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"More features and more fun!"

It’s yet another strategy game based on the original Age of Empires! The sequel to the original Age of Empires, Age of Empires 2: The Age of Kings has returned with more features, missions, upgrades and exactly more fun!

Graphics – 9
The graphics are now much detailed than before, with the same ‘thousands of colours’ stuff included and definitely cool with the bit of 3D things in the game. Just to say, the background look the same as ever so are the animations. The background is almost the same in every single mission unless you can change it and the moving animations of a human or bullock moves in almost the same speed depending on the transport or thing that you chosen.

Music – 9
I don’t notice much of it in this game, probably because I turn it too soft. This game has pretty nice sound effects (loud booms and explosions) with loads of decent background music to hear.

Gameplay – 9
There are definitely more missions to the game, better upgrades and more and more features that you can count. As usual, you choose which ‘side’ of civilization you want to choose (example, maybe Babylon) and play until you win the missions of the certain side. The missions are different depending on what they want. Some require you to capture a building, destroy the whole civilization, try and build that particular buildings and so on. There is also the build option (if I’m not mistaken) that allows you to build your missions and let your friends play with it! Cool, eh? The same Internet option will allow you to play over Internet, competing with your friends no matter whether where they are!

Replay Value – 8
Not many things that will keep you coming back. Hey, with the cool build option, you can build the levels endlessly and have the fun of testing it and playing other people’s. One good thing about the building option is that it allow you to state what kind of mission it is (capturing something, destroy the whole opposite civilization or others) and they will automatically program it. You can also select and put rivers or lake here and there, where you want to put the available buildings and the oppositions’. Still, I feel that there are not many things you can do after completing the dozens of missions in the game.

Overall – 8
Quite a good game and worth the buy. This game has more features than before so it’s a good buy! Just like the Age of Empires, could be done better if taken more initiative.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/12/00, Updated 05/12/00

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