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"A decent single player game but the greatest multi player stratagy ever made."

Age of empires 2, the age of kings. This is a very good game, I must say. This is only the second strategy game that I have played and I was very impressed, I also learnt a lot about history playing through the campaigns in this game. The mechanics and the balance in this game are the real strengths though. But over all the game is just fun. I did not like it quite as much as say, star craft but it is still a fine game, I had more fun with it then some role playing games or shooters. But now I will go on to the rest of my review.

Atmosphere: I found that there was a very nice atmosphere evident in this game, the narrative is done very well and it has a genuine feeling to it. Very enjoyable.

Story: There are 5 different stories in this game, each a historical campaign, I found the stories in all of them were equally engaging.

Graphics: By today these graphics look kind of bad, however I think they look very nice and crisp rather then old and cheap, I would prefer these graphics over some other games.

Audio: I found the music in this game was not all that good, it was kind of annoying actually, but one thing I did like was the voice acting. The voice acting in the game was done excellent. Also the battle sounds sound very authentic.

Balance: All the different races, or civilizations are similar but some have strengths and weaknesses, overall the game is very well balanced, the balance is almost perfect actually.

Multi player: I can describe this in one word, perfect. The balance wins it.

Game play: It plays like any strategy game really, first you gather resources to crush your opponent, then you crush your opponent, there is a lot of variety in the game play though, I like the number of units you can use to make your army an effective killing machine. Very fun game play.

Replay ability: With 5 fairly long campaigns, many custom made campaigns, some of which are good, some very good and some horrible. There is also strong multi player and random maps and death matches to play single player. There is also an editor for you to make your own campaigns and maps. So go ahead and buy this fun game.

Overall score: 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/11/10

Game Release: Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings (US, 09/30/99)

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