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"When in Rome..."

Introduction-It’s time to run a Roman province. This isn’t something your boss or parents would even think of saying but it is what Caesar tells you in Caesar 3. You’re just a villager pursuing a career as a governor in the beginning of this game but many challenges await you. If you accomplish your roles as governor of the many cities/provinces that await you and climb up the political ladder you may just reach that top spot.

Gameplay- Caesar 3 is a far better game than Caesar 2 could have even dreamed of being. You build houses and watch people move in, you get them food, entertainment, security and many other things. Collect taxes from your citizens to get them more and maybe even build yourself a luxurious villa/palace.
Raise an army to protect your citizens from Rome’s barbaric enemies and trade with other cities. Turn raw materials into useful goods and during all this pay tribute to Caesar. Should I say more or do you understand that the Gameplay is fantastic. Too bad there is no naval combat or the ability to attack an enemy village.

Graphics-Beautifully designed maps and buildings await you in Caesar 3. For being a city building game these graphics are just amazing. People walk around your village performing their daily duties in a very realistic way. When you watch the opening clip about some of Rome’s history or open a very important letter; amazing movie graphics await you. There are some very small problems but overall the graphics are great.

Sound-Caesar 3 has great background music while you govern your province/city. Realistic sounds come from the building and inhabitants. If you click on a person, they will tell you how they feel the city is being run and the voices of the people have fit in very well.

Control-You use the mouse buttons to control almost everything in your empire and there’s a lot of things to control. You decide the tax level, location of buildings and roads, trade, formation of soldiers, which goods should be delivered where, festivals and other things. You can check the risk of fire, crime, danger of collapse and other things by simply changing the overlays. You can rotate the map to suit your taste and look at a map of the empire for trade and military reasons. It’s too bad you can’t pick routes for people but besides that the control is marvelous.

Difficulty-Climbing up the political ladder, running your province/city well and defeating the enemies of Rome is no easy task. Finishing a real assignment will take you really long and it will require a lot of effort. In some assignments the enemies will be really tuff and the goals you must achieve will seem out of reach. This game is really hard to finish.

Replay Value-Because you run a province and watch it grow, you’ll want to play this game again after you complete it. You chose one of two provinces to govern each time you get a new assignment and so next time you play you could choose different provinces. If you want you can go to the city construction kit and just concentrate on building a city and protecting your province. Great Replay Value!

Overall-Caesar 3 is a great game that you should look into. Rome has never before been this interesting and fun to a video game player.

Replay Value-8.5

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/09/02, Updated 04/18/03

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