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Reviewed: 02/21/04

Microsoft scores big!!!!

Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings is a great game. The game is based around the Medieval period involving 13 civilizations. Each civilization has one unique unit(except for the Vikings, which has two). This game is the sequel to Age of Empires, which was the game of the year in 1997. The point of the game is different for whichever type of game you are playing. There is random map, regicide, and death match. In regicide, you have to destroy your enemies king before they kill yours. In death match you have to kill each other(The difference between this and a conquest game in a random map is that you start with more resources). In random map it depends on what you chose. There is conquest, you have to kill all of your enemies. Or you make the settings so that in order to win you have to build a Wonder of the world and defend for a certain amount of time.


Age of Empires II gameplay is great. It doesn't take that long to learn how to build up your civilization but you have to have the correct strategy. For example, there isn't any point in having 10+ villagers mine stone if you can't build walls or towers. The way the technologies and buildings work is simple. In the first age(which is called the Dark Ages), you can only build the base buildings. As you advance to the next age, you can build a couple of different buildings and get more technologies or better quality men in the buildings you built in the age earlier. There are four ages. When you originally start out you get three villagers(except for Chinese, they start with six). You then have collect resources and build buildings with these villagers to make your civilization. Each civilization gets its own bonuses. The most important part of Age of Empires, is your military strategy. If you have 100 Calvary charging your homeland, you want to defend with men from your barracks. The max amount of people you can have is 200, so you might have to kill some villagers later on if you want a huge army.
My score 10/10


There are five campaigns. Each telling a different story about how a leader became great and some great feats that they accomplished. The first one is a tutorial for you to get use to the game, very helpful. The others tell you about what happened in history and how they were able to do what they did. You have to reenact what they did. Some of them are very tough, while some of them only take a couple minutes. You just have to complete the mission to go through. I find these to be very entertaining, but they just aren't as fun as a regular game in Age of Empires II. My score 9/10


The sound in Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings is very realistic. For example if you see a bunch of Calvary charging someone, you will hear horses foot steps. You see archers firing arrows, you will hear the arrows going through the air. Say you see some men-at-arms attacking some buildings, you will hear them hitting a building(not sure what to call that sound). Basically every different kind of sound is in here. Not to mention some great music they have put in for this type of game.
My score 10/10


I gives this a 10/10 simply because I have never played a game when it is this much fun to play against the computer. It's very hard on some levels, and tons fun. Get this game.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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