Review by Dark Templar

"The Pinacle of PC gaming"

To Tell the truth I hate PC gaming I hate it I hate it I hate it. PC gaming costs way to much has horrible rpgs and I never liked strategy games at all. So when my friend brought it over I thought it would be some stupid strategy game with slow and repetitive gameplay. Boy was I wrong, the Sim City fell made me love this game so much.

Some people hate the graphics of this game they talk about how primitive and stupid they look, but I loved the animation of the mills turning and every thing. But after staring at the screen for a few hours your eyes will hurt.

The music of this game sounds cool at first...but after hearing the same old song for hours you will bring your cd playing and pop in your favorite cd. The Final Fantasy sound track goes great with this game. But the music is not why it got a good rating it's the sound. From the cling of a sword to the crackle of fire the sound effects sound great.

At first the control will be annoying but after a few training missions the control will be a second nature to you.

The best part of the game. The game is surprisingly fun for a pc game (probably because it is so much like sim city). Basically what you do is take a town center and three villagers in the dark age and end up with a huge amount of villagers and a huge army in the post imperial age. But the gameplay is also confusing each ''clan'' has a special type of attack force plus its strengths and weaknesses. That's basically it (I don't even want to go to the monks or the see forces because that would be way to confusing.

If you like roller coaster tycoon, simcity, pc gaming, or strategy/warfare games you will love this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/29/00, Updated 01/17/01

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