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Reviewed: 12/31/00 | Updated: 12/31/00

Heroes III is great!

This section is divided into three categories:

Level of Fun:

You are a Lord. You control towns, which are forts that you can recruit monsters from, and you have heroes to fight for you. You have a limited amount of resources, and you have enemy Lords in the same position as you. Conquer without being conquered.

This sounds pretty fun already, but that's not the whole game; each scenario has these basic rules, but a different layout, different towns, different numbers of players, and lots of other different things. Some scenarios have special victory conditions. Some have...some have... there are just endless ways that you could waste a good portion of your day. And have fun doing it. You can even make your own scenario using the Map Editor. And when you think you've gotten bored, you start a campaign. Then you waste the whole day. And have fun doing it.
Rating: 10


You choose. No matter what difficulty you choose, it will be, to some extent, a challenge. But you can choose, before starting a scenario, how hard you want your challenge to be. Sometimes you might want a nice, easy scenario, because you just want to relax completely. Then create it your own scenario.
Rating: 10


Perhaps the best thing about this game is that it isn't rushed. I don't mean that some scenarios will not require you to act fast; I mean that you don't have to click quickly like you would in an action game or certain types of RPG's. In Heroes, you can take your time. Plan things out, decide what the best thing to do is based on the day of the week, your amount of money, the size of your army...everything. The controls are simple. And you have time to use them.
Rating: 10

Overall Rating (not an average): 10


I'd say that the story isn't bad. The noble King of Erathia is captured by necromancers and resurrected as an undead lich, who now leads an undead army. His daughter, Queen Catherine, must save Erathia and kill her father in order to free him from his undead body and allow his soul to rest in peace.

Overall Rating: 8

This section is divided into three categories:

Audio (Sound):
The music is very good, but it can get a little eerie sometimes, and it can also occasionally get repetitive. The sound effects are simply amazing, whether it's the birds chirping when you're on the main screen, or the clanking of armor of crusaders, or even the fiery breath of dragons.
Rating: 8

Video (Graphics):
Good. Nothing incredible, but nothing that makes you dizzy or gives you a headache (unless you turn on the hex grid in battle). Good graphics that are clear. Graphics are especially good in battle. Overall, it's nothing amazing, but definitely on par with graphics in other recent games.
Rating: 8

Overall Rating: 8

This game will have you entranced for about a year, then you'll be bored for a month or two. Then you'll find yourself entranced for another year. Beyond that, I don't know; I've only had the game for so long. But with tons of scenarios, two expansions, and campaign and multiplayer games, Heroes III should keep you busy for a while.

Overall Rating: 9

Other Features/Expansions:

Map Editor - Heroes III has a map editor where you can edit their maps or create your own. This makes it a lot of fun. I've only edited one scenario that was already on Heroes III (Good to Go; I made myself allied with the other built up town), but I've made a bunch.

Armageddon's Blade - This is an expansion to Heroes III. It adds:
- a campaign editor (make your own campaigns)
- 5 new campaigns
- lots of new single scenarios
- a new town (Conflux)
- new monsters that don't belong to a town
- a new, awesome artifact: Armageddon's Blade
- a new, awesome storyline

Shadow of Death - This is either an expansion to Heroes III or it is a new version that has more features than Heroes III. (I don't actually own it so I don't really know.)
It adds: (? = I don't actually know if that feature is there)
- new scenarios?
- new campaigns?
- new, awesome artifacts
- a new storyline
- other?

This section does not have a rating because only the Map Editor is actually part of Heroes of Might and Magic III: the Restoration of Erathia. The Map Editor was included in the ''Level of Fun'' rating.



Buy! It's not that expensive (about $30), and it's more than worth it! If you can burn it (not literally), then you might as well do that, but if you can't, it's worth it to buy it.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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