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    FAQ/Walkthrough by LadyNorbert

    Version: 2.1 | Updated: 12/22/15 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

               __,  _, __, _,_   __,  _, __,  _, __, _,  __,  _,
               | \ /_\ |_) |_/   |_) /_\ |_) /_\ |_) |   |_  (_   o
               |_/ | | | \ | \   |   | | | \ | | |_) | , |   , )  o
               ~   ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~   ~   ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~   ~~~ ~~~  ~ 
         ___ _,_ __,   __, _  , _ _,  __, __,   __, __, _ _, _  _, __,
          |  |_| |_    |_  '\/  | |   |_  | \   |_) |_) | |\ | / ` |_ 
          |  | | |     |    /\  | | , |   |_/   |   | \ | | \| \ , |  
          ~  ~ ~ ~~~   ~~~ ~  ~ ~ ~~~ ~~~ ~     ~   ~ ~ ~ ~  ~  ~  ~~~
             A PC hidden objects mystery game from Blue Tea Games
                       Walkthrough by LadyNorbert
    Please note:  Like many games from Blue Tea Games, the Dark Parables are
    available in a 'regular' edition and a 'collector's' edition.  Both versions
    follow the same storylines and have the same endings, but the collector's
    editions include bonus content.  This document previously only included
    information about the regular edition of this game, but now contains all
    game information and may be regarded as complete.
    A free trial version of this game may be downloaded from BigFishGames.com,
    which is how I found the series in the first place.  The free trial will allow 
    you to play for sixty minutes or until you complete the first two chapters,
    whichever comes first.
    Fair warning:  I do include spoilery information about what happens in 
    07-10-11: Version 1.0 submitted to GameFAQs
    12-05-11: FAQ updated to include more information about the third game
    06-28-12: FAQ updated to edit some information about Chapter Six and my intent
              to include the collector's edition info in a future edit 
    07-01-12: Final update (I hope!) to include the bonus gameplay and edited
              questions regarding the collector's edition; also added the 
              subsections about Chapters and Bonus Material
    12-22-15: Nope, back after a long time away. Updated the FAQ to include
              information about the series and correct my own previous info.
    Table of Contents
    I.  Basic Information
      A.  Plot
      B.  Characters
      C.  General Hints
    II.  Technical Information
      A.  Getting Started
      B.  Inventory
      C.  Map and Notebook
      D.  Cursed Objects
      E.  Chapters
    III.  Prologue
    IV.  Chapter One
    V.  Chapter Two
    VI.  Chapter Three
    VII.  Chapter Four
    VIII.  Chapter Five
    IX.  Chapter Six
    X.  Chapter Seven
    XI.  Chapter Eight
    XII.  Chapter Nine
    XIII.  Chapter Ten
    XIV.  Hard Mode
    XV.  Bonus Material
    XVI.  Questions and Answers
    XVII.  Special Thanks
    I. Basic Information
    A.  Plot
    Most people are familiar with the fable of the Frog Prince - a handsome prince 
    who was cursed to live as a frog until he received a kiss from a beautiful
    princess. The legend says that once she kissed him, the prince regained his
    true form and they married and lived happily ever after.
    Well, not quite.
    The game begins with a cinematic of a teenaged girl and a grown man, walking in
    the Black Forest of Germany. The girl carries a storybook and explains to the 
    man, who is her bodyguard, about the legend of the Frog Prince and how he still
    lives, allegedly kidnapping people who get lost in the very forest they now
    wander. The bodyguard wants to turn back, before the girl's father becomes
    worried, but she realizes they're lost. They spot someone on the path ahead
    and decide to ask for directions.
    The scene then cuts to you, the detective, receiving your instructions about 
    the mystery that needs to be solved. You need to find the girl and, if you 
    can, figure out who it is that's been causing the disappearances in the Black
    Forest. If it really is the Frog Prince, you must break his spell.
    B.  Characters
    You - If you've played "Dark Parables: Curse of Briar Rose," it may come 
    as no surprise to find that you are once again that same nameless detective.  
    This game is the direct sequel (and the first game will be referenced later).
    You work for an agency that specializes in the paranormal; your own especial
    focus is fairy tales, and after your success in rescuing the ill-fated
    beauty who slept in the Scottish castle, you are well qualified to try your 
    hand in the German woods.
    Marie - The daughter of the German chancellor. She's the reason you're here;
    she and her bodyguard disappeared without a trace while walking in the Black
    Forest, and must be found.
    The Frog Prince - A mysterious figure, rumored to be the cause of many
    disappearances in the Black Forest. He is believed to have kidnapped Marie.
    Who is he? What does he want? Why does he apparently take fashion tips 
    from Ezio of 'Assassin's Creed'? (We never do get an answer to that last one.)
    Princess Ivy - An equally mysterious figure, though she'll introduce herself
    in due time. She's a bright and benevolent spirit who haunts the prince's 
    realm, unbeknownst to him. If you've already played the collector's edition 
    of the first game in this series, then you may recognize her name.
    C.  General Hints
    ~ There is no time limit on any portion of the game.
    ~ If you're not sure what to do, move your mouse around on the screen. It will
    turn into a hand icon if there's something for you to pick up, or a magnifying
    glass if there's something to examine, or an arrow if you can leave the scene
    in a particular direction. Naturally, some directions will not be available
    to you at first. You can go backwards from any scene by moving the cursor
    to the bottom of the screen so it becomes a downward-pointing arrow.
    ~ However, there are lots of red herrings. So just because you see the 
    magnifying glass doesn't mean something is important.
    ~ You can also get a clue by watching the scene itself. Areas with puzzles
    will (as is typical for games of this sort) sparkle with a sort of golden dust.
    Other items and areas of import will glint subtly, to get your attention.
    ~ Anything the game puts into your inventory will be important eventually.
    There are no pointless objects in this game.
    ~ Feel free to click on anything.  It's a great way to find cursed objects
    (see below). There is no penalty for clicking. However, when solving a
    hidden objects puzzle, clicking randomly too many times in a row will cause
    your cursor to become temporarily disabled.
    ~ There is also no penalty for using hints during a hidden objects game. Your
    hint provider does require a recharge time, though, which you can shorten by
    locating cursed objects (again, see below). So you can only use one hint at a
    time and you'll have to wait until you can use another one, but they can make
    all the difference between solving a puzzle and ripping out your hair. To use
    a hint on the current hidden object puzzle, just click on the word "Hint" in
    the lower left corner of your screen.
    ~ Your hint button has some other uses. If you want to know what you're 
    supposed to do with an item in your inventory, pick it up and click it on
    the hint button to see an image of the place where it needs to go. During
    other kinds of puzzles, the hint button can show you a partial solution.
    ~ Best of all, there is ALSO no penalty for skipping a puzzle altogether. You
    can't skip every kind of puzzle, but the game includes several mini-games which
    are required to advance the plot and/or unlock new areas, and if you find these
    to be too frustrating, go ahead and click on the "Skip Puzzle" button. Your
    only punishment will be to lose the use of your hint button for five minutes.
    (Finding cursed objects does not reduce this amount of time - it's always
    five minutes.)
    ~ If you have purchased the collector's edition of the game, you will have
    access to the in-game strategy guide. This can be opened at any time by
    clicking on the Strategy Guide button at the bottom of the screen, near your
    inventory. In its way, the strategy guide is even more helpful than I can
    possibly make this walkthrough, because it will provide you with pictures of
    the various puzzles and mini-games to help you find the solutions. 
    II.  Technical Information
    A.  Getting Started
    On the main menu screen, click on the Players button to create a new profile
    for yourself. The Options button will allow you to control the volume
    settings for both the background music and the sound effects, as well as give
    you the choice to play the game windowed as opposed to fullscreen. Not all
    screen resolutions will permit windowed gaming, however, as I learned to my
    Begin the game and watch the opening cinematics which establish the plot. Once
    game control is returned to you, you have the option of playing the game in a
    tutorial mode, which will explain the significance of different things. It's
    entirely up to you whether to do this or not; if you decide to do it, you can
    probably skip the rest of this section of the walkthrough, since the tutorial
    will cover it fairly well.
    B.  Inventory
    The inventory takes the form of a scroll bar at the bottom of your screen,
    between your hint button and map/journal. It has an unlimited number of slots,
    so if you don't see an item you want to use, click on the left or right arrows
    to page through the whole thing until you find what you need. It's mostly 
    pretty basic.
    There are four types of items that you will be assembling and/or finding and
    collecting throughout the adventure. These are ships in a bottle, bottles of
    floral-based potions, decorative jars, and tiaras. Once you've acquired the 
    first one of any of these, the inventory will maintain a count of how many you
    have in one slot, rather than occupy five or six slots. Each of these four 
    types of objects are essential to the solution of a mini-game.  When you find 
    their respective mini-games, you will not need to extract the items; the game 
    will do it.
    During hidden object puzzles, your inventory will change. See, in this game,
    you're not randomly rooting through piles of junk to pick out stuff like 
    musical instruments and eyeballs and animals and those other collections of
    oddities that you tend to find in hidden object puzzles. No, in Dark Parables
    games, hidden object puzzles always lead to the assembly of an object you
    actually need to solve the mystery, and what you're searching for in each scene
    are the shattered fragments. Your inventory during each of these puzzles will
    be divided into three sections, each displaying the appearance of the pieces
    you're seeking. As you find them, the reference images will darken to show 
    that you've acquired that particular piece.  When you find all the pieces in
    one inventory section, they will merge to become one-third of the item you're
    trying to get. Once you've found all the pieces, the three sections will join
    together to form the item; click on it and it will move itself into your
    regular inventory.
    C. Map and Notebook
    In the opening cinematic, you'll see your detective character listening to
    a tape recording of instructions while leafing through a notebook. This
    notebook will accompany you on the journey, and will contain all of your
    notes and evidence. (A piece of evidence is an object acquired through the
    solution of a special puzzle, and when you get this item, it unlocks bonus
    hidden object scenes that are crucial to the mystery.)  
    The map is on the left side of the notebook. There are four tabs - Forest,
    Cave Area, Lake Garden, and Palace. Click on any of the tabs to see your map 
    of the area in question. The area where you are currently located will be 
    shaded in yellow.  Rotating red stars indicate the location of a hidden object
    puzzle. Question marks indicate a puzzle where you can get a piece of 
    evidence. The tabs will gradually become available as you enter the areas 
    they display; you will not be able to access all parts of the map until certain
    requirements are met (puzzles solved, keys acquired, etc.).
    On the right side of the notebook is your current objective. You will have
    some written notes about your latest discoveries, a photograph of the area
    where you need to go next, and a hint about what you need to do when you get
    there. If you're not sure what to do, click on the hint and you'll be given
    a bit more information. You can also page backwards through your previous
    objectives to review what you've already accomplished.
    D.  Cursed Objects
    The Frog Prince isn't the only thing around here that's under an enchantment.
    As you explore, you'll come across objects that may catch your eye by 
    flickering briefly in their appearance. If you click on such a cursed object,
    you will restore it to its proper form. You'll know this has happened because
    a little box will appear on your screen to tell you so. There are twenty such
    objects scattered throughout the game, and each time you find one, it will
    reduce your hint button's recharge time by a small percentage. The more you
    find, in other words, the faster your hint button will recharge and the more
    often you can use it.
    Do note that not all cursed objects flicker to catch your attention. However,
    there is never a penalty for clicking on items, so feel free to click on
    anything and everything to see if it's cursed. Also, note that some objects
    will not be revealed as cursed until later in the game, so even if you were
    in a room previously and didn't find a cursed object, try again on your next
    visit to see if it's come available. (Of course, not all rooms/scenes will
    contain cursed objects.)
    I will include the locations of the cursed objects throughout the FAQ, and
    only mention them at points when they are available to click.
    E. Chapters
    The Dark Parables games are each divided into several chapters. Each chapter
    is begun by the chapter's number appearing on your screen, flanked by
    decorative scrollwork and accompanied by the peal of a bell. I have stated
    throughout the walkthrough where the chapters ended on my playthrough of the
    regular edition. However, I did observe while playing the collector's edition
    that some of the chapters ended in slightly different places. So if you don't
    see the chapter conclusion trigger at the place where I have it named, just
    continue following the walkthrough in the next chapter's information; you will
    almost certainly encounter the chapter conclusion in very short order.
    III.  Prologue
    Once the opening cutscenes have completed, you find yourself in a shadowy
    portion of the Black Forest. There is a random tombstone in your path, and
    to your right is a glowing area with a hidden object puzzle. Complete this
    puzzle in order to assemble the Stone Emblem. This is all you can do in this
    first scene, so move your mouse until the upward-pointing arrow appears to let
    you move forward.
    The next scene features a fork in the road. Pick up the Decorative Jar at the
    base of the tree. You can examine the dark patch on the tree to learn that
    it's apparently rotting from the inside. The chancellor's daughter dropped her
    book of fairy tales; it's lying against the right side of the tree. To the
    left is the large statue of a frog that you saw if you watched the opening
    cutscene; examine it to learn that you need a damp cloth with which to clean 
    it. You can't go left, because the gate there is covered with vines, so take
    the right fork.
    A lantern sways in the wind. Examine the 'strange contraption' on the tree at
    the right; it has two identical indentations. Remember this, as it will be
    important near the end of the game. For now, click on the brightly colored
    doodad on the left to open a mini-game. It's a mechanical puzzle, and you
    need to find matching pairs among the colored stars. There is a gold ship on
    the left side, a silver ship on the right, and four sections each containing
    two differently-colored stars.  For ease of reference, we'll call these 
    sections A, B, C, and D. The puzzle basically will look like this:
                   Section A                 Section B
           Gold Ship             Big Star             Silver Ship
                   Section C                 Section D
    Start by clicking on the large star in the center of the puzzle. Next, click
    on the compasses underneath the ships on either side of the puzzle until they
    light up. Your first matching pair are the stars that are half red, half
    green; one is in section A, the other is in section D. These will slide
    out of sight and lock in position to show that they are correctly matched.
    Next, click the half-blue, half-silver stars (section A and section C), then 
    the gold and silver stars (section B and section C), and the blue and gold
    stars (section B and section D). The center of the puzzle will slide open,
    revealing a Sharp Sickle; click on this to add it to your inventory.
    You're all done in this scene for now, so click the down arrow to return to
    the giant stone frog. Get the Sharp Sickle from your inventory and click it
    on the gate to the left to clear away the vines, then click on the gate. There
    is an opening that, coincidentally enough, is shaped exactly like the Stone
    Emblem you assembled when you first arrived, so go ahead and put it into the
    opening to unlock the gate and head on through. Open your map to see the new
    rotating red stars indicating the location of hidden object puzzles, review
    your objective, and then close the map.
    The words "Chapter 1" will rise up on your screen, indicating that you have
    completed the story's prologue.
    IV.  Chapter One
    There are three hidden object puzzles available, including one back in that 
    very first scene. It makes the most sense to do that first, so click down
    twice to return there and click on the sparkly log to assemble the Fishing Net.
    Click forward and then left-forward to return to the scene where you started
    the chapter.  You'll see an odd opening in the tree to your left; you can
    click to examine it. This is the Decorative Jar puzzle, and as you can see,
    the jar you've found has already been inserted into the puzzle. There are
    four other jars to be found before this puzzle can be solved, however, so
    click down to leave the puzzle and continue your adventure. The next hidden
    object puzzle is at the cottage you can see in the distance.
    Go forward once and you'll see the Frog Prince himself, standing at a window
    on the upper story. Click on him for a closer look; click on him again in the
    box that pops up and he'll disappear. Click on the X in the upper right 
    corner to dismiss the box, then go forward again to the cottage. Examine the
    shoe here; it belongs to Marie. A red cloth is hanging from the left porch
    column, and it's just what you need to clean off that dirty frog statue, so
    click on it to add the Damp Cloth to your inventory. Click on the broken 
    window to solve the next hidden object puzzle and acquire the Gate Key.  
    Click back to move away from the cottage. There's a glowing grate to your
    right; if you click on it, you'll observe a path below.  For now, though, our
    next point of interest is the gate to the left of the cottage. Click on it to
    bring up a close view of the locked gate. Take the Gate Key you just put
    together and click it onto the keyhole to unlock the gate.
    Go forward-left to a little waterway. A sparkly something-or-other is in the
    water; get the Fishing Net from your inventory and click on it. Once the net
    is lying on the shore, click on the Ladybug Gem to add it to your inventory,
    then click on the glowy area on the far bank to activate the hidden object
    puzzle that will give you the Dragonfly Gem.
    Click down three times to travel back to the giant frog statue, and click on it
    to get a close look. Get the Damp Cloth from your inventory and click it on
    the statue to clean off the layers of mud and dirt. There are two round slots
    here. Place the Ladybug Gem in the left opening and the Dragonfly Gem in the
    right, and the frog's mouth will open to reveal the Cottage Key. Take it.
    The fog thickens and the frogs' eyes start to glow. Creeeeeepy.
    Now we can go back and make our way into the cottage! Click left and then
    forward to return once again. Click forward again to activate a cutscene in 
    which you approach the cottage and spot Marie - she's trapped upstairs, rapping
    on the window and begging for help. Someone must have entered the room, 
    though, because she turns suddenly and the lights go out. Anxious, you start
    running toward the porch, where you briefly glimpse the silhouette of the
    Frog Prince, but...
    Well, crap.
    If you open your map, you will see that you are now in the Cave Area, and this
    is now an available tab. Sure, blame the fog for the fact that you just
    crashed through a hole in the ground. I won't tell you differently. Looks
    like you weren't the first person to come this way, either, judging by the
    skeleton lying here. There's a sparkling chest here; click on it to activate
    the next mini-game.
    This is a sudoku-like puzzle involving dice. Click on each individual die to
    change the visible number, and continue to change them until the totals shown
    on the dice add up to the numbers between them.  The totals will light up
    when they've been achieved. The finished solution will look like this:
                             6       4      1
                           /       /   \     \
                          4       7     3     2
                            \      \   /     /
                             5       1     6
    (Yes, one of the dice has a 7 on it. They're not normal dice.)
    Once all three of the skulls below the puzzle have opened their mouths, the
    puzzle will slide apart to reveal the Rose Emblem for you.
    Next to the chest is a newspaper; click on it to review an old article about
    a magnificent palace rumored to be hidden under the Black Forest. Click on 
    the skeleton for a close-up of a tear in the sack he's holding, but you can't
    do anything with it until you acquire a sharp object.
    On the floor at the right is a sort of mechanical-looking half-circle thing.
    I don't actually know what to call it, but click on it. This is the first of
    those cursed objects I mentioned earlier, and you've just reduced your hint
    button's recharge time by a fraction. Go forward through the opening to the
    next room.
    A brief glint may draw your attention to a "suspicious dirt pile" on the far
    side of the room, to the left of a blocked-off potential exit. Above and to
    the left of the dirt pile is a shelf with a paper you can read; it's the mad 
    ramblings of a thief who most likely turned into that skeleton in the other 
    room. On the ground to the right of the grating is a circlet bearing the image
    of a swimming swan. This is the Lakeside Disc, and it will be important soon,
    so grab it. Click on the table to open a hidden object puzzle, which will 
    give you the Mechanical Handle.
    Click down to return to the room with the skeleton. On the wall to the left of
    the barred-off door is a mechanism to open it. Take the Mechanical Handle and
    click it on this mechanism. The gate across the door will lift, and you will
    see a round opening on the door. Place the Rose Emblem into this to unlock
    the door, then head that way. A cutscene will engage; the Frog Prince is 
    waiting for you in there. He doesn't know why you're there, but he's very
    displeased and he's going to make sure that you never leave again. He uses
    mysterious powers to block off the two visible exits with vines, then mentions
    something about bearing a curse before the fog swallows him again.
    As control of the game returns to you, the words "Chapter 2" will rise on your 
    screen to indicate the conclusion of the first chapter.
    V.  Chapter Two
    The first thing you should do once the Frog Prince leaves is to grab the Silver
    Apple, which you will need later. It's on the left side of the screen, near
    the lower corner. Look at your map and see that new puzzles have been added,
    along with your first question mark for evidence.
    As you can see, there are ostensibly three ways out of this brightly lit
    chamber. The center path actually leads up to that grate you observed next
    to the cottage earlier, but both it and the right-hand exit are blocked by
    the Frog Prince's vines. There's also a door on the left, which you can click
    to view an image of a crowned frog; the crown is missing. You can't do
    anything about this until after you have completed the game (see the section
    below about Hard Mode), so just ignore it for now and click down to return to
    the room with the skeleton, then go forward into the room where you found the
    Lakeside Disc.
    Some items are here that weren't here the last time. In the lower left corner
    is a red mushroom; click on that, because it's your second cursed object. In
    almost the exact center of the scene, a Small Knife is lying on the ground, so
    grab that and go back to the skeleton. Click on him to reopen that close-up
    view of his sack, and then take out the Small Knife and click it on the tear
    in the burlap. Click on the map that appears, then your map opens so that it
    gets entered into evidence. This will trigger a new hidden object puzzle.
    Go forward and click on the table to solve the puzzle and assemble the Shovel;
    once you have the Shovel, click it on that "suspicious dirt pile" to dig a
    tunnel, and head on in.
    Welcome to the garden! (The Cave Area is easily the single largest section of
    this entire game. Fair warning.) There are quite a few interesting things in
    this scene alone, including a sword in a stone and a padlocked birdcage
    guarded by a creeptastic glowing skull.  
    The first order of business here will be to click on the sparkling area to open
    a mini-game. You're confronted with a rather odd-looking tombstone, and you 
    need to put the four digits of the death year into their proper places. The 
    number 2 is sitting in the lower right area of the screen, so grab that one 
    first; it goes in the third slot. To the immediate left of the tombstone is 
    what appears to be a worn patch of wall; click on it three times to make it 
    crumble and reveal the tile with the number 1, which goes in the first slot.  
    Getting the other two numbers is a bit more tricky. Above the dates are a gold
    dragon and a knight on horseback. Click on the dragon to make it move, and as
    it charges forward, click on the knight to make him stab the dragon. (You may
    have to try this a couple of times to get the timing right.) They will then
    part to reveal the number 9 tile, which goes in the second slot. Now, for the
    fourth tile, you will see stained glass window-like fixtures on both sides of
    the tombstone. Click on each of the smaller ones at the top, which will glow,
    and a panel in the upper left corner will open to reveal a mixed-up picture.
    On either side of the scene are spade emblems, one pointing left and one
    pointing right. Click three times on each of these to change the two halves of
    the image. When the picture is correctly set, a panel will open to reveal the
    number 7 tile to place in the last slot. Whoever this stone belongs to, they
    died in 1927. The entire puzzle will then slide to the left, giving you the 
    Square Mirror.
    You have your choice of two paths. Notice the knight perched above the gate
    that leads to the left path; click on him to read his plaque. "To honor my
    beloved ones, for they show me the meaning of life." So the garden was
    apparently constructed to honor the Frog Prince's loved ones... but who? 
    Take the right fork for now, and come to a fountain in front of an elaborate 
    set of rooms.  A lovely woman's portrait hangs over the door, which you can 
    click to identify as the Swan Lake Princess. Hmm. Also here are statues of a
    knight and a queen, both of whom block your access to other parts of the
    garden. Clicking them suggests that they need to be given items.
    A hidden object puzzle by the fountain will earn you the Leaf Heirloom. Just
    to the left of this puzzle is a bird; click on it to reveal it as the next
    cursed object. Go back to the previous room, and pass through the gate under
    the figure of the knight. You'll come to a walkway leading to the very same
    palace that was pictured in that old newspaper article you saw earlier.
    Standing on the walkway is a beautiful green ghost; click on her. Who is this?
    She disappears when you click.
    To your left is a locked door; the ship in a bottle puzzle is here, so you
    can't go down to the boat you see until you acquire all of those. To your
    right is a greenhouse with chained doors, so you can't get in there until you
    find a way to break the chains. Straight ahead is the Palace, but the door
    requires three elements to unlock it. So all you can do for now is solve the
    hidden object puzzle to the left, which will get you the Royal Scepter. Take
    it back to the Swan Princess's fountain (back, then right) and click it on
    the statue of the queen, who will promptly slide out of the way and open up a
    new path to you. You can enter this area to find Snow White's cottage. The
    door is locked and will not open; it's flanked by two pedestals, one silver
    and one gold. Take the Silver Apple from your inventory and click it onto
    the silver pedestal. A blueprint nailed to a tree will tell you that the 
    Palace dates from 1580; the Frog Prince has indeed been at this for a while.
    Go back to the fountain and play the hidden object game to receive another
    Decorative Jar for your collection; you will now see on your inventory that
    you have two of the five jars, as denoted by the 2/5. Click down twice to
    return to the cave, where you'll find another hidden object puzzle. This one
    gives you the Swan Princess Key, so return to the fountain area again and click
    on the door of the building. Click the Swan Princess Key on the keyhole, and
    you may then enter her rooms.
    Click on the ballet shoes on the floor by the white dancing dress, as they are
    the next cursed object. The sparkling object on the dressing table is another
    mini-game. You must press the buttons to flip through the images until it
    creates a single large picture containing exactly twenty fish. The first panel
    should have the boot sitting on the ocean floor, plus three clown fish (Nemo 
    from *Finding Nemo*), two grey and orange fish, and the front half a swordfish.
    The second panel includes four clown fish, two black and white fish, and the 
    back half of a swordfish. The third panel contains only a crab, the front half
    of a swordfish, and a black fish. The fourth panel contains the back half of a
    swordfish, three grey and orange fish, and three clown fish. When you have
    these panels in position, the puzzle will open to grant you the Moon Gem.
    Back in the main room, look at the right side of the scene and click on the
    Wooden Oar to add it to your inventory. Examine the double doors in the center
    of the scene and note the round slot; take the Lakeside Disc out of your
    inventory and click it on the slot to unlock the doors leading to the Swan
    Princess's grotto, and enter. There is a candle to the right which morphs into
    a lantern, so click on that because it is of course the next cursed object. To
    the right of that, and slightly above, you will see a Sledgehammer, which you
    should certainly take because it will come in handy. Click on the statue of
    the Swan Princess herself to solve the hidden object puzzle and receive the
    first Ship in a Bottle. That's all you can do here; click down three times.
    This will bring you back to the scene with the sword in the stone. Take the
    Sledgehammer from your inventory and click it on the stone.
    Take the Royal Sword, then head right and click it onto the statue of the
    knight. He will slide out of the way, opening another path. Enter that scene
    and you will be greeted by the sight of the beautiful green ghost you 
    encountered earlier.  
                                 -=> IMPORTANT <=-
    If you are playing the free trial version of this game that I mentioned at the
    start of the walkthrough, this is where it will end.  If you do not want to be
    spoiled for the remainder of the game, stop reading now!
    The ghost greets you warmly, thanking you for aiding her beloved sister, Briar
    Rose, whom you saved in the first Dark Parables title. She introduces
    herself as Princess Ivy, the first love of the Frog Prince. Wait, the FIRST
    love?! First but not last, as she explains! The curse of the Frog Prince is
    immortality. They married and lived happily, but she aged and died while he
    remained young - and at her death, he reverted to his frog form. He is doomed
    to repeat the cycle, finding love with a princess only to lose her to death,
    until the curse is broken. It seems that the Frog Prince is actually the
    prince in a number of fairy tales! In the centuries that passed after
    Princess Ivy's death, he married first the Little Mermaid, then Cinderella,
    then the Swan Princess, and finally Snow White. But Ivy was his first and 
    truest love, and she watches over him now.  She gives you the Greenhouse Key 
    to aid you in your quest, explaining that only by lifting the Frog Prince's 
    curse can you save Marie, and wishes you luck.
    (If you played the first game in the series, you may recall that the only two
    of Briar Rose's godmothers who were identified by name were the Godmother of
    the Rose and the Godmother of the Ivy. Notice a theme?)
    The words "Chapter 3" scroll up the screen, bringing the second chapter to 
    a close.
    VI.  Chapter Three
    Let's have a look at the scene where Princess Ivy left you. To your left is a
    sword encased in glass; you can look at it, but you won't do anything with it
    for quite some time. The frog statue right in front of you is the location of
    the Tiara puzzle, which you also can't solve for quite a while yet. In the
    background of the scene is a magnificent stone shrine honoring the memory of
    all five of the Frog Prince's royal brides, with Princess Ivy in the center.
    Cinderella is sparkling, so click on her to solve the hidden object puzzle that
    will earn you the Shield Emblem. This is one of the three items needed to
    unlock the door to the Palace.
    Checking the map shows that a new hidden object puzzle is available in the
    Swan Princess's grotto, so head back there and click on her statue to put 
    together the Swan Princess Tiara. This will start your Tiara collection.  
    Another hidden object puzzle can be found by exiting the house, clicking down, 
    and then entering the knight's gate. This will gain you the Skeleton Key.  
    While you're here, you should also click on the sign above the greenhouse door,
    which is your next cursed object.
    Where do you use the Skeleton Key? Why, with the skeleton, of course! More 
    accurately, with the skull. Go back to the gate and use the Skeleton Key on 
    the padlock securing that birdcage with the freaky glowing skull on top.  The 
    cage will open to reveal the Bolt Cutter. Take this and return through the 
    gate to the greenhouse; click the Bolt Cutter on the chains on the greenhouse 
    door, then click the Greenhouse Key from Princess Ivy on the door to unlock it 
    and enter.
    There are a number of things to do here. To your immediate left is a glittery
    area to indicate the presence of a hidden object puzzle, so go ahead and solve
    that to start. This will give you the Gardenias Potion; you have now begun to
    collect the Plant Potions. There is a door here in the left glass wall, which
    has an empty slot, but you don't currently have the token which will unlock it.
    However, just "below" the door (from your perspective) is a table on which 
    rests a curious emblem, which you should click to grab. This is the Lightning
    Gem. Across the path from that table is a cabinet of sorts, with a round 
    opening in the top. Take the Leaf Heirloom from your inventory and click it on
    the opening; the cabinet will pop open to give you your second Ship in a
    Bottle. That's all you can do here at the moment.
    Return to the Swan Princess's little house and go inside. To the left of the 
    doors that lead into her grotto are another pair of doors, and as you can see,
    they have two slots - one shaped like a crescent moon, one shaped like a 
    lightning bolt. Take the Lightning Gem and the Moon Gem from your inventory 
    and click them on their corresponding slots to unlock these doors and enter the
    next room.
    The main attraction here is the marionette theater, but as it's missing a crank
    on one side, you can't really investigate it yet. To the right of the theater,
    there is a painting on the wall; click on that, because it's yet another cursed
    object. There's a sparkling area here, which is of course a hidden object
    puzzle, so complete that to assemble the Plant Vase. Click back three times
    and then go through the knight's gate to return to the greenhouse.  You can
    see a shelf at the far end of the greenhouse with two vases on it; take the 
    Plant Vase from your inventory and click it onto that shelf. The bookcase will
    slide to one side, revealing the hidden greenhouse laboratory. Go on in!
    On the left side of the scene is a closed book. Click to open it, and take the
    Silver Coin you find there. This is the second emblem needed to unlock the
    Palace door. There is a note pinned to the bookcase at the back wall; click on
    it to read about a relic called the Ancient Wand. The parchment in the center
    of the room is currently unreadable. Click on the sparkling area on the right
    side to start the next mini-game, which will provide you with more evidence.
    The idea with this puzzle is to turn the gears in such a way that the life 
    cycle of a tree is accurately depicted in the images at the top. If you click
    on a gear, it will turn; you'll know if you're clicking in the right spot 
    because the circle inside the teeth of the gear will be highlighted in purple.
    If you click on the red button in the center of a gear, it will prevent that 
    gear from turning. This is an approximation of how the gears look:
                     Gear A
                     Gear B        Gear C          Gear D
    First, click the button on Gear C, then click once on Gear B to rotate it.
    Next, click the button on Gear B; this will make Gear C active again. Click on
    Gear C once, then on Gear A once. Now click the button on Gear C again, and
    then click to rotate Gear A twice. Click on the Gear C button again, so that
    you can click to rotate Gear C one time. Finally, click on Gear D's button,
    then click to rotate Gear C three times. When correctly solved, the puzzle
    will slide away to reveal Blueprint Evidence relating to the marionette theater
    in the Swan Princess's house. Your map will open to put the evidence away,
    and you will see that a new hidden object puzzle has been unlocked; you will
    also see that your map now has a third tab, which you can click to view the
    area known as the Lake Garden. As you can see, you can't get to the rest of 
    it from your current location, but the time is drawing near when you'll be 
    going there.
    Head on back to the fountain in front of the Swan Princess's house and complete
    the new hidden object puzzle, which will give you the Elegant Crank. Go into
    the house and into the room with the marionette theater. Click the Elegant 
    Crank onto the empty slot on the side of the theater. The curtains will part,
    and the words "Chapter 4" will scroll up your screen to conclude the third
    chapter of this tale.
    VII.  Chapter Four
    Dolls representing the Swan Princess and her prince dance across the stage of
    the marionette theater. Of more interest to you, however, is the Ship in a
    Bottle you can get there, so click on it to add it to your inventory. Solve
    the hidden object puzzle at the left to get another one - now you have four.
    One more and you can access the boat dock!
    There's another hidden object puzzle available now at the shrine (where you met
    Princess Ivy's spirit), so go there and click on Cinderella's statue to solve
    it. This will assemble the Plant Emblem for you. Go back to the greenhouse,
    where completing another hidden object puzzle will add a third Decorated Jar
    to your collection. Click the Plant Emblem onto the empty slot in the glass
    door to unlock it, and go into the greenhouse's courtyard.
    Read the note on the ground. There's apparently a potion that may prove to be
    the Frog Prince's salvation. Take the Rusty Cave Key which is sitting on the 
    bench, and remember the cabinet at the left - it's where you'll solve the
    puzzle surrounding your Plant Potions, once you have them all. Click down
    twice to exit the greenhouse, and solve the hidden object puzzle there which
    will give you the fifth and final Ship in a Bottle.
    Now, click on the left-hand door, the one with emblems of waves on either side
    of it. This will bring up the Ship in a Bottle puzzle. Your five bottled
    ships are already in the puzzle, but they're in the wrong places.  Hover your
    mouse pointer over each ship to see a description - you have the Pirate Ship,
    the Battleship, the Sailboat, the Expedition Ship, and the Steam Ship. Click
    on any two ships to switch their positions in order to get them each into their
    correct scenes. The emblems at the top of each scene will clue you in to which
    ship goes where. When a ship is in its correct position, it will lock into
    place and the lantern beside it will light up. The final positions are:
             Sailboat         Expedition Ship         Pirate Ship
             Battleship                               Steam Ship
    When the puzzle is solved, the door will unlock. You can now go through this
    door and down to the dock of the Lake Garden, the portion of the Frog Prince's
    garden dedicated to the memory of the Little Mermaid.
    There's a sign swinging from a post to the right of the boat. Click on this,
    as it's another cursed object. Take the Wooden Oar from your inventory and
    click it on the little boat, then click on the boat to sail to the Little
    Mermaid's pier. Yes, that IS Felix, the mascot of Big Fish Games, there when
    you arrive! If you click on him, you'll be told, "Crown the Big Fish and the
    Path will be shown." Solve the hidden object puzzle on the right to get the 
    Royal Crown, then take it from your inventory and click it onto the Big Fish.
    This will open a secret door leading down below the pier. Go down and click 
    on the sparkly case to activate the next mini-game.
    This is another game where you have to click on red buttons to shift the panels
    of an image. This time, you need to have all of the pieces showing that can
    be assembled to form the jewel on the left. The first panel should display two
    pieces - a red gem and what resembles a tiara bearing a blue gem. The second
    panel also has two pieces; the third has four, and the fourth has just one.
    (There is only one possibility for each panel that has this many pieces.) A
    lock will appear when the puzzle is solved, and an animation will show it
    unlocking. As you return to the main scene, you'll see that the giant glass
    case behind the puzzle has opened, so click on the Large Seashell to add it to
    your inventory. Go back up the ladder.
    The words "Chapter 5" will scroll up on your screen, bringing the fourth
    chapter to an end.
    VIII.  Chapter Five
    Take the Large Seashell from your inventory and click it onto the similarly-
    shaped opening in the floor of the pier. This will open the glass box behind
    it, so go on down into the glass room. Here is the Little Mermaid herself -
    well, a stone replica - in the water beyond the glass much as she must have
    been in life, and the little room is like a museum of nautical items that
    perhaps she once treasured. Does the Frog Prince come down here to 'visit'
    her?  That's so sad.
    The one and only reason for you to be here is front and center in the scene.
    It's the Gold Coin lying inside the center glass case. This is the third and
    final emblem needed to unlock the Palace, so click on it and then make your
    way back up, back across the water, and back out to the walkway between the
    greenhouse and the Lake Garden entrance.
    Click on the door of the Palace to bring up the close-up box. From your
    inventory, take the Gold Coin, the Silver Coin, and the Shield Emblem and click
    them onto their respective slots. Enter the Palace, where a large statue of
    Princess Ivy stands at left by a tiny waterfall. Directly in front of you is
    a large red bottle on a table; this is Chemical Ink, so click on it. You have
    the option of going forward or going left down the hall beyond Princess Ivy.
    Go left, which leads into the Palace kitchen.
    The left-most plate on the table here is a cursed object, so click on it.  Take
    a look at the little frog sitting on a tray, then at the paper on the back wall
    which has instructions for creating frog potion. Leave the kitchen, then move 
    forward to the staircase with many statues. The upper right statue sparkles to 
    give you a hidden object puzzle, which you should solve to acquire the Jade 
    Time to get some more evidence. Click back twice to leave the Palace and go
    into the greenhouse, then into the laboratory. Remember that blank parchment
    that you couldn't read? Get the Chemical Ink from your inventory and click
    it on the page to reveal its secrets, then click on it. It's a map of the
    Lake Garden, with a large red X marking the pier. According to the document
    when you click on it, there is an antidote to the frog condition hidden at the
    pier - but it only works on small creatures, so it's not going to save the 
    poor cursed Frog Prince. Still, you should go get it. After you close your 
    map, leave the greenhouse and go back to the boat and sail over. Solve the new
    hidden object puzzle and receive the Frog Antidote. Before you leave, look to
    the left of the Big Fish for a seashell, which you should click because, yep, 
    it's a cursed object. You've now found half of them.
    Leave the Lake Garden and go back to the Palace, to the kitchen. Okay, little
    frog, let's try this antidote! Get the Frog Antidote from your inventory and
    click it on the little guy, who...turns into a pig?! Admit it, none of us saw
    that coming! Let's get out of here before anybody notices... 
    Head back out of the Palace and down to the boat, to sail to the pier one more
    time.  Solve the hidden object puzzle and receive the Princess Little Mermaid's
    Tiara. Next, the map recommends returning to the Cave Area and the Swan 
    Princess's house, where a new hidden object puzzle has opened up in the room
    with the marionette theater; solve it to assemble the Ivy Potion for your Plant
    Potion collection.
    It's been a while since we were in the cave where we started all this, but 
    head back there now. (Click back three times from the Swan Princess's bedroom,
    in case you've forgotten.) Yet another hidden object puzzle! This one will
    allow you to put together the Golden Apple. Return to the garden area and go
    past the queen's statue to Snow White's cottage, where earlier you placed the
    Silver Apple on the silver pedestal. Now take the Golden Apple from your
    inventory and click it onto the gold pedestal to unlock the cottage.  
    Enter the cottage, where the spirit of Princess Ivy will meet you once again.
    There's a little more to the Frog Prince's story. Snow White was the last
    princess he married, and some time after they wed, his curse changed. Now he
    remains permanently human... but any mortal being he touches is turned into a
    frog. This is the truth behind all the disappearances in the forest - the
    people who have vanished have been turned into frogs. Despondent, the prince
    exiled himself to the underground kingdom he created as a shrine to the memory
    of his five lost princesses. Time is of the essence to save not only Marie,
    but all of those who have been affected by the prince's curse.
    The words "Chapter 6" will scroll up your screen, concluding the fifth chapter.
    IX.  Chapter Six
    This chapter starts off with a hidden object puzzle that, when I first saw it,
    gave me the serious creeps.  The scene of the puzzle is the glass coffin from
    Snow White's fairy tale...and Snow White is still INSIDE it. For extra 
    disturbing points, her eyes are wide open. But look closely at the joints of
    her elbows - it's clear that this is some kind of mannequin. It's still
    creepy as heck, though. Well, the puzzle must be solved, so go ahead and 
    collect the elements needed to assemble your fourth Decorative Jar.
    Go back to the Swan Princess's house and go to her grotto, where the hidden 
    object puzzle will give you the Dancing Figure. Return to the cottage. There
    is a shelf behind the table set for the seven dwarfs; on the top shelf is a
    Mysterious Bracelet which you should take. Above and to the right of the 
    bracelet is a painting of Snow White. Click on it; there is a little red
    button in the lower left corner. Click on this to open a secret passage in
    the wall, which will take you into a room full of mirrors. Help yourself to
    the Round Mirror located at the right. (There are two round mirrors on the 
    right; you want the one that is hanging on a long rectangular mirror.)  Then, 
    click on the music box on the dresser below the mirror with the face. It's
    missing a dancing figure, which conveniently, you have. Get the Dancing Figure
    from your inventory and click it on this box to open it, then click again to
    start the mini-game.
    In this, you have to click the buttons to arrange the panels so that the blocks
    form a path leading from the blue box to the green box. The correct path takes
    a vaguely S-shaped route. I apologize; I *tried* to do an ASCII replication of
    the finished image, but it just didn't come out right. Starting from the blue
    box on the left, the correct path will connect along the bottom of the four
    panels almost all the way to the right, then rise and move to the left to the
    second panel, then rise again and connect along the top to the fourth panel,
    then dip down to meet the green box on the right. That is honestly the best
    way I can describe it to you.
    The completed puzzle will net you a new piece of evidence, a document showing
    that you can find a Stone Book which will open the library in the Palace. This
    Stone Book can be acquired by returning to the Palace and going back to the
    kitchen, where a new hidden object puzzle awaits. Take the Stone Book and exit
    the kitchen, then move forward to the room with the five statues. Click the
    Stone Book onto the statue of the scholar, which stands to the right of the
    central statue of the Frog Prince. He will shift out of the way and allow you
    to enter the library constructed in memory of Cinderella. (I guess she was
    a reader?)
    There is a globe here, which you should click because it's another cursed 
    object. Next, click on the statue that stands against the back wall, and note
    that she wears a gold bracelet on one wrist. Get the Mysterious Bracelet from
    your inventory and click it onto the statue's bare wrist to make her move and
    open a secret passage. Move forward into the new room and click on the giant
    statue of the crowned frog to solve the hidden object puzzle and get the Steel
    Dagger. Click on the portrait of a woman which is lying on the floor to the 
    left of the glass inlaid star pattern; this is the Princess Portrait and will 
    come in handy later. Also, take note of a piece of paper which is pinned to
    a column in the room with a dagger. It states that combining the Ancient Wand
    with the uncursed potion will imbue the wand with mortal power. This is surely
    important, although exactly why is yet unclear.
    Leave Cinderella's library. Back in the room with the five statues, a new
    hidden object puzzle is available; solve it and you will receive the Agate
    Goblet. It goes nicely with your Jade Goblet from earlier, doesn't it? Leave
    the Palace and go back to Snow White's cottage, where the hidden object puzzle
    lets you assemble Princess Snow White's Tiara. That makes three in your
    From the cottage, go to the shrine of the five princesses, where the sword is
    encased in glass. Take the Agate Goblet and the Jade Goblet from your 
    inventory and click them on the round openings in the pedestal in front of the
    sword. This will cause the glass to shatter.
    The words "Chapter 7" scroll up your screen, signaling the end of the sixth
    X.  Chapter Seven
    With the glass shattered, you are free to take the Prince's Display Sword. A
    new hidden object puzle is now also available on the Cinderella statue, so go
    ahead and solve it.  This one gives you the Knight's Shield.
    Go to the greenhouse and solve the hidden object puzzle to receive the Orchids
    Potion, the third addition to your Plant Potion collection. Now, return to
    the Palace and go to the room with the five statues. The central statue is, of
    course, our poor Frog Prince. Click on the base of this statue for your 
    twelfth cursed object, then take the Prince's Display Sword from your inventory
    and click it onto the statue. This will unlock the door at the top of the
    stairs, so go on up and see what's there.
    This appears to be at least part of the Frog Prince's private quarters; you can
    see the sparkling cave extend beyond your view. Click on the miniature castle
    to solve the hidden object puzzle and get the Book On Mortality.  There is a
    cabinet of sorts to the right, which you can't utilize yet, and to the right of
    that is a note hanging on the wall. Read the note, which talks about a 
    Transmutation Circle at the Princess Temple that can power any object, then go
    downstairs to Cinderella's library.
    Look at the left-side bookcase, where a book is visibly missing from its spot.
    Click on the spot (your pointer will become the magnifying glass when you have
    the right place) to bring up the close-view box. Get the Book On Mortality 
    from your inventory and click it into the vacant slot. This will cause a small
    stand to appear below the bookcase, on which you can see the Prince's Diary.
    Take it and go back up to the room at the top of the stairs, where you should 
    click the diary onto that cabinet at the right. The door with the odd green 
    buttons will shift, and an opening will appear. Examine the door, then take 
    the Steel Dagger from your inventory and click it onto the opening to unlock 
    the door.
    Enter this new room and take a look around.  There are vines everywhere, 
    obscuring two other exits and most of the portraits that hang around the upper
    walls - portraits of the five princesses, by the look of it.  There are also
    two statues, each of whom are missing something from their hands, and a
    circular indentation in the floor in front of a third door, which is locked.
    Go back to the previous room, and complete the hidden object puzzle on the
    castle to get the Shoe Closet Key. Go downstairs to the library, enter the
    room that was hidden behind the statue with the bracelets, and complete another
    hidden object puzzle to get the Glass Slipper. Also, look for the lamp on the
    left side of the room; click on this, it's another cursed object. Back in the
    library, the door above which Cinderella's portrait hangs is flanked by two 
    pillows on pedestals, one of which has a glass slipper already on it. Click 
    the Glass Slipper from your inventory onto the empty pillow to open the door 
    and enter her room.
    On the wall at the left hangs a beautiful portrait of Cinderella. There is a
    table directly below it, on which sits a green vessel. Click on this - it's
    the fourth of your six Plant Potions. The carriage is sparkling to show it
    has a hidden object puzzle inside, so complete that to get the Marble Balls;
    these will be useful toward the end of the game. Click on the other set of
    doors to bring up the close-up box, then click the Shoe Closet Key onto the
    keyhole to unlock Cindy's fabulous footwear collection, and go inside.
    As you enter, the words "Chapter 8" scroll up your screen.
    XI.  Chapter Eight
    I wish I had a closet like this. The fabled glass slipper is in the back of
    the space; click on it and you'll learn that you need to locate the other one.
    Don't worry, it's here - it's on the right side of the room, third shelf down.
    Click on it to examine, and you'll find that there's a something-or-other
    underneath. Click that to put it in your inventory; it's the Golden Switch
    Handle, and you're going to need it. Below the other glass slipper is a
    padlocked cabinet, and interestingly, clicking on the padlock lets you know
    that if you can't open it with a key, you can break it with a sharp object.
    Go back to Cinderella's main room to solve another hidden object puzzle on the
    carriage, which will put Princess Cinderella's Tiara into your collection.
    Click back twice to return to the room with the five statues, then enter the
    room at the top of the stairs. The hidden object puzzle on the little castle
    will reward you with the Stone Halberd. Go back to the five statues and click
    the Stone Halberd and the Knight Shield onto the statue of the knight, which
    will shift out of the way and grant you access to the armory. Enter this room
    and take the Sturdy Axe propped against the wall at the extreme left. This is
    your prime interest here now, but you can look around if you wish; otherwise,
    head back to Cinderella's shoe closet and click the Sturdy Axe onto the padlock
    to break open the cabinet and reveal a mini-game.
    Once again, you must click on red buttons to shuffle through panels to make a
    scene look right. The first panel should be the one containing the front half
    of a dog; the second panel, obviously, contains the back half. The third panel
    should be the one with no creatures in it at all, and the fourth panel is the
    one with a large crowd of animals. The correct solution will reveal to you
    another piece of evidence, a document showing that a secret staircase can be
    accessed through the acquisition of two portraits. You already have one in
    your inventory - the Princess Portrait - so you just need to get the other.
    Return to the armory and complete the hidden object puzzle there in order to
    receive the Prince Portrait.
    Go back to the room with the five statues, then into the room at the top of the
    stairs.  Take the Golden Switch Handle from your inventor and click it onto the
    device to the left of the door with the green buttons. Surprise - the ivy on
    the door has disappeared! Go into the room that was covered in vines and
    discover that they have also disappeared; the door that was locked earlier is
    now covered in a waterfall, and the two that were covered in vines are cleared.
    The one on the left is locked and requires a leaf-shaped emblem to unlock.
    (The five portraits around the room are also visible; apparently, the Prince
    has a preference for brunettes, since all five of the princesses have brown or
    black hair. Notably, Princess Ivy's is the central portrait.) Take the Prince
    Portrait from your inventory and click it on the left statue, and take the 
    Princess Portrait and click it on the right statue. Before heading through the
    door, click on the wall decoration in the lower right corner; it's a cursed 
    Going through the newly open door brings you to a stone staircase, about 
    halfway up. Pause here to click on the cursed object amid the ferns on the 
    left side of the stairs (it's a small fern, and the largest fern on the left is
    almost pointing at it), and then head on up. Hey! This is the cave where the
    Prince covered the doors with vines! Get the Rusty Gate Key from your 
    inventory and click it on the grate in the middle to unlock it, then click 
    through to find yourself standing outside the cottage. You're back in the 
    Vines are covering the door of the cottage, so you're not getting in there yet,
    but approach the building anyway and solve the hidden object puzzle in the 
    broken window to get the Small Hammer. Next, back up and go left of the
    cottage (your Fishing Net from earlier is still here) and solve this hidden
    object puzzle to get the Sharp Machete. Now, click back four times to return
    to the very first scene. There's a bright green leaf at the base of the tree
    on the left; click on that, it's a cursed object. Solve the hidden object
    puzzle on the right to get the last Decorative Jar for your collection.
    Move forward and then left to the tree with the Decorative Jar puzzle set into
    it.  Click on the puzzle to activate it; if you've been following the
    walkthrough, you'll have all five Decorative Jars and can solve this. Much
    like the earlier Ship in a Bottle puzzle, you must swap pairs of jars until
    they're in their proper slots, and whenever one is placed correctly, the
    lanterns in the background will light up more and more. The appearance of the 
    slots will give you clues as to where they belong, and hovering your pointer
    over each jar will tell you their names - Wind Element, Fire Element, Earth 
    Element, Water Element, and Frozen Element. The final lineup:
                      Frozen     Earth     Fire     Wind     Water
    Take the Metal Frog Plating that appears when the puzzle is solved. Head
    forward to return to the cottage. Click the Sharp Machete from your inventory
    on the vines blocking the door, then use the Cottage Key to unlock the door.
    Enter the cottage to find Marie.
    The words "Chapter 9" will scroll up on your screen, ending this chapter.
    XII.  Chapter Nine
    What a dump! There's stuff strewn everywhere! In front of you is an odd
    recess in the wall; if you click on the little podium set into it, it will ask
    for the "Conjuring Frog" and the "Trickster Frog." We'll come back to that.
    To the right of this recess are a pair of bottles on a shelf; click on these
    for your seventeenth cursed object. On the table at the right of the scene
    is a fireplace Tong, so grab that while you're here, then exit the cottage.  
    Head left to the water area and solve the hidden object puzzle to receive the 
    Joker Frog Statuette.
    Now, head back to the big stone frog, then take the right fork. Remember that
    peculiar emblem in the tree? Click on it now to take a closer look. Get the
    Marble Balls from your inventory and click them on the emblem. It will open
    a hollow in the tree with a paper deep inside, but you can't reach it with
    your bare hands; get the Tong from your inventory and click it on the paper.
    It's another piece of evidence, another blueprint, which shows that there's a
    staircase hidden behind the cottage wall. Return to the cottage, where a new
    hidden object puzzle has come available; solve it to receive the Magician Frog
    Statuette. I bet you can guess what's coming next.
    Click the Magician Frog Statuette onto the left side of the podium in the
    recess, and the Joker Frog Statuette onto the right side. This will reveal the
    hidden staircase. Run upstairs and stare in horror at the weird contraption
    containing two frogs swimming in liquid. Can this possibly be the chancellor's
    daughter and her bodyguard? There's nothing you can do right now, though,
    except to note that the machine requires some sort of oddly-shaped emblem in
    order to unlock it.  
    Head back downstairs and solve the hidden object puzzle on the sofa to receive
    the Ivy-Shaped Key, then go outside and solve the one in the broken window to
    get the Rose Potion. Only one more Plant Potion left to find. Click down and
    enter the hatch to return to the Cave Area; from the hatch, go right, then
    click on the door at the bottom of the stairs. You're back in the room with
    the two statues. Take the Ivy-Shaped Key from your inventory and click it on
    the similiarly-shaped opening on the door in the left wall to unlock it.
    Enter this new room, which is apparently a bedroom designed with Princess Ivy
    in mind. The dressing table here has a slot shaped like the Metal Frog 
    Plating you received for completing the Decorative Jar puzzle, so get it from
    the inventory and click it into place. A key will appear in the mirror; this
    is the Armory Key, so click on it to take it. That's all that needs to be done
    here, so click down twice to return to the room with the little castle.
    Click on the handle you inserted into the wall earlier; this will bring back
    all the ivy that previously disappeared. Click down to go to the room with 
    the five statues, and solve the hidden object puzzle to receive the Silver
    Fountain Emblem. Go forward twice, to again be in the room with the two
    statues, and click the Silver Fountain Emblem onto that hole in the floor.
    There's a mini-game on the door, so click it to get going.
    This is possibly the weirdest of all the mini-games in the Frog Prince's realm,
    and let's face it, that's saying something. Click on the little silver handle
    to the left of the red buttons to start the show. You will be shown an
    image of a large star with a number of smaller stars around it, and your task
    is to line up the pointer under the matching star. The top two buttons will
    move the pointer one notch to the left or right; the middle buttons will move
    it five notches to the left or right; and the bottom buttons will move it...
    well, a lot of notches. Above each pair of buttons there is a gauge with
    numbers on it. To match the first star (in the upper left corner), click on
    the top right button until its gauge is on the number 4, then do the same with 
    the middle right button. Click the bottom right button once, then click the 
    top right button three times. A Gear Handle Piece will appear at the bottom of
    the machine; click on it and move it into one of the empty slots on the left 
    side of the gizmo.
    You will then be shown the second star, in the upper right corner. Click on
    the top left button until its gauge is again on the number 4. Click the
    bottom right button five times, then click the middle left button once and
    the top left button twice. One more Gear Handle Piece will be presented; move
    this one to the left and click it on the remaining empty slot. The door will
    then open, so go into the room.
    That's a big tree. Around the roots you will find a decorative panel. Get the
    Small Hammer from your inventory and click it on the panel to break it open,
    then take the Glass Orb that appears. There is a set of doors here; click on
    them and read, "Rise to the challenge - only the worthy shall venture beyond
    this door." To the left of these is a podium with an empty oval slot. If you
    are playing the Basic Mode game, this is all you can do here.
    -=> If you are playing Hard Mode (see below), this is the room in which you
    make use of the Secret Tree Disc that you got from the room with the crowned
    frog door. Get the Secret Tree Disc from your inventory and click it on that
    empty oval slot to open the doors, and enter the concealed chamber. <=-
    Once you have finished whatever you can do here, click back to the room with
    five statues and go left to enter the armory. You can see a beam of red light
    shining down on a silver stand, and you note that it seems like something is
    missing here.  Take the Glass Orb you just acquired and click it onto the 
    stand; this will make the red beam shine on one of the shields on the suits of
    armor. Get the Square Mirror from your inventory and click it onto the slot
    on the shield to make the beam bounce up to a round frame, then take out the
    Round Mirror and click it into that frame. This will cause a keyhole to
    appear on the opposite wall. Take the Armory Key you received in Princess 
    Ivy's bedroom and click it onto this keyhole to reveal the Ancient Wand. Take
    it!  Your quest is nearing its end! Leave the armory.
    The words "Chapter 10" scroll up on your screen, ending the ninth chapter.
    XIII.  Chapter Ten
    Go right back into the armory; you had to leave it in order to trigger the
    hidden object puzzle which is now there, so solve it to receive the Freesia
    Potion, which is the last one you need for your Plant Potion collection. Also
    be sure to click on the helmet of one of the suits of armor on the left side
    of the room, which is a cursed object. It's the suit standing to the right of
    the one whose shield now bears the Square Mirror.
    Leave the armory and go into the library, then move forward into that room
    beyond the statue. Solve the hidden object puzzle to receive Princess Ivy's
    Tiara, which is the final addition to your Tiara collection. Click back three
    times to return to the hallway, where there's another cursed object; it's the
    lamp hanging in the upper left. (Princess Ivy's statue almost looks like it's
    pointing to the lamp.)  Only one more of these left to find, and boy, they've
    been helpful, haven't they? Leave the Palace and go into the greenhouse,
    then go left to enter that little courtyard area where you earlier found the
    Rusty Gate Key. Click on the cabinet to activate the Plant Potion puzzle.
    You have all six Plant Potions - Rose, Orchid, Freesia, Gorse, Gardenias, and
    Ivy. As with the previous puzzles of this sort, you need to switch pairs to
    get them into their correct slots. (There is a note pinned to the cabinet
    which explains this. It contains a small grammatical error. This bothers me.)
    You can switch them as often as you want, then click the handle at the left to 
    see if you're right. A potion which is in its correct position will have its 
    corresponding number light up. The final configuration looks like this:
                   Gardenias         Orchid         Freesia
                     Rose             Ivy            Gorse
    Pulling the handle when all six potions are in the right place will earn you
    the Uncursed Potion. You're almost done! You just need one more thing. Go
    into the garden and make your way to Snow White's cottage, where the hidden
    object puzzle will allow you to assemble the Transmutation Key.
    Now for the Tiara puzzle, return to the Princess Temple. Click on the temple's
    bell, which is your final cursed object, and then click on the frog statue.  
    You must put the five tiaras onto their proper cushions. It's fairly easy to
    guess, since the cushions have clues on them - an apple for Snow White, a
    seashell for the Little Mermaid, and so on. The buttons will light up when
    the tiaras are placed correctly. Switch them in pairs, like the other puzzles.
    The solution looks like this:
             Princess Snow White                    Swan Lake Princess
            Princess Little Mermaid               Princess Cinderella
                                    Princess Ivy
    Correctly solving this puzzle will cause the transmutation circle to rise up
    in front of the frog statue. Take the Transmutation Key from your inventory
    and click it onto this device. Next, take the Ancient Wand and click that
    into the center, then click the Uncursed Potion onto the wand. You have now
    created the Immortal Wand.
    The Frog Prince will appear, threatening you. Princess Ivy then joins him,
    calling him by his true name - James - and saying that she has been with him
    all along. He immediately changes his aspect, explaining to both her and you
    that all he wants is to be reunited with her. You are his only hope for this.
    When the cutscene ends, you will have the Immortal Wand in your inventory.
    Take it out and click it onto Prince James to end his suffering. If you find
    this to be incredibly sad, you're not alone.
    Prince James is now a ghost, like Princess Ivy. They give you the Prince's 
    Locket and tell you that all the frogs have been returned to human form, but
    you must hurry back to the cottage to save Marie and her bodyguard - who, you
    may recall, are floating in vats of liquid and likely to drown if you don't
    get there quickly! While the reunited couple drift off to spend eternity 
    together, you need to hightail it back to the cottage. You can go through the
    caves or through the ivy room in the Palace, whichever you prefer; they both
    take about the same amount of time.
    Sure enough, Marie and the bodyguard are human again, and need to be let out
    of their glass prisons. Take the Prince's Locket from your inventory and
    click it onto the oddly shaped slot on the mechanism to trigger the final
    puzzle. You need to click on the four red buttons to make the pieces rotate.
    Three pieces are yellow, three are red, three are blue. Three are circles,
    three are squares, three are kind of snowflake-shaped. The idea is to put
    each piece at the intersection of its color and its design. The buttons are
    between them, and the final arrangement should be like this:
                              Yellow Circle
                  Blue Circle | Button A | Yellow Square
        Red Circle | Button B | Blue Square | Button C | Yellow Snowflake
                   Red Square | Button D | Blue Snowflake
                              Red Snowflake
    To achieve this from the original settings, don't click Button A at all.
    Click this exact sequence:  B, B, C, B, D, B, B, C, D, D, B, B, D, D, D.
    Marie and her bodyguard are free! She has some information for you, though,
    which will give you an idea about the fairy tale detective's next case. It
    seems that Princess Snow White will be returning in the third Dark Parable.  
    In any case, the game is over! Well done!  
    Watch the credits if you'd like to see a montage of images of Prince James 
    and his five royal brides.
    XIV.  Hard Mode
    Completing Basic Mode of the game will unlock "Hard Mode." Remember the
    door in the Cave Area which had the frog emblem that was missing a crown? You
    will receive that missing crown when you complete the regular mode, which will
    allow you to then unlock that door.
    The Hard Mode game follows the exact same storyline as the Basic Mode game.
    However, you will no longer have the option of using hints; where your hint 
    button was located in the first game, there is now a padlock with the words 
    "Hard Mode" written on it. You also no longer have the option of skipping 
    puzzles. Hard Mode also has no cursed objects to find, which makes sense 
    since they serve no purpose without the hint button.  (This is a change from 
    the first game, when cursed objects could still be found on hard mode.)
    As the game opens, the crown piece will appear in your inventory. Proceed
    through the game as you did before, and when you are in the Cave Area and are
    able to access the place where the frog door is, go to it and click on the
    door. Take the crown piece from your inventory and place it into the empty
    spot. Have a look around the room you have just unlocked, and be sure to take
    the Secret Tree Disc you'll see in the lower right corner of your screen.
    This room is the final resting place of Prince James's beloved Princess Ivy.
    Note the plaque on her tomb - it mentions the sisterly connection between
    Ivy and Briar Rose (from the first game). "Release the spirit of one and you
    shall free the other."  
    Beyond the tomb you will notice a wall of ice. If you are playing only the
    regular edition of the game, you can do nothing with it. However, if you
    are playing the collector's edition, the wall of ice is connected to the
    bonus material which you can unlock. See the section on Bonus Material, 
    below, for more details about that.
    Return to the main Cave Area and continue as outlined in this walkthrough.
    The Secret Tree Disc won't be useful until much later in the game, when you
    enter the room in the Palace with the giant tree. (I've made a notation in 
    that section of the walkthrough.) There's a door beyond the tree that you 
    should recall you weren't able to open in the regular game. Put the Secret 
    Tree Disc into the similarly-shaped opening to the left of the door to unlock
    it, and enter the hidden portrait hall. Click on the ghost you find standing
    there, who will promptly disappear; hmm. Click on each of the portraits to 
    see them up close, and on the plaques beneath them to read Prince James's 
    thoughts on each of his brides. The guy clearly loved each one of them, 
    although as we've already had occasion to note, Princess Ivy was his first 
    and greatest love.
    That's it; you can leave the room when you're ready, there are no objects or 
    puzzles to be found here.
    A profile which has completed Basic Mode will automatically start on Hard 
    Mode when a new game is begun by clicking Play. If you want to start a new
    game on Basic Mode, just create a new profile by clicking the Players
    XV.  Bonus Material
    Like with the Hard Mode game, you must first complete the game on Basic Mode in
    order to unlock the bonus material. Remember, this is only available in the
    collector's edition of the game. On the main menu, select the "Bonus" option
    to bring up the Frozen Lair bonus game. Observe that above this new game is
    an image of Snow White, with a snowflake underneath her. Below the game are
    padlocked icons that prevent you from accessing wallpaper, music, bonus
    puzzles, and more.
    Please note that the Frozen Lair bonus game is a preview for the third game in
    the series, and thus is a bit on the spoilery side. You've been warned!
    Click on the Play button to begin.  You will find yourself in the room which,
    in Hard Mode, can be found behind the door in the caverns with the emblem of
    the crowned frog. (See the Hard Mode section if you don't know what I mean.)
    This is the tomb of Princess Ivy, which you're welcome to examine as in Hard 
    Mode. Behind her silvery resting place is a door covered by a wall of ice.
    Click on this ice wall, and the spirit of Prince James will come to you. He 
    will use his power to shatter the ice, adding that beyond the door you will 
    find clues pertaining to your next investigation (in other words, the third
    Dark Parables game). Once the ice is removed, the door will open, so go on in.
    You find yourself in a room with two doors. The door at your right is heavy
    and wooden and locked; the door on the far side of the room has a lock encased
    in yet more ice. At the center of the scene is a statue of Prince James and
    Princess Snow White. There is a chain at the base of this statue, so click to 
    take that. Note that above the statue is a key dangling from the chandelier, 
    but it's too high for you to reach.
    There are two sparkling puzzle areas here. The flowers to the right of the
    locked wooden door has a hidden object puzzle, which will give you the
    Sewing Kit. Click on the statue of the young royals to open a puzzle in which
    you must select the correct animal based on the central image. Correct guesses
    cause blue lights to appear on the puzzle, but one wrong selection and the 
    lights will all turn red, forcing you to start from the beginning. A few of 
    the images can actually work for more than one animal; for instance, the 
    rolling waves will allow you to select either the fish or the crab. However,
    since each animal can only be used once, selecting the wrong one will lead to 
    an error down the line. Here are the correct choices:
            Crescent moon - select the owl
            Desert - select the prairie dog
            Clouds - select the flying bird
            Cave - select the bat
            Rolling waves - select the fish
            Seashell - select the crab
            Spider web - select the spider
            Tree - select the monkey
    Once all the blue lights are lit up, a drawer will open and you can take the
    Brass Key. This will unlock the locked wooden door, so take the key from your
    inventory and click it on the door, then move forward.
    You find yourself in a hallway filled with statuary and other oddities. On
    the left is a beautiful painting of Prince James and Princess Snow White, 
    which you note is very well preserved. There is another painting on the right,
    but it's covered in ice at present. Click on the Metallic Statue Arm lying
    on the floor to add it to your inventory, and note when clicking on the clock
    that the room is so cold, it's like time itself is frozen. Now, click on the
    sparkling painting to activate a puzzle. You need to position four images
    in the correct spots in order to open the box panel. There is a clue in the
    picture of a knight, which is in the lower left corner of the scene, 
    indicating that the knight belongs with the Roman numeral I. Click on the
    circles to cycle through the images; the final configuration should look
    like this:
                       Soldier        Queen
                       Princess       Bearded Guy
    Once the pictures are in the correct places, this portion of the puzzle will
    slide upward out of sight, revealing the second half. You have a complex
    pattern of symbols and colors; what to do? On the right side of the puzzle
    is a red book labeled "Manual"; click on this to reveal a schematic of what
    the final image should be. However, the image is rotated, making it that
    much trickier. Click on the various circles to cycle through the different
    symbols and colors until they're laid out according to the schematic.  For
    all this trouble, all you get is to reveal a mechanism which is missing
    some components; we'll come back to that later.
    Click back to return to the room with the prince and princess statue, where
    the vase of flowers is sparkling. Solve the hidden object puzzle in order
    to receive the Chisel and Hammer. Click on the door on the far side.  Take 
    the Chisel and Hammer from your inventory and click it onto the ice to shatter
    it, then go through the door.
    You are now in what appears to be a small cemetery; curious, considering this
    is all part of the Frog Prince's underground lair. The tombstone just in
    front of you bears the simple inscription 'Queen,' prompting you to muse that
    perhaps it belongs to Snow White's mother. A 'fragile urn' sits beside it.
    Get the Metallic Statue Arm from your inventory and click it onto this urn
    to smash it, and take the Painted Fabric which is revealed.
    There is what may be a mausoleum at the end of the path, but its door is
    missing a square emblem. For now, turn your attention to the sparkling area
    on the little body of water at the left.  Solve the hidden object puzzle to
    receive the Portrait Nameplate. Also, click on the obelisk in the center
    of the scene, near the mausoleum, to wonder about how you might activate the
    portal.  Click back to go back inside, and then go forward through the door
    that leads to the hallway.
    Take the Portrait Nameplate from the inventory and click it into the opening
    underneath the painting which is obscured by ice. The ice instantly vanishes,
    and the image left behind is very strange. Click on it to realize that a
    piece is missing; take the Painted Fabric from your inventory and click it
    onto the painting. Still no good, though, so now take the Sewing Kit out and
    click that onto the painting to repair it. Now you can see that it's an older
    woman, holding an apple and attended by a skeleton.
    More important for the moment, the nameplate below the painting has moved to
    open a hidden cubicle. There's a gear with a handle attached, which you should
    take, and a document you can examine. You will observe that you can only read
    the title of the document - "Details pertinent to the death of the Godmother."
    Also, look at the signature; it looks like it says "Snow Queen." Make no 
    mistake, detective, this mystery could be your strangest yet.
    On the other side of the hall is that mechanism that was revealed when you 
    solved the puzzle with the pictures, so click on that now. It's missing a
    chain and a gear; you have both such things in your inventory, so get them out
    and click them onto the mechanism. Click on the handle, and although you don't
    see it move, you'll hear the sound of something happening.
    Click back to return to the previous room. The chandelier has fallen and
    crashed to the floor! Well, at least now you can get that key we saw earlier,
    so go ahead and take it from the wreckage. It's a Bedroom Key. Solve the
    hidden object puzzle on the flower vase to also receive the Diary Key.  Once
    you have both keys, move forward into the hallway again, and click the Bedroom
    Key onto the locked doors at the far end. Go forward.
    The first thing that catches your eye is a beautiful portrait of Snow White;
    click on it for a close-up view. Note the strange jewel at her throat. Click
    on this to add it to your inventory, where it's identified as a Right Gemmed
    Snowflake.  On the left side of the room is a dressing table with a box, and
    you'll see that the box is missing a heart-shaped gem. Next, solve the hidden
    object puzzle on the bed to receive the Left Gemmed Snowflake.
    Once the view returns to the main room, look at the floor, where the moonlight
    is casting a snowflake-shaped shadow. Something belongs there, but you don't
    have that something just yet. Click on the canopy of the bed for another
    observation regarding the cold. For now, click back twice to return to the
    first room, then click the left doors to go outside.
    Solve the hidden object puzzle to receive the Square Emblem, which you'll 
    recall is needed on the door of the building at the end of the path. Click on 
    that door and then click the Square Emblem into place, but it still has a 
    snowflake cutout in its center, so add your Left Gemmed Snowflake and Right 
    Gemmed Snowflake to finish the picture. The door will open to reveal the Metal
    Stand with Snowflake Symbol; take it. This triggers another hidden object
    puzzle on the water, so go ahead and click on that to put together the Heart
    Locket.  I bet you can figure out where this goes.
    Click back to go inside, then forward to the hallway and forward again to the
    bedroom. Turn your attention to the hidden object scene on the bed, and 
    assemble the Crucible Tongs. You'll need these in a minute.
    Click on the dressing table to bring up a close-up of the box, and
    click the Heart Locket onto the heart-shaped opening. The box will open to
    reveal Snow White's diary, so get the Diary Key out of your inventory and
    click it onto the lock. The diary opens and you find what seems to be a shard
    of glass, which freezes your glove at the merest touch, and a letter from
    Snow White to Prince James. It seems that James didn't bury his fifth 
    wife - she actually lived here with him, in this underground kingdom he
    built, but eventually left him. But the letter doesn't say why.
    You need that shard of glass, so get the Crucible Tongs from the inventory
    and click them onto the shard to take it. You now have the Cursed Mirror
    Shard. Next, take the Metal Stand with Snowflake Symbol and click it into
    place on the snowflake shadow cast by the moon, and add to it the Cursed
    Mirror Shard. Light will now be reflected onto Snow White's portrait.
    Oh. Oh, my. Snow White isn't... just Snow White.
    Click on Snow White's altered appearance, and a panel at the lower left
    corner of her portrait will open to reveal a scroll. Take that; it's a
    Snowfall Kingdom Map. Instantly, ice will frame out the portrait, and you'll
    just manage to avoid being hit by fragments of ice. There's a new hidden
    object puzzle on the bed now, so solve that to receive the Golden Compass.
    (Notice that there's now ice on the bed. Maybe it's me, but I thought that
    made the puzzle more difficult to solve!) You're done in this room now, so
    click back to return to the hallway.
    Strange - the ice has returned to that painting of the old woman and the
    skeleton. Stranger still, there's a large quantity of ice underneath the
    painting, and if you click on it, you'll note that there's something stuck
    inside. Click down again to return to the first room, and solve the hidden
    object puzzle to get the Sharp Pickaxe. From there, go outside, and you'll
    find another hidden object scene which will give you a Burning Torch.
    Return to the hallway and click the Burning Torch on the ice underneath the
    painting.  Take the Magic Wand which is revealed. Go outside again, and
    observe the portal; click the Magic Wand onto this odd vortex. To the
    immediate left of the portal, you will notice a pedestal encased in ice.
    Click the Sharp Pickaxe onto this to break the ice, then click the Golden
    Compass onto the top of the pedestal.  A castle appears inside the portal.
    Hover your mouse over the portal, and it becomes a forward arrow. Click to
    find that you have been transported to the Snowfall Kingdom...there to 
    learn the truth about what became of Snow White, and why this realm of
    endless winter is threatening to overtake the world!
    Congratulations! You've now unlocked all the bonus content, so from the
    main menu you can click the "Bonus" tab to see all those fun things that
    were padlocked at the start of the bonus game.
    XV.  Questions and Answers
    Q:  I can't find all of the pieces in this hidden objects puzzle.
    A:  Unfortunately, it's really difficult to provide clues for those puzzles in
    text format.  What I can tell you is that the location of each fragment in
    each specific puzzle is the same every time you play. So if you play through
    on regular mode, use hints as needed to find the really tricky pieces, then
    try to remember their locations when you play hard mode. Some of the pieces
    are very obvious, while others are better blended into the scenery. Many of
    them, though, stand out just slightly, almost as if they have a colored border
    or something. I also found that moving the angle of my laptop monitor helped
    me to spot a couple of them, so if you can slightly change the angle at which
    you're viewing the scene, that might help you too. If you're playing the
    collector's edition, don't be afraid to make use of the in-game strategy guide,
    which will show you exactly where everything is hidden.
    Q:  So why was the prince turning all those people into frogs?
    A:  As Ivy explained, after his marriage to Snow White, James's curse changed.
    This is because Snow White didn't die, but rather walked out on the marriage;
    since she was still alive, he didn't return to frog form, but his misery
    somehow managed to alter the curse and cause him to transfer the frog form
    to anyone he touched. Poor James went a wee bit mad here for a while, and
    started performing experiments on those frogs, because he was trying to
    figure out how to die.  
    Q:  Do I have to do all these things in this order?
    A:  This game is fairly linear. It gives you some leeway about a few details,
    but many of the events have to happen in this order because they trigger the
    next sequence. The way I've described them in this walkthrough is the way I
    have found involves the least amount of backtracking.
    Q:  What's with the ghostly figure in the mirror at Snow White's cottage, the
    one who "seems to be trying to tell me something"?
    A:  Let's just say... there's another mirror in the world, one which is
     trying to give you a warning. You'll meet it in the fourth game.
    Q:  Who is the ghost in the secret room you can unlock on Hard Mode? And why
    are the portrait and plaque of Snow White frozen? And how come the detective 
    notes that there's "a sadness" present in her cottage that isn't found in the 
    other princesses' special areas?
    A:  This gets explained by the third game. I could tell you, but...wouldn't
    you rather find out for yourself?
    Q: What do I do about the wall of ice in Princess Ivy's tomb on Hard Mode?
    A: In the regular version of the game, you can't do anything. If you get the
    collector's edition of this game, that ice wall is related to the unlockable
    bonus content, so you'll find the answer in the section above this one.
    -=> These last few questions contain SPOILERS for the next Dark Parables <=-
        game, "Rise of the Snow Queen," and other games in the series. 
        If you would rather remain unspoiled, please skip past these questions. 
    Q:  In the bonus chapter, what were those "Details pertinent to the death of
    the Godmother"?
    A:  I have two theories about this, neither of which gets any sort of
    official confirmation at any time. But either one could be plausible.
    One is that this was actually a typo in the game. Those details were 
    related to the death of Snow White's *stepmother* - not a godmother. The
    reason I say this is because in the seventh game, "Ballad of Rapunzel," 
    there is a side story which explains that James and Snow White met because 
    he saved her (and her twin brother, whom you also meet in that game) from 
    their stepmother, who was going to have them executed. James and Snow would 
    naturally want to keep tabs on her fate. 
    The other possibility, which is simpler, is that the Godmother in question
    is the Evil Godmother of the previous game, and this message was sent to 
    James to alert him to the fact that his sister-in-law, Briar Rose, was
    rescued from the castle and is now in the world again. As he knew Ivy was
    deeply attached to her sister, I imagine that if this is the case, it must
    have given him some consolation.
    Q:  What became of the rest of Prince James's wives?
    A:  In between Ivy, who was his first wife, and Snow White, who was his fifth,
    James was married to Cinderella, the Little Mermaid, and the princess from
    Swan Lake. In what order those marriages occurred is unclear, but as far as
    the series has established thus far, the three all died of natural causes. 
    In the fifth game, "The Final Cinderella," we learn that his wife who was 
    known as Cinderella was actually named Agnes. The eighth game, "The Little
    Mermaid and the Purple Tide," tells us that the mermaid he married was 
    named Naida, and she was not *the* Little Mermaid; that was her sister, 
    Calliope. As of late 2015, the developers are working on the eleventh game
    in the series, which is expected to tell us more about the Swan Lake princess.
    Q:  Where is the Snowfall Kingdom?
    A:  Beginning with the third game, all of the Dark Parables take place at
    least part of the time in fictional countries. Only "Curse of Briar Rose,"
    which is in Scotland, and this game, which is in Germany, are located
    exclusively in our world. The Snowfall Kingdom is the first fictional realm
    to which we're introduced.
    Q:  Why was James able to grow vines at will? And how come he's still alive?
    A:  That actually doesn't get cleared up until the seventh game, "Ballad of
    Rapunzel." It does get explained, however. Short answer to tide you over?
    It's all because of Princess Ivy.
    XVI.  Special Thanks
    ~ To everyone at Blue Tea Games who made this awesome game series (and this
    one in particular - it's my all-time undisputed favorite hidden object game)
    ~ To the always-excellent GameFAQs crew
    ~ To the folks at Big Fish Games, who made my discovery of the Dark Parables 
    ~ To the good people at http://www.network-science.de/ascii, who provided the 
    code that allowed me to do that fancy header up top (the font is called 
    Tombstone, if you want to know)
    ~ To the staff at TV Tropes (http://tvtropes.org), where I've posted a page
    full of information about the Dark Parables
    ~ To whoever established a Dark Parables wiki (http://dark-parables.wikia.com)
    ~ To Kevin, my own "frog prince"
    ~ And to you, for reading this!
    If you can provide better answers to any of the questions listed above, if
    you have questions of your own, or if you want to correct an error I've made,
    please contact me at laurakay76@gmail.com.  (Please do NOT contact me to
    inquire if you may host my walkthrough on your site.  Permission to host this
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    I hope this walkthrough has been helpful to you!
    Not your usual fairy tale princess,

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