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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SENIORBILL

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/02/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                Borderlands 2
                       FAQ/Walkthrough for PS3 and Xbox 360
                                By SENIORBILL
                          Version 1.0 November 1, 2012
                       Copyright 2012 by William Poneta
                           E-mail: bilpon1@yahoo.com
                              TABLE OF CONTENTS
    Main mission can be accessed by typing an M before the number designation. The
    main mission, Plan B, for example, can be located by typing M005. Optional
    missions require an X. Symbiosis, for example, can be found by typing X005.
    Oftentimes a mission is acquired but pursued later. Typing the first letter of
    each word in the mission’s name will lead you to its point of origin. The
    acquisition point for the optional mission, The Chosen One, for example, can be
    located by typing TCO, the first letter of each word in the mission’s name.
                         Main Menu
    0>Main: Stranded >>>000
    0>Main: My First Gun >>>0000
    1>Main: Blindsided >>>001
    2>Main: Cleaning up the Berg >>>002
       1>Optional: This Town Ain’t Big Enough >>>001
       2>Optional: Shielded Favors >>>002
       3>Optional: Handsome Jack Here >>>003
       4>Optional: Bad Hair Day >>>004
       5>Optional: Symbiosis >>>005
    3>Main: Best Minion Ever >>>003
    4>Main: The Road to Sanctuary >>>004
    5>Main: Plan B >>>005
       6>Optional: Do No Harm >>>007
       7>Optional: Rock, Paper, Genocide: Fire Weapons! >>>007
                   Rock, Paper, Genocide: Shock Weapons!
                   Rock, Paper, Genocide: Corrosive Weapons!
                   Rock, Paper, Genocide: Slag weapons!
       8>Optional: Claptrap’s Stash >>>008
       9>Optional: The Name Game >>>009
       10>Optional: Medical Mystery   >>>010
                    Medical Mystery: X-Com-municate
       11>Optional: No Vacancy <<<011
       12>Optional: Neither Rain nor Sleet nor Skags <<<012
    6>Main: Hunting the Firehawk >>>006
       13>Optional: Cult Following: Eternal Flame <<<013
                    Cult Following: False Idols
                    Cult Following: Lighting the Match
                    Cult Following: The Enkindling
       14>Optional: In Memoriam <<<014
       15>Optional: Assassinate the Assassins <<<015
       16>Optional: Positive Self Image <<<016
       17>Optional: Too Close for Missiles <<<017
    7>Main: A Dam Fine Rescue <<<007
    7>Main: A Dam Fine Rescue <<<007B
       18>Optional: Splinter Group <<<018
       19>Optional: Mighty Morphin’ <<<019
    20>Optional: No Hard feelings <<<020
    8>Main: A Train to Catch <<<008
       21>Optional: You Are Cordially Invited: Party Prep <<<021
                    You Are Cordially Invited: RSVP
                    You Are Cordially Invited: Tea Time
    9>Main: Rising Action <<<009
    10>Main: Bright Lights, Flying City <<<010
       22>Optional: Won’t Get Fooled Again <<<022
       23>Optional: Mine All Mine <<<023
       24>Optional: The Pretty Good Train Robbery <<<024
       25>Optional: The Ice Man Cometh <<<025
       26>Optional: Claptrap’s Birthday Bash <<<026
       27>Optional: Out of Body Experience <<<027
       28>Optional: Hidden Journals <<<028
       29>Optional: The Overlooked: Medicine Man <<<029
                    The Overlooked: Shields Up
                    The Overlooked: This is Only a Test
       30>Optional: Arms Dealer <<<030
       31>Optional: Stalker of Stalkers <<<031
       32>Optional: Best Mother’s Day Ever <<<032
       33>Optional: Slap Happy <<<033
       34>Optional: Safe and Sound <<<034
       35>Optional: Perfectly Peaceful <<<035
       36>Optional: Minecar Mischief <<<036
       37>Optional: Torture Chairs <<<037
       38>Optional: The Cold Shoulder <<<038
       39>Optional: Swallowed Whole <<<039
       40>Optional: Not for Self-Person <<<040
       41>Optional: Clan War: Starting the War <<<041
                    Clan War: First Place
                    Clan War: Dead Drop
                    Clan War: End of the Rainbow
                    Clan War: Trailer Trashing
                    Clan War: Wakey, Wakey
                    Clan War: Zafords vs. Hodunks
       42>Optional: The Good the Bad and the Mordecai <<<042
    11>Main: Wildlife Preservation <<<M011
       43>Optional: Raakaholics Anonymous <<<043
       44>Optional: Animal Rights <<<044
    12>Main: The Once and Future Slab <<<012
       45>Optional: Shoot This Guy In the Face <<<045
       46>Optional: Poetic License <<<046
       47>optional: Hyperion Contract #873 <<<047
       48>Optional: Rocko’s Modern Strife <<<048
       49>Optional: Defend Slab Tower <<<049
       50>Optional: The Bane <<<050
       51>Optional: Breakin the Bank <<<051
       52>Optional: 3:10 to Kaboom <<<052
       53>Optional: Animal Rescue: Medicine <<<053
                    Animal Rescue: Food
                    Animal Rescue: Shelter
       54>Optional: Showdown <<<054
    13>Main: The Man Who Would Be Jack <<<013
       55>Optional: Written by the Victor <<<055
       56<Optional: Home Movies <<<056
       57>Optional: Hell Hath No Fury <<<057
       58>Optional: Statuesque <<<<058
    14>Main: Where Angels Fear to Tread Part 1 <<<014
    15>MAIN: Where Angels Fear to Tread Part 2 <<<015
       59>Optional: Bearer of Bad News <<<059
       60>Optional: BFF <<<060
       61>Optional: Demon Hunter <<<061
    16>Main: Toil and Trouble <<<016
       62>Optional: The Chosen One <<<062
       63>Optional: Capture the Flag <<<063
       64>Optional: The Lost Treasure <<<064
       65>Optional: Monster Mash Part 1 <<<065
                    Monster Mash Part 2
                    Monster Mash Part 3
       66>Optional: The Great Escape <<<066
       67>Optional: To Grandmother’s House We Go <<<067
       68>Optional: Kill Yourself <<<068
       69>Optional: Customer Service <<<069
       70>Optional: A Real Boy: Clothes Make the Man <<<070
       71>Optional: This Just In <<<071
    17>Main: Data Mining <<<017
       72>Optional: Hungry Like a Skag <<072>>>
       73>Optional: Get To Know Jack <<<073>>>
       74>Optional: Uncle Teddy <<<074>>>
    18>Main: Talon of God <<<018
                                   INTRODUCTION       <I001>
    It has been many years since the original Vault Hunters cracked the vault to
    find nothing but a monster with tentacles and a bad attitude. While there was
    no treasure, no technology and no power or fame, the opening of the vault did,
    however, trigger the appearance of a new, potent and valuable mineral called
    The powerful and ruthless Hyperion Corporation, and its even more sinister
    power broker, Handsome Jack, have occupied the planet to mine the valuable
    mineral and the inhabitants of the Borderlands are superfluous. The wealth has
    also attracted a new wave of Vault Hunters, and the intentions and perfidy of
    Handsome Jack is demonstrated when he sabotages their train. It’s now game on
    between the Vault Hunters, the Hyperion forces, the local bandits, the mutants
    and the fearsome fauna in a relentless sustained conflict across the expanse of
    the Borderlands of Pandora.
    Like the parent game, Borderlands, you will be able to choose one of four
    characters. This walkthrough is detailed using Axton to pursue a solo campaign.
    I believe his action skill is the best for a first-time solo campaign. His
    Sabre Turret is straight-forward and potent. The details will, however, work
    with the other characters as well.
    This is a huge open-world game with highly varied environments and enemies.
    Topping the original game was hard, but 2K Games has definitely done it. The
    walkthrough will chronicle a solo game by Axton, the Commando, and all the
    weapons and items listed were found during that playthrough and are indicative
    of what you can expect to find. This is a looter’s paradise like the first
    game; and the missions, even a majority of the “optional” ones, are oftentimes
    far more complex and lengthy than most of those in the original game.
    This document will advise and detail a campaign designed to keep the “Vault
    Hunter” away from the New-U Station. Extensive use of his action skill, the
    Sabre Turret, the use of cover, hit and run tactics and the use of advantageous
    sniping positions will dominate-not in-your-face, get you killed bullying
    tactics. This doesn’t work in Borderlands 2 unless you are massively
    over-leveled or you don’t mind repeated costly New-U visits and frequent
    >>>>Game-play differences:
    While much of the game-play, like the control system, looting, combat, etc. are
    very similar to the parent game, some things are quite different-vehicles, for
    example, have no “lock-on” ability and “Achievements” earn Badass Tokens rather
    than XP. Of the four playable characters, Axton the commando is most similar to
    Roland in Borderlands and the easiest to adapt to for an experienced
    Borderland’s Vault Hunter.
    A major difference is the importance of the new exotic and dangerous mineral
    called Eridium. Eridium is sometimes given for mission completion but the lions
    share will be found by looting or by raiding downed enemies. Eridium, not cash,
    is the only medium accepted by Crazy Earl’s black market. With it you can
    purchase SDUs to expand your backpack carrying capacity and to increase your
    ammo, grenade or “bank” capacity. This is likely more important than in the
    parent game because of the length and difficulty of many of the missions.
    Because of Eridium, extensive looting remains an important part of the game
    throughout the campaign.
    The old skin-flint Marcus, still alive after being shot by Claptrap in “Robot
    Revolution,” still sells weapons and ammo. His ammo prices, however, get
    steeper and steeper as you progress to new levels. A penny-wise Vault Hunter
    will soon realize that Marcus’ gouging can be avoided by using a Fast Travel
    Station to return to the Southern Shelf, or similar early-level locations, for
    ammo and grenades on the cheap. This can save a Vault Hunter tens of thousands
    of dollars over the course of the game.
    A new on screen map also greatly enhances navigation which can be tricky at
    times. Waypoints are oftentimes confusing and the huge world of Borderlands 2
    provides a lot options. You also a limited ability to change the waypoint on
    your map.
    The acquisition of weapons, mods, relics and shields, like Borderlands, is
    accomplished by looting weapon/item chests, by plundering containers and
    corpses, by purchasing from vendors and by completing missions that award items.
    The only major change is the quality of the items offered or won completing
    missions, especially optional ones. Completion of the “Cult Following” series
    awards a Legendary shield-the only “Legendary” item guaranteed via game-play.
    Legendary items, in fact, are much rarer in Borderlands 2 than in the original
    game. During the five complete games played to prepare this document, I found
    only four Legendary weapons and three Legendary Grenade Mods despite intensive
    looting. The “Flame of the Firehawk” shield, of course, is awarded for
    completion of the “Cult Following” series. Only one Legendary weapon was found
    in a Red Chest. The others were from Loney White, Old Slappy and one from The
    Warrior. Excellent Blue and Purple quality weapons will, however, be a fairly
    common award for completion of missions.
                               TOOLS OF THE TRADE    <I002>
    Weapons: Like the parent game, Borderlands, Borderlands 2 features literally
    millions of different weapons. As the game progresses so does the quality of
    the weapons. Once again the “color” of a weapon is indicative of its quality
    relative to others of its level. The lowest quality is White, progressing
    through Green, Blue, Purple and Orange or Legendary. A Level 7 purple weapon,
    however, won’t likely be better than a Green Level 13 weapon, but it well may
    be. The point is that you must evaluate each weapon by its stats, by its
    utility in battle and by your own personal likes and dislikes.
    Each weapon can be examined by pressing the left thumbstick and its stats are
    displayed. In addition to firepower, accuracy, etc. the elemental effect in
    damage per second and chance to “effect” is displayed, allowing easy
    comparison. The stats for shields and grenade mods are also shown in depth.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    >>>>Sniper Rifles: When the sniper rifle becomes available at level 5 it adds a
    new dimension to the game. Being able to thin the enemy ranks from range is a
    big part of this walkthrough.
    Incendiary Sniper Rifle: When incendiary Sniper Rifles become available at
    Level 7, the cold environments of Pandora are about to warm up. Incendiary
    weapons are extremely effective against flesh and most of the early combat is
    against flesh and blood bandits. Upgrading your Incendiary Sniper Rifle as new
    ones are available will be a priority as you level up or just find a better
    one. Reserve an inventory slot for one.
    Static Sniper Rifles: These are first seen at level 11 and are twice as
    effective against static shields as conventional, corrosive or incendiary
    types. If you face an opponent with a potent static shield, using one will make
    the task much easier. Static fire is also much more effective against the
    mechanized Hyperion Loaders than incendiary. This is quite important during the
    “A Dam Fine Rescue” mission when corrosive weapons are not yet available for an
    on level Vault Hunter. While carrying a Static Sniper is less important than
    Incendiary or Corrosive, having a static weapon of some kind in inventory is
    highly advised.
    Corrosive: The corrosive Sniper Rifle is a must weapon. If you see one at Level
    13, grab it and upgrade it as often as possible. When the mechanized Hyperion
    armored forces become common, these potent weapons can thin the opposition
    before getting into close quarter combat. No other element can approach the
    “effect” of corrosive weapons on armor. Don’t go to war without one-once they
    are available.
    Slag: New in Borderlands 2 is the “slag” element. They become available at
    level 15 and its damage effect is much like a conventional but if you manage to
    slag an opponent, additional damage by any non-slag weapon is doubled. This
    effect will turn the “slagged” target purple for a brief interval. Given the
    time this is a very effective tool-just not always feasible on a battlefield.
    Conventional: Your first Sniper Rifle will likely be conventional and while
    they become less effective when the elementals are available, potent ones,
    especially ones with a high “critical hit” bonus can be very effective in the
    hands of a headshot artist-one shot kills are likely. It is hard to pass on an
    exceptional one.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    >>>>Repeaters: This group of weapons includes repeaters, machine pistols and
    revolvers. In the original Borderlands repeaters were weak sisters to both the
    very potent revolvers and fast-firing machine pistols, but they have taken a
    huge leap forward in Borderlands 2. All of these weapons must be evaluated by
    both its stats and its feel in battle.
    Repeaters, revolvers and machine pistols come in single shot, burst fire and
    automatic models. They can be conventional or any of the elements. Early on
    repeaters will be your primary weapon but they need not fade away as others
    become more generally available. A potent conventional revolver with iron
    sighting can deal massive damage to a charging Suicide Psycho, a Skag or a
    Varkid or a Varkid Pod. An elemental repeater can dish out “effect” damage to a
    Loader or bandit and a scoped one or one that magnifies when aimed can do it at
    medium range while one with iron sights can be handy for close quarters.
    Repeaters will remain an important part of your arsenal throughout the game.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    >>>>Combat Rifles: Combat Rifles are a highly diverse type, but are essentially
    designed to deal major damage over mid-range. They vary from finger-fatiguing
    one-shot oftentimes heavy-hitters to automatic or burst fire conventional or
    elemental models. Multi-barreled minigun types are also offered and if you find
    a good one it can be really good, especially an incendiary or caustic model.
    More than any other type these weapons should be used to determine what value
    they offer. A really good one can be a basic go-to weapon but many are not.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    SMG: SMGs appear very early on and may be your first scoped weapon. These
    weapons are effective at close and mid-range and they come in all elements and
    conventional. Their fast fire rate and large magazines allow you to put a lot
    of lead on target. You will likely be carrying several of these throughout the
    game; and an incendiary, caustic and fast-firing conventional are must have
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Shotguns: The shotgun is a basic survival tool. Nothing beats a powerful
    scattergun for up close and personal engagements. These weapons have poor
    accuracy but are potent and shoot a lot of projectiles. Less potent but more
    accurate models are also available, and ones playing style can greatly effect
    the type of shotgun that is best for you. For this walkthrough, I always opted
    for the more accurate models to keep the bad guys at a distance.
    Both caustic and incendiary models that can reach out are excellent at keeping
    you away from the New-U Stations by knocking down Suicide Psychos or EXP
    Loaders. Carrying several shotguns is never a bad survival plan.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    >>>>Rocket Launchers:
    The Rocket Launcher has taken a giant leap forward from the parent game. They
    are powerful; but, unlike the parent game, the ammo is rare and expensive to
    purchase. When used against “boss” types, they can minimize the pain of the
    battle. A caustic rocket launcher is especially effective against the tougher
    of the armored Hyperion forces. A static launcher can also help drop the
    shields of these same foes. Carrying at least one launcher is a must.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    >>>>Class Mods:
    You will begin to find Class Mods fairly early in the game. Prior to entering
    Sanctuary, you may find Class Mods in containers or on kills. After reaching
    Sanctuary, the Medical Vendors will usually have them for sale. The vendors
    will have Mods for all of the playable characters. Class Mods, like the parent
    game, provide a bonus to a character’s status or to his equipment that becomes
    more lucrative as the game progresses.
    These Mods can provide new benefits or incremental status bonuses for things
    like health regeneration, maximum health, shield strength, elemental damage,
    ammo regeneration, etc. Only one Class Mod can be equipped at a time, but you
    can have as many in your inventory as space allows.
    This walkthrough features Axton, the commando, and the single most important
    acquisition he makes in the game is a Class Mod. As soon as a “Health
    Regeneration Mod” is available around Level 8, buy it and upgrade it whenever a
    better one is available. Having this mod makes you independent of health
    syringes-who likes needle-and allows Axton to “respect” his skill points to
    maximize the Sabre Turret. The “Preparation” skill, leveling-up and syringes
    were the only other methods of health regeneration available before. While
    other Class Mods provide very good bonuses, none can challenge the utility of a
    Health Regeneration Mod. Always have one equipped or available in your
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Relics are similar to Class Mods in that they provide status bonuses. They can
    provide bonuses in shield strength, maximum health, melee strength, second wind
    time, grenade damage etc. Only One relic can be equipped at a time but you can
    carry as many as space allows.
    This walkthrough features Axton, the commando, and the most beneficial relic he
    can acquire is for the action skill “cooldown.” These can provide a cooldown
    time reduction of as much as 25% during a first playthrough. Other relics are
    also quite good, especially ones that increase caustic damage or increase the
    amount of XP kills yield.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    >>>>Badass Ranks:
    Rather than the automatic gun damage bonuses of the parent game, Borderlands 2
    allows the player to assign earned Badass Tokens to one of fourteen different
    categories. Five possible categories are made available at a time, alternating
    them for each token obtained and spent. These Tokens are earned by making
    specific kills, exploration, completing challenges and a variety of other
    actions. Spend those Tokens. The small bonuses provided will add up and enhance
    your abilities.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Having the best shield available is a no-brainer. A shield-less Vault Hunter
    has no chance in the Borderlands of Pandora. When you receive your first static
    shield in Liar’s Berg, upgrade it whenever a better one is found, won or for
    sale. More than any other item a personal shield can be suited to the player
    and his tactics. A close-quarters wade-in-with-a-shotgun player can wield a
    “Spiked” or “Nova” shield that will damage or kill anyone close. You can use
    shields that absorb bullets, drop shield boosters, increases melee strength,
    reduce elemental damage taken, etc. Unlike the parent game when “Healing
    Shields” were available as early as Level 2, Borderlands 2 does not feature
    these types.
    Don’t only look at shield strength alone. This is important but the time it
    takes to charge and the delay time before it begins to charge are also very
    important. Use these items as well as your own playing style to decide what
    kind of shield is best for you.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Grenade Mods:
    Like shields, Grenade Mods are highly varied. They come in categories like
    explosive, incendiary, static, caustic and slag. Grenade mods can simply
    enhance a grenades explosive effect, but some can release a caustic cloud,
    transfuse health, act like a blowtorch, home, spawn numerous smaller grenades,
    etc. Slag grenades are new and if you can slag an enemy or enemies they will
    take double damage from non-slag sources. Try new ones as the game progresses
    and choose the types that best suits your needs and playing style.
                                   WALKTHROUGH <<<I003>>>
    >>>>>>Stranded <<000>
    Initiation: Automatically active after the opening scenes.
    Completion: Automatically transitions to the next mission.
    Marcus’ introduction addresses the aftermath of the opening of the vault. It
    seems that the vault’s opening has spawned the appearance of the alien element
    Eridium all across the planet. The Hyperion Corporation’s greed has triggered
    an all-out effort to monopolize the potent element, and total domination of the
    planet and its inhabitants is their goal. Handsome Jack, the Hyperion
    Corporation’s powerbroker, has sabotaged the train carrying a new group of
    Vault Hunters. He wants no competition.
    The destruction of the train has left you, the new-era Vault Hunter, stranded,
    but alive, on a remote glacier with CL4P-TP-likely the last of the operational
    Claptraps on Pandora. You are barely alive-10% on your health bar; and the
    talkative Claptrap chides you to follow him to his humble abode. You can
    explore the windswept landscape but there is slim pickins’ in the frozen
    expanse. Once again the Guardian Angel appears via your newly acquired ECHO
    device, saying you are there for a reason and she wants to aid your cause.
    Follow your master, CL4P-TP, into his igloo-like domicile. Take note of the
    scattered shattered Claptraps, remnants of the recent robot revolution and of
    Hyperion’s revenge. Your looting will allow you to both build up your 10%
    health bar with the syringes in the containers and to build up an inventory of
    ammo-always prudent business in the Borderlands of Pandora.
    As the loquacious Claptrap expounds on his and your predicament,
    Knuckledragger, the local Bullymong bully, crashes the get-together and steals
    the lonely robot’s only eye.
    >>>>My First Gun (Level 1) <<<0000>>>
    Initiation: The mission automatically activates after Knuckledragger’s
    departure with Claptrap’s only eye.
    Completion: The mission will automatically progress to the next mission when
    you take the pistol from the cabinet.
    As Claptrap blindly flits about, happily declaring that your appearance will
    mean rescue, locate the glowing green gun locker and take the basic repeater.
    The Guardian Angel again addresses you-seems like you are her new champion.
    >>>>Blindsided (Level 1) <<<M001>>>
    Initiated: This mission is automatically activated after acquisition of the
    Completed: Interact with Claptrap in the Hyperion Barge.
    Thoroughly loot the premises before following an impatient, albeit upbeat but
    sightless Claptrap into the cold to retrieve his eye from the notorious
    Knuckledragger. Open the door marked with “piss off” to complete your first
    challenge. Don’t miss the toilet’s items and the cash on the card table-every
    little bit helps a nearly destitute Vault Hunter with big plans.
    Before departing, spend your “Badass Token.” These tokens can be applied to
    various categories to upgrade your characters abilities. If you bring up the
    appropriate screen on your HUD you can select one of the proffered categories
    to upgrade. You can choose a category like “Elemental Effect Chance,” “Maximum
    Health” or “Gun Damage” to add a small increment to its standing. This will add
    up over time as you earn tokens.
    Meet Claptrap at the exit to begin the expedition to regain his eye. Raid the
    ammo containers and before departing take note of the “Windshear
    Waste-Claptrap’s Place” Fast Travel Station. It isn’t operation yet but it will
    be when others are added to the Fast Travel Network.
    Impeded by being blind and on one wheel on an icy slope, Claptrap leads you
    blunderingly across the ice. You are, of course, his seeing-eye minion, but he
    boldly rambles on ahead. He suspects his eye can be found in Frostbite Crevasse
    where the Bullymongs thrive-the eyeball thief Knuckledragger among them. When
    Claptrap blindly bumbles into a Bullymong pile and items tumble out, you’ll
    know what to do with those glowing mounds of “stuff.”
    An alarmed Claptrap will squeal a warning that Bullymongs are about to attack.
    The waypoint will indicate their general location and five Bullymongs will
    attack. Waste them with your repeater as they straggle in. These critters
    aren’t that tough, but remember that you’re not shielded and your health can
    only be replenished with health syringes or by leveling up at this early point
    of the game.
    Grab whatever your victims dropped. These can include instant health syringes,
    ammo and cash. Notice the slight glow of some of the “rubble” piles. Strike
    them a melee blow to access their contents. A Hyperion induced earthquake
    shakes the glacier-a side effect of their intensive Eridium mining.
    When Claptrap tumbles over the icy overhang into Frostbite Crevasse, stay atop
    it and deal with the group of Bullymongs that react to your incursion by
    climbing the crag to assault you. The last arrival will be a much more durable
    Brat Bullymong. With the enemy beaten, jump down and interact with Claptrap to
    get him out of his awkward predicament in the snow.
    As Handsome Jack hurls ugly threats, Claptrap clears the route through a cargo
    container. Grab the loot and follow him out of the container to trigger the
    arrival of Knuckledragger. He is bigger and tougher than your prior assailants.
    When he arrives, get back inside the tilted cargo container and blast him when
    he appears in front of you-don’t hunt him. This tactic will largely protect you
    from his slashing attacks and from any objects he hurls at you. He will jump
    away after taking damage but will return looking for more. Keep whittling him
    down until Claptrap shouts that there are more Bullymongs coming out of the
    “wall sphincters.” This will be an attack from the glacier, coming from the
    containers high side. You will now have to defend both sides of the cargo
    container to deal with the onslaught. It will likely put a substantial drain on
    your ammo to defeat all comers.
    Knuckledragger’s demise should level you up-restoring your health bar and
    extending it. You will, however, still have to kill any Bullymongs still
    standing. The big guy will drop a better repeater and his demise will also
    yield another “Badass Token”-spend it to further your cause a bit.
    Grab the loot scattered on the ice which will include Claptrap’s eye. You must
    locate his acquaintance, Sir Hammerlock, in Liar’s Berg for the optical
    surgery-after all you’re a Vault Hunter, not a surgeon.
    -  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Note: If you can’t locate the eye, just quit and restart. This happens
    occasionally. It will then be in the battle area after you return to that
    location from the New-U Station in Claptrap’s abode.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Follow Claptrap up the slope. When he fails to open the door on the Hyperion
    Barge, allowing you to pass, the Guardian Angel intervenes to save the day.
    Loot the newly opened structure. Take the shotgun from the RED CHEST. Turn in
    the mission to an impatient Claptrap before departing to complete the mission.
    “Cleaning up the Berg” will automatically be initiated.
    >>>>Cleaning Up the Berg (Level 3) <<<M002>>>
    Initiated: Interact with Claptrap while still in the Hyperion Barge.
    Completed: Interact with Sir Hammerlock after the power is turned on.
    Enter the Southern Shelf as the little motor-mouth chides you to hurry to the
    relative safety of Liar’s Berg where Sir Hammerlock is conducting research on
    the Bullymongs. The nefarious Captain Flynt also resides on the Southern Shelf,
    terrorizing the locals with his twisted antics. Claptrap has been the victim of
    his sick games-games like “dodge the blowtorch” and “don’t get dunked in a pool
    of acid.”
    So you must now proceed carefully. Handsome Jack has offered a million dollars
    for your apprehension and Captain Flynt really wants that cash. Be aware that
    small colony Bullymongs lurk near the Liar’s Berg gate.
    Drop one or two of the Marauders who have attacked and occupied the town by
    shooting through the openings in the gate as Claptrap opens it. Enter the Berg
    and use the available cover to begin clearing the occupying Marauders-a wave of
    Bullymongs will soon join the skirmish, attacking both you and the bandits.
    Maximize your XP by taking out as many of both as possible.
    When you have secured Liar’s Berg, Sir Hammerlock, hiding in his house behind
    an electrified barrier, will agree to come out and help Claptrap regain his
    vision. The anxious robot charges to the barrier and has a shocking experience,
    shorting out the electrical generator. Take note of the gate on the nearby icy
    slope to the northwest. Once opened it will be your route out of the town.
    Move over to a convulsive Claptrap. Meet with Sir Hammerlock as he comes down
    from his residence on the knoll. Give him the robot’s eye. Hammerlock will
    reinstall it, restoring Claptrap’s vision. When Sir Hammerlock starts the
    generator, turning on the power, the nearby Fast Travel Station is added to the
    network. Interact with Sir Hammerlock to complete the mission, “Blindsided.”
    You will be rewarded with your first static shield. He will also give you the
    new mission, “This Town Ain’t Big Enough.”
    >>>>This Town Ain’t Big Enough (Level 3) <<<X001>>>
    Initiated: Interact with Sir Hammerlock after the power is restored.
    Completed: Talk to Sir Hammerlock in Liar’s Berg after eliminating the
    Interact with Claptrap who refuses to be further tortured by Flynt; and, you,
    his stalwart minion, will receive the mission, “Best Minion Ever” with the
    completion of “Cleaning Up the Berg.” Follow Claptrap onto a platform
    overlooking the gate and open it.
    >>>>Best Minion Ever (BME)
    Initiated: Interact with Sir Hammerlock after the power is restored to complete
    “Blindsided” and acquire to “Best Minion Ever.”
    Comment: This mission will be pursued after several optional missions allowing
    you to boost your level. Its starting point is indexed to that point in the
    main menu. The interactive (BME) will allow you to access the acquisition point
    from the mission’s delayed starting point.
    Before embarking on the real challenge of getting Claptrap to his ship, select
    the optional mission, “This Town Ain’t Big Enough.” Tackling the journey to the
    ship is a tall order for a level three minion-a very tall order-so let’s build
    up some XP enabling you to start leveling up and to acquire better weapons and
    gear before embarking on that tough mission.
    Go to the waypoint to the north. You will see the clod throwing Bullymongs in
    the crevasse below. Just stay atop the cliff and blast them, dodging the clods
    they throw your way. Most will just hit the lip of the cliff anyway. Just back
    off if your shield is damaged. Jump down to grab the items they drop. You will
    then have to go east to return to Liar’s Berg. Smash those Bullymong piles as
    you go-you need all the loot you can get.
    Make your way to the mission’s next waypoint and stay back near the water
    tower. The Bullymongs will toss clods your way but some will charge right to
    the edge of town. Retreat if needed but the legs of the water tower can prevent
    their clods from connecting but allow you to target them. Some of these Bullys
    will be tougher Adults and Slingers. Scavenge their drops and piles before
    turning in the mission, “This Town Ain’t Big Enough” to Sir Hammerlock. You
    will receive a weapon, XP and cash as a reward.
    Hammerlock will now offer two optional missions, “Bad Hair Day” and “Shielded
    Favors.” Accept both and make, “Shielded Favors” your active mission.
    You should now have surplus items-like your initial weapon as well as shields
    and weapons you have found but don’t need. You can sell the excess at the
    Health or Ammo Vendors but if you go up the slope to Sir Hammerlock’s residence
    you will find a Gun Vendor. Examine what you have and sell any surplus. This
    will net you cash and will free up inventory slots. You can also purchase a
    weapon if it is better than what you have-like something with a scope. You can
    also purchase ammo, grenades, health syringes and shields from the other
    Vendors in town.
    >>>>Shielded Favors (Level 3) <<<X002>>>
    Initiated: Interact with Sir Hammerlock after the power is restored.
    Completed: Interact with Sir Hammerlock in Liar’s Berg.
    “Shielded Favors” will now be your active mission. The town’s protective gate
    should now be open. If not there is a switch on the platform overlooking the
    gate to open it if you didn’t follow Claptrap earlier.
    Proceed north out of the settlement. A small bandit outpost defends the area at
    the base of the slope. Take out the four defenders and you will find an ECHO,
    giving you the mission “Handsome Jack Here!” An exclamation mark will give the
    location of the mission and this is generally true throughout the game.
    This newly acquired mission is Level 3. Make it your active mission and start
    back to Liar’s Berg. The extra XP gained by doing it will be welcome at this
    >>>>Handsome Jack Here! (Level 3) <<<X003>>>
    Initiated: Acquire the ECHO from the small outpost outside Liar’s Berg.
    Completed: Interact with Sir Hammerlock after acquiring the troubling ECHOs.
    The first ECHO recorder, all of which have separate waypoints, is near the
    south cliff face, not far from the building with the Medical Vendor. It is in a
    dumpster on the outside of the fence. Smash the lock with a melee blow or shoot
    it to acquire the first recording as a few carrion birds escape the open
    The second ECHO is on the roof of Sir Hammerlock’s house, which is on the high
    ground overlooking the Berg from the west. Climb the ladder, jump to the roof
    and to the roof above and smash the Bullymong pile containing the ECHO.
    If the Gun Vendor has new stock or you haven’t visited it yet, hold off buying
    anything until you see what Sir Hammerlock offers for completion of your
    current mission-he might offer a scoped weapon; and the mission, “Shielded
    Favors” will also require you to have enough funds to purchase a shield to
    complete the mission.
    The last ECHO recording is in the ice machine-bet it doesn’t need
    electricity-on the side of the hotel on the east side of Liar’s Berg. The ECHO
    recordings reveal how reprehensible Handsome Jack is-he has Helena Pierce and
    her entourage slaughtered for no reason. The reward for completion is meager
    but includes your choice of repeaters. On occasion one will feature a scope-a
    great tool for one with no way to regenerate health except with syringes.
    >>>>Shielded Favors: (Continued)
    Before moving out of town, visit one of the Vendors. Sell any weapons that you
    won’t be using; and, if needed, top off your ammo. Go out the town’s gate,
    moving left toward the waypoint. If you have a scoped weapon you can begin
    targeting the bandits before jumping down. Be aware that sniping from the ice
    shelf may attract a bandit patrolling on the ice to your position.
    When you’re ready, jump off the ice shelf and start toward the objective, Ice
    Harbor. As you approach, the enemy will scramble. You can hit the red explosive
    barrel to aid your cause if an enemy is near it. This tactic will pay dividends
    for the remainder of the game.
    Move from the ice onto the elevated platform to eliminate the garrison of four.
    You will generally acquire a grenade or two as you loot the premises. The lift
    is on an upper platform but the power box needs a new fuse. A new waypoint to
    the south of the outpost is generated.
    From the rear of the structure you will see an intense electrical barrier on
    the platform to the south. Once again a scoped weapon will give you a head
    start on neutralizing the garrison of half-a-dozen.
    Take your time taking down the garrison. One Marauder will fire from atop the
    main structure and these guys will oftentimes toss grenades-pay back the favor.
    There are several explosive objects on the platform to aid your cause.
    You must now get past the electrical arcing. Don’t listen to Claptrap and try
    sprinting through it to get the fuse-that is not gonna’ happen. Follow the
    elevated electrical supply cable back to a junction box. Shoot the fuse box
    through the arcing to kill the power to the barrier-just aim at the
    interactive, “Electrical Fuse Box.”
    There is an OUTHOUSE ITEM ENCLOSURE near the fuse you need. These outhouses are
    common items throughout Pandora and they contain loot-weapons, shields, mods,
    ammo and cash are all possible. As you loot expect a small wave of Bullymongs
    and Marauders from the south to attack you and/or each other. Take the “Power
    Backtrack north to the elevator, install the fuse and call the lift. Go up and
    into the building. You must purchase a shield to complete the mission. Upgrade
    yours if the offerings are better than yours. Don’t go by the shield strength
    alone. Look at how fast it charges and how long that charging is delayed. The
    “Item of the Day’ is oftentimes a quality one. If nothing impresses you or you
    don’t want to sacrifice your funds, purchase the cheapest shield and sell it
    You can also just leave the mission incomplete sacrificing the small amount of
    cash and XP. Not completing a purchase, however, will also sacrifice the
    optional mission, “Symbiosis” which requires its completion. You can also
    return at a later time to make the purchase and acquire the optional mission.
    You should have acquired several other weapons that can be sold. Compare stats
    and free up your inventory before starting back to Liar’s Berg. Note that using
    the lift to get to ground level is optional. Your character is capable of jumps
    from prodigious heights. Interact with Sir Hammerlock to complete the affair
    and to receive the mission, “Symbiosis.” The “Customization” skin you received
    can be unlocked and removed from an inventory slot by pressing “select” with it
    selected on the HUD. These skins will allow you to customize your character at
    the Quick Change Station.
    >>>>Bad Hair Day (Level 5) <<<X004>>>
    Initiated: Interact with Sir Hammerlock after the power is restored.
    Completed: Interact with Sir Hammerlock in Liar’s Berg.
    Make, “Bad Hair Day” your active mission. Notice the large circles surrounding
    the mission’s waypoints on your map. These circles indicate that the Bullymongs
    are simply somewhere in that circle.
    This optional mission will be Level five, likely above your own level and it
    can result in a costly trip to a New-U Station if you are the aggressive in
    your face type. The mission requires you to administer the coup-de-grace to
    four Bullymongs using a melee blow, rather than firearms, meaning you must get
    in close.
    Proceed north toward the waypoint. The small bandit outpost defends the way and
    it will be active if they have re-spawned or if you have re-started. Kill them
    for the XP and the loot. Continue out onto the ice.
    The route will take you west across the ice-don’t fall in the frigid water-it’s
    fatal and a dunking will cost you a significant portion of your hard earned
    This level five task is only doable if you whittle down your victim’s health to
    near death before dishing out those lethal blows. When you see the beasts in
    the distance, stop and advance only far enough to bring their health bars down,
    way down, with gunfire. Do this to several, all four if possible before dishing
    out those blows. Advance only after they are near death to administer the melee
    blows that yield a usable pelt.
    If you don’t get four pelts, there are more Bullymongs beyond. In fact, if you
    continue east you can harvest some worthwhile XP by killing another half dozen
    Bullys and you will find a RED CHEST and ammo containers on a ship frozen in
    the ice.
    With the required four pelts in hand, just continue around the mountain and
    return to Sir Hammerlock to complete the mission. Don’t take the shotgun
    offered by Claptrap, take Sir Hammerlock’s sniper rifle.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Notes: The remaining optional mission, “Symbiosis” is a level five mission and
    is best done after unlocking your action skill-the Sabre Turret for Axton in
    this walkthrough. You should easily earn that XP by simply getting there, but a
    reset of the game will guarantee that the enemy on the route will be available
    “Vault Hunter” fodder, allowing you to unlock and unleash your action skill.
    For comparison sake, the following are the weapons in inventory:
    Shotgun:      11x7/79.2/16.7; Magazine of 2; Level 2
    Combat Rifle: 17/90.8/7.4; Magazine of 23; Level 3
    Repeater:     23/87.8/9; Scoped; Magazine of 29; Level 4
    Repeater:     26/93.6/2.5 Incendiary 15.6/16.8; Magazine of 7; Field Magnifier;
    Level 3
    Repeater:     21/93.3/2.5; Incendiary 15.7/15.6%; Magazine of 5; Level 4
    Repeater:     34/95.2/16.7; Magazine of 7; Level 4
    Sniper Rifle: 70/95.7/3.7;Sscoped; Magazine of 9; Level 5
    Shield:       98/16/1.82
    Cash:         $685
    Level:        Level 4 at 4618 XP
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    >>>>Symbiosis (Level 5) <<<X005>>>
    Initiated: Interact with Sir Hammerlock after “Shielded Favors.”
    Completed: Interact with Sir Hammerlock in Liar’s Berg.
    Start your XP harvest at the base of the grade outside Liar’s Berg and then
    assault the outpost to the south. Use the elevator again to check the shields
    offered and for the loot lockers. Sell off any weapons or shields you acquired
    on the way. If you have hit Level five, unlocking the sniper rifle or if you
    have a scoped weapon, you can also start clearing the compound to the south by
    going out the rear door of the vending chamber and shooting from the heights.
    Move into the compound to finish off the shy ones who come to the party late.
    One will again snipe from atop the main building.
    Ransack the place. A reset since your last visit has refilled the OUTHOUSE ITEM
    ENCLOSURE as well. While certainly not required, a return trip to the outpost
    to the north to off load items will clear inventory and the jaunt will be
    unopposed. You can also start thinning out the distant Bullymongs with sniper
    fire from the rock shelf behind the Vendor.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Note: You should be near or have achieved Level five. Unlock your action skill
    as soon as it is available and don’t be shy about using it. The Sabre Turret
    not only kills the enemy but it also distracts them from concentrating on you
    and it saves a lot of ammo.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    When you proceed north, you will be greeted by a colony of Bullymongs. Take the
    critters down and loot their lair beyond. Be aware that a much tougher Badass
    Bullymong may be among this bunch or in the region ahead.
    Enter the Southern Shelf Bay portal. Use the Medical and/or Ammo Vendors if
    needed. Start out and take down the Bullymongs on the ice below. Use the Turret
    if it is available. Smash the piles and you can then return to the Vendors to
    sell extras or to purchase health or ammo.
    There are additional Bullymongs to harvest on the ice sheet and plenty of piles
    to smash. If you go west and roam the remote areas of the glacier along the bay
    extending far to the southern part of the shelf, you can harvest enough Bullys
    and Raak to level up to Level 7 or 8 without much risk or trouble. There will
    be an occasional Badass but there are enough piles to fill your inventory many
    times over. At the most remote part of the shelf you will even find a BLACK
    CHEST near a ship stranded on the glacier. This exploring, of course, is
    optional but these extensive areas won’t be visited during any regular
    missions. If, you do make the full tour of the southern glacier, you will be
    able to jump onto several ice floes and be a short distance from the entry of
    Blackburn Cove.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Note: Whether or not you have explored the Southern Shelf Bay’s remote areas
    you should have either unlocked or be nearing unlocking your action skill. The
    first action point will unlock it. Place the next two points, temporarily, in
    “Preparation.” This will not only increase your shield capacity, but will also
    allow for health regeneration-slow, but without having to depend on finding or
    buying health syringes. This gives you greater flexibility. Once “Health Mods”
    become available, you can respect your points.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    After scouring and harvesting the Southern Shelf Bay, or not, continue on to
    the makeshift bridge. It has a missing section. Use the lever to position the
    missing section and repeat the process to gain the far side. Move up the
    staircase and loot the containers.
    You will now come to another makeshift bridge. Use your sniper rifle or other
    scoped weapon to kill the three man detail on the far side of the bridge. Pull
    the lever to raise the bridge and move across into Blackburn Cove. You must now
    get past a host of Marauders to locate and kill Midgemong, a Badass Midget
    riding an armored Bullymong.
    As you cross the crude ramp entering the complex, a dead ended alcove on the
    left has several item containers. Loot it and the first of numerous hostiles in
    the Cove will appear ahead as you advance slowly to draw them out. Retreat and
    use the wooden barrel near the short stairwell as cover for sniping.
    Most of the Marauders will keep their distance, using cover and sniping or
    throwing axes but watch for a brave one to charge. If a grenade comes your way,
    scramble away from it. The Turret and the sniper rifle will allow you to stay
    back while dropping all of the available targets. Unless you have placed a
    skill point in “Preparation” you have no way to heal except by finding or
    buying syringes, so prudence and patience is the best policy in this bandit
    rich environment.
    When hostilities cease in the initial area, loot the battle scene for ammo and
    health. You will find an OUTHOUSE ITEM ENCLOSURE on the rear platform. When you
    advance farther into the complex, another wave of Marauders will appear ahead.
    Duck into the recess on the right, just beyond the outhouse, and use the Turret
    and sniping tactics to eliminate the enemy. Some of them will snipe from or
    toss hatchets or grenades from the upper walkway. Secure the area before
    pushing ahead.
    Climb the two wooden stairwells to the east to get onto the elevated walkway.
    If you see the graffiti: “THE BIZZARE,” you’re on the right track. The nearby
    third stairwell is a dead end. The large platform ahead affords the enemy
    decent cover, so stay back and pick your shots.
    Numerous hostiles will appear as you advance to draw them out. Retreat to
    cover. This group contains sniping Marauders, hatchet throwing Psychos and
    shotgunning Midgets. Deploy the Turret and begin sniping until the platform is
    cleared. You will hear the Badass Midget Rider taunting as you move across the
    deck to raid the OUTHOUSE ITEM ENCLOSURE.
    At some point after you have secured the platform, Midgemong will emerge from a
    newly opened storeroom on the east upper platform and will gallop off. Go east
    up the two ramps onto that upper platform, near the opened storeroom. Midgemong
    will have an entourage of Psychos and Marauders on the lower level. Some will
    come calling up the ramp as you try to locate the rambunctious Midgemong. Stay
    atop the platform and begin clearing the lower deck. You must also keep track
    of and kill Midgemong and his Midget Badass Rider.
    A small circle will show Midgemong’s general location, but it will shift about
    as the duo flits about on the platforms below. If you can get them to stand
    still, an incendiary weapon will quickly take the mount out but the Badass
    Midget Rider may survive. If you can catch the duo near an explosive tank or
    barrel you can end the battle rather quickly.
    When the battle is over, take care when entering the storeroom. A pair of
    Badass Marauders will appear near the Vending machines. Be ready to deploy the
    Turret and exit the storeroom to avoid battling the two in close-quarters.
    After their demise, raid the RED CHEST and the OUTHOUSE ITEM ENCLOSURE outside
    the room. Police your inventory at the Vendors.
    Make your way back to your entry point by going down the ramps and then the
    stairs near, “THE BIZZARE” graffiti. Clear the half dozen Marauders and you’ll
    find another BLACK CHEST on the north side.
    Jump down to the lower platform on the east side and kill any sentry that has
    re-spawned near the bridge. Cross the bridge and go up the stairs. Stay atop
    the ridge and kill the re-spawned Bullymongs. Their clods will be blocked if
    you shoot through the two metal spikes. Let the Turret bang away to save some
    Make your way back across the bridge and to the Southern Shelf portal.
    Once again the enemy, both human and beast, will have re-spawned. Take out the
    colony of Bullies near the entry. The half-dozen defenders in the outpost will
    also need killing as will the Marauders in the adjacent guard post.
    Wipe out the guard post at the base of the slope going into Liar’s Berg and get
    to Sir Hammerlock to turn in “Symbiosis,” Stock up on ammo and with “Best
    Minion Ever” selected, start out of Liar’s Berg with Claptrap. It is time to
    get to “his” ship.
    >>>>Best Minion Ever (Level 5) <<<M003>>> (BME)
    Initiated: This mission is automatically activated after “Cleaning up the Berg.”
    Completed: Interact with Claptrap before entering the Three Horns-Divide portal.
    If the small outpost at the base of the slope has re-spawned, wipe it out to
    keep them off your six as you proceed north. Approach the elevated structures
    beyond from the low icy ridge nearest the cliff to negate the high-ground
    advantage of the defenders. The outpost is swarming with about ten bandits.
    Scout the place and when an unsuspecting enemy is near a volatile barrel, snipe
    it to start the ruckus. Most will snipe, some from the elevated platforms but a
    Psycho may come calling while others throw hatchets. Be patient and snipe
    anyone visible before moving in to mop up any survivors. Ransack the premises
    and don’t miss the BLACK CHEST on the rooftop. You can jump from either the
    barrel or the short fence near the burning barrel to get onto the roof.
    Claptrap will wait patiently to open the gate while his minion scavenges. As
    the enemy rants, be prepared for a pair of charging Suicide Psychos as the gate
    opens and the ramp falls in place. Drop down into the enclosed compound. Boom,
    at a canon mount, and his brother Bewm, a Midget shotgunner, want to make your
    After the cutscene ends, go left immediately and shelter behind the
    airplane-like fin near the short stairwell. Boom will begin to shoot volleys
    from his turret weapon, which is located on the raised platform just ahead. His
    shot-gunning jet-packing brother Bewm will come forward to hunt you down.
    Boom’s canon is deadly but it takes a few seconds to reload. Between shots,
    snipe or use a fast-firing weapon to damage it. Don’t try for Boom, just damage
    the gun. You can easily hit the large body of the canon between his volleys.
    Stay behind that fin-like metal structure until Bewm becomes a problem. If you
    kill Bewm too quickly you’ll get a rush of Psychos making things considerably
    If Bewm is becoming a nuisance or when the damage to Boom’s mount drives him
    off of it, run ahead to the narrow passage to the left of the canon. If he is
    still on his gun mount, Boom can’t target you there. Let Bewm pursue you; he
    may jetpack near or even behind you so be aware. Once he goes down a wave of
    Psychos will surge into the battle. If Boom is still firing, snipe the gun
    mount between volleys and Psychos. Deploying the Turret in the narrow passage
    makes it all the more deadly. When Boom leaves his mount, you must also put him
    down. Like his brother, he has a jet-pack and can surprise you by soaring high
    into the air, possibly landing behind you. When he goes down, finish any
    Psychos left on the field.
    You will acquire a grenade mod during this battle. On one occasion, I acquired
    a Level 4 Legendary Incendiary Grenade Mod-a real bonus so early in the game.
    Equip whatever Grenade Mod you acquire to enhance your grenade damage.
    With the battle won, Claptrap will tell you repeatedly and in no uncertain
    terms that you must use Boom’s canon to destroy the gate-when he, CL4P-TP,
    isn’t there of course. Raid the compound and don’t miss the OUTHOUSE ITEM
    ENCLOSURE not far from the exit where Claptrap is still beseeching you to shoot
    the gate when he isn’t there while he stays right there.
    Take out the gate with Boom’s canon and several waves of bandits will try to
    come through it. Use the canon to stop the rush. If anyone gets behind you,
    dismount and finish them off.
    As usual, Claptrap will outdistance you out the gate. He is off somewhere and
    is once again being assaulted by Flynt’s crew. Jump down and raid the
    containers. Several Marauders are battling Raak off to the right. Eradicate
    both for the XP and to keep them off your tail as you proceed.
    Start north for the ship, staying on the high ground. About half-a-dozen
    hostiles will defend the gate. Snipe a sentry to get someone to open the gate.
    Snipe the snipers and hatchet throwers to clear the entry.
    Jump down and move through the gate. Start up the grade, looting and fighting
    your way forward. There is plenty of cover to use as scattered pockets of
    Psychos and Marauders impede your progress as you forge ahead.
    Captain Flynt will rave at Claptrap. When you can turn north at the “PISS OFF”
    gate, don’t; make a side trip by continuing west up the grade to find a BLACK
    Return to and go through the “PISS OFF” gate and work your way north. Check out
    the OUTHOUSE ITEM ENLOSURE on the right side of the passage. Move through the
    skeletal arches and along the icy channel. You will encounter several hostiles,
    including a Badass Marauder, on the low deck just ahead near the “Supplies”
    There is a well-placed Medical Vendor just before the deck. Purchase health if
    needed and sell your extra gear to make space in your backpack. There is a
    BLACK CHEST near the rail on the nearby platform.
    Move through the open-ended container and you are invited by Flynt to become a
    lifetime torture victim with Claptrap. There are about ten hostiles scattered
    in this cluttered area. Some will be on the elevated platforms. Take the time
    to methodically clear them out.
    Make your way upslope. Around the right turn your wise leader, CL4P-TP, is
    being walloped by three bandits. Toss a grenade among them to kill his
    tormentors-it won’t hurt Claptrap.
    Follow him and another large collection of bandits are defending the elevated
    platforms. Most of the bandits will snipe from the structure but a Psycho or
    two may come calling. Deploy the Turret and pick your shots to clear the way.
    Climb onto the platform, but now Claptrap can’t negotiate the stairwell. He
    observes that there is a crane hoist that will allow him to continue the
    journey if you can find its control station.
    Go up the stairs and raid the small niche up the next set of stairs, descend
    and continue around the walkways. Half-a-dozen Marauders defend the junction
    near the red arrow. Continue past the arrow and around onto the deck plating
    and take shelter behind the metal plate. Expect very heavy resistance
    here-about a dozen defenders. One or two may fire from a platform to the right
    or even infiltrate from the rear. Use the Turret and grenades to flush the
    bandits from the back area. Move in to mop up. There are worthwhile pick-ups in
    the back area including another OUTHOUSE ITEM ENCLOSURE.
    The crane’s control lever is just up the ramp at the waypoint. Activate the
    crane to get the impatient Claptrap to your level. Follow him up the ramps,
    looting the containers and using the Ammo Vendor at the top if needed.
    Follow Claptrap onto the deck below. As you advance, Flynt will emerge and sic
    his boys on you. He will man a canon. Immediately retreat into the alcove near
    where you jumped down. Start sniping his underlings as they advance. When the
    Marauders throw grenades, back against the wall to avoid their blasts.
    After most of Flynt’s henchmen fall, fire will begin to fountain from holes in
    the deck. You can simply avoid the fire by staying in or returning to your
    hidey-hole near your entry point. Flynt will then abandon his mount and
    personally join the fray as the fire cascades. He may be accompanied by a wave
    of Suicide Psychos.
    He is the priority target and he is highly resistant to incendiary weapons-so
    deploy the Turret to slow him down. Pummel him with conventional or explosive
    fire and toss explosive grenades at his feet. Even after Flynt goes down any of
    his remaining crew will have to be killed before Claptrap can open the gate,
    finally allowing access to the ship.
    Follow Claptrap into the passage and pause to raid the RED CHEST and the other
    containers. Follow Claptrap across the gangway and onto the ship. Interact with
    him to end the long mission and to activate the mission, “The Road to
    Sanctuary.” Enter the Three Horns-Divide portal to be on your way.
    >>>>The Road to Sanctuary (Level 6) <<<M004>>>
    Initiated: This mission is activated after interacting with Claptrap,
    completing the mission, “Best Minion Ever.”
    Completed: Completed when the new power core is inserted in the Sanctuary
    defense grid.
    Exit the ship as Claptrap harangues you about arrangements for his welcoming
    home party. There is trouble in the distance as the bridge is destroyed. The
    Guardian Angel instructs you to get to the Catch-A-Ride and a waypoint appears
    on your map. The surrounding cliffs make the passage under the demolished
    bridge span your only option.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Note: The lootable containers you now encounter might contain Eridium. Eridium
    is the currency needed to purchase SDUs on Pandora’s black market-they don’t
    take cash and Eridium can’t be bought. Most of the Eridium you will acquire
    will come from containers or from fallen enemies. Looting, therefore, will
    remain an important part of your activities for the balance of the game.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    As you pass the bridge’s support columns, three Bullymongs will take notice.
    Put them down and move up grade through the canyon, scavenging the piles.
    Several more Bullies will pour from their dens near the barrier fencing.
    Make your way to the Catch-A-Ride Station. It is one of Scooters digital
    vehicle generators. You can use the Vendors, but you will find that the
    Catch-A-Ride system isn’t operational.
    The Guardian Angel says that Scooter, who still runs the system, has
    deactivated the network for general use so the local bandits can’t use it.
    However, if you can procure a Hyperion adapter from the nearby Bloodshot bandit
    camp she should be able to get it working.
    The Bloodshots, a violent bandit clan, defend the property beyond the
    gargantuan Crab Worm skull. Several stout Marauders called Nomads are among the
    dozen or so defenders. Stay in the skull at the entrance and begin sniping.
    Deploy the Turret near the skull entrance to help eliminate the bunch and watch
    for charging Psychos or Suicide Psychos. Ransack the place. There is a BLACK
    CHEST on a pier overlooking the lake. Take the “Hyperion Network Adapter” from
    the remains of the mechanical contraption.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Note: In all likelihood you will be hard pressed to decide on what to keep and
    what loot to leave behind in the camp. With the camp cleared, you can simply
    offload unwanted items for cash and return for anything you couldn’t carry. You
    can even sell items you wish to keep to clear inventory slots, grab more loot
    to sell and then buyback what you want to keep, with no penalty, before
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    After looting and adjusting your inventory, place the adapter into the
    Catch-A-Ride, allowing the Guardian Angel to access the system. She will then
    enable all the Catch-A-Ride Stations for your use throughout the region.
    Deploy a runner with either a turret rocket launcher or turret machine gun. You
    can zoom the selected turret weapon while in the gunner’s seat making targeting
    much more precise.
    Your first task will be to boost yourself over the bridge that was destroyed
    right after your ship arrived. Before entering the ice tunnel, investigate the
    area on the right. You will find a few containers but if you use the bundle to
    get atop the cargo container and them get onto the next container, you can jump
    onto a ladder giving access to a walkway alongside the piping where you’ll find
    a BLACK CHEST. It will likely contain loot above you’re current Level.
    Walk the piping to reach your vehicle and then drive into the canyon, Thirty
    Below. Continue toward Sanctuary, using the vehicle’s weaponry to kill the
    small pockets of Bullymongs you encounter. You have unlimited ammo in the
    vehicle to easily dispose of them, but if you dismount and use your own weapons
    your XP haul will be much higher.
    As you emerge from the ice tunnel onto the ice shelf, take the gunner’s seat to
    deal with the flock of Raak. Fire on them to get their attention and they will
    attack. They are easy pickins’ for the machine gun or the rocket launcher.
    Drive the vehicle off the ledge and head for the waypoint, taking the snowy
    road on the left to the vending outpost at Snowbound Crossroads. The offerings
    at the Gun Vendor will be level 7 to 9 items and it’s possible that you can
    purchase an Incendiary Sniper Rifle there to add to your arsenal. Adjust your
    inventory regardless.
    Continue northeast on the roadway toward the waypoint. Use the vehicle’s
    weapons to soften-up the pesky garrison at the guard post near the gate. It’s a
    bit difficult to shoot accurately over the fence so don’t get caught in the
    vehicle if it is destroyed-the trip to the New-U Station isn’t free. Ransack
    the place. It is possible to find your first bar of Eridium in one of the
    Use the intercom at the waypoint. Roland comes on line and wants you to do him
    a favor. Corporal Reiss has been missing since he left Sanctuary searching for
    a new Power Core for the town’s defenses. A new waypoint indicating Corporal
    Reiss’ position appears to the south. Start south on the ice covered roadway
    and bear left at the junction and continue past the stranded ship with the
    dangling anchor.
    Harvest the Bullymongs near the waypoint. You will find no Corporal Reiss, only
    Riess’ ECHO. It seems that he is under attack by the local Bloodshots. Roland
    asks you to find and assist him and to bring the power core to Sanctuary.
    Drive a short ways south and go hard left. A colony of Bullymongs will have to
    be put down before you can enter the Marrowfields on foot at the vehicle
    barrier. A small pack of Bullymongs will confront you as you move south toward
    Corporal Reiss. He is battling with the thieving Bloodshots. Wipe out his three
    attackers and then shotgun the numerous Raak that will dive on you.
    Riess is mortally wounded and he says that a Bloodshot Psycho has ran off with
    the power core. Roland wants you to get the core and kill the Bloodshots as
    payback for Reiss’ death.
    Backtrack and turn left into the nearby Bloodshot compound in the adjoining
    canyon. There are numerous bandits to deal with. Stay near the entry and start
    sniping. Some of the Nomads will have static shielding. Psychos will throw
    hatchets and Suicide Psychos will charge your position. Use the Turret to help
    suppress the opposition as you pick your targets. They will keep entering the
    skirmish from the elevated structures. Twenty kills will fulfill the optional
    sub-mission’s requirement but there are many more bandits in the encampment.
    As the opposition wanes, move down into the large compound and get the power
    core where one the Psycho has dropped it. You can leave without the twenty
    kills but there are plenty of Bloodshots to harvest on the platforms. An old
    RED CHEST can also be found on the highest platform on the northwest.
    Exit the Bloodshot encampment and go northeast up the slope, through the
    Marrowfield and to your runner. Hit the main road going north past the stranded
    ship, past the Vendors and then veer right toward Sanctuary. Once again the
    guard post will likely have re-spawned and will need to be taken out. Exit the
    vehicle and use the intercom. The gate slides open allowing you to use the
    Sanctuary portal.
    The new waypoint will lead you to Lieutenant Davis. He needs you to remove the
    depleted core and place the new core into the shield generator. Talk to him to
    complete the mission. He offers you your choice of two different weapons-a
    combat rifle or a shotgun. It also initiates the new main story mission, “Plan
    >>>>Plan B (Level 8) <<<M005>>>
    Initiated: This mission is activated after completing “The Road to Sanctuary.”
    Completed: The mission is completed after finding Roland’s ECHO in Crimson
    Raiders Headquarters in Sanctuary.
    Private Jessup will let you into Sanctuary. But Roland is missing after leaving
    Sanctuary on a reconnaissance mission. Without him the Crimson Raiders are
    leaderless and the city is in peril. The Guardian Angel wants you to find out
    what has become of him.
    Your first task is to see Scooter in his garage just inside the city gate. The
    door will open as you approach it. Before speaking to Scooter, loot the upper
    level containers. You will frequently find Eridium in one or more of containers
    in the garage. Its bluish-purple glow is distinctive. Scavenge the lower level
    and then talk to Scooter.
    Roland told him to initiate “Plan B” if he ever disappeared. It involves
    actually lifting the city from the surface of the planet. He gives you four
    Eridium bars for the project. You must also find the two fuels cells in his
    garage. On cell is on a shelf on the lower west wall and the other is upstairs
    on a rack.
    Get to the town’s central plaza and install the first two cells at the
    waypoints. You will now have to acquire a third one from Crazy Earl, the towns
    black marketer. Locate Crazy Earl at the waypoint-the building has a purple hue
    and a glowing green door, at least for this mission. Purchase an SDU, the
    Backpack SDU is highly recommended, with the Eridium from Scooter. Crazy Earl
    will throw in the third power cell. You now have three additional inventory
    slots and the third power cell. Earl also sells other SDUs, including ammo SDUs
    and the only use you’ll have for Eridium is dealing with Crazy Earl for those
    Install the third power cell but the ambitious strategy to lift the city into
    the air fails miserably. Roland has left a message for you in Crimson Raider’s
    Headquarters, which is now your destination.
    Talk to the sentry to acquire the “Command Center Key.” Open the door and take
    the ECHO left by Roland. This will complete the mission, “Plan B,” and will
    initiate the mission, “Hunting the Firehawk.” You will also get an extra weapon
    slot. You are now Pandora’s best hope to stop Jack and his Hyperion thugs.
    You can talk to Tannis who is a Headquarter’s fixture, a semi-deranged one but
    she has no jobs at the time. Loot the place and know that the locked gate with
    the visible RED CHEST won’t be available for a long time. Like Scooter’s
    Garage, you will find Eridium rather frequently in the Headquarters so loot it
    whenever you reset the game.
    Go upstairs to the Crimson Raider’s Command Center and interact with the
    glowing green safe. You can access this safe whenever you are in Sanctuary and
    you can store up to six items which you can retrieve when needed. SDUs
    extending the number of items you can store in the safe can also be purchased
    from Crazy Earl if you have enough Eridium.
    Explore the city to see what all those exclamation marks indicate. Dr. Zed’s
    place is just around the two corners, to the right, from Headquarters and he is
    still researching the local wackos.
    In additional to the syringes and shields both he and his vendors are now
    selling “Class Mods.” If you’re playing Roland, you will want a “Pointman Class
    Mod” allowing you to heal over time without depending on health syringes. This
    is probably your most important acquisition in the game, and is hugely
    beneficial, even essential, as the challenges become increasingly difficult.
    Keep an eye out for a better healing Mod as your level increases and always
    invest in a better one when it is available.
    >>>>Do No Harm (Level 9) <<X006>>>
    Initiated: Interact with Dr. Zed’s to acquire the optional mission.
    Completed: Interact with Patricia Tannis in Crimson Raider’s Headquarters.
    Interact with Dr. Zed to acquire the optional mission, “Do No Harm.” You will
    simply assist Dr. Zed in operating on the unfortunate fellow strapped down on
    the operating table. Melee him when prompted to extract a shard of crude
    Eridium ore. Dr. Zed says it’s nearly useless in this unrefined state. He wants
    you to take it to Patricia Tannis.
    Take the shard and go to Crimson Raider Headquarters to see Patricia Tannis.
    Talk to her and the brief mission is completed when you interact with her again.
    Before continuing the action you need to purchase a Health Mod for Axton-farm a
    Medical Vendor, resetting the game as many times as necessary to acquire one.
    Axton’s Health Mod and Mods of all kinds are commonly available once you reach
    With the all-important Health Mod acquired and installed, go to Pierce Station.
    Find the “Quick Change Station” and sacrifice 14% of your cash, allowing you to
    reallocate your skill points. With the Heath Mod installed, you don’t require
    “Preparation” for healing, so unlock the skill and reallocate all yours
    available points to “Sentry.” From this point on allocate all points to allow
    yourself to acquire “Scorched Earth” and “Double Up.” Select whatever else in
    the tree you fancy but don’t miss those two items. They make the Sabre Turret,
    as Roland might say, “Its like havin’ another squad of soldiers on the field.”
    There is an exclamation point located in the “Guns” shop. Talk to gruff old
    Marcus. In addition to having plenty of guns and a dead serious policy
    regarding refunds, he gives you the mission, “Rock, Paper, Genocide: Fire
    >>>Rock, Paper, Genocide: Fire Weapons! (Level 8) <<<X007>>>
       Rock, Paper, Genocide: Shock Weapons!
       Rock, Paper, Genocide: Corrosive Weapons!
       Rock, Paper, Genocide: Slag weapons!
    Initiated: Interact with Marcus in his Sanctuary gun shop.
    Completed: Interact with Marcus in his Sanctuary gun shop.
    The short primer on elemental weapons will be done in his shop at the shooting
    range. You will have to shoot a trussed-up Psycho with fire, static, corrosive
    and, something new, slag weapons to demonstrate the effects of each. When
    prompted by Marcus, you will have to equip the elemental weapon in the “Special
    Slot” located in your backpack. You will then acknowledge each of the four
    sub-missions for your reward.
    Only incendiary and explosive weapons are available before level 11 when static
    weapons can be found or purchased. At level 13 corrosive weapons will be
    available and slag at level 15. The corrosives will be especially effective
    against the mechanized Hyperion forces you will encounter later in the game.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Note: Static weapons can be used when you achieve Level 11 and caustic weapons
    at Level 13. It is important to acquire a caustic weapon or weapons as soon as
    they are available. Try to carry a favored static weapon as well. Scenarios
    will develop where having one could well be the difference between success and
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    With so many exclamation points on the map, do a little more exploring. In
    Moxxi’s Bar you will be reunited with Sir Hammerlock who will offer the
    mission, “The Name Game.” He wants you to search Bullymong piles so he can
    learn more about the beasts for his latest book, perhaps renaming the beasts as
    well. He also wants you to kill fifteen of them.
    The Sanctuary Bounty Board can be found just west of Crazy Earl’s place near
    Pierce Station. Accept the Mission, “Assassinate the Assassins.” Four assassins
    are up to no good and need to be eliminated. They can be found in the Southpaw
    Steam and Power facility.
    >>>>The Name Game
    Initiated: Interact with Sir Hammerlock in Moxxi’s bar.
    Comment:   This mission will be pursued later. The index will designate the
    mission’s starting point. Type (TNG) to locate the mission’s point of origin.
    >>>>Assassinate the Assassins
    Initiated: Available at the Sanctuary Bounty Board.
    Comment:   This mission will be pursued later. The index will designate the
    mission’s starting point. Type (ATA) to locate the mission’s point of origin.
    >>>>Claptrap’s Stash (Level 9) <<X008>>>
    Initiated: Interact with Claptrap in his lonely little alcove.
    Completed: Interact with Claptrap in his lonely little alcove.
    Locate Claptrap in his hangout, the little alcove north of Dr. Zed’s place. You
    will acquire “Claptrap’s Stash” by interacting with him. The stash is located
    just across the alley from him. After listening to his list of the tasks he
    requires for you to find the stash, just take a few steps across the alley and
    interact with it. The four-space locker can store four items for either you or
    for other players using the same gamer’s “Profile.” Interact with him
    afterwards to complete the mission.
    While so near his Sanctuary shop of horrors drop in to see Dr. Zed again, who
    appears to have another mission. He will offer you the mission, “Medical
    Mystery.” He wants you to find out what’s causing wounds that look like bullet
    holes but without the bullets. An acquaintance of his, Dr. Mercy, doesn’t live
    up to that name and might know something about it.
    >>>>Medical Mystery
    Initiation: Interact with Dr. Zed after “Do No Harm.”
    Comment:   This mission will be pursued later. The index will designate the
    mission’s starting point. Type (MM) to locate the mission’s point of origin.
    >>>>The Name Game (Level 8) <<<X009>>>
    Initiated: Interact with Sir Hammerlock in Moxxi’s Bar.
    Completed: Interact with sir Hammerlock in Moxxi’s Bar.
    Select “The Name Game” and exit the town. Move through the Three Horns-Divide
    portal. The bandit outpost just outside of town will still be there-you can
    kill them again or just generate a vehicle and drive past them.
    Drive southwest on the road toward the first waypoint. Begin harvesting the
    required fifteen Bullymongs. The commotion may draw some Raak into the
    tussle-take then out for the XP.
    There are plenty of Bullymongs in the first waypoint’s circle, allowing you to
    harvest the fifteen Bullymongs and the five piles. The Bullymongs and the piles
    don’t even need to be in the circles for them to count. After you smash the
    five piles, revealing the beasts to have a primate’s sagacity, Hammerlock will
    grant them a more dignified name, “Primal Beasts.”
    You will be tasked with killing a “Primal Beast” with a grenade and that kill
    will count for the fifteen total kills. He now changes his mind and calls them
    “Ferovores,” and he wants you to shoot three of their airborne clods which they
    are so fond of throwing.
    Again he changes his mind, renaming them “Bonefarts.” He needs an additional
    five Bonefart kills. There is no shortage of Bonefarts, so boost your XP by
    wasting as many as you can find. Return to Sanctuary and turn in the mission,
    “The Name Game,” to Sir Hammerlock at Moxxis Bar. In addition to the XP and
    cash, you have your choice of a random shield or a shotgun.
    >>>>Medical Mystery (Level 8) <<<X010>>>
        Medical Mystery: X-Com-municate
    Initiated: Interact with Dr. Zed after the mission, “Do No Harm.”
    Completed: Interact with Dr. Mercy to complete and acquire “Medical Mystery:
    Completed: Interact with Dr. Zed in Sanctuary to complete mission series.
    Select “Medical Mystery” and exit Sanctuary. If the guard post has re-spawned,
    take them out and grab a ride although you can just avoid them by going
    straight for the Catch-A-ride and speeding off. Follow the road, driving
    southeast toward the southernmost of the two waypoints.
    Although this is completely optional, stop near the stranded ship, dangling the
    anchor, and snipe the four bandit defenders. There is a BLACK CHEST in the
    topmost shack on the structure, but it is guarded by two Badass bandits.
    Approach that shack and deploy the Sabre Turret as you retreat. You can give
    ground as much as needed to take down the two. Raid their dropped items and the
    BLACK CHEST and then return to your vehicle.
    A pocket of Bullymongs will challenge you as you drive to the portal. Enter
    Three Horns-Valley and swing right up the slope at The Frostbite Springs. Enter
    Shock Fossil Cavern on foot. Take the passage on the left side of the generator.
    Be prepared for about a dozen Psychos and Nomads. Deploy the Turret and stay
    behind the cargo container and snipe the more distant of the enemy. An
    occasional Psycho may get past the Turret or will do so when it is recharging.
    Clear the area and move cautiously forward.
    After you advance to the far side of the cavern, Dr. Mercy will come out of his
    shack and he is hostile and deadly. Deploy the Turret and quickly retreat,
    sprinting back to near the entry. His Hi-tech weapon is deadly and it can knock
    out your shield quickly and you as well. The Turret will hammer him and he will
    likely turn to address it.
    Tag him with incendiary rounds when he is turned or just shoot anything exposed
    behind the big metal shield he carries. His feet are small but vulnerable
    targets. Incendiary grenades are also very effective on these non-static
    shielded types. Retreat as needed because he will slowly but relentlessly
    pursue you. When he succumbs, take his hi-tech gun. Searching his body will
    satisfy the mission’s completion requirements. “Medical Mystery:
    X-Com-municate” is initiated after the prior mission is turned in at the body
    of Mercy.
    You have acquired the “Bandit” which Dr. Zed wants you to try out on some
    deserving local boys. Equip the “Bandit” and try to get twenty-five kills on
    the charging Psychos before it runs dry. If you’re short on kills just take
    some in the nearby installation or quit the game to reset them. If the gun runs
    dry, a game reset will find you with 30 rounds when you begin again.
    Before returning to Dr. Zed, take the time for some mayhem and XP. The large
    compound at Frostbite Springs south of Mercy’s cave has numerous bad guys for
    the taking. Deploy the Turret at the entry and then snipe away. The commotion
    might draw a few Skags from beyond the large structure. Loot the compound and
    note that it contains the entry to Southpaw Steam and Power. There is also a
    BLACK CHEST on the roof of a shack on the south side. Use the bundle to get
    atop the cargo container and jump onto the corrugated roof-walkway and move
    around to it. There isn’t much on the building’s upper walkways, but a sentry
    does prowl there.
    Hop in your vehicle or spawn a new one at the Frost Springs Catch-A-Ride. Drive
    the long clockwise loop to the abandoned Happy Pig Motel. Who could possibly
    have ever stayed there.
    >>>>No Vacancy (Level 8) <<<X011>>>
    Initiated: Locate the ECHO on the Three Horns-Valley Bounty Board.
    Completed: Interact with the powered-up Three Horns-Valley Bounty Board.
    The Happy Pig’s power is off. Stuck onto the Bounty Board is an ECHO recorder.
    The mission, “No Vacancy” is activated when you take it. The Bloodshot Clan has
    slaughtered the locals and if you can activate the steam pump you can get the
    power on. The nearby valve doesn’t do the trick and Scooter has a technical
    answer for the problem-it’s broke. He suggests finding parts for it in the
    area. You must find a valve, a capacitor and a gearbox to make the repairs.
    The first waypoint is nearby at the noisy rig. Scooter informs you that you
    must get to the top of the rig for the part. Shoot the glowing green ladder to
    bring it down. Once on the platform, you’ll get the interactive when the piston
    travels down. The local miscreants aren’t happy about your theft. Stay atop the
    structure and snipe them. They will shoot and throw explosives, so be aware.
    You can just jump down when the zone is secured.
    The next waypoint is to the northeast. You will encounter a couple of pockets
    of Skags and a few Raak. The Bullymongs like to den up in the equip housings.
    As you near the waypoint a Badass Bullymong will need to be addressed. Pummel
    it with the vehicle’s turret and then jump out of the vehicle to finish it off
    for maximum XP. It will drop the gearbox.
    Start south past the Happy Pig toward the next waypoint. Numerous Skags will
    defend this final area. You can use the vehicles turret and/or you can do it in
    person. There may be elemental Skags-probably a Shock Skag. When the pack is
    cleared, interact with the housing and be prepared for the rush of Skags coming
    out of it. Get into your vehicle to blast them. One will drop the capacitor.
    Head back to the Happy Pig. Take out the Marauders at the nearby pumping unit
    and then replace the capacitor at ground level. Climb the long ladder to
    replace the gearbox. Hop onto the ladder going to the top and replace the steam
    valve. Jump down and turn the unit on. Turn the completed mission in at the
    energized Happy Pig Bounty Board.
    >>>>Neither Rain nor Sleet nor Skags (Level 8) <<<X012>>>
    Initiation: The Three Horns-Valley Bounty Board.
    Completion: The Three Horns-Valley Bounty Board.
    The Bounty Board and everything else is powered up and the Bounty Board will
    offer the missions, “Neither Rain Nor Sleet Nor Skags” and “The Ice Man
    Cometh.” Accept both and take the nearby dynamite for “The Ice Man Cometh” but
    then place the Level 15 mission on hold. You now have access to the Vendors,
    the Catch-A-Ride and the Fast Travel Station.
    “Neither Rain Nor Sleet Nor Skags” will have you delivering five packages to
    the nearby settlement and you have only 1:30 to deliver the first. The initial
    delivery will add fifteen additional seconds to the timer and each additional
    delivery will grant you another fifteen seconds. Immensely complicating the job
    is the convoluted nature of the stilted structures and the garrison of about a
    dozen, including a Badass, that defend the complex.
    You can greatly simplify the daunting task by accepting the mission and not
    picking up the first package. Go to the complex and wipe out the entire bunch.
    Return to get the first package by climbing the ladder onto the bus and try to
    get the five delivered before the timer times out. It will probably take a try
    or two even with no opposition.
    You will find an old RED CHEST on one the elevated platforms, and a couple of
    OUTHOUSE ITEM ENCLOSUREs on the piers and a BLACK CHEST on another platform.
    The bandits will eventually begin to reappear so if you fail a few times you
    will have to wipe them out again.
    Fast-travel to Sanctuary and speak to Dr. Zed. You will receive a worthwhile
    repeater as well as XP for completion of the two “Medical Mysteries” missions.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Note: For comparison, the following are the weapons and items in inventory:
    Sniper Rifle: 106/95.9/1.1 Incendiary 24/30%, Magazine of 6; Blue Level 9
    Sniper Rifle: 113/95.2/.9: Magazine of 5; Green Level 9
    Repeater:     45/91.3/2.5; Incendiary 28.8/17.9%; Field Magnifier; Magazine of
    10; Green Level 9
    Repeater:     91/94.3/1.3; Incendiary 25.5/18.7%; Scoped; Magazine of 8; Purple
    Level 8
    Repeater:     25.5/15.6%; Magazine of 7; Green Level 8
    SMG:          22/92/8; Incendiary 36.7/18.7%; Magazine of 24; White Level 10
    SMG:          25/88/7.7; Incendiary 24/11.5%; Field Magnifier; Magazine of 55;
    Green level 9
    Shotgun:      18x6/67.7/1.3; Magazine of 9; Green Level 7
    Repeater:     38/88.4/4.8; Scoped; Green Level 7
    Combat Rifle: 43/91.3/3.4; Magazine of 13; Green Level 7
    SMG:          29/91.4/7.7; Scoped; Magazine of 60; Blue Level 9
    Grenade:      Sticky lobbed Incendiary Grenade 282/770/2.7; Green Level 8
    Shield:       Shock Spike: 262/39/3.50/ Static Spike 19; Green Level 8
    Mod:          Pointman Class Mod: Health Regeneration +1.9/ Health Boost +58;
    White Level 9
    Level 10
    Cash: $8,656
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    >>>>Hunting the Firehawk (Level 8) <<<M006>>>
    Initiated: This mission is automatically activated after “Plan B.”
    Completed: Completed by speaking to Lilith in Crimson Raider Headquarters.
    Select “Hunting the Firehawk.” Either fast-travel to Three Horns-Divide and
    generate a vehicle or take a vehicle and drive south from Sanctuary toward the
    waypoint. The road will wind through Three Horns-Divide, past the stranded ship
    and you’ll have to veer left or east over the makeshift bridge.
    Park near the outpost in the Marrowfields and have conventional and/or
    explosive weapons as well as incendiary ones ready for action. The Pyro Nomads
    here are highly resistant to fire damage. Draw them out by entering and
    retreating, then deploy the Turret and snipe from near the entry. Expect a late
    arrival or two as you loot the premises, probably a flame-throwing Pyro-Nomad.
    Move through the Frostburn Canyon portal at the back of the facility.
    The Guardian Angel will address you as you approach the Vendors. The Firehawk
    may be in the vicinity and the screams in the distance certainly promise
    action. Your sub-mission is now to follow the seven Bloodshot signs. Expect the
    action to commence after you reach the initial sign.
    Scout ahead; don’t rush headlong into the valley and watch your back as you
    pick your targets below. Hostiles from the Incinerator Camp on the high ground,
    attracted by the commotion may pay you a visit. Deploying the Turret is very
    effective in the canyon, especially against charging Psychos or advancing
    Nomads or Goliaths.
    Both regular and fire resistant types will be among the attackers. Most are
    Psychos or Nomads but a Goliath or two will sometimes appear. If you shoot a
    Goliath’s head, it can morph into a Raging Goliath, as likely to turn on his
    own as on you.
    The most practical plan is to simply hustle through the valley once the
    immediate threats are eliminated, moving on toward the next “sign,” avoiding
    the Incinerator bandits pervading the upper platforms of the valley. However,
    if you seek XP and loot, climb the stairs to the left and be ready battle it
    out with the tough bandits there.
    This skirmish will draw numerous hostiles both there and into the valley below.
    Once the upper platforms are cleared, you can then fire down on the emerging
    defenders below and across the bridge at those on the adjoining platform. When
    you cross the bridge, expect more hostiles to come out of hiding.
    Be aware that this optional foray will involve a lot of action. A loot Goon
    will sometimes be among the enemy and you will usually find one or more bars of
    Eridium in the structure on the east side of the valley. You can, however, just
    move on and not climb those stairwells avoiding the prolonged and unnecessary
    but productive skirmish.
    There will be taunting at the second sign, and the Guardian Angel is surprised
    at the impertinence of the Bloodshots. Spiderants and Marauders will battle it
    out in the low area. Take down anyone nearby and snipe both sides from the
    elevated ledge or just mind your own business and kill the victors. There may
    be Goliaths and they may turn into Raging Goliaths and turn on their own kind.
    Pyros will join the fray. Stay back sniping and deploying the Turret. Pass into
    Blacktoe Canyon and make your way upslope to the third sign.
    The fourth sign isn’t far and a mix that can include Pyros, Nomads, Psychos and
    Goliaths occupy the area. Use the Turret and snipe from cover. Continue up the
    long stairwells past the fifth sign. Expect a pair of Badass Psychos
    accompanied by a couple of regular Psychos as you advance. Use the Sabre Turret
    and incendiary or explosive weapons and grenades to put them down.
    All seems quiet as you top the rise and reach the fifth sign. Spiderants will
    appear from the high area to the left. Don’t advance until you clear them out
    or, if you’re lucky, they begin to battle with the Bloodshots just ahead.
    Start down toward the Ashmouth Camp after you take down any surviving
    combatants. Expect an enemy wave of mostly fire resistant Pyro Nomads with
    flame throwers and Psychos to deal with in the Asmouth Camp. If you stay on the
    walkways, you can snipe the enemy below but they will also be on the upper
    platforms. Clear the complex of walkways and platforms and then the ground area
    and then push through.
    Work your way to the sixth sign. The Guardian Angel addresses you at the sixth
    sign warning of traps ahead. A pair of Badass Psychos will charge in the narrow
    tunnel. Deploy the Turret and supplement it with incendiary fire. As you
    advance fire will shoot across the way but it is easily avoided.
    Start up the ice slope toward the last sign. Jump over or go around the fire
    spouts and cross the makeshift bridge and then the narrow beam. Hit the open
    switch and continue on to the Vending machines. Equip a shotgun and fast-firing
    weapon like a machine pistol or SMG and move toward the waypoint to confront
    the notorious Firehawk.
    You’ll see a deadly confrontation ahead. You have now reached the Firehawk’s
    Lair and a pair of Bruisers looms ahead. The Firehawk suddenly makes a fiery
    entrance, incinerating them both. Lilith, AKA the Firehawk, has arrived but the
    strenuous ordeal has severely depleted her resources. She needs to be revived.
    She needs some Eridium. The waypoint will lead you up the stairs to one of her
    strongboxes where you will find it.
    Roland is gone, having been captured by the Bloodshots and taken to their
    stronghold. An attack, however, is incoming as a wave of Psychos, some armed
    with firearms, flood into Lilith’s lair. Lilith will phase blast the initial
    wave but some of the Psychos may get through. Their attack will come from the
    north stairwell. The next wave can be thinned out with grenades and eliminated
    with the Turret and small arms. A Badass Psycho will join the fray late.
    When yet another wave of Psychos charge from the west stairwell, toss a grenade
    or two in their path and get busy with your shotgun. The skirmish will be
    topped off by a pair of Badass Psychos coming into the tussle together. Just
    keep moving and hitting them with incendiary fire. Deploying the Turret when
    it’s available. When the battle ends Lilith will need another infusion of
    Eridium. Grab it for her from her strongbox on the upper platform.
    Once revived, she will speak of Roland’s abduction and the need for a swift
    rescue. This interaction will complete the mission, “Hunting the Firehawk.” It
    appears that Roland has new intelligence on Jack’s plans and you must rescue
    him while Lilith tries to hold Sanctuary together in his absence. You receive a
    warning that there are some tough customers in the Bloodshot Stronghold and “A
    Dam Fine Rescue” is activated before she disappears.
    Exit the Firehawk’s lair via the east platform. There is a shortcut through a
    cave that is accessible from there. You’ll be rewarded with a RED CHEST near
    the cave’s exit. Jump down and sprint to the Fast Travel Station and get to
    Headquarters to speak to Lilith. She will give you the multi-part mission “Cult
    Following: Eternal Flame” and “In Memoriam.”
    >>>>Cult Following: Eternal Flame (Level 9) <<<X013>>>
    Initiated: Lilith in Crimson Raider Headquarters in Sanctuary.
    Completed: Lilith in Crimson Raider Headquarters in Sanctuary.
    >>>>In Memoriam
    Initiation: Lilith in Crimson Raider Headquarters in Sanctuary.
    Comment:   This mission will be pursued later. The index will designate the
    mission’s starting point. Type (IM) to locate the mission’s point of origin.
    Make “Cult Following: Eternal Flame” your active mission and fast-travel to
    Frostbite Canyon. Start north toward the waypoint. You’ll meet no resistance as
    you enter the Incinerator Camp to speak with the cult’s leader, Incinerator
    The Firehawk worshiping Incinerator Clayton wants you to serve the “mother” by
    bringing back the ashes of five fellow bad guys-his own guys, no less. You will
    have to use incendiary weapons. Incendiary grenades or red explosive barrels to
    reduce your victims to ashes and some of the nearby enemy are fire resistant
    Pyros. Equip both incendiary and conventional weapons to deal with all comers.
    Lilith advises you to whittle any fire resistant enemy’s health down to a
    nubbin and then finish them with incendiary fire.
    Head for the circular waypoint and enter the outskirts of the Blisterpus Camp.
    You may encounter Psychos, Midget Psychos, Nomads and Goliaths and some will be
    Pyros. Kill five and as many as need be to be able to collect the ashes and
    return them to Clayton.
    >>>>Cult Following: False Idols:
    Accept the rewards for completion and the Incinerator will give you, “Cult
    Following: False Idols.” Ah, but there are blasphemers. Scorch, the Spiderant
    King, and his followers refuse to worship the Firehawk and the heretic and his
    minions must perish for their blashphemy.
    The mission’s waypoint will take you south toward the frozen waterfall. Go up
    the grade and under the fractured arched metal frame. Deploy the Sabre Turret
    against the mixed group of bandits. If the Spiderants join the battle, let them
    battle it out and then kill the survivors. Go to the far end of the camp and go
    down into the icy corridor to find Frozen Ant Lake and Scorch. Spiderants will
    resist as you walk onto the frozen stream.
    Scorch and his minions are fire ants and they will hurl fireballs and broadcast
    a concussive blast at closer quarters. They are impervious to fire so use
    conventional or explosive weapons, grenades and the Sabre Turret. Keep your
    distance and use the Turret to distract Scorch so you can get a bead on that
    weak abdomen. His demise won’t end the hostilities so battle as you retreat.
    Return to Clayton to receive your rewards and the next mission, “Cult
    Following: Lighting the Match.”
    >>>>Cult Following: Lighting the Match:
    This mission will require the sacrifice of one of the cult’s very own-a Midget,
    Matchstick, who has been incarcerated in the nearby outhouse. Interact with it
    to release Matchstick and again to stash him in your backpack. Matchstick is
    famous as the incinerator of a hundred and his sacrifice is sure to get the
    blessing of the mother-Lilith is obviously not impressed,; but hey, the ordeal
    might just aid the cause.
    Move down to the Fast-Travel Station near the Vendors and travel to the
    Southern Shelf. You have been here before so move out of Liar’s Berg after
    topping off on the cheap ammo sold there. Start for the docks where you boarded
    Claptrap’s ship not so long ago.
    Lay waste the small garrison at the foot of the slope and then knock out the
    ten defenders in the adjacent outpost. Cross the bridge. The BLACK CHEST on the
    roof will have only low-level merchandise. Cross the Bridge, drop down and
    repeat the battle with Boom, at his canon mount, and his Midget shotgun toting
    jet packing brother Bewm.
    As before, sprint to the left behind the fin-like object. Shelter there to
    damage Boom’s canon to drive him from the mount. When Bewm presses you sprint
    into the sheltered area to the left of the canon. Address Bewm and then
    continue to damage the gun mount to drive Boom off the pedestal. Kill the
    brothers and then clear the compound. Ransack the place. This time the gate is
    open so proceed toward the waypoint.
    Take out the survivors of the Raak attack to keep your rear secure. Secur the
    gate area and begin the trek up the icy slope, battling the numerous Marauders
    along the way. Don’t be fooled if you reach the waypoint and find only a BLACK
    CHEST. Look up. You need to get onto the ship again.
    Bear north and battle the enemy, passing through the narrow passage. Stop and
    eliminate the combatants on the elevated pltforms and move along the largely
    linear route. Begin taking out the enemy on the high platforms as you go
    upgrade and then start up the superstructure, clearing each area as you advance
    toward the hoist controls where you gave Claptrap a “lift” not so long ago.
    Go up the ramp, following the arrow’s path and battle your way forward past the
    heavily defended ramp. There are ammo chests and a gun locker, but the take is
    well below your level. Move up the ramps toward the Captain Flynt battleground.
    Don’t jump down. Use the cover provided by the corner and the elevation to
    snipe all the available targets. You can kill at least eight of Flynt’s minions
    in relative safety. When the resistance stops, jump down, turn right and get
    into the alcove to defeat Captain Flynt as he advances through the columns of
    fire. Deploy the Turret and hammer him to bring him down before he reaches your
    hiding spot. With peace restored, head toward the waypoint and offer Matchstick
    for the sacrifice. Use the lever to complete the deed. Adoring, gullible
    Matchstick is immolated and loving it.
    You can drop off the ship and make the tedious journey back to Liar’s Berg or
    you can reset and be there without the wear and tear of the hike.
    >>>>Cult Following: The Enkindling:
    Get to the Incinerator Camp to see Clayton to complete the mission and to
    receive your reward and the series’ final offering, “Cult Following: The
    Enkindling.” Time to sacrifice the heretics for the glory of the
    “mother”-Lilith is a bit concerned but maybe it’s just a bandit bar-be-cue.
    The first effigy to kindle is right there in camp. Shoot it with a fire weapon
    to begin the festivities. You now have two additional waypoints. Go south and
    veer right before reaching the Vendors. The effigy is in the camp atop the rise
    that you recently devastated on your way to teach Scorch and his minions a
    lesson on adoration. You can just snipe the effigy or you can also battle the
    Marauders. Oftentimes a Loot Goon will be present.
    Start for the final effigy. Once again you can simply snipe it by climbing the
    crates outside Clayton’s camp. Jump onto the snow covered boulder and locate
    the effigy suspended above the canyon floor. Once the effigies are lit, Lilith
    is really creeped out and says to return to Clayton to see what’s next. She may
    just have to drop in to prevent things getting out of hand.
    The enkindling ceremony will take place deep in the canyon so start through the
    lower canyon, avoiding the upper Blisterpus Camp and leaving it and its ample
    garrison in your wake. Resistance will continue as you proceed south toward the
    waypoint. Both bandits and Spiderants infest Blacktoe Cavern. Stay atop the
    ledge on the left side of the canyon and snipe the heads of a Goliath or two
    and let them clear the canyon for you and then put them or anything still
    moving down.
    Proceed around the corner and up the stairs. You will encounter Marauders, a
    Pyro or two and a Goliath at the top of the long stairwells. Once again create
    a Raging Goliath and stay out of sight while he clears a path, then put him
    Move up the long stairwells and expect to meet two Badass Psychos, one at a
    time; at least one will be accompanied by a Psycho. Top the rise and move
    through the shallow water. If you’re lucky, just down the slope Marauders will
    be fighting it out with Spiderants. Hold your position at the top of the grade
    and let them fight it out. Expect a few of the Spiderants to come calling on
    you anyway.
    You will see the kindling fire ahead as you enter Ashmouth Camp. Incinerator
    Clayton will be gyrating before the fire and will invite you to pull the lever
    to begin burning the captives. Lilith has had enough and threatens to poop the
    party. The cultists, including Incinerator Clayton, become totally hostile.
    Back off and put down the attackers which will include the tough Clayton. You
    must now kill all the cultists and Clayton to complete your own cleansing. Give
    ground before Clayton’s fireball attack and his fanatical followers. If you’re
    pressed hard by the cult, Lilith may make a fiery appearance but only if you
    need her help. When the cult is finished, return to Sanctuary to see Lilith for
    a special reward.
    Rather than backtracking through the valley to the Fast Travel Station continue
    toward the Firehawk’s lair. You will have to battle the two Badass Psychos and
    avoid the fire traps but you can once again take the shortcut off the east
    platform but you’ll have to leap across a gap that wasn’t there before. Move
    through the cave, raid the RED CHEST if you have re-started since your first
    visit, and jump off the ledge. Get to the Fast Travel Station and return to
    Sanctuary and see Lilith at Headquarters. You will receive a high quality
    Legendary “Flame of the Firehawk” shield for your work. This is the only
    Legendary item that is an assured acquisition in the entire game.
    >>>>In Memoriam (Level 11) <<<X014>>>
    Initiation: Lilith in Roland’s headquarters in Sanctuary.
    Completion: Lilith in Roland’s headquarters in Sanctuary.
    Lilith faked her own demise years before to avoid Hyperion’s retaliation for
    her actions in opening the vault. The mission “In Memoriam” will have you
    eliminating Boll who has information on Lilith and is planning to sell it to
    Hyperion. The ECHO recordings will expose her ruse, and Handsome Jack will pay
    handsomely for the information or just kill the gullible Boll.
    Select the mission and get to the Catch-a-Ride and start south on the road
    veering left off-road when you are beneath the ship. The entrance marked by
    “BEWARE” isn’t far from the road. You will have to proceed on foot and this is
    Skag territory.
    Shoot one of the Skags to gain their attention and then deploy the Turret when
    they charge. Stay near the entrance and Boll will be among those Skags. Once
    Boll and the Skags are eliminated, take the ECHO and you will hear a Hyperion
    representative wanting proof of Lilith’s status. You must now acquire those
    three ECHO recordings that the late Boll was trying to sell to Hyperion and
    which Lilith must have to prevent another corporate offensive against her and
    The nearby waypoint is the anchor dangling from the ship. Snipe or use the
    vehicle’s Turret to address any visible Marauders near the ship. Shoot the
    anchor’s glowing shackle to bring it down and don’t search the snow. The ECHO
    is on the anchor’s shaft.
    Start north from the stranded ship. Stop when you’re near the waypoint, a
    pumping unit. Drive forward to draw out the Skags. Use the vehicle’s Turret to
    kill them. Near the pumping unit there is circular frame on a stone column.
    Interact with the glowing valve wheel to allow the steam to expel the second
    ECHO recorder.
    The next ECHO is located far to the south. Stay briefly on the road and veer
    left into the ice tunnel. Its entrance is marked by the large icicles. Either
    lay waste to the low-level Bullymongs along the way or just drive past them.
    You’ll see an overhead pipeline after exiting the tunnel-you have likely been
    here before. Use the wooden crates and cargo containers to reach the ladder
    allowing access to the pipeline catwalk. Jump onto the ladder to gain the
    catwalk. The ECHO is on the support column near the BLACK CHEST.
    Re-enter the ice tunnel and drive north to Sanctuary. See Lilith in Crimson
    Raider Headquarters to give her the damning recorders and to complete the
    >>>>Assassinate the Assassins (Level 8) <<<X015>>
    Initiated: The Sanctuary Bounty Board.
    Completed: The Sanctuary Bounty Board.
    Select “Assassinate the Assassins” and get to the Fast-Travel Station in Pierce
    Station and travel to Three Horns-Valley. Fill up on ammo and generate a
    vehicle at the nearby Catch-A-Ride. Drive counterclockwise on the roadway to
    get to the large structure giving egress to the Southpaw Steam and Power
    portal. Wipe out the ten or so defenders by deploying the Turret at the entry
    and then snipe anyone the Turret misses. You can use the wooden box to get atop
    the cargo container, allowing access to the upper walkway. You’ll find a BLACK
    CHEST there. You can then access a system of walkways with loot containers on
    the roof.
    The Southpaw Steam and Power entry portal is in the back chamber of the
    As you loot the entry area a crazed rant foretells the presence of a Crazed
    Marauder and his colleagues just ahead. Stay atop the entry area and deploy the
    Turret over the rail to knock out the loitering Psychos on the lower level.
    Remain near the entry to snipe anyone surviving below and those advancing on
    the walkway to the left.
    Incendiary weapons are very effective against these Nomads, Psychos and
    Marauders. When the resistance wanes, continue around the upper catwalk, taking
    out any additional attackers. Move toward the roll door to the south to goad
    Wot and his Badass Psycho bodyguard into the open. The Badass will charge but
    Wot will hang back. Deploy the Turret to help take out the Badass and plaster
    Wot with incendiary fire to put him down.
    Raid the containers and grab the ECHO, “Assassins Orders” that Wot dropped. A
    massive reward is being offered for Lilith.
    Proceed up the short stairwell. From the opposite side of the chamber Marauders
    will appear, including Nomads if they didn’t get involved in the battle with
    Wot earlier on. Use the stairwell as cover to snipe them and the volatile
    barrels. Back away from grenades or the occasional charging Psycho.
    Continue toward the waypoint and the Nomad Assassin, Oney, and his escort of
    Suicide Psychos that accompany him from the arched doorway. Deploy the Turret
    to suppress the rush and to distract Oney. He will advance and blast away with
    a shotgun while hiding behind a big metal shield. Use an incendiary or
    explosive grenade to damage and expose him to additional incendiary fire. Take
    his ECHO and listen to Jack’s baloney.
    Start down the stairs toward the new waypoint, moving deeper down into the
    large facility in search of Reeth. Pick off the defenders in the gloomy
    corridor and raid the BLACK CHEST and the other containers.
    When you reach the better lit doorway, start sniping the enemy in the low area.
    The doorway is a good chokepoint and is easily defended against the Suicide
    Psychos, Marauders and Nomads that will approach from the stairwell on the
    right. When the opposition wanes, start down. A few Suicide Psychos will still
    be active, so advance carefully.
    Advance toward the waypoint. A wave of Psychos will attack from the perimeter.
    As you continue toward the gate, it will open and an agile Reeth and his Badass
    bodyguard, carrying a bulky shield, will emerge. Reeth is very nimble but the
    bodyguard is slow and deliberate. Deploy the Turret and try to set the
    bodyguard afire with an incendiary grenade. Reeth is unpredictable and might
    get overwhelmed by the Turret; if not, deal with him as the situation
    requires-he isn’t all that tough but given the chance he is elusive.
    Take the ECHO recorder which enables the barred gate to open. Patricia Tannis
    shows both her brilliance and her lunacy while talking about Lilith, the Vault
    and Eridium and a possible connection. There is a BLACK CHEST in the lower area
    northwest of the doorway that the assassin emerged from.
    Start for the final waypoint. Pass through the doorway and raid the many item
    containers, the BLACK CHEST and the lockers. Go up the stairwells and stop near
    the top. Snipe the available targets; and, when a rush of Suicide Psychos enter
    the action, deploy the Turret near the stairwell to deal with the majority of
    them. Have a shotgun equipped and be ready to retreat down the stairwell to
    avoid any nearby explosions. They will be followed by Marauders, a few Suicide
    Psychos and a Badass carrying a shield.
    The last assassin, Rouf and his shielded bodyguard will enter and advance from
    the door on the far side of the chamber. Stay on the stairwell and toss
    grenades in their path and deploy the Turret. Try to locate Rouf in the crowded
    battle zone. He is agile and has a potent weapon that can deal major damage.
    Try to ignite him with incendiary fire as the shielded bodyguard lumbers
    forward. You’ll have to secure the area even after Rouf and his bodyguard fall.
    Grab the final ECHO recorder.
    Start for new the waypoint. Open the barred gate and the corridor will lead you
    to a RED CHEST. This should yield a decent weapon or two. Go north, open
    another barred gate and move to the exit portal to the Fast Travel Station.
    The entry area bad guys have re-spawned, so you can either use the
    Three-Horns-Valley portal, wipe them out for the XP or just fast-travel to
    Sanctuary instead. Either way, turn in “Assassinate the Assassins” at the
    Sanctuary Bounty Board.
    >>>>A Dam Fine Rescue (Level 12) <<<M007>>>
    Initiated: Mission was automatically active on completion of “Hunting the
    Completed: Mission is only completed when Roland is rescued.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Note: This Level 12 mission will be by far the toughest yet. You will be
    meeting Hyperion mechanized Loaders and a Constructor late in the mission, and
    without caustic weapons they will be a real handful. Unfortunately caustic
    weapons only begin to appear at Level 13 and aren’t that common at first. The
    weapon chests you have access to and should discover during this mission will
    yield only weapons at or below Level 12. Unless you transfer a caustic weapon
    from another game or acquire one dropped by the opposition during the mission
    itself, you won’t have one. While other elements, especially static and
    explosive, will do the job-they’ll do it with a lot more pain. In addition the
    “boss” near the end has an extremely tough shield, requiring a stout static
    weapon to neutralize it. Even getting to the final battle where the Hyperion
    mechanized units appear will require battling a host of tough Bloodshots as you
    trek through their stronghold. So leveling up to level 13 and toting
    incendiary, explosive and static weapons is highly advised and having a caustic
    grenade mod is also recommended.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    With “A Dam Fine Rescue” selected, fast-travel to Three Horns-Valley. Generate
    a vehicle and make the short drive north to the dam. You are prompted to blow
    your horn for access. The enemy will quickly recognize that you’re not one of
    them and they will attack. Back away. The vehicle is not armored and is easily
    damaged or destroyed. Scooter will come onto the ECHO and tell you to see his
    sister in The Dust at her garage. A new waypoint will pinpoint its location.
    Pull up to the portal and enter The Dust. Both flying gunships called Buzzards
    and bandit patrol vehicles prowl The Dust, so quickly take to the dusty
    countryside and get to Ellie’s Garage at the waypoint.
    The stupendously corpulent Ellie has just smashed a bandit’s vehicle with him
    inside it. She is Scooter’s sister-not the one he was named after
    apparently-and she believes a custom Bloodshot vehicle could deceive the
    simple-minded bandits into letting you into the dam to initiate the rescue.
    Naturally you’ll have to fetch the five bandit vehicle trimmings she requires
    to complete the deception. You’ll now have to destroy five patrol vehicles to
    get the goods.
    Borderlands 2 vehicles don’t have a “lock on” feature but the turret machine
    gun paired with the onboard machine gun is still your best option. Go hunting
    the five vehicles needed for the build. When you destroy a vehicle you can just
    run over or near the part to collect it. Buzzard aerial gunships from the Goose
    Roost air station will also challenge you from time to time.
    With the five kills and the needed parts in hand, return to Ellie’s Garage and
    interact with her and then the vehicle to complete the process. You can now
    generate a bandit Technical vehicle from any Catch-A-Ride station. Generate a
    Technical and toggle the Turret to “Sawblades.” This gives you the option of
    shooting a stream of deadly sawblades-not normal standard equipment except in
    the Borderlands. Ellie will also give you the mission, “Positive Self Image.”
    Completing the optional mission will help boost your XP. Rescuing Roland will
    be no walk in the park.
    >>>>Positive Self Image (Level 11) <<<X016>>>
    Initiated: Ellie offers the mission during the set-up for “A Dam Fine Rescue.”
    Completed: Interact with Ellie after placing the Ellie-the-Belly ornaments.
    Select “Positive Self Image.” It seems that the local bandits make fun of Ellie
    because of her stupendous girt. They are placing derogatory hood ornaments on
    their vehicles. Ellie, nevertheless, actually likes them and would like you to
    destroy enough bandits vehicles to acquire six “Ellie the Belly” ornaments from
    the wreckage to deck out her business. Take a vehicle of your choice out into
    The Dust. The Bandit Technical equipped with the Sawblades and the machine gun
    works well but so does the catapult if you get the right scenario.
    The Waypoints will pinpoint vehicle or Buzzard locations and they aren’t all
    that scarce. Destroy the six vehicles and run over or near the ornament to
    collect it. Be aware that tough Badass Technical vehicles are also out there.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Note: There is a BLACK CHEST in the heavily defended Moonshiner’s Shack at the
    far southwest side of The Dust’s expanse. Be prepared to earn that reward if
    you challenge the tough garrison. Expect a bandit patrol vehicle to also join
    the fun. The nearby Old Dahwell Oasis has vendors and a Slot machine and a much
    smaller garrison.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Return to Ellie’s Garage and place the six ornaments in the designated spots to
    complete the task. Ellie thinks the ornaments are a real compliment to her.
    Interact with her to complete the mission for XP and an “Afterburner” boost.
    >>>>Too Close For Missiles (Level 11) <<<X017>>>
    Initiated: This optional mission is offered by an ex-flier named Loggins who
    mills about Ellie’s Garage in The Dust.
    Completed: Talk to Loggins at Ellie’s Garage in The Dust.
    Since you’re still at Ellie’s Garage, talk to Loggin’s who hangs around the
    place to acquire the mission, “Too Close for Missiles.” Generate a Technical
    with a catapult. The mission’s waypoint is southwest of the garage. Loggins was
    ejected from the Hyperion air service and he wants revenge on those that did
    him wrong.
    You will likely be challenged by bandit patrols as you make your way to the
    Goose Roost. The air station is on an elevated mesa and the only way up is by
    using the very prominent ramp-like rock formation that is hard to miss
    northeast of it. Even the sluggish Technical can be boosted to make it onto the
    mesa. You will be likely crash land inside the compound.
    Marauders of various types will quickly respond to the sudden intrusion. Wipe
    out all comers, using the vehicle’s catapult to mercilessly pound the compound.
    A pair of Buzzards will begin circling and shooting at you. Find cover and take
    them down. The Sabre Turret can target the gunships quite well and you can also
    use the vehicle’s turret against them.
    With the western section cleared start looking for the four volleyballs and the
    two gas cans-two volleyballs and one gas can are in each large section of the
    air station.
    Each item is designated by a waypoint. Additional Marauders, including
    Goliaths, will be triggered as you go for the volleyball on the lower northern
    observation deck.
    >>>>West section mission items:
    One of the volleyballs is stuck on the ceiling of the skeletal arched structure.
    The first gas can sets on the ground by an oil tank near the above structure.
    One of the volleyballs is on a lower observation deck on the north end-several
    Marauders, possibly including a Goliath will defend it.
    The east section of the large compound must also be cleared. Find the BLACK
    CHEST on the platform before getting to the east compound’s entry. The east
    section is also manned by Goliaths and Marauders. A pair of Buzzard gunships
    will again strafe. Duck into cover as they circle searching for you. Additional
    hostiles will be triggered as you move farther east into the compound.
    >>>>East section mission items:
    The second gas can will be located beyond the east section’s entry near an oil
    A volleyball hangs from a platform and can be reached by jumping from the
    raised platform to the west of it and then jumping across the metal roofs.
    The last volleyball can be found on the extreme north side of the east compound
    on the lower decks. Expect opposition when you enter. It is inside one of the
    You’re not done yet. You must now douse the volleyball net with gas and set it
    aflame to complete Loggins’ revenge-guess killing most of his former colleagues
    wasn’t enough. Interact with the net to douse it with gas and find a good cover
    spot and set it aflame with an incendiary weapon. Three Shirtless Men will come
    out of hiding to retaliate for burning their net. You must kill the three to
    complete the task. They will come from different directions and will scamper
    about not being cooperative victims.. Before leaving locate the Dahl RED CHEST
    on the platform just east the volleyball posts. There is another BLACK CHEST
    atop the observation platform on the south side as well.
    Drop down off the northeast side of the Goose Roost to put yourself close to
    the Catch—Ride Station. Return to Ellie’s Garage and interact with Loggins to
    complete “Too Close For Missiles.”
    >>>>>>A Dam Fine Rescue (Continued)
    Take a Technical with a catapult and drive back to Three Horns–Valley and try
    the honking ruse at the Bloodshot’s gate again. It works. The gate opens but a
    metal barrier prevents your vehicle from entering.
    Start launching barrels at the bad guys-throw them ahead and to the sides. Exit
    the vehicle and mop up any survivors. Grab the loot and when your deception is
    noted, Bad Maw, a Nomad carrying three Midgets on his shield, comes from the
    structure. He has a stout metal shield and will lumber after you. Deploy the
    Turret, hit him with a grenade and then use the central shack to hit and run.
    You can oftentimes lap him and catch his back side, pummeling. him up and his
    tethered Midgets with incendiary fire and grenades.
    When Bad Maw and his Midgets fall, he’ll drop the “Bridge Key” and several
    other items. Grab what you want and use the key to lower the bridge. Cross the
    bridge and enter the Bloodshot Stronghold.
    Top off your ammo and police your inventory at the Vendor and then move up the
    stairs. A half dozen Psychos will greet you. Stay back and supplement the
    Turret with a hail of bullets.
    Start into the structure. A small band of assorted hostiles, which may include
    Bruisers and/or shielded Nomads will stiffly resist your incursion into their
    domain. Stay near the doorway for cover and to channel their approach. A Turret
    placed near the threshold is lethal. Don’t hesitate to use grenades against the
    shielded types.
    Grab the loot and move forward through the adjoining room and loot the place.
    Note that safes may require a melee strike to enable opening. Keeping your ammo
    topped off is now also a priority. If challenges are your thing, jump on the
    couch satisfying the first of five needed jumps to complete a challenge.
    It seems the Bloodshots can’t tolerate Roland since he kicked them out of
    Sanctuary. However, they aren’t going to kill him unless Hyperion doesn’t come
    up with the %1,000,000 in ransom they’re asking.
    Additional assorted Marauders infest the adjacent expansive chamber-this will
    become the norm in the Bloodshot Stronghold. Once again stay near the entry,
    using it as a choke point, to deal with them. Watch for incoming grenades.
    An advance into the chamber will trigger another wave, again including a mix
    that can include shielded Nomads, Taskmasters, Torturers, Bruisers and lower
    level bandits. The bandit waves may overlap but this emerging pattern will
    repeat several times, drawing out additional foes. Retreat again to deal with
    them. Expect at least one Badass type like a Bruiser or a Shielded Nomad and he
    may employ a rocket launcher. The onslaught will finally end. If you have spent
    a lot of ammo you can return to the Ammo Vendor to top off before continuing.
    Proceed north. Expect a few random possibly high level Marauders to be milling
    about in the low area. You’ll come to a long narrow room. Snipe someone to
    start the action with a mixed group. A Turret gun will open up on an elevated
    platform across the long hall. Take it out with sniper fire and be aware that
    other Marauders will re-man it. This room will also feature a mixed bag of
    hostiles. Some will stay back and snipe. Some will lumber forward with shields
    and Psychos will charge your position.
    When the initial onslaught is suppressed, advance and retreat as another wave,
    including Bruisers and Nomads, will filter in. If a Nomad or a Bruiser advances
    with a rocket launcher retreat as far as needed to survive the barrage.
    When the hostilities cease make your way to the far end and raid the OUTHOUSE
    ITEM ENCLOSURE. Enjoy the peace as you scavenge the many containers. Jump on
    the couch to complete another part of a challenge and keep an eye out for
    The arrow shows the way to a high chamber with a central whirlpool. The high
    multi-level chamber beyond the circular opening will provide intense action.
    Marauders, possibly including Badass types will defend it. Begin taking any
    visible targets and try to snipe some of the taunting ones on the upper
    walkways. You won’t get them all but every one you do makes the looming ascent
    a bit easier. Advance and retreat to goad them into advancing or showing their
    Move into the chamber and slowly start around the whirlpool, going up the
    fractured concrete ramp. The enemy, mostly Nomads and Psychos, on the upper
    walkways will attack and you will be fairly exposed. If you are pressed you can
    retreat and take up position behind the metal housing at floor level to thin
    the resistance with sniper fire.
    Keep the Turret busy, pinpointing them so you can supplement it with incendiary
    fire. Continue upward and Mad Mike and a couple of his lesser supporters will
    enter the fray from an upper doorway. He has a rocket launcher so get to cover
    or you’ll be using the New-U Station. If you sprint back through the circular
    opening you can usually get a bead on him with a sniper rifle so you can burn
    him down. Raid the premises and take the newly opened door on the upper level
    not far from an available OUTHOUSE ITEM ENCLOSURER.
    Enter the next area and an assortment of Psychos, Bruisers and Nomads will
    interrupt your looting. Take them out and defend the two short stairwells from
    the next wave of Marauders. Look out for grenades and charging Psychos. Loot
    the OUTHOUSE ITEM ENCLOSURE in the alcove. Note the static barrier guarding the
    Dahl RED CHEST.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Note: If you follow the power line from the static field it will lead you to a
    fuse box that can be shot. A Badass Psycho guards that room. The side passage
    near the washers will get you there. Backtrack to raid the Level 12 Dahl RED
    CHEST if you go that way.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    After making the turn toward the waypoint, another large chamber just ahead has
    the usual assortment of bad guys. Again some will charge and others will snipe
    from the distance. Your incursion will trigger two overlapping waves. Use the
    hallway to plant the Turret and supplement it with accurate fire. Clear them
    out and continue on.
    At the top of the slope another group will guard the approach to the prison’s
    cellblock. Move on toward the cellblock and another small contingent of bad
    guys will need killing.
    Only cell C6 is open; but if you climb the ladder on the left of its door, the
    catwalk will lead you to a BLACK CHEST. To the east of the weapons chest you’ll
    see the cellblock’s control room. If you jump onto the piping over the corridor
    it will get you there where you can unlock the cells. Raid the lucrative gear
    from the Dahl RED CHEST in C4 and stock up on ammo.
    Open Roland’s Cell. During the cutscene a pair of loaders will assault him.
    After Roland takes them out, a Constructor appears and whisks him away with a
    tractor beam. Pursue him and his abductor via the hole in the wall.
    Hyperion isn’t paying $1 for Roland. They have invaded the Bloodshot Stronghold
    in force to take him. A furious battle now pits the Bloodshot bandits against
    the Hyperion mechanized and Commando forces. If you have any caustic weapons,
    equip them; if not use static, conventional or explosive weapons on the
    Loaders. Deploy the Turret against the combatants and test your weapons on the
    mechanized Loaders.
    >>>>Bloodshot Ramparts:
    A cutscene will fly you over the dam area to demo the route-much too
    quickly-and will then re-deposit you near the Vendors. Ammo up if need be.
    Descend and start north on the dam. Scattered fighting is going on between the
    Bloodshots and the Loaders. Try to stay out of it for now, saving your ammo.
    Sprint past the commotion and take the ramp; it is on the left and is lit
    orange by a fire beyond. Keep moving, veering right at the arrow and sprinting
    through another skirmish. You’ll see a metal ramp on the right side going into
    a cargo container and then another container beyond. Get into the second one
    and stop to watch your six and to heal if necessary.
    Let the Loader and the Bloodshot resolve their differences outside the
    container and then run forward, angling for the orange hued building on the
    left. You’ll be informed that a Badass Loader is inbound. Use the buildings
    corner as cover to address the Badass. Deploy the Turret against the incoming
    Loaders entering the area. Watch out for the Suicidal EXP Loaders that will
    charge and explode. Surveyors whose static blasts can quickly drain your
    shields will be flying. Clear the area, taking out the Badass loader and the
    Just around the corner is one of those OUTHOUSE ITEM ENCLOSURES. Continue ahead
    and expect a couple of Loaders and Surveyors. Go up the stairwells on the
    right. Deploy the Turret near the ramp looking east. A wave of loaders will
    enter, some from the roofs of the structures ahead. Look out for EXP Loaders.
    Their blast is deadly in the cramped area near the ramp. Watch for incoming
    grenades as well.
    You still have no time constraint, so let the Turret recharge before moving
    because just ahead a larger wave of Loaders will attack. Deploy the Turret and
    retreat if necessary. Surveyors will strafe and EXP Loaders will make a retreat
    prudent at times.
    Continue the counterclockwise loop and half-a-dozen Loaders will block the way.
    Since you’re still not under a time limit, let the Turret recharge before
    moving on. When you make the final turn to the south the invisible 5:00 timer
    activates. A check mark will appear on the sub-mission.
    Sprint ahead and quickly get behind the overturned bus on the left. Deploy the
    Turret to address the Surveyors and Loaders. Hammer the yellow Constructor,
    with Roland captive on its top, with static fire to drain that shield. Waste no
    time once the shield is drained hammering it with caustic fire if you have a
    caustic weapon, or with static or explosive fire if you don’t. Hit it with
    rockets if you have a rocket launcher. Keep the Constructor under continuous
    elemental “effect” or dish out continuous damage to prevent its shield from
    being rebuilt. This will also restrict its ability to construct additional
    The battle isn’t won when the Constructor becomes scrap and Roland is released.
    A substantial wave of Loaders including perhaps two Badass Loaders will
    materialize. Stay behind that bus, deploying the Turret as it becomes
    available. Roland will be scampering about aiding the cause. Grab the loot
    dropped and talk to Roland to complete the mission and to activate “A Train to
    Catch.” Roland will go to the Fast Travel Station and transport to Sanctuary.
    Before departing loot the OUTHOUSE ITEM ENCLOSURE on the roof of the building
    south of your bus. There is an old RED CHEST just south of the Constructor’s
    remains as well. Due east of the Fast Travel Station, there is a BLACK CHEST on
    the rooftop of the bluish building.
    It’s time to return to Sanctuary, using that Fast Travel Station near the final
    battle-unless you failed to rescue Roland. The following sub-mission will then
    be required.
    >>>>A Dam Fine Rescue (Level 12) <<<M007B>>>
    Initiated: This mission was automatically active on completion of “Hunting the
    Firehawk” and this sub-mission is activated only if the first rescue attempt on
    the Bloodshot Ramparts failed.
    Completed: The mission is only completed when Roland is rescued.
    If the first rescue mission failed you must fast-travel to The Dust. Generate a
    vehicle and drive to the waypoint. You will have to approach the Gulag on foot
    from the base of the rise. All is calm as you enter the facility via the
    Friendship Gulag portal. Top off your ammo and proceed toward the waypoint.
    Loaders will mill about the area. Begin wasting them. Notice the Necrophages
    scattered about. They are corrosive and can be shot to severely damage any
    nearby Loader.
    Just stay to the left side and work your way toward the waypoint where the
    Constructor, W4R-D3N, still has Roland. Like before there will be a turret and
    flying repair units. A shot or two will take the buzzing things down. A turret
    gun and a Badass Loader protect the Constructor and there are a lot of other
    Loaders in and entering the battlefield. Deploy the Sabre Turret and knock out
    the turret gun and the Badass. Hit the Constructor with static fire to knock
    out its shield and them shoulder a rocket launcher or use caustic, explosive or
    static weapons to target the red eye to knock out the Constructor and release
    Roland. Talk to him but the other Loaders will still be swarming-so protect
    yourself-the mission isn’t completed until the area is secured. Roland says
    he’ll meet you in Sanctuary and the main mission “A Train To Catch” is
    initiated. Use static or corrosive fire to generate some XP as you head for the
    For comparison, the following items are in inventory.
    Sniper Rifle: 115/95.6/1.7; Incendiary 30.9/43.1; Magazine 9; Blue Level 11
    Sniper Rifle: 211/96.9/.8; Incendiary 44.3/30; magazine 5; Green Level 14
    SMG:          31/90/8; Incendiary 53.1/12.5; Scoped; Magazine of 20; White
    Level 14
    SMG:          48/92.3/7.7; Field Magnifier; Magazine of 50; Green Level 15
    Repeater:     63/90.8/4.8; Incendiary; Scoped; Magazine of 18; Blue Level 13
    Repeater:     82/90.5; Incendiary 41.6/15.6; Magazine of 7; Green Level 12
    Repeater:     127/96.6/12.3; Magazine of 7; Green Level 12
    Shotgun:      66x13/42.1/13.4; Magazine 3; Green Level 13
    Shotgun       66x6/66.7/1.1; Static 44.3/8%; Magazine of 10; Blue Level 14
    Combat Rifle: 133/87.9/4.8; Explosive; Magazine of 28; Blue Level 15
    Repeater:     58/90/5.9; Caustic 36.2/13.3%; Magazine of 22; Green Level 13
    Combat Rifle: 47/89.9/5.4; Explosive 39.2/6%; Magazine of 20; Green Level 13
    SMG:          36/91.3/8; Static 53.1/12.5%; Magazine of 23; Green Level 14
    Class Mod;    Health Regeneration +2.5/ Maximum health +78; Green Level 12
    Grenade Mod:  229x10/489/1.2; Legendary Level 4
    Shield: Flame of the Firehawk: 313/33/5.04; Incendiary 359/1052; Legendary
    Level 9.
    Relic:        Afterburner Boost: 62.5/92.6/48.1; Blue Level 13
    Cash: $15,658
    Level 15
    Fast-travel to Sanctuary and speak with Patricia Tannis. She will offer you the
    mission, “Splinter Group.” She needs you to eradicate some “failed experiments”
    that are hiding out in the Bloodshot Stronghold. You will need to go to Moxxi’s
    Bar before departing to acquire some bait she that ordered for the job.
    Go upstairs and talk to Roland. He has intelligence that Hyperion has
    discovered that an ancient alien warrior resides in the vault-not treasure or
    technology and Jack wants it so he can control both it and the fate of everyone
    else on Pandora. He has a spy out in the Tundra Express who may have
    information on the location of the “Vault Key” that was stolen from Patricia
    >>>>Splinter Group (Level 13) <<<X018>>>
    Initiated: See Patricia Tannis in Crimson Raider Headquarters after Roland’s
    Completed: See Patricia Tannis in Crimson Raider Headquarters.
    >>>>A Train to Catch
    Initiation: Activated after Roland’s successful rescue.
    Comment:   This mission will be pursued later. The index will designate the
    mission’s starting point. Type (ATTC) to locate the mission’s point of origin.
    Activate “Splinter Group” and the waypoint will direct you to a table in
    Moxxi’s Bar where you will find the bait-a Moxxi’s pizza. Before exiting the
    bar you’ll see an old acquaintance, Sir Hammerlock. He has an exclamation point
    above his head. Talk to the ole chap to acquire the challenging mission,
    “Mighty Morphin.” He will give you an injector he wants you to try on several
    insect-like Varkids that infest The Tundra Express. He wants to see what type
    of metamorphosis it induces.
    >>>>Mighty Morphin’ (MM)
    Initiation: See Sir Hammerlock in Moxxi’s Bar after Roland’s rescue.
    Comment:   This mission will be pursued later. The index will designate the
    mission’s starting point. Type (MM) to locate the mission’s point of origin.
    With the optional mission “Splinter Group” active, fast-travel to the Bloodshot
    Stronghold. You will, doubtless, remember being here before. Stock up on ammo
    and move into the stronghold. Kill the Marauders in the first area. The
    Bloodshots will destroy an errant Loader in the adjoining chamber. Toss a
    grenade among the Loader’s attackers. The defunct Loader will leave “Loader
    #1340 AI Core,” which enables the mission, “Out of Body Experience” when you
    acquire it. You must then reselect “Splinter Group” to restore your waypoint.
    >>>>Out of Body Experience
    Initiation: Activated when “Loader #1340 AI Core” is found in the Bloodshot
    Comment: This mission will be pursued later. The index will designate the
    mission’s starting point. Type (OOBE) to locate the mission’s point of origin.
    Wipe out the waves of Marauders that pour into the next chamber and then jump
    down into the sewer. Move west toward the waypoint. Climb the ladder out of the
    sewer and follow the corridor until you see some mutant human Rats. Kill the
    tough little bunch and watch out for the lumbering Lab Rats-they are tough and
    you don’t want them closing on you.
    Raid the OUTHOUSE ITEM ENCLOSURE and climb the stairs. Another small group of
    Rats lurk near the objective. Wipe them out and ring the buzzer. Drop through
    the manhole and move forward and deposit the pizza.
    The four “experiments” will emerge from different directions, one at a time.
    Inflict as much pain as possible on each one before they all arrive or you will
    be confronted by the quick moving mutants from every angle in the gloomy room.
    The Turret is fairly effective but it will time out and it will have difficulty
    tracking the fast moving targets. Redeploy it if you have the opportunity.
    Continue through the pipe farther into the complex to find a RED CHEST and an
    OUTHOUSE ITEM ENCLOSURE. There are a set of five red lights on the far wall.
    They are controlled by pulling the lever, activating the wall switch,
    interacting with the television and turning the valve. If you activate the
    valve once, the television twice and the wall switch three times, Flinter, the
    Rat Mutants leader, will emerge from a doorway near the lights.
    After killing him, continue out the far end, behind the lights, and a ladder
    will take you to the whirlpool room. You can either battle your way through the
    circular hole in the wall or you can just sprint to it and then turn to engage
    any pursuers. Most of the hostiles will have re-spawned, so be prepared to
    battle your way through to the large chambers and the connecting corridors. If
    you didn’t get “Loader # 1340 Core” on your way in, get it before you exit.
    Use the Fast Travel Station to get to Sanctuary to see Patricia Tannis to
    complete the mission. Marcus’ vendors in Sanctuary will now be selling Level 14
    gear. Check to see if any good quality caustic weapons are for sale-it will
    become increasingly important to have these weapons available.
    >>>>Mighty Morphin’ (Level 14) <<<X019>>>
    Initiated: See Sir Hammerlock in Moxxi’s Bar after Roland’s rescue.
    Completed: See Sir Hammerlock in Moxxi’s Bar <<<MM>>>
    >>>>No Hard Feelings (Level 15) <<<X020>>>
    Initiated: Activated when you kill a Tundra Patrolman.
    Completed: Completed at the battle site.
    Select “Mighty Morphin.” The mission, “No Hard Feelings” will also likely be
    done during the course of this mission. It is acquired after you kill a Tundra
    Patrolman and interact with the corpse. Fast-travel to Three Horns-Divide.
    Generate a vehicle and drive north to The Tundra Express. Loot the abandoned
    outpost and enter the portal.
    The insect-like Varkids have colonized huge areas of the Tundra. The larval
    stage is more of a nuisance that a threat. They aren’t too tough, but they will
    pod and quickly morph into an adult and the adult can then pod again and morph
    into a really tough Badass.
    The experimental serum Sir Hammerlock wants tested takes this a step farther.
    If you inject a larval pod before it completes its cycle you will produce a
    Mutated Badass Varkid. They are extremely tough, can fly and they have a
    damaging corrosive attack. In addition, having to inject one of the podding
    Varkids means you’re in the midst of a nest. There will be others podding,
    possibly resulting in additional Adults or even eventually Badass Varkids.
    Be sure to inject only a single pod. You don’t want multiple mutants. If you
    have reached level 16, enabling the “Scorched Earth” for your Turret, deploy it
    when a Badass emerges and supplement it with incendiary fire from a fast-firing
    or very potent weapon. This procedure must be repeated four times to satisfy
    Sir Hammerlock’s quest. Always remember to pick up the token from the corpse to
    record the kill.
    The mission, “No Hard Feelings” can be done while doing Hammerlock’s mission,
    “Mighty Morphin.” Move toward the waypoint from wherever you encountered and
    killed the Tundra Patrolman, enabling the mission. You will end up at the
    Varkid Ranch not so far from the entry portal. Approach the waypoint on the
    platform to find that the deceased Patrolman lied. It is full of explosives.
    Back away and the explosion will bring on a rush of Freezing Psychos. A small
    group of Marauders will follow. Turn in the mission at the empty item chest.
    There isn’t much in the way of loot but it pays 3,500 XP and your choice of two
    Since every bit of XP counts, fast-travel to Sanctuary and go to the bar to see
    Sir Hammerlock to complete the tough assignment, “Mighty Morphin.”
    >>>>A Train to Catch (Level 14) <<<M008>>>
    Initiated: The mission is automatically activated after Roland’s successful
    Completed: Automatically completed when the mission’s objectives are completed.
    Speak with Roland in Crimson Raider Headquarters prior to the mission for a
    briefing. Jack has the “Vault Key,” which he stole from Tannis, and he is
    mining Eridium so it can be charged, allowing him to control the ancient
    Eridian Warrior. That control could give him a life-and-death stranglehold on
    Pandora. Roland has a spy in The Tundra Express whom you must awaken from his
    drunken stupor for further intelligence.
    Fast-travel to the Tundra Express. An ECHO from Roland says his spy is probably
    sleepin’ one off. He suggests using a fire weapon to waste a few Varkids, whose
    screams should wake him up. Notice the noisy pumping facility ahead and the
    structure on the knoll.
    As you move northwest down the snowy slope, a wave of Varkids will swarm and
    you must have three still alive but aflame to do the job. If you did the
    mission, “Mighty Morphin,” you’ll know that the pesky creatures will
    frequently, when disturbed, burrow and quickly erupt from their pods and go
    airborne as tough Adults. Ignite three Varkids or lure a swarm near a firemelon
    and shoot it. This will violently ignite any nearby Varkid. However you do it,
    the Varkid screams should awaken Roland’s spy, Mordecai.
    The tactic works, awakening Mordecai and his intelligence says the “Vault Key”
    is on a train moving through the Tundra Express. Roland suggests seeing his
    friend Tiny Tina there in the Tundra Express. She should be able to aid your
    Before moving along go down toward the structure on the knoll and deploy the
    Turret over the cliff and into the Varkid nest near the noisy pumper to gain
    some XP and to clear a path forward. Jump down and you will find a grotto in
    the rocks south of the structure allowing access to the Observatory’s roof via
    a ladder. On the roof you will find a BLACK CHEST.
    The path to Tiny Tina’s place is just north of the Observatory. Move
    counterclockwise around the Observatory, address the Varkid nest and then you
    can just sprint to the gate and be invited in. You can also build some XP by
    tangling with the tough Marauders just across the waterway from her gate.
    Tiny Tina, the eccentric little thirteen year old, shows her mettle with a
    nursery rhyme and an execution all in one. Talk to the eccentric little lassie.
    Tiny Tina can help you with the train but she needs favors. The first is
    finding the two badonkadonks for her lil’ buddies so that your task can be
    accomplished. What is a badonkadonk?
    Start north from Tiny Tina’s Workplace. Take out the three guards at the little
    outpost and continue a counterclockwise loop toward the front entrance of
    Ripoff Station. Don’t enter the front door, skirt it, avoiding the Varkid nest
    in the water by staying on the rock ledges near the cliff. Pass under the
    tracks and get to ground level and continue south toward the objective. You can
    now skirt the Varkid nest by just staying well to its right.
    Start sniping the Marauders while standing on the rocks away from the tracks to
    avoid a collision with a train. Deploy the Turret if a Shielded Nomad or other
    tough Marauder approaches. The train is indiscriminate and will mow down
    Marauders as quickly as it will you. You will now have to address a Buzzard.
    Cross the tracks and cut down anyone left standing in the rear of the facility
    and grab the badonkadonk, a missile to the left of the entry. The second is
    farther in and on an elevated platform on the northeast side of the facility.
    You will now battle tough Killer and Elite Marauders and an assortment of
    Goliaths and/or Nomads. You will also have to address several hard to pinpoint
    Buzzard gunships that will sortie overhead.
    Find a roofed haven and employ the Turret and small arms fire to bring them
    down. Once the gunships are a reduced threat, make your way up the stairwells,
    taking out the additional hostiles near the landing pad. Take the second
    badonkadonk. Raid the OUTHOUSE ITEM ENCLOSURE nearby and then just go north
    from there and jump onto the rock shelf. Retrace your inbound route to Tina’s
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Note: If you follow the track at the rear of the Academy going west and aren’t
    obliterated by the train, you can continue on the track, past the academy, defy
    the Hyperion “off-limits warning and its dashed red warning icon by sprinting
    around the rock ledge negating the alarm and arriving in a safe spot to find a
    RED CHEST. This will yield Level 15 gear as good any other location in the
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Enter Tiny Tina’s Workshop and she will kick you out while she does her work.
    She has attached stuffed animals to the two missiles. Take the devices. Before
    you leave, speak to her again to get the multi-part mission, “You Are Cordially
    Invited: Party Prep.” She wants to give a tea party and her date’s “mother”
    must be convinced to allow it. Stock up on ammo at the vendor.
    Having corrosive weapons in your arsenal will now become increasingly important
    as Hyperion’s mechanical Loaders provide an increasingly greater percentage of
    the opposition. It’s worth suspending the mission, “A Train to Catch,” to get
    the excellent corrosive weapon her optional mission ultimately rewards you with.
    >>>>You Are Cordially Invited: Party Prep (Level 13) <<<X021>>>
        You Are Cordially Invited: RSVP
        You Are Cordially Invited: Tea Time
    Initiated: Interact with Tiny Tina any time after she constructs the explosives.
    Completed: Interact with Tiny Tina in her workshop after each sub-mission.
    Start southwest from Tina’s Workshop going toward the Observatory, moving north
    of it and straight toward the waypoint. Start up the snowy path and waste the
    nest of Varkids just beyond the shack. When the snow cover clears there will be
    another small nest of Varkids and a Buzzard gunship will hover in the distance.
    It needs to be eliminated or it will harass you on the narrow rock ledge until
    you do.
    When you reach Skittering Mound, waste a Varkid or two to draw Madame Von
    Bartlesby out of her hive. Leave a few of the Varkids in case you need a second
    wind. “Madame” is a Badass Varkid and she will hover, hurling deadly shock
    bombs. Deploy the Turret and stay on the move or retreat to the entry area to
    avoid her attacks while you bring her down.
    Interact with her huge hive to release Sir Reginald. With Reginald released,
    Tiny Tina now wants Princess Fluffybutt released. She also needs three Buzzard
    parts to build a new tea pot and some crumpets for the party-if it ain’t too
    much trouble.
    You can start wasting any visible Buzzards buzzing in the hive area to begin
    acquiring those parts, but most of the downed flyers will drop below the cliff.
    If you’re challenged near the hive, clear the air of the pesky things, collect
    any parts that are near and be prepared for battle as you jump down and enter
    the Buzzard Academy complex.
    If you acquire the three Buzzard parts you can forgo the complex since the
    crumpets you find there are optional and won’t prevent completion; but, most
    likely, those downed Buzzards parts are there. That’s what all those waypoints
    are. You will have a running battle with the aerial pests as you acquire the
    crumpets and the parts and Princess Fluffybutt isn’t really there.
    With the parts and the optional crumpets in hand, start toward Fluffybutt’s
    waypoint. A Marauder will stand guard at the shack. Take the rag doll and get
    back to Tina. Set the top hat and rag doll at their places at the table. Talk
    to Tina to complete this portion of the mission and to acquire the next task.
    She now gives you the mission of RSVPing the guest of honor. Accept the mission.
    >>>> You Are Cordially Invited: RSVP
    The guest of honor is Flesh-Stick, a demented Psycho. He and his minions reside
    nearby. You obviously can’t tender Tina his corpse so you will have to coax him
    into coming to Tina’s place where he can be trapped.
    His lair is nearby at Meltwater Crossing. Snipe all the defenders from the
    bridge’s entry. When the area is cleared, move toward his shack and he will
    exit. Flesh Stick is extremely weak and can sustain fatal damage by just
    hitting you if you have a spiked shield. Get his attention by getting close to
    him or firing near him. Backpedal as he pursues. If you get too far away or he
    is badly wounded he may just lose interest so let him get close; or, if you
    haven’t got a spiked shield, let him get in an occasional blow as you flee
    toward Tina’s place.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Note: Flesh Stick is extremely weak but yields more XP than most Badass types.
    Since this is a “fail-able” sub-mission you can generate a lot of XP by just
    killing him-not hard at all, and then reactivating the mission by talking to
    Tiny Tina. This will be the easiest XP for the effort in the entire game.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    At the Workshop’s entrance Tina has a static trap that will catch the guest of
    honor. Interact with her to complete the sub-mission and activate the final
    >>>>You Are Cordially Invited: Tea Time:
    Ammo up because Flesh-Stick’s cronies are going to try to crash the party and
    you must keep the generator running as several waves of them come to call. Turn
    on the generator to get the party going. Flesh-Stick is seated and the power
    keeps him imprisoned in a static field.
    Smack Flesh-Stick as instructed to start the party. Three waves of hostiles
    will try to get to the generator to poop the party. Use the Turret as much as
    possible, but try to reclaim it so it can be re-deployed quicker. The second
    and third waves have either Badass Marauders and/or Goliaths and Torturers
    among their ranks. Use incendiary grenades against the shielded ones. When the
    battle is won Tiny Tina avenges the betrayal of her family to Hyperion by the
    guest of honor. The corrosive Teapot that you receive is a very fine addition
    to your arsenal.
    >>>>Resume: A Train to Catch:
    Exit the workshop and turn right. The initial objective is just across the
    bridge but it is heavily defended by assorted bandits including Shock Nomads
    and Goliaths-unless you just killed them all, of course. Start across to draw
    their attention and deploy the Turret. Back off and snipe the available
    targets. Mordecai will be firing from his roost to aid your cause. When the
    compound is cleared, raid the containers and locate the OUTHOUSE ITEM ECLOSURE
    on the southeast side. Raid it and climb the ladder to the roof of the
    structure. Set the missiles in place and interact again to arm them.
    Tiny Tina is a bit bored and gets impatient during the long countdown and
    launches. The trestle falls into the canyon. Unfortunately most of the train is
    destroyed but hasn’t plummeted into the nearby canyon. Jump down and go up the
    slanted gratings and enter End of the Line portal.
    Stock up on ammo and move past the flaming wreckage into the crevasse,
    Snowblind Defile. The first three Loaders will appear at the first turn and
    three more near the wreckage just beyond. Three more will lurk below the
    overhead wreckage and then a stream of both EXP and GUN Loaders will appear
    accompanied by Shield Surveyors. Don’t get caught near an explosive one when it
    lives up to its name. Retreat and use the canyon’s wall as cover to snipe and
    to deploy the Turret.
    Continue the trek under the track, moving through the narrow crevasse and
    taking out any surviving Loaders, likely suicidal EXP Loaders. Jump down off
    the ice shelf to Terminus Plateau. Raid the BLACK CHEST. The Guardian Angel
    appears saying Handsome Jack would have had Wilhelm guarding the Vault Key if
    it was so important. This is near the waypoint.
    As you near the glowing objective, a wrecked train car, you realize that a trap
    has been set. Wilhelm will burst out and will be followed shortly by aerial
    Shield Surveyors that will start to generate his powerful shield. EXP and GUN
    Loaders will also enter the fray but you’ll have a brief time before they do.
    Try to damage Wilhelm immediately before his powerful shield is up. If he is
    taking “effect” damage from a static or corrosive weapon the shield cannot be
    built. The aerial drones will quickly charge it if he isn’t taking damage.
    Deploy the Turret so it can pour the goods to him, and allow you to help reduce
    his health bar, prevent his shield from charging and to target the Surveyors.
    If you have a rapid firing caustic SMG or Combat Rifle or the Tea Pot from Tiny
    Tina, you stand a good chance of putting him down quickly; but he won’t be
    alone for long and your attacks can be neutralized when you must defend
    yourself from the other Loaders and Surveyors that will attack you as well as
    build his shield.
    Wilhelm isn’t just big, he can attack at close range with a swirling attack; he
    can launch a salvo of grenades and he can launch missiles from shoulder pods.
    He will also try to take cover or retreat if he is badly damaged, allowing
    himself to both avoid sustained “effect” damage and enabling the Surveyors to
    initiate repairs.
    If this engagement is prolonged it is possible to simply run out of ammo for
    your caustic and static weapons, causing a restart; but the big boy should go
    down and leave the “Experimental Power Core.” Take the power core and raid the
    scattered containers.
    Use the Fast Travel Station near the entry to get the power core back to
    Sanctuary. The one you got from Reiss is nearly depleted. You will have to
    visit Lieutenant Davis outside the city-remember him from your initial entry
    into Sanctuary. Turn in the mission to receive XP, cash and a Relic. As upon
    your initial entry, pop out the old core and put in the potent new
    “Experimental Power Core.”
    >>>>Rising Action (Level 16) <<<M009>>>
    Initiated: The mission is automatically activated after completion of “A Train
    to Catch.”
    Completed: This mission will be completed when you interact with the door
    controls at the Fridge.
    The main mission “Rising Action” is now active. It appears that the Guardian
    Angel has betrayed the residents of Sanctuary to the Hyperion Corporation’s
    owner Jack. The bogus core has caused Sanctuary’s shields and defenses to fail.
    Get back to town where Lilith and Scooter are again trying to lift the city
    off. It is under heavy bombardment by Jack’s forces. You must initiate the two
    ignition primers, marked by waypoints, while Scooter and Lilith frantically
    work to implement the lift. You must now get to Roland in Headquarters to
    obtain some Eridium for Lilith who needs it to attempt a phase-shift of the
    Roland is pinned down in a storage room upstairs in his Headquarters. You don’t
    need to help him. Just grab the five nuggets of Eridium and get them to Lilith.
    The procedure she initiates violently lifts the city off the ground. You are
    thrown off the rising city and are looking up as Handsome Jack’s forces bombard
    it mercilessly. The city disappears. The Guardian Angel says you need to get to
    The Fridge. She believes the city has likely reappeared there.
    With Sanctuary gone, your mission is now to get to The Fridge. There is nowhere
    else to go, so do as the Guardian Angel says-or catch a spaceship back to your
    homeworld-just kiddin.’ Generate a Technical with a catapult and re-enter Three
    Horns-Valley. The waypoint to The Fridge is just west of the Happy Pig Motel.
    A small but tough contingent of Marauders, including Nomads, guard the entry
    portal to The Fridge. Clear the area by launching barrels at the defenders.
    Interact with the wall switch to complete the mission. The reward includes four
    bars of Eridium and XP.
    >>>>Bright Lights, Flying City (Level 16) <<<M010>>>
    Initiated: This mission is automatically activated after completing “Rising
    Completed: This mission will be completed when you again reach Sanctuary.
    A chagrined Guardian Angel helps you get the iced over door opened. Can you
    trust her after what Handsome Jack proffered? Enter The Fridge. The Guardian
    Angel admits her complicity in Jack’s plan; she was responsible for getting an
    uplink and lowering Sanctuary’s defenses; but why is she helping now. “Bright
    Lights, Flying City” is now your active mission.
    Open the gate. The movement ahead is a couple of Rats. They aren’t real rats,
    just crazed humans-Hyperion experiments, who feast on human flesh-you look like
    dinner. Snipe them from near the entry. Many of these Rats are quite agile;
    and, given space, they aren’t the easiest of targets. These Rats shoot back and
    throw grenades. Note the frozen corpses impaled throughout the area. You can
    melee them for items-cash, ammo and occasionally a weapon, mod or shield as
    After killing the first of the Rats, move forward toward the Frigid Cleft. This
    advance will draw out a wave of Rats. Back off and find cover near the entry to
    snipe while the Turret creates Rat meat. Mop up any survivors. The hungry Rats
    smell fresh meat and they are relentless, especially the lumbering Lab Rats who
    may even have a static shield. They are extremely durable and you don’t want to
    be cornered by one.
    Take your time moving onto the bridge. Snipe ahead and keep your shotgun handy
    for shrieking Raak. Cross the bridge heading north and once again the Guardian
    Angel tells of how tricking the Vault Hunters into opening the vault for
    Handsome Jack was part of a plan-a plan she participated in.
    When you reach the fractured overhead roadway, deploy the Turret against the
    milling and emerging Rats ahead. Put them down and raid the BLACK CHEST which
    is now offering gear up to level 20. Look over the edge.
    A creature called a Crystalisk lumbers about below. The glowing orbs on their
    legs can be destroyed and when all three are destroyed the creature bursts and
    money pours out. Shooting the orbs will waste a lot of ammo; it is actually
    much more effective to sprint up to one and melee the orbs. The lumbering
    creatures, however, aren’t pushovers. They will stomp, producing a shock wave
    and will direct explosive crystals your way, and they are very damaging
    oftentimes fatal. This won’t be the only place you encounter these strange
    Having raided the BLACK CHEST, you now need to go west. Double back over the
    bridge and turn down the slope, staying near the cliffs. There are a group of
    Rats on and beyond the platform at ice level. Snipe a few and when they take
    notice, deploy the Turret. The plodding Crystalisks seems oblivious to the
    nearby activity and the Turret usually returns the favor, perhaps seeing them
    as a rock outcropping until the more conventional targets are exhausted.
    This is a good time to take out a Crystalisk or two. Select an isolated one and
    sprint to it and melee an orb. It may require more than one blow. Back away
    onto the platform if you’re damaged, hide and heal and then repeat the process
    on the remaining orbs. Each orb destroyed will yield a small amount of cash,
    but when you destroy all three orbs, the creature itself explodes. More cash
    will result and other items, even weapons, mods and shields are also possible.
    Continue across the platform and use the control station to lift the gate. Take
    the lift down. Move along, restock your ammo and enter The Highlands-Outwash
    portal. The Guardian Angel maintains that you still require her assistance. She
    reveals that the coveted Vault Key is with her.
    Start down the hillside and take heed of the scribbled sign, “Invisible
    Assholes.” Walk unopposed toward the Vendors. The bird-like calls of something
    ahead are plain. The safe haven of Sanctuary has survived Jack’s bombardment
    and Lilith’s phase shift. It appears ahead, floating on the horizon.
    The Guardian Angel comes online, saying that you can get there via the Fast
    Travel Station near the Vendors. You’ll soon discover that the Sanctuary
    Station, however, is offline. She asks you to get to the nearby Eridium
    Extraction Plant where a supply beacon, if stolen, should get Sanctuary back on
    the network.
    The Fast Travel Station, however, can get a frugal Vault Hunter to the Southern
    Shelf, or anyplace else on the network, for some really cheap ammo-or not.
    Things are never easy; the bird-like calls are made by vicious reptilian-like
    Needle Stalkers that haunt the vicinity. They will attack as you proceed. They
    are not only quick, calculating and persistent, but they are also able to cloak
    as long as their static shield is holding. Defeated their static shield renders
    them visible, making it much easier to dispose of the pests.
    Cross the bridge and start down the slope. The Needle Stalkers will circle and
    harass your passage. They will leap about challenging you and the Turret’s
    swiveling ability and your patience. Try to exterminate them as you continue
    west across the stream, because they are Stalkers and they will relentlessly
    stalk you-their raptor-like voices heard but they are not always seen. Move
    down the hill, across the stream and go up the hill. Clear any remaining
    Stalkers and look down over the cliff.
    A wave of Loaders and an aerial repair Surveyor will jump up to your position
    or meet you near the stream if you approach at ground level. Deploy the Turret
    and stand back and hit them with caustic fire. There are flame throwing HOT
    Loaders among them and their attack is very damaging. Give ground as needed.
    Expect a few more Stalkers near the buildings, possibly including slagged
    types. Exterminate the combatats and continue ahead.
    Move toward the Extraction Plant but remain on the high ground. Snipe the
    visible Loaders and Hyperion soldiers and knock out any aerial drones that
    appear. When no more targets present themselves, move down and jump the wall
    into the cargo area.
    Raid the large area while you eliminate the Loaders and Hyperion Commandos that
    will periodically emerge as you make your way south. Make use of the abundant
    cover and conserve ammo by using the Turret as much as possible. As you try to
    cross the bridge, a Loader will raise it and another will join it. Put them
    down. The Guardian Angel now says you will need to find another way across the
    waterway. She will suggest using the cargo tram to get across.
    There is an overhead track that carries the tram. Climb onto the staging and
    call the car. Go across the river and grab what ammo you find before moving to
    the far side. This will draw out a Constructor and a wave of Loaders, but they
    will all come from the east side. Get behind the cartons against the wall to
    avoid its missile attacks and nuke attacks. Take out any immediate threats like
    charging EXP Loaders. Start knocking out the Constructor’s shield and the
    Shield Surveyors that will attempt to recharge it and then start pouring
    caustic fire on it. Keep the Turret deployed to add to the damage and control
    its support forces. Concentrate on that Red Eye, sheltering behind those
    cartons to heal or regenerate your shield until it and its entourage go down
    for good.
    Equip an incendiary weapon, preferably a fast-firing or very potent one, a
    static weapon and a caustic one. Go through the gate to Orbital Receiving and
    Processing. You now need to steal the pulsing Beacon at the far side of the
    area. When you approach it, a concussive static ring pushes you away and a
    Thresher erupts and it has the beacon. This huge multi-tentacled Gluttonous
    Thresher has extremely long appendages that can slash at you from a great
    distance or throw deadly spikes even farther. It also has a strong static
    shield that will quickly regenerate when damaged making it much tougher to kill.
    Battling this deadly burrowing monster in this area is tough enough and is
    complicated even further by the influx of a wave of Loaders. Be a prudent Vault
    Hunter and retreat back to the docks where you took out the Constructor. The
    Thresher will only go as far as the gate.
    Get behind the large cargo container near the water, opposite your earlier safe
    haven, and when it appears in the gate, deploy the Turret to inflict damage and
    hammer it with static fire to defeat the shield. The shield can regenerate if
    it isn’t being damaged but its health won’t. Try to keep the shield taking
    static “effect” damage. If your own shield is depleted, toss out the Turret to
    sustain the damage, and duck behind the container to regenerate. If you take
    your time and only confront it with good shield integrity and good health and
    you deploy the Turret to keep it under attack, it will go down. Be patient and
    hammer it with incendiary fire when its shield is down. If it burrows, the
    shields may start to rebuild. Don’t push your attack if your shield is down,
    that will get you dead. Take the beacon from the corpse.
    Clear any surviving Loaders and go straight back near where the Thresher
    appeared to The Highlands portal. Go down the hill and turn right at the “T”
    onto the faint roadway. Go up the grade toward the Hyperion structure but well
    to its left to avoid fire from the gate’s auto turrets.
    Start skirting the facility going clockwise on the rock ledges, crossing the
    stream and continuing along the ledges to get onto the roadway. Turn right and
    sprint through the tunnel. Turn left up the hill to the grim little settlement
    of Overlook. The people of the town must all stay indoors. Hyperion’s mining
    operation has given them the Skull Shivers and Hyperion isn’t a bit dismayed
    about it-imagine that?
    Purchase ammo if needed and equip your best caustic weapons. Set the beacon and
    get set for a furious onslaught of Loaders from the far side of the town-the
    south end.
    Move a short way south and meet the first rush of GUN and EXP Loaders with the
    Turret. They will advance trying to shut down the beacon. Pour caustic fire
    into them. The second wave will arrive. Start to give ground as suicidal EXP
    Loaders rush in. You will have to repair the beacon if they succeed it
    disabling it.
    A new wave brings in a Constructor and it is now the priority. Its entourage of
    Loaders will likely knock it out while you knock out the Constructor and its
    retinue. Jack is now exasperated because the Angel is helping you and he sends
    in everything he’s got. A Badass Loader, HOT Loaders, EXP Loaders and Surveyors
    will enter the battle.
    If a Loader gets to the beacon it will be turned off and you will have to
    repair it but the priority is clearing the field of the mechanical robots.
    Deploy the Turret against the Badass and use cover to avoid the flames of the
    HOT Loaders. After a truly furious encounter the struggle will end and the
    nearby Fast Travel Station will become active and will get you to the floating
    city of Sanctuary.
    Speak to Roland in headquarters to complete the mission and to activate,
    “Wildlife Preservation.” The Guardian Angel breaks in and tells them she is in
    the final stages of the process of charging the Vault Key. She tells them about
    three security systems that they will have to pass to get to Control Core Angel
    to thwart Jack’s plan. She also says that Lilith cannot be allowed into that
    chamber. You will be rewarded with a fourth weapon slot.
    >>>>Wildlife Preservation
    Initiated: Activated after completing “Bright Lights. Flying City.”
    Comment:   This mission will be pursued later. The index will designate the
    mission’s starting point. Type (WP) to locate the mission’s point of origin.
    Talk to Lilith before departing. She has a job, “Mine All Mine.” She wants ten
    lowlife miners in The Tundra Express dead and will pay well to have it done.
    >>>>Mine All Mine
    Initiated: Activated by talking to Lilith after completing “A Train to Catch.”
    Comment: This mission will be the next one pursued after leaving Sanctuary.
    >>>>Hidden Journals
    Initiated: Talk to Patricia Tannis after completing “Bright Lights, Flying
    Comment:   This mission will be pursued later. The index will designate the
    mission’s starting point. Type (HJ) to locate the mission’s point of origin.
    Patricia Tannis will be roaming about on the first floor of Headquarters and
    she has a mission, “Hidden Journals.” Accept it. It will require a trip to the
    Highlands for her paranoid musings, which the paranoid lady has hid because of
    her paranoia. She also offers “Doctor’s Orders.” She wants some information
    from the Wildlife Preserve when you go there.
    >>>>Won’t Get Fooled Again (Level 16) <<<X022>>>
    Initiated: Activated after completing “A Train to Catch.”
    Completed: This mission will be completed near Pierce Station.
    Near Pierce Station you will see Marshall Friedman with a man in custody. He
    will offer the mission, “Won’t Get Fooled Again.” He wants you to weigh the
    evidence to help determine which of the four Gutter boys committed a murder.
    You can play detective or just accuse anyone. The Marshall gives you the reward
    regardless. If you accuse Bario, the actual murderer, you will witness a
    summary execution. This is shocking on such a peaceful planet.
    >>>>Mine All Mine (Level 13) <<<023>>> (MAM)
    Initiated: Activated after completing “A Train to Catch.”
    Completed: This mission will be completed by talking to Tiny Tina.
    Select Lilith’s “Mine All Mine” and fast-travel to the Tundra Express. Waste
    the Varkids at the Varkid Ranch and continue north. You’ll skirt the
    Observatory and have to pass through another Varkid nest. Go past Tiny Tina’s
    place and then clear the small guard post before arriving at the Mount Molehill
    Mine to the east.
    Start sniping the locals. You can just stay near the entrance to accomplish the
    ten kills. At least one of them will be a Goliath. There are additional miners,
    perhaps another Goliath, to kill or avoid. So don’t rush in to find Prospector
    Zeke after the ten kills.
    Locate the conveyor belts on the south end. You can access them via the cargo
    containers. Run up and dash past the pistons as they rise and continue up the
    next belt. At the top there are more miners, perhaps a Goliath and Prospector
    Pete who is also quite tough. Take cover and deploy the Turret and give em
    hell. Grab the ECHO recording “The Deal” when Pete falls. Lilith will come on
    line and ask you to see Tiny Tina on your way back.
    Loot the BLACK CHEST on the platform and jump down onto the rock ledge to the
    west. You will find a RED CHEST.
    Check for any miners below and then jump to ground level. Head south to see
    Tiny Tina. Speaking with her completes Lilith’s mission, “Mine all Mine.” You
    will get both XP and four Eridium bars for your work. Tiny Tina will now offer,
    “The Pretty Good Train Robbery.” Tina has prepared cookies and four boomers or
    dynamite charges. Take them-the dynamite not the non-existent cookies. The
    train will have the mine payroll-they sure don’t need it so you might as well
    go fetch it.
    >>>>The Pretty Good Train Robbery (Level 13) <<<X024>>>
    Initiated: Interact with Tiny Tina after completing, “Mine, All Mine.
    Completed: Interact with Tina Tina in her Workshop.
    Exit Tina’s Workshop and start west with larceny in mind and the four boomers
    in hand. Clear the small outpost if it has re-spawned and rather than entering
    the front gate of Ripoff Station bear right and use the rock ledges along its
    walls to reach the track. Use the niche on the left side of the track as a
    cover point after you wipe out the small guard post north of the station-the
    train doesn’t seem to be running so start sniping anyone showing to the south.
    Toss a grenade or two among the bandits in the low area and deploy the Turret
    to stymie the advance of any shielded combatants.
    Continue ahead as a noisy bandit taunts. You will encounter fairly stiff
    opposition as you advance toward the main terminal. Retreat and sniper the new
    wave of bandits and deploy the Turret against tougher shielded foes or
    Goliaths. Systematically cleanse the area of bandits as they are channeled
    along the track. Move forward and raid the BLACK CHEST on the loading platform.
    Continue forward and waste the bandits that come out of hiding and then place
    the first charge near the gate to block the exit. Lilith will tell you via ECHO
    to find a radio to signal Hyperion to come for the Eridium shipment. The
    transmitter is on the loading platform. Locate the three safes on the train
    cars. Quickly go for the cash when the boomers do their thing.
    You’re presence has been noted and troops are being dispatched. You have about
    ten seconds to vacant the scene before three automated turret guns deploy.
    Escape from the scene by backtracking along the track and taking the rock
    ledges. Make your way back to Tiny Tina’s Workshop to complete the mission.
    >>>>The Ice Man Cometh (Level 15) <<<X025>>>
    Initiated: The Three Horns-Valley Bounty Board at the Happy Pig Motel.
    Completed: The Three Horns-Valley Bounty Board at the Happy Pig Motel.
    Get to the Tundra Express entry and fast-travel to Three Horns-Divide with,
    “The Ice Man Cometh” activated. If you didn’t get the mission earlier,
    fast-travel to Three Horns-Valley to get it and the dynamite at the Bounty
    Board near the Happy Pig Motel. Generate a vehicle and start south, making the
    long loop to the southern entry of The Drydocks repair facility.
    Stay at the entry to start softening up the bandits. Watch for charging Suicide
    Psychos. The first furnace is to the right of the entry on a low platform.
    Snipe the Marauders ahead, including those on the elevated portions of the
    Place the first charge on the furnace on the platform to the right of the
    entry. Keep to the far right side, clear the Suicide Psychos and the snipers on
    the elevated platforms and then go up the four stairwells. Plant the explosives
    on the second furnace and raid the RED CHEST. The third furnace is on a lower
    platform below the Red Chest, so look below and snipe any hostiles and move
    onto the roof and then jump down to rig the third furnace.
    Look west from the rooftop and start clearing the bandits. The fourth furnace
    is at ground level west of the big anchor. It is on the wall of the structure.
    The fifth furnace is on an upper platform. Clear the area and go north up the
    first stairwell to find an OUTHOUSE ITEM ENCLOSURE on the end of the platform.
    Backtrack and go south along the walkway to the fifth furnace. Raid the BLACK
    Jump down and interact with the detonator and then slowly retreat south toward
    the entry gate. Eight Freezing Psychos will attack. Deploy the Turret and just
    give ground, taking down any that the Turret misses. They will come from the
    flanks as well as from ahead.
    Drive to the Three Horns-Valley portal just west of The Drydock’s entrance,
    enter Three Horns-Valley and drive to the Happy Pig to complete “The Ice Man
    Fast-travel to Sanctuary and check the Sanctuary Bounty Board near Crazy Earl’s
    door. It has the missions “The Good, the Bad, and the Mordecai” and “Clan War:
    Starting the War.”
    Your minimap will have several more exclamation points. First-minion, go see
    your master in his cubbyhole near Zed’s. It’s Claptrap’s seventh birthday and
    he has planned a bash and gives you the mission, “Claptrap’s Birthday Bash” and
    three invitations. One each for Marcus, Moxxi and Scooter. He thinks it will be
    a “helluva” bash.
    >>>>Claptrap’s Birthday Bash (Level 16) <<<X026>>>
    Initiated: Interact with Claptrap at his stash after reaching an airborne
    Completed: Interact with a dismayed Claptrap after the bash!
    Go see Marcus in his shop. The old grouch says, “no” but he will offer you the
    mission, “Safe and Sound.” Go to Moxxi’s and she sends her platonic love but
    must decline. Talk to Sir Hammerlock before you depart. He gives you the
    missions, “Slap-Happy” and “Perfectly Peaceful.” He also gives you his
    prosthetic arm. Scooter can’t even read the invitation but he has three
    missions, “Swallowed Whole,” “The Cold Shoulder” and “The Overlooked: Medicine
    Man.” Looks like he can’t make it either.
    Get back to Claptrap’s hideyhole and interact with the boombox as instructed to
    get the show on the road. You must now enjoy the party for over two minutes.
    Since all the guests declined, it looks like you got plenty of cold pizza. As
    the party winds down, you get to blow a party horn-yahhh! Poor Claptrap
    overestimated how much pizza he needed, so take some of Moxxi’s, “Have You Had
    A piece lately” pizza for the road and interact with him to conclude the, ugh,
    >>>>Out of Body Experience (Level 13) <<<X027>>>
    Initiated: Loader #1340 AI core was acquired during “Assassinate the Assassins.”
    Completed: Interact with either Dr. Zed or Marcus-your choice.
    Fast-travel to the Bloodshot Stronghold. Like before the area is swarming with
    Marauders of various types. Wipe out the contingent in the first watery chamber
    and then the three waves in the adjoining chamber. Clear the corridor beyond.
    Several waves will attack in the next large chamber and the elevated turret
    will need to be neutralized. Scavenge the OUTHOUSE ITEM ENCLOSURE.
    Continue on to the whirlpool chamber and systematically wipe the enemy out as
    you go up the broken ramp. Once again Mad Mike will emerge from the rear upper
    door with an entourage of Psychos and his rocket launcher. Kill him and move
    through the opened doorway. Raid the OUTHOUSE ITEM ENCLOSURE.
    A pocket of Marauders including Bruisers and/or Nomads will need to be
    addressed near the two short stairwells. Raid the OUTHOUSE ITEM ENCLOSURE. In
    the next large chamber another battle must be waged against waves of assorted
    Wipe out the small pocket of resistance after you enter the cellblock. Once
    again climb the ladder near cell C6 and go around the catwalk for a BLACK
    CHEST. Walk the piping to the control room on the far end to open the other
    cells and then raid the Dahl RED CHEST.
    Continue out through Roland’s old cell and address the Marauders before hitting
    the open air. The waypoint will take you through the Bloodshot Ramparts portal.
    All is calm as you move down the stairs toward the waypoint. If you’re low on
    ammo, use the vendors.
    Go down from the vendors to ground level and east start along the deck. A
    pocket of Marauders, including Bruisers and Nomads will lurk ahead. Take out
    the six or so and interact with the Constructor. It will deceive you. Take
    cover because several Loaders will emerge from the door behind it. Take them
    and the Constructor out and take the AI Core #1340 again.
    Even though you were deceived, the core again wants you to load it into a WAR
    Loader on the far side of the dam. Cross the ramp on the left side of the dam
    and more Bloodshots will greet you after the turn.
    Install the core in the WAR Loader. Take cover to avoid its missile barrage and
    burn it down with corrosive fire and the Turret. A pair of Surveyor drones and
    EXP Loaders will also join the fray. Grab the Core and the Core says to install
    it in something peaceful, like a radio in Sanctuary.
    Continue north through the cargo containers and fight your way through the
    Bloodshots. Raid the OUTHOUSE ITEM ENCLOSURE and take down three additional
    groups of Bloodshots on your way to the Fast Travel Station on the far end of
    the demolished dam. It is on the turn going to the battleground where you
    rescued Roland.
    Get to Moxxi’s bar and install it in the radio in the back area. The
    caterwauling it makes draws boos from the patrons so blast the thing and remove
    the core. You can now take it to Zed for a shield or to Marcus for a shotgun.
    You will soon see that the weapon is a talker and likely not worth keeping at
    this point anyway. Whichever you opt for it completes the mission,
    >>>>Hidden Journals (Level 17) <<<X028>>>
    Initiated: See Patricia Tannis in Crimson Raider Headquarters in Sanctuary.
    Completed: Interact with Patricia Tannis in Crimson Raider Headquarters.
    Fast-travel to The Highlands-Overlook. Generate a Technical and drive down the
    slope and turn left onto the roadway. Stop just before reaching the Blake
    Bridge. Be aware that the area below the bridge is infested with Threshers.
    Under the bridge deck there is a series of platforms and shacks. You will find
    a pair of I-beams that will allow access of the rear shack where Tannis’ ECHO
    recording is. You must jump from beam to beam to acquire the device and then
    back again to avoid the deadly attentions of the Threshers below. You can
    actually kill most of them from above so they don’t continuously harass you. If
    you fall or are dislodged by a Thresher, quickly run counter-clockwise to get
    back onto the bridge. There is a RED CHEST on the lower platform on the north
    side of the platforms. You’ll have to jump down to get to it and then brave the
    Threshers as you run back up the hill; or you can reset and be back in Overlook
    if you want to “farm” this weapons chest or just don’t like the embrace of
    Reverse directions and drive through the tunnel; and, just past the second
    small bridge, turn left off road, going through the water, veering right at the
    split and going through the stream beyond before veering left over the bridge.
    Go up the hill and U-turn to get to Frothing Creek Mill. Dismount to cross the
    stream and then locate the wheeled cargo container near the mill. The front
    entry is blocked by metal debris and the rear hatch is only partially open.
    Shoot the sticky Stalker droppings holding the hatch up to get the ECHO.
    There is another ECHO in the Aggregate Acquisition facility just up the hill.
    Locate the two Hyperion sentry turrets on either side of the open entry and
    knock them out with sniper fire. Sometimes a drone or two will take to the
    air-if so, knock them out before proceeding.
    You will now have to skirt the outside of the facility, climb the rock ledges
    west of the place-feel your way-and double back east on the rocks to enter the
    facility from the rock ledges. There is a gap in the cliff that will get you
    there and will give a good view of the large facility. The storage room with
    the recorder is on an upper level of the tall structure with the blue Hyperion
    Four Loaders will materialize as you look down on the place-appearing on the
    near platform. Use caustic weapons and/or the Turret to eliminate them. This
    doesn’t raise any alarms, so jump down and raid the WEAPON/ITEM LOCKER.
    Look north at the blue Hyperion circle on the tall structure and shoot the fuse
    box below in to kill the power to the door on the storage room below it. Once
    again no alarm is sounded. Move down to ground level and start a clockwise
    route toward the tower, staying near the cliff face.
    When a pair of Badass Loaders emerges from the structure ahead, deploy the
    Sabre Turret and jump onto the short rock ledge and use the bulk of the
    structure as shelter to avoid the two Badass Loader’s attacks. Supplement the
    Turret with caustic fire to quickly burn them down. This action will not raise
    an alarm either.
    Allow the Turret to recharge and then sprint north over the rock arch. This
    gets the attention of the locals and a Constructor will first appear and then
    Commandos and Loaders. Deploy the Turret to distract them and then quickly jump
    down onto the platform near the storage room on the level below. Take the ECHO,
    grab some loot but don’t linger. Kill any Loader visible below and then sprint
    for the exit. With the entry turrets destroyed earlier you may encounter a
    patrolling Loader in that lower area. Just get out and turn to face any pursuer
    if necessary. There is a Catch-A-Ride just down from the entry, so grab a
    Technical with a catapult. Get out of the area before Hyperion gunships contest
    your exit.
    The last ECHO is far to the north, so drive down the hill and reverse your
    earlier route going across the streams to get back to the main road.  Turn
    north and take the road past Overlook and across the Blake Bridge to near the
    Catch-A-Ride. Give yourself a break and use the catapult to eliminate the
    colony of Stalkers near the road.
    The path to the last ECHO will now have to be made on foot. Heed the “Invisible
    Assholes” sign as you pass through the entry. You can use the shack as cover to
    eliminate the first bunch of Stalkers but it’s easier to get their attention
    and then deploy the Turret in the entry.
    Cross the stream and start up the grade and you’ll hear more Stalkers ahead and
    they will attack. As you enter the outskirts of Old Cranky’s Pond, you will
    encounter a pair of Loaders.
    Advance cautiously on the pond. a Badass Pyre Thresher resides there and may or
    may not confront you. If it just brandishes a tentacle at you, allowing you to
    sever the tentacle with caustic or explosive fire, consider yourself fortunate
    and go get the final ECHO located on a small rowboat at which you’re warned
    away by that annoying out-of-bounds dashed bar.
    If the Thresher isn’t so co-operative, get away as fast as possible when it
    erupts-you’re dead if you don’t. There’s a shack just south of the dock where
    you can concentrate fire on it. Use caustic on the fire resistant menace and
    deploy the Turret to help kill this tough creature. Wade out for the final ECHO
    after its demise. Get back to the main roadway before the Stalkers re-spawn.
    >>>>The Overlooked: Medicine Man (Level 18) <<<X029>>>
        The Overlooked: Shields Up
        The Overlooked: This is Only a Test
    Initiated: Scooter offers this mission in Sanctuary.
    Completed: Interact with Karima in Overlook.
    The Brain Shivers has the Overlook community desperate for medicine. Hyperion
    has made them ill with their extraction operations and they are house-ridden
    and without medicine. Make your way to The Highlands-Overlook. Go to the
    waypoint and knock on the door. Karina says that three batches of medicine
    would prevent a lot of suffering. She asks you to get the battery from the
    clock tower and use it to power up the Medical Vendor.
    Climb the ladder on the tower and jump the gap onto the grating. Climb the
    short ladder and take the “Power Supply” device from the ore container. Jump
    down to the town, not over the cliff, and interact with the Medical Vendor to
    get the first batch of meds. The Brain Shivers Medicine is the free special.
    Karina tells you that you will have to kill the Hyperion requisition officer,
    politely of course, to get the second batch of meds. Get to the Catch-A-Ride
    and generate a Technical with a catapult. Drive down the hill and drive over
    the Blake Bridge. You’ll meet the shipment on the road. Hammer the officer and
    his Loader escort with barrels and then light up any Stalkers attracted to the
    battle. Grab the second batch of meds.
    Start the long drive south to the final waypoint. Turn right off road just past
    the vending station and drive down the gravel road toward the water to disturb
    the Threshers. When they erupt, back off and bombard them with barrels. Get out
    of the vehicle if it is badly damaged and go back up the hill for another
    vehicle. You can clear the way, driving and launching barrels right up to the
    waypoint. Do yourself a favor by thoroughly eliminating the Threshers in the
    area and then driving through the shallow water right up to the ore container
    on the little islet.
    Interact with the ore container’s locking mechanism to get the final batch. Get
    back to your vehicle before additional Threshers show up-or back off and
    harvest the XP they yield. Drive up the hill and fast-travel to Overlook.
    Deliver the medicine to the three houses marked as waypoints. Dave, the final
    recipient, lives apart for a reason-must be kin to cranky old Crazy Earl.
    Return to Karima to complete the mission and to receive “The Overlooked:
    Shields Up.”
    >>>>The Overlooked: Shields Up
    Initiation: Interact with Karima in Overlook after getting Meds.
    Completion: Interact with Karima after grinding those shields.
    You will have to throw five shields, yours, purchased or found into the ore
    grinder located at the waypoint. After each is destroyed pick up the “Shield
    Digistruct Core.” You can alleviate much of the pain of sacrificing your hard
    won equipment by fast-travelling to Liar’s Berg and buying some “cheapies”
    where a smart new era Vault Hunter has been purchasing ammo on the cheap. Get
    to Karima with the modules to complete the mission and receive, “The Overlook:
    This is Only a Test.” Dave continues to give Karina trouble.
    >>>>The Overlooked: This is Only a Test
    Initiated: Interact with Karima in Overlook after getting and delivering the
    Completed: Interact with Karima after the test.
    The shield is in place but it needs to be tested. Karima wants you to get to a
    Hyperion mortar battery and use it to test the shield. This will take you back
    to the heavily defended Aggregate Acquisitions facility. Use the same path you
    used to get the ECHO earlier to get to the facility. You’ll have to do battle
    with the Hyperion forces.
    Drive out of Overlook, going right onto the roadway, passing through the tunnel
    and past the two small bridges. Turn left onto the off-road path and do some
    off-roading to get to within site of the Aggregate Acquisition facility. You
    will likely encounter a Thresher or two in the area.
    This time it’s a frontal assault. Knock out the two turrets mounted on the
    entry and any drones that take to the air. Enter the facilities front gate.
    Take shelter behind the containers to eliminate the half dozen EXP and GUN
    Loaders patrolling the entry area. Move to the right and half a dozen Commandos
    and several Loaders will challenge you farther along. Two Badass Loaders are
    next, coming from the arched gate on the left. Take shelter behind the tall
    stack of cargo to avoid their missiles as you eliminate them.
    Continue toward the mortar batteries and a couple of HOT Loaders will come out
    of the structure near them. Check the mortar platform for hostiles and get to
    the battery, “Deploy,” “Aim” and “Fire.” The first salvo hits Dave’s place
    before Karina gets the shield up-shucks-poor ole cuddly Dave. She will raise
    the shields and have you “Aim” and “Fire.” The shield holds and no Dave-a happy
    Get away from the facility by jumping off the control platform and then jumping
    down from the rock ledges and onto the roadway. Sprint back to Overlook and
    talk to Karima to complete the series of missions.
    Before departing Overlook visit the Bounty Board near the Gun Vendor. It has
    two missions, “Arms Dealing” and “Stalker of Stalkers.”
    >>>>Arms Dealing (Level 18) <<<X030>>>
    Initiated: The Overlook Bounty Board.
    Completed: The Overlook Bounty Board.
    Generate a Runner to save a few seconds and grab “An Arm” from the mailbox to
    start the 2:00 timer. Only 30 seconds will be added to the timer for each
    delivery and you will have to get to the far south and battle Loaders,
    Threshers and the clock to accomplish the mission. You won’t do it the first
    time and clearing out the pesky Threshers may be a good option.
    >>>>Stalker of Stalkers (Level 18) <<<X031>>>
    Initiated: The Overlook Bounty Board.
    Completed: Taggart’s Mailbox in Overlook.
    Stalkers like the taste of ECHO recorders and anything else they can get their
    mouth on. Mr. Taggart would like you to kill fifteen area Stalkers and then
    search their dung piles for his five missing ECHOs.
    Three areas infested by Stalkers will appear as broad-area waypoints on your
    map. Drive out of Overlook and immediately turn off road and waste the small
    colony of Stalkers in the small circle near Overlook’s exit. The catapult will
    make short work of them. Raid the BLACK CHEST in the grotto at the rear of
    their nest and smash the gooey Stalker piles in search of the ECHOs.
    Head north near the Catch-A-Ride and the waterfall and waste the colony there
    and search the piles. Launch a few barrels toward the shack on the hill to
    soften up the Stalkers. This is the path to Old Cranky’s Pond. You should be
    close to the fifteen required kills.
    Cross the stream and smash the piles. Go up the hill and the sound of Stalkers
    and arriving Loaders is heard. Put down all comers and search the piles. You
    will easily have your kills and hopefully the ECHOs in hand. Approach the pond
    at your own risk, the Badass Fire Thresher will be present. If you haven’t
    found all of the ECHOs you will have to drive south to the remaining colonies
    as shown on your map.
    With the ECHOs and kills bagged return to Overlook to turn in the mission at
    Taggart’s mailbox.
    >>>>Best Mother’s Day Ever (Level 18) <<<X032>>>
    Initiated: After completion of “Stalker of Stalkers” you will find the token
    “Taggart’s Gift for Mom” on the remains of a Stalker hunted down in the
    Completed: Interact with Taggart’s Mailbox in Overlook.
    After turning in “Stalker of Stalkers,” begin hunting the Stalkers in the
    Highlands. A “Quit” and “Continue” will reset the game and the Stalkers you so
    recently decimated. A Stalker somewhere in the large territory will drop a
    token. It will have an exclamation point above it. The game won’t make this an
    extended campaign-it is usually found by killing less than ten Stalkers. There
    will also be no waypoint for this mission since you have yet to acquire it.
    When you find the “Taggart’s Gift for Mom” gift box, a waypoint for Henry, the
    notorious Stalker, will be generated. The Stalker is residing in the canyon
    just east of Overlook. Return to Overlook.
    Drop down on the east side of Overlook onto the high ledge overlooking the
    valley. The tough Ambush Stalkers below will take note. Toss the Turret down
    and supplement it with incendiary fire to register the six kills needed to draw
    out Henry.
    Henry is huge, cagey and has a shield that will regenerate. Stay on the rock
    shelf and when he appears, try to use a static weapon to drain his shield
    before deploying the Turret. Be aware that there is a grotto that you can fall
    into from this ledge that you cannot get out of, requiring a re-start.
    Henry won’t just let the Turret batter him, he will leap onto high spots and
    leap onto you given the chance. If you can knock out the shield, try to use an
    incendiary weapon to keep him taking damage so the shield can’t regenerate.
    This affair is complicated a bit by having additional Stalkers in the area so
    if you can stay on the rock shelf it really helps. If you have a visit to a
    New-U station, quite possible, return to and stay atop the cliffs near Overlook
    to kill the aggressive creature. If you can hit him with incendiary grenades
    when he is stationary it can greatly damage him. Take the token he drops,
    “Taggart’s Fist,” and locate the gift box to conclude the mission and receive a
    shield and XP for your actions.
    >>>>Slap Happy (Level 20) <<<X033>>> (SH)
    Initiation: Sir Hammerlock in Moxxi’s Bar after “Bright Lights, Flying City.”
    Completion: Sir Hammerlock in Moxxi’s Bar-he’ll need his arm back.
    Fast-travel from Overlook to The Highlands-Outwash or just drive there. You
    have visited this area before. It’s Stalker territory. Take the time to wipe
    them out or they will haunt you as you proceed. Once again the Turret can help
    search out the nearly invisible pests. Half a dozen Loaders will defend the
    large structure and a pair of drones may join the action. Snipe any visible
    Hyperion personnel and drones from the heights before moving down from the hill.
    The giant Thresher, Old Slappy, frequents the water adjacent to the Extraction
    Plant. It is even tougher that the Gluttonous Thresher you fought in the
    Hyperion landing area but this feral one hasn’t got a shield. Before entering
    the polluted water locate the ladder near the wall of the plant.
    You will have to lure him out, using Sir Hammerlock’s arm as bait. You can see
    the objective from the hillside, a post in the shallow water. Be sure the
    vicinity is clear of any additional hostiles, jump down into the water and
    place the bait. Staying in the water with the multi-tentacled far-reaching
    Thresher is liable to mean a trip to the New-U Station if you try to stand your
    ground and deliver. There is a housing on a vertical pipe at the shoreline that
    can provide a bit of cover but the far reaching tentacles make this an iffy
    For a low risk lucrative kill, place the bait, deploy the Turret and quickly
    sprint for the ladder you located earlier. Get to ground level above and
    systematically wear it down, standing off where it can’t retaliate. If you can
    hit a “blue eye” on the rapidly slashing tentacles or its small blue eyes you
    can administer a lot of damage or, if you’re in trouble, can afford you a
    second wind. From above all you have to really do is hammer the creature until
    Old Slappy drops.
    Don’t miss the loot it drops. I found my first Legendary weapon there on my
    initial game-a Jakob’s Striker shotgun. This is a highly accurate-85%-shotgun
    with 183x7 firepower and a rapid fire rate. Be sure to retrieve the “Ole Boys”
    arm before departing. This unfortunately is a one-time boss and it can’t be
    repeated unless you saved it prior to the battle and then load the saved file
    from a storage device.
    With Old Slappy dead, take a minute to climb the long ladder on the southwest
    side of the plant to find a RED CHEST atop the structure.
    Either backtrack to the Outwash portal, fighting any re-spawned Stalkers on the
    way or continue fighting your way through the Hyperion facility to The
    Highlands portal. There will be Loaders and Combat Engineers but no Gluttonous
    Thresher-yippee-to deal with.
    >>>>Safe and Sound (Level 20)<<<X034>>> (SAS)
    Initiated: Marcus in his shop after “Bright Lights, Flying City.”
    Completed: Either Moxxi or Marcus can complete the mission.
    >>>>Perfectly Peaceful (Level 17) <<<X035>>> (PP)
    Initiated: Sir Hammerlock in Moxxi’s bar after “Bright Lights, Flying City.”
    Completed: Sir Hammerlock in Moxxi’s bar.
    Whichever way you go, get to a Fast Travel Station and get to Three
    Horns-Divide. You will now be pursuing two of the missions you acquired in
    Sanctuary, “Safe and Sound” and “Perfectly Peaceful.” Select “Safe and Sound” a
    mission to find a valuable safe stolen from Marcus. “Perfectly Peaceful” will
    have you looking for four ECHO recorders; and you will be tasked with killing
    ten Spiderants, five Threshers and five Crystalisks. You may have some of these
    kills in-hand from your prior sprees or will get them on this first task-kills
    count if taken after acquiring the mission.
    Drive north to the Sanctuary Hole portal. The town is gone but the pesky bandit
    guard post is still intact. Enter Sanctuary Hole. It is well named. There is
    now a gigantic hole where the town once was and it has been taken over by
    bandits and the local fauna.
    Find the catwalk to the left. Assorted Marauders will welcome you at the first
    turn. This bunch will include a Goliath and/or a Nomad, perhaps a Shock Nomad.
    With the entry secured, continue up the four flights of stairs and take out the
    large group ahead, using the stairwell as cover to snipe targets on the upper
    area and in the distance while the Turret hammers the others. This will include
    tough types like Shock Nomads. There is a BLACK CHEST to the left of the top
    Continue to fight your way deeper into the complex, sniping the distant
    shooters and putting down the Suicide Psychos and bolder Marauders as they
    approach. On the far side of the complex you will see an arrow pointing the
    way. A few more bandits will be triggered as you advance. Go down the
    stairwells and enter the lift. Go down you will be greeted by a tough bunch
    Marauders as you land.
    Fight your way up the stairwells past the Marauders. Loot the noisy chamber,
    exit and you will find another lift that will get you to the level below. Go
    down the stairs to the portal and enter the Caustic Caverns.
    Loot the area and be aware that a couple of larval Varkids may lurk in the
    containers-have a shotgun in hand to deal with them. Open the gate with the
    control station. A Varkid nest lies just outside the gate. Waste the vermin
    near the gate and then the small bunch beyond tp prevent podding. Take the
    first ECHO near the nasty looking caustic pool of Oozing Discharge. Never stay
    in the stuff long or your immediate future involves the closest New-U Station.
    Move into the shack past the abandoned truck. A Crystalisk will erupt and
    additional ones will appear around the slough. If are quick you can melee the
    leg orbs on the slow-moving creature-one or two solid hits will destroy one.
    Watch out for its stomp and get back if its spews explosive crystals your way.
    Just duck into the shack if you need to regenerate your health or shield. A
    deceased Crystalisk will leave a lot of cash lying about-around $250 is a good
    guess with some usually lost in the caustic pools.
    Address any other Crystalisks in the vicinity-you’ll eventually require five
    but staying here too long will cause a re-spawning of the Varkids and the
    possible appearance of an Adult or Badass Varkid. Cross the bridge over the
    corrosive water. Enter the low grotto and expect a small group of Varkids to
    swarm. Jump over the caustic stream and turn to deal with them.
    Go up the grade to Rumbling Shore and select “Safe and Sound” to generate a
    waypoint for Marcus’ mission. Stay to the extreme right to avoid awakening the
    Threshers and go between the two huge tires and jump onto the tiny islets in
    the green water to get to the opposite shore with your shoes intact. A
    Crystalisk will erupt. Take it out. Skirt the edge of the water and address any
    more of the Crystalisks as you turn left up the grade and enter the cavern.
    Move through the cave and curl around toward the waypoint. When you reach
    daylight you will see a RED CHEST on a blue crystalline formation. As you
    approach it, a gigantic Crystalisk erupts. Like its smaller kin it is
    susceptible to melee blows and you can avoid its thundering stomps by
    distracting it with the Turret but it is tough and deadly. If you shelter in
    the grotto to target its orbs, be aware that it will spawn Mini-Crystalisk
    exploders to flush you out. It can leave as much as $1,000 scattered about when
    it falls.
    Open the glowing RED CHEST. Seems old Marcus had some lewd pictures of Moxxi in
    the RED CHEST. Take them. Both Moxxi and Marcus will contact you wanting them.
    She says if you return them to her instead of Marcus she’ll make it worth your
    while. If you jump onto the slab and onto the islet you will find a BLACK CHEST
    just north of the battle area.
    Go west and jump down to the shore near where you islet hopped across the
    caustic pool and jump across to the Rumbling Shore. Select “Perfectly Peaceful”
    to generate new waypoints.
    If you somehow haven’t wasted the required five Threshers you will get that
    opportunity here. They abound but they aren’t the gargantuan types you have
    seen. Minimize your time in their spawning grounds by moving through the
    structure along the caustic shore-this will be near those double tires.
    Sprint to the far side of the Thresher’s stomping ground; but, if you need
    Thresher kills, don’t enter the warehouse stirring up the Varkids. You will be
    waging a two-front war if you do.
    Enter the Infested Warehouse and deploy the Turret against the numerous
    Varkids. Grab the ECHO from the second support column and high tail it for the
    far end. There will likely be some Adults emerging from pods and the Threshers
    will demonstrate at the far doorway. You can snipe a few for the XP but be
    aware of those Adult or even Badass Varkids on the wing.
    Continue toward the waypoint but don’t cross the tracks. Bear right toward the
    waypoint of the third ECHO. Crystalisks will erupt as you proceed. Take what
    you need to complete the task, avoid them or put them down for the cash. Adults
    Varkids are probably flying as well. Go toward the waypoint and make the long
    jump down to get the third ECHO. Raid the nearby BLACK CHEST.
    Continue up to the mining area, going right from the ECHO and up the grade.
    Notice the Exclamation point in the same direction. Start that way, fighting or
    avoiding the Crystalisks and addressing any podded Varkid types. You can even
    get onto the rock ledges on the east side of the mine. The area near the
    exclamation point is Thresher territory. They can and will appear anywhere,
    burrowing, spitting and slashing as you proceed. A flying Adult Varkid or two
    may also join the battle.
    >>>>Minecar Mischief (Level 17) <<<X036>>>
    Initiation: This will be found in the Caustic Caverns at the exclamation point.
    Completion: The mission will be completed at the ore grinder.
    At the exclamation mark you will receive the mission, “Minecart Mischief.” Keep
    it active and start west for the waypoint, clearing out the Threshers and the
    occasional flying Varkids as you go. Stay near the cliff to keep from being
    surrounded on all sides. Use the Turret as much as possible.
    At the waypoint there is a mine cart that you must push. A lumbering Crystalisk
    will erupt as well, making things a bit worse, so melee it for the cash and the
    peace. Start the mine car going east. Once it is moving just bear forward on
    the thumbstick to keep it rolling. When you reach the gate expect several truly
    annoying Crystalisks. Killing one or two may be necessary. Open the gate with
    the control station on the left and continue pushing ahead.
    Expect several Threshers to harass you as you go for the next gate. Seek
    shelter off to the side or behind the cart and deploy the Turret to survive the
    With the area cleared, open the airlock gate. Varkids have colonized the area
    between the airlocks and they will swarm as you enter their hive. The Turret
    can really help here killing, preventing massive podding and distracting the
    horde as you push the cart to the third airlock gate.
    Open the third gate. Check the hive for any surviving Varkids, especially
    Adults or Badass.’ Let the Turret recharge and then shove the ore cart into the
    crusher. Activate it with the nearby lever.
    You will now have to address the swarm of Varkids that come from the hived
    walls. They are numerous and some will successfully pod in the large area. Find
    a hiding place near a wall and battle them. Grab the raw Eridium when it
    appears on the east side and turn in the mission, “Minecar Mischief” at the
    nearby question mark. Reselect “Perfectly Peaceful.”
    Continue to secure the hive. The Varkids will still be emerging from the hive
    and will be podding. As you start toward the waypoint you will see a Dahl RED
    CHEST near the wall, Drop down into the low hive and fight off a rush of
    Varkids. There is a BLACK CHEST there to loot. Enter the side passage and take
    the right door in the corridor to acquire the last ECHO recorder in Dahl Deep
    Core 06.
    If you take the exit into the Nether Hive be prepared for the assault of tough
    Spiderants. If you don’t need the kills, just use the long ladder in the
    chamber where you found the ECHO to get back to ground level.
    Expect more Varkids just outside the door and more near the gate that you must
    open. There are more Varkids where you initially entered the area. Sprint to
    the exit gate; and, if you’ve had your fill of Varkids, close it behind you.
    Fast-travel to Sanctuary. Get to Headquarters and talk to Patricia Tannis to
    turn in “Hidden Journals.” She will offer “Torture Chairs.” It’s time to hang
    around Sanctuary for a bit.
    Weapons/Items in inventory
    Combat Rifle: 195/87.3/4.6; Field Magnifier; Explosive; Magazine of 19; Purple
    Level 18
    Sniper Rifle: 211/96.7/.8; Incendiary 44.3/30%; Magazine of 5: Green Level 14
    Sniper Rifle: 231/96/1; Corrosive 72.2/34.5%; Magazine of 15; 5 shot burst
    fire; Legendary Level 18
    Sniper Rifle: 253/95.2/1.3; Static 72.4/37.5%; Magazine of 5; Green Level 18
    Shotgun:      117x8/94.7/1.5; Magazine of 8; Blue Level 18
    Shotgun:      70x6/61.2/1.5; Caustic 50/8%; Magazine of 6; Blue Level 16
    Shotgun:      95x6/65.5/1.5; Static 92.2/8%; Magazine of 5; Green Level 20
    SMG:          51/89.2/8.3; Caustic 50/10%; Field Magnifier; Magazine of 30;
    Blue Level 15
    SMG:          48/90.4/7.7; Incendiary 50/10%; Field Magnifier; Magazine of 50;
    Green Level 15
    Repeater:     217/96.8/18.7; Magazine of 8; Blue Level 16
    Repeater:     198/92.6/2; Slag 28%; Field Magnifier; Magazine of 8; Purple
    Level 15
    Repeater:     96/94.7/9.6; Caustic 100.1/9.2%; Scoped; Magazine of 12: Blue
    Level 15
    Repeater      116/89.3/4.3; Incendiary 92.2/12%; Scoped; Magazine of 42; Green
    Level 20
    Repeater:     147/93.3/2.5; Caustic 110.6/15.6%; Field Magnifier; Magazine of
    5; Green Level 20
    Rocket Launcher: 1555/78/1.2; Caustic 110.6/25%; White Level 18
    Shield:       868/96/4.9/+29% elemental resistance; +190 health; Blue Level 16
    Module:       Health regeneration +6.4%/Maximum health +196; Level 18
    Relic:        Cooldown rate +9%
    Grenade:      229x10 Incendiary; Legendary Level 4
    Level 20
    Cash: $38,262
    >>>>Torture Chairs (Level 25) <<<X037>>>
    Initiation: This mission is given by Tannis in Headquarters after completion of
    “Hidden Journals.”
    Completion: Patricia Tannis in Crimson Raider headquarters.
    With “Torture Chairs” active, leave Headquarters and go to Claptrap’s cubbyhole
    for the first ECHO. Listen to Tannis’ grisly narrative of torture at the hands
    of Handsome Jack.
    Go into Dr. Zed’s place and locate the second ECHO in the bloody alcove on the
    left. Go east across the central plaza toward Marcus’ and the third ECHO is in
    the dumpster in the little alley on the left. Go toward Moxxi’s and the ECHO is
    in some rubble near the dropoff. The last ECHO is just south of Scooter’s
    Garage, setting near a tire. Return to Patricia Tannis with the recordings to
    conclude the mission.
    Go to Moxxi’s to give Sir Hammerlock his arm and to turn in both “Slap Happy”
    and “Perfectly Peaceful.” You have the option of turning in “Safe and Sound” to
    either Moxxi or Marcus, so either take her shotgun or go to Marcus for a relic.
    Moxxi’s shotgun is frequently a very worthwhile weapon.
    >>>>The Cold Shoulder (Level 17)<<<X038>>>
    Initiated: Talk to Scooter after “Bright Lights, Flying City.”
    Completed: Talk to Scoter in his Sanctuary Garage.
    Fast-travel to The Fridge. Open the gate and snipe the two unsuspecting Rats
    just ahead. Move forward until you get to the Frigid Cleft and the Rats will
    take notice. Deploy the Turret and snipe away until no targets remain.
    Start forward again and clear any survivors. A Rat or two will emerge from
    sewer lids and Raak, if they weren’t flying before, will attack the Rats and
    you. Advance onto the roadway and continue wasting the Rats.
    The waypoints for the magazines are general-they are all somewhere in the
    waypoint circle. Take the “Girlie Magazine” from the car near the burning
    barrel where the pavement starts and another farther north from another car.
    The last one is in a car near a stack of wooden crates to the left of the
    entry. Continue north over the bridge and deploy the Turret as Rats pour onto
    the roadway. Raid the BLACK CHEST at the end of the road.
    Even though Loney, Scooter’s ex is now a Rat and a cannibal, he thinks he can
    win her back if he gives her some flowers. The large waypoint contains those
    flowers. You need five flowers and the frozen lake where they grow is swarming
    with Crystalisks.
    Before going for those flowers, backtrack and move north down the icy slope
    staying near the cliff. When Rats appear below, deploy the Turret to help wipe
    them out.
    With the low area cleared, loot the containers and look out over the ice. You
    should be able to see a couple of the “blue” markers for the flowers on the
    opposite side of the ice. There will also be Crystalisks, You can easily sprint
    around the perimeter of the frozen lake, avoiding the lumbering creatures or
    you can use melee tactics on their golden orbs for the cash; but they will soon
    be too numerous and hard to dodge for this tactic.
    Once you have the five flowers you must find five food items-Mozzi’s pizza.
    Four of the five are on the wreckage in the middle of the lake. You can’t kill
    all of the Crystalisks, so dash around the wreck collecting the pizza. You’ll
    have to tightrope across a steel rod to get to one of them. The fifth is on a
    high piece of wreckage under the end of the fractured pavement near the BLACK
    CHEST that you recently looted. Just drop off the edge near that Black Chest to
    get onto the platform for the last of the food.
    But you’re not done. You must now un-brainwash her. Lay down the flowers and
    the pizza at the waypoint. Loney will soon screech out the gate. Deploy the
    Turret and lay into her. She has a shield and will take some killing. A wave of
    her Midget minions will follow. With the gate now open go in and raid the BLACK
    CHEST near the rows of beds. There is a chance that Loney will drop a Legendary
    corrosive repeater called the Gob. You’ll know if she has it, because you’ll be
    fighting the effects as you battle her.
    >>>>Swallowed Whole (Level 20) <<<X039>>>
    Initiated: See Scooter after “Bright Lights, Flying City.”
    Completed: See Scooter in his Sanctuary Garage.
    Select “Swallowed Whole” and start for the waypoint. During this mission, a
    Goliath will hopefully attack and morph into a Raging or a Badass. When he
    falls he will drop a token offering the mission, “Note for Self-Person.”
    Re-select “Swallowed Whole.” Clear out the Rats as you go for the waypoint, a
    newly opened doorway. A wave of Rats will confront you as you enter. Kill them
    and raid the many containers.
    Another batch of Rats will attack as you move up the stairs near the arcing
    field. Drop down off the ledge near the entry; this is near the static field
    blocking the Red Chest. Go down the passage and the quarry called Sinkhole, a
    glowing ball, will fly away. There are Stalkers just ahead out on the frozen
    lake. Get the festivities started by sniping one and the attack is on. Retreat
    into the narrow entry and deploy the Turret and begin shotgunning.
    When the initial area is cleared of Stalkers, move to the adjoining one where
    another larger wave of Spring Stalkers will swarm. Deploy the Turret. Continue
    around and elusive Spring Stalkers will harass you on the way to the waypoint.
    Sinkhole, out of his camouflage, is actually a large Stalker and he has a bunch
    of buddies. Deploy the Turret and hammer him and his minions. Shorty doesn’t
    make it-he was eaten by the Stalker who throws him up as he expires.
    It is now time to power down that static field. Continue down the long corridor
    and kill the group of Rats that come out of the gate. Climb the ladder and
    another group of Rats infest the chamber beyond. Kill them and raid the BLACK
    Continue ahead and turn left. Just before you reach the narrow ramp over the
    fractured concrete, look at the support beam on the left. Deactivate that
    static field with the switch. Backtrack and jump down the opening just around
    the turn.
    Raid the one-time Dahl RED CHEST. It isn’t anything out of the ordinary but you
    can get decent gear there.
    >>>>Not for Self-Person (Level 17) <<<X040>>>
    Initiated: A Goliath will drop the mission token upon his demise in The Fridge.
    Completed: Completed when you access the RED CHEST.
    Select “Not for Self-Person.” Go to the waypoint. If you have re-started since
    her earlier demise, fight Loney and her elusive Midgets again. Raid the BLACK
    CHEST and continue deeper into the icy complex. You will see Rats ahead in the
    chamber-well over a dozen of them. Stay back and wipe them out when additional
    Rats respond to the ruckus and filter into the fray. Raid the containers.
    Another similar room lies ahead. Eliminate the Rats flooding into the chamber
    and watch for a small second wave followed by a Badass Psycho. Raid the BLACK
    CHEST and the other containers.
    Another wave of Rats will meet you in the corridor before you reach the
    adjoining chamber.
    The screeching of Rats beyond the gate is plain. There is yet another horde of
    Rats in the adjacent room. Open the gate and lay into then, deploying the
    Turret as soon as the gate opens.
    Move into the open air of Crystal Claw Pit to be confronted by yet more tough
    elusive Rats. Deploy the Turret near the entry and back it up with incendiary
    fire. Let the Turret recharge and move forward and raid the BLACK CHEST near
    the two derelict cars. This will trigger another small wave of Rats-watch both
    The new waypoint features a glowing green area that seems to be iced over.
    Melee it several times and when it starts to open, the mission is completed,
    but a rumbling foretells something bad. Immediately head for cover-the entry
    gate is the best place since no opposition will come from there. A colossal
    creature called Smash Head, sporting a huge shield will enter the battle.
    Deploy the Turret and hammer him with incendiary fire. Toss grenades when a
    wave of his retainers flood into the battle. This opponent’s shield is huge but
    he is huger, providing plenty of skin to aim for.
    When the big guy and his shrieking retinue are dead, raid the Dahl RED CHEST.
    Don’t linger too long or another wave of Rats will drift into the area and the
    flitting little Midgets will also be back near the entry. Fight your way to the
    exit and close the door so you can police your inventory in peace.
    >>>>Clan War: Starting the War (Level 18) <<<X041>>>
        Clan War: First Place
        Clan War: Reach the Dead Drop
        Clan War: End of the Rainbow
        Clan War: Trailer Trashing
        Clan War: Wakey, Wakey
        Clan War: Zafords vs. Hodunks
    Initiated: This mission is acquired at the Sanctuary Bounty Board.
    Completed: The seven mission sequence is completed at the final showdown.
    Fast-travel to The Dust with “Clan War: Starting the War” as your active
    mission. Ellie wants two warring Clans, the Hodunks and the Zafords to get to
    feuding and wants you to blow up some of their property. She will give you
    dynamite and a Clan emblem to leave at the scenes of destruction, hopefully
    incriminating the rival Clan, starting a war. Locate the two bundles of “spare”
    dynamite in the garage and then take the two Clan emblems from the junkyard
    behind the place.
    Generate a Technical and drive to the Hodunk Speedway at the waypoint. You will
    be challenged by a hostile patrol or two and a Buzzard or two will also note
    your presence. Set the dynamite charge on the support beam and back off. When
    the entry gate blows, kill the sentry and place the Zaford symbol at the
    waypoint. The Hodunk’s take the bait and are now out for Zaford blood.
    Drive cross-country, west from the speedway and circle south to The Highland’s
    portal and enter it. Drive the faint path, using the vehicle’s weapons against
    the Thresher and the Stalkers near your entry point. You can also raid the
    BLACK CHEST in the Stalker’s grotto again.
    Drive up the hill to Overlook and place the dynamite on the Zaford’s still.
    After the explosion, place the incriminating Hodunk emblem on the hulk. Mick
    Zaford wants those redneck Hodunks to pay for the destruction and he is
    recruiting gunmen like you. Enter his “Holy Spirits” drinking establishment.
    Talk to Mick, wearing a green derby; and, after he discovers that he is out of
    booze, he will offer the new mission, “Clan War: First Place,” thus completing
    the initial mission.
    >>>>Clan War: First Place:
    Follow him to the basement and take the four dynamite charges. You are going to
    wreak havoc at the Hodunk Speedway. Go north into the noticeably quiet berg of
    Overlook and fast-travel to Ellie’s Garage and generate another vehicle.
    Drive south from Ellie’s Garage, going through the gate you demolished earlier.
    Drive to the right onto the race track. When you get under the waypoints, go up
    the stairwell lighted by the burning barrels. Go across the crude bridge and
    set the four charges on the fireworks boxes. The Pyrotechnician thinks you’re
    just double checking the placement. Climb the ladder onto the tower and take
    him out. The idea is to use the detonator to destroy the racecars as they come
    onto the bridge, extending the hatred between the Clans.
    The cars will come around and you must destroy all three. If not you will have
    to take any you missed out with small arms or grenades. Drive around the course
    and exit the speedway going north to Ellie’s Garage to complete the mission.
    Tector Hodunk will ECHO you during the exchange with Ellie.
    Clan War: Reach the Dead Drop:
    The exclamation point on your map marks Jimbo’s location. Get back to the
    Speedway and locate the wheelchair ridden banjo-strumming Jimbo. You will
    receive the mission, “Clan War: Reach the Dead Drop.” Tector Hodunk has left a
    “dead drop” at the Zaford place in The Highlands. It will give you instructions.
    Once again go cross-country to The Highlands portal or just get back to Ellie’s
    Garage and use the Fast Travel Station to get to The Highlands-Overlook. Get to
    the Holy Spirits Bar in Overlook and go upstairs to find the dead drop. Listen
    to the recording to complete the mission and to activate the new mission, “Clan
    War: End of the Rainbow.”
    Clan War: End of the Rainbow:
    Start downstairs to find the bagman. The previously locked door is now
    unlocked. Loot the storeroom and you will see the Leprechaun emerge from a
    doorway at the far side of the adjoining barrel room. The Bagman is the
    suspicious type, so back off to let him be on his way. Follow discreetly.
    You’ll have to drop down a long shaft as the Bagman chatters to himself and
    then continue through the gloomy cave.
    When you make another drop the Bagman will be in the money storage area. Knock
    out his shield and take him out. He has a shotgun, is agile and he will throw
    grenades so he isn’t harmless. When he falls he will drop the “Bagman’s Key.”
    You must now raid the ten large cash stashes. There are also numerous smaller
    Use the “Bagman’s Key” to position a ramp, allowing access to a RED CHEST.
    Continue into the cave, dropping down and using the ladder beyond to get back
    to the storeroom.
    Exit the bar and start back to The Dust portal or just fast-travel to Ellie’s
    Garage. Get to Jimbo at the Speedway to complete the mission.
    Mick Zaford will contact you via ECHO, asking you to meet his man out in The
    Dust for details of another mission. The exclamation mark will again take you
    to a meeting with Steve near the The Highlands entry portal. Mick Zaford will
    give you the mission, “Clan War: Trailer Trashing.”
    Clan War: Trailer Trashing:
    The war is escalating with the death of Peter, the bagman, and the big time
    heist. You are instructed to burn the Hodunk’s Trailer park, preferably at
    night so the Zafords can enjoy the flaming carnage. Pursuing the mission at
    night pays a bonus but it isn’t necessary to complete the mission. You can
    explore The Dust waiting for nightfall or hang with Ellie. It could, however,
    be a fairly substantial wait.
    Either way, open the four valves to start the flow of the fuel and use an
    incendiary weapon to set them off one at a time. Get out. Any survivors will
    target you. Drive back to Steve near The Highlands portal to complete the
    mission. The wake for the bagman is about to happen and you are invited.
    Clan War: Wakey, Wakey:
    Another exclamation point appears on your map. It will lead you to back to
    Jimbo at the Speedway. If you return too quickly from Steve, be aware that you
    may still be targeted because of your recent trailer trashing. He will give you
    the mission: “Clan War: Wakey, Wakey.” Tector advises you that you have to tip
    a few brews or the Zafords won’t let you attend the wake. Go to Ellie’s Garage
    and fast-travel to Sanctuary to tip a few brews at Moxxi’s.
    Fast-travel to the The Highlands-Overlook to put yourself near the bar. Sprint
    to the bar before your drunk wears off and go upstairs. When the preacher
    starts his eulogy, hurl several grenades into the crowd, deploy the Turret and
    mop up the survivors. This action means all-out war and Ellie wants you to
    return to the garage to see what’s gonna be what. Fast-travel to Ellie’s
    Garage. Talking to Ellie completes the mission and initiates “Clan War: Zafords
    vs. Hodunks.
    Clan War: Zaford’s vs. Hodunks
    Drive across to the Lynchwood area and side with one clan or the other. The
    shotgun the Hodunks offer is probably the better weapon. Start the festivities
    by shooting somebody on the other side. This starts the war. You can deploy the
    Turret. It will first target the opposition and then your own but they won’t be
    harmed. Talk with the Clan leader to complete the full series of missions.
    >>>>The God the Bad and the Mordecai (Level 12) <<<X042>>>
    Initiated: The Sanctuary Bounty Board.
    Completed: The mission is completed when the treasure chest is opened.
    Grab a ride and with “The Good the Bad and the Mordecai” active drive to the
    waypoint-the staging point for the Buzzard gunships. Use the ramp-like rock
    formation on the northeast side to propel yourself onto the Goose Roost atop
    the mesa. You will likely land inside the compound. Start killing the garrison
    with the catapult. Pound the whole area with barrels. A pair of Buzzard
    gunships will strafe the compound. Start working your way east toward the
    waypoint, raiding the BLACK CHEST before proceeding into the east section.
    Start sniping near the east section entry, clearing the Marauders, which might
    include Goliaths and Nomads. Continue your way east toward the waypoint and
    another pair of Buzzards will circle.
    Don’t miss the Dahl RED CHEST just east of the volleyball net. Drop down onto
    the roof of the shack on the north side near the waypoint and waste the
    combatants on the lower walkways. Drop down and take the ECHO.
    It seems that Carson, the thief who stole Mordecai’s plunder, was taken to the
    Friendship Gulag by a Hyperion engineer named Gettle. A new waypoint appears
    marking the Gulag. The waypoint is to the northwest and you’ll have to jump
    down and go there on foot or go back east and get a vehicle.
    Enter the outskirts of the Gulag and enter the Friendship Gulag portal. Stock
    up on ammo. Prepare for Hyperion Loaders and Commandos and flying Surveyors.
    Start sniping from near the entry and use cover to systematically clear the
    region of all targets.
    Stay to the left of the area and at the far end make a turn to the right and
    GUN, WAR, EXP Loaders, Surveyors and a few Commandos will provide the
    opposition as you approach the waypoint. Some will fire from atop the
    structures. Interact with one of the bars for access to the ECHO behind the
    barrier. Mobley has found the location of the stash and killed Carson in the
    prison. Raid the RED CHEST nearby.
    The destination is out in The Dust, so backtrack out of the Gulag. The Hyperion
    opposition will reenter the area as you go for the exit so prepare to fight
    your way out.
    Enter The Dust portal. Generate a vehicle at the Catch-A-Ride near the Gulag’s
    entry and drive north to Ellie’s Garage. Drive behind it and continue on foot
    at the vehicle barrier. You’ll be in Bug Gulch and the resident Spiderants will
    attack on sight. Continue killing Spiderants as you bear up the slope. Go west
    through the dry canyon and jump down off the rock shelf. Continue through the
    canyon addressing the colony of Spiderants. Go up the slope on the well-defined
    path toward the circular waypoint and you have made it to Boot Hill.
    There is a “Search” command available at most of the headstones. Search each
    until the treasure chest is exposed. You will find other loot in some of the
    The two bandits, Mobley and Gettle then show and when the church bell tolls for
    the third time the standoff begins. Last man standing gets the goods-be that
    man. The mission is completed when the chest opens and the goods spill out. In
    addition to the cash received there will be several decent weapons and perhaps
    some Eridium.
    Jump off the south cliff to the Catch-A-Ride-the one that appeared to be the
    waypoint, when you might have drove there earlier looking for it. Circle the
    mountain bearing east to Ellie’s Garage. Fast-travel to Sanctuary. See Scooter
    to turn in a “The Cold Shoulder” and “Swallowed Whole.”
    >>>>Wildlife Preservation (Level 20) <<<M011>>>
    Initiated: This mission is activated in Sanctuary after “Bright Lights, Flying
    Completed: Completed in Crimson Raider Headquarters.
    Fast-travel to The Highlands-Hyperion Bridge. Generator a vehicle, turn left
    onto the roadway and cross the small bridge. Turn right onto the gravel road.
    Drive straight east across the streams, and when you see the crude arrow
    markers bear right up the hill past the Isotope Reclamation Tower. Use the
    vehicle’s turret to slaughter the Spring Stalkers.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Note: If you go strictly by the waypoint when trying to find the Wildlife
    portal you will be looking near the waterfall below the cliffs near the mill.
    The portal, however, is atop the massif.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    At the vehicle barrier, move in on foot and enter the Wildlife Exploitation
    Preserve portal. Roland contacts you via ECHO. You are in search of an upgrade
    for Claptrap so he can shut down the security field the Guardian Angel
    mentioned. Roland believes that Mordecai can offer additional intelligence.
    Ahead the dung piles indicate a nest of Stalkers. Lay waste to the Stalkers and
    then stay on the path going south and then go over the rock arch. Follow the
    steep winding path up to Mordecai’s overlook.
    Bloodwing, Mordecai’s beloved and deadly pet, was captured by Hyperion forces
    during an ambush in the Tundra Express. There is a chip hidden in Bloodwing’s
    collar that has data that should assist in Claptrap’s upgrade. You will have to
    get into the Hyperion stronghold through the docks to liberate the raptor.
    Drop off of Mordecai’s overlook and then to ground level to avoid the pocket of
    Stalkers below his roost. The booming report of his sniper rifle can be heard
    as he fires on the pests. Move through the container and along the stream bed
    until you’re in sight of the dock area.
    Continue toward the structure. Loaders will prowl ahead. Don’t shoot them yet.
    Sprint to the controls for the gate and try to open it. A lockdown occurs when
    you’re identified as an intruder. Mordecai suggests that partially disabling
    three of the Loaders might cause the doors to be opened for reinforcements.
    Take cover and use a corrosive weapon to bleed three of the Loader’s health
    bars down until an icon appears above them-don’t finish them off. When three
    are sufficiently damaged the sub-mission will indicate three and the gate will
    open, allowing reinforcements to exit. Complete the job you started by
    finishing off the Loaders and then the reinforcements outside the facility.
    Sprint to the gate and stay near the entry or near the cargo haulers just
    inside to snipe the Loaders. EXP, PWR, BUL and GUN Loaders as well as Surveyors
    will join the attack. Systematically wipe them out, deploying the Turret and
    using caustic fire. When looting, beware of Wee or Midget Loaders that might be
    hiding in item containers. They are not only durable but are hard to hit
    because of their size and agility.
    Continue south around the dock. Engineers, some with jetpacks, and a few
    Loaders will come from the structure ahead. As you near the turn to the left,
    Loaders, Surveyors and Engineers, including a spinning PWR Loader, will enter
    from the upper area. Deploy the Turret and seek cover as you wipe them out. The
    spinning Loader can actually deflect your bullets back at you.
    When you go for the stairs more Loaders including BUL Loaders and Engineers
    will come down to meet you. Use corrosive fire to end the threat. Go up the
    Before moving on go left and use the step-like containers to gain the roof.
    Shoot the fuse box to disable the static field below and then jump down to raid
    the RED CHEST. Go around and back up the stairs.
    Hyperion has built barred holding pits for the animals they have been
    experimenting on. With nowhere else to go you must now enter the pit, but a
    prudent Vault Hunter will snipe anything in sight before jumping down. Watch
    out for a Skag or two leaping out of the pit.
    The mutated creatures have names like Barf Skag but there are familiar types
    like the Spitter and Fire. Locate your destination-the building with the
    satellite dishes. When the Turret re-charges, sprint toward the structure and
    run up the pipe to get inside. Expect an Elemental, Alpha and several other
    Skags to be on your tail. Deploy the Turret and knock them back. Grab the “Slag
    Experiment Notes” for Tannis’ “Doctor’s Orders” mission-you’ll need three more.
    Tannis’ ECHO demonstrates Handsome Jack’s coldhearted attitude about the cruel
    Eridium experiments he is forcing Dr. Samuels to do on humans. The big open
    area ahead has both Skags and Stalkers to deal with. The screeching of overhead
    Raak is also plain. Deploy the Turret at the exit and quickly sprint right
    along the cliff. Go under the roadway and scramble up the rock ledges to get
    onto it.
    As you advance on the road, Tannis adds another task-the collection of another
    ten Slag samples for “Doctor’s Orders.” A few Raak may dive bomb you. When you
    get to the rocky ledge on the right, the gate you need to open is just to the
    north. Both Skags and Stalkers will take note as you descend and sprint for the
    gate. Open it, turn and deploy the Turret and hammer your pursuers with
    incendiary fire. They don’t seem intent on entering the building so clear them
    Move into the structure and, if needed, replenish your ammo. Continue through
    the structure and raid the containers and the WEAPON/ITEM LOCKER near the exit.
    Grab the two “Slag Samples.” You will see half a dozen Needle and dragon-like
    Spring Stalkers outside the building. Wipe them out before proceeding.
    Go up the broken concrete ramp. Several Loaders will be teleported into the
    area. Back onto the ramp and knock out the EXP and GUN Loaders that advance.
    Watch out for the grenades they are likely to toss your way.
    Creep forward and stay behind the central cluster of boulders to kill the next
    larger wave of various Loaders. Give ground if need be, using the lip of the
    fractured concrete ramp to hammer any pursuers.
    As you advance again, a small wave of Loaders accompanied by a Super Badass
    Loader will next appear and it has a far reaching incendiary attack. Back off
    and get behind the boulders or on the higher ground above it. A Badass Stalker
    will also enter the battle about this time and may or may not aid your cause by
    battling the mechanized units or you.
    Enter the “Specimen Maintenance” Lab. Turn right at the turn and raid the
    storeroom. Don’t be surprised if a Midget gunner or Jimmy Jenkins or both jump
    out of the containers. Grab the two “Slag Samples” and raid the RED CHEST. Open
    the gate housing Bloodwing to find only a feather. Jack has moved her. Mordecai
    says he sees movement in the observation wing so forge ahead.
    As you enter the Specimen Maintenance zone, Jack, remembering that it’s feeding
    time, drops the force fields releasing a flood of Elemental Skags. Deploy the
    Turret and back off to supplement it with your own elementary fire-to each
    elemental a different element. These mutated Skags seem to be able to convert
    regular Skags to their element if they are in close proximity. Retreat to
    Bloodwing’s enclosure to survive the onslaught and to channel their approach. A
    few Spring Stalkers will also be in the mix.
    The holding pens are empty but the office has a couple of “Slag Samples.” There
    is also a WEAPON/ITEM LOCKER there. There might also be some Stalkers still
    Move to the “Stalker” exit. Goad the Stalkers into attacking by firing on them
    and taking them out when they jump onto the elevated walkway. A new type called
    a Cyclone Stalker will appear. If they quit coming up, snipe one and deploy the
    Turret into their compound to help thin them out or even clear the compound.
    Jump down on the far side of the walkway and sprint to the far side of the
    compound-a well-defined path will show the way. Go up the inclines.
    Continue around the grated walkway. Start sniping the Raak and the Skags when
    you reach the big open region. Be aware that they will leap up to your
    position. There will be at least one Elemental and an Adult or two and a horde
    of lesser types in the area. Combat Engineers will join the action as you
    approach the exit, so when the near area is cleared move onto the central
    rock/walkway complex to complete the cleansing.
    Enter the building to be greeted by an Experimental Greeter, harmless and
    invulnerable. Raid the WEAPON/ITEM LOCKER and activate the button behind it to
    open a wall unit containing weapons and the third of Tannis’ “Slag Experiment
    You will next enter a large storage room. Loaders and Engineers will confront
    you. Deploy the Turret and stay in cover to corrode the Loaders. One or two of
    them will drop a “Slag Sample” and a couple more can be found in the room to
    the right.
    Go up the stairwells and along the catwalks and several Loaders will confront
    you as you move south in the corridor. Beyond a few Engineers and Loaders will
    defend the chamber. After you enter the large chamber another large rush of
    both Hyperion Engineers and Loaders will attack from the far side. Loot the
    place. If you missed any of the slag samples there will be several spares in
    this chamber.
    Select “Doctor’s Orders” to generate a waypoint for the last of Tannis’ ECHOs.
    It is inside a wall. You’ll have to activate the switch on the east wall near
    the waypoint to acquire Tannis’ last ECHO. It will also release a torrent of
    Stalkers. Deploy the Turret and get into the corridor where you entered. Toss a
    grenade or two into the swirl of Stalkers to help put them down.
    There are two “Slag Samples” near the exit, grab them if you still need any.
    Loot the containers and the WEAPON/ITEM LOCKER.
    With all the samples and the ECHOs in hand take the lift on the west side. Jack
    has been experimenting with Bloodwing and a “Slagged Bloodwing” takes to the
    air. It is huge, hostile and fully controlled by Jack. The huge raptor will
    tower into the sky, will circle and will make passes at you.
    Your task is to damage the raptor enough for Mordecai to tranquilize it-about
    15% on the massive health bar will do it. As Bloodwing soars, Jack will change
    its elemental status and it will strafe you will fire, static and caustic.
    Dodge its attacks as best you can and whittle its health down little by little.
    You can employ the Turret during this battle but only when his health bar is
    still fairly high. When his health bar diminishes to about 25%, a rush of Skags
    will complicate the skirmish and Bloodwing will then land and stalk you.
    When Mordecai manages to tranquilize Bloodwing, sprint to him and grab the chip
    from the unconscious Bloodwing’s collar. The dastardly Jack then remembers that
    he forgot one element, explosive. He commands Bloodwing to explode, killing
    Bloodwing and infuriating Mordecai.
    A side door conveniently opens after the battle. Raid the chamber, including
    the two lucrative RED CHESTS and the WEAPON/ITEM LOCKER. This is the exit
    leading onto the balcony. Go out onto the upper walkways and get down to the
    lowest level and start for the Fast Travel Station to the northwest.
    You’ll have to wade the stream and brave the Stalker’s nest, but a furious
    Mordecai will obliterate everything in your path allowing you to reach the Fast
    Travel Station by just sprinting the well-defined pathway. Get back to
    You’ll find the lonely little Claptrap in his cubbyhole. Interact with him to
    provide the upgrade. It works. Claptrap can render himself invisible and is
    wanting to high five.
    Go to Crimson Raider Headquarters to see Tannis. Interact with her to complete
    “Doctor’s Orders.” Go upstairs to see Roland who is on the balcony reminiscing
    about Mordecai and Bloodwing. Interact with Roland to complete “Wildlife
    Preservation.” He will give you a token to take to a former, ruthless associate
    who may be able to help penetrate Core Angel. Accept the mission, “The Once and
    Future Slab.”
    Mordecai will also be in Headquarters and he has a pair of quests, “Raakaholics
    Anonymous’ and “Animal Rights.” There is an exclamation point that will lead
    you to Scooter. He offers the mission “Poetic License.” Before departing the
    garage take Scooter’s camera from the cart.
    >>>>Raakaholics Anonymous (Level 19) <<<X043>>>
    Initiated: Mordecai in Sanctuary after “Wildlife Preservation.”
    Completed: Completed by interacting with either Mordecai or Moxxi.
    Fast-travel to The Dust. The moonshining low-life characters in The Dust are
    notorious for making and dealing liquor. Mordecai wants the booze to drown his
    sorrow and wants you to locate and liberate ten casks of Raak ale. Generate a
    Technical with your favored turret weapon and go out into The Dust hunting the
    moonshiner’s truck.
    A supply truck will move through the area and you must bombard it with whatever
    you have to force it to drop a barrel of booze. If you get behind it you can
    oftentimes just run over or near the dropped barrels to acquire them. A
    waypoint will indicate the position of each barrel dropped. The truck weaves a
    torturous course to try to lose you and bandit vehicles and even an occasional
    Buzzard will assault you. Minimize your combat with the patrols and follow the
    At the quest draws to a close you will see that Mordecai and Moxxi once had a
    fling and she also wants the booze and will pay for it. Get to Ellie’s Garage
    and fast-travel back to Sanctuary. Mordecai offers a potent random sniper
    rifle, Moxxi a potent repeater.
    >>>>Animal Rights (Level 19) <<<X044>>>
    Initiated: Talk to Mordecai in Sanctuary after “Wildlife Preservation.”
    Completed: Mordecai in Crimson Raider Headquarters in Sanctuary.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Note: You will once again be retracing your previous route through the Preserve
    and resetting the game before starting this mission will reward you with
    weapons/items chests with new goods.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Fast-travel to the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve. Mordecai wants revenge on
    the cruel Hyperion handlers that mutated and tortured his BFF Bloodwing and the
    other indigenous species for whatever their purpose is. He wants you to release
    the Stalkers and Skags to let them have revenge on their tormentors.
    Start the action by wasting the Stalkers nest near the entry portal and the
    ones on the path farther ahead. Wade the stream. Once again the dock outside
    the structure is defended by both Hyperion troops and Loaders. Surveyors also
    patrol. It isn’t necessary to damage three Loaders to get the gate open. It is
    already open.
    Inside the gate the docks are swarming with various Loaders, Engineers and
    Surveyors. Stay near the entrance and snipe away. Toss grenades into groups
    when possible and deploy the Turret as needed. Advance when the hostilities
    cease and the pesky Surveyors are all down. Take note of the static field
    defending the Dahl RED CHEST.
    Before heading up the steps turn off the generator at the waypoint. This will
    release a flood of aggressive Stalkers. They will begin attacking the Handlers
    that move into the area. Don’t use the Turret, it will kill Stalkers and
    Handlers alike; and, for once, the Stalkers will ignore you. You will need
    twelve kills including those taken out by the Stalkers. Stand back and snipe
    into the melee. The Stalkers will scurry away after the skirmish.
    Continue up the stairs. Before moving on go left and use the step-like
    containers to gain the roof. Shoot the fuse box to disable the static field
    below and then jump down to raid the RED CHEST. Go back around and up the
    The half dozen Skags in the containment area aren’t as friendly as the
    Stalkers. Snipe a few and be prepared to tangle with all comers as you make
    your way to the slanted pipe on the far side to access the building. The
    elemental Badass Skag has the power to convert his buddies to the same element.
    Go up the pipe into the small structure. Raid the WEAPON/ITEM LOCKER if you
    have restarted since your last mission there.
    The wildlife is no friendlier in the next large open area. Start by wasting the
    Stalkers near the entrance and then go to the right under the overhead pavement
    and climb the rocks to get onto the elevated roadway. You will have to deal
    with a few Raak as you start the big loop toward the waypoint. You can now
    either snipe the Stalkers and Skags below; or, your best recourse, just sprint
    for the door. Once there deploy the Turret and wipe out the Stalkers and Skags
    that come calling.
    As Jack tirades on the intercom, interact with the station at the waypoint to
    release the Skags. Once again, the liberated Skags won’t attack you. Help them
    slaughter their Handlers, again not using the Turret which will also kill the
    Continue up the stairs, raid the WEAPON/ITEM LOCKER and pass through the
    circular courtyard. Go up the concrete incline. A small group of Loaders will
    transport in. Take them out and another wave of Loaders will battle Stalkers.
    Fall back to the ramp and use the Turret to keep from being overwhelmed. A
    Badass Stalker will be in this mix and will be followed by a Super Badass
    Loader and a small entourage. Retreat to the concrete ramp if necessary to take
    down the Super Badass Loader.
    Go into the “Specimen” area. The pens near the entry are open and the Stalkers
    and Skags are loose and hostile. Put them down and try to locate and snipe an
    Elemental Skag or two before proceeding.
    Raid the RED CHEST and the containers in the storeroom near Bloodwing’s
    enclosure. Continue into the complex and raid the WEAPON/ITEM LOCKER and keep
    an eye out for a second Elemental Skag if you haven’t found it already.
    Go to the far side of the complex and waste the Stalkers in the low area. Clear
    the colony, drop down and get to the far end and go up the incline to the
    catwalk. The adjoining area is Skag territory, including Badass Elementals.
    Snipe them and watch for diving Raak as you move to the central rock/walkway to
    clear the area. Be prepared for the late arriving Engineers that will also join
    the fray.
    You’re back to the Experimental Greeter. Raid the WEAPON/ITEM LOCKER. The
    button behind the Greeter was a one-timer. Move into the storage area and push
    the button at the waypoint to release a Badass Stalker. A dozen Handlers will
    try to put it down while you and the creature do the same to them. They are
    Badass Stalker handlers and are semi-loaders and highly susceptible to caustic.
    Take them out but be careful of the beam they shoot from a head mount.
    The mission requirements are completed, so you can double back or you can
    continue up the stairs to address the Engineers and Loaders that appear in a
    couple of waves as you head for the elevator on the far side. Raid the
    WEAPON/ITEM LOCKER and then take the elevator.
    The Son of Mothraak will soar in the arena where you tackled Bloodwing. He will
    soar and attack but he ain’t his daddy-he goes down rather easily. Go to the
    left side and check out the two RED CHESTS and the WEAPON/ITEM LOCKER. Jump
    down off the balcony and make for the exit. A slow Vault Hunter who lingers on
    the balcony will be discovered and will be attacked by Loaders and Surveyors.
    Once again you will have the way contested by the colonies of Stalkers.
    Fast-travel to Sanctuary to see Mordecai in Headquarters to complete the
    >>>>The Once and Future Slab (Level 20) <<<M012>>>
    Initiated: Activated in Sanctuary after “Wildlife Preservation.”
    Completed: Talk to Roland in the Crimson Raider Headquarters.
    This mission will take you to new territory, Thousand Cuts. You must locate
    Slab, an ex-member of the Crimson Raiders. His methods were too brutal for the
    reformed Crimson forces but he may still be willing to aid the cause of
    penetrating Core Angel. Fast-travel to The Highlands-Hyperion Bridge. The
    Thousand Cuts portal is just up the slope from the Catch-A-Ride so either drive
    or walk up and enter.
    Even before entering Slab Town proper the battle commences. Take down the
    Marauders near the gate and watch out for a possible Suicide Psycho charging
    with dynamite. You need to proceed north into town but a Goliath or a Bruiser
    will attack and a then Buzzard will circle. Take shelter under the roof near
    the vendors to eliminate the gunship. The skyline makes its passes quick, so
    it’s hard to target it effectively and various Marauders will snipe at you from
    the north.
    With the first Buzzard grounded proceed north and put down any visible targets.
    Another pesky Buzzard will arrive and circle the town, targeting you. Find
    cover and target the pilot to bring it down. The town will feature various
    Marauders of all types.
    With the Buzzards grounded and all the hostiles silenced, proceed north over
    the ramp-like bridge, go through the container and be prepared for combatants
    just ahead. Snipe and watch for a Goliath or Bruiser among the eight or more
    Marauders. The arrow on the right side points the way.
    Before continuing the counterclockwise loop, go to the right up anduse the
    stairwells. You’ll find an OUTHOUSE WEAPON ENCLOSURE. Jump across the gorge and
    raid the BLACK CHEST in the shack and the other containers. With no other
    option jump back across and continue northwest.
    Take out any resistance near the bridge and start sniping the enemy on the far
    side, likely a pair of Goliaths. Hold your position near the entry to the
    bridge until circling Buzzards complicate the tussle. Take cover under the
    tattered canopy and ground the Buzzards but watch for Marauders infiltrating
    from across the bridge. There is an OUTHOUSE ITEM CONTAINER on the ledge to the
    left of the bridge as well as other containers.
    With the Buzzards down, make your way across Broke Face Bridge, eliminating any
    bandits as you advance. If things get heated, deploy the Turret and retreat if
    >>>>Shoot This Guy in the Face (Level 20) <<<X045>>>
    Initiated: Find Face McShooty near the Broke Face Bridge in Slab Town.
    Completed: Shoot him on the spot and interact with his corpse to complete the
    deed and the mission.
    When the hostilities cease, go down the embankment to investigate the
    exclamation point. Talk to the raving Face McShooty. He will give you the
    mission, “Shoot This Guy in the Face.” Oblige him. Shoot him in the face for a
    sizable cash reward. That’s it, mission accomplished.
    Keep clearing the remaining opposition. Enter the structure and take note of
    the directional arrow. Raid the place for ammo. There is an OUTHOUSE ITEM
    ENCLOSURE outside on the far end. Go up the stairwells and drop down near the
    “piss off” sign. Drop down to the floor of the Buzzard Factory.
    Slab and his entourage will be on a catwalk on the opposite side. Deploy the
    Turret when the rush begins and run up the stairs to the right of your entry.
    Snipe the Goliaths on the opposing platform as the Turret distracts the horde.
    With a bit of luck the massive Goliaths will turn on one another below. If one
    of the hulks comes up to visit, deploy the Turret again and hammer him so he
    doesn’t get in close or, if necessary, jump over the rail.
    Don’t spare the grenades as Psychos pour into the fray. If time allows
    decapitate a Goliath or two, morphing them into Raging types so they will do
    some of the job for you. Keep deploying that Turret and watch the stairwell for
    combatants coming up.
    When the hostilities cease and you have survived the mayhem, Brick, the Slab
    King, reveals himself. The former pugilistic Vault Hunter is impressed that you
    have survived your initiation and wants to know what’s up. He agrees to help
    you and Roland’s forces in your struggle. Toss the place for loot before
    departing with Brick. When Handsome Jack begins a mortar attack Brick opens the
    door and helps you battle a half-dozen Loaders.
    Follow Brick as he crosses the bridge to knock out the target beacons guiding
    the mortar batteries. Demolish the WAR Loader and follow him, avoiding the red
    targeting circles. When Brick breaks through the shielding, knock out the
    beacon with a volley of gunshots.
    Help Brick knock out the half-dozen or so incoming GUN and WAR Loaders-he’s the
    man-and follow him back across the makeshift ramp-like bridge you crossed
    earlier. Avoid the red targeting circles and when Brick knocks out the shield
    take out the second Mortar Beacon.
    Expect an influx of Loaders including a pair of WAR Loaders. The Buzzards are
    now helping so forget them. Once again follow Brick, avoiding the red circles.
    Take out the last beacon when he knocks out the shielding. A Badass Loader will
    teleport in. Deploy the Turre; it won’t affect Brick, and then hammer it with
    corrosive fire to burn it down. The Turret will, however, target the suddenly
    friendly Buzzards-screw em, they got plenty!
    Get to Brick. He will inform you that his idiot minions will still try to kill
    you. Don’t feel bad about doing the same-he sure doesn’t. Before using the Fast
    Travel Station near the pow-wow with Brick, select Scooter’s mission, “Poetic
    License” to generate waypoints and head back into Slab Town to test Brick’s
    comments on his idiot followers.
    >>>>Poetic License (Level 20) <<<X046>>>
    Initiated: See Scooter in his Sanctuary Garage.
    Completed: See Scooter in his Sanctuary Garage.
    Start back into town moving toward the first waypoint; and, true to his words,
    Brick’s Buzzards are again hostile. You will find Scooter’s alternate to the
    real thing, his “Nudie Magazine” on a crate.
    Go toward the waypoint, crossing the ramp-like bridge and kill any idiot minion
    in the vicinity. Take a picture of the corpse with the noose around his neck.
    Romantic pictures-who is this girl Scooters sparkin.’ The next two “poetic”
    photos must be taken to the south. Move back onto the nearby bridge and jump
    down to the platform below.
    This is a side trip for loot and you can skip it. Kill the three Marauders that
    emerge from the shacks and continue down the stairwells. The way won’t be
    uncontested. Nomads and others will confront you after you descend the series
    of ramps. Raid the BLACK CHEST. The path is a dead end so reverse your course.
    Continue south through the town. Move down the ramp into Bloody Knuckle Point.
    Scooters second photo will be taken among the ground debris just past the
    elevated gun mount on the right. It appears to be a Loader intertwined with a
    Marauder. This one ought to get the girl!
    The last photo must be taken to the south. Enter “No Man’s Land” and move to
    the spot. Snap the picture of the flower. Reverse course, going up the ramp and
    north into Slab Town. Brick will still be lingering near the Fast Travel
    Station. Fast-travel to Sanctuary and then get to Headquarters.
    A reunion is taking place. The psychopath, Brick, is back and even though he
    was booted out of the troop he is eager to help. Talk to Roland to complete
    “The Once and Future Slab.” The new story mission, “The Man Who Would Be Jack”
    is initiated.
    The Guardian Angel, whom Roland doesn’t trust, is still their best hope of
    getting past the final obstacles and into Control Core Angel.
    >>>>The Man Who Would be Jack
    Initiated: Roland in headquarters after “The Once and Future Slab.”
    Comment:   This mission will be pursued later. The index will designate the
    mission’s starting point. Type (TMWWBJ) to locate the mission’s point of origin.
    Lilith will have a mission for you, “Home Movies.” Hyperion propaganda must be
    countered. She wants you to get Mozzi’s camcorder so the people have some real
    footage of what the Hyperion Corporation is really doing. Brick also has a
    mission. He will give you “Rocko’s Modern Strife,” Brick needs some stuff done
    in Thousand Cuts but he needs to be in Sanctuary. He wants you to check in with
    Rocko, who won’t try to kill you on sight.
    Talk to Moxxi to get “Moxxi’s Dirty Camera” for Lilith’s mission. Moxxi also
    has a mission, “Hell Hath No Fury.’ Jack destroyed her Underdome and now he
    wants to construct his own. No! She wants you to take out his construction
    foremen in Opportunity and then the site.
    Just outside the bar, the exclamation point leads you to a corpse. Pick up “An
    Old ECHO Recorder” to get the mission, “The Bane.” Go see Marcus to see what
    this “Bane” is all about. Marcus’ shop is now the mission’s waypoint. Marcus
    had the gun and believed it was cursed. He sold it to a man named
    Horace-doesn’t know nothing else about its whereabouts.
    Get to Scooter’s Garage to give him the photos and the magazine. Scooter has
    done his thing with the photos and wants you to approach Daisy with his
    offerings. His truly idiotic and dreadful come-on doesn’t elicit the reaction
    he wanted. Daisy goes inside her residence and a shot is heard. Return to
    Scooter to relay her most fervent refusal of his affection.
    Fast-travel to The Highlands-Overlook to acquire the mission, “Hyperion
    Contract #873.”
    >>>>Hyperion Contract #873 (Level 24) <<<X047>>>
    Initiation: The Overlook Bounty Board
    Comment: This mission requires 100 Bandit kills. Killing 25 each with fire,
    caustic, shock and explosive will earn a bonus. This can be done as a
    stand-alone mission or during the pursuit of other missions. In this document
    it will be accomplished during the pursuit of other missions.
    >>>>Rocko’s Modern Strife (Level 20) <<<X048>>>
    Initiation: Talk to Brick in Crimson Raider Headquarters.
    Completion: Talk to Rocko outside of Slab Town.
    With “Rocko’s Modern Strife” selected, fast-travel to a Thousand Cuts. Just
    turn left, go up the stairs and Rocko is setting in the shack. Interact with
    him to complete Brick’s errand and he will give you the mission, “Defend Slab
    >>>>Defend Slab Tower (Level 20) <<<X049>>>
    Initiated: Rocko near the Thousand Cut’s entry portal.
    Completed: Interact with the Hyperion supply cache.
    It seems Jack’s supply team has made a big mistake. A supply drop has fallen
    into Slab hands and Jack is sure to try to take it back so it can’t be used
    against him. You are instructed to get three beacons that will help organize
    the Slab forces against Hyperion’s.
    Start into Slab Town and find the three beacons. Brick wants you to place the
    three beacons strategically so his Slabs know where to be and what firepower
    they need. Go south and place the two beacons. The third will be placed in
    Bloody Knuckle Point near the Hyperion portal. Brick instructs you to man the
    turret gun at the waypoint and keep the Hyperion forces at bay.
    When the Loaders of various types begin to attack use the turret weapon to
    hammer them. The Goliaths in the area will also attack but can become a real
    problem if they lose their head and turn on you, which will likely drive you
    from your mount.
    When the Loaders begin to gain ground or arrive closer to the cache, retreat
    from Bloody Knuckle point. Start using your Sabre Turret to cover your retreat
    and kill any Badass Goliath that is attacking you or the Slab forces. Fight
    with the Marauders and Psychos, how refreshing, to prevent the supply drop,
    which has a life bar, from being destroyed. The final push by Hyperion’s forces
    is a surge of four Badass Loaders and their entourage. The Slab forces will
    battle as you give ground and when the last of the Loaders goes down, you can
    proceed to the supply cache to complete the mission on the spot.
    >>>>The Bane (Level 22) <<<X050>>>
    Initiation: A dead man’s corpse outside Moxxi’s Bar.
    Completion: Completed when you acquire the cursed gun.
    It’s time to go after The Bane; a gun Marcus believes is cursed. Select the
    mission and fast-travel to The Dust. Your task is to locate a man named Horace.
    The waypoint will pass through an area you have travelled before-Bug Gulch,
    which has numerous Spiderant nests.
    Enter the junkyard behind Ellie’s Garage and begin the short trek. Begin
    wasting the vermin even before entering the open area. The Spiderants types
    vary but you’ll have to kill a dozen or more before you arrive at your
    destination. At times a tough Spiderant Queen will spawn a bunch of little
    toughies in the gulch.
    A second nest of Spiderants reside at the objective. Instead of Horace you will
    find another ECHO. You have to find McNally, who did him in and appropriated
    “The Bane.” Even so, he wants you to warn him about the accursed gun. Sprint
    back to Ellie’s Garage and generate a Technical.
    The new waypoint is to the southwest. Buzzards and patrol vehicles will make
    the trip interesting. McNally is a Psycho living in a shack and he is mean and
    tough. Show him no quarter-pound him with barrels or hit him with a volley of
    sawblades. He will drop another ECHO. Someone named Gar has purchased the
    cursed weapon.
    Time to look up this Gar. Looks like he’s in Lynchwood. The route will take you
    past Goose Roost and on to the Lynchwood Train Station. If there is a welcoming
    party at the train station, bombard the Bandits with a barrage of explosive
    barrels or sawblades and raid the BLACK CHEST under the grating before using
    the Lynchwood portal on the walkway.
    You’ll find yourself in a Train Station. Move up the stairwells and you’ll see
    an exclamation point marking the Lynchwood Bounty Board. Accept the two
    missions, “3:10 to Kaboom” and “Breaking the Bank.” Re-select “The Bane” and
    grab some ammo if needed. Enter the town and turn left toward the waypoint.
    Lynchwood has no shortage of Marauders, including Bruisers and Nomads, and you
    can get into a heated battle where it’s easy to be flanked. Try to avoid
    contact by staying near the rock face on the left where you will find a tunnel.
    You’ll see hostiles even before you exit. There is little cover in the open
    tunnel, so deploy the Turret and use the angles as cover to snipe the visible
    Exit the tunnel and work your way around the edge of town, taking down all
    comers-Elite Marauders, Bruisers and Psychos. You’ll reach Gunslinger’s Corner.
    The path will provide plenty of action as Elite Marauders, Bruisers and even
    Suicide Psychos lurk ahead. Pass through Gunslinger’s Corner and another tough
    pocket of Marauders lurk near the OUTHOUSE ITEM ENCLOSURE.
    The Marauders won’t let you board the lift in peace either. Take the lift and
    you’ll be somewhat exposed in the small chamber where you exit. Marauders,
    including Killer and Elite Marauders lurk near the lift. Use the Turret and
    eliminate the large group which will also include a Bruiser. Loot the nearby
    Move to the waypoint, clearing any remaining Marauders and you’ll find Gar’s
    ECHO in a small bay.
    Jump down on the west side to avoid the long trek back along the loop through
    Gunslinger’s Corner. Carefully make your way southwest and move through the
    tunnel toward town.
    Swap your mission to, “Breaking the Bank.” We’ll get back to “The Bane”
    shortly. We also got a train to demolish while in the area.
    >>>>Breaking the Bank (Level 24) <<<X051>>>
    Initiated: The Lynchwood Bounty Board.
    Completed: The Lynchwood Bounty Board.
    The Lynchwood Bank is the big building to the north of the Train Station and
    the vault is on the north side. There will be numerous locals, including
    several Bruisers, in the area. Deploy the Turret and start sniping all the
    visible targets. Your objective is to clear the entire region near the bank.
    When hostilities cease try the bank vault on the north side of the building. It
    is obviously locked and Brick ECHOs with an unusual solution to the problem.
    The vault is constructed of poly-kryton which is impervious to anything but
    Skag bile. Brick says the first step in his safe cracking plan requires you to
    find some laxative.
    Use the stairwells east of the vault to access the roof of the “Saloon.” A few
    Marauders will likely challenge this intrusion. From there you can jump onto
    the roof of the building north of the vault. A rooftop privy has some “Super
    Pumper” Brand Laxative in the commode. Brick chimes in again, needing you to
    locate Mad Dog so you can procure his “boomers.”
    The waypoint to acquire the boomers will take you south, past the Train Station
    and into a canyon with a few Skags. Start the trek by going behind the bank and
    moving along the rock face to avoid additional locals. Stock up on ammo in the
    station if needed.
    Move south down the rock incline and kill the Skags. Take the small lift up.
    You’re now at Death Row Refinery. Stay near the entry and start eliminating the
    Rats loitering in the area. Systematically exterminate the lot as you advance.
    Stay clear of the glowing green interactive on the right of the lane. Doing so
    could cause another mission to fail. Turn right up the metal incline with the
    rusty rails
    Mad Dog and his Rat pack will be just around the far corner but Rats will drop
    from upper areas as you proceed up the incline. Fall back to deal with them
    before facing Mad Dog’s crew around the corner-you don’t want a two front
    struggle. A spooky tough Lab Rat or two will usually make this exciting as he
    lumbers obstinately toward you. Advance to draw out Mad Dog and his crew.
    Hammer them with incendiary fire and the Turret. Take the explosives Mad Dog
    Make sure the space where his crew came from is cleared and notice the
    stairwells near the purplish glow of a building there. There is an old style
    RED CHEST beneath the structure. If you go up the stairwells and then down
    beyond you’ll find an OUTHOUSE ITEM ENCLOSURE as well. Remember this place,
    you’ll be returning very soon to demolish a train.
    >>>>3:10 to Kaboom (Level 24) <<<X052>>>
    Initiation: The Lynchwood Bounty Board.
    Completion: The Lynchwood Bounty Board.
    Change your mission to, “3:10 to Kaboom.” Brick contacts you, saying to really
    score big you need to hijack the train carrying the Eridium. Since you have
    cleansed the facility of Rats, just approach the control station on the west
    side of the road-that previously off-limits green light near the support
    column. Activate it, starting the 5:00 timer. Quickly use the one on the other
    side of the street to close the shutter which blocks the track transporting a
    bomb. Grab the bomb off the cart and head south out of town and place the bomb
    on the track at the waypoint. It will now run on a track under the main track
    and you will have to go up that incline with the rusty red rails to use the
    detonator by the purple glowing building. Get to the detonator within the five
    minutes-should be a piece of cake with no Rats sticking a fork in yah. When the
    bomb cart moves under the train blow it up.
    >>>>The Bane (Continued)
    Reselect “The Bane” and move through the facility into the adjoining area. Stay
    to the left side near the structures. There is a lighted room that a harried
    Vault Hunter can duck into if necessary.
    Start sniping both the Armored Skag Riders and the Rats, including Labs that
    will be milling about the area. When a Rider approaches, deploy the Turret to
    help bring it down.
    There are about half a dozen Skag Riders in the vicinity and they are quick and
    tough. Don’t venture too far from the structures until you have taken out the
    Rats and at least two of the Riders. Be aware that a rider less Skag mount can
    spew fireballs at you. Stay on the far right side of the open area as you move
    toward The Grinders. A couple more Skag Riders may attack as you do. If you can
    coax them under the pistons the rider will be killed and the Skag badly damaged.
    You will find a grave whose headstone reads, “Piss Off.’ Interact to complete
    “The Bane.” And receive the “cursed” Bane. Equip The Bane and you’ll see why
    “Bane” however it’s spelled isn’t a good thing, in fact a very bad one. You
    move like in molasses and it’s so unstable that it’s useless. If a Rat attacks,
    you’re dinner, so swap it out.
    >>>>Breaking the Bank (continued)
    Move north from where you acquired The Bane toward the waypoint, clearing any
    Rats or Riders that confront you.
    You’ll find a ground grating at the waypoint. Place the dynamite and after
    Brick’s comments put the laxative on it. A Pup Skag will take the bait, eat it,
    run off and vomit it up. After that, kill the critter and smash the pile to
    acquire the “Bile Bomb.” Now you just need to get back to the bank and try it
    Backtrack through the refinery. A few of the Rats may have re-spawned but you
    can usually just sprint through it to the elevator. Ride down and address the
    few Skags in the canyon and get back to Lynchwood.
    If needed, stop and grab ammo at the Train Station-the fighting ain’t over.
    There may be combatants near the vault and when you set the charge, back off.
    Take out the procession of Bruisers and Marauders and grab the twenty-five
    caches of loot from the vault.
    After Brick tells you to get out of town, a waypoint requiring you to actually
    go through Lynchwood is generated. Start east through town. You will encounter
    resistance all along the way unless you get onto the rooftops and jump from
    structure to structure to avoid the bulk of the alley fighting.
    You will see a system of stairwells going over the train track on the east side
    of town. Ignore the exclamation point for now and go up the stairwells and
    clear any minor opposition. As you enter the open area, the Sheriff rallies his
    forces and Brick asks you to stash the goods in three locations.
    Advance far enough to goad a Skag Rider to attack and retreat behind cover near
    your entry and deploy the Turret and supplement it with incendiary fire. Repeat
    the process, advancing farther, to draw a pair of Skag riding posse members.
    They will come down the large conveyor assembly. Retreat to cover to meet the
    Advance and plant the first batch of loot under the long conveyor
    assembly-interact twice to see it buried. Go up the conveyors and stay atop the
    assembly. The Sheriff’s posse will now attack. Try to maintain your elevated
    position and if knocked off use the short ramp to get back. Employ the Turret
    as much as possible as you put the Skag Riders down.
    Advance toward the waypoint to the southwest and expect two additional Riders.
    Sprint forward and get atop the elevated walkways to avoid being run down and
    take them out from the height.
    The second site is under the lower south end of the elevated walkway. The third
    waypoint is a short distance away to the northeast. This will be in a cave
    illuminated by the burning barrel. More Rats, including Labs, will contest the
    way. Bury the final cache. Continue through the cave and you’ll be near the
    There will be an exclamation point on your map-the one we ignored earlier. It’s
    on your way back but there will be numerous Rats in the low area. Clear the
    Rats out and move under the “Lynchwood” sign. Go down the stairs and under
    them. You will find a moaning Skag. You will receive the mission, “Animal
    Rescue: Medicine” at that spot. Shoot the chain to free it.
    >>>>Animal Rescue: Medicine (Level 24) <<<X053>>>
        Animal Rescue: Food
        Animal Rescue: Shelter
    Initiated: The Skag Dukino in Lynchwood.
    Completed: The Skag Dukino in his new home.
    The little Skag, Dukino, is sick and Scooter contacts you wanting you to find
    medicine for the ailing Skag. Start toward the nearby waypoint but the route
    won’t be uncontested. Begin wiping out the Marauders on the edge of town.
    The medicine is on a crate on a rooftop. There is a set of stairwells near the
    track across from the glowing “Gen Store” sign that will get you onto a
    platform with two lockers. Snipe the Marauders near the track and take the
    stairwell. Loot the lockers and hop onto them to gain the roof and then jump
    across to the adjacent roof to get the meds. Return to Dukino. Scooter now
    wants you to get him some Skag chews.
    Once again get onto the rooftops and make your way northwest toward the tunnel
    near the bank. If you need ammo, visit the train station before taking to the
    tunnel. Killing a few extra locals will probably be required if you do.
    Waste the Marauders near the tunnel’s exit and start toward Gunslinger’s
    Corner. You have been here before, so use the corners of the building and the
    Turret to systematically eliminate the Marauders. There will be Bruisers,
    Nomads and Midgets as well as various Marauders. When you take the first “Skag
    on a Stick” from its rotisserie, even Scooter thinks it’s weird to be feeding a
    Skag, Skag.
    Continue into Gunslinger’s Corner. You’ll find the second “Skag on a Stick”
    behind the building with the big “Pandora” sign. Battle your way forward and
    the next chew is roasting nicely on the right side of the main road.
    Take the fourth “chew” near the OUTHOUSE ITEM ENCLOSURE and make the turn to
    the final chew. Stay at the corner with the flaming barrel to snipe anyone
    present. Grab the fifth “Skag on a Stick” from the roasting carousel and start
    back to Dukino.
    The route through Gunlinger’s Corner should be free of opposition. Sprint back
    and pass through the tunnel. Once again Main Street Lynchwood will have plenty
    of hostiles. Take down the welcoming party, and get back onto the roofs. Make
    your way south to Dukino’s waypoint. You will find a dumpster like container.
    Dump the food inside. Dukino will enter it, scarf down the chews and emerge
    bigger and healthier. Interact with Dukino to complete the mission. You will
    now receive the mission, “Animal Rescue: Food” from Dukino.
    >>>>Animal Rescue: Food (Level 24)
    Initiated: Dukino at his dumpster in Lynchwood.
    Completed: Dukino at his dumpster in Lynchwood.
    You must now acquire five fresh Skag tongues, taken from fresh kills, for a
    still ravenous Dukino. Supposedly you’ll have to shoot the Skag in the mouth to
    get the tongue; but you normally get a tongue by just killing them, normally,
    but not always.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Note: The following procedure has you taking out the tough Skag Riders near
    Dukino’s place. This isn’t required. You just need Skag tongues. You can
    backtrack through Lynchwood, killing the locals and then harvest the Skags in
    the little valley south of the Lynchwoood train Station. You can then reset and
    take the same Skags to avoid the more challenging Skag Riders if desired.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Move up the nearby stairwells and take out the sentry at the top if he shows
    and then the additional Rats of various flavors in the vicinity. Get aboard the
    conveyor assembly and remain at the top to wipe out the Rats below. Deploy the
    Turret onto the ground and watch out for hatchet throwing Lab Rats. Ride back
    down the conveyor if you get hit too many times. You may get a Skag Rider here
    as well.
    Jump down and grab any “Skag Tongues” available and continue onto the elevated
    walkway. A Skag Rider or two will appear here but you usually have to go
    farther toward The Grinders to lure them. Be aware that a rider less Skag mount
    has bad breath-given the chance they will spit a fireball your way. The Skags
    will also climb the ramps and rock ledges after you.
    You will have to hunt additional Skag Riders in the large open area. Remember
    that any Skag tongue will do. When you have the five tongues start back to
    >>>>Animal Rescue: Shelter
    Initiation: Dukino at his dumpster.
    Completion: Dukino in his new home.
    Lay down the tongues and interact with Dukino to complete the mission and to
    get another, “Animal Rescue: Shelter.” He is now too big for his old place and
    Scooter wants you to escort him to a new place. You must more or less follow
    Dukino. He will take you through town. Don’t try to kill everybody to stay with
    Dukino, but you can’t just follow him. Clear a path and he will be waiting in
    town-a waypoint will indicate his position.
    Follow him into the Skag canyon south of the Train Station. Kill the three
    resident Skags and take the large elevator down. Dukino won’t be riding. He has
    found another way through a grotto.
    You must now keep yourself alive as you and he battle a swarming pack of Rats,
    including several tough Lab rats. Use the Turret. It won’t damage Dukino. When
    the Rats are cleared out, interact with Dukino to complete the mission.
    Get back to the lift and go into the train station. If you didn’t do so
    earlier, interact with the Lynchwood Bounty Board to turn in “Breaking the
    Bank;” and, if you didn’t do so earlier, “3:10 to Kaboom.”
    Weapons/Items in inventory:
    Combat Rifle:  195/87.3/4.6; Field Magnifier; Explosive; Magazine of 19; Purple
    Level 18
    Sniper Rifle:  345/95.4/1.3; Incendiary 93.4/37.5%; Magazine of 7; Green Level
    Sniper Rifle:  231/96/1; Corrosive 72.2/34.5%; Magazine of 16; 5 shot burst
    fire; Legendary Level 18
    Sniper Rifle:  350/96.7/1.3; Caustic 81.8/46.6%; Magazine of 5; Green Level 19
    Sniper Rifle:  462/96.1/6.7; Static 81.6/30%; Magazine of 11; Blue Level 19
    Shotgun:       117x8/94.7/1.5; Magazine of 8; Blue Level 18
    Shotgun;       70x6/61.2/1.5; Caustic 50/8%; Magazine of 6; Blue Level 16
    Shotgun:       95x6/65.5/1.5; Static 92.2/8%; Magazine of 5; Green Level 20
    SMG:           97/90/8; Caustic 180.4/12.5%; Magazine of 18; White Level 24
    SMG:           156/94.4/8.7; Incendiary 81.6/12%; Scoped; Magazine of 57;
    Purple Level 19
    SMG:           76/90/8; Static 97.9/14.4%; Magazine of 27; Green Level 19
    Repeater:      245/88.6/4.3; Caustic 81.6/12%; Magazine of 95; Scoped;
    Legendary Level 19
    Repeater:      164/89.5/2; Incendiary 10.6/15.6%; Magnifier; Magazine of 8;
    Green Level 20
    Repeater:      85/94.7/8.7; Caustic 81.6/10%; Scoped; Magazine of 30: Blue
    Level 19
    Repeater       116/89.3/4.3; Incendiary 92.2/12%; Scoped; Magazine of 42; Green
    Level 20
    Repeater:      147/93.3/2.5; Caustic 110.6/15.6%; Field Magnifier; Magazine of
    5; Green Level 20
    Repeater:      211/91.1/7.7; Magazine of 36; Blue Level 25
    Rocket Launcher: 1555/78/1.2; Caustic 110.6/25%; White Level 18
    Shield:          868/96/4.9/+29%; Adaptive elemental resistance; +190 health;
    Blue Level 16
    Module:          Health Regeneration +6.4%/Maximum health +196; Level 18
    Relic:           Cooldown Rate +9%
    Grenade:         3164/569 radius/.7 fuse; Caustic; Green Level 25
    Level 25
    Cash: $58,262
    >>>>Showdown (Level 24) <<<X054>>>
    Initiation: The Lynchwood Bounty Board.
    Completion: The Lynchwood Bounty Board.
    After completing the “Breaking the Bank” mission the Lynchwood Bounty Board
    will have the mission, “Showdown.” You have stolen her money, killed her men
    and destroyed her train. The lady Sheriff wants a showdown. You can earn a
    bonus by using pistols to take her out but it is an option and a tough one.
    Move left out of the station and deal with any Marauders lurking near the bank.
    Go through the tunnel and head for the showdown at Gunslinger’s Corner. The
    path is clear to Gunslinger’s Corner but when you arrive at the party, she
    isn’t alone. She has a troop of Deputy Marshalls and the action commences after
    she speaks.
    Take cover and begin decimating their ranks. You can actually target her with a
    good static weapon and then incendiary sniper rifle to end the affair quickly
    but she is prone to take cover. The Turret will chew through the numerous
    deputies. Some of the deputies will fire from the rooftop.
    When the Sheriff comes off the rooftop and joins the action things get tougher.
    She has a stout shield that will regenerate and she will move around to avoid
    taking sustained damage. She may move back onto a rooftop but will usually stay
    in cover while the deputies harass you. Eventually she will come straight at
    you. Drop her and be sure the area is cleared before grabbing the Eridium and
    other dropped items and raiding the old RED CHEST.
    The Marauders will be coming out of hiding as you return to Lynchwood. Get back
    to the Lynchwood Bounty Board to complete “Showdown.” If you have your 100
    Bandit kills return to The Highlands: Overlook and turn in “Hyperion Contract
    #873” at the Overlook Bounty Board.
    >>>>The Man Who Would Be Jack (Level 21) <<<M013>>>
    Initiated: Activated upon completion of “The Once and Future Slab.”
    Completed: Completed upon your return to Crimson Raider Headquarters.
    Fast-travel to The Highlands: Hyperion Bridge. Generate a vehicle and drive
    south on the roadway to the Opportunity portal. Handsome Jack isn’t a popular
    man for obvious reasons-he’s a psychopathic corporate bully who wants his way
    and he doesn’t care who suffers or dies-he relishes, laughs at their pain. He
    has reasons aplenty to fear the locals and he has several body doubles that
    have voice synthesizers that, if acquired, might help defeat a Hyperion
    security protocol based on Jack’s voice.
    Move left from the entry, going past the Vendors and up the stairwells. Go
    clockwise around the structure on the upper walkway and use the stairs to get
    onto another higher walkway. Continue a clockwise route. A small group of
    Commandos will need to be taken out on the second right hand turn. A few will
    emerge from an upper doorway and be at close quarters.
    The railings open up at this point and a staircase leads down toward the
    waypoint. Stay atop the stairs and eliminate the two or three Loaders below.
    The waypoint is Jack’s body double and killing him quickly before he can get
    away is the key to early success and he is no pushover.
    When the Loaders are scrap, don’t linger any longer than it takes the Sabre
    Turret to recharge. Quickly go down the stairs into Opportunity Square. Turn
    left into the building, ignore the Hyperion troops on the upper walkway and get
    to the low level in the rear to kill Jack’s body double. When you see him,
    immediately deploy the Turret to stun him and then hit him with static fire to
    knock out his shield.
    If he isn’t taken out and gets away, this will become a hunt in the square
    outside. You’ll be hunting him and, if the ordeal is prolonged, a horde of
    Hyperion forces will arrive and hunt you.
    Either way, when he falls, dropping the “Pocketwatch” get to the back area and
    let the Turret play out while you continue pouring caustic into the Hyperion
    forces entering the battle. Don’t worry about grabbing “Jack’s Pocketwatch” yet
    because additional troops and Loaders will be arriving.
    You must now defend the two stairwells. Use a grenade or two if the Engineers
    or Loaders group up and watch for grenades coming your way. The Armored
    Engineers can also make long leaps and will then try to fry you with their
    head-mounted lasers.
    When the building is secured, grab the “Pocketwatch” or voice modulator, go
    back up the stairs and use the terminal to record Jack’s voice. The Guardian
    Angel believes it will work, but she requires more samples. Four new waypoints
    will appear on your map after Jack and then the Guardian Angel speaks. Go left
    out of the building for the first terminal. It lies just outside the exit and
    there should be little or no opposition if you secured the prior building.
    Start south toward the next nearest waypoint which is in the Residential
    Quarter. You’ll see the next terminal in the plaza below. Opposition should be
    light, perhaps nothing or a Loader or Engineer or two. Quickly jump the rail,
    take down the opposition and use the third terminal. Run to the far side to
    distance yourself from the scene. If need be, take down any additional
    opposition from there.
    The final two terminals lay in the direction of the Opportunity entry
    portal-from where you started the mission. With the plaza secured, reverse your
    original entry route. Go through the plaza with the first terminal, up the
    stairs and counterclockwise around the building on the upper walkway you used
    on the way in. You might meet a few Combat Engineers as you proceed-take them
    out and keep moving.
    You will see the waypoint for the fourth terminal near the statue in the plaza.
    Note how close you are to the entry portal. It is near the large “Jack” statue
    in the plaza. Look over the rail and jump down near the terminal. Deploy the
    Turret to occupy the sentry. Get the download and sprint away to the north to
    put distance between yourself and the plaza where Hyperion forces will be
    quickly arriving.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Note for a pokey Vault Hunter:
    A Combat Engineer or two will defend the area when you enter it, but within ten
    seconds Loaders, followed by a Badass Loader and then a Constructor will enter
    the fray if you stick around. If this happens it’s best to immediately give
    ground and seek cover as you battle the enemy that will routinely teleport in,
    and the Constructor will keep more coming if you can’t put it down. When you
    get a shot use a Rocket Launcher on its eye to put it away. Clear the rest of
    the enemy and interact with the terminal.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    A non-pokey or battle weary Vault Hunter will now make a big loop to the north
    near the entry area and get onto the elevated walkway overlooking the bay. You
    will be moving south along the large structure straight for the waypoint-the
    last terminal.
    You will see it in the plaza below. Jump down and quickly get the download. The
    new waypoint won’t show until Jack shuts up and Loaders and Combat Engineers
    will begin to filter in. Get a head start by running up the stairs to the
    south. Go up the stairs and sprint to the waypoint, a small computer room, and
    start the download.
    You will have to defend the door and the Turret may still be hammering in the
    Plaza. Lay into anything showing in the doorway with caustic fire and grenades.
    Grab the “Pocketwatch” when the Guardian Angel has completed the procedure.
    You will now sound like Handsome Jack but the Guardian Angel assures you it
    isn’t permanent. Check out the RED CHEST when you’re left in peace. Before
    departing for Sanctuary notice the two exclamation points on your map. One is
    near the exit but the other is to the east.
    With peace restored, exit and go right. Go up the two stairwells and turn left.
    Skirt the large structure clockwise until you see Sanctuary floating in the
    sky. Go down the stairs to the entry portal. It’s time to regroup and replenish
    your ammo. Ignore the exclamation mark at the Bounty Board for now.
    >>>>Written by the Victor (Level 21) <<<X055>>>
    Initiation: Acquired in Opportunity at the terminal near Jack’s Statue in
    Living Legend Plaza.
    Completion: Completed in Living Legend Plaza at the Living Legend information
    From the entry area, go left toward the Jack statue, passing south through the
    Plaza and on to Living Legend Plaza. Depending on how much action you avoided
    earlier, this plaza is likely to be heavily defended by Hyperion forces. Knock
    out the Commandos and get the mission, “Written by the Victor.” Start the
    download of the highly revised history of the vault and Jack’s involvement.
    Retreat to the north and use the long avenue to neutralize the incoming
    Hyperion forces. A Constructor will settle into the plaza during the action
    with its entourage of loaders. Use the concrete wall as shelter to eliminate
    the Constructor.
    The mission is to play the five laughable recordings and suffer through the
    “Living Legend’s” version of Pandoran history. After listening to one of the
    recordings another waypoint will appear, all in the plaza. When the shamefully
    revisionist history of the “hero” is finally done, interact with the original
    terminal to complete the mission.
    Start for the exit to check out the Opportunity Bounty Board. It will offer the
    mission, “Statuesque.” Put it on hold and select “Home Movies” Your recent
    activities have certainly satisfied the mission’s Engineer kills.
    >>>>Home Movies (Level 23) <<<X056>>>
    Initiated: Lilith in Crimson Raider Headquarters,
    Completed: Lilith in Crimson Raider Headquarters.
    Your first task is to acquire three Surveyor lures. You also need five Combat
    Engineer kills, which you have most certainly already done if you did “The Man
    Who Would Be Jack” and then the “Supply Beacon.”
    From the Vending machines go to the right and up the stairs. Stop at the top of
    the stairwell because the waypoint is one of those tricky ones. The “Surveyor
    Lures” are actually on a helipad on top of the office complex. Jump onto the
    pedestal of the angled structural brace, go up the brace and walk to the right
    on the narrowest of ledges and walk up the short incline to the rooftop. Move
    around and take out the three Engineers and then the WAR Loader that arrives.
    You will find the three “Homing Beacons” or Surveyor Lures on the helipad. You
    must now position the lures to cause the flying Surveyors to crash. Lilith
    thinks it would be fun to have them help destroy some of Jack’s propaganda
    Three waypoints will appear. Look over the mesh railing and knock out the
    Hyperion turret mounted on the northeast underside of the pad’s structure.
    Stay on the upper structure and walk southeast on the angled surface toward the
    three waypoints. Calm may rule unless you have disturbed the peace. If you see
    Loaders and Engineers below, use your perch to systematically wipe them out. If
    nobody wants to party you’ll have to jump down and start placing the lures.
    Surveyors will fly and crash after targeting you with static.
    Wipe out any Hyperion forces coming in and from the plaza, stay to the left
    near the waterfront to go for the Supply Beacon. When you reach the Orbital
    Delivery Zone on the docks you will find the beacon in an open cargo hold along
    the rear wall but Loaders including BULs will start to appear.
    If you stay too long on the docks battling them, a Constructor will greatly
    complicate the battle, keeping a steady flow of Loaders coming. So grab the
    beacon from the cargo hold and get out. Deploy the Turret if necessary to
    distract the mechanical menaces.
    Quickly go right from the cargo hold and work your way through the clutter
    toward The Pits, a long jetty where you must place the beacon.
    After entering The Pits you will likely meet Foreman Foster, gun the tough
    armored foreman down and grab the key he drops-it’s required for Moxxi’s
    mission, “Hell Hath No Fury.” With “Home Movies” your active mission, go for
    the waypoint.
    Fight your way through the docks. There will be numerous Loaders including HOT
    and a Badass or two. Pass into the Residential Quarter. Fight your way through
    the structures going toward the waypoint.
    The waypoint is on a long quay in the Waterfront District. Place the beacon and
    after the crane is destroyed a new waypoint appears where Lilith wants you to
    broadcast the video you have been recording. Loaders and Commandos will
    challenge your route east. Start fighting your way east to the Opportunity
    Center for the upload.
    Go past Jack’s statue, up the stairs and jump down toward the waypoint, an
    office in Opportunity Center. The doors will slide open and a pair of shielded
    Hyperion Snipers will be in the room. Deploy the Turret to deal with them and
    take shelter along a wall and let the Turret begin dealing with any other
    When things calm down plug in the camera and upload the video footage to
    conclude the mission’s requirements. The video footage displayed across Pandora
    will demonstrate what Jack’s Pandora is really like.
    Raid the WEAPON/ITEM LOCKER just outside the door. You can now return to the
    vending area for ammo by exiting and going left up the stairs and then
    following the waypoint which will take you onto the elevated walkway and to the
    entry area.
    >>>>Hell Hath No Fury (Level 24) <<<X057>>>
    Initiated: Talk to Moxxi at her bar.
    Completed: Talk to Moxxi at her bar.
    Stay near the left sea wall as you move past the vendors and the plaza. Sprint
    through the Orbital Delivery Zone. You will be detected and Loaders will
    scramble. Keep going. If you somehow missed Foreman Jasper during “Home Movies”
    you will have to track and kill him now to get the key. You will run across him
    in the lower section of The Pit even if you killed him before. Killing him
    again is optional if you have the key and the delay will bring additional
    Hyperion forces.
    Make your way south through the construction site to find the storage unit in
    the rear upper area of the site. Interact to open it and grab the explosive
    charges. It’s highly probable that a Constructor will swoop in and begin
    deploying Loaders. Move forward out of the storage shed behind the large
    dumpster if this occurs and snipe the Constructor’s eye from its flank. Deploy
    the Turret to help deal with the Hyperion troops sniping from behind and when
    the Constructor falls get into the large cargo hauler to clear all comers. Grab
    some ammo.
    After looting the cargo container, go north through the covered space and turn
    right to skirt the large low area. Turn right up the ramp toward the waypoint
    and clear anyone in the area-possibly Foreman Jasper if you sprinted away from
    him earlier. Jump down and plant the explosives on the seawall and then quickly
    climb the ladder to get onto the catwalk above. The explosion breaches the
    seawall; and Jack’s construction site, like her own precious but long-gone
    Underdome, is flooded.
    You will meet resistance as you exit to the construction site. Down the troops,
    Loaders and Surveyors while sheltering in the exit. Just keep the bay on your
    right as you sprint on top of or near the seawall going for the exit. You’ll
    have to pass through the Orbital Delivery Zone but if you keep moving you will
    trigger opposition but can outdistance any pursuit.
    >>>>Statuesque (Level 23) <<<X058>>>
    Initiated: Available at the Opportunity Bounty Board.
    Completed: Available at the Opportunity Bounty Board.
    The mission takes you back into town to destroy the three statues of the
    “Hero.” When you waste a few bullets Claptrap will inform you that it isn’t
    that easy. You will need to find a defunct Constructor in the drop-zone and
    program it to do the job.
    Just sprint toward the waypoint. It will be dockside in the Orbital Delivery
    Zone. Ignore any Loaders in the dock area for now.
    You’ll find a decommissioned Constructor. Activate it. Claptrap has it
    programmed to destroy the Statues but you must accompany it and protect it
    while it does the job.
    At the first statue a flood of Loaders and Combat Engineers will attack and it
    will take a while for the statue to be destroyed. The attackers will come from
    multiple directions and many of the Combat Engineers will snipe from the edges
    of the plaza. One snipes from an upper balcony and is difficult to target.
    Watch your Constructor’s health bar, which will slowly dwindle as it takes
    fire. Corrosive grenades are especially damaging to it. When the statue is
    destroyed, the Constructor will lift off and go to the next one.
    Various Loaders and different types of Engineers, including the laser-headed
    armored ones, will try to get to it and shut it down. Others will target you
    and the Constructor from the perimeter. As other opposition wanes a hostile
    Constructor flies in and becomes the priority. If the Turret is available, park
    it near the enemy Constructor and supplement it to put it down before it can
    destroy or badly damage your Constructor.
    The Constructor will now move on to the next statue. Various Loaders and
    Engineers will fiercely attack and the assault will culminate with a Badass
    Loader entering the fray. Quickly burn it down with corrosive and Turret fire.
    Follow it to the final statue. Again protect it from the Loaders and another
    Constructor will arrive. Deploy the Turret to help defend your Constructor as
    it destroys the final statue. This will end one of the game’s toughest battles.
    Turn in the mission at the Opportunity Bounty Board.
    >>>>Where Angels Fear to Tread Part 1 (Level 24) <<<M014>>>
        Where Angels Fear to Tread Part 2
    Initiated: Activated by Roland after “The Man Who Would Be Jack.”
    Comment:   Transitions to Part 2 in Control Core Angel.
    Completed: Crimson Raider Headquarters in Sanctuary.
    Return to Sanctuary via the Fast Travel Station near the Opportunity Bounty
    Board. Get to Headquarters to speak with Lilith to turn in “Home Movies.” The
    whole original Borderlands crew is there and Roland doesn’t want Lilith going
    near Core Angel because of the Guardian Angel’s warning.
    Talk to Roland to complete, “The Man Who Would Be Jack.” The mission, “Where
    Angels Fear to Tread” is activated. Each of the original Vault Hunters has a
    part to play in the seemingly impossible task ahead. Mordecai and Lilith will
    defend Sanctuary. Brick will supervise airpower and Roland will be in the thick
    of it with you.
    You must persuade Claptrap to aid the cause; having him deactivate the barrier
    is the first step to accessing Core Angel. You must then destroy the heavily
    armed bunker and get past the security door to re-acquire the “Vault Key.”
    Go around the corners from Headquarters to Claptrap’s hideaway near Zed’s to
    persuade him to join the venture. Claptrap believes Jack’s attack on Sanctuary
    was to get to him and he is eager to help. He’ll meet you in Thousand Cuts.
    Go to Moxxi’s to complete the mission, “Hell Hath No Fury.” Stop by to visit
    with the supremely hospitable Crazy Earl. Purchase Ammo SDU’s for your favorite
    weapons. The looming campaign is going to tax your resources.
    Fast-travel from Pierce Station to a Thousand Cuts. You will need to go south
    to meet Claptrap. The Slabs are again hostile so even before entering the town
    snipe anyone visible and watch out for dynamite-toting Psychos. A pair of
    Goliaths may appear here.
    Enter Slab Town and turn left. Go down the ramp to Bloody Knuckle Point.
    Conserve your ammo by allowing the Slabs and incoming Loaders to fight it out.
    A Buzzard or two will strafe, targeting you as well as the Loaders. Man the
    turret gun on the platform when the skirmish winds down and kill any survivors.
    When you start for Claptrap additional Loaders will arrive and a Buzzard will
    target anything below, including you.
    Secure the area and get to Claptrap. Follow him to the barrier. You can’t pass
    through until Claptrap shuts it down.
    Move cautiously up the road and be prepared to retreat rather than be
    overwhelmed. Hyperion Loaders will appear when the barrier goes down. You’ll be
    battling various non-Badass Loaders, including Jet Loaders that will strafe you
    and sometimes land behind you. The Buzzards are no longer hostile so don’t
    bother targeting them. Surveyors will pass over, zapping your shields. Hyperion
    troopers will deploy Field Turrets.
    Use the cover of the containers and barricades to slowly eliminate the
    hostiles, deploying the Turret and advancing only after it recharges. The
    Buzzards may be targeted by the Turret but-ah well.
    Advance again and take cover when a Badass Loader probably accompanied by an
    RPG Loader or two will land. Move to the large ore hopper near the top of the
    rise and a Constructor enters the battle coming through a door ahead. Use the
    ore container for shelter and knock out its turret. Begin wearing it down,
    ducking behind the container to avoid its missile attacks. Keep deploying the
    Turret to hammer the Loaders, especially the suicidal EXP Loaders that will
    charge your position. It may also punish the Constructor when other targets are
    exhausted. Hit it with rockets and corrosive or Slag grenades for best effect.
    A rush of Hyperion Soldiers will enter from the roadway to the east after the
    battle with the Constructor.
    When the onslaught is quelled, take time to scavenge for ammo. Don’t be
    surprised if a Jimmy Jenkins or Wee Loader or another of the Midget pests
    greets you, popping out of one of the containers. These mini-bots drop a lot of
    loot when they expire. There is a WEAPON/ITEM LOCKER to loot as well.
    Start up the road. It will come under mortar fire. Avoid the red targeting
    circles as you sprint up the roadway. Stop and back off or sprint forward or go
    around them. A few Loaders will complicate this dodging.
    Get behind the ore containers to neutralize any Loaders behind you. This will
    give shelter from the pair of high mounted turrets that will target you from
    the closed gate. Snipe from there to take them out.
    The gate will open as you advance and WAR, GUN and other Loaders and Commandos
    will come out of the gate or leap onto the top of the wall to attack. Use the
    ore container on the left side of the road as cover to neutralize the lot,
    deploying the Turret to help dispose of them. A pesky Surveyor or two will also
    need your attention.
    When quiet reigns, loot the containers and cautiously enter the Control Core
    Supply Depot. Another Surveyor may speed overhead and several Loaders will
    appear. Retreat and use the entry for cover and deploy the Turret and snipe the
    robots and the Surveyor.
    Allow the depleted Turret to recharge and continue in. Several red dots on your
    map will mark the location of Hyperion Soldiers mostly on an upper floor of the
    structure. Snipe any visible target and go for the stairwell on the far right.
    The sound of something big arriving is heard so back off and go behind the big
    concrete pedestal with the piping on top. A Badass Constructor will settle on
    an upper level of the facility. The Badass Constructor will sit atop the
    structure and do what it does-deploy Loaders and its protective turret and fire
    salvos of missiles and the occasional nuke.
    You must wear down the Badass Constructor and be aware of Loaders or even
    Hyperion soldiers closing on your safe haven. You can stay behind the concrete
    pedestal and survive its attacks but it’s hard to defend against charging
    Loaders, so get back to the entry gate and use it as a chokepoint and haven.
    Begin weakening the Constructor incrementally with corrosive fire, hitting the
    red eye as much as possible. If you have the ammo, an accurate rocket launcher,
    especially a corrosive one, can also be very helpful. During this process watch
    for advancing Loaders or Commandos and deploy the Turret to suppress the
    The Badass Constructor will telegraph its attacks and they are tolerable if you
    just shelter close to the wall. The nuke attack doesn’t have the range to deal
    much damage if you just stay close to the wall. Stay patient and the colossus
    will fall to forty or so sniper rounds to the eye or much less if you hit it
    with rockets.
    With the Badass Constructor destroyed and no available targets, go up the
    stairs and mop-up any surviving Hyperion forces before looting the containers.
    As you advance, listen for the sound of arriving Loaders and get to cover to
    wipe out the new wave of Loaders and Commandos.
    Watch for snipers on the upper area of the building and any deployed Field
    Turrets. Start up the stairs. There will probably be two are more Hyperion
    Soldiers to deal with. Loot the containers and the WEAPON/ITEM LOCKER and
    listen for the sound of incoming Loaders.
    Continue looting the containers for ammo and clearing any survivors. Go up the
    stairwell. Raid the containers and the WEAPON/ITEM LOCKER. The sound of new
    arrivals can be heard.
    Continue ahead and wipe out the Loaders and then the Commandos lurking near the
    stairwell. Loot your way to the far end where you will find another WEAPON/ITEM
    LOCKER. When you approach the stairwell to the upper area, go carefully, a
    Hyperion soldier may be lurking there.
    Move up the stairs and onto the roof going north. Loot the two WEAPON/ITEM
    LOCKERS and the RED CHEST as well as the other containers on the roof. Continue
    west across the open-air terrain and enter The Bunker portal. Brick says he is
    sending some of his boys to help out. Check out the BLACK CHEST and raid the
    ammo containers.
    >>>>The Bunker:
    Enter The Bunker. Brick’s promised help has arrived in the form of Buzzards but
    Hyperion auto-canons are giving them hell. You must now locate and destroy the
    canons. If you’ve been diligent in your looting you shouldn’t need much ammo
    but make sure you top off your supplies for your corrosive weaponry.
    The Guardian Angel relays that the glowing Hyperion entry will only be
    accessible if you can knock out The Bunker. The way forward is long but linear
    and puts you on a collision course with The Bunker.
    Continue around and up the stairs and turn left toward the waypoint, the first
    canon. A volley of caustic fire with knock it out. There is another canon to
    the south that you must now eliminate. A few Loaders will transport in to the
    area. Be aware that blue railing is good-red is bad. Shield killing lasers will
    sweep the area when they are red. Get to high ground or get onto a carton to
    avoid the sweeping.
    You can’t jump to the elevated platform, so get on the crates and snipe the
    second canon. A few Loaders will begin to transport in, and when you knock one
    out another will replace it. Don’t try to down them all, target just those
    threatening or in those in your way as you snipe any canons that pop up
    randomly. You’ll be able to take out most of them from this area by standing on
    the crates, so don’t run wild chasing appearing waypoints.
    You won’t get them all from that spot, however, so double back and hunt the
    rest of them. When you get the last canon a cutscene will reveal the Bunker to
    be a flying fortress designated BNK-3R. Wherever you found the last canon go
    south. The eruption of the flying fortress has made the high area at the
    extreme south end available. Get to it and go up the long stairwell and take
    cover under the tattered canopy. It will provide decent cover from the laser,
    missile and mortar attacks that the flying BNK-3R will employ.
    The Bunker has a huge heath bar and you must now bring it down with small arms
    as it wheels about and fires energy shots, missile volleys and explosive balls
    of plasma. Keep an eye out for Loaders as you try to tag the flying machine. On
    rare occasions a Loader will transport in behind you from the BNK-3R, but it’s
    Brick’s Buzzards will also be firing on it but with minimal effect. They will,
    however, knock out many of the Loaders below. The BNK-3R will wheel about but
    will get in close and hover frequently allowing you to really hammer it. Aim
    for its missile pods to neutralize them and to deal good damage. When it hovers
    like this deploy the Turret when it can track it, otherwise reserve it for
    Loader control-you don’t want them getting close.
    When its health is dwindling it will start a more intensive mortar attack,
    shooting gobs of plasma that are fairly easy to dodge. When on its last legs it
    will hover before your hidey hole and deliver energy shots. This is the time to
    deploy the Turret and to hammer it from cover while it’s hovering straight
    It will fall from the sky and the burning hunk will spill goodies all over the
    deck-cash, Eridium, ammo and weapons-often very good ones. Clear any left-over
    Loaders-there may be a few-and grab everything that will fit or just upgrade
    your gear.
    Exit on the west end and follow the walkway around the long loop, raiding the
    containers you may have bypassed earlier. When the stairwell appears on the
    left, go down and raid the RED CHEST and the other containers.
    Continue around the loop to the large opening and descend, Roland says he’s on
    the way. Continue past the security door and top off your ammo at the Ammo
    Vendor and then return to it.
    You will have to stand on the logo and be scanned. With the scan accepted
    interact with the intercom with the password. Enter and activate the lift to
    enter Control Core Angel.
    The Guardian Angel reveals that Eridium alone isn’t enough to charge the vault
    key. A catalyst is required-a Siren-her. She urges you to hurry because the
    process is nearing completion.
    Use the control station to reveal the Control Core Angel portal and pass
    through Move to the waypoint and activate the station.
    The Guardian Angel reveals that stealing the key isn’t enough. She has led a
    lifetime of servitude. Jack has pumped her full of Eridium and she is the real
    key to stopping Jack. She must die.
    >>>>Control Core Angel:
    Advance into her chamber. Shoot the glowing green Eridium injectors above the
    Core, but when Jack raises shields you won’t be able to damage the injectors.
    She defies Jack and will try to drop them but isn’t successful. Jack sends a
    pair of Loaders to stop you. Use the Core’s shield as cover to knock out the
    initial Loaders. The ION Loaders will also broadcast their own protective
    When the three Shock Generators arise, quickly knock them out or they will zap
    your shields, leaving you vulnerable. Additional Loaders including Angelic
    Guards, GUN and ION loaders will enter followed by three more Shock Generators.
    Knock them out quickly. A Static Turret will now deploy on the Core device and
    the static pulses are very damaging. Locate and knock them out.
    Roland will enter the fray, working above the device to drop the shield on an
    injector, so you can knock it out. Loaders will still be coming and you’ll
    start to see WAR Loaders among them. Another Static Turret will deploy on the
    Core. Start using the defunct Shock Generator housings as well as the central
    shield to stay out of the line of fire.
    When Roland defeats a shield, he’ll yell to shoot the injector. Take it out and
    he and his shielded Turret will join you in knocking out the rest of the
    After you defeat the WAR Loader that enters the battle, Roland will go up to
    defeat a second shield.  Once again the two Core Static Turrets will make life
    miserable while another wave of Loaders, mostly Angelic and GUN Loaders enter
    the battle. Plasma columns will now erupt around the perimeter of the chamber.
    When Roland succeeds in disabling the second injector shield, quickly hit it
    with corrosive fire; and don’t get under the gush of Eridian fluid.
    The battle has now wrecked the bridge and Roland is deposited on the floor and
    now he can’t get back onto it to knock out that third shield. With no other way
    to access the mechanism, Lilith phases into the chamber and Loaders including a
    Badass Loader will enter. The Core’s Static Turrets are reactivated. Deploy the
    Sabre Turret and the three of you will make swift work of the robots. After
    helping mop up, Lilith phase shifts Roland to the shield controls.
    You will now be besieged by another Badass Loader accompanied a few other
    Loaders. Deploy the Turret and shelter as before and Lilith will aid your
    cause. The Core’s Static Turrets will again activate-take them out and avoid
    the plasma columns as you dispose of the Badass Loader and its entourage.
    Roland will disable the last shield when the opposition is down. Shoot the
    injector, spelling death to the Angel who welcomes her release from the
    torturous process.
    >>>>Where Angels Fear to Tread Part 2 (Level 24) <<<M015>>>
    Initiated: Speak to Roland in Control Core Angel.
    Completed: Talk to Mordecai in Crimson Raider Headquarters in Sanctuary.
    Talk to Roland who is standing near the wrecked Core to complete the mission.
    It activates “Where Angels Fear to Tread Part 2.” The Angel is dead and Lilith
    has the Vault Key but Handsome Jack bursts from the Core and kills Roland and
    abducts Lilith to use in lieu of the Angel. He has retken the Vault Key and
    means to replace the Guardian Angel with Lilith.
    You, however, are phase-shifted into Marcus’ storeroom when Lilith disobeys his
    order to kill you and succeeds in transporting you to Sanctuary. With no Marcus
    in sight, help yourself to the three lucrative RED CHESTS, the BLACK CHEST and
    whatever else you can carry.
    Enter Sanctuary via the storeroom portal. Marcus wants to know how you got in
    there-ole skin flint taint happy bout it. Lilith will briefly come online,
    happy that you’re back but distressed at what Jack’s device is doing to her.
    Talk to Mordecai to complete the long mission sequence, “Where Angels Fear to
    Tread Parts 1 and 2.” The main story mission, “Toil and Trouble” is activated
    and Mordecai has another mission “Bearer of Bad News.” He’ll want you to spread
    the bad news about Roland’s heroic demise about town.
    Speak with Brick before leaving Headquarters. He will give you the mission,
    “Capture the Flags.”
    >>>>Capture the Flag
    Initiated: Talk to Brick in Headquarters after “Where Angels Fear to Tread.”
    Comment:   This mission will be pursued later. The index will designate the
    mission’s starting point. Type (CTF) to locate the mission’s point of origin.
    >>>>Bearer of Bad News (Level 25) <<<X059>>>
    Initiated: Mordecai in Headquarters after Roland’s demise in Core Angel.
    Completed: Talk to Mordecai in Headquarters.
    With “Bearer of Bad News” active, talk to Zed, who remembers fixin’ Roland up
    after he took on Nine-Toes men. He gives you the mission, “Monster Mash.” Even
    cranky old Marcus is sympathetic. He will also offer the mission, “The Chosen
    >>>>Monster Mash (Part 1) (MM)
    Initiated: Dr. Zed after “Where Angels Fear to Tread.”
    Comment:   This mission will be pursued later. The index will designate the
    mission’s starting point. Type (MM) to locate the mission’s point of origin.
    >>>>The Chosen One (TCO)
    Initiated: Marcus after “Where Angels Fear to Tread.”
    Comment:   This mission will be pursued later. The index will designate the
    mission’s starting point. Type (TCO) to locate the mission’s point of origin.
    Moxie remembers how Roland took out Mr. Shank and believes she is actually
    crying. Scooter recalls his “jumpin piss-wash gully in wunna his runners.”
    Talk to Sam Mathews outside Scooters to get the mission, “BFF.”
    >>>>BFF (Level 25) <<<X060>>>
    Initiated: Sam Mathews after “Where Angels Fear to Tread.”
    Completed: Interact with Sam Mathews to complete the mission.
    It’s a standoff. One of the four has stolen the group’s money. You can question
    them and try to make heads or tails of the baloney. Just pull your gun and
    shoot Jim Kepler. Interact with Sam to conclude the mission.
    With “Bearer of Bad News” again active, go talk to Tannis. She is as eccentric
    as ever. Go upstairs and talk to Brick. The new task is to open Roland’s
    Armory- yes-that room, the one with the RED CHEST downstairs, the one you keep
    trying to open, can  now be opened. Open the storeroom to find some lucrative
    gear. It is, however, a one-time thing. Go back upstairs to see Mordecai to
    complete the mission.
    Go to the Sanctuary Bounty Board for the mission, “Demon Hunter.”
    >>>>Demon Hunter (Level 25) <<<X061>>>
    Initiated: The Sanctuary Bounty Board after “Where Angel Fear to Tread.”
    Completed: Once the big bad momma is done for interact with Dukino there in the
    battle area to complete the mission.
    Fast-travel to Lynchwood. Turn right out of the train station and head down
    into the valley with the Skags. Kill the three Skags and use the large lift to
    re-visit Dukino’s new home.
    Dukino’s mom makes any other Skag you have encountered look like a newborn
    Chihuahua pup. The best way to survive this tussle without a large number of
    trips to the New-U Station is to stay behind the fence holding the elevators
    call button. You’ll not even be departing the area of the elevator. Just toss
    out the Turret and let it start to wear her down. She might not even take
    notice of the first volleys. You will be crouching behind the flimsy but
    adequate timber fence with the elevator’s call button the whole time. You’ll
    notice extra red dots on the map from time to time. Rats will enter but won’t
    survive the colossal Skag or the Turret.
    Pepper her with a fast-firing weapon, but the major part of the damage will be
    from the Turret. After two or three deployments she will take note and may
    occasionally destroy the Turret. She may even jump to get a look at your
    hideyhole and will spew static from her mouth. Just remain out of her sightline
    and you won’t even take damage. The flimsy fence may tremble and shake but it’s
    up to the task. This can be done without the Turret but you better have a full
    supply of ammo, including rockets to fell this massive beast. Dukino can be
    found in the battle area and an interaction will complete the mission.
    >>>>Toil and Trouble (Level 25) <<<M016>>>
    Initiated: This mission is activated after “Where Angels Fear to Tread Part 2.”
    Completed: Mission is completed in the Arid Nexus-Boneyard.
    “Toil and Trouble” will take you into new territory. Fast Travel to The Dust
    and generate a Technical at Ellie’s Garage. The portal for Eridium Blight is
    due west of Ellie’s. Battle the patrols and enter the narrow fissure leading to
    the portal.
    You’ll see an exclamation point not far from the entrance. It’s the Eridium
    Blight Bounty Board. Wipe out the colony of Bullymongs near it to keep from
    being pestered. The Bounty Board has three available missions, “Customer
    Service,” “To Grandmother’s House We Go” and “Kill Yourself.” Accept all three
    missions and put them on hold. Re-select the mission “Toil and Trouble.”
    >>>>Customer Service
    Initiated: The Eridium Blight Bounty Board.
    Comment:   This mission will be pursued later. The index will designate the
    mission’s starting point. Type (CS) to locate the mission’s point of origin.
    >>>>To Grandmother’s House we go (TGHWG)
    Initiated: The Eridium Blight Bounty Board.
    Comment:   This mission will be pursued later. The index will designate the
    mission’s starting point. Type (TGHWG) to locate the mission’s point of origin.
    >>>>Kill Yourself (Level )
    Initiated: The Eridium Blight Bounty Board.
    Comment:   This mission will be pursued later. The index will designate the
    mission’s starting point. Type (KY) to locate the mission’s point of origin.
    Get to your vehicle, turn right and drive a short distance to the gate on the
    right. It will automatically open; and, if you linger, a Hyperion wall mounted
    turret will open up and half a dozen Loaders will teleport in-so don’t linger.
    Drive the winding road and when you get to the bridge, you will be labeled an
    intruder and a section of the bridge will rise making it impassable. Don’t
    linger here either. Another turret will target you. Brick now has a plan to use
    his Slabs to blow the bridge’s hoisting mechanism and you’re a part of it.
    Reverse course and reenter the prior area and turn right. Follow the roadway,
    cross the bridge and veer left on the faint road and then, before the guard
    post below the incline, turn right into a dark recess leading to the Sawtooth
    Cauldron portal.
    You need to get to Smoking Guano Grotto. Advance and a Bandit compound lies
    just ahead. There are about a dozen mixed Bandits, Nomads, Suicide Psychos,
    etc. in the encampment and it seems like the waypoint is there but it is
    actually in the valley below. You can harvest the locals for XP but after you
    eliminate the first group you can just avoid the rest by sliding off the cliff
    to the right to the even larger compound below. If you stay in the upper area
    long enough a pair of Buzzards will attack but the first ECHO for Marcus’ “The
    Chosen One” is on a crate in the rear area of the compound. Select the mission
    to display the waypoint and then switch back to “Toil and Trouble” after
    finding the ECHO.
    Either go for the ECHO or just slip over the cliff from the jutting metal above
    the waypoint. You’ll see three tusk-like objects below that position. You’ll
    land above the valley on the cliff. Deploy the Turret to the ground and snipe
    any survivors before jumping to ground level.
    The entrance to Guano Grotto is in the cliff face but before going there check
    out the exclamation point to the north. Just go along the cliff, avoiding or
    killing the hostiles you encounter. You and will come to a series of wooden
    staircases leading up to a box marked with an exclamation point. Inside is the
    mission, “The Lost Treasure.”
    This mission requires you to kill bandits in and around the large Sawtooth
    Mills compound, so you might as well oblige. Whenever a bandit within the large
    waypoint circle falls and drops a “clue” a waypoint will appear on your map.
    Once you get the clues, you will have to return to Caustic Canyon later in the
    adventure to retrieve the treasure.
    >>>>The Lost Treasure  (TLT)
    Initiated: A carton located in Sawtooth Caldron, at the exclamation point!
    Comment: The major part of the mission will be pursued later, indexed at the
    remainder of the mission.
    With “The Lost Treasure” selected to display the large circular waypoint where
    the four clues can be found, start taking the bandits out long range by sniping
    anyone visible from the high area. You can jump down to the platform along the
    cliff to raid a BLACK CHEST, but it’s a bit exposed.
    With the immediate vicinity cleared move down and recover any clues that were
    dropped. The circle is huge and encompasses the compound, Smoking Guano Grotto
    and the areas around and they can be found while doing other missions in the
    >>>>Toil and Trouble: (Continued)
    Move into Smoking Guano Grotto. Wipe out the group of tough combatants, which
    might include Goliaths and Nomads that greet you near the entry. Make the turn
    and go for the waypoint and another group will attack. Loot your way west and
    another small pocket of Marauders defend the stairwells. Go up the two short
    stairwells and make a counterclockwise circle to reach the waypoint, an
    Mortar won’t confront a lowly Slab but his four shielded Nomads with a swarm of
    Psychos will. Immediately deploy the Turret-these guys will come from multiple
    directions. From the elevator turn left, go past the Ammo Vendor and then up
    the short flight of steps. Climb the ladder on the right to get onto the roof
    and above the initial onslaught. With the Turret busy, toss incendiary grenades
    at the tough shielded Nomad closest to your entry route on the northeast side.
    You may have to endure an incoming grenade or two. As soon as the Nomad on the
    northeast side is dead or incapacitated, jump down and move back toward the
    entry. By giving ground, you can address the shielded Nomads and their retinue
    one at a time as they must use the narrow grated walkway to attack. You can
    also give more ground if needed all the way back to the grottos entry.
    Dismayed at Mortar’s cowardice, Brick comes online, suggesting that you find
    and destroy Boombringer, the leaders favorite Buzzard, in order to lure him out.
    Backtrack to near the grotto’s entry and take the long stairwells on the south
    side of the Grotto to reach Main Street Reservoir. You will have a greeting
    party of mixed bandits even before you can move down the stairwell. You will
    see a blue marker ahead. It is the second ECHO for Marcus’ mission, “The Chosen
    One.” All you need to do is find his last ECHO.
    >>>>The Chosen One (Level 25) <<<X062>>>
    Initiated: Marcus in Sanctuary after “Where Angels Fear to Tread Part 2” is
    Completed: Talk to Marcus in Sanctuary.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Note: You already found the first ECHO on a platform in the first encampment in
    Sawtooth Cauldron. If you don’t have it, head there and kill the garrison and
    get the ECHO at the waypoint. Select “The Chosen One” if need be to generate a
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Swap missions to “The Chosen One” to generate a waypoint and then start for the
    ECHO to the southwest. You can easily see the blue plume of the ECHO on the
    elevated platform across the water. You must first cross the Thresher filled
    slough, and using the dock extending into the water will minimize your crossing
    time. Sprinting across the water keeps even an indomitable Vault Hunter away
    from the New-U Station.
    Once ashore get into the shack to shake any pursuing Thresher’s attention. You
    can then harvest some XP from the relative safety of the shack. A Badass Pyro
    Thresher is oftentimes among the attackers.
    Use the shack to address defenders at the entry of the heavily large
    encampment. Rather than battle the remaining bandits in the large encampment,
    go up the slope from the shack and go up the short stairwell on the right. Jump
    between the shack and the cliff, walk precariously above the Thresher’s slough
    and get onto the platform for the third ECHO. You will have to return the same
    Start back toward the Main Street Reservoir entry portal, braving the Thresher
    slough again to get to the opposite shore. Jump on the corrosive barrel near
    the structure just east of the entry portal to get onto the structure’s roof
    and head east. There is a rocky path over the ridge that will get you to Kai.
    Kai’s corpse is in a container where you can recover Marcus’ $9-whoopee!
    You may have to defend yourself from a few Threshers, and if you didn’t
    telegraph your route by firing on them this isn’t too likely. Take the same
    passage to get back to your entry point.
    >>>>Capture the Flags (Level 26) <<<X063>>>
    Initiated: Talk to Brick in Headquarters after Roland’s demise.
    Completed: Talk to Brick in Crimson Raider Headquarters.
    While in this area you might as well do the tough mission, “Capture the Flags.”
    Start from the entry of the Smoking Guano Grotto for reference. This pissin’
    match with the Sawtooth bandits is Bricks idea. He wants you to plant three
    flags in their territory.
    The Main Street Reservoir flag is on the south end of the community. Clear the
    entry area of the Smoking Guano Grotto of hostiles and go south up the
    stairwells. Clear the exit of marauders. The slough teems with Threshers so
    quickly sprint across to the shack. Start killing the Threshers. This will draw
    the guards from the outpost into the fray and thin out the Threshers.
    The Main Street Reservoir flag is on the south end of the encampment. With the
    nearby Marauders down and the Threshers cowed a bit, head for the waypoint.
    Place the flag and start the generator. With the power restored the flag will
    start up, but a pair of Buzzards will begin to strafe and you likely didn’t
    wipe out the Threshers.
    Quickly address the Buzzards, firing on the pilots, because a rush of Marauders
    will try to blast both you and the generator. If they manage to damage the
    generator stopping it, just restart it to continue raising the flag. When it’s
    at the top, Brick will have you destroy the generator.
    You’ll now have to go north toward Sawtooth Stilts. Sprint across the Thresher
    infested area alongside the slough and climb over the rocks and re-enter
    Smoking Guano Grotto. Pass through the grotto going north to Sawtooth Stilts.
    It will seem calm but as you approach the flag the defenders emerge and a real
    battle is on. Deploy the Turret allowing you to set the flag and start the
    generator. Find cover away from the rush to address the Marauders of various
    types, Goliaths, Nomads, Psychos that will pour in from different directions.
    They will probably knock out the generator once or twice. Keep thinning the
    opposition and deploying the Turret. Restart the generator when needed under
    cover of the Turret and when the flag is atop the pole, destroy the generator.
    You’ll have to eliminate any remaining Marauders in the general area before the
    coast is clear. If you want to explore there will be many more Marauders
    emerging as you hit trigger points in the large facility.
    Start south out of Sawtooth Stilts, passing once again through Smoking Guano
    Grotto. Once again cross the Thresher slough and start toward Main Street
    Reservoir. You will again have to fight your way through the big heavily
    defended facility on the west end to get access to Cramfist’s Foundry. You’ll
    encounter stiff resistance as you go northwest across the foundry property. Go
    into the grotto and go down the many stairwells to Scalding Remnants.
    Stay in the entry and start wasting any available locals. When they are all
    down, a pair of Buzzards will enter the scene. Start for the flag, dodging the
    erupting Threshers. Set the flag and start the generator. Deploy the Turret to
    subdue the Threshers and start hammering the Buzzards that will be replaced
    when one goes down. Restart it if the gunships knock it out. When the flag is
    hoisted destroy the generator to complete Brick’s quest.
    >>>>Toil and Trouble: (Continued)
    Re-select the mission “Toil and Trouble.” The Buzzard Hanger, housing
    Boombringer, is on the south side of the Cramfist Foundry property. This means
    going through the Main Street Reservoir encampment, wiping out the large
    garrison to get to the hangars.
    If you just did “Capture the Flags” you will be near your objective, if not you
    will again have to cross the Thresher slough and get into the shack. You will
    then have to battle your way through Main Street Reservoirs large, varied
    garrison of Marauders. This is a major, section by section battle. Go slow and
    systematically clear the bandit base and pilfer the containers to keep your
    ammo topped off. Deploy the Turret and give ground if Goliaths or elemental
    Nomads join in.
    Enter the Cramfist Foundry property that lies beyond Mainstreet and nothing is
    different. It is heavily defended by bandits. Start up the stairwells and a
    pair of flanking turrets will open fire above. Be careful taking them out
    because Marauders likely including s Suicide Psycho will come down the stairs.
    Expect several Buzzards and half a dozen Marauders to attack after you reach
    the top of the stairs. Between the stairwells there is a partially-roofed shack
    that will afford some protection; but this is a very exposed battle with
    bandits ahead and the Buzzards strafing. Concentrate on wiping out the
    Marauders first.
    More Buzzards will attack as the battle lengthens-at least six. Aim for the
    pilots whenever possible to bring them down. With the Buzzards scrapped,
    advance and a pair of laser spotters will pinpoint the locations of two turret
    guns on the walls of the hanger. Another wave of bandits will also come from
    the hanger. Shelter behind the large ore hopper, deploy the Turret and knock
    out the turrets and the remaining bandits.
    Move toward the waypoint and clear any late arrivers. Activate the switch
    exposing Mortar’s precious Boombringer. Destroy it. Mortar is now furious and
    ready to have a showdown at that elevator.
    You can shortcut the long tough trip through the Sawtooth encampment in Main
    Street Reservoir by using the conveyor belt to place yourself close to the
    rendezvous with Mortar. Go down the stairs where you entered and go north
    across the mine toward the waypoint to find the conveyor. Ride the belt down,
    jump off and slaughter the half dozen Marauders. This will likely include tough
    types like Goliaths and Nomads.
    With a fully charged Turret, head for the showdown with Mortar. The big arrow
    means you’re on a collision course. Mortar has already come down and will
    emerge from the platform near the elevator. Immediately deploy the Turret and
    he won’t be able to use his grenades or fire effectively on you as you and the
    Turret quickly put him down. If allowed he is agile and hard to target and his
    attacks can be deadly.
    Take the time to access a RED CHEST behind the elevator before continuing up.
    It is on a small hanging platform, dangling over the river of lava. You can
    jump onto the platform from the ledge behind the elevator and then onto the
    dangling platform. You will have to jump to a ladder leading you to another
    platform and take another ladder up allowing you to jump back to the ledge
    behind the elevator.
    Take the elevator up to The Buzzard Nest. After Brick’s message, bandits will
    scramble. Stay in or near the lift until they can be targeted and then deploy
    the Turret and use incendiary fire and grenades to clear them out. A flight of
    five Buzzards must now be grounded. Remain in the covered area near the lift
    and deploy the Turret and aim for the pilots to bring them down.
    Once the five are downed, locate the four cartons at the waypoints and tag them
    for Slab aerial pick-up. A few additional Marauders will be triggered as you
    go. With the cartons airborne investigate the source of that exclamation point.
    A huge Bandit named Ulysses will give you the mission “The Great Escape.”
    >>>>The Great Escape
    Initiated: Ulysses in the Buzzard Nest.
    Comment:   This mission will be pursued later. The index will designate the
    mission’s starting point. Type (TGE) to locate the mission’s point of origin.
    Look down over the side on the southeast side of the platforms. You will see
    the area you initially entered. Snipe anyone moving below and take a running
    leap off the side of the Buzzard Roost. The encampment will be manned but if
    you sprint until you met resistance and then deploy the Turret you can make it
    through. Turn and take some XP and there will probably be a Buzzard flying. Use
    the Fast-Travel Station to return to Eridium Blight.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Note: You can also jump off the platform on the southwestern side. A sprinting
    jump will place you outside Avie’s Camp where you will find an OUTHOUSE ITEM
    ENCLOSURE and an old RED CHEST. It will be a long hike out but if you get there
    and reset the game it places you near the Eridium Blight entry portal-easy
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Generate a Technical and get on the road, turning right and going through the
    opening gate before the turret opens up on you. You’ll see an exclamation point
    off to the right. Drive up the grade to meet Mal, Mal for Malfunction. It will
    give you a strange mission, “A Real Boy: Clothes Make the Man.”
    >>>>A Real Boy: Clothes Make the Man
    Initiated: A Loader in Eridium Blight near the bridge to Arid Nexus.
    Comment:   This mission will be pursued later. The index will designate the
    mission’s starting point. Type (ARBCMTM) to locate the mission’s point of
    Re-select “Toil and Trouble” and drive to the bridge. After Brick’s Buzzards
    bomb the bridge, dropping the expanse, drive onto the bridge and enter the Arid
    Nexus Boneyard portal. Use the vehicle’s turret to eliminate the Skags near the
    waypoint and use the console to turn in “Toil and Trouble.” The new main
    mission “Data Mining” is activated.
    >>>>The Lost Treasure (Level 26) <<<X064>>>
    Initiated: A carton located in Sawtooth Caldron, at the exclamation point!
    Completed: Completed when you reach the final waypoint near the treasure.
    Re-select “The Lost Treasure.” Having secured the clues while in the Sawtooth
    Caldron, it’s time to re-visit the Caustic Caverns. Fast-travel to the Caustic
    Caverns. Your first clue says to find the “acid-soaked railway.” There are no
    individual waypoints so these “clues” will have to suffice.
    Open the gate and waste the first rush of Varkids. Make life easier by not
    allowing any of them to pod. Move toward the shack and waste the second small
    surge of Varkids, again not allowing any podding. With the pests eliminated
    look at the row of ruined railroad support columns in the caustic water. Sprint
    toward the shack and a Crystalisk will erupt as you approach it. Don’t stop,
    veer right toward the big ruined support columns and sprint and jump onto the
    higher areas to get to the second support column where you’ll find the switch
    on the south side near the caustic water.
    You’ll likely have taken a bit of corrosive damage, so avoid any nearby
    Crystalisk and immediately start north. Jump over the caustic water using the
    high ground to get to the shore. A Crystalisk will erupt there as well. Keep
    going and hop over to the opposite shore on the islets to get near the double
    The second clue says it’s “in the warehouse by the shore.” The Infested
    Warehouse alongside the caustic water just ahead seems a good bet. The expanse
    in front of the warehouse is infested with Threshers and the place itself is
    infested with Varkids that will swarm and pod producing tough Adults or
    Don’t run the full gauntlet of Threshers. Go north from the double tires and
    loot the long open-roofed shack and then sprint for the warehouse. Run just
    short of the exit at the far end, turn right and hustle out the opening. Turn
    right to get to the second switch on the exterior wall of the warehouse.
    Re-enter the Warehouse and go forward, turn right and get out of it. Turn and
    deploy the Turret to take out any pursuing Varkids. One or more may have
    morphed into Adults. Try to wipe them out so an Adult or Badass doesn’t tail
    Start southwest toward the tracks for the third switch. It is “in the digger’s
    shadow.” Sounds like a mine site. You’ll be in a long alleyway and beyond the
    railroad tracks Threshers abound and will erupt. Deploy the Turret and back off
    to hammer the Threshers with incendiary fire. Watch for a morphed Varkid as
    well. Keep advancing farther into the Abandoned Mine and quickly retreat as
    more Threshers erupt. Go all the way back to the Infested Warehouse if
    necessary. The Turret and incendiary fire and grenades are very effective
    against the Threshers. Continue penetrating deeper into the Thresher territory,
    backing off as needed. You will soon see a yellow truck on the right near a
    dilapidated structure. Notice also the cascade of corrosive water pouring from
    a pipe. The switch is on the framework on the north side of the structure.
    Deploy the Turret as you go for it because despite your efforts there will be
    more of the pests.
    South of the switch there is a BLACK CHEST and a lot of Threshers. You’ll be
    going south through the nest and you can try to sprint through or you can
    continue harvesting the seemingly endless supply of Threshers.
    The final clue is, within Dahl’s bloody sixth.” Dahl’s Deep Core 6 facility is
    to the southeast. Work your way south past the Thresher stronghold and then
    through the Nether Hive. Sprint through the hive and interact with the door on
    the east side of the hive to get away from the pursuing Spiderants.
    Interact with the final switch on the nearby wall. Now the only way out, other
    than re-visiting the Spiderants, is up the long ladder in the alcove. Use the
    ladder. Exit and kill any Varkids nearby. You are now back to where you
    started. The vendors are just off to the right if you need ammo.
    You will now have to retrace your original entry route, going past the initial
    Varkid colonies but you need not tiptoe through the corrosive water. Cross the
    bridge instead and deal with the small nest of Varkids in the rock grotto.
    Continue by bypassing the major part of the Threshers by going right in the
    open area and going through the open-roofed shack. Sprint ahead and go straight
    through the warehouse. Continue sprinting through Thresher territory heading
    for the cascading plume of yellow water. The elevator you require is just east
    of the spilling column. Hopefully most of the Threshers are still dead.
    You’re not close to the treasure at this point. Begin the long and torturous
    journey to the treasure. Both morphed Varkids and Spiderants, including
    hi-level types of both, will be common in the area. You can slowly battle your
    way forward but a good alternative is to just sprint past everything. Turn
    right up the paved roadway and just sprint to the lever at the end of the
    gauntlet completing the mission.
    You won’t have out distanced all the critters so you will still be under
    duress. Fend off the attackers, which may even include a Thresher as well as
    Spiderants and hi-level Varkids. Raid the Dahl RED CHEST for the treasure and
    be aware that a trip to the New-U Station during this battle and then returning
    will find it unavailable.
    You must now backtrack through the upper area, the Abandoned Mine, the Infested
    Warehouse, going past the Threshers, Crystalisks and the Varkids to reach the
    exit. AS you depart the treasure, just try to sprint past everything and leap
    off the elevator platform, sprinting right out of the Thresher fields. Hotfoot
    it through the warehouse veering left into that open-roofed shack to avoid the
    Threshers and to heal if necessary. Continue backtracking through the grotto
    over the bridge past the Crystalisks and then the Varkids. Just shut the door
    behind, yah-sheeeeesh!!! And nuthin’ but grenade mods no better than what I
    had. However, that’s the luck of the draw. Other times I received high-level
    gear. Completing the mission, however, nets you a random but extremely potent
    repeater called the Dahlminator.
    >>>>Monster Mash Part 1 (Level 25) <<<X065>>>
    >>>>Monster Mash Part 2
    >>>>Monster Mash Part 3
    Initiated: Dr. Zed in Sanctuary after “Where Angels Fear to Tread Part 2.”
    Comment: The mission transitions to Part 2 after acquiring the four Spiderant
    parts and seeing Dr. Zed.
    Comment: The mission transitions to Part 3 after acquiring the Raak and Skag
    parts and seeing Dr. Zed.
    Completion: Dr. Zed in Sanctuary.
    Select “Monster Mash Part 1.” You have probably satisfied the requirement of
    four Spiderant parts during “The Lost Treasure,” if not the fast-travel network
    suggests travelling to The Dust. The valley behind Ellie’s Garage has plenty of
    the pests. The Spiderants will come to you even before you get into Bug Gulch.
    Kill any four to complete the requirements for Part 1 and then fast-travel to
    Sanctuary to see Dr. Zed to initiate “Monster Mash Part 2.”
    >>>>Monster Mash Part 2:
    Dr. Zed now requires four Raak parts for whatever diabolical experiment he has
    in mind. Fast-travel to Three Horns-Divide to hunt Raak.
    Grab a vehicle and turn right onto the road. Follow the road and make a left
    after passing the stranded ship, passing over the narrow makeshift bridge to
    get to the Marrowfields. Continue south past the outpost to the Bullymong
    colony. A large congregation of Raak will take note of the commotion and swoop
    in to attack. Try to down the needed four so the parts aren’t lost over the
    cliff. Back away, leaving more space for the Raak to fall. With the four Raak
    parts in hand you’ll have to get four Skags.
    Backtrack to just short of your entry point at the fast-travel portal. A colony
    of Skags infest the pumping unit area east of it. If you need more there are
    Skags aplenty in Three Horns-Valley.
    Return to Dr. Zed with the Raak and Skag innards and you’ll get “Monster Mash
    Part 3.’ Seems like his “projects” are on the loose and he needs em dead and
    you’re nominated.
    >>>>Monster Mash Part 3:
    Fast Travel to The Nexus Boneyard. You’ll need to kill twenty of Dr. Zed’s
    monstrosities, the Shraaks, before the public is aware of the abomination.
    These part Skag, part Raak critters must go. Grab a ride and head east to hunt
    some abominations at the waypoint. The flying skraak look like little dragons.
    They will swoop down and claw at the vehicle. If you have a Technical you can
    hammer them with the machine gun and hit them with barrels or sawblades when
    they come diving at you. When your shields decay, just keep on the move to
    minimize their attacks. They won’t be able to destroy your vehicle unless you
    set still too long. Expect a few Loaders to join the commotion. Toss em a few
    barrels or sawblades too.
    With twenty Skraak bagged, drive west to the Fast Travel Station and travel to
    Frostburn Canyon. You must now hunt down Spycho, another of Dr. Zed’s Spiderant
    contributions to the freak gallery. You’ll be heading for the distant Frozen
    Ant Lake.
    From the Vendors start up grade a short distance and make a left U-turn, going
    up the grade toward the bandit camp. You’ll find low-level Marauders and a few
    Spiderants. Go out the far end of the camp and down onto the frozen streambed.
    You’ll meet low-level Spiderants and when you get to Frozen Ant Lake a few fire
    ants, probably a reborn Scorch among them, will join the mix.
    When you come to an elevated encampment, wipe out the overmatched Marauders and
    you’ll find a low-level BLACK CHEST under the entry stairwells. Zed will ECHO
    you saying you’ve arrived. Go up the many stairwells to meet Spycho. When
    Spycho appears he is large but what makes him different is his tendency to
    constantly be jumping. He is airborne much of the battle. Deploy the Turret,
    but it isn’t distracted by it, but while he engages you it might be hitting
    that weak abdomen. Get your shots in as he leaps at you and when he dies, it
    must be a she because a nest of about a dozen little jumpers have inherited
    their mother’s aggression and jumping skills at an early age-birth. They’re
    more of a nuisance than a threat.
    There is a RED CHEST behind the static barrier and the fuse box can be found in
    the small outpost just east of it as well as another BLACK CHEST. The place is
    manned by half a dozen low-level Marauders. Shoot or interact with the fuse box
    and raid the newly opened alcove.
    Put them down and get back to the Fast Travel Station and return to Sanctuary
    to complete the mission at Dr. Zeds. Fast-travel to Sawtooth Cauldron with “The
    Great Escape” your active mission.
    >>>>The Great Escape (Level 26) <<<X066>>>
    Initiated: Ulysses, a Marauder, in the Buzzard Nest during the “Toil and
    Trouble” mission.
    Completed: Interact with Ulysses in The Buzzard Nest before his final exit from
    the living hell of Pandora.
    Advance toward the upper Sawtooth Cauldron’s entry guard post and slaughter the
    initial wave of defenders. Go right to the jump point on the protruding piece
    of metal and jump down onto the ridge above the three tusks. Kill the Marauders
    below and enter Smoking Guano Grotto whose entry is right below the tusks. Take
    out the Marauders near the entry. Turn right and battle another batch near
    short stairwells.
    With the Grotto’s entry cleared of combatants you can now retrieve the Beacon
    without opposition. It is near the entry but on a lower level of the vast
    complex. Find the dim orange glow courtesy of the burning barrel on the east
    wall near the entry. You will find a gap in the grating with a ladder going
    down to a platform. Drop down to the platform below and then carefully drop
    down to the platform below it to acquire the “Beacon.” Climb out via the two
    ladders and start back to the elevator.
    Go up the three short stairwells, down the short one and west around the
    walkways and be prepared for another battle with Mortar and some of his clan
    near the loft, thankfully minus the shielded Nomads. Take out the tough
    Marauder and his entourage.
    Retrieve Ulysses’ pet fish Frederick by going up the short stairs just north of
    the Ammo Vendor and climbing the ladder on the metal housing. Frederick is on a
    shelf in this Marauder break area.
    Take the lift up. As you exit the elevator a wave of Marauders will contest
    your entry. Deploy the Turret against the rush and get back under the roof or
    in the lift to fend them off. Five Buzzards will also attack. Stay under the
    roof near the lift to deal with them.
    With the coast clear, get to the northwest corner, walk the narrow walkway and
    place the beacon for an impatient Ulysses. Interact with him to complete the
    mission and stand back to watch his fate.
    Ulysses activates the beacon and implores whomever to “take me” when an ore
    hopper homes in and lands on the beacon and on Ulysses.
    With the mission complete you have several choices. Jump down from The Buzzard
    Nest on the southwestern side to raid the old RED CHEST and OUTHOUSE ITEM
    ENCLOSURE and reset to find yourself at the Cauldron’s entrance. You can also
    take the lift down, kill any Marauders in the area and raid the RED CHEST on
    the dangling platform behind the lift. Be aware that a simple re-start from the
    platform with that Red Chest will deposit you at the Sawtooth Cauldron entry
    portal with no risk of a tumble into the lava, resulting in a New-U you.
    >>>>To Grandmother’s House We Go (Level 26) <<<X067>>>
    Initiated: The Eridium Bounty Board.
    Completed: The Eridium Bounty board.
    A concerned Jack wants you to check on his beloved grandmother who lives an
    isolated life in a cottage in the Eridium Blight. Since Jack is such a nice
    guy, other than the torture and privations he has wrought on the inhabitants of
    the planet, activate the mission and fast-travel to Eridium Blight to see what
    no good he is up to.
    Generate a Technical with a catapult and turn left on the roadway and then turn
    right to pass over the bridge. Use the catapult to eliminate the low-level
    garrison of the Slagma Refinery. When you see the colored flags near the
    Catch-A-Ride veer right up the hill and park near the fence.
    Each of the five flowers is marked by a waypoint. Take the flower near the
    fence and then backtrack a bit for the one near the post. Re-enter and grab the
    one by the barrel and then by the fence farther along. Look toward the house
    and a group of Marauders will jump off the roof. Snipe them and another wave
    will enter the scuffle. Move onto the porch to get the fifth flower. Loot the
    surroundings and enter the cottage. A Goliath will attack in the small entry
    chamber. Deploy the Sabre Turret, retreat and take him down.
    Loot the BLACK CHEST and interact with the bloody cot to get “Grandma’s Buzz
    Ax.” Jack is really appreciative-since you killed the bandits he’d sent to kill
    grandma, he won’t have to pay them.
    >>>>Kill Yourself (Level 27) <<<X068>>>
    Initiated: The Eridium Blight Bounty Board.
    Completed: The Eridium Blight Bounty Board.
    From the Bounty Board drive east over the bridge and veer left up the grade and
    then right. Take out the low-level Marauder outpost defending the bridge below.
    Drive across it and park. You’ll now have to walk north across the bridge and
    get to the long ladder leading to Lover’s Leap. There is an OUTHOUSE ITEM
    LOCKER in the shack. You have several choices. Don’t do the mission and keep
    all your cash. Call the suicide hot line, keeping your cash and completing the
    mission. You can also jump to your temporary death to collect the twelve bars
    of Eridium. This is a no-brainer, take the leap-you’re resulting demise only
    costs cash.
    Drive back to the Eridium Bounty Board and turn in “To Grandmother’s House We
    Go” and “Kill Yourself.”
    >>>>Customer Service  (Level 26) <<<X069>>>
    Initiated: The Eridium Blight Bounty Board.
    Completed: The Eridium Blight Bounty board.
    The timer won’t start until you pick-up the first “refund check” and while the
    timer is a bit more generous than the others, you will meet stiff opposition,
    especially in the outpost near Lover’s Leap and at the Eridium Extraction
    Plant, which you must enter on foot and battle Hyperion troops and Loaders.
    Locate each of the mailboxes before seriously attempting the mission because
    the waypoint positions can be confusing in the jumbled terrain and a short
    distance can really mean a long trip around a mountain or lava flow.
    >>>>A Real Boy: Clothes Make the Man (level 29) <<<X070>>>
        A Real Boy: Face Time
        A real Boy: Human
    Initiated: The Eridium Bounty Board.
    Completed: Interact with Mal after the battle.
    Select “A Real Boy: Clothes Make the Man” which you acquired earlier. If not,
    get to the exclamation point to acquire it. A malfunctioning Loader has tasked
    you with the acquisition of a shirt, pants and hat that it believes will put
    him on the road to becoming human.
    Drive east from the Eridium Bounty Board area and cross the bridge, veer left
    up the grade and then right. Clobber the outpost at the next bridge with the
    vehicles weapons and drive across the bridge and park. Take the pedestrian
    bridge north toward the waypoint. The compound is swarming with Marauders and
    Goliaths. Snipe a Goliath or two to get them raging or just lay into the bunch.
    Three of the Goliaths will drop an article of clothing for Mal. It is also
    common to get a Loot Goon during this skirmish. Grab the shirt, pants and hat
    and backtrack toward the Eridium Bounty Board but pass through the Hyperion
    Gate just before reaching it. Drive down the road and go up the hill to see Mal
    and give him the clothing completing the first stage of the mission.
    The next task for Mal, “A Real Boy: Face Time” has you going to collect five
    Bandit “limbs.” This will take you back to the far north of the Blight.
    >>>>A Real Boy: Face Time
    Drive to the Hyperion Gate and turn right and continue across the bridge. Bear
    left up the grade and then right on the rise. Neutralize any resistance in the
    outpost with the vehicle’s weapons. You’ll find “A Mask” behind the metal fence.
    Drive west across the bridge and cross the walking bridge. If you have
    re-started since your recent trip to this area the compound at Mount Hellsfont
    will be defended but a sneaky Vault Hunter can be in and out without incident.
    Locate the “Left Arm” near the dumpster.
    Get back to your vehicle and backtrack, going past the Eridian Bounty Board and
    turning right across the bridge. Decimate the guard post before entering the
    Slagma Refinery property beyond. Wipe out the defenders and you will find the
    “Left Leg on an elevated platform.
    Don’t get in your vehicle. Another limb is nearby. Walk north and turn right
    and go up the grade, through the fence and address the Marauders in the camp,
    and they aren’t low-level opponents. Several Loaders, including WAR and HOT
    Loaders, will teleport in during the scuffle. Grab the limb and raid the
    Get back to your vehicle and reverse course-don’t drive over the drop-off. Turn
    right when just outside the Slagma Refinery. Go toward the lava flow and park
    near the stockade. You will see the objective on an upper platform above the
    “piss off” sign. You will have to enter the Slagma Vapor Extractive property to
    get it. Deploy the Turret or blast away to clear the low-level hostiles. There
    is a staircase to the right of the entry allowing access to the upper catwalk.
    Take the “Right Arm.”
    Drive south toward the Bounty Board and go quickly through the Hyperion gate to
    avoid the turret and incoming Loaders. Drive back to see Mal on the hill.
    Interact with the psychotic robot and he will give you the mission, “A Real
    Boy: Human.”
    >>>>A Real Boy: Human
    Mal has made the astute observation, especially on Pandora, that real humans
    kill other humans. Be prepared because Mal will now act on that idea. Take Mal
    down, and when he recovers he rejoices in being human. Interact with Mal to
    complete the series of missions.
    Drive back through the Hyperion gate and turn left and use the Fast Travel
    Station to get to Sanctuary. Speak to Mordecai in Crimson Raider Headquarters
    to acquire the mission, “This Just In.” Speak with Brick as well to turn in
    “Capture the Flags,” See Marcus to turn in the mission, “The Chosen One.” Turn
    in any other completed missions as well.
    Weapons/items in inventory:
    Sniper Rifle:   807/96.4/1; Static 169.8/30%; Magazine of 10; Blue Level 25
    Sniper Rifle:   1028/96.3/.8; Caustic 245.1/30%; Magazine of 5; Green Level 28
    Sniper Rifle:   1280/97/1.4; Incendiary 277.1/52.7%; Magazine of 10; Blue Level
    Rifle-Buffalo:  2493/96.6/.6; Conventional; Magazine of 7; No scope; Blue Level
    SMG: 256/89.1/7.7; Caustic 216.9/11.5%; Scoped; Magazine of 60; Blue Level 27
    SMG: 156/94.4/8.7; Incendiary 81.6/12%; Scoped; Magazine of 57; Purple Level 19
    SMG: 225/92.4/8.3; Caustic 245.1/11.5%; Field Magnifier; Magazine of 27; Green
    Level 28
    SMG: 161/89/8; Static 230/12.5%; Magazine of 23; Green level 26
    Shotgun: 183x6/68/3.7; Magazine of 10; Green Level 26
    Shotgun: 358x14/26.3/1.2; Scoped; Magazine of 6; Green Level 29
    Repeater: 245/88.6/4.3; Caustic 81.6/12$; Field Magnifier; Magazine of 95;
    Legendary Level 19
    Repeater: 596/92.1/6.9; Caustic 191.9/14.4%; Scoped; Magazine of 30; Purple
    Level 26
    Repeater: 557/6.5/6.5; Field Magnifier; Magazine of 19’ Blue Level 26
    Repeater: 164/93.8/3.2; Incendiary 116.7/16.6%; Magnifier; Magazine of 8; Green
    Level 20
    Combat Rifle: 696/91.3/3.2/Explosive; Field Magnifier; Magazine of 13; Green
    Level 28
    Shield: 1989/283/3.24/Amp damage/drain; Green Level 27
    Grenade: 1642/580/.5; Incendiary damage 624/second; Green Level 27
    Module; +21.6 Health regeneration/+692 Maximum Health
    Relic: Cooldown rate 10.2%
    Cash: $72,150
    Level: 30
    >>>>This Just It (Level 29) <<<X071>>>
    Initiated: Mordecai in Crimson Raider Headquarters in Sanctuary.
    Completed: Mordecai in Crimson raider Headquarters in Sanctuary.
    A DJ by the name of Hunter Hellquist has been spreading lies about atrocities
    perpetrated by the Crimson Raiders and by Vault Hunters. He is broadcasting
    from the Arid Nexus-Boneyard and he needs to be silenced. Fast Travel to Arid
    Nexus- Boneyard and pay the propagandist a less than friendly visit.
    Generate a vehicle and drive east toward his location, The Hyperion Truth
    Network. Get on the lift and use the controls to start up. The propaganda has
    portrayed you as the killer of Jack’s daughter, and doing numerous dastardly
    things like setting an orphanage ablaze. Git him!
    Open the gate with the control station and the DJ will target you. If you don’t
    kill him right away, several Loaders will quickly come to his assistance. If
    you first deploy the Turret and hit him with a fast-firing static weapon you
    can usually kill him before he even leaves the room. Mop up the incoming
    Loaders and listen to the propaganda ECHOs on his counters.
    Fast Travel to Sanctuary to turn the mission in. Take whatever XP you can get.
    Things are about to get tougher. If you have any missions you wish to
    complete-this is a good time.
    >>>>Data Mining (Level 28) <<<M017>>>
    Initiated: Activated upon completion of “Toil and Trouble.”
    Completed: Mordecai in Crimson Raider’s Headquarters.
    Fast-travel to the Arid Nexus-Boneyard. Generate a vehicle and drive to the
    waypoint. Walk up the ramp and an earthquake courtesy of Hyperion’s mining
    operations fractures the pipe and destroys the ladder that could have gotten
    you into the facility. Mordecai suggests finding a pumping station to raise the
    pressure possibly rupturing the already damaged pipe. Don’t waste your grenades
    or rockets trying to blast it open or the vehicle’s turret-won’t work.
    Drive south toward the waypoint and stop when there is an opening in the
    barrier allowing you to continue on foot. A small contingent of Hyperion
    soldiers, including cloaked Infiltrators, will come from the gate. Start
    sniping from the entry. A Jet Loader may also take to the air. When the
    opposition wanes, use the staircase on the far south side. You must access
    Eridian Pumping Station 1 from the south end, away from the waypoint.
    Go up the stairs and the sound of arriving Hyperion Loaders and Commandos is
    plain. Retreat down the stairs because they will enter there. Use the buildings
    walls as cover to address the Hyperion Snipers, Infiltrators and Loaders near
    the stairwells. Deploy the Turret and watch your back for Loaders transporting
    in behind you. Be aware of the dangerous RPG Loaders that may be among them.
    Allow the Turret to charge and your shield and health to max out before
    Expect more Loaders and a Surveyor as you move up the stairs onto the upper
    deck. Some Loaders may teleport near or behind you. Farther along both
    Infiltrators and Loaders will confront you. The Infiltrators are especially
    tough-nearly invisible and prone to evasion. Jet packing Hyperion Hawks may
    target you from the sky or from the upper areas of the structure. They display
    as fast-moving red dots on your map, allowing you to ID them. You’ll find a
    WEAPON/ITEM LOCKER along the station’s wall not far from the waypoints.
    Additional Loaders will teleport in near the waypoint with some possibly
    appearing on the structure above. A Jet Loader may also strafe. It’s best to
    retreat to cover to snipe and allow the Turret to charge. Don’t be surprised if
    a tough Mini-War Loader pops out of an item container at the wrong time.
    Expect a few more Hyperion soldiers and Loaders patrolling near the two valves.
    Activate both valves and the pressure rises but you must now get to the second
    pumping station to force it even higher.
    The next facility, Eridian Pumping Station 2, is to the northeast. Get back to
    your vehicle by jumping off the deck. Drive to the waypoint. You will find a
    lift that provides access to the underground pumping station. Loot the
    containers and take the lift down.
    The initial area is clear of opposition, so loot the premises and then go down
    the stairwell. Use the first corner for cover and snipe one of the patrolling
    Loaders in the chamber at the far end of the corridor. Several Loaders, likely
    SGT Loaders, will come toward you. Your caustic fire and grenades will easily
    make scrap of them in the narrow corridor. Deploy the Turret if one gets too
    close or multiple Loaders begin closing on your position.
    After the initial assault you will have to advance three more times to draw
    additional Loaders. Do so with your health and shield at maximum and with the
    Turret charged and ready for mayhem. Continue to use the corner to channel
    their approach. Caustic or explosive grenades are very effective in the tight
    Advance and retreat to your corner to draw out the last of the Loaders. If ION
    Loaders broadcast their bubble shield just wait until it dissipates and hit
    them with caustic fire and/or the Turret.
    With the area secured, move up and turn the first valve. Raid the place
    including the WEAPON/ITEM LOCKER on the rear wall. You must now sprint for the
    lift. The sound of arriving Loaders, likely EXP or ION, suggests deploying the
    Turret as you speed ahead of them. Finish off the late arrivals and take the
    lift down to your vehicle.
    Drive west to Eridium Pumping Station 3. Scout the entrance. There is usually
    nobody actively patrolling but this is truly deceiving. There are two ways to
    tackle Station 3-stealth and force. It is possible to sneak around to the north
    side of the structure; and, when no Hyperion forces are visible, sneak in and
    quickly interact with the two valves. If you’re seen, however, both Loaders and
    Hyperion Soldiers, including Infiltrators and Hawks, will scramble. If this
    happens go out the north door and use the cargo bundles for cover. Deploy the
    Turret to defend the east approach and try to cover the doorway. The biggest
    threat here is the Cloaked Soldiers and RPG Loaders and anyone lobbing a
    grenade into your corner.
    Another option for Station 3 is to drive up to the structure and get their
    attention. Once they scramble, get back into the vehicle, hopefully it has the
    catapult, and pummel each and every one with explosive barrels. Once the party
    starts, reinforcements will come in from the south. You’ll have to time getting
    in to turn the valves and raid the WEAPON/ITEM LOCKER between waves. If your
    vehicle’s shields decay just drive around and return again.
    With the pressure in that pipe becoming critical, it’s time to crash your
    vehicle into the weakened piping. Start for the waypoint. You will see blue
    Eridium escaping through the fractures. Line your vehicle up with the makeshift
    metal ramp and boost into the pipe. Enter the fractured pipe and sprint to the
    Transmix Regulator Station. Jump on the pipe on the left to get onto the
    platform and climb the ladder.
    A prudent Vault Hunter will usually case the joint, but not this time.
    Immediately head up the stairs and follow the walkway around before the
    Hyperion forces including Commandos, Jet Loaders and various other Loaders
    appear on the deck or even on the stairwell you didn’t use quickly enough. When
    you arrive at the portal, you can just jump down and enter the Arid
    Nexus-Badlands portal or you can deploy the Turret and get some XP where there
    is good cover near the portal.
    Once inside the “Badlands” move up the hill and expect a rush of Skags. Deploy
    the Turret and use your shotgun to clear them out. With the likelihood of tough
    enemies ahead, always allow the Turret to recharge before moving on. You are
    now in what was once Fyrestone and its environs. Waste another pack of Skags
    below the rock ledge and then jump down.
    Enter the outskirts of good old Fyrestone in the gap under the huge conduit.
    You’ll be near the cemetery. Waste the JNK Loaders as you move into the much
    changed Fyrestone. Watch your back. A JNK Loader will oftentimes jump Dr. Zed’s
    place or emerge from underground to get in behind you as you advance. Don’t
    take these “Junk” Loaders lightly; they are as dangerous as most.
    Stop by the still functioning Fyrestone Bounty Board to pick-up two missions,
    “Uncle Teddy” and “Get to Know Jack.”
    >>>>Uncle Teddy (Level 29)
    Initiated: The Fyrestone Bounty Board.
    Comment:   This mission will be pursued later. The index will designate the
    mission’s starting point. Type (UT) to locate the mission’s point of origin.
    >>>>Get to Know Jack (Level 29)
    Initiated: The Fyrestone Bounty Board.
    Comment:   This mission will be pursued later. The index will designate the
    mission’s starting point. Type (GTKJ) to locate the mission’s point of origin.
    Reselect “Data Mining” and continue into Fyrestone. Several more JNK Loaders
    will defend the town. Marcus’ Ammo Vendor has seen better days but it still
    works; and his prices are much higher than in say, the Southern Shelf.
    Watch for more JNK Loaders filtering into town from various areas. Zed’s place
    is blocked by a static field for some unknown reason. If you jump onto the
    structure near the water tower and look northeast toward the glowing Eridian
    blue columns with the enclosure on top, you can shoot the junction box inside
    it, killing power to the static field. Aim for the left side with an accurate
    long-range shotgun or a scoped weapon to shoot through the warped metal siding.
    With the static field down, enter Zed’s old place and listen to his ECHO. Raid
    the containers and the RED CHEST. Continue north out of the gate. You’ll likely
    be confronted by half a dozen JNK Loaders. Make your way to the hotel that
    maybe wasn’t actually destroyed during the “Robot Revolution” after all. Loot
    the premises including what was a Silver Chest on the roof but is now a more
    lucrative Red. You’ll have to jump on the rail to get onto the shack’s roof
    where you can vault to the rooftop of the hotel. A Skag or two may object to
    your presence as well.
    If you wander a ways to the north of the hotel, there will be a bump and a
    whoosh and Saturn, an enormous heavily armed Loader, appears on the rocks to
    the north of the hotel. If you don’t want to visit the New-U, put the bulk of
    the hotel between you and Saturn post haste by getting to the south side. Peek
    around the corner and pop the huge robot with a caustic volley to get him to
    jump down from the rock wall and approach. When the energy blasts start, duck
    behind the building.
    If you have upgraded the Turret so it’s double barreled and shooting slag
    rounds, that would be level 31, you can fell this behemoth without taking a
    scratch. Just deploy the Turret on the one side of the hotel and sprint to the
    opposite side and hammer it with a fast-firing or potent caustic weapon. The
    Turret’s slagged rounds increase the damage you deal. It will take two or, at
    most, three rounds with the Turret to take him down. Check through the ample
    wreckage. There is usually some excellent gear there as well as Eridium.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Note: Even without employing the Turret, playing keep away by moving around the
    hotel to avoid its attacks while dishing out your own will easily fell the
    behemoth. Just get close to the hotel and keep on the side it isn’t.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    With Saturn down and plundered, continue toward the waypoint. Use the
    Information Stockade Elevator. Loot the containers and start up the roadway.
    All is calm during the verbal battle between Lilith and Jack. The sound of
    incoming Loaders is your signal to deploy the Turret and then use the container
    as cover against the Loaders, especially any RPG and suicidal EXP Loaders.
    When you again advance several Loaders, probably RPG Loaders, will arrive and
    after they go down the sound will be that of an arriving Badass Constructor
    with its Shield Surveyors.
    Retreat immediately, not behind the ore container nearest it but to the one you
    passed earlier on the way in. It will deploy a turret and will begin to
    construct Loaders. Knock out the Shield Surveyors and the WAR Loader with
    ranged fire and any other sitting-duck Loader that comes at you along the long
    roadway. Take your time whittling down the health of the Badass Constructor
    once the Shield Surveyors are down. If you just use the body of the ore hopper
    to blunt its energy, missile and nuke attacks you won’t take much or any
    damage. Hit it with ranged caustic fire and pop it with a few rockets to
    shorten the engagement.
    Sprint toward the Information Stockade and deploy the Turret against the
    Hyperion forces which will meet you as you enter. This will include Cloaked
    Infiltrators. When the entry level is secured, go up the staircase. You need to
    get to the third floor, so turn right and continue around to the next
    staircase. Loaders will start to enter but if you’re quick you can get onto the
    roof via the ladder near the stairwell. The EXP Loaders can be a real pain in
    the cozy quarters of the structure, so watch for them and retreat as needed.
    You will find a Dahl RED CHEST and shelter from the entering Loaders on the
    If required, look over the edge of the roof and begin tagging the Loaders
    below. Deploy the Turret and toss grenades to help eliminate the influx. When
    the coast is clear, jump down and use the console in the nearby southwest
    office to download the information and wait for the data chip.
    Pocket the data and get back onto your rooftop. You will see a pair of
    Constructors, one on the south platform and one on the north. You can avoid any
    direct attacks by looking over the lip of the roof and hammering the top
    portion of it. It doesn’t really sense where you are and you can distract it
    even more by tossing the Sabre Turret over the side. This will also knock out
    its turret. The Turrets slag rounds will also increase the damage you deal it.
    If it launches a nuke and it hits the roof above you, you might go down but
    this rarely happens.
    When the Constructor falls and the south platform is cleared, jump off the roof
    on that south side to return to Fyrestone. There will likely be more JNK
    Loaders so be aware.
    The Fast Travel Station isn’t near Zed’s where it used to be. Move out of the
    main gate and you’ll have Skags dead ahead-just like old times. Continue south
    through the blue slop and veer left to get to the Fast Travel Station.
    Before departing for Sanctuary you can re-visit TK Baha’s place up the hill,
    but he ain’t there no more-he’s a brain-eating Dr. Ned zombie type in Jakob’s
    Cove and you’ll be calling there soon enough anyway.
    Fast Travel to Sanctuary and see Mordecai in Crimson Raider Headquarters to
    complete “Data Mining.” Mordecai wants you to see Tannis, Zed and Scooter
    before talking to Claptrap-talking to CL4P-TP will end the weapons harvest, so
    see him last!
    This junket is definitely worth your while. After talking to Tannis, Zed and
    Scooter, you’ll be given three more people to see before talking to Claptrap.
    See Moxxi, Sir Hammerlock and Marcus. Each will give you a very useful item,
    perhaps not as good as what you have but you can always sell any surplus.
    Lastly talk to Claptrap. When you’re ready, Claptrap will meet you out in the
    Eridium Blight.
    Having acquired a pair of jobs at the Fyrestone Bounty Board during your first
    trip there, return to the Arid Nexus-Badlands to pursue them. Start killing the
    Skags; and, with luck, you will find one that leaves an ECHO at its remains.
    The mission, “Hungry Like a Skag’ is initiated when you find this recorder on a
    Skag’s corpse. If you don’t get it, keep killing Skags-you will.
    >>>>Hungry Like a Skag (Level 28)<<<X072>>>
    Initiated: A Skag that you kill in the Arid Nexus-Badlands, somewhere in the
    Skag infested Fyrestone area.
    Completed: The Fyrestone Bounty Board.
    It seems that someone named Calo and his gun were mauled and eaten by Skags, a
    common fate in the Borderlands of Pandora. The mission offers four general
    waypoints to search for the four gun parts. Be aware that you will encounter
    Loaders in some of the areas. You will even encounter Bone Head 2.0 in his old
    hangout. Re-starting the game will resupply the Skags making the search less
    >>>>Get to Know Jack (Level 29)<<<X073>>>
    Initiated: The Fyrestone Bounty Board.
    Completed: The Fyrestone Bounty Board.
    There are five ECHO recorders, two in the immediate Fyrestone area. Get to
    Fyrestone and battle the JNK Loaders. If you have completed the mission, stop
    by the Fyrestone Bounty Board and turn in, “Hungry Like a Skag.” The RED CHEST
    in Dr. Zed’s place can also be raided if you shoot the fuse box in the tower.
    You’ll find an ECHO on the north side of Fyrestone in a shack with a BLACK
    CHEST. This is Bonehead’s old haunt, and a robotic version, Bone Head 2.0 is
    there with a few JNK Loaders if you didn’t already run into him.
    Another ECHO is located on the rooftop of the Fyrestone Hotel where there was
    once a lowly silver weapons chest but now there is a more lucrative RED CHEST.
    You should have gotten this ECHO earlier when fighting Saturn. If you hit
    Saturn’s trigger point he will again appear. He’s not that tough to kill if you
    have the Sabre Turret and he usually drops very good loot.
    The next three will require you to enter Arid Nexus-Boneyard. Fast travel
    rather than just entering the portal to Arid Nexus-Boneyard and grab a vehicle.
    Drive south toward the waypoint. When the door opens on the structure take out
    the hostiles and the ECHO is inside.
    Drive east for the third ECHO. Kill the colony of Skags as you approach to keep
    them out of any action. The Loader Maintenance Depot will be quiet but the
    peace won’t last long as Loaders, Surveyors and possibly JET Loaders teleport
    in as you approach it. The ECHO is in an ore container along with a couple of
    EXP Loaders.
    The fourth ECHO is south of the Fast Travel Station. It is at an isolated guard
    post near the Hyperion off-limits area. As you approach the garage, its door
    will open and a pair of Engineers and a Loader will come out. Kill the few
    Hyperion Defenders and the take the ECHO in the garage,
    Drive northeast of the Fast Travel Station for the last ECHO. It is in a Raak
    nest atop the ragged old wind turbine nearby. Turn it on from the control
    station to flush the nesting Raak from its nest. You will now have to kill the
    diving Raak to get the final ECHO.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - = = =
    Note: It is believed that a glitch can occur here causing the ECHO to be lost.
    During the writing of this walkthrough, I was able to recover the ECHO three of
    the five times I did this mission for detailing this document. Once there was
    no ECHO after energizing the nest and killing the Raak. Another time the nest
    wouldn’t even energize with the switch.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    >>>>Uncle Teddy (Level 28) <<<X074>>>
    Initiated: The Fyrestone Bounty Board.
    Completed: Either Una’s or Hyperion’s mailbox.
    Make your way to the waypoint, TK Baha’s house. Loot the place and you’ll find
    an interactive on his ceiling fan. Una comes online saying her Uncle Teddy had
    his weapons designs stolen by Hyperion and if you can get enough evidence she
    can sue the thieving bastards.
    A trapdoor has opened. Drop down into TK’s basement. TK was a bit of a
    hoarder-the place is packed with item containers. Start looting-the six ECHOs
    are somewhere in the place. The ECHOs tell a little more of TKs story. When you
    have located all six of the ECHOs-the sixth ECHO it will be in the last of all
    the containers-interact with the power coupling on the side of the “Guns”
    Vendor to acquire “TKs Blueprint” which is exposed in the base of the Vendor.
    You have two options. Sell the evidence of Hyperion’s duplicity to Hyperion or
    brave the enemy in Fyrestone and return it to Una. The easiest choice is
    Hyperion-there is a mailbox near the Fast Travel Station. Screw em-climb the
    ladder out of the cellar and head for Fyrestone to help Una, TKs niece, for old
    times’ sake.
    Kill the JNK Loaders you encounter and mail the evidence to Una to complete the
    mission. Interact with the Bounty Board to complete “Get to Know Jack” if you
    were able to complete the mission requirements and turn in “Hungry Like a Skag”
    if you have completed it.
    Fast Travel to Sanctuary to purchase SDUs with your available Eridium and to
    police your inventory for the final showdown with Jack and his Warrior.
    >>>>Talon of God (Level 30) <<<M018>>>
    Initiated: Activated upon completion of “Data Mining.”
    Completed: When Lilith picks up the “Vault Key” the mission and the game is
    Fast-travel to Eridium Blight. Generate a vehicle, turn right onto the road and
    enter the gate when it auto-opens. After entering, make a quick right, going
    off road and drive up the grade to the vehicle barrier. Get to Claptrap at the
    waypoint. It’s vengeance time and a fired-up Claptrap is out for Jack’s blood.
    Follow Claptrap to the gate where he must now use his newfound hacking skills
    to force it open.
    As Claptrap begins his work, three Loaders, likely GUN Loaders, will attack.
    Take them down. You can deploy the Turret against them because there is a brief
    lull before the next larger influx.
    Claptraps first hacking attempt results in “access denied.” Another large wave
    of Loaders will swarm the gate. Some will spawn near Claptrap, others appear at
    random points. Use the available cover near the walls to dispose of them and
    keep deploying the Turret.
    Claptrap’s hacking has now backfired, resulting in the deployment of a pair of
    turret guns on the walls, flanking the gate. Another wave of Loaders, including
    WAR Loaders, is incoming.
    The Turret guns require you to stay near the structure to avoid their
    sightline. Deploy the Turret as soon as it is available. Flying Surveyors will
    accompany this wave. Claptrap has finally accomplished something. The wall
    turret turn on the Hyperion forces which include several WAR Loaders, pesky EXP
    Loaders and Surveyors.
    You’re not really protecting Claptrap during this ordeal, so once the wall
    turrets start targeting the Loaders, move farther away from the gate area which
    has a re-occurring spawn point near it. Use the cover of the containers to
    hit-and-run and distance yourself from the incoming loaders. As the battle
    winds down, Claptrap gets the gate open.
    With the gate opened, Claptrap’s bravado is foiled by a long flight of stairs.
    Head up the stairs to the lamentations of Claptrap and enter Hero’s Pass. Top
    off your ammo at the Vendor.
    As you enter the Guardian Slag Heap take note of the static field guarding the
    WEAPON/ITEM LOCKER and of the electrical wire running deeper into the tunnel.
    Advance slowly. Both Hyperion Soldiers and Snipers will patrol with an
    assortment of Loaders.
    Take the time to snipe them from near the static field, using static to drop
    the Soldiers shields and corrosive or incendiary fire to put them down. Another
    wave of Loaders will challenge you near the scaffolding and a Hyperion
    Infiltrator will emerge from the ore hopper near the left wall.
    A landing Barge arrives with both Hyperion troops and with Brick and Mordecai
    aboard. Put down the Infiltrators and soldiers and let Brick run ahead to
    confront the Hyperion troops and Loaders arriving across the bridge. Go north
    across the bridge toward the lava flow to find a WEAPON/ITEM LOCKER.
    Backtrack, loot the containers and follow Brick southeast across the bridge. He
    will rush across the bridges and jump over the chasm. You don’t have to stay
    with him. Let him have a little fisticuff party with the enemy. He hasn’t got a
    health bar and is in no danger. Mordecai’s sniper rifle is booming and Brick is
    punching out the Hyperion forces. Don’t cross the chasm, begin sniping to help
    thin out the enemy.
    Brick can hold his own so backtrack a bit. Just before the bridge you will find
    a short rock shelf on the left. The fuse box for that static field is there on
    a support column. You can now backtrack to check out the WEAPON/ITEM LOCKER in
    the alcove near the entry-or not.
    Sprint back, if you went for the goods, and jump across the chasm onto the
    Energy Supply Cache and join Brick, mopping up anything still moving. Forge
    ahead and a pair of shielded Turrets will begin firing on you and Brick. Don’t
    descend to the bridge. Crouch behind the rock or metal barrier overlooking the
    bridge and hit the turrets with caustic sniper fire and let them corrode and
    then hit them again to eliminate them. These turrets are tougher than any
    others you have encountered so be patient-it’s safe if you don’t go down to the
    Once the Turrets are down, stay above the bridge and snipe the WAR Loaders and
    Soldiers that Brick is pummeling before moving down onto the bridge. Another
    wave of Loaders and Soldiers join the battle. Deploy the Turret and start
    sniping from cover. Brick is still holding his own, and you can snipe with near
    impunity from your side of the bridge.
    When the area is secured, advance toward Brick, and when Mordecai gets in
    trouble when he is pressed by the enemy. Brick jumps across to his barge to
    help but you haven’t that option. You’re now on your own.
    Continue up the stairs as a Hyperion mortar battery gets a lock on them. Brick
    urges you to keep going-don’t worry about them. There will be Hyperion soldiers
    and assorted Loaders in the chamber above the stairwell.
    Deploy the Turret and use the stairs for cover to return fire. When you advance
    a Constructor settles on an elevated platform. Get back down to the low area
    and take cover in the open-ended cargo container. Hyperion Soldiers will
    challenge your position and then Loaders. Watch the red dots and deploy the
    Turret or address them with small arms fire.
    Make sure no enemy is closing and start hitting the Constructor’s red eye with
    caustic fire. You can avoid the attacks of the Constructor and any of its spawn
    by backing up to the far end. You can actually find an angle where you can
    target the eye but the missiles do you little or no damage. Take your time
    suppressing the support forces and then finish off the unshielded Constructor.
    Expect several Hyperion Hawks and Infiltrators as you go up the stairs. Take
    them out and proceed carefully. Descend to the low area and loot your way
    around the deck. You will find calm and a WEAPON/ITEM LOCKER on the right wall.
    Several Hyperion Soldiers will appear on the bridge and a couple of WAR Loaders
    will materialize below among the troopers. A Super Badass Loader will also
    appear. When the upper area is secured, target the Loaders and Hyperion
    soldiers below by peeking over the edge to snipe and by deploying the Turret
    near the edge. Continue to watch for an Infiltrator coming at you as you battle
    the horde below.
    Continue across the bridge and an overhead gantry will deposit a Badass
    Constructor on the deck ahead. Loaders and troopers will occasionally appear as
    you descend the stairs and move toward it.
    Another container will provide the opportunity to knock it out. Its missiles
    can hurt you if you’re too far forward in the container and it isn’t easy to
    get a good shot at the eye because it sends endless volleys of missiles your
    way. Use the Turret if anything gets close but the missiles are indiscriminate
    and nothing will make it close to you. Target the unshielded Constructor
    whenever you can hit it. If you back out of the container the volleys will
    stop; so move forward to tag it and then back off again or just fire through
    the furious missile barrage.
    Target the pesky Surveyors as you move forward-there are several. There are
    more Hyperion Soldiers, including Infiltrators in the low area ahead. Stay back
    on the upper platform and snipe all comers and watch for Infiltrators coming
    your way. Loaders will also transport in and repair Surveyors will be repairing
    the damaged ones. Hit them when they hover. You’re near the end-be patient.
    There are quite a few enemies below. Move to the railing and shelter behind the
    plates to complete the cleansing.
    >>>>Vault of the Warrior:
    Move down to the low area and raid the RED CHEST before exiting to the Vault of
    the Warrior. Move toward the light as Jack speaks and follow the corridor
    around, past the lava and over the grating. Take the long catwalk over the lava
    to the elevator.
    Go down the ramp and across the catwalk and top off your ammo at the Ammo
    Vendor to the left of the passage. Continue toward the arching vault symbol.
    Jump down as Jack speaks. Notice the Hyperion munitions dispenser on the
    left-if you haven’t been purchasing ammo SDUs or didn’t top off your ammo
    before entering, you will be visiting them under duress. It will replenish
    every 95 seconds.
    Go forward to the waypoint to meet Jack. Lilith is suspended in an Eridean
    plasma column and Jack is hot for revenge for his daughter and will attack. He
    has a cloak and a potent shield and holographic Jacks. If you can hit him
    quickly with static and deploy the Turret he won’t last 20 seconds but he
    unusually flits about appearing all around. Wear him down-he is susceptible to
    elementary weapons, especially incendiary. When he collapses, near death-he
    summons the Warrior from the depths of the lava.
    The Warrior is an enormous, for want of a better description, fire-breathing
    dragon. It will spew flames at you-and getting caught in a full blast is
    extremely damaging. It also has a flexible tail that it whips about, both
    intentionally and as it moves about. It can knock you into the lava. You can
    survive a bit of this but you must get out right away. It can also leap from
    one side of the area to the other, making it hard to pinpoint his location so
    you can adjust your own, putting something between you and it.
    In addition to the Warrior, several Crystalisks wander the vault and Raak swirl
    above. Neither are a big threat, but avoiding the Crystalisks is a concern as
    they can knock you into the lava or spew explosive crystals your way. Keep
    track of their location until the Warrior inadvertently knocks them into the
    There is no multiplier effect for elementals used on the Warrior. Use your best
    fast-firing conventional weapons, like an SMG, repeater or combat rifle. A good
    accurate shotgun isn’t a bad choice-the things big enough that missing isn’t
    usually going to happen. When the Warrior appears hit the bright spot on its
    Both Jack and Lilith will yell instructions-Jack to the Warrior, Lilith to you.
    She will advise you to go to higher ground when the Warrior dives into the lava
    causing it to surge over the platforms lower portions.
    The Warrior’s huge life-bar will gradually dwindle and when he drops, Lilith
    will say to order a mortar “moonshot” to put the beast away for good. There is
    a console to do this. Jack is nearly dead, so finish him off.
    The area will be littered with weapons, shields, mods, Eridium, and cash. A
    Legendary weapon or mod will sometimes be found among the bounty-but not always.
    An interactive “what’s this” appears near Lilith and when she picks up the
    infernal thing, it projects the location of vaults in solar systems out there
    in the galaxy. Know what that means-no rest for the wicked. Could be a lot of
    Borderlands sequels!
    You can exit to Eridium Blight on the south end of the Vault of the Warrior.
    You have now unlocked the “True Vault Hunter Mode.”
    Weapons/items in inventory:
    Sniper Rifle:   1162/95.4/1.4; Static 313.1/26.6%; Magazine of 5; Green Level 30
    Sniper Rifle:   1145/96.2/1.2; Caustic 313.1/37.5%; Magazine of 5; Green Level
    Sniper Rifle:   1280/97/1.4; Incendiary 277.1/52.7%; Magazine of 10; Blue Level
    Rifle-Buffalo:  2493/96.6/.6; Conventional; Magazine of 7; No scope; Blue Level
    SMG: 274/88/7.7; Caustic 312.9/10%; Scoped; Magazine of 75; Green Level 27
    SMG: 380/92.4/8.3; Incendiary 312.9/10%; Scoped; Magazine of 33; Purple Level 30
    SMG: 225/92.4/8.3; Conventional; Magnifier; Magazine of 27; Blue Level 30
    SMG: 161/89/8; Static 230/12.5%/Magazine of 23/ Green level 26
    Shotgun: 445x12/22/4.6; Caustic 312.9/8%; Magazine of 10; Green Level 30
    Shotgun: 358x14/26.3/1.2; Scoped; Magazine of 6; Green Level 29
    Repeater: 618/91.1/4.8; Conventional; Magnifier; Magazine of 24; Purple Level 29
    Repeater: 596/92.1/6.9; Caustic 191.9/14.4%; Scoped; Magazine of 30; Purple
    Level 26
    Repeater: 557/6.5/6.5; Field Magnifier; Magazine of 19’ Blue Level 26
    Rocket Launcher: 10671/84/.6; Caustic 404/25.6; Magazine of 7; Blue Level 30
    Combat Rifle: 425/89/7.1; Caustic 276.9/9%; Magazine of 33; Purple Level 29
    Combat Rifle: 417/84.7/10; Caustic 312.9/6%; Magazine of 38; Blue Level 30
    Combat Rifle: 696/91.3/3.2/Explosive; Magnifier; Magazine of 13; Green Level 28
    Shield: 3630/389/4.24/Adaptive; Blue Level 30
    Grenade: 231x6/84/2.2; Caustic/932 sec; Legendary Level 30
    Module; +21.6 Health Regen/+692 Max Health
    Relic: Cooldown rate 20%; Level 30
    Cash:  %98,450
    Level: 33
    If you have questions, comments or suggestions on how to improve this guide
    please contact me at the E-mail address on the tittle page. Thanks for
    considering my guide and good luck in the Borderlands.
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