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"Fanmade 16bit Movie"

This game was released in a bit of a drought of video games, and with no decent adventures games being released these days the fanbase must have jumped at the chance to play something different than a shooter or action RPG.

Let me start by saying that the graphics are cute because I grew up with SNES games, but 16-bit sprites don't make good graphics. In fact with so few locations, this could have been put together by a tool within a few weeks. The objects seem to be all the same and the characters don't look much different. I actually felt embarrassed of playing this on my laptop having people see it, since you'd think a high-end PC doesn't need to play SNES games...

The gameplay consists of running around a boring place with nothing to do but find some dots or characters, then pressing the space bar to continue the story. Reading is most of your time of the 3-4 hours you will play and besides from that the game features no replayability. The puzzles are always the same type and get boring after a while, and since they are actually more interesting than the "find the white dot" part I was looking forward to it each time to get through it quickly.

The music is actually quite good for a "fanmade" game. I wouldn't put it besides epic game scores but if you are into it, you can even get the soundtrack for a price which makes sense since it is the best part of the game. It is relaxing and puts you into the mood for what you experiencing.

Apparently what interests most people is the story. It is, by far, nowhere near as good as they say. The nostalgia plus death and romance combined sure makes for a Livetime Daytime TV special, which probably has more value than how much you spent on this.

I actually feel sorry for writing this since the developers surely tried and made something unique in the current gaming world, but I feel it came too late and the people who will enjoy it surely must dislike any kind of decent games on the market to jump on this instead.

Not recommended unless it is free. I have seen tons of fanmade games better than this, and most of those are adventures such as King's Quest 1, 2, 3, 4, check out the net for these for a lot more enjoyable times.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 09/12/12

Game Release: To the Moon (US, 11/01/11)

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