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    FAQ/Walkthrough by miyuandfay

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     _____   __   __   ___
    |_   _| |  | |  | |  _|
      | |   |  |_|  | | |_
      | |   |   _   | |  _|
      | |   |  | |  | | |_
      |_|   |__| |__| |___|
    	 ____   _____   ___     _   ___    _____   ___     _    ____
      	|    \ |_   _| |   \   | | | _ \  |_   _| |   \   | |  / ___\
    	| [] / 	 | |   | |\ \  | | | |\ \   | |   | |\ \  | | | /  ___
    	|   |    | |   | | \ \ | | | | | |  | |   | | \ \ | | | | |_ _|
    	| [] \  _| |_  | |  \ \| | | |/ /  _| |_  | |  \ \| | |  \_/ /
      	|____/ |_____| |_|   \___| |___/  |_____| |_|   \___|  \____/
       _ _   _   _
    | / / \ / \ /
    | \ |_| |_| |
    |_/ | | | | \_
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    Copywright: Edmund McMillen, 2011
    Walkthrough/FAQ Written By: Alex Forman
    Email: weareformans@hotmail.com
    version 1.0
    __<3__TABLE OF CONTENTS__<3__
    1) Intro
    2) Controls
    3) Basic Walkthrough
    --3a) The Basement
    --3b) The Caves
    --3c) The Depths
    --3d) Chapter 4
    --3e) Chapter 5
    4) Character List
    5) Enemy List
    6) Boss List
    7) Room List
    8) Dungeon Features
    9) Items List
    10) Achievements and Unlockables
    11) Sample playthrough
    INTRODUCTION                   |
    The Binding of Isaac is action/shooter dungeon crawler heavily influenced by
    Legend of Zelda with roughe elements and pretty much everything you've ever
    wanted in this style of game. Since The Binding of Isaac is heavily randomized,
    it will be impossible to predict what you'll see or receive at any time in the
    game, but I'll be doing my best to make navigating the unknown as easy as
    A HUGE thanks to all the people at the Binding of Isaac wiki for providing
    access to information that would have taken so much more to find.
    The story of the Binding of Isaac is simple yet devious.
    Isaac lives at home with his mother in a small house atop a small hill. Isaac's
    mother spends her time obsessing in religious broadcast television paying
    little or no mind to Isaac.
    One day, Isaac's mother hears the voice of God. God informs her that Isaac has
    become corrupted by sin and must be cleansed.
    Isaac's mother takes from him all of his personal possessions; his toys, his
    drawings, his clothes; and locks Isaac in his room.
    But the voice of God is not satisfied, he requires a sacrifice of Isaac for his
    mother to prove her devotion.
    Determined not to fail God, Isaac's mother grabs a butchers knife and prepares
    to kill her son.
    Seeing his immenant doom approaching, Isaac searches desperately for a means of
    Finding a trapdoor leading into the basement beneath the rug, Isaac plunges
    into the depths just before his mother bursts through the door.
    Cold and alone, Isaac's only choice is to delve deeper into the darkness,
    facing his fears and insecurities and, ultimately, his mother.
    CONTROLS                       |
    The Binding of Isaac utilizes the keyboard (or dual stick analog controllers if
    you have one) in order to play. Alternate mouse/keyboard controls are also
    \_\_\_\|  Basic Movement - Up, Down, Left and Right. Navigate the rooms to
    your heart's content
    \_\_\_\| Attack - Sends a single tear flying in the chosen cardinal direction.
    Hold for rapid fire (see "Tears" section of stats). The trajectory of your
    tears adhere to Newton's laws, so tears will retain any velocity you had at the
    time of firing; that is to say moving to the west while firing north will cause
    the tear to move on a north-west trajectory; moving and firing in opposite
    directions will slow tears and reduce range; moving and firing in the same
    direction will speed up tears and increase range.
    \______\| Use Item - If you possess an activatable item, pressing space will
    activate it. See activated items.
     _         _____
    |E|\      |SHIFT|\
    \_\| OR  \______\| Drops a bomb at the player's feet if you have one. See
    items for more info on bombs.
    \_\| Use Card/Pill - If you are currently carrying a Tarot Card or a Pill of
    any kind, this will consume that item and produce an effect. See items for more
    information on Tarot Cards and Pills.
    SAVING - The Binding of Isaac DOES NOT have normal saving like some games. If
    you die, it's game over and you'll have to try again, however the game DOES
    have an autosave feature that tracks stats (such as items found/discovered and
    achievements unlocked). Never quit the Binding of Isaac through any method
    other than the "Exit Game" option on the main menu or you may lose some
    BASIC WALKTHROUGH              |
    Quick tip - If you see this, there is some general strategy or helpful info
    provided. Even if you aren't planning on reading its particular section of the
    walkthrough, take the time to read these as they often apply to later floors as
    Welcome to the basement, you've officially descended into what will either be
    your salvation or your death depending on how your luck and skills pan out.
    You will automatically start in an empty room with the game's controls
    conveniently scrawled on the floor before you. Assuming this is your first
    playthrough you should take note of you current HP and any bombs or cash you
    may be starting with (depends on character).
    Working under the assumption that you're playing with Isaac, you should have a
    bomb to start with. DONT WASTE IT NOW.
    Bombs and keys can be dropped, bought and found in chests. You occasionally
    start with one if your character includes it. In early levels you can go whole
    floors without finding ANY of either so use them wisely.
    A word from the wise - This game is randomized quite a bit, the room layouts
    and types will vary and the enemies and bosses spawning will as well. Nothing I
    can do will tell you what will be in your dungeon besides what is not
    randomized so from here on out it's strategy and assumption.
    From this room there may be doors extending out into one to four other
    Take a quick note of your HUD and menu options, get a handle on the shooting
    controls and limber up. The more ready you are for the next room, the less
    likely you'll get hurt. Don't get hurt.
    On this floor, enemies will be relatively easy, ranging from flies that follow
    you (red), flies that just buzz around (black), hopping corpses (minus a head
    O_O), floating heads (minus a body o_o), zombies (sometimes without eyes x_x)
    and all manner of horrible things which you can read about in the bestiary
    later... or now if you want to skip ahead.
    Rooms on this floor are typically the most basic types. From this point on
    until any level past the depths 2, every floor will ALWAYS have the following
    (including floor 1)
    -A Treasure room (always locked except for basement 1)
    -A Shop (always locked)
    -A boss room (never locked)
    -A "Secret" room (not on the map, blocked by a breakable wall that can be
    opened with a bomb)
    Floor 1 treasure rooms are never locked
    Familiarize yourself with pills and Tarot cards if you'd like, otherwise use
    this guide as a reference.
    Rooms on the Basement 1 will typically contain either enemies, items, chests or
    a combination thereof.
    Any room with enemies will lock upon entry, after clearing, the room will
    unlock and an item or chest MAY spawn in the center of the room.
    Enemies on this floor will typically be pushovers with minimal AI. Some enemies
    will not deal touch damage, though most of these enemies will spawn flies on
    being killed, so expect the unexpected.
    Explore the level as you can, leaving behind any items or chests that cannot be
    reached without a key or bomb. Make your way to the treasure room, which will
    have a golden crown on the map and a golden door on the screen. This room will
    almost ALWAYS be your first destination on EVERY floor from here on out and you
    should ALWAYS keep a key on hand for future treasure rooms.
    This floor will typically have about 10 rooms to explore.
    A quick monster guide to the basement:
    -Flies (in all varieties)
    -Clot (not to be confused with Clotty) AKA Mini-Gish
    A Treasure room ALWAYS contains a free treasure which is either a Passive,
    Activated, or Familiar/Orbital (See items)
    Speaking of keys...
    If you find a key it has 3 primary uses:
    Open Shops
    Open golden chests
    Open keystones
    On floor one only the first is a guarantee and with little or no cash it's not
    Shops contain anything from hearts to treasures. Every item has a default price
    and a sale price (which is approximately 50% off). As to which price an item
    takes is random, but the base price for item types is static. If keys are
    scarce, keep this in mind: A treasure in a shop will cost 15 coins, 7 if it's
    on sale, so unless you are crossing your fingers for something else, entering a
    shop with any less is usually a waste unless you are looking for Greed (see
    This floor may also contain a mini-boss which will be announced by a fanfare
    and sudden change in music. Mini-bosses are usually one of the Seven Deadly
    Sins (see below) and should not be taken lightly early in the game. If you
    encounter one, feel free to pause, run to this guide and be prepared to fight.
    It helps to know a boss' moves and attacks.
    Explore your current floor to its fullest, keeping in mind that somewhere a
    secret room is hidden, though the likelihood of finding it is generally rather
    slim at this point and may not always be worth the effort.
    When you're ready, head on over to the boss room and see who the game sends
    your way. Your first fight will most likely be with Monstro who can take a
    beating but is easy to dodge.
    Other possible bosses include Gemini, Larry Jr. and the Duke of Flies.
    On a very rare occasion you might face the Fallen instead... if this happens
    you should cross your fingers and steel yourself as he is of a much higher
    difficulty level. On the bright side, if you do manage to defeat him the reward
    is often well worth it!
    After finishing off a boss you will always be rewarded with a treasure and a
    trapdoor will appear in the room. At random, a second door will appear with a
    gargoyle over it, this is the Devil's room. Consider entering if it appears,
    but be sure to read the rooms section first!
    Your second treasure (from the boss) will more than likely be a health or stat
    boosting item. Claim your reward and delve deeper into the basement.
    Before you leave, should you have any bombs or keys left, consider visiting the
    shop, shearching for the secret room or obtaining any locked chests/blocked
    items. Your minimap will conveniently list any left-behind items and chests, so
    feel free to manage your inventory at this point.
    Dark-tinted rocks (blue-ish in shade) are not there for looks, they are
    guaranteed to contain a random item (often soul hearts) when blown away by a
    From here things only get harder!
    After floor 1, all treasure rooms will be LOCKED, so keep a key handy to open it
    Floor 2 will typically offer more of the same as floor 1 with some added
    difficulty, size, and slightly more to see than before. Just take this floor
    one room at a time keeping on the defensive, no use wasting HP.
    In the event of you receiving 2 activated items (one from the first floor,
    another on the second), now would be a good time to fully understand what each
    one does. Prepare to leave one behind but feel free to use up the second one
    before you part with it for good.
    This floor will typically have about 13 rooms to explore.
    At this point you may encounter a room with bars. This is the arena. See the
    rooms section!
    As was the case in the previous floor, explore and grab your treasure if you
    can. Keep safe and take on the boss at your leisure. Get a hold of the flow of
    the game and work on hit and run tactics with any enemies that can spit blood
    at you.
    Your second boss fight will likely be either Monstro (if you did not kill him
    previously), Gemini, the Duke of Flies or Larry Jr.
    Claim the second boss' treasure and dive into the next section, the caves!
    From here on in you may encounter Pits, Spikes and Explosive Barrels. See
    dungeon features for more information.
    The caves are larger and more dangerous than the Basement, introducing more
    enemies, bigger floors (resulting in a greater variety of rooms), stronger
    bosses and harder to reach items.
    In addition to the previous enemies you may also now encounter:
    -Boom Fly
    -Knight (rare)
    -Leaper (also rare)
    -Mr. Maw (also rare)
    As with the Basement, prepare to play defensively and conserve your hearts.
    The list of possible bosses for the Caves typically includes Peep, Chub,
    Fistula or Gurdy. For the most part, none of them are that difficult if handled
    Keep hunting down those treasures and start considering store purchases as you
    will likely have plenty of money to spend at this point.
    Need more HP? If you encounter a blood bank/blood donation machine (see
    rooms/dungeon features) consider donating some HP for cash. If you're lucky you
    can score a Blood Bag which will boost your max HP.
    You may from this point forward encounter weakened bosses randomly instead of
    normal enemies!
    Keep safe, fight well and the basements should breeze by.
    If you've made it this far, you've either gotten lucky with the right treasure
    combinations or have gotten the hang of the game. The Depths will offer more of
    what the caves gave you plus more enemies than before including:
    -Mr. Maw
    -Leech (rare)
    Additionally, previous bosses may appear normally instead of enemies, including:
    -Fistula (multiple parts but never the whole)
    -Blastocyst (occasionally the smallest parts)
    -Larry Jr.
    In addition to all the dangers of the previous floors, the Depths may also
    include Statues which will spit blood at the player until the room is
    completed. These CANNOT be moved or destroyed AT ALL.
    Door blocks will now occasionally appear, blocking access to chests or features.
    Your first floor boss here will either be Loki, Monstro II or a previous boss
    at a higher difficulty level.
    As you progress, hearts and healing items will become rarer, treasure chest
    contents will be less useful, enemies will be stronger and often the random
    elements of the game will flat out start trying to kill you. Be conservative at
    this point, it doesn't hurt to be overprepared.
    The final level of the Depths will mark the closure of your first adventure.
    This floor will contain your last shop and treasure room, so be sure to visit
    both. If you have money to spend, buy what treasures you can. Prepare for the
    boss and ensure you've done everything you need BEFORE entering the boss room
    (especially if this is NOT your first play through) as after finishing this
    boss you will NOT be allowed to re-enter the depths.
    *********POSSIBLE SPOILERS BELOW*****************
    The boss here is Mom, check her up in the boss section and be ready for one
    crazy fight.
    After finishing Mom, you will have beaten the Binding of Isaac if an ONLY if
    this is your first time playing it, otherwise you will be given another
    trapdoor and be sent on your way to...
    *********POSSIBLE SPOILERS BELOW*****************
    If you thought the previous floors were hard and or creepy, then you're in for
    one crazy surprise because the womb is harder and creepier than before. Bosses
    are more common in random rooms, all damage is increased to one heart damage.
    Additionally, there are no treasure rooms (save for the possibility of a
    treasure in the secret room), no shops and definitely nothing "easy".
    NOTE: From here on in, Blood Donation Machines will consume ONE FULL HEART
    instead of half a heart. Be extremely cautious if seeking a blood bag.
    The monster list now includes:
    as well as most of the previous bosses fought including:
    -Larry Jr. (in various quantity/length)
    -Monstro (in various size/quantity)
    -Gemini (sometimes 2)
    -The Duke of Flies (rare, sometimes 2)
    -Blastocyst (all but the largest, sometimes up to 5)
    -Chub (sometimes with other bosses)
    -Fistula (including the full boss)
    There usually isn't much of a reason to stick around and explore unless you
    need to charge up your activated items or are hoping for a random treasure out
    of a chest or mini-boss should you find one.
    The boss on the first floor here will either be Blastocyst (in his full form)
    or Scolex. Neither is too difficult and you can always go back after beating it.
    By this time you should be making your final preparations for the final floor
    of the womb. These rooms will only get harder, the fights more intense and
    naturally this is all leading up to an epic battle against...
    *********POSSIBLE SPOILERS BELOW*****************
    Mom's Heart! As with the fight with Mom, you will not be able to leave
    afterwards, especially if this is your first time fighting it.
    Assuming you beat Mom's Heart (easier than it sounds) you will be offered a
    giant golden chest. Open it to claim your reward, but be aware that if you
    finished with enough HP or have properly unlocked Sheol, you may receive a
    Devil's Room in addition to the Chest. In the Devil's Room you will find a
    trapdoor leading deeper still... this time to Sheol. Passing up the chest for a
    shot at Sheol will NOT cause you to lose your reward OR the resulting ending
    clip, both will be unlocked automatically if you choose to go deeper and will
    be waiting for you upon your resulting success or failure. NOTE: if you manage
    to complete Sheol BEFORE properly unlocking it, it will count DOUBLE towards
    your completion count (meaning you will get an extra unlock!)
    *********POSSIBLE SPOILERS BELOW*****************
    This area was added with an update to the Binding of Isaac and features your
    greatest test of courage and strength. Here you will find NO help save for a
    possible single arena and a definite secret room. Bosses and mini-bosses in
    duplicate forms, with additional enemies and in all varieties can be found here
    instead of normal enemies and rewards are virtually nonexistant. Avoid getting
    hurt at all costs and be prepared to keep a full healing item on hand if you're
    lucky enough to find one. Hearts are scarce and damage is high, nearly all
    normal enemies will be improved "champion" varieties (see monsters section).
    Additionally the following enemies will also appear:
    -Dark Dople
    -Evil Eye
    -Exploding Leeches
    The boss here will ALWAYS be Satan. Defeat him and obtain your ultimate reward
    and the final mysterious ending.
    CHARACTERS                     |
    The Binding of Isaac offers 6 playable characters, each with different starting
    items and stats, as well as a slightly different appearance.
    Isaac - Starting character
    HP - 3
    Speed - 2
    Tears - 2
    Attack - 2
    Range - 2
    Starts with 1 bomb
    *Starts with the D6 once unlocked
    Cain - Unlocked by obtaining $0.15 in any one playthrough
    HP - 2
    Speed - 3
    Tears - 2
    Attack - 3
    Range - 1
    Starts with 1 key
    Starts with the "Luck Foot"
    Madgelene - Unlocked by having 7 or more HP at any time in one playthrough
    HP - 4
    Speed - 2
    Tears - 2
    Attack - 2
    Range - 2
    Starts with the "Yum Heart"
    Eve - unlocked by making 2 deals with devil in any one play through
    HP - 2
    Speed - 3
    Tears - 2
    Attack - 1
    Range - 2
    Starts with the "Dead Bird"
    Starts with the "Whore of Babylon"
    Judas - unlocked by beating the Womb 2's boss
    HP - 1
    Speed - 2
    Tears - 2
    Attack - 4
    Range - 2
    Starts with 3 Pennies
    Starts with the "Book of Belial"
    ??? - unlocked by beating the Womb II 10 times
    HP - "-1"
    Speed - 2
    Tears - 2
    Attack - 2
    Range - 2
    Starts with 3 Soul Hearts
    Starts with "The Poop"
    Does not Gain HP, all HP+ treasures add soul hearts instead. Cannot heal
    naturally with hearts.
    ENEMY LIST                     |
    Throughout all of the Binding of Isaac you may encounter many types of enemies,
    use this guide to be prepared for what the darkness might throw your way!
    Flies - Black dot with wings
    Have a small amount of HP, normally can be killed in one shot, rarely two.
    Deal 1/2 Heart damage on touch
    Fly around the room randomly, no set path.
    Can turn into pooters in the presence of poo if left alone long enough.
    Attack Flies (red) - Flashing red dot with wings
    Slightly stronger than normal black flies
    Follows the player around the room instead of buzzing about randomly.
    Pooters - Black fly with eyes and a large white thorax.
    Tends to follow or avoid the player
    Will occasionally shoot blood at the player, deals 1/2 heart damage.
    Suckers - Black fly with a large stinger and red sac.
    Behave like normal attack flies.
    On being killed, these flies fire a + shaped pattern of blood shots. Each deals
    1/2 heart damage.
    Moters - Double sided fly
    Behave like normal attack flies.
    Splits into two attack flies on death.
    Will not spawn attack flies if killed in one hit.
    Gaper - Identical to Isaac with bloody tears (smiling), occasionally have their
    eyes closed (frowning)
    Moderate HP
    Will follow the player on a direct route if possible.
    Deals 1/2 heart touch damage.
    Frowning Gapers will follow the player at greater speeds.
    Has a chance to spawn a Pacer or Gusher when killed (greater odds from frowning
    Pacer - Headless corpse
    Shambles around the room randomly
    Deals 1/2 Heart touch damage
    Gusher - Blood-spurting Corpse
    Shambles around the room randomly spewing blood
    Deals 1/2 Heart touch damage
    Regularly sends out a single blood shot in a random direction. (1/2 Heart
    Hopper - Hopping Corpse
    Jumps around the room randomly, will follow the player if they get too close.
    Deals 1/2 Heart touch damage.
    Can jump over obstacles in the room.
    Becomes a Flaming Hopper if it touches fire.
    Flaming Hopper - Burning, Hopping Corpse
    Has double the normal HP
    Always follows the player
    Jumps farther and faster
    Horf - Floating, Eyeless Head - Stationary
    Does not move normally
    When the player is within range and clear sight, will fire blood balls at the
    player at regular intervals.
    Deals 1/2 heart touch and projectile damage.
    Can be moved with the normal knockback effedt of tears.
    Mulligan - Badly Stung Creature, covered in boils and stings
    Flees from the player normally
    Does not deal touch damage
    On death, spawns 2-4 random flies
    Occasionally explodes randomly, launching a + pattern of small projectiles.
    Mulligoon - Mulligan with its eyes sewn shut
    Behave identically to Mulligans
    On death, fires an X pattern of small projectiles and spawns a troll bomb
    Occasionally explodes randomly, launching a 6-way pattern of small projectiles.
    Clotty - Pile of meat with bone and eyes
    Fairly random movement pattern
    Regularly fires a + pattern of small projectiles.
    Clot (AKA Mini Gish) - Black blob with yellow eyes
    Behaves identically to Clotties.
    Fires a regular X pattern of small projectiles.
    Embryo - Small hopping fetus-like creature
    Very low HP
    1/2 heart touch damage
    Does not follow the player
    Usually spawns with other embryos and a mini-boss health gauge between them.
    Boom Fly - A bloated Black fly
    Bounces off walls in a linear path (diagonal)
    1/2 heart touch damage
    Explodes when killed, deals 1 heart damage
    Bloat Fly - A bloated red-ish fly, similar to Boom Flies
    Behaves identically to Boom Flies
    Fires a 6-way pattern of projectiles when killed.
    Maggot - A white maggot
    Blind - it will never follow the player, moves randomly around the room
    Deals 1/2 heart touch damage.
    Charger - A white maggot with a small face
    Behaves identically to maggots.
    When in direct line of sight, they will open their mouths and charge at the
    player quickly.
    Deals 1/2 heart touch damage.
    Spity - Bloated Maggot with face and eyes
    Behaves identically to maggots.
    Randomly fires blood in whatever direction it is facing.
    Host - A stationary skull filled with intestines.
    When in range of the player, the host will raise up and fire a triangle of 3
    projectiles at the  player.
    Invulnerable to damage while the skull is down.
    Do not deal touch damage.
    If dealt enough damage while protected, the Host will grin at the player.
    Red Hosts - A host with a fleshy skull (DO NOT confuse this with the occasional
    red champion hosts)
    Always vulnerable to damage
    Fires more frequently
    Fires a spread of 5 shots instead of 3.
    Hive - A Mulligan full of flies
    Behaves identically to Mulligans - Flees from the player.
    Occasionally coughs up flies, up to about 3 per hive.
    On death, spawns up to 5 flies.
    Never explodes randomly.
    Maws - Similar to Horf, but with a gaping mouth and slack jaw.
    In addition to regularly spitting blood, Maws will attempt to float towards the
    player to deal touch damage.
    Closed Maws - Red-tinted Maws with the mouth sewn shut.
    Cannot fire blood balls at the player.
    Increased movement speed.
    Fires a + pattern of blood shots when killed.
    Leaper- A Hopper with darker skin and a bloody neck.
    Has a stronger AI than Hoppers.
    Occasionally jumps off-screen and lands near you (shown by a shadow). Fires a +
    pattern of blood shots upon landing.
    Baby (AKA Sirens) - Floating ghost-like creatures with bloody mouths.
    Float around wailing and shrieking, each time firing a blood ball towards you.
    Occasionally teleports away and reappears elsewhere in the room, sometimes near
    Boil - A small blob of flesh that quickly grows in size.
    Does not have normal HP, regenerates in size constantly. Must be reduced to be
    When at its full size, it will spew a random wave of blood balls (some small,
    some large) towards the player.
    Guts - A ball of intestines
    Rolls around the room clinging to nearby surfaces.
    Has a fixed route.
    Brain - A brain-like slug that slides across the floor
    Randomly travels across the room.
    Leaves a trail of blood across the floor - hurts when touched.
    Vis - A fat, headless corpse with an opening in its chest.
    Randomly moves around the room. When in line with the player it will shake and
    charge to fire a blood beam from its chest. This beam will travel across the
    entire room, pass over obstacles and will last a few seconds before
    Globin - A skinless corpse made from muscles
    Follows the player if able.
    When destroyed, is reduced to a pile of meat which will regenerate if not
    Hemo-Globin - A Globin with a single eye in its head
    Behaves identically to the globin
    Slightly more HP
    Can flee from the player while reduced to a meat-pile.
    Mr. Maw - A maw with a body
    When in range, he will send his head flying at you for touch damage.
    May randomly split into a Pacer and Maw.
    Releases a Maw on death.
    Knight - Stone-like corpse with an exposed brain in the back of its head.
    Behaves almost identically to classic Darknuts from the Legend of Zelda -
    Randomly moves in straight lines, occasionally turning towards the player.
    Will speed up slightly when approaching the player.
    Can only be injured from the back.
    Knight-mare - A Knight with a horrified expression and Isaac's face on the back
    of its head.
    Identical to Knights with extra HP.
    Has a greater chance of turning towards the player.
    Will speed up MUCH more when approaching the player.
    Membrain - A massive brain
    Slides around slowly
    Occasionally jumps and fires an 8-way attack
    On death, splits into two brains
    Leech - A flying parasite
    Flies around the room - dashes at you when in clear line of sight
    Exploding Leech - A black leech with an eye in its mouth
    Has additional HP
    Explodes on death
    Fred - A strange fetus like creature
    Occasionally spews a green glob into the air, explodes on impact with the
    Will sometimes jump into the air and dive into the ground, releasing an X
    pattern attack. Will resurface elsewhere
    Para-Bite - A small worm with a large mouth.
    Will slide around the room and follow you for touch damage.
    Can dig into the ground and emerge elsewhere in the room.
    Lump - A fleshy lump with a face
    When in range, will spew a triangular attack at you and dive underground,
    resurfacing elsewhere in the room.
    Pokies - Spike covered blocks
    Slides across the floor, smashing all enemies and its. Cannot be killed, dies
    automatically when every enemy in the room is dead.
    Eye - A large nerve-covered eye in the room.
    Does not move, will spin around until lined up with the player, then will
    charge and fire a small laser.
    Evil Eye - A clean white eye in the room.
    Has additional HP
    Tracks player faster.
    Charges faster.
    Fires a wider blood beam.
    Dople - A doppelganger of Isaac made from muscles
    Will mirror the players movements and attacks.
    Attacks will only be directed to the player if they direct the attack at Dople.
    Will scale over terrain and enemies, ignoring anything in its path.
    Dark-Dople - A black, flying demon with three red eyes.
    Has additional HP
    Attacks with a triangular pattern of large blood balls
    BOSS LIST                      |
    In the Binding of Isaac, bosses fall into a few basic categories:
    Normal Boss - Occurs in a boss room at the end of every floor
    Mini-Boss - Appears in a mini-boss room, randomly found in floors, shops or
    secret rooms.
    Champion/Enhanced/Alternate Boss - Replaces a normal boss randomly
    Random Encounter - A boss may appear with or in lieu of enemies in a room in
    any floor in the Caves or Deeper. Includes most normal, mini and champion
    The Basement:
    #Monstro# - A large head with a cleft pallet.
    Spews a wave of blood, easy to dodge, often miss. Large shots deal 1 heart
    damage, small shots deal 1/2.
    Jumps around attempting to hit the player for 1/2 heart damage.
    Jumps into the air off screen, crashing down and sending blood flying out in
    all directions. 1/2 Heart damage, 1 if hit by large shots.
    Alterate forms:
    Dark/Grey - Increased size and HP, cannot leap off screen
    Red - Smaller size, reduced HP, appears in pairs.
    Strategy: Monstro, in terms of bosses in the Basement is difficult for a first
    boss, especially if this is your first time playing, though overall he's a
    pushover if you know what you're doing.
    Monstro's attacks are all weak and rarely hit you, but he's a tank, so you'll
    have to weigh either a very long or slightly dangerous fight. Your best bet is
    to circle him and attack constantly, backing off only when he pauses for an
    attack that he will telegraph with plenty of time to avoid. Just play it safe
    and he will die, eventually.
    #Larry Jr.# - A long, segmented work
    Randomly moves around the room, rarely directly attacks the player,
    occasionally drops piles of poop blocking your movement.
    Alternate Forms:
    Green - Reduced HP, can randomly fire blood shots in whatever direction it is
    facing for 1/2 heart of damage, easy to dodge.
    Blue - Increased HP, larger in size. Will not leave behind poop. He will not
    split until he is at low HP. Drops a soul heart when killed.
    Strategy: Larry is one of the most common bosses in the game, and is one of the
    easiest too. Just keep a distance and take them out one at a time. Larry will
    typically spawn with 2 or 3 bodies, each one at a random length. As Larry
    weakens, segments will be destroyed and he will be "cut" shorter. A push-over
    and easy to avoid and defeat.
    #The Duke of Flies# - A large floating head stuffed with flies.
    Attacks: Coughs up flies and attack flies, as well as special Large Attack
    flies that deal 1 heart of damage.
    Can deal contact damage while floating around.
    When the number of flies around the Duke reaches its max, he will send the
    flies flying towards you with a big push.
    Alternate Forms:
    Blue - Faster movement
    Orange - Faster, spawns attack flies and suckers instead of normal flies and
    attack flies.
    Green - Spawns Moters instead of normal flies, coughs up a ring of blood every
    so often.
    Strategy - The Duke is pretty easy as a whole, but can get out of control if
    managed wrong. Keep his flies in check, taking out only the ones that attack
    you directly. Timing your shots can bypass his fly defenses. Overall he has
    incredibly low HP and can sometimes be instantly killed with a bomb if used
    properly (practice required). Just play it safe and he'll be easy, if you see
    an opening in his defenses, circle around it and focus there.
    #Gemini# - A pair of conjoined twins, connected by an umbilical
    Gemini is actually 2 seperate bosses, always found together in one battle.
    Sometimes one or both can be champion/alt colored.
    Gemini Sr. - Will follow you around the room, occasionally charges at you at
    high speed after which point he will stop to catch his breath.
    Gemini Jr. - Attached to Gemini Sr., will regularly spit blood at Isaac until
    he is disconnected or his brother is killed, at which point he will turn red
    and fly towards the player to hit them (and will stop spitting)
    Alternate Forms:
    Blue - unknown effects, +Max HP?
    Green - May start the battle detached, Jr. will only become enraged when Sr. is
    #Famine# - See the Riders Section
    #Steven# - A black Gemini
    Unlocked by completing the Basement (chapter 1) 25 times
    Very similar to Gemini, though the tether between the two is tiny, so the two
    appear to be stuck to each other (a reference to a game by Edmund McMillan,
    "Time Fcuk")
    Little Steven attacks more frequently.
    Boss AI is much more aggressive.
    When the boss is reduced to 2/3 of its max HP, Little Steven will seperate and
    attack directly instead of spitting blood.
    When either Steven is killed, he will explode into a spray of blood in all
    directions at high speed.
    Steven, despite seeming easy, is far more difficult in that he can be hard to
    predict at times. If possible, focus on one Steven at a time, though their
    close proximity makes this very difficult. You will more than likely be faced
    with both Stevens attacking you, which always results in getting hurt one way
    or another. Expect the blood spray when one dies and be ready to get hit or
    dodge. Keep your distance and always leave an avenue of escape should Steven
    get too close.
    Always drops either "Little Steve" or "Steven" items. Unlocks "Little Steve"
    when killed.
    The Caves:
    An enlarged charger, he looks like a massive segmented worm.
    Chub, out of all of the bosses in the caves, is probably the easiest. Though he
    has a decent amount of HP, Chub is easy to dodge and eady to manage as he's
    fairly predictable.
    Chub has two basic attacks:
    Charge; he will open wide and come dashing towards you. While Chub can slightly
    adjust his path on the way, as long as you keep a fair distance from him this
    shouldn't be a problem. Furthermore, you can use this to your advantage in two
    ways. One, his charge will also hurt enemies in the room, so allow him to
    gobble up anything you don't feel like killing yourself. Second, his charge
    will also consume any lit bombs in his path. Doing so will stop him and after a
    brief pause the bomb will detonate in his stomach dealing normal bomb damage
    (also to you if you're too close). As a last resort this not only stops his
    charge, but hurts him AND makes him vulnerable to any other bombs you may
    decide to lay next to him.
    Spawn: Chub can stop and spawn enemies from his backside (yuck). Depending on
    Chub's color/variation he can spawn smaller chargers usually to a maximum of
    about 3 total in the room. Feel free to let him spawn to the max as this will
    cause any future spawning attempts to simply do nothing, leaving Chub
    So as for strategy, just lead him around the room, taunt him into attacking and
    just play things safe. He should be pretty easy to take care of.
    Blue: Chub is slower but bulkier. Additionally he will spawn special Boils
    instead of chargers. Deal with the boils first as they can become very
    dangerous and difficult to dodge!
    Green: Chub will spawn Spitties instead of chargers and will always spawn 2 at
    once. There will be a max of 3 Spitties at any one time.
    Orange: Chub gets smaller, maybe a bit weaker, but gets a noteable speed boost
    and a more erratic AI so he's a lot more difficult to dodge or deal with
    "Fixed": This will never appear as a normal boss, though in certain situations
    Chub will spawn without his final segment. In these situations he will never
    spawn any enemies at all.
    A giant ball of flesh and tumor and who knows what else. This monstrosity
    floats around the room much like Envy, bouncing off walls and pits for some
    reason. This thing has no real attack and will never attack you directly,
    though he can become dangerous if you let him get out of hand.
    Hurt Fistula enough and he will split into 4 medium parts, each of which will
    also split into 2 small parts when hurt enough. As a result Fistula gets faster
    and can have up to 8 parts at once. Individual parts can be found in rooms as
    early as the Caves.
    After killing a small Fistula, the part destroyed will immediately spawn a
    Charger which can attack you. Chargers can sometimes take more punishment than
    Fistula itself so be careful!
    Alternate form:
    Dark-Fistula: Darker colored and usually a bit bigger in size. This version
    will initially split into 3 instead of 4 making a maximum of 6 total parts at
    the end. Each destroyed part will release a Boom Fly or Bloat Fly instead.
    Everyone's favorite piss-spraying blob of... disgust. Peep is one of the more
    difficult bosses in the caves and can often cause a bit of pain if not taken
    seriously or carefully!
    Peep slides around and attacks occasionally;
    His normal attacks include releasing a puddle of urine which hurts you if you
    walk over it for a full heart of damage.
    Peep is also able to hop up slightly and, upon landing, will spray out a dense
    circle of piss balls, each of which does 1/2 heart of damage.
    Finally, Peep can jump off screen Monstro-style and will land wherever the
    player was when the attack starts tracking you, so he shouldn't land on you if
    you move. Landing will cause him to release another circle spray of urine at
    When Peep reaches 66% and 33% HP he will lose one of his eyes which will go
    floating out and will now bounce off walls in a bishop-pattern. These will do
    touch damage.
    Dealing with Peep isn't too hard, but avoiding getting hurt is. His circle
    spray is fairly common and will require the player to back off to dodge, so
    keeping a constant distance from Peep always helps. Use the room's natural
    cover (if there is any) to help avoid attacks and remember that touching his
    piss puddle hurts you more than anything else. Once he loses an eye or two keep
    in mind that they will block your shots AND hurt you if they get in your way,
    so make dodging them your first priority and take your time while playing
    things safe.
    Alternate forms:
    Green: Peep will lose both eyes right off the bat! Now you get to fight this
    guy while dodging 24/7.
    Yellow: Peep will constantly leave behind a trail of piss that will hurt you,
    even while he is jumping around though he is physically smaller in size.
    By far one of the harder bosses in the game, and definitely one of my least
    favorite. Gurdy is a massive pile of flesh and fat and who knows what else...
    with a face. Gurdy stays stationary in the center of the room and typically
    starts the battle with a pair of Boils and some flies in the room.
    Being immobile, Gurdy makes use of a larger variety of attacks and abilities:
    Blood wave: Gurdy will crawl into her body mass and pop out on either the front
    or side (depending on where the player is), then immediately spew out a 5-part
    spray of blood balls which become rather difficult to dodge.
    Spawn flies: Gurdy will spew out attack flies behind her. After some time they
    will move towards you.
    Spawn Pooters: Gurdy will raise her arm and release a pooter from her armpit!
    Spawn boils: Gurdy raises both arms and spawns a pair of boils in front of her.
    Gurdy has a ton of HP and takes the longest to kill. All you need to know to
    kill her is that you must remain diligent at all times! Kill the boils first
    and make them your priotity if they appear. Ignore her other summons if
    necessary and never stop shooting. When in danger, laying bombs in front of her
    will speed the battle along.
    Dark-Gurdy - Bigger, stronger, more HP... she can't spew blood anymore but
    spawns far more frequently. Perhaps this version of Gurdy is slightly easier
    than normal. Why? Well in this form she still has her spawn limits and the
    player can camp the far side of the room and go largely unharmed through the
    whole fight. Just don't fall asleep.
    See Riders section
    C.H.A.D. is a living blob of blood and clots, and an unusually happy one to
    C.H.A.D. behaves identically to Chub with a few primary differences:
    C.H.A.D. spawns suckers instead of chargers.
    He will shrink in size as you hurt him and increase in speed.
    C.H.A.D. always drops Little C.H.A.D. when defeated. For an easy fight you get
    an ok reward, though he becomes largely useless when you get enough soul hearts.
    The Depths:
    Another rare boss, you'll typically see Monstro II more often than Loki until
    you reach chapter 5 where he *might* appear in doubles.
    Normally, Loki is a little red imp who floats about and attacks randomly. Loki
    mirrors chaos perfectly in that, at any time there is a lot going on with him.
    Loki's room will hav a single floating poky in the room which will be cause for
    some wariness on your part. Keep an eye on it.
    Loki himself can either:
    Teleport elsewhere in the room.
    Send an 8 way attack of blood balls at you.
    Launch a 4 way + pattern, then a 4 way X pattern then another 4 way + pattern
    Or summon a Boom or Bloat fly, which, if a Boom fly, can be used to hurt him
    Knowing what Loki will do in advance is impossible, but knowing what he can do
    helps. Simply deal with each individual attack one step at a time and you can
    finish this battle unscathed.
    #Monstro II#
    Monstro's back with some improvements this time! Probably one of the easiest
    bosses in the game if handled correctly.
    Monstro II has a few simple upgrades from Monstro:
    His bloody spray us now a blood beam that triggers if the player is in a
    horizontal line from Monstro II
    Monstro II will always super jump twice consecutively, each time either firing
    an 8 way pattern of large blood balls or spawning 4 suckers.
    Killing Monstro II the easy way!
    Simply stand directly across from the beast and let him prepare his blood beam
    which he will telegraph with a smile. When he does, strafe in a semicricle
    around him attacking on the way and stopping directly in range of his blood
    beam, BEHIND him. If done properly, Monstro will turn around and prepare to
    roast you with another blood beam. Lather, rinse and repeat and you can come
    through without even a scratch. Should he instead decide to super jump, just
    dodge, kill any enemies spawned and get back to provoking him again.
    Overall Monstro II is rather rare since there is only one boss in the Depths
    besides the guaranteed one (see below) and his alternates are even rarer.
    For the most part, one form will cause him to spawn less but move more, another
    will make him more buff overall, though the same strategy applies either way.
    See the riders section
    It's time to face your fears and confront MOM!!!
    Now is your first real milestone, and completing this boss will unlock the rest
    of the game.
    Mom's room is special, it has randomly scattered rocks and 4 boss room doors in
    each of the cardinal directions.
    The fight begins with Mom's Foot crashing down in an attempt to crush you,
    dodge this.
    From here on out, Mom has 4 parts/forms that will appear randomly all at once.
    Mom's Foot: Will occasionally track you (a shadow will appear) and stomp down
    on the ground, creating a bomb explosion, destroying rocks, enemies and
    anything else in its wake.
    Mom's Eye: Pops out of a door, it is defenseless so attack it to hurt Mom more!
    Mom's Flesh: Pops out of a random door, spawns an enemy to defend itself and
    eventually disappears. Hurt it like Mom's eye, but keep a tab on the enemies it
    spawns, you'll need to take them out to keep alive.
    Mom's Hand: If you stand too close to a door, open or closed, Mom's hand may
    quickly pop out to smack you. Keep a distance from the doors to avoid this!
    To make this battle predictable would be impossible, but to make it easier is.
    For starters, Mom will telegraph her foot stomp with a grunt, so let the foot
    land where it will do some good, such as on rocks or enemies. As for whatever
    the flesh spawns, know that there is a total spawn limit, but you'll want to
    control anything that will shoot at or chase after you, ESPECIALLY Globins.
    When an eye appears, attack it. When the leg appears, attack it. When a peice
    of flesh is exposed, attack it. Don't miss any easy opportunities and be
    careful if you can. If this is your first time, be more concerned with making
    sure Mom dies before you do, if you have unlocked the ability to go deeper, try
    and preserve your hearts if possible.
    Gish is a replacement for Monstro II once unlocked. He resembles a massive
    black glob of tar and fights accordingly.
    Gish behaves identically to Monstro/Monstro II.
    He spews out a black tar bomb that explodes on impact. This leaves behind a
    trail of tar that slows you if you walk through it (thats all the tar does,
    it's safe to touch)
    Gish's super leap is identical to Monstro II, being two leaps successively. The
    first one does nothing, the second will spawn two Mini-Gish enemies.
    Otherwise, Gish is probably almost as easy as Monstro II save for the fact that
    the Mini Gish enemies spawned can occasionally be a hassle and his AI is not as
    easy to manipulate, but he's rather harmless for the most part.
    Killing him nets you the Little Gish familiar.
    Chapter 4 - The Womb:
    Scolex is the weakest boss in the Binding of Isaac. He has the least HP of any
    boss and can sometimes be instakilled if hit with a bomb or a powerful attack.
    Scolex is a large tapeworm and has a weakspot on his tail. Hitting him
    elsewhere will do nothing.
    Scolex will leap in and out of the room a few times, after which point he will
    either stick out his head or tail (ATTACK!) and then dive back in again. His
    head will spew out three blood bombs that will explode on contact with the
    ground, his tail will spew a random cloud of blood balls.
    Just hit his tail with good timing and you'll be done in no time at all!
    Blastocyst, unlick Scolex, can actually be hard at times.
    This fellow is a single "Embryo" enemy (you'll have seen a few of them by now
    at this point) within a blob of jelly.
    He will bounce around a lot, spraying random bits of blood around and
    occasionally will fire out an 8 way pattern of blood.
    Killing him will cause him to split into 2 medium parts which will no longer
    spray blood but can still fire 4 way X or + patterns of blood. Each of these
    will split into 2 small parts when hurt, which can now only spray + patterns of
    Finally, killing the smallest part yields a single embryo which can do...
    nothing. Just kill it.
    To deal with this uncommon fellow, just break him down to his second form as
    quick as possible, then again into his third form. Doing so eliminates his
    ability to attack diagonally which makes dodging all the easier. If you only
    manage one at a time, the remaining half can still attack on diagonals so your
    ability to work out a safe spot in the room is hampered a bit. If there are 4
    small versions, however, you typically can work out an area in which you can
    predict who will attack where and dodge accordingly, leaving that nice little
    safe haven, often in the middle of the room, where you can catch your breath
    and pick them off one by one.
    See the riders section
    #Mom's Heart#
    This is it! Another major milestone for you and Isaac!
    Mom's Heart, unlike Mom herself, is a stationary boss. Killing it is likely
    EASIER than killing Mom at times. At the start of the battle, Mom's Heart will
    be flanked by two eyes. Take these out first. No exceptions.
    Mom's Heart has a predictable behavior: If there are enemies with it, the Heart
    will rise offscreen and hide. If there are no more enemies with the Heart, the
    Heart will descend and summon more. After a few seconds, the heart will rise
    away again.
    Once all of the enemies spawned are killed, the Heart will return and summon
    more. This can continue forever if you don't focus on the Heart while it is
    vulnerable. When the Heart is down, concentrate on it! Hurt it as much as you
    can, THEN kill its minions.
    Once the Heart is down to about 33% of it's HP, Mom will scream out Isaac's
    name erratically (you'll know it when you hear it) and from this point forward
    the battle gets a bit more intense. Instead of hiding, the Heart will now stay
    down and summon enemies, all the while sending blood bombs flying in random
    directions, exploding and leaving blood pools. These can hurt enemies too, but
    don't count on it. Just kill the Heart as quickly as possible to avoid getting
    too hurt.
    At this point, you shouldn't need too much more advice, just kill the heart and
    if you have all your heart containers full, be ready to have the chance to go
    #It Lives!#
    Once unlocked (after beating the Heart/Satan a cumulative total of 9 times) you
    will unlock It Lives! It Lives will now ALWAYS replace Mom's Heart and simply
    ups the difficulty by spawning bosses instead of normal enemies.
    The only difference between Mom's Heart and It Lives is the difficulty of the
    enemies (bosses and knights and such) which get spawned. Otherwise, the only
    difference is aesthetic and that much I won't spoil for you.
    Chapter 5 - Sheol:
    This is it! The final battle! Satan is ready to punish Isaac for his sins and
    boy is he going to put up a fight.
    This battle consists of 3 phases and I highly recommend you stock up on HP
    before you fight him if possible. Lastly, if by some rare chance you're
    carrying the Bible item, use it BEFORE even entering the room as using it in
    front of Satan at ANY time will instantly kill you.
    Part 1:
    Satan will summon the Fallen flanked by two exploding leeches. Focus on the
    leeches first as they can hurt the Fallen if detonated properly. A well timed
    bomb before these minions appear can wipe out both leeches and put a dent in
    the Fallen though this is difficult to pull off.
    See the Fallen's section for more info on him, there's no other twist here
    besides the 2 leeches and the natural Full Heart damage pentalty in the level.
    Part 2:
    Clearing out Satan's minions will cause the fallen angel himself to face Isaac.
    Satan will rise from his pedastal and transform into a massive demon.
    Satan's first form will hug the back wall and will travel back and forth with
    no real pattern. He will frequently cough up two consecutive fans of large
    blood balls, which obviously do 1 damage each. The fans will always be pointed
    directly at you and are densest when first fired. Strafing is always an option
    but Satan has a problem with that too. Passing in front of Satan may trigger a
    very quick attack in which he will either spew a blood beam from his mouth or
    fire two beams from his hands (leaving room in the middle). Thr reaction time
    required to dodge either attack is VERY quick so avoid passing in front of
    Satan and additionally try not to stop there when doing so!
    This battle doesn't change at all for the entire duration, so play things safe
    and chip his HP to 0.
    Part 3:
    When Satan his 0 HP he will fall to the ground, but the get back up and leap
    offscreen, laughing.
    Now comes the most chaotic part. Play this by ear and avoid getting hurt too
    much, but balance this with the fact that you want to get done ASAP!
    This is the VERY end so be prepared to come within an inch of your life.
    In this new form Satan, from his invisible perch above, will send his massive
    feet crushing down on you in an attempt to crush you just like in your battle
    with Mom. The feet will display a shadow before falling, will land and release
    an explosion (splash damage will happen!). The legs will come crashing down one
    after the other, raising up to come crashing down again. All the while, Satan
    will constantly summon Exploding Leeches (up to 2 at a time) which can cause
    plenty of trouble if you aren't careful since you usually don't see them spawn.
    I cannot tell you what weapons you'll have, nor how you should approach this
    battle (offensive or defensive) but at this point use your best judgement and
    remember, at this point you either win or lose.
    The Riders and other Bosses:
    Famine is the starved out horseman of the Basement. He can replace any boss in
    the basement once unlocked.
    Like all riders, he has 2 phases and in each phase has different attacks.
    In his normal form, Famine will either spawn pooters (up to 2 at a time) or, if
    the player is within his direct horizontal line of sight, he will telegraph a
    charge attack where he will charge at you, head offscreen and return on the
    opposite side.
    His second form will cause Famine to but cut down to only his head, at which
    point he will float lazily around and cough up fans of 3 blood balls
    periodically, aimed at the player.
    General strategy: In his first form, Famine is easiest in that you can provoke
    him to attack by charging, which will destroy any pooters he hits and will also
    prevent him from spawning more pooters in the meanwhile. Keep him charging and
    you can chip him down to his second form without a scratch! In his second form,
    do whatever you want, just avoid getting hit when he does attack (which gives
    you reasonable time to dodge).
    Your reward is your first Cube of Meat.
    Pestilence is the rider of the caves. He will float around on his horse and
    summon chargers and spitties below him. Pestilence leaves a trail of sickly
    slime which will hurt you if touched. His final attack is a ball of goo which
    he lobs at you and which explodes on contact with the ground, leaving more
    slime and hurting anything in its blast radius (enemies included, though not
    the rider himself).
    When he is hurt enough, he will lose his head, at which point his horse will
    cough up flies and he will continue firing goo balls at you.
    Not too difficult really, a relaxing break in comparison to, say, Gurdy.
    Pestilence can be dealt with by simply ignoring the enemies he spawns and
    instead paying more attention to his goo trails and lobbed goo grenades. Allow
    Pestilence to take care of his own minions! When his head comes off, he's
    nearly dead, though the flies that get coughed up can annoyingly block your
    shots. At this point you shouldn't have any difficulty claiming your next cube
    of meat.
    War is the rider of the Depths
    While War is rather hard to encounter, he is not too hard to fight, though most
    certainly isn't as easy as Monstro II.
    War's normal attacks are generally harder to dodge, though taking him to his
    second form will eliminate all of that danger.
    On his horse, War can:
    Fire a circular spray of fast moving blood balls (hard to dodge!)
    Fly into the air offscreen and release 6 troll bombs throughout the room
    When provoked into a charge, War will attack horizontally once, then again
    about 1/2 a room lower and again 1/2 a room lower until he finally returns to
    his original starting position (the result is 3 consecutive nonstop charges
    from the top to the middle to the bottom, or the middle to the bottom to the
    top or the bottom to the top to the middle depending on where he starts).
    When War takes enough damage, he will lose his horse and chase you Lust style,
    in which form he is a pushover. Hurting him enough will trip him briefly.
    Not too hard, just watch out for his charges and definitely be prepared for an
    unexpected attack.
    Killing him nets another Cube of Meat
    The final rider! Death appears in Chaper 4: the Womb!
    Death can summon scythes to attack you from across the room, either in a pair,
    which will track you, or a quartet which will travel across the room. These can
    be shot down if needed. Additionally, Death may unleash his Hourglass which
    will slow you and your attacks down, making dodging tougher.
    Once wounded to about 50% HP, Death will dismount his horse which will enter a
    charging pattern like War, but will continue nonstop until destroyed (necessary
    to finish the battle!)
    Death will now summon knights in pairs (and occasionally knightmares in the
    place of a knight) which will behave normally once summoned. Taking out Death
    or his horse will still leave the other to deal with.
    To fight off Death, try to simply avoid his scythes, attacking only those that
    will hurt you and focusing more on Death himself. Chopping him down to his
    final form will force you to take out both him and his horse individually, so I
    recommend you focus on Death first. His charing horse can and will hurt knights
    spawned in the meantime, so just pay attention to where enemies are moving.
    Killing Death and his knights only leaves the horse which will continue
    charging until you kill it. It has a bit of HP so don't underestimate it.
    Death will present you with your final cube of meat.
    *The Headless Horseman*
    The Headless Horseman is a special boss, like the Fallen and can replace ANY
    rider when one is encountered (the Rider will be rolled for first when you
    enter the boss room, and if a rider is to be fought then the game will roll
    again to see if the rider is replaced).
    This means the HH can appear in the Basement 1!
    Unlike the riders, HH has both forms at once and is actually a fight against
    two bosses at once (both parts can be found in Sheol when you get there,
    sometimes in multiples!)
    The body behaves a lot like the second form of Pestilence, coughing up blood
    balls that leave behind damaging pools of blood.
    The head behaves like a cross between War and Famine and will float around,
    coughing up a fan of 3 blood balls, as well as occasionally performing War's
    3-run charge.
    I recommend taking out the body first if you can, especially if the head is
    busy charging. Killing the body prevents the room from getting bogged down with
    blood. Once he's out, kill the head, watching out for the blood he spews at you.
    Killing the HH will either yield "a Pony" or sometimes a normal Cube of Meat.
    The Pony is well worth the dangers if you get it early!
    /The Fallen\
    This dark angel can appear in any boss room on ANY floor and in the basement,
    like the Headless Horseman, can be a game ender easily!
    The Fallen flies around the room and will spit two successive fans of blood
    balls (first 3 then 4). The Fallen will also occasionally stop firing and
    charge at you like Gemini, after which point, instead of taking a breather, he
    will stop and release a + pattern of blood beams.
    At 50% HP the Fallen gets tougher as he splits into 2 smaller versions of
    himself who behave identically. Take them out one at a time if possible.
    Circle strafing is recommended for this guy, but his blood beam attack will
    force the player to take cover in a safe place.
    This tough fellow will always reward an item from the Devil's Room list, for
    FREE! Rerolling this item will always yield another Devils room item as well.
    Worth the trouble if you can survive.
    Krampus randomly appears in the Devil's Room upon entering INSTEAD of Satan
    with two special sales.
    At first glance, Krampus behaves identically to the Fallen with a few minor
    Krampus fires an extra blood ball per fan attack.
    Krampus will never chase you, nor will he split when hurt.
    Standing in a straight line with Krampus may prompt him to fire off a + pattern
    of blood beams.
    Dealing with Krampus is a bit more difficult than the Fallen in some ways in
    that his particular form of attacks is designed to prevent you from circle
    strafing. That being the case, you can still circle him, but doing so will
    require more care, as damage from the blood beams can take you down if you are
    too careless.
    Killing Krampus yields the Lump of Coal! This item will make fighting quite a
    bit easier for the battles to come.
    Mini Bosses, the Seven Deadly Sins:
    These appear in mini-boss rooms which are normally unmarked on the map until
    entered. Having the compass or spelunker helm will identify them.
    Probably the most annoying of the sins, especially if encountered in pairs in
    later areas. His rewards are scant and his risk of hurting you is high.
    Envy floats around the room like a Blast fly/Fistula. Dealing enough damage
    will cause him to split into 2 copies of his head. Killing those will spawn 2
    medium heads each. Each of those will spawn 2 miniature heads each when killed.
    Each successive head size moves faster and is harder to hit making the room
    rather chaotic if you don't focus well enough.
    Killing Envy will reward a Troll Bomb, or if you're lucky, Shoop-da-Whoop.
    One of the easier sins, he will walk around randomly and either attack by
    raging and shooting strange lasers in each of the 4 diagonals. At other times,
    he will jump up, put on his Troll Face, and drop 6 troll bombs in random
    locations in the room. Pay close attention to the bombs and keep out of his
    range/attack spread and he will die pretty fast.
    Rewards a Troll Bomb, Tarot Card or the Anarchist's Cookbook
    Pretty easy, though he can be painful, Wrath is a carbon copy of Bomberman in
    many ways. He will send bombs sliding at you which will eventually explode and
    hurt whatever is in his path. Wrath's room is always a specially designed room
    with a Bomberman grid and randomly placed rocks.
    Wrath can only do blast and touch damage, plus his own bombs can hurt him.
    Since touching his bombs doesn't use you, you can push or launch them back.
    Killing him will reward bombs, troll bombs, Mr. Boom, or Mr. Mega.
    NOTE: Having Bobby-Bomb will make Wrath's bombs turn back towards him.
    Definitely one of the more annoying sins, though your trouble is often worth it.
    Greed can either be found in shops or secret rooms instead of what you want
    (treasure) and appears more frequently if you are carrying more cash with you.
    Greed rarely gives any warning to when or how he will attack so either take him
    out fast or be VERY careful.
    Greed can either fire a quick attack of 3 blood balls in a triangle pattern
    (hard to dodge!) or summon a pair of hoppers to assist him. Getting hit by
    Greed's attack will cause you to drop coins and lose a coin off of whatever you
    had total, so a net loss always occurs if he hurts you.
    Defeating Greed grants you a pile of coins or the coveted Steam Sale.
    Lust will come out sprinting. She can only chase you down like Gemini but she
    won't stop for anything but the knockback of your tears. Slower moving
    characters will get beaten down fast if they aren't careful as Lust always
    deals a full heart of damage at all times. KEEP MOVING!
    Killing lust will sometimes reward a pill, the Virus (cooties?) or Roid Rage.
    A rather slow and lazy fellow, he'll either spit chargers at you or cough up
    exploding goo blobs. Sloth's attacks often kill off his minions, and he has a
    limit of how many he can spawn, so just play it safe and he'll die pretty fast.
    Sloth will usually drop a Tarot Card or, rarely, Bob's Rotten Head.
    A fat little man with a big body... He will either quicky fire out a large
    circle of blood balls (hard to dodge) or fire off his signature Blood Beam
    (which he will telegraph in advance). Gluttony's room typically has a gaping
    pit in the center, so use it to get some distance between you and him. Be
    patient and he shouldn't hurt you too much.
    Killing Gluttony yields hearts and sometimes (rarely) <3, the Bucket of Lard,
    or the Raw Liver.
    ROOM LIST                      |
    Empty Room: Multiple variations exist, common types include
    Burning Pentagram - Many fires in a pentagram formation
    Spike/Pit Maze - often has an item in the center
    Beggar/Slot Machine - usually blocked by rocks or keystones
    Bomb Maze - Surrounded by breakable and unbreakable rocks with bombs strewn
    throughout the room
    Stone Circle - A circle of stones with item(s) inside
    Cash Corner - Each corner of the room contains coins blocked off by stones
    Enemy Room: MANY variations exist, locks when you enter, contains normal
    enemies or in deeper levels bosses and mini bosses. Can be bombed out of,
    unmarked on map.
    Aracde: Marked by a Dice on the Map. Always contains a Slot Machine, Shell Game
    and Blood Donation Machine between which a "racket" can be performed by using
    the machines to fuel one another and obtain more items/hearts. May contain a
    random item/pickup
    Treasure Room: Locked below Basement 1, contains a single random treasure.
    Marked by a crown.
    Boss Room: At the end of every level, contains a boss. When finished a treasure
    and trapdoor will appear, as well as a door to the Devil Room sometimes.
    Shop: Always locked, contains a random number (2-5) of items and treasures for
    fixed prices, sometimes randomly on sale.
    Price guide - Price (sale)
    Treausure - 15 (7)
    Bomb - 5 (3)
    Key - 5 (3)
    Soul Heart - 5 (3)
    Heart - 3 (2)
    Tarot Card - 5 (3)
    Pill - 5 (3)
    Shops may contain the sin Greed, whose appearance rate varies with the amount
    of cash the player has.
    Blood Bank - Contains a blood donation room and a random number of Embryo
    enemies (with a mini boss HP bar)
    Devil Room - Appears after defeating the boss, is rerolled if you leave (may
    reappear or disappear), contains a Satan Statue and 2 random treasures chosen
    from a list of items. These can be purchased for a number of heart containers
    of soul hearts. May randomly contain Krampus. If reached on the Womb 2, this
    will contain a trapdoor to Sheol. (Items include: The Mark, The Pact, Lord of
    the Pit, Dead Cat, Sister Maggy, Brother Bobby, Technology, Lucky Foot, The
    Nail, We Need to Go Deeper, Book of Sin, Book of Belial, Book of Shadows,
    Common Cold, Necronomicron, Quarter, Money=Power, Yum Heart, Brimstone, Monster
    Manual, The Parasite, Ouija, Whore of Babylon, The Razor, Mom's Knife, Demon
    Baby, Forget Me Now, Doctor's Remote) Items may cost 1-2 Hearts or 3 Soul
    The Devil Room may occasionally contain the Boss Krampus instead.
    Challenge Room/Arena/Mob Trap Room (depending on what you call it) - Marked by
    crosse swords, contains a random treasure or chest, picking it up or opening it
    will trigger enemies to appear in 3 waves before being allowed to leave. NOTE
    if an achievement is unlocked by obtaining the item/treasure in the Arena or if
    you immediately pause after claiming the reward, ALL THREE WAVES WILL SPAWN AT
    ONCE, beware! Waves spawned vary from floor to floor. Unlocks when the player
    is at/near their full HP (soul hearts ignored). Also appears in Sheol.
    Sheol/Womb contains 3 waves of bosses.
    Mini-Boss Room - Can randomly replace shops/secret rooms (see Greed) or on its
    own containing any of the other 7 Deadly Sins. Cannot be bombed out of.
    Secret Room - Not marked on map, must be bombed into. Typically adjacent to 2-4
    other rooms, most often with the Treasure room bordering it. Contains either
    Greed, a number of coins or a random Treasure from a list of treasures. (List
    includes: 1UP, Bob's Rotten Head, My Little Unicorn, Book of Belial, Raw Liver,
    Spider's Bite, Transcendence, Teleport!, and We Need to Go Deeper)
    I AM ERROR Room - When teleporting, there is a 5-10% chance of landing in this
    room. The room is typically very random/strange and may contain any number of
    coins, pills, items and usually all around good stuff surrounding a man in the
    room saying "I AM ERROR". Includes a trapdoor to the next floor. A truly lucky
    find indeed!
    Known layouts include:
    2 Free Treasures
    1 Free Treasure and 9 Pills
    1 Free Treasure, 13 random coins and 3 Shop items/treasures
    1 Free Treasure and 4 Chests
    DUNGEON FEATURES               |
    Pits - Can be crossed only with flight/the ladder. Will not hurt you/cannot
    fall in.
    Spikes - Hurts when crossing, damage varies from 1/2 to 1 full heart depending
    on depth.
    Chests - Opens when touched, releases items and sometimes other chests.
    Golden Chests - Must be unlocked with a key, typically contains more items and
    sometimes a treasure.
    Rocks - Blocks your path, can be blown up with a bomb, or blown into adjacent
    pits to fill them.
    Black Rocks - Cannot be destroyed
    Magic Rocks- Blue tinted with an X in the upper right corner. Identical to
    normal rocks in the Womb. Destroying these will release coins, bombs, soul
    hearts, chests or sometimes the Small Rock treasure.
    Keystones - Blocks your path, can be unlocked with a key.
    Sentry Statues - Indestructable! Will periodically fire blood at you. Blocks
    path even when flying.
    Slot Machine - For the cost of one coin, the machine will randomly roll. A
    success will result in a reward:
    Coin: Drops a few coins
    Fly: Spawns a fly or grants a pretty fly
    Pill: Grants a free pill
    Heart: Releases hearts/soul hearts
    Key: Releases key(s)
    Bomb: Releases bomb(s) or troll bombs
    ???: The machine may randomly explode (deals no damage but pushes you back) and
    give free items.
    Dollar: The machine will explode, releasing the all coveted DOLLAR! $$$ maxes
    out cash!
    Can be destroyed with a bomb for random items.
    Beggar: Giving him a coin will make him happy. Give him more coins and he may
    give you free items... and sometimes treasures. Can be killed with a bomb,
    doing so usually gives some random items and raises the odds of finding a Devil
    Room on completion of the floor. A Treasure rewarded will cause the Beggar to
    Shell Game: Giving him a coin will place a random reward into the shell on the
    far right (coin, heart, key, bomb, skatole), which will be shuffled around to a
    random location. Revealing a shell will have a 33% chance of rewarding the
    player with the prize shown (50% with Lucky Foot). The Skatole prize will cause
    the Vendor to leave. Can be killed in a manner identical to the Beggar.
    Blood Donation Machine: Donating 1/2 of a heart (1 heart in the Womb/Sheol)
    will cause the machine to reward 1 or more coins (sometimes 6 or more if very
    lucky). Repeated use of the machine raises the odds of the machine exploding
    upon use, which will release the rare Blood Bag, which will heal you, increase
    your max HP and boost your speed. Bombs can destroy this machine.
    Pedastal - Holds a treasure, can be pushed around but will return to its
    original position.
    Trapdoor - Leads to the next floor!
    ITEM LIST                      |
    Common items:
    Half Heart - Restores 1/2 a heart HP.
    Full Heart - Restores a full heart of HP.
    Soul Heart - Adds a soul heart to your HP bar. Acts as armor, disappears when
    Key - Unlocks a door, chest, or keystone.
    Bomb - Adds 1 bomb to your supply.
    1 +1 Free - Adds 2 bombs to your supply.
    "Troll Bomb" - Cannot be picked up, automatically detonates after a few seconds.
    Penny - Adds 1 coin to your wallet.
    Nickel - Adds 5 coins to your wallet.
    Tarot Card - Grants a random Tarot card to your consumable (Q) slot. (see pills)
    Pill - Gives the player 1 pill of the variety picked up (see pills)
    Treasure - Grants the player a passive effect.
    Activatable Treasure - Grants the player an activatable item to their item
    (SPACE) slot.
    Familiar Treasure - Grants the player a familiar/orbital
    TREASURE GUIDE                 |
    These items go into your SPACE slot.
    You can only carry one at a time so choosing wisely is important!
    After being used, the item must "recharge" its 6 bars over the course of a set
    number of rooms (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6).
    If an item recharges in X rooms, it gives Y bars per room:
    0 - N/A
    1 - 6
    2 - 3
    3 - 2
    4 - 1, 2, 2, 1
    6 - 1
    An item with 0 recharge time can be used immediately after its effect is
    finished to an unlimited total per room.
    *Anarchist Cookbook - A white book with the anarchy A on the cover.
    Randomly generates 6 troll bombs in the room.
    3 Room Recharge
    -Occasionally dropped by Pride
    *The Bean - A small brown bean
    Releases a cloud of gas around the player that damages and poisons all enemies
    in range.
    1 Room Recharge
    -Unlocked after destroying 50 poop piles.
    *Bob's Rotten Head - A green, eyeless head
    Holds the Head over the player, replaces next attack.
    Thrown in a chosen direction, explodes on impact dealing blast damage and
    poisoning the enemies.
    Can hurt the player.
    3 Room Reacharge
    *The Bible - A light brown book with a black cross on the cover
    Grants the player angel wings for the room.
    Instantly kills the final bosses of the Depths and the Womb.
    Instantly kills the player if used against the final boss in Sheol.
    Appears more frequently once the Rosary is picked up.
    6 Room Recharge
    *The Book of Belial - A black book with a pentagram on the cover.
    Removes the players eyes and increases/multiplies attack power for the room.
    3 Room Recharge
    -Unlocked by finishing chapter 4
    -Judas Starts with this item
    *The Book of Revelations - A Dark brown book with a white cross on the cover.
    Adds 1 soul heart to the player's HP
    When used, increases the chances that the level's boss will be a rider.
    6 Room Recharge
    -Unlocked By Defeating any Rider.
    -Commonly found in shops
    *Book of Shadows - A light tan book with a strange symbol on the cover.
    Shields the player from all damage for a short period of time by granting a
    shield. The shield will flicker before it disappears.
    3 Room Recharge
    *The Book of Sin - A black book with a bloody 7 on the cover.
    Spawns a random pick-up (Hearts, keys, coins or bombs)
    4 Room Recharge
    -Unlocked by defeating each of the Seven Deadly Sins at least once.
    *Monster Manual - A small AD&D monster manual
    Grants the player a random orbital or familiar for the duration of the room.
    Can summon familiars that have not been unlocked.
    4 Room Recharge.
    -Unlocked by completing chapter 5 with Judas.
    *The Necronomicron - A brown book with a face on the cover.
    Damages all enemies in the room heavily.
    6 Room Recharge.
    -Unlocked after using the "Death" Tarot 4 times.
    *Dead Sea Scrolls - A tan scroll with black markings.
    Randomly duplicates another treasure.
    If an activated item is duplicated, the ability activates instantly.
    If the item duplicated has a 0-room recharge, the scrolls will recharge
    If the item is duplicated is a passive item, it will remain permanently.
    Can duplicate items that have not been unlocked.
    4 Room Recharge.
    *Deck of Cards - A Brown box with an adjacent tarot card.
    Grants a random tarot card (any previous consumable item will fall to the
    player's feet)
    6 Room Recharge
    *The Dice (Aka "the D6!") - A red dice
    "Re-rolls" all treasures in the room, replacing them with new random-generated
    If the treasure re-rolled was not randomly generated (ie cube of meat or
    boss-specific treasures) or was generated from a specific list (ie Satan's
    items) the re-rolled items will retain the same randomization properties.
    3 Room Recharge
    -Unlocked by completing chapter 4 with ???
    -Isaac starts the game with this item once unlocked.
    *Doctor's Remote - A black box with a button and antenna
    Summons a crosshair which can be adjusted with the arrow keys.
    Drops a bomb on the crosshair after a short delay.
    3 Room Recharge
    *Teleport! - A blue box with a button and antenna
    Randomly teleports the player to another room.
    2 Room Recharge
    *Forget Me Now - A white tablet
    Ends the level, returns the player to the starting room and randomly
    re-generates the entire level over again.
    Consumed with use.
    Unlocked by completing chapter 5 with ???
    *The GameKid - A small portable game system (guess which)
    Turns the player into a "pac-man" like creature.
    Grants 5 seconds of invulnerability.
    Deals touch damage to all enemies.
    Each enemy killed restores 1/2 heart.
    Enemies turn a shade of blue and flee from the player.
    6 Room Recharge.
    Unlocked by visiting 10 arcades across any number of playthroughs.
    *The Hourglass - A small hourglass
    Slows enemies and their projectiles for about 7-8 seconds.
    2 Room Recharge.
    *Kamikaze! - A Bundle of dynamite with a clock attatched
    Consumes 1 Heart to generate and explosion at the player's feet.
    The player wears the item around his body while carried.
    0 Room Recharge.
    *Lemon Mishap - A Lemon
    Causes a "lemon mishap" at the player's feet, generating a small puddle that
    damages all enemies who touch it.
    2 Room Recharge.
    *Mom's Bottle of Pills - A Prescription Pill Bottle
    Grants the player a random pill (any previous consumable item will fall to the
    player's feet)
    6 Room Recharge
    -Unlocked by using Blood Donation Machines 20 times
    *Mom's Bra - A large bra
    Wears the bra and petrifies all enemies in the room for 5 seconds.
    3 Room Recharge.
    *Mom's Pad - A woman's pad
    Causes enemies to flee from the player while in use.
    3 Room Recharge.
    *Monstro's Tooth - A bloody bicuspid
    Monstro falls from the sky and crushes an enemy dealing massive damage.
    3 Room Recharge.
    -Unlocked by beating every one of the normal bosses in the basement at least
    once across any number of playthroughs.
    -Cannot be used against Monstro or if Monstro is present in the room.
    *Mr. Boom - A small smiling bomb
    Drops a large "Mr. Boom" bomb which can destroy doors and has a larger blast
    2 Room Recharge.
    *My Little Unicorn - A white unicorn horn
    Gives the player a unicorn horn and temporary invulnerability. Deals touch
    damage to all enemies when in use.
    Cannot attack normally while in use (exception: Mom's Knife)
    6 Room Recharge.
    *The Nail - A bloody metal spike
    When used, turns the player into a demon with twisted horns.
    When used:
    Grants 1 soul heart.
    Increases attack power by 1.
    Decreases speed by 1.
    Walking over rocks destroys them.
    Can break down the arena doors.
    6 Room Recharge.
    -Can only be found in Satan's Room or by defeating the Fallen.
    -Unlocked by completing the chapter 4 3 times.
    *A Pony - A Black Horse Head
    While carried, the player rides a hobby-horse like the Headless Horseman.
    Grants passive flight over obstacles.
    When used, will charge in the direction of the next movement, granting
    temporary invulnerability and damaging enemies hit.
    6 Room Recharge.
    Frequently dropped by the Headless Horseman
    *The Poop - A Brown pile
    Drops a Poop pile next to the player - identical to those found in the basement.
    Has a small chance of containing a pick-up item when destroyed.
    Blocks enemy movement.
    1 Room Recharge.
    -Unlocked with ??? after completing chapter 4 10 times
    -??? Starts with this item.
    *Razor Blade - A silver Razor Blade
    Deals damage to the player and grants a temporary attack boost for the room.
    Effect stacks
    Deals 1/2 heart of damage.
    Damage increased to 1 heart in the Depths, 2 in the Womb or deeper.
    0 Room Recharge
    -Unlocked by completing chapter 4 with Eve.
    *The Pinking Shears - A pair of clippers
    Separates the player's head and body.
    Grants flight while in use.
    The player's body will act as a familiar for the remainder of the room,
    attacking and dealing touch damage to enemies in the room.
    6 Room Recharge
    -Unlocked after dying 100 times.
    *Shoop Da Whoop! - The iconic face.
    When used, grants the player the "Chargin' Mah Lazor" Face.
    Next attack fires a delayed lazor which deals heavy damage to everything in its
    3 Room Recharge.
    -Occasionally dropped by Envy
    *Tammy's Head - A cat's head.
    When used, fires a 10 way pattern of shots that retain most of the player's
    attack-modifying abilities.
    *We Need to Go Deeper - A shovel
    Spawns a trapdoor to the next level.
    NULLIFIES the 0-damage achievements for the level if used to skip the 2nd Floor
    of a level.
    6 Room Recharge.
    *Yum Heart - A red heart missing a bit-out chunk.
    Restores 1 full heart of HP
    4 Room Recharge
    -Unlocked with Madgeline
    -Madgeline Starts with this item.
    Once picked up these items permantently alter a stat or ability with the
    player. Some passive treasures override each other, some have positive
    interactions, some have negative interactions.
    <3 - A red heart
    Adds a beating heart to Isaac's Chin
    +1 Max HP
    Restores player to full HP
    9 Volt - a 9V battery
    Adds a bloody batter jammed into Isaac's skull
    Activated items are reduced to 2 bars out of 6 when used instead of 0.
    Recharges an item carried when picked up
    Commonly found in shops
    Battery - Large battery with a bolt on it
    Adds Electrodes to Isaac's neck
    Recharges 1 bar of item power every 20 seconds in a room with enemies, up to 3
    bars per room.
    The Belt
    Gives Isaac a belt around his waist
    +2 Speed
    Blood Bag
    Stains Isaac's face and mouth with blood
    +1 Max HP
    +1 Speed
    Heals 4 HP when picked up
    Given as a final reward from Blood Donation Machines
    Blood of the Martyr - A thorn crown
    Grants a crown of thorns above Isaac's head
    +2 Damage
    Turns tears to blood
    Bobby Bomb - A small bomb with feet and a crank
    Bombs dropped or fired will slowly slide towards enemies
    Grants 5 bombs when picked up
    BOOM! - A large bomb with an x10
    Puts a lit fuse on Isaac's head
    Grants 10 bombs when picked up
    Breakfast - spoiled milk
    +1 Max HP
    Brimstone - A black and red arcane symbol
    Turns the player into a black demon with horns
    Replaces normal attack with a charge.
    No knockback effect
    When fully charged, fires a blood beam that covers the entire length of the
    room, dealing heavy damage to all enemies.
    When combined with Chocolate Milk, Brimstone can be fired rapidly but deals far
    less damage.
    Overrides all attacks other than Mom's Knife
    Damage increase will increase beam damage, Tears increase will shorten charge
    Dropped by the Fallen and found in Devil Rooms
    Bucket of Lard
    Makes the player fat
    +2 Max HP (unfilled)
    heals 1/2 Heart
    -1 Speed
    Charm of the Vampire - a black bat
    Gives Isaac a single fang and a tuft of black widow's peak, makes his face pale
    Every 13th enemy killed heals 1/2 heart
    Chocolate Milk - A glass of chocolate milk
    Isaac will spit brown tears
    Auto-rapidfire of tears is removed, holding the attack button will charge a
    stronger attack
    The Common Cold - a glob of green snot
    Turns Isaac's face green, he appears sickly
    Spits green tears
    Tears randomly poison enemies for 2.5 seconds
    Unlocked by finding any 2 of the following items in any one playthrough: The
    Virus, Roid Rage, Growth Hormones
    The Compass
    Shows the locations of the Boss Room, Arcades, Treasure Rooms, Shops, Mini-Boss
    Rooms on your map. Does not reveal the map layout.
    Cupid's Arrow - an Arrow
    Adds a headband with a feather to Isaac's head
    Tears pierce enemies but lose knockback effect.
    Dessert - A bag of dog food
    +1 Max HP
    Dinner - A can of dog food
    +1 Max HP
    A Dollar
    +99 pennies (max)
    Dropped by the Slot machine when jackpot is rolled
    Dr. Fetus - A Fetus in a Jar
    Grants Isaac the iconic Top Hat and Monocle
    Reduces firing rate
    Replaces tears with bombs that slide over pits and can be pushed around (still
    hurts you if caught in blast)
    Growth Hormones - a purple syringe
    Large growths on Isaac's face/head
    +2 Damage
    +2 Speed
    The Halo
    Gives Isaac a Golden Halo
    +1 Damage
    +1 Max HP
    +1 Speed
    +1 Tears
    +1 Range
    Unlocked by defeating the 2nd floor Chapter 3 or 4 boss with the Bible item
    (instantly kills that boss when used)
    The Inner Eye - A White eye
    Gives Isaac an open third eye on his forehead
    Reduces tears stat to minimum
    Fires 3 tears in a triangle formation with each shot
    Triples the damage for Technology and Brimstone but minimizes firing
    speed/charge time
    The Ladder
    Allows the player to cross over pits where they are only 1 space wide.
    Lokis Horns - A small set of horns
    Give the player short horns
    Occasionally fires 4 tears in a + pattern instead of a normal attack
    Lord of the Pit - A Black inverted Cross
    Turns the player black and grants Demon Wings
    Allows the player to fly
    Allows the player to bypass Arena doors
    Lucky Foot - A foot with an attached ring
    Puts a gold ring around Isaac's left foot
    Random unidentified pills always have a positive/neutral effect
    Raises the chance of finding items in fires/poo piles
    Raises the odds of winning the Skull game to 50%
    Golden chests drop treasures more frequently
    Cain starts with this item
    Unlocked by having $0.55 or more at any time during a playthrough
    Lunch - a dog bowl
    +1 Max HP
    A Lump of Coal - A black rock
    Stains Isaac's face with coal
    Turns tears black
    Tears grow in size and do more damage as they travel farther
    Unlocked/dropped by defeating Krampus
    Magic Mushroom - A red spotted mushroom
    Isaac gets much bigger
    Fully heals the player when picked up
    +1 Max HP
    +1 Damage
    +1 Speed
    +1 Tears
    +1 Range
    Magneto - a magnet
    Puts a magnet on Isaac's head
    Attracts coins, hearts, soul hearts, bombs and troll bombs to the player when
    close enough. Items will move through all obstacles.
    The Mark - a triangle of 6s
    Puts the Mark on Isaac's forehead
    +2 Damage
    Grants a Soul heart
    Max's Head - a puppy's head
    Isaac's eyes grow bigger and sadder
    +1 Damage
    Bigger tears
    Mini Mush - a small blue mushroom
    shrinks Isaac
    +1 Speed
    +1 Range
    Mom's Contacts - A red eye
    Gives Isaac a red contact with eyelashes
    Turns tears bright red
    Randomly petrifies enemies for 2.5 seconds when they are hit
    Unlocked by finding Mom's Eye and any other "Mom's" item in one playthrough
    Mom's Eye - a white eye with eyelashes
    Gives Isaac an eye in the back of his head
    Randomly fires a tear backwards each time you attack
    Mom's Heels - Red pumps
    Gives Isaac red heels on his feet
    +2 Range
    Mom's Knife
    Gives Isaac Mom's skirt and knife held in front of him
    Replaces Isaac's tears with Mom's Knife
    Enemies touched by the knife take damage
    Knife can be charged and thrown, more charge sends the knife farther, deals
    more damage when thrown
    Overrides ALL attacks
    Unlocked by completing chaper 5 with Isaac
    Mom's Lipstick
    Gives Isaac lipstick
    +1 Range
    Mom's Underwear
    Give Isaac girl's underwear
    +1 Range
    Money=Power - a $ symbol
    gives Isaac $-$ glasses
    +1 Damage per 10 coins carried
    Unlocked after completing chapter 4 8 times
    Mr. Mega - a Big Bomb with an angry face
    Gives Isaac a grey helmet identical to Wrath, his head shakes rapidly
    All bombs dropped/fired turn into Mr. Mega/Mr. Boom Bombs with a larger
    +5 Bombs on pickup
    Unlocked by using many bombs across many playthroughs
    My Reflection - A cracked mirror
    Puts a blue u on Isaac's forehead
    Reduces range to default, halves overall max range
    Tears will travel to the end of their range and will return to the player
    before falling
    Returning tears will always return on a path that homes with the player, if the
    tear travels past the player it will return again.
    Number One - a yellow tear
    Isaac smiles!
    Turns tears yellow, tears now come from Isaac's body and he closes his eyes
    while firing
    Reduces Range to minimum
    Increases Tears to maximum
    Odd Mushroom (1) - A thin, shrivelled mushroom
    Shrinks Isaac's head
    Randomly causes any combination of the following:
    +1 speed
    Max Tears
    -1 Max HP
    -1 Damage
    Odd Mushroom (2) - A fat mushroom with a wide cap
    Makes Isaac's head bigger
    Randomly causes any combination of the following:
    +1 Damage
    Overall size increase
    +1 Max HP
    Ouija Board
    Removes Isaac's eyes and makes his face pale and wailing, no longer cries
    Tears travel through terrain and obstacles but NOT enemies
    Reduces damage against poo piles, explosives and fires
    The Pact - A blood soaked paper
    Turns Isaac black and gives him small horns and an aggressive look
    +1 Damage
    +1 Tears
    Adds 2 Soul Hearts
    The Parasite - A pink slug
    Puts a parasite on Isaac's head
    When tears hit an obstacle that stops them, they will split in two and fire out
    at 90 degree angles
    Unlocked by collecting any two of the following in one playthrough: Bob's
    Rotten Head, Tammy's Head, Max's Head, Guppy (Dead Cat)
    Gives Isaac two large horns
    +2 Damage
    Increases the odds of finding a Devil room after each boss is defeated
    Gives Isaac a surgeon's mask
    Identifies pills after a short waiting period after pickup
    Pills consumed always have positive effects of neutral effects (-1 stat effects
    become +1, Bad trip becomes full health)
    Blood Donation Machines drop a higher average amount of cash per use
    A Quarter
    +25 coins
    Unlocked after completing chapter 4 4 times
    Note: this item can be found in shops, in which case it will ALWAYS give a
    profit when purchased.
    Raw Liver
    +2 Max HP
    Restores HP to full
    -1 Range
    Roid Rage - a green syringe
    Gives Isaac a roid rage face
    +2 Speed
    +2 Range
    Rosary - a set of beads with a cross
    Gives Isaac a small cross necklace
    Grants 3 soul hearts
    Bibles appear more frequently in shops and sometimes as treasures
    Rotten Meat - a chicken leg
    +1 Max HP
    The Sad Onion
    Isaac Cries MUCH Harder
    x2 Tears
    Skatole - A fly with a heart above it
    Gives Isaac a pile of poo on his head
    Converts attack flies into normal flies
    Normal flies do not deal touch damage
    Pooters no longer deal touch damage and will not attack
    Boom Flies/Bloat Flies are slowed
    Moters do not deal touch damage and do not spawn attack flies when killed
    Rewarded by the Shell Game
    Skeleton Key
    Gives Isaac a keyhole on his forehead
    +99 Keys
    Small Rock
    Jams a rock into Isaac's skull
    Turns tears grey
    +2 Damage
    +1 Speed
    Can only be found in Magic Rocks
    Unlocked by blowing up 50 rocks across any number of playthroughs
    Spelunker Hat
    Gives Isaac a Spelunker Helmet
    Shows if adjacent rooms are Mini-Boss or Secret Rooms
    Unlocked by completing the Caves
    Spider's Bite - A black spider
    Gives Isaac a spider bite on his head
    Tears will randomly slow enemies for 2.5 seconds when hit
    Spoon Bender - a Bent silver spoon
    Gives Isaac a purple glowing gemstone in his forehead, closes his eyes
    Turns tears purple
    Tears home in on enemies, will curve and turn around to hit enemies.
    Steam Sale - a 50% off coupon
    Hangs a coupon from Isaac's right ear
    All items in Shops are at sale price (red)
    Steven - A Black Face
    Gives Isaac a small face sprouting from his head
    +2 Damage
    Steven will randomly drop this as well and will always drop this if the player
    already has Little Steve
    Super Banadge
    Isaac Wears a bandage on his head and Bandage Girl's flower
    +1 Max HP
    Adds 2 Soul Hearts
    Unlocked by defeating all 4 horsemen in one playthrough
    Technology - a cyborg eye
    Give player the technology bionic attachment
    Gives Isaac Lasers instead of a tear, which always comes from the Technology eye
    Lasers pierce enemies (but not terrain) and no longer knock back enemies
    Transcendence - a noose
    Removes Isaac's body (if Isaac is black from a demon effect, he will have wings
    Allows the player to fly
    Can bypass arena doors
    Only found in secret rooms
    Unlocked by completing chapter 4 2 times
    Treasure Map
    Reveals the floor layout and the location of the Secret room
    The Virus - Red Syringe
    Isaac looks infected and is covered in boils and sores
    Touching enemies damages them and poisons them for 2.5 seconds
    The Wafer
    Grants Isaac a blue aura
    Reduces all damage to 1/2 heart or half of it's assigned value (ie the Razor
    Blade in later chapters)
    Note: this item reduces all purchases in the Devil Room with ??? to 1/2 of one
    soul heart
    Unlocked by completing chapter 4 7 times
    The Whore of Babylon - a Black Moon and Star
    Activates when the player's HP is exaclt 1/2 of one heart (soul hearts are
    ignored, making this item VERY useful for ???)
    When active, the player turns into the "Whore of Babylon" with curvy horns,
    sharp teeth, black skin and a red cross on the forehead
    When active, multiplies the current damage dealt by players (exact amount
    Effects wear off when the player has 1 HP or more
    Wiggle Worm - a blue worm thing
    Isaac's head shakes rapidly
    Tears travel faster and fire along a wavy path.
    Tear paths are no longer effected by player movement
    Wire Coat Hanger
    Jams a coat hanger through Isaac's head
    +2 Tears
    Wooden Spoon
    Gives Isaac beat marks from the spoon
    +2 Speed
    X-Ray Vision - glasses with eyes on them
    Gives Isaac X-Ray glasses
    Allows the player to pass freely into adjacent secret rooms (will appear as
    holes in the wall) and also exit secret rooms into any adjacent room.
    These treasures follow the player or orbit around you.
    Familiars that attack with projectiles will attack when the player attacks.
    You can have a maximum of 3 close orbitals.
    Two orbitals will be opposite one another, three will be spaced out at 120
    degrees from one another.
    1UP - A green spotted mushroom
    Follows the player
    Grants the player an extra life - if you die it will be consumed and you will
    respawn in the previous room with full HP.
    Appears only in secret rooms
    Guppy ("Dead Cat") - A Dead Black cat
    A floating cat head follows the player.
    Grants 9 lives total.
    Reduces HP to 1 when obtained.
    Reduces HP to 1 when the player respawns.
    -If the player dies when picking this item up (when purchased from Satan), it
    will count as a respawn using the item.
    Dead Bird - A dead black bird
    When obtained, is worn on the player's head.
    If at any time the player receives damage, for the duration of the room, the
    Dead Bird comes to life and attacks enemies in the room.
    Flies over obstacles.
    -Unlocked with Eve
    -Eve Starts with this item
    Bomb Bag - A Small sack with a bomb on it.
    Follows the player
    Drops a random bomb item (Bomb, 1 +1 Free, Troll bomb) after every 3 rooms
    Unlocked by completing chapter 5 with Cain
    Sack of Pennies - A small sack with a penny on it
    Follows the player
    Drops a penny or nickel after every 2 rooms completed.
    Unlocked by completing chapter 4 with Cain
    Little C.H.A.D. - A small C.H.A.D.
    Follows the player
    Drops a half heart after every 2 rooms completed.
    Unlocked by defeating C.H.A.D. in the caves
    Always dropped by C.H.A.D.
    Halo of FLies
    Grants 2 Pretty Flies to the player
    -Pretty Fly-
    Close orbital
    Obtained by either "Halo of Flies" Treasure, a random reward from a slot
    machine, or from a Pretty Fly Pill
    Forever Alone
    Grants a distant blue attack fly that orbits the player, farthest orbital.
    Damages enemies on contact.
    Distant Admiration
    Grants a semi-distant red attack fly that orbits the player, intermediate
    distance. Damages enemies on contact.
    The Relic - a Blue Cross
    Follows the player
    Drops a soul heart every 4 rooms.
    Follows the player
    Fires a small laser (see Technology) with the player.
    Unlocked by completing chapter 4 with Judas.
    Little Steve
    Follows the player
    Fires homing shots (see Spoon Bender) with the player
    Unlocked by defeating Steven
    Frequently dropped when Steven is defeated as a boss in the Basement
    Little Gish - a tiny Gish
    Follows the player
    Fires tar shots that slow enemies with the player.
    Unlocked by defeating Gish
    Always dropped when Steven is defeated as a boss in the Depths
    Little Chubby - a miniature Chub
    Follows the player
    When the player attacks, he will fly forward and attack all enemies he touches,
    then will return to the player.
    Unlocked by defeating each of the normal bosses in the caves at least once
    across any number of playthroughs.
    Guardian Angel - a small angel
    Close Orbital
    Speeds up all other orbitals controlled by the player
    Unlocked by completing chapter 5 with Maggy
    Demon Baby - A small black demon
    Follows the player
    Automatically attacks all nearby enemies with rapid firing, short range blood
    Unlocked by completing chapter 5 with Eve
    Brother Bobby - A small blue spirit.
    Follows the player
    Spits small tears
    Sister Maggy - A small red spirit.
    Follows the player
    Spits small blood balls (greater damage)
    Cube of Meat - A red cube
    Close orbital.
    Similar to pretty fly.
    Can be obtained multiple times.
    2nd pickup changes the cube into a floating head which fires blood balls with
    the player.
    3rd pickup changes the head into a mini Super Meat Boy familiar that follows
    the player and attacks enemies with touch damage (loses ranged attack)
    4th pickup enlarges Super Meat Boy and increases the damage he deals.
    -Dropped by Riders or the Headless Horseman
    Through exploitation of the Dice and the Forget Me Now, more than 4 cubes of
    meat can be obtained in one game. Additional cubes can generate a second
    orbital once the first is completed and more than one Meat Boy can be created,
    though this is rare and difficult.
    Unlocked by completing chapter 3 once.
    --Pills Here!--
    There are 6 different pills in the Binding of Isaac, when a pill is found it is
    randomly assigned an unassigned pill effect from the list of possible effects.
    Pills are unidentified on pickup and identify when consumed.
    Picking up another pill card will drop whatever card or pill you are carrying.
    Pill Styles:
    1 - All Blue
    2 - Half Blue, Half White
    3 - All Orange
    4 - All White
    5 - Half Red, Half Pink
    6 - Half Red with the other half filled with Red Pellets
    Pill Effects:
    "Bad Gas" - The player releases a fart cloud, poisoning all nearby enemies for
    2.5 seconds
    "Bad Trip" - Deals 1 Damage to the player, if the player would normally die
    from this effect, they are granted Full Health instead.
    "Balls of Steel" - +2 Soul Hearts
    "Bombs are Key" - Exchanges Keys and Bombs
    "Explosive Diarrhea" - Drops 5 troll bombs at the player's feet as they move
    "Full Health" - Restores HP to full
    "Health Up" - +1 Max HP
    "Health Down" - -1 Max HP, if the player has a Max HP of 1 when consumed, they
    get +1 instead
    "I Found Pills" - And I Ate Them! Gives the player a dumb look on their face
    "Pretty Fly" - Grants 1 Pretty Fly Orbital Familiar
    "Range Up" - +1 Range
    "Range Down" - -1 Range
    "Speed Up" - +1 Speed
    "Speed Down" - -1 Speed
    "Tears Up" - +1 Tears
    "Tears Down" - -1 Tears
    "Telepills" - Teleports the player to a random room or to the I Am Error! Room
    --Tarot Cards--
    There are 22 Tarot Cards total, roman numerals 0 to XXI. They are face down
    when dropped and are revealed to the player when picked up.
    Picking up another tarot card will drop whatever card or pill you are carrying.
    0 - The Fool - Teleports you to the starting room of the current floor
    I - The Magician - Grants homing tears for the current room only
    II - The High Priestess - Mom's foot crushes down on a random enemy dealing
    massive damage, hit's the player if no enemies are present.
    III - The Empress - Turns the player into the Whore of Babylon for one room only
    IV - The Emperor - Teleports the player to the Boss Room
    V - The Hierophant - Spawns 2 Soul Hearts
    VI - The Lovers - Spawns 2 Full Hearts
    VII - The Chariot - Same Effect as My Little Unicorn
    VIII - Justice - Spawns one of each of the following: a half heart, full heart
    or soul heart; a bomb, 1+1 Free or troll bomb; a penny or nickel; and a key
    IX - The Hermit - Teleports the player to the shop or a random room if there is
    no shop
    X - Wheel of Fortune - Spawns a slot machine
    XI - Strength - Temporarily mirrors the effect of the Magic Mushroom; effects
    wear off after one room. (The +1 max HP stays if you are ???)
    XII - The Hanged Man - Removes the player's body and grants flight for the
    current room only.
    XIII - Death - Deals heavy damage to all enemies in the room.
    XIV - Temperance - Spawns a Blood Donation Machine
    XV - The Devil - Damage multiplier, same effects as the Book of Belial
    XVI - The Tower - Spawns 6 troll bombs in the room
    XVII - The Stars - Teleports the player to the Treasure Room. Random teleport
    if none exists.
    XVIII - The Moon - Teleports the player to the Secret Room
    XIX - The Sun - Combined effects of Full Heal, the Death Tarot, and the World
    XX - Judgement - Spawns a Beggar
    XXI - The World - Reveals the entire map and every room in it, including the
    secret room.
    Achievements/Unlockables       |
    These grant "secrets" in your stats section, of which there are many!
    The Following Secrets are also Achievements in the Steam Browser.
    The Radioactive Spider
    Complete the Basement!
    Finishing the Basement II
    Unlocks the Spider's Bite treasure
    Monstro's Tooth
    Defeat all bosses in the Basement!
    Beat each of the 4 major Bosses in the Basement
    Unlocks the Monstro's Tooth treasure
    The Spelunker
    Complete the Caves!
    Finishing the Caves II
    Unlockes the Spelunker Helmet Treasure
    Lil Chubby
    Defeat all bosses in the Caves!
    Beat each of the 4 major bosses in the Basement
    Unlocks Lil Chubby treasure
    I Killed Mom!
    Kill Mom...
    Finish the Depths II
    Title screen change (Isaac beats mom!)
    Loki's Horns
    Defeat all Bosses in the Depths!
    Beat each of the 3 Major bosses in the Depths
    Unlocks Loki's Horns treasure
    The Rock
    I Like to break things...
    Destroy 50 stones
    Unlocks the Small Rock treasure
    The Bean
    You don't wanna know where this has been...
    Destroy 50 poop piles
    Unlocks the Bean treasure
    Mom's Pill Bottle
    Mom needs her pills! Donate blood
    Donate blood 20 times
    Unlocks Mom's Pill Bottle treasure
    The Gamekid
    I lost mine in the arcade...
    Enter 10 arcades.
    Unlocks the Gamekid treasure
    The Common Cold
    Dirty needles.... eww
    Collect any 2 of the 3 syringe items in one game: The Virus, Roid Rage, Growth
    Unlocks the Common Cold treasure
    Mr. Mega!
    Kids shouldn't play with matches...
    Destroy 10 magic rocks
    Unlocks Mr. Mega treasure
    The Book of Sin
    Destroy the 7 Sins...
    Defeat each of the 7 Deadly sins at least once each
    Unlocks the Book of Sin treasure
    Mom's Contacts
    Stay out of Mom's things!
    Collect Mom's Eye after collecting any other "Mom's" item in the same game
    Unlocks Mom's Contacts treasure
    The Parasite
    Kids shouldn't play with dead things...
    Collect any 2 "dead things" in one game: Max's Head, Tammy's Head, the Dead
    Cat, Bob's Rotten Head.
    Unlocks the Parasite treasure
    The Necronomicon
    Call death upon all of them!
    Use the Death Tarot card 4 times across any number of games.
    Unlocks the Necronomicon treasure
    The Halo
    Give Mom a taste of her own medicine!
    Defeat Mom or Mom's Heart using the Bible
    Unlocks the Halo treasure
    The Bandage
    Make Super Meat Boy!
    Defeat each of the 4 riders in any one game (Famine, Pestilence, War AND Death)
    Unlocks the Super Bandage treasure
    The Shears
    I've lost my head one too many times...
    Die 100 times
    Unlocks the Pinking Shears treasure
    Maggy's Wig
    At any time, have a max HP of 7
    Unlocks Maggy and the Yum Heart treasure
    Cain's Eyepatch
    At any time, have 55 coins or more
    Unlocks Cain and the Luck Foot treasure
    Judas' Fez
    Finish the boss in the second floor of Chapter 4
    Unlocks Judas and the Book of Belial treasure. Changes the Title Screen (Broken
    Eve's Dead Bird
    Purchase 2 items from the devil in any one playthrough
    Unlocks Eve, the Dead Bird treasure and the Whore of Babylon treasure
    My Head Hurts...
    Defeat Steven
    Unlocks Little Steven treasure
    I need a hug...
    Defeat C.H.A.D.
    Unlocks Lil C.H.A.D. treasure
    I Have Sticker Fingers...
    Defeat Gish
    Unlocks Little Gish treasure
    The Noose
    Finish Chapter 4 a second time
    Unlocks Transcendence treasure
    The Nail
    Finish Chapter 4 a third time
    Unlocks the Nail treasure
    The Quarter
    Finish Chapter 4 a fourth time
    Unlocks the Quarter treasure
    The Fetus
    Finish Chapter 4 a fifth time
    Unlocks the Fetus in a Jar treasure
    Everything's Terrible
    Indeed it is...
    Finish Chapter 4 a sixth time
    Increases overall difficulty of the game, changes some in game odds, etc.
    The Wafer
    Finish Chapter 4 a seventh time
    Unlocks the Wafer treasure
    Money = Power
    Finish Chapter 5 an eight time
    Unlocks Money=Power treasure
    It Lives!
    Finish Chapter 5 a ninth time
    It Lives! will now be the boss of the second floor of Chapter 4. Changes Title
    Screen (Isaac in the Womb)
    Defeat It Lives!
    Unlocks ??? and the Poop treasure. Changes Title Screen (Dead Baby)
    The Bag
    Complete chapter 4 with Cain
    Unlocks the Sack of Pennies treasure
    The Robo-baby
    Complete chapter 4 with Judas
    The Cross
    Complete chapter 4 with Maggy
    Unlocks the Relic treasure
    The D6
    Complete chapter 4 with ???
    Unlocks the D6 treasure, Isaac now starts with the D6.
    The Razor Blade
    Complete chapter 4 with Eve
    Unlocks the Razor Blade treasure
    The Bomb Bag
    Complete chapter 5 with Cain
    Unlocks the Bomb Bag treasure
    Mom's Knife
    Complete chapter 5 with Isaac
    Unlocks Mom's Knife treasure
    Forget Me Now
    Complete chapter 5 with ???
    Unlocks the Forget Me Now treasure
    The Monster Manual
    Complete chapter 5 with Judas
    Unlocks the Monster Manual treasure
    The Guardian Angel
    Complete chapter 5 with Maggy
    Unlocks the Guardian Angel treasure
    The Demon Baby
    Complete chapter 5 with Eve
    Unlocks the Demon Baby treasure
    A Gift from Krampus
    Find and defeat Krampus
    Unlocks the Lump of Coal treasure
    Basement Boy
    Complete Basement without taking damage
    Spelunker Boy
    Complete the Caves without taking damage
    Dark Boy
    Complete the Depths without taking damage
    Mama's Boy
    Complete Chapter 4 without taking damage
    Golden God!
    100% the game!
    Collect every treasure excluding the Dollar and the Shears
    Changes Title Screen (Golden God!)
    The following are not Steam Achievements, but are still in Game Secrets
    Something from the Future - Complete the Basement many times - Unlocks Steven
    Something Cute - Complete the Caves many times - Unlocks C.H.A.D.
    Something Sticky - Complete the Depths many times - Unlocks Gish
    A Cube of Meat - Complete Chapter 3, the Depths - Unlocks the Cube of Meat
    The Horsemen are Loose! - Complete Chapter 3, the Depths - Unlocks the Riders
    and the Headless Horseman
    Mother Sleeps - Complete Chapter 3, the Depths - Unlocks Chapter 4
    every item unlocked with a character is also a secret found, there are a total
    of 63 secrets in game at the moment.
    NOTE: Chapter 5 has no official achievement unlocking it, instead, to reach it,
    the following conditions must be met:
    A) Complete chapter 4 with all of your Hearts full
    B) Complete chapter 4 after unlocking Everything's Terrible (raises odds
    C) Dig past Chapter 4's 2nd floor using We Need to Go Deeper
    Finishing Chapter 5 counts as an additional completion of chapter 4 in terms of
    achievements and rewards.
    Starting in the basement I as Isaac...
    I have 3 options, N, S, and W.
    Head North.
    Room contains 2 Gapers and some poop/rocks, another door leads E. After
    clearing both Gapers (and their subsequent gushers) I am rewarded with 1/2 a
    heart and another 1/2 heart from a poop pile.
    Head East.
    Room contains 4 Gapers enclosed in a stone circle with an opening, as the pour
    I out I pick them off. 1/2 Heart reward.
    Return to start point, head South.
    Room has 2 Mulligoons and a path East. 1 Key reward.
    Head East.
    Room has 6 Pacers and a gusher, also rocks enclosing a chest. Path East to Shop
    and South to Treasure Room. Penny reward.
    Head South.
    My treasure is the Charm of the Vampire! 2 Fires in the room contain 1 full
    heart and a penny.
    Head North into previous room, bomb North seeking Secret Room. Found it!
    Secret Room contains 6 Pennies.
    Return to start room.
    Head West.
    Room contains a pooter surrounded by 4 flies. Dodge behind rocks and pick them
    off, 1 penny reward. Path West.
    Continue West.
    Room contains a Stone circle with 2 pennies, a nickel and a magic rock... no
    bombs, curses! I'll check the shop after the boss.
    Head south to boss room.
    (See boss section)
    Take 1/2 heart damage but I'm rewarded with a full heart and a Cube of Meat!
    Head back to check out the Shop, I have 9 coins. Shop has 2 treasures and a
    soul heart... no bombs. Curses. Take the soul heart for 5 coins.
    Return to the trapdoor. Current loadout: 2 treasures, 4 coins, 3 HP and 1 SP.
    Final floor layout:
    B   R-R-$
    Off to an OK start, could have done better if I looked for the secret room
    later than sooner.
    Land in a room with 3 paths, N,S,W
    Head North.
    2 Clotties, stones and paths N and E.
    The bloodbath leaves me taking 1 full heart of damage (accursed clotties!) 1
    full heart reward... should have saved those 5 coins...
    Head East.
    Room has path E, 1 clotty. 1 Key reward
    Continue East.
    Empty room with Flaming Pentagram. Path N to shop, S to another room. Fires
    contain nothing :/
    Continue South.
    The battle costs m 1.5 hearts, but gives me back just as much in return. No
    treasures from the fat little jerk... Return to a previous room (N, W,W)
    Heading North.
    Dead end with a Clotty and 2 flies. 1 coin found in a poop pile.
    Return to Start point, head South.
    Path south, room contains 4 gushers and 4 Gapers held at bay with poop piles,
    one is a champion Gaper. 1 coin from the champion gaper and another 1 coin
    rewarded from the room itself. Magic Rock spotted and noted mentally.
    Head South.
    Path W to Treasure Room, E to Boss Room. Room contains a pooter, gusher, clotty
    and horf... oh my. They are sectioned off by a + of rocks, time to take them
    one at a time. 1 penny and 1/2 heart reward in center of rocks... not worth it.
    Unlock Treasure room....
    Anarchists Cookbook! Pretty Lame for a treasure, but I'm low on bombs so it's
    pretty handy.
    Return E and N to the room with the Magic Rock. Release my Anarchist's
    Cookbook... blows up everything BUT the magic rock :/, off to explore the path
    West from the start.
    Empty room with a normal chest. Contains an Orange pill... Explosive Diarrhea :/
    Head to the Boss...
    Vs. Monstro!
    He has 2 flies with him... pfft, this should be easy.
    Take 1/2 heart getting cocky at the end but I'm rewarded with a full heart and
    the coveted Super Bandage :D
    Current Loadout:
    4 Treasures, 7 coins, 4 HP and 2 SP
    Floor Layout:
      R   $
    R-R   b
    Could be doing much better with some predictable bombs, but no such luck. BOI
    seems to be taunting me here trying to blow me up but nothing else...
    Paths in all 4 directions... ooh boy options... Head N to start.
    Path North to Treasure room; 3 Sealed maws (one champion) and two moters. Take
    1/2 SP damage from an attack fly as it comes from the Moter, rewarded with a
    key and a chest. 2 coins and a Full Heart in the chest.
    Unlocking my Treasure...
    My Little Unicorn... what a joke. My least favorite item. At least I score one
    coin from a nearby fire.
    Return to start, head south.
    3 Hosts on an island. 1/2 SP damage from a wave of blood spewed at me... no
    Return to start, head East.
    Locked Chest on an island, rocks to build bridges (but no BOMBS :/) path East.
    Continuing East.
    A Hive on an island, path S to shop, E to another room.
    Continuing East.
    Dead End with 2 Hives. 1/2 SP damage from a fly spat at me, but 1+1 free bomb
    as a reward. YES! My cookbook is ready to go...
    Return to room with chest and unleash my cookbook. I create a bridge by luck,
    but miss the potential door to a possible secret room. Will return with a key
    Head West from Start
    Path West, 2 moters, 1 Hive. 1 Coin reward.
    Heading West.
    4 Maws (crud!) plenty of pits to keep me from dodging (double crud) and paths N
    and W. Lost my last SP, a troll bomb reward (really...)
    Head North.
    My slow speed costs me a full heart of touch damage, but I get a B/W pill
    reward... Speed+, yays.
    Return to last intersection and head West.
    2 Maws. Path W to boss, S to arena. 1 Coin reward. Arena remains locked, to the
    VS GURDY (crud...)
    Fortunately/Unfortunately this seems to be the Champion DARK Gurdy... less
    dodging but more killing. I use my Cookbook right off the bat. The rest of the
    fight is a long, toilsome killfest. Unrelenting pooters bring me down to 1.5
    Hearts, +1.5 from the boss and mom's underwear to boot.
    Return and guess/find the Secret room which nets me 6 coins. A left behind full
    heart brings me to 4 HP and opens up the arena...
    Normal chest... 1 Bomb and 1 full heart :/ between my charm and the heart I
    don't lose any HP overall. I curse my misfortunes and delve deeper.
    18 coins, 2 bombs, no keys. 4 HP and 5 treasures. Not too happy. Base stats...
    +1 Speed and +2 Range though. Not going to help me kill anything though.
        b ?-R
      A     R   $
    Paths N, W and E.
    Head North.
    Path north and Champion Globin. 1 Bomb and 1 coin rewards.
    Head North.
    8 Spitties on islands, 2 are champions. 1/2 Heart reward plus 2 keys I can't
    reach :/ Path East.
    Heading East.
    Dead end, 3 globins. Chest reward... 7 coins total (2 pennies + nickel :D) Try
    to bomb south but no secret room there.
    Return to start and head East.
    Empty room with 1 coin surrounded by spikes... not worth it. Paths south and
    Heading east.
    Locked shop to the north, 3 spitties, 2 hives (1 champion) all on an island.
    Cookbook wipes them all out but strands my reward of a key and bomb on the
    island (all my hate).
    Backtrack and head south.
    Path south to locked treasure room. Same layout as previous room (eh?) Still no
    keys and my rewards are 1.5 hearts I don't care to grab. Locked out of all the
    good stuff arg...
    Return to start, head west.
    Paths south and west, 3 hives to deal with. 1 key reward, yay! Saving it for a
    later choice of options.
    Head south.
    Path south, 2 hives and a host on an island. Cookbook makes them all go away
    but costs me 1 heart of blast damage.
    Head south.
    Path south, 2 hosts and a flesh host on an island blocked by rocks. Lose 1/2
    heart and no reward.
    Head south.
    2 Troll bombs reward, thanks alot you jerk. Charm and damage leave me with an
    overall 2.5 out of 4 HP.
    Backtrack North twice, check for a secret room. Found it! 3 Coins reward, pfft.
    Return to the junction leading west and explore.
    8 Spitties and no cover... Full heart reward, damage and self heal leaves me at
    3 HP. Path North and West.
    Heading North.
    Boss up North.
    5 Spitties and even less cover/moving space. 1 Bomb reward!
    Return to the junction and head west.
    3 Clotties on an island, path west to Arena. Self heal to 3.5 HP, a Speed+ Pill
    lands on the island... MINE!
    Grab an abandoned heart from another room and return to the Arena.
    Normal Chest... 1 coin and 1 key, 2 bombs final reward and leaves me at 2.5 HP.
    Ouch... worth it!
    Back to my Treasure/Shop... Ouija in the Treasure room.
    Now for the shop...
    Compass @ 15 coins, key for sale @ 3... BUYIN EM!
    To the Boss!
    VS Pestilence (thank you!)
    2nd cube of meat means a fighting familiar to help me out!
    Current layout:
    13 Coins, 3 Bombs, 1 Key, 8 Treasures, 2.5/4 HP, 4 Speed, Base attack/fire
    rate, 4 Range. Plus meat boy's head!
    Forgot the map, sorry...
    Land in the Depths 1
    My compass tells me the shop is NE, the Treasure is NW, the boss is E and the
    Miniboss is W.
    I can go S,W and E.
    Heading W.
    Path N, W and a Leech to deal with. A +Speed Pill reward!
    Head North.
    Dead end with 2 Blast flies and 3 Boils, 1 fly is a champion. Boils die first,
    flies next. 1 coin and 1 bomb reward.
    Backtrack and go West.
    2 Guts in a pit maze, 1 key reward, paths south and west.
    Going west.
    5 Vis, path north and west. Use my cookbook but take a little damage. 1 Bomb
    reward; total HP 2.5/4.
    Head north.
    3 Sentries, 2 boils, path north to treasure room as promised. 1 Bomb reward.
    Treasure... GUARDIAN ANGEL (yays!)
    Backtrack and head west.
    4 Knights, path south to miniboss; erratic Knights cost me some HP... down to
    1/4 :/
    Going south...
    2 Bombs and a coin reward... close call.
    Search for secret room... 2 failures, head to previous unexplored junction and
    head south.
    4 More knights, going to be careful this time.
    No reward, heading south.
    4 Hoppers, 1 Leaper. Dead end and a troll bomb reward. Backtrack and keep
    looking for secret room. 1 try, 1 failure.
    Backtrack and head south at start.
    Dead end,2 Globins, 3 hemoglobins, 1 champion of each... this could be the end.
    SAFE! +1/2 Hp from the charm, 3 bombs reward.
    Backtrack, head east.
    2 suckers, 2 medium Fistulas. Paths north and east. Now at 2/4 HP from healing.
    Head north.
    2 Sentries, 3 Brains (1 champ) path north to shop. Full heart reward, shearch
    for secret room... 2 tries, 2 fails. Into the shop.
    White pill @ 3 coin sale and Lemon Mishap at 15 coins, buy the pill...
    Telepills, return to shop again and put out fires.
    Backtrack, head east.
    Paths east and south. 3 Brains, 2 sentries. 1 Coin reward. Head south.
    3 Boils in a spike maze... 1 HP reward. Search for secret room... FINALLY...
    A slot machine... ouch. Gamble down to 7 coins and score 2 bombs and some
    hearts. At max HP now. Blow it up... Explosive Diarrhea Pill... I'll hold on to
    Backtrack and head east.
    6 Boils, 1 champ, path east. The bloodbath costs me a net 1/2 HP loss.
    6 Pooters on an island, Ouija makes quick work of them through the rocks. Bomb
    on to the island to score 2 bombs and a key.
    Boss time!
    VS Loki!
    Cookbook clears out some rocks and hurts him a bit... finish him off unscathed
    rewarding me with Rotten meat and a Devil Room...
    Satan offers me Sister Maggy for 3 Soul hearts (I have none :/) and the Mark
    for 2 HP... WORTH IT!
    Loadout and stats:
    11 Treasures, 7 coins, 8 bombs, 1 key, a stored pill (diarrhea), MAX Speed, 2
    Tears rate, 4 Attack, 4 Range, 3 HP 1 SP.
    Floor Layout:
      T       $
      R   R   R
    b   R   R   R-? B
    Last floor of a basic runthrough!!
    The Depths 2!
    The compass alerts me to a Treasure room (W), miniboss room (W, directly S of
    Treasure), boss room (SW), shop (E), arcade (S) and arena (SE) on this floor...
    this is going to take a while. Since the miniboss room is directly south of the
    treasure room I am going to assume it is greed in a secret room, I'll be sure
    to pay him a visit.
    Paths head N, W and E
    Going north...
    Slot machine on an island... path north.
    Going north.
    Path West, 2 leeches. Lose my SP to a leech, gain 2 bombs.
    Head West.
    Dead end, 3 vis, 1 is a champ.
    Current loadout, 8 coins, 10 bombs, 1 key... return to start and head west.
    Pokies, 2 babies, a boil and pits... a path south. A stranded key reward.
    Heading south.
    2 Mini blastocysts. Path west. 1 Bomb reward.
    Going West.
    Path south and another West to the Treasure room. That miniboss is 100% a Greed
    in a secret room, I'll visit him in a bit... Flesh host on an island, 4 pokies.
    stranded key reward.
    My treasure is... Mom's Pill Bottle. Use it once for +speed pill. Keeping this
    bottle instead of the book for now.
    Greed time!
    1 Bomb entrance fee, 1 heart damage, now I'm up to 18 coins thank you very
    Backtrack to start.
    Going east.
    Path east and south, magic rock spotted and a couple of suckers. 2 Soul hearts
    from the rock.
    Heading east.
    Path east, 4 sentries, 3 leapers, 1 is a champ. Costs me a soul heart but gives
    another back. Almost to the shop, one room to go.
    Heading east.
    4 Babies. 1 coin reward... but I have no keys to enter the shop... backtrack
    and head south.
    Chub and a path south. Feed on his young and feed him a bomb for a key and half
    a heart. Going to the shop!
    Buy the book of Revelations for 7 coins. +1 SP from the book right off the bat,
    going to recharge it hopefully before I meet up with the boss.
    Backtrack to the path south, heading towards the arena.
    Path east, path south to arena. 3 Knights, 1 champ knight, 1 Knightmare. Use a
    bomb to clear some breathing room, lose 1/2 SP and gain a few coins.
    Into the arena.
    Locked Chest... I'll be back.
    To the east.
    3 Bloat flies and a few sentries. Charm heals me back to full HP, 1 key
    reward... to the Arena again!
    A card of temperance is my reward... the battle leaves me with 3 HP, 1.5 SP and
    a bomb... using the card generates a blood donation machine which instantly
    yields a blood bag after 1 use (zomg lucky!) +1 Max HP for me!
    Backtrack to the room outside of the treasure room.
    Head south.
    Path South, 5 mr. Maws.
    Head south again.
    4 Babies, door to arcade is east, path west the boss is farther west still.
    Lose 1/2 SP to being WAAY too fast and gain a bomb... entering the arcade.
    No need for cash, time to gamble! 2 Keys, Skatole and all my coins are now
    gone... now to the blood bank. 2 HP nets me 9 coins... 9 coins nets me 1 Heart
    and a HP+ pill... 1 HP spent gets me 2 more coins. 2 coins gets me back 1 HP...
    which gets me 2 coins which get me nothing. Leaving for now, heading to the
    pre-boss room.
    3 Flesh hosts and 2 pokies. Recharges my Book and grants me 1/2 HP from the
    charm... going back.
    1 more use of the blood donation machine finally yields another blood bag,
    which increases my max HP by 1 and heals back all my losses.
    Blow up the slot machine... get 2 more bombs back... on to the boss.
    My loadout was not really that good for dealing heavy damage and the battle was
    costly. Mom leaves behind a Wire Coat Hanger leaving my stats at:
    15 Treasures, 0 Coins, 10 Bombs, 2 Keys, 1 Pill (diarrhea), plenty of abilities
    and 2 familiars.
    My post-mom stats are: Max Speed, 4 Tears Rate, 4 Attack, 4 Range. 1.5/6 HP and
    the book of Revelations which means for me plenty of SP to come.
      T-R-R-R   R
      b-R       R-R
    B-R-R-@     A
    I'm gonna stop here and let you explore the rest of BOI yourself, know that
    your run through the game will be entirely different in every way. At least
    this will let you know what to expect.

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