limit, so scuttle them 
    if you want. You will hardly ever be attacked by ships, if at all, so that's 
    some comfort at least.
    You need a constant influx of all four resources to keep on top of this level, 
    so take care of your peasants, especially the vulnerable lumberjacks against 
    that south east wall.
    As for combat units, I rely almost totally on knights and mamelukes for 
    mopping up, with a few monks inside the walls for healing. The only useful 
    siege weapons here are bombard cannons, which are unfortunately the only ones 
    you can't build from the beginning. Which brings me to another point - most 
    university upgrades are already done, but get chemistry underway as soon as 
    possible so that you can build the bombard cannons. They are invaluable for 
    counteracting the enemy from all directions.
    Don't even think about attacking any of the four enemies. I have successfully 
    taken down the greys in the south about halfway through the level, but once 
    their castle was down and they were defeated, my own units were so depleted 
    that the remaining three enemies took my base out easily, and I lost the whole 
    thing. Better to keep your units healthy and safe inside your walls, and take 
    a purely defensive stance throughout.
    You can try attacking one of the enemies as soon as the level starts, with the 
    blues or yellows being the closest and 'easiest'. I have tried this about ten 
    times, and have not succeeded once. They have too many mobile units and 
    towers, they keep ringing the town bell every time you approach one of their 
    peasants, and all my starting forces were taken out every time, leaving me 
    with nothing with which to defend the base. Don't bother - stay inside your 
    own base and wait.
    There's not a lot else I can tell you here. Just make sure resources are 
    coming in constantly, especially stone for those towers and repairs - and try 
    not to over-complicate things by experimenting with different defensive units. 
    Upgrade when you can at the various buildings, and do NOT let any of your 
    castles fall. They are critically important through the whole level. The 
    Accursed Tower is also really nice - try not to let it fall, since it is 
    better in every way than your usual towers (except for garrison capacity).
    Finally, the wonder. Building it at the beginning of the level makes life 
    instantly difficult, usually before you have had time to upgrade or add units 
    or anything else at all. But then the quicker you get it built the quicker the 
    timer will run down. On the other hand, building it later, once your base is 
    relatively prepared, allows you to defend it all the easier. But by then you 
    have a lot less gold, stone and wood inside your walls, and you'll have 
    trouble if you run out altogether of any of them.
    The only happy fact from all this is that getting the wonder built is the hard 
    part. It takes frigging epochs to build, even with about thirty peasants 
    bashing away, but once it's up the timer runs down surprisingly quickly in 
    this level. By the time mine reached zero, my wonder was under heavy attack, 
    my walls and all my units were gone, as well as all my castles and most of my 
    other buildings. The enemies don't seem to rush straight to the wonder, which 
    gives you a little more respite. Try surrounding it with at least one layer of 
    wall while you're building it - this should give you even more time. 
    But as I said, this level is a killer whatever you do, so don't be surprised 
    if you only just make it and no more. Or if you don't make it at all...
    ______________________________V1.6 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________
    WILLIAM SULLIVAN <wsully1954@msn.com>
    "There is a much easier and painless way of beating the Lion and the Demon on 
    the Saladin campaign. If you explore west with your ships you might find a 
    small island with one tree and some gold. There is a small hump on the south 
    tip of the island. If you have your peasants clear the gold and the tree on 
    the hump, then you can build your wonder on this hump. Use your remaining 
    resources to build a castle and a small navy on the island to defend against 
    the enemy ships. You should win the level with no problem."
    Larry Neer <lneer@hotmail.com>
    "I took the coward's way out on this scenario. Since it just says to build and 
    defend a wonder, I built my wonder on the largish island about in the middle-
    west of the ocean. Only one of the foes has a navy and they weren't hard to 
    fight off.
    First thing I deleted most of the houses. The city has many, many more houses 
    than you need. Getting rid of most of them lets your troops move around inside 
    the walls a lot better and also lets you farm inside the town. BTW - this also 
    works in 2.2.2 The Maid of Orleans
    Grew my economy and land forces as fast as possible. Also built a navy of 
    maybe 18 galleys. Also fought off the various attacks from the land-based 
    forces. Once my economy was going good and the attacks on the city were 
    becoming harsh I moved 12 peasants to the island with gold and mined the gold 
    on the south half of the island. Once that gold was gone I had room for a 
    Meanwhile I was careful to defend the island from sea attacks and defended as 
    best as possible at the city. Also build a dock on the island and kept 
    building new ships until my supplies ran out.
    The city eventually fell - every single stone gone except for one half-burned 
    gate they left standing. I think I counted 18 trebs hitting me at one point. 
    Before they got to my market I sold everything of to maximize the amount of 
    wood and gold to make more galleys with. Spammed galleys after that to keep 
    the (yellow?) navy away until the clock ran down. Finally won with 12 
    peasants, one wonder, maybe a dozen ships, one dock, and hardly any supplies 
    If only all really tough missions were this easy. Thanks :)
    ______________________________V1.6 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________
    Get peasants up and running as soon as possible - get all four resources in 
    Knights, mamelukes, monks, bombard cannons, towers and castles - build nothing 
    You may not use any of your ships - scuttle them to make room if so.
    You start with a lot of wood which you won't be needing for anything other 
    than farms and bombard cannons, since you have been given almost every 
    building. Sell some at the market.
    Concentrate on creating units first - deal with upgrades later, when you can 
    afford them.
    When sending out knights and mamelukes to take out enemy siege weapons outside 
    your walls, target the siege weapons only, then retreat. Don't get into a 
    scrap with anyone else - that's how you lose your entire force.
    Draw enemies into range of your castles, as usual.
    The castle upgrade, hoardings, can buy you a little more time.
    Try not to lose the Accursed Tower.
    When building your wonder, get every single one of your peasants on the job. 
    Enemy siege weapons will generally target the closest building, which should 
    always be a tower. Build towers, then more towers - it will make life so much 
    sweeter. And keep repairing them.
                                    2.4 GENGHIS KHAN
    This is what I call a campaign! The last three or four levels of this campaign 
    are unforgettable classics.
    ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~
     2.4.1 THE CRUCIBLE
    Difficulty: 1/3
    Ride forth to each of the Mongol tribes and convince them to join the Khan's 
    army. Make an example of any tribes which openly war against you.
    This level is so simple it doesn't really even deserve one out of three for 
    The level starts once the guy finishes his Sean-Connery-with-an-aneurism 
    impression. Head north to the grey encampment and find out that they want a 
    relic. Can't do that right now, since you need a monk to pick up relics. 
    Head north east and pick up the sheep, then farther north to the blue 
    encampment. They want twenty sheep, so donate the six you just found, as well 
    as the eight which can be found north west, north and north east of the blue 
    camp. This brings your total to fourteen. The remainder are best obtained from 
    the red palisade to the north east of the blue camp, though you will have to 
    fight off three red cavalry archers. Once you have sent the blues these twenty 
    sheep (send them to the flagged area) they will give you six cavalry archers 
    and two monks, while all the sheep mysteriously dematerialise, as sheep will. 
    By the way, the monks will heal you even before you bring them sheep.
    From here, head down to the green camp to the south west. They will ask you to 
    vanquish their far off enemies, but ignore them, change your stance from ally 
    to attack and wipe them out. This will save you a hike later. Convert a couple 
    if you can.
    Next, head way over to the eastern edge of the map and to the pink camp. Avoid 
    the red outpost by the river to the south. When you approach the pinks, they 
    should realise that you have vanquished the greens, which is what they would 
    have asked you to do anyway. They give you more cavalry archers, and now we 
    only have two camps still to deal with. Now for that relic.
    North of the pink camp is a red enclosure, heavily guarded. This contains a 
    relic, but there's a much easier one available by following the cliffs around 
    to the south until you come to the one by the trees, guarded by three wolves. 
    Send a monk in and grab it - the wolves didn't attack my monk - and send your 
    monk all the way back to the grey base who want it, avoiding that red outpost 
    on the way.
    While your monk is doing this, send the other monk and all your horsemen down 
    to the light blue base. They ask you to remove Ornlu the wolf, who can be 
    found among his pack to the south east - follow the cliffs up and around. 
    Target 400HP Ornlu with everyone you have, then kill the rest if you can be 
    bothered. You might lose a couple of units, but so what? Unfortunately none of 
    the wolves can be converted by your monks.
    While your other monk is taking the relic to the grey monastery in order to be 
    gifted with mangudai, get your heroes back to the light blues to receive their 
    equally obsolete reward of flaming arrows and five camels. I'd have preferred 
    five arrows and some flaming camels. Once both these things are done the level 
    is over.
    This is the quickest and most direct way I can come up with for completing 
    this rambling RPG-type level with as little hassle as possible.
    You can attack friendlies by opening the alliance menu and changing from ally 
    to enemy.
    Monks are the best scouts to warn you of nearby reds.
    Allied monks can heal your wounded units.
    The relic must be placed inside the grey monastery to be accepted.
    Sheep can make themselves invisible at will.
    ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~
     2.4.2 A LIFE OF REVENGE
    Difficulty: 1/3
    Prevent the tent of Genghis Khan (Wonder) from being destroyed.
    Kill the traitor Kushluk.
    That's one hell of a bloody tent. A 'World Ranger Storm Buster 4' is usually 
    good enough for me.
    Don't worry about your wonder: not only will the enemies rarely attack it, 
    they have no unit available that can do it serious damage. Of more pressing 
    concern is building a defensible base. Follow the advice and head north, 
    killing the handful of cavalry archers guarding the yellow base. This done, 
    the base becomes yours, with seven peasants thrown in.
    Explore the surrounding area while you build your base. There's lumber to the 
    east, gold to the north and stone to the west. The deer are handy for early 
    food. You will be under attack from the red base to the west, but the first 
    wave will approach the wonder first, and will probably succeed in taking down 
    the houses around it. The town bell is your best defense for a long time, but 
    concentrate on getting your own combat units sorted and developing towards 
    building a stone wall and a few towers around your base to do the thing 
    It's not that the red base is hard to defeat; it's just that you have to 
    achieve it with such crappy units of your own. Anyway, once you have a decent 
    complement of melee and ranged units (no siege weapons available), head west 
    and take out all the enemy combat units first. Hunt down the peasants next, 
    until they're all gone. Some may be working way to the south east, but finding 
    them won't be hard. Attacking the red base is much easier if you have more 
    units queued in your archery and stable, ready to head for assembly points 
    which you have placed in the heart of the red base.
    Wouldn't you know it: Kushluk scarpered immediately, as soon as he saw you 
    attacking the reds. Now he's hiding away to the west, in a seriously well 
    guarded base. You can explore it if you want by using a monk to convert one of 
    the scouts who keep floating past on the other side of that palisade wall, 
    then sending the converted unit in to die.
    The worst thing you can do at this point is break that wall. It's not 
    defending your enemies, it's defending you.
    The best thing you can do is build a castle right next to it. This manouevre 
    is known as 'flushing the Kush'. OK, it isn't really. But whatever you want to 
    call it, Kushluk will idiotically head straight for that walled enclosure, to 
    within range of your castle, which should have as many units as possible 
    garrisoned inside it. Three seconds later he's dead and you've won, and all 
    those green units and buildings away to the west are left scratching their 
    collective arse and wondering where they went wrong.
    Ignore your wonder.
    Ring the town bell until you have walls and towers up.
    Wait until the reds attack you and get mowed down by your towers, then 
    counter-attack their depleted base.
    Kushluk can be done to death just by building one castle next to the walled 
    An attack on the green base is a bad idea.
    ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~
     2.4.3 INTO CHINA
    Difficulty: 2/3
    Conquer the Tanguts, Hsi Hsia, Jin and Sung.
    This is just an incredible level from start to finish, one of the most 
    memorable of the whole game.
    There is a problem with this level, since even after you've defeated the four 
    enemies mentioned in the objectives it still won't end. You also have to 
    defeat the Engineers, who are in dark blue.
    Take all your starting units and head south east, sticking to the edge of the 
    map until you reach the river. A little west you can pick up a necessary 
    transport ship, which should be used to convey everyone across to the other 
    bank. Send everyone south and kill off the Engineer guards. When you head 
    farther south you are given a mangonel, a ram and six peasants. You can save 
    yourself some trouble later by killing off the last of the Engineers now - you 
    don't need to raze the buildings, just the peasants. Don't be decoyed too far 
    west though - there is an enemy tower over the crossing.
    Back to the ship and across to where you came from, then take everyone north 
    and look for a nice starting point for a base. There is gold and stone around, 
    as well as lumber to the north and south of this area. I recommend putting 
    your base as far north as possible, but with your town centre the southernmost 
    of your buildings. You will need the town bell to fend off early attacks from 
    enemy units, and also as many of your starting units remaining as possible to 
    deal with the rams. If your town centre is the first building the attackers 
    encounter, having come from the south, the others can remain unmolested.
    Your plan here should be to get a castle up as quickly as possible, situated 
    somewhere next to the big clump of trees to the south. There is gold to the 
    east of these trees too, and you will want to enclose both behind walls. 
    Before enemies meet your miners and lumberjacks working in these areas, they 
    should run into at least one nice big castle and some towers and walls in 
    The castle is doubly important: it will defend against numerous attacks from 
    lots of different types of units, and constantly; and it will also allow you 
    to build trebuchets. Send some trebuchets to the northernmost point of the 
    Great Wall just beyond the confines of your own base, and use them to knock 
    down the nearest towers, followed by the wall itself. You want to bash a big 
    enough hole to allow one of your units through to the other side, where they 
    will run into a couple of Engineers' buildings and some free bombard cannons, 
    which will be extremely useful to you. Plug that hole with your own wall once 
    you have the bombard cannons safely inside your base.
    About the Wall: there are towers all the way along it, and it is always at 
    least three layers deep. Trebuchets and bombard cannons make short work of the 
    towers, though the walls take longer. My advice would be to avoid knocking any 
    holes in the wall, other than the one you made to get the bombard cannons 
    earlier. There are actually two gates in the wall, though you can only see the 
    one to the west. The second one is more to the south, and it is vertically 
    aligned so that it's invisible. I tend to block up the western gate with my 
    own walls and make sure there are no other holes in the Wall, so that my 
    enemies all come through the other gate, at which point they run into my 
    towers and castles. Your fortifications will always take a localised beating 
    if you do this, but if you funnel your stupid enemies through one gate, you 
    can never be taken by surprise.
    The Jin (yellow) have to be your first target, since they're the only ones 
    smart enough to attempt construction of a wonder. This puts an annoying timer 
    on the level which you really could do without, but with this guide in front 
    of you you can't go wrong. No, you can't.
    Get up a good force of knights, mangudai and trebuchets, with some monks 
    thrown in for much needed support. It is also a very good idea to send at 
    least one peasant with these guys, since reinforcements are much easier to 
    obtain when you don't have to send them across an entire map and two guarded 
    Use that transport ship you got at the start to send trebuchets over to the 
    island where the blue Engineer base used to be. Get them to knock out that 
    pesky tower to the west, then bring everyone else over on the same boat. Get 
    everyone down to the southern edge of this island, while your ship makes its 
    own way down the river to meet them on the southern coast. 
    At this point you can either build a dock and create more transport ships 
    (and upgrade them), or you can just use that single one you were given to take 
    everyone down to the southern island, where the Jin reside. Your ships will be 
    attacked by Jin galleons, but it's up to you.
    Whatever you do, your forces should end up on the south island, right on the 
    eastern edge of the map, by a forest and a little pool. Head right down to the 
    south east corner of the map - here is a good place to build a stable, 
    archery, etc. A castle is maybe a bit overkill, since you'll be attacking the 
    Jin and they'll be defending - not the other way around. Build one if you have 
    tons of stone and if it makes you feel any safer.
    The point is that you should have a decent force with which to attack the Jin 
    base, with the capability of sending in quick reinforcements of each type, 
    should your first lot fall in battle (which they will). Send your guys 
    cautiously west - you will be met with some knights, then a wall, then a gate, 
    then four towers. Deal with each in turn, bashing the towers floorwards with 
    trebuchets while everyone else protects your siege weapons from the Jin who 
    will be flowing through the gate. Once these towers are gone, take out the 
    gate and head inside. There are two more towers along the north wall, and lots 
    more Jin to deal with. Get your trebuchets started on the wonder while 
    everyone else defends. Once the wonder is gone you can breathe easy, even if 
    your entire strike force was wiped out. The buildings you built to the east 
    should be able to produce units enough to take care of the rest of the Jin 
    base, though you may have to send trebuchets or bombard cannons over from your 
    northern island to deal with the numerous towers, as well as the castle to the 
    south. If you can take out all the Jin peasants the towers and castle will 
    crumble, but do it however you want.
    A few more things about this part of the level to note: 
    Don't leave your main base unguarded - keep at least some bombard cannons and 
    a few knights around multiple castles and towers while the rest of your guys 
    are away. It will still be under heavy attack and you will have to keep an eye 
    on it.
    You might think that it will be easier to sneak your trebuchets and knights 
    along that southern wall of the Jin base and take them by surprise, but you 
    really won't. You might succeed in destroying the wonder from this vantage 
    point, but everyone will be bottlenecked and you'll be under more concentrated 
    attack from both front and rear than you would if you went in through the east 
    gate. Experiment though - as long as the wonder is wiped out, not much else 
    Don't relocate everyone to the Jin island once they're gone - the stone and 
    gold around won't last forever, and an island cut off from the rest of the 
    level is not a good launching point for an invasion. Transport ships take up 
    room in your pop. limit. Just set up some mining camps for the gold deposit 
    and the two batches of stone, as well as a lumber camp in the eastern forests, 
    since it's safer to get wood from here than in the north base.
    You can now destroy any surplus transport ships you may have made, but keep 
    one so that you can take a peasant from the Jin island north to the main land 
    mass, except that you are now inside the confines of the Great Wall. There are 
    lots of stone and gold to be had in the area due north west of where the Jin 
    had their dock, so building a mini base around here might not be a bad idea. 
    Keep away from the towers until you can take them down with trebuchets. This 
    is an excellent place from which to attack your remaining enemies, so relocate 
    to here, if anywhere.
    I put up a castle, and behind it my mining camps and one of each unit 
    production building (except obviously a dock). If you follow my example, your 
    enemies will now mostly be attacking this new castle, which is easily 
    defensible with walls and towers. But you're going to be killing your enemies 
    off soon anyway, so don't go overboard - this level just got a bit easier.
    On the other hand, the greens are the most difficult of your remaining enemies 
    to take down, simply because their main base is in a horribly advantageous 
    (for them) location. You're going to need a large force to get rid of that 
    castle, those trebuchets, those scorpions, those mangonels, all those melee 
    and ranged units, and every last one of those insanely irritating peasants. At 
    least they don't have any towers. Nope, I'm wrong.
    After much experimentation, I just stuck with mangudai, trebuchets and monks, 
    and when they got killed I built more. Mangudai are at least as effective as 
    knights in general, and ranged units are just more useful at this point than 
    melee. Bear in mind that you should now have tons of at least two of the four 
    resources, and that you can easily sacrifice some peasants to make room for 
    combat units.
    Heave whatever forces you can muster to the south west, where you will pass 
    some green peasants before discovering their castle and main base on a big 
    hill with a curvy, bottlenecked approach. Oh good, I like those. Your 
    trebuchets should target the castle as soon as they spot it, while everyone 
    else defends them. Mangudai can hit the enemy trebuchets in front of the 
    castle, but they'll have to do it while hitting everyone else as well. If you 
    have enough of them, and with monks behind them for healing, the greens should 
    eventually stop pouring down the hill, leaving you to go up and deal with the 
    town centre and some siege weapons. Trebuchets can wipe out everything up 
    here, while your other guys start trying to hunt down those peasants. There 
    will be some milling around and running off into the distance, but it's maybe 
    best to just forget about them for now while you deal with your next obstacle 
    - the reds.
    This is actually really easy with mangudai, monks and trebuchets, and if you 
    keep everyone together you should have very little trouble. Attack their base 
    from the east, since this is the only way you can get in at their town centre 
    and other buildings. They have a bottleneck on the river which actually suits 
    you more than them. Get your trebuchets to hit the outlying houses, then watch 
    as the reds pour across that little river crossing, right into the blades of 
    your mangudai. It's a massacre, and your guys are free to head west and 
    delete the red buildings still standing. Again, ignore any fleeing reds, as 
    there's not long to go now until the end.
    You have two options with these guys - north or south. Either way, it's the 
    same as before, with monks healing your mangudai who are edging forward 
    gradually in a big group - or maybe two groups - taking out the enemy units 
    easily and quickly one by one as they get near enough. Trebuchets for the 
    buildings and the mangudai attacking the base while defending the trebuchets. 
    With this style of attack the last enemy base should offer little resistance.
    Now all that remains is to finish this level off entirely, which means dealing 
    with those peasants who are still running around the countryside, trying to 
    begin new bases. Research espionage from a castle if you haven't already, and 
    get your mangudai on the case. Make sure you include the dark blue Engineers 
    in your culling activities, since you can't complete the level otherwise.
    The Engineers' island is not a good site for your main base. Neither is the 
    eastern end of the Jin island. Neither has readily available stone or gold.
    The town bell is useful for early defense, but you will still need ground 
    units to kill off the rams.
    Build a castle as soon as possible and site it next to the big clump of trees.
    Pick up the bombard cannons through the north end of the Great Wall, 
    preferably after you have hit your pop. limit.
    Block off one of the enemy gates, forcing enemies to be fed through the other 
    Build a mini base east of the Jin to make attack easier.
    The Jin island is not a good place from which to attack your other enemies.
    Control the gold and stone south of the eastern end of the Wall.
    The simplest attacks are the best against the three enemies on the mainland.
    Sacrifice peasants to make room for more combat units.
    Research espionage to help finish the level.
    ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~
    Difficulty: 2/3
    Subotai must survive.
    In the north, deploy Subotai's horde to conquer Russia.
    In the south, the Khwarazm shah is expecting a gift. But it is assassins he 
    will find in our Trade Carts. We must deliver the carts to the shah quickly, 
    before he breaks his alliance with us.
    There are about four enemy bases in this game which can be nightmares to 
    attack, and this is one of them. The only reason this level doesn't get three 
    for difficulty is that it gets much easier once you figure out the best way 
    to do it.
    You may have noticed that you have two bases, and you may be wondering how to 
    manage each one against the other. It would probably help to have clear goals, 
    so here they are.
    Your northern base will be attacked first, and by a lot more units, and yet it 
    is easier to defend than the southern base. You will want to have lots of 
    combat units in the north, while hurrying to construct a castle in the south. 
    The castle is absolutely crucial if you want to keep your southern base (which 
    you do, since this is where the early gold and stone is), since the southern 
    base will easily be wiped out by war elephants if you don't have a castle to 
    occupy their attention.
    But before you do all that, select your trade cart in the south and right 
    click on the revealed area in the yellow base to the west. You need to get 
    that cart over to the shah quickly, or they'll launch an attack you won't be 
    ready for. The cart will be allowed to pass, and when it reaches the shah two 
    swordsmen will jump out. At this point, it's important that you get them both 
    to attack and kill the shah, because if he lives the yellow retribution will 
    be much worse.
    Here's what to do next: build five peasants from your southern town centre, 
    and the other three in the north with your starting food. Get all eight 
    peasants in the south mining the stone and gold, with more on the stone. You 
    want to build that castle as soon as you can, so you need to get from 200 
    stone to 650 quickly. Meanwhile take your northern combat units west and kill 
    off the two cavalry archers. This will gift you two archeries, a mill, a 
    market, a mining camp, some houses and a big batch of gold. Lovely.
    Your northern peasants should start farming, bringing in more and more food 
    from which you can build more farmers, then lumberjacks. Then more miners in 
    the south, etc. I tend to stop at nine farmers and seven lumberjacks in the 
    north, and seven stone miners and six gold miners in the south. With any extra 
    food beyond that, build up combat units in the north, as well as a strong 
    base. Most of your attention will be on the north, since the south can take 
    care of itself once that castle's up.
    Build the southern castle just to the west of the crop of gold you will find 
    along the road, but don't build it way west of your town centre. If you do 
    this, the elephants will just avoid it and knock out your town centre without 
    impediment, rendering the castle redundant. Build it in such a spot that 
    enemies attacking the southern base can't help running into it. You will also 
    probably want a monastery in the south, somewhere behind the castle, so that 
    you can create monks who can capture as many wonderful elephants as the yellow 
    guys can send your way. Build a university as well, since enemy war elephants 
    prefer your castle to not have the benefits of murder holes. Walls and towers 
    can help, but really it's mostly about having at least one castle to protect 
    your southern town centre. Make sure to keep your castle in good repair.
    While the yellows are attacking your southern base, the reds are attacking the 
    north. The best they can do, however, is knights and rams and huskarls - 
    nothing difficult if you have walls and towers up around that freebie base you 
    were given. Make sure you scout out the forests around this base though, since 
    the reds will just go around your walls and head straight to the town centre 
    you started with. If they attack, make sure they go where you want them to go.
    Make sure Subotai doesn't die in the north, or it's all over.
    This is painfully easy, and even easier if you wait until they launch a failed 
    attack against your own base. Head south west with knights and rams and ranged 
    units until you reach their castle (by the way, a castle in the north base is 
    a bit of a waste until the reds are actually gone). Hit the castle with your 
    rams, while everyone else protects them. The reds should have very few units 
    hanging around, and the remainder of their base should be a stroll to take 
    down. This will leave you with a nice, healthy crop of gold, if you don't 
    leave it too long to attack. By the way, there is another big deposit of gold 
    in the trees south of your two bases.
    At this point, building a castle halfway down the western edge of the map, on 
    the dirt road, might not be a bad idea, though don't go too close to the 
    yellow walls to the south. If you do, they will attack your castle, and you 
    will not survive. Build the castle in a spot where it won't attract attention 
    but will still be a barrier against any yellow scouts who decide to come 
    north. Now you can basically forget about your northern base and concentrate 
    on the southern end.
    This is much easier from the south than the north, so that's what we'll be 
    doing. At some much earlier point you probably reached your pop. limit, what 
    with having two bases and two defenses to deal with. That's OK, since the 
    yellows will still be throwing elephants uselessly against the walls of your 
    southern castle(s), allowing your monks to convert them, pop. limit be damned. 
    Having at least ten elephants in your southern squadron is a very good idea, 
    though you can technically keep nicking them for as long as you want. The 
    yellows can't go over their pop. limit, but you can so make them pay. Some 
    trebuchets also wouldn't hurt for this attack, and the rest should be 
    mangudai and / or knights (I prefer mangudai). You can even sacrifice some 
    of your northern units to make room for more in the south, since the northern 
    base is pretty superfluous from now on.
    Anyway, I had at least ten elephants, lots of mangudai, some monks and a few 
    trebuchets in the south, and I sent them westwards to take out that gate and 
    the two towers. Through the gates you will encounter some knights, and maybe a 
    few gold-miners depending on how long you have waited. Farther west, the first 
    thing you will run into is a castle among some pillars. Behold, the place from 
    which the elephants were spawned! If you believe you have more than enough 
    elephants for now, take it down with trebuchets. Mangudai will make short 
    work of the knights who come to investigate. You may also draw the attention 
    of more elephants - convert as many as you can (one or two monks per 
    conversion) and delete the rest with your own elephants.
    There are a few yellow buildings to the south of that castle, as well as a few 
    knights and peasants, but the main base is of course to the north. Head that 
    way until you reach the two towers guarding the gate. You could go that way, 
    but you're probably not an idiot. Do we want to go through a horrible 
    bottleneck with monks and towers and knights and elephants, or do we want to 
    go through the trees to the west, a route which offers a nice open avenue to 
    that wonder we want to destroy? I don't care, we're going through the trees.
    The long-winded way is to bring over a peasant from your southern town centre 
    and erect a castle just behind the trees. This does tend to draw arrow-sharp 
    attention from every enemy in the vicinity however, so it might be better to 
    launch your offensive from here without the support of a castle. Either way is 
    good, so do what you think is best. I have noticed that the yellow base never 
    seems to stop sending more and more and more and more units against your 
    castle if you put it here or nearby, which makes it difficult to decide when 
    to mount your own attack. On the other hand, it's always nice to have a castle 
    right behind you, as well a nice source of more mangudai.
    Anyway, to attack the wonder just push everyone forward, with your elephants 
    leading the way, mangudai right behind them, and monks right behind them. 
    Monks can convert enemy elephants or knights to begin with, then offer healing 
    when they run out of faith. Elephants should target enemy elephants, while 
    your mangudai deal with the knights and monks.
    While all this is going on you should have planted your trebuchets and they 
    should be attacking the wonder from just behind the main battle. Keep 
    everyone occupied with your mangudai and elephants and the trebuchets should 
    have it done in no time, at which point you win.
    Just remember: units in the north, castle in the south.
    Send your trade cart to the shah right at the start of the level, and make 
    sure the assassins succeed in killing him.
    Subotai is in the north - don't be afraid to use him, but keep an eye on his 
    Research murder holes or your southern castle is in big trouble.
    A monastery in the south lets you convert those yellow elephants almost 
    infinitely, and they are absolutely invaluable.
    Explore the north for lots of gold.
    The red base is extremely easy to take down - don't be fooled by the regular 
    Build a castle halfway up the northern road then forget your northern base.
    You don't have to destroy the entire yellow base - just the monastery.
    ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~
     2.4.5 THE PROMISE
    Difficulty: 1/3
    Capture the Bohemian flag.
    Capture the Polish flag.
    Capture the German flag.
    This level is great fun, but the start can be difficult to get a grip on.
    Two of your four starting peasants will automatically start chopping lumber, 
    and the other two will go for the deer next to your town centre. I've noticed 
    that the start of this level is much easier if you let your food-gatherers 
    hunt the deer first, instead of trying to build farms right from the start. I 
    failed four times with farms, but succeeded the first time I went with the 
    deer instead. You need all the wood you can get in order to build buildings 
    For lumber and gold, send a few peasants up far north of your base, where 
    there is plenty of gold and lumber. This keeps them out of the way of the 
    trouble which comes to your town centre. There is also a very handy relic, 
    which should be picked up ASAP. Site your lumber and gold-mining camps up here 
    for preference.
    You should build a stone wall at the beginning of the path which leads up the 
    hill to the castle, since strong forces will be coming down here soon. Once 
    the wall is up, sit your mangonel behind it on 'stand ground' stance.
    You could try doing the same down at the southern path which leads to the blue 
    base, but I've found that they are more likely to send forces against you if 
    you don't allow their peasants access to the very valuable stone deposits. 
    Instead of blocking the way, try sitting ranged units right next to the stone 
    and get your miners to pick it up as quickly as they can. Don't build your 
    mining camp or anything else too close to the cliff to the west, since ranged 
    enemies will target it and your miners from the top of the cliff when they 
    head along the upper path.
    Your base will periodically be attacked by both red and blue, and they will 
    target your town centre first if there are no obstacles in their way. Wall off 
    the reds if you want, but this tends not to work with the blues, since they 
    send mangonels along with the soldiers. Let the blues through and let them 
    come to your town centre (ring the town bell and suck the enemies in with your 
    horsemen). Then just let the peasants inside shoot them down while your 
    horsemen run around in circles to draw their attention. Your town centre 
    should never be in real danger given the weakness of the forces the blues 
    Try to convert the red Teutonic Knights if you can - sit your priests behind 
    the wall / gate and target one knight each per priest - they are very handy 
    units to have.
    The blue base is actually very easy to attack. They have two or three guard 
    towers and a castle - otherwise they are very weak. The best time to attack 
    (as usual) is when they've just sent a squad to attack your base and you've 
    wiped them out. Send mounted units along with rams - anything else is pretty 
    much useless for this attack. Send the rams to take out the first tower, while 
    your horsemen mop up any blues who attack your rams (including the mangonels, 
    who will almost certainly target your rams). Head east next and get rid of the 
    town centre, then any peasants still wandering around. If your rams are still 
    healthy, go for the castle to the south next, then approach the big flag in 
    front of it. Clear the area of any remaining peasants, and take out the tower 
    to the south west if you want.
    The only thing worthwhile in the area of the blue base is the plentiful 
    lumber, so make use of it if you need it.
    Wait until the most recent bunch of reds have attacked your base 
    unsuccessfully, then send four or five upgraded rams up the hill path, with 
    the rest of your forces trailing behind. The castle on the top will attack 
    them halfway up, but to no great effect. When they reach the top of the hill 
    they will be shot at by two towers behind a gateless wall. Quickly knock down 
    some of the wall then get rid of the towers with the rams, while everyone else 
    defends the rams from red ground units; then head over to the castle and take 
    it out as well.
    There may be a few more scattered reds around this area, but nothing heavy. 
    Defend your rams while you clear up, then start exploring the flagged area.
    There is precious stone to the west, and more even farther to the west. There 
    is gold down to the south, and more stone around the corner, towards the red 
    base. Set up mining operations at the nearest batch of stone, and build towers 
    at the start of the southern path. More reds will be coming up here soon, but 
    in my experience they just head robotically for your town centre. So deal them 
    as much damage as you can while they head blissfully past. Make sure your main 
    base has decent protection against any who might slip through, and grab as 
    many Teutonic Knights as you can.
    Do NOT build a castle anywhere among the flags. This triggers the onslaught 
    from the green base to the north, and you don't want that yet. Neither do you 
    want to stray too far up the northern pass. If you get a message from one of 
    your soldiers telling you not to go up there, it's already too late. Avoid it.
    You can however head over to the west edge of the map. You should find a path 
    that curves uphill, which leads to a monastery where you can collect some 
    extra units, including a monk. Try to have your population limit maxed out 
    before you go up there though, since it will get bumped up to over eighty.
    It's up to you to hang around here scooping up all the stone and gold around, 
    or to launch an attack on the reds to the south if you think your forces are 
    strong enough.
    Siege weapons will be a big help here - rams are good but trebuchets are 
    obviously better. If you've built a castle, go with the trebuchets.
    Don't attack via the long, curving passage with the gold at the start of it - 
    you will be vulnerable to towers and your forces will be too bunched up. 
    Instead find the pool of water to the west, and go around and down that way. 
    Take out any buildings you come across, and you will eventually reach a gated 
    wall. Siege weapon it to the floor, while your ranged units mop up and your 
    monks heal, then charge in and raze the town centre. There are more buildings 
    all along the southern edge, and also a castle which should be approached 
    There is a troublesome tower on the extreme western edge of the red base, 
    which cannot be attacked by non-ranged units (inc. rams). Trebuchets will deal 
    with it easily, but anything else will have trouble.
    Once the reds are all gone, hit the flag by the castle to complete that 
    Triggering the green attack is done by either building a castle inside the 
    circle of flags, or sending units up to the north. Either way, you need to be 
    well prepared, and one castle alone just will not cut it. The green attack is 
    SERIOUS, and you have to be ready for it. I'd recommend at least three castles 
    inside the flags, each full of your units. Surround the area with walls (more 
    than one layer wouldn't hurt) and make sure there are handy gates so that your 
    horsemen can take care of any trebuchets out of range of the castles. 
    Mangonels sitting behind the walls can do a job, but you'll have to keep an 
    eye on them.
    To prepare for the onslaught, build your first castle up to 99%, then leave it 
    while you do the same for however many other castles you want to build (you 
    can have as many as your stone reserves will allow, though over five is 
    probably a bit much). Once you're ready, complete all castles at once, and sit 
    back and wait. Fill your castles and hide horsemen amongst them to be ready 
    for those ranged siege weapons.
    Make sure you block off the southern pass too - the one which led to the red 
    base from the east. If you build a big wall between the pool and the northern 
    cliff edge, but none around the back, the greens will just avoid your big wall 
    and nip round the back, where they can do some serious damage if you didn't 
    anticipate this. Blocking all their pathnodes is the only way to be sure, so 
    cover any holes you think there might be.
    If you're well enough prepared then the green attack should be easy enough to 
    cope with. The many and varied siege weapons are the worst of it, so be ready 
    for them sitting outside your walls, just out of reach of your towers, castles 
    and mangonels.
    Head up the northern path to the green base, which is now emptied of units, or 
    almost. Go carefully at first, since there are bombard towers and mangonels 
    along the cliffs. Take them out with trebuchets, then do the same for the 
    gates ahead. Beyond the gates is a tiny, walled base, with a castle inside 
    more walls, guarded by a handful of units and a mangonel. Kill these units and 
    destroy the castle, and the level is complete.
    Use the deer for initial food stores.
    Get the stone as a priority.
    Pick up the relic in the northern corner.
    Don't build a castle among the flags until you're ready for the green attack - 
    anywhere else is fine.
    There is a monastery and extra units to the west.
    Siege weapons are essential for attacking the red base.
    Build multiple castles among the flags and complete them all at the same time.
    ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~
     2.4.6 PAX MONGOLIA
    Difficulty: 1/3
    Defeat Hungary.
    Survive until Subotai's reinforcements arrive.
    This level is surprisingly easy for the ultimate Genghis mission, but I like 
    easy things.
    You have forty game minutes until Subotai's lot get here, and you're going to 
    have to defend your base in the meantime. You start off with a bunch of 
    petards and a lot of light cavalry and mangudai, as well as some peasants and 
    buildings (including a castle in a not very strategic defensive position). Get 
    your peasants going with lumber, gold and stone, as well as the sheep and deer 
    that are dotted around for early food. Build mangudai and nothing else for 
    units, and keep your petards out of the way for now. 
    Some stone walls around would be a good plan, as well as some towers in front 
    of your base. Most of your defending will be done by sending horsemen south 
    and drawing enemy units in toward your towers, then taking out any siege 
    weapons who bring up the rear. This is one level where it's better to ride out 
    and meet your enemies before they get near your base. Keep some monks around 
    to heal your soldiers, and replace any lost light cavalry with mangudai 
    (upgrade to elite when you can afford to).
    By the way, I tried quickly getting a wall and gate up at the end of the 
    bridge, and then hurrying to build a castle behind it by creating tons of 
    stone-miners. This failed though, because they just sent about six trebuchets 
    along the bridge, and I couldn't get at them because all the other enemies 
    were blocking the bridge in front of them. My castle fell long before I 
    punched my way through. Anyway, a castle in the first part of the level is a 
    waste of stone, since that bridge will soon be gone.
    It's better to just let your mangudai and towers wait out the forty minutes 
    (it's really nowhere near this long), while your peasants build a half decent 
    base. Don't build anything too close to the river to the west, since enemy 
    trebuchets can fire across the divide. This includes walls and guard towers. 
    There's plenty of every type of resource around, so go nuts while your guys 
    absorb all the enemy's attacks.
    By the time the timer gets to about ten minutes, the Hungarians will be 
    sending over the last of their attackers. Subotai will arrive with two wolves 
    (no effect on pop. limit) and ten more saboteurs. At this point, try to battle 
    on the bridge itself - the Hungarians should scuttle it, thereby cutting off 
    all access to their base. Just hang around the bridge and wait until they 
    destroy it, though try not to have Subotai in the middle when it falls, or 
    it's game over.
    You have plenty of resources everywhere, and you're probably thinking the 
    level just got much easier. Well, it did, but not for long, The enemies will 
    start building a wonder, and you're going to have to get over there and 
    destroy it in order to kill them off for good. But the bridge is gone - yikes!
    Explore the southern end of the river to find the answer. You should set up a 
    mini base here, including a castle right next to the northern end of the bank 
    of trees. Have trebuchets next to it to take out the towers and any enemy 
    trebs that might try to attack the castle over the tops of the trees.
    Now you have to get rid of those trees, assuming your forces are prepared to 
    attack. You can either chop them all down (long) or flatten them with a siege 
    onager (short but expensive, and you may not have space available in your pop. 
    limit). Either way, make a gap in the northern trees, and watch as the enemies 
    start to trickle through, only to get sliced to the deck by your castle.
    Attacking and destroying the base itself isn't really hard - it's just that 
    you need to do it quickly and they have two castles and a lot of towers, not 
    to mention trebuchets and every other kind of siege weapon apart from bombard 
    cannons. I tend to inch northwards, destroying targets as I find them. Petards 
    and especially your limited saboteurs are useful against towers and unguarded 
    enemy buildings, but your trebuchets will have some work to do first to clear 
    the way of gates and walls.
    The best way to attack the base is to wait for a lot of their peasants to have 
    been killed by coming too close to your castle (because they will for some 
    reason), then send in two groups of mangudai, some trebuchets, monks; and 
    petards if you want them. You may need to rebuild your forces if the first 
    ones fail, but the enemy has great difficulty rebuilding if most of their 
    peasants have been killed. Concentrate on getting rid of those castles and 
    towers with trebuchets, and the monastery and siege workshop behind the 
    western gate should be priorities as well. Once both castles are down the rest 
    is a stroll - target the wonder and smash it up, and both the level and 
    campaign end.
    Mangudai and monks can easily defend your base until Subotai arrives.
    Don't worry about losing one tower after another - that's why they're there.
    Be aware that your pop. limit changes when Subotai arrives - you might need a 
    siege onager later, but you might want to also go 11 over the max of 75.
    Hang around the bridge after Subotai appears - this should trigger its 
    Build a second base at the southern crossing.
    Attack the enemy base cautiously until the castles are down - just don't hang 
    about too long after the bridge falls.
                                     2.5 BARBAROSSA
    There seem to be very few countries which Barbarossa doesn't want to scrape 
    off the face of the Earth. Why Italians have Teutonic Knights as their unique 
    unit is beyond me, but then I'm not a historian, as you've probably guessed.
    ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~
    Difficulty: 1/3
    Capture 4 of the 6 relics from the surrounding German duchies.
    You begin on your own little Utopian island, surrounded by enemies who can 
    attack you over four different river crossings.
    Explore your island first while you set up your infrastructure. You have 
    plenty of everything, plus a castle, but you should head towards walling and 
    gating off all four of the crossings as soon as you can. Knights and scorpions 
    are about the most dangerous attackers you'll be dealing with, but it's still 
    best to block all avenues, or maybe leave the south eastern one open so that 
    every attacker runs right into range of your castle. There are yellow towers 
    on the north east crossing which will annoy your wall-builders, so bring them 
    down when you can. Just ring the town bell if any attackers reach the middle 
    of your island and you should have no trouble clearing up.
    Of the six enemy bases, the only ones which might give you difficulty are the 
    greens (south, south east) and yellows (north), as they're the only ones whose 
    bases are surrounded by walls. All six bases have a castle each, but remember 
    that all you're being asked to do is grab the relics from the monasteries. So 
    just locate the monastery in each base and raze it, then run your monk all the 
    way back to your own monastery. The purple and orange bases are easiest, as 
    their monasteries are not within protective range of the castles. Anyway, once 
    you have four of the six, the level ends.
    Block off the four crossings with walls, towers and gates as soon as possible.
    Orange (north west) and purple (south west) are easy bases to get relics from.
    Building just one bombard tower in the middle of an enemy base can be an 
    enormous help in taking it down.
    ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~
     2.5.2 HENRY THE LION
    Difficulty: 1/3
    Defeat Poland.
    You start off incapable of doing anything but producing units. You're told to 
    defend Saxony and Bavaria, but they hardly ever get attacked, and you'll have 
    more difficulty defending your own base. You have to wait until your two 
    allies (Henry won't tribute resources to you) donate to your cause, which will 
    allow you to replenish your units. You also can't build monks.
    Spend your first half hour building as many units as you can while you fend 
    off the pathetic Polish attacks. Ignore any attacks on your dock - sea combat 
    is pretty useless in this level, unless you're someone who likes using 
    transport ships.
    When you do finally decide to strike back at the Polish, head north to find 
    their nearest castle, guarded by a couple of towers. I'm pretty sure the 
    Polish don't have murder holes researched (you do), so a few rams should bring 
    down the towers and castle easily (as long as you defend your rams from the 
    huskarls). At this point, Henry betrays you and attacks while your forces are 
    away. Don't worry, his attacks are pretty crappy, and if you have some 
    horsemen still around your base you can just draw all his units to your castle 
    where they'll be cut down.
    Henry has some malcontents locked in a walled area which also contains a 
    relic. You'll need to knock down that gate and grab the peasants before you 
    can build a base of your own. If you want to deal with the Polish later and 
    just raze Henry's base now you can - it's a good location for a base. Once you 
    do this, it's just a case of building up a bunch of units (concentrate on 
    mostly rams, since the Polish don't actually have a base as such - just a lot 
    of siege workshops, castles and towers).
    Doing this level the way the game wants you to is a bad idea, since you'll 
    always be at a disadvantage.
    Here's my first alternate way of doing this level. From the start build a ton 
    of rams - as many as your starting resources and creative market trading will 
    let you. Send everyone north (leave one horseman at your base, locked in the 
    castle) and knock down the towers and castle with ease. Head east over the 
    river and take down any other buildings you find. When you first attacked the 
    Polish Henry should have decided to attack you, and he'll start sending guys 
    to your base to hit the university first. Lure them to your castle. 
    Weirdly, the Polish then decide to attack Henry instead of you, and the blue 
    units should all be heading for Henry's base. Weirder, Henry won't retaliate, 
    and his units will just let themselves be hacked down by the Polish, which 
    saves you a lot of trouble. In this way, you can knock out a few Polish 
    castles and towers while the Polish deal with Henry in your absence. You 
    should have enough rams to go around the whole map getting rid of the blue 
    castles, and your two allies who didn't stab you in the back should be fine on 
    their own, since the Polish are preoccupied with Henry's base instead of 
    theirs or yours.
    The second alternate way is to build a bunch of rams at the very start, build 
    some trade carts to trade with Bavaria, then change diplomatic stance with 
    Henry from ally to enemy, instead of waiting for him to do it to you. Take out 
    his base to start with, rather than attacking the Polish and letting him 
    betray you while you're away.
    However you approach this level you should have very little difficulty if you 
    just use your castle intelligently and be aware of how each faction will treat 
    the others.
    Your castle is the best thing you'll have for defense, and rams the best for 
    Henry can be gotten rid of early before he even gets a chance to betray you.
    The earlier you act the better - the Polish attacks get steadily heavier.
    Send lots of trade carts to the Bavarian market to get your gold up faster. 
    You can then use your market to buy what you need - just make sure you defend 
    it from Henry.
    ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~
    Difficulty: 1/3
    Convert the cathedral in Milan.
    This is one of those levels that is horrible if you play it the way the game 
    wants you to, but pish simple if you exploit the computer opponents' 
    weaknesses. And these goons have lots of weaknesses.
    Take everyone south, following the coast until you reach a wrecked boat. From 
    here go east until you meet the Crema archers and spearmen, who should be 
    either destroyed or converted. Proceed to destroying the barracks and archery, 
    then go around the green base converting all the peasants you can find. You'll 
    know when you have got the last of them because Crema will resign, leaving you 
    to destroy their base and build your own.
    I like building my base in the back corner of the map where all the trees are. 
    There is plenty of stone and gold on this island - just explore to find it, as 
    well as a single relic to the west. Your allies can be traded with when they 
    build their market.
    For defense, site a castle on the western edge of your base. Your enemies will 
    be dropped off of transport ships on the beach to the west of your base, and 
    you should make sure that they reach the castle first. Have some units inside 
    the castle to take care of bombard cannons, and keep your castle repaired. You 
    can build lots of walls, gates and towers if you want, but a single castle is 
    just as effective.
    Milan is way over to the west. They have en enormous base, and it's difficult 
    to get to because the purple River Guards are in the way. They are also very 
    difficult to attack.
    This is the best method I have found for finishing off this level. Remember 
    that you just have to convert the cathedral, not destroy both your enemies, 
    which is lucky.
    Go north to your allies' base and build a dock. It will come under attack 
    soon, so have at least one bombard tower nearby to take down the purple ships. 
    Build a transport ship and take some trebuchets or bombard cannons (for their 
    view range and slightly faster speed) to the other island due west. Drop your 
    siege weapons off and take them west to the brick road. Follow the road south 
    past the pool until you find the northernmost gate of the Milan base. If you 
    have taken a long time to build up your base you might get lucky and see 
    peasants going through the gate, which will mean you don't have to destroy it.
    Whether you get rid of the gate or just leave it to be opened constantly by 
    the peasants, this is where your second group of units is going to go in order 
    to reach the cathedral the easy way. Bring another lot of units over - I 
    prefer about eight monks and fifteen to twenty hand cannoneers - this should 
    be sufficient for our sneak attack. Take this lot to where your siege weapons 
    found the gate, via the same route. Try to make sure no enemies spot you on 
    the Milan island. If the gate is gone send your units through the gap / if 
    it's being opened by peasants just shove your way past them. Head south until 
    you find the market and the university, then farther south to the cathedral. 
    At this point no enemies should be reacting to your presence, and there are no 
    towers or castles to alert them either. Get your monks working on the 
    cathedral (make sure you researched this in the monastery) while your other 
    units - however many you brought, the more the better - fend off the enemies 
    who will be rushing to see what's happening. If you're lucky the cathedral 
    will be converted before the last of your monks dies, and you'll win.
    I could write a guide to attacking the Milanese the hard way, but this base 
    can be a killer to have to bring down. The easiest route of attack will still 
    be from the north, since it's the only one with no towers, but I'd definitely 
    recommend building a mini-base of your own on the same island, definitely 
    including a castle. This is a given for any level where you'd otherwise have 
    to bring reinforcements over in ships.
    Scuttle your ships at the start - they'll die soon anyway.
    Convert all the Crema peasants to make your own base construction quicker.
    One castle can do the same job as four castles and loads of walls, towers and 
    Ignore the purple goons - their bombard cannons are the only units who should 
    give you the slightest trouble if you follow my guide.
    Milan can be easily snuck into through its northern gates.
    Don't just send one monk to convert the cathedral - the more you have the 
    quicker it will go.
    ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~
    Difficulty: 3/3
    Construct a Wonder within the city walls of Venice, Padua or Verona.
    This gets three out of three because of the four enemies, the purple ships, 
    the difficulty of picking up resources outside your own base and the fact that 
    building a castle makes the level harder instead of easier.
    As soon as the level starts, get all your starting units and pile them into 
    the three transport ships to the south. Follow the river east and get all the 
    other ships. The four transport ships contain many more units which will 
    definitely be useful. Destroy the fishing ships before you continue if you 
    don't plan on using them.
    At this point you have to decide where you're going to put your base. There 
    are only two likely places, and the nearest is to the south. 
    This is the area of land marked by that southern outpost. The advantage of 
    this area is that it's less vulnerable to attack by ships than the other one 
    is. The disadvantage (if you see what I mean) is that it's much farther away 
    from any of those cities in which you're going to have to build a wonder. If 
    you keep all your buildings away from the water, you can defend this place 
    with one castle and a couple of bombard towers (situated south of that river 
    to the north). You will soon run out of stone and gold though, and travelling 
    north to get more is dangerous, especially since Henry the Lion will once 
    again betray you the second you put up your first castle. This northern 
    stretch of land gets very, very popular later on, with the yellows, purples 
    and oranges all fighting for the gold and stone; and your second base, if you 
    put one here, will be very exposed and under constant attack from all types of 
    To get here from the start (see the outposts on the minimap), you'll need to 
    take your guys over in the ships. Avoid the island castle to the east and the 
    purple base to the west on your way. 
    I like this base because launching an attack on the purples is far more easy 
    from here than it is from the south. A bunch of trebuchets can quickly level 
    most of their buildings from the far side of the river, making this the 
    easiest town in which to build your wonder. You also get more starting gold 
    than in the southern base. On the other hand, your land available for building 
    is a bit smaller, especially because of the enemy bombard ships, and the next 
    nearest crop of stone is within sight of the walls of the green base. On the 
    other other hand, the purples are the only units who come by sea, and so 
    everyone else will be forced to use one of those two river crossings on the 
    northern edge of your base.
    Whichever base you choose, be aware that your first castle will trigger 
    Henry's betrayal and then you will have four enemies. This is almost a siege 
    level, except this time you can't just wait for the clock to go down.
    If you choose the southern base, the yellow town is probably the easiest one 
    to put your wonder in, especially because they're the only ones without a 
    castle. Before you do that you're going to have to take out all the buildings 
    they'll have put both inside and outside their walls. Try destroying Henry's 
    base first with your main forces, then putting a castle and some buildings 
    where he had his castle. This will make an attack on the yellows far easier.
    If you want to try putting your wonder in the purple or green bases, make the 
    north east area your own base. The greens are right next to you, and they have 
    a small town with the castle right at the back. They do have walls and gates 
    though, unlike the purple base. One quick way of getting rid of the greens is 
    to build a castle inside your base and produce about four or five trebuchets. 
    Then build another castle just south of their easternmost gate, right outside 
    their walls, just beyond the reach of their towers. Their trebuchets will 
    start attacking your castle, while your own trebuchets kill off theirs. Then 
    knock down the gate while the rest of the greens throw units uselessly against 
    your castle. Your own units should have no trouble clearing the green base out 
    of the way, and all that remains is to fend off everyone else while you get 
    your resources up and your wonder built inside the green walls.
    The best way to take down the purples is by building a lot of trebuchets and 
    backing them up with knights and petards. Have the trebuchets sit across the 
    river pounding the buildings, while your knights clear away the purple units 
    and your petards get dropped off in transport ships to get rid of the towers 
    and docks. The most difficult thing about attacking the purple base is not the 
    towers or the castle, but those frigging bombard ships. You might want to take 
    them out with your own ships before launching your ground attack.
    By the way, if you can scout out the northernmost corner of the purple base, 
    there is a stretch of land where they have their siege workshop, university, 
    town centre and blacksmith, as well as a tower and one of their four docks. 
    Dropping off fifteen to twenty petards and taking out all these buildings at 
    once will deal the purples a massive blow, then you can send in everyone else.
    Another thing about the purple base - they have four docks, but if you take 
    out the one on the southern island with the castle it can't be rebuilt, and 
    ships from the other three docks will all pass the same bit of land on the 
    western tip of the north east area, just where the north river starts. A 
    castle and bombard towers here will make life easier.
    To win, just build a wonder inside the walls of any of the three bases (not 
    Henry's). It's hard to be specific in how to deal with this level all at once, 
    since I don't know where you want your base to go or which enemy you'd prefer 
    to take out first. Whatever you do you'll be on the defensive for most of the 
    time, and if you're going to attack an enemy then it's best to have a base 
    nearby. Well-defended secondary bases aren't cheap to build and they're 
    unnecessary if your enemy is close by. I therefore recommend using the north 
    east area for your base and going for the greens or purples as soon as you're 
    ready. I know that first argosy across the seas is unattractive right at the 
    start, but you'll reap the benefits of more gold and fewer failed counter 
    strikes later on.
    North east base is better than south for a number of reasons, though more 
    vulnerable to sea attack and harder to get to in the first place.
    Make sure to empty the transport ships of all the additional units.
    Exploit the pop. limit trick if you want - build 75 units then empty the 
    The yellow base does not have a castle.
    Henry will attack you as soon as you build a castle.
    Keep buildings grouped together, far from the coast.
    The purples are the only ones who attack from the sea - use your bottlenecks 
    There are two islands in the middle of the sea - one has gold, the other has 
    ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~
    Difficulty: 1/3
    At least 10 troops must survive to reach the Hospitaller camp.
    Another questy mission, this time with an insane number of units to begin 
    with. But if you plan your route this level is just a long trek from A to B, 
    and you should be able to easily complete it.
    It's possible to sneak your units to the Gallipoli dock without getting into 
    much trouble, but the greens can get pretty annoying and it takes kinda long. 
    On the other hand, the blues switch allegiances to enemy if you approach their 
    base, and it's a big one. On the other other hand, you have a much easier time 
    getting across to the southern island by using the blue fleet...
    Sod it, we'll go with the blues. Send one scout cavalry west, across the river 
    and into the blue base. They don't want you anywhere near their base, and the 
    place should empty itself of troops, sending them all at you. It's easy to 
    deal with all the blue units if you take out that green galleon at the river 
    and then station your troops just at the end of the crossing, forcing the 
    blues into the bottleneck. Siege onagers can fire over your pikemen, doing 
    extreme damage to the blue units, while your horsemen watch out for the blue 
    mangonels which will bring up the rear.
    Once the blues have thrown all their land units at you fruitlessly, it's left 
    to you to slowly advance through their base, destroying gates and towers and a 
    castle (though I'd leave the castle standing if I were you) before you reach 
    their wonder. Get just one of your troops near enough and the blues will fold, 
    handing you their base and their enormous navy. Unfortunately, the greens will 
    attack you from the west, sending mamelukes and mangonels and camels at you. 
    Fend them off one by one and then get all your ground units together inside 
    Constantinople. Group all your new offensive ships together too and prepare to 
    cross the sea to the south.
    A couple of notes before you take your units across to the south. There's a 
    tiny island in the far west which has a trebuchet and some axemen waiting for 
    you, if you can be bothered to go all the way over there. The seas are heavy 
    with green enemy ships, but you don't have to clear them all out, especially 
    if you know where you're landing. Just make sure you kill off any who get too 
    near your transports, while you ferry every last one of your units across. And 
    by the way, there are two landing sites, but the one in the west triggers an 
    ambush which can lose you quite a few units as you try to disembark. Getting 
    on and off transport ships is not a very user-friendly process in this game, 
    and if you can get all your units on the beach without getting molested, you 
    probably should try. So I'm going to advise alighting to the east.
    One more weird thing I thought was... weird. You can actually break through 
    the forest at the very start with your siege onagers, then through the wall 
    that separates you from the blue allied ships. Send your troops through the 
    gap you made in the wall and send them onto one of the blue transport ships. 
    Erm. Then the blues later change to enemies and you can't get your troops back 
    off the ship. Completely pointless, but worth mentioning. I have too much time 
    on my hands.
    Though you don't get ambushed on the eastern beach, you are quite a lot 
    farther away from your objective than you would be if you'd picked the other 
    beach. Watch out for the monk who can destroy your onagers or convert your 
    units. Leave everyone here and send someone due east until you meet the yellow 
    tower on the edge of the map, with the four heavy cavalry archers around it. 
    You'll be given the cavalry - take them away from the tower. 
    We're going to sneak into the Hospitaller camp by the back way, such as it is. 
    To do this, we'll have to pass either one of two castles, but the one to the 
    east gets us four new siege onagers if we take it down, whereas the one to the 
    south gets us a splitting headache. Head directly to the eastern corner of the 
    map and find the castle guarded by walls, eight heavy cavalry archers and a 
    trebuchet. Draw the cavalry away from the walls and send one of your paladins 
    after each of them individually - this is the best way I've come up with to 
    deal with these unfeasibly irritating units. Take out the trebuchet, the 
    castle and the gate, and the onagers are yours.
    From here, follow the cliff path down to the south east, sticking to the edge 
    of the map. At the end of the cliffs you should see two big clumps of trees. 
    Due west of here is a small gap, blocked by more trees. Someone will suggest 
    knocking down the trees, but we're way ahead of him. Target the trees with 
    your siege onagers and clear a route through. Stick to the south east edge of 
    the map when you're in this area - there are enemy bombard cannons to the 
    north. This part of the map is wide and basically clear - head south west till 
    you hit the cliffs, then follow them north west.
    You'll arrive at a pool surrounded by trees, and west of the pool is a big 
    group of hostile wolves. The wolves are your last obstacle - take everyone 
    south and into the Hospitaller camp. Congratulations, you made it.
    Empty the blue base of its units, then get to the castle to convert the blue 
    The more towers you leave standing in the blue base, the easier it will be to 
    fend off the greens' attack.
    The eastern disembarkment point is easier but longer.
    Pick up the cavalry archers and onagers in the east of the map.
    ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~
    Difficulty: 3/3
    Don't destroy the Dome of the Rock.
    Deliver the body of Barbarossa (in the pickle barrel) to the Dome of the Rock 
    in Jerusalem.
    This mission is set in the desert and there's not a lot of stone about. You've 
    got ten game minutes to set up a base before your allies turn on you, and 
    that's not much time for what you need to have ready.
    You have four groups of six peasants: get one group on lumber; one group on 
    the gold to the north; one group on the valuable batch of stone far to the 
    south west, just below your allies' small, orange town; and the rest on farms 
    and a mill just beside your town centre. But before you do any of that, build 
    houses very quickly with all the non stone-miners, and get one single peasant 
    to build a monastery. There's a relic just south of your base which needs to 
    be grabbed extremely quickly, or else a green priest will take it to their 
    nearby monastery. You can of course take it by force later, but if you want it 
    sooner get a monk to it as soon as you can from the very start.
    Add a few more farmers and lumberjacks to your peasants, and get your stone-
    miners to build a castle between the two pools surrounded by trees south west 
    of your base. You might even want to do this first before your miners head 
    south. This castle is there to defend that batch of gold to the east, which 
    will be popular with the yellows later, as well as be a decoy for all the 
    elephants, knights and trebuchets who would otherwise be heading straight for 
    your piddling base to the north. Once the castle is up, get one peasant to 
    build a stable, archery, monastery and siege workshop behind it, as well as a 
    university and blacksmith. You can build a market in the northern base later, 
    if you want to send trade carts to your orange allies.
    All of the above must be done as smoothly and quickly as you can. You need the 
    castle up FAST to fend off the first attack by elephants and trebuchets, and 
    about four monks to capture as many of the elephants as they can - one monk 
    per conversion. The monks should try to get all the elephants, while your 
    knights are taking out the trebuchets before they can destroy your castle. 
    Don't let your castle fall - you can't afford the extra stone. Bombard towers 
    are useful against elephants, but not if you want to capture them rather than 
    destroy them. By the way, this part of the level is kind of like the castle 
    you built in Pope and Antipope - one castle is about as useful as three 
    castles and tons of fortifications. Don't go overboard - you need all the 
    stone you can hoard.
    There is more gold to be found in the western half of the map, but your 
    enemies easily control the middle, the south and the east. For now you're 
    going to have to just soak up regular attacks by trebuchets and elephants 
    (which is easy enough - smash the trebuchets, convert the elephants), and use 
    your castle as the Alamo. Occasionally some green mangonels might appear or 
    something, but nothing harder than the yellows. Just keep your eyes open for 
    incoming attacks and you should be fine, while you steadily capture more and 
    more elephants and pick up all the gold that's to be had. If you built the 
    castle away from your northern base, the base should be pretty much left 
    alone - if not just ring the town bell.
    By the way, keep that pickle cart well out of the way of everything.
    Hopefully you built some trebuchets before you captured all those elephants. 
    They will make busting through the wall a lot easier, which is what you're 
    going to do. Knock a hole in the western wall, where the mangonels and siege 
    workshops are, and send your elephants in first. The best time to launch your 
    attack is just after you've fended off the latest of the yellow attacks.
    Take out the workshops with trebuchets, while your knights and elephants deal 
    with the enemy knights, mangonels and trebuchets. There will be a few more 
    yellow elephants floating around, so use your monks to convert them rather 
    than to heal your own units. This attack can be a bit chaotic from not knowing 
    which units or buildings to prioritise.
    Try this: trebuchets to destroy the buildings; elephants and monks on enemy 
    elephants; knights on enemy knights, mangonels and trebuchets.
    Once the siege workshops are both gone ignore the other buildings until you 
    can get rid of the two stables, since the knights are great at killing your 
    trebuchets. I believe that the enemy castle won't fire at you while it's still 
    trying to produce elephants and trebuchets from inside, which it always is. So 
    get your trebuchets to attack the castle once the other dangerous buildings 
    are cleared, and get your elephants to protect your trebuchets by standing 
    right next to them, while any knights you have left charge right up to the 
    castle and kill off the yellow trebuchets before they get a chance to fire at 
    your own. Using this method I managed to take down the main yellow base in one 
    attack using ten elephants, six trebuchets, eighteen knights and four monks: 
    by the time I was finished I had four elephants and one trebuchet left.
    Unfortunately, there are more yellow peasants beyond the eastern wall, and the 
    protection of the greens makes it too much trouble to try to erase every last 
    one. They will build another town centre and other buildings soon enough, but 
    as far as I know they won't build another castle, which at least means no more 
    elephants or trebuchets. To stop their attacks coming through the northern 
    gates, I knocked down the northern yellow gate and built my own in the gap, 
    then surrounded it with walls and towers. This attracts a lot of attention, 
    but it also means all your other places are safe (don't go or build too near 
    the southern wall - the green siege weapons can fire over it). Block off any 
    other holes in the wall so that if the greens and remaining yellows attack you 
    from anywhere it will be through that northern gate. The worst you'll have to 
    deal with up there are siege onagers, but bombard towers can destroy them with 
    one cannon ball.
    Now that you've cleared out this middle area, you might want to get rid of 
    that green monastery to the north for the relic you missed earlier (if you 
    haven't already), and replenish your forces. Don't destroy the monastery 
    without grabbing the relic right away - the greens will soon send their own 
    monk to haul it back to a different monastery. 
    You can now build your own third base where the yellow one used to be, and 
    launch an assault to the south.
    If the yellows made a big enough gap in the trees to the west of their middle 
    enclosure, build a castle here, just a bit away from the wall. If not, build 
    the castle farther to the east. You'll need to be buying stone from the market 
    at this point, but there will still be plenty of gold. There is a lot of 
    unmined stone and gold beyond the wall to the south west, which is a good 
    place to attack first. Bash a hole in the wall and send your massed forces 
    through. There is a castle and a few miscellaneous units, but nothing 
    difficult if you keep your forces together. Don't go too far south or you'll 
    run into the blue base, and their monks, towers and castle can be a problem.
    Once you've gotten rid of the greens to the west, start mining the stone and 
    gold, then get trebuchets to work on the blue castle and towers, followed by 
    the rest of the reachable buildings behind the wall. You don't need to do 
    this, but it's fun. Take out the gate to the east and bring your intrepid cart 
    down through it - give it an escort through the blue base just in case. Take 
    some bombard cannons so that you can take care of any towers that you will 
    encounter, though these represent the only resistance the blue base will put 
    up. The Dome has two towers guarding it - take them down and get your cart to 
    the red flags and you win.
    Gold deposits are scarce, so pick up the relic and trade with your allies to 
    get your stores up.
    Build a castle and draw the yellows to it.
    Capture as many elephants as you can.
    Destroying the yellow castle is a priority - don't attack the yellow base if 
    your forces aren't strong enough to break through to the castle.
    ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~ = ~.><.~
    Congratulations, you've completed the game. Now toddle along and play Age Of 
    Thanks for reading :)
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    Thank-you for using this walkthrough. I hope it helped you out, or at least 
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