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Reviewed: 01/19/01 | Updated: 01/19/01

Just one more turn, pleeeeease...

Heroes of Might and Magic (HOMM) I and II were very popular. They combine strategy, simulation and fantasy in one game. The variety of creatures types, the secrets to build you kingdom and rule the world (uh, I mean, the map), the quests for secrets artifacts and the quantity of powerful spells made many people stand in front of the computer for hours and hours, playing against friends or the computer. But now, all these things are over. HOMM III will not make you spend hours in front of you computer anymore. Will make you spend days.

Graphics: 9/10 ''The beauty of your kingdom in High Color quality''

One of the most improvements in this game are the graphics. The creatures portraits are very well done, so are the constructions and some artifacts. It may not be in 3D but hey, the great Starcraft or Baldur's Gate aren't, and still have amazing graphics! Unfortunately, the sprites animations could be better.

Sound: 8/10 ''Makes you feel inside of your castle''

Although feel people notice the song playing, it has an important place in this game. The song changes as you enter in another region, and from town to town. They are very well made, and fits perfectly in every place. In battle, the sounds just do their job, illustrating movement and magic. But in the map, when you get near a cave, a blacksmith or a river, you hear the sound of the spirits, the sound of a sword being forged, or the sound of the water.

Gameplay: 10/10 ''Many games in one''

This game has a different gameplay. You have a certain quantity of movements to do with each hero you have per turn, and can construct one thing in each turn. Each day is one turn. There are many construction that you can do, and each construction do a different thing, that vary from ''race'' to ''race''. Each race has different types of creatures. And in your castle, at every beginning of the week new creatures born in their habitats. As you see, I can't explain it well. You'll have to play it. Don't worry, in about 20 minutes you will understand all the gameplay. And there is a tutorial document and a tutorial scenario. The only thing I can say is that you will be asking for just one more turn before you go to sleep.

Installation: 6/10 ''Several people are very angry...''

The installation is like every new game that is being released, but users with low disk space (200 Mb) or with a K6-II processor (like me) will have some problems. The game, instead of saying ''Hey man, you don't have enough disk space'', will give a scaring installation error message. And for people with K6-II, the installation will be aborted after you click ''Next'' in the License Agreement screen. This made many people get very angry, as they paid good money for something that they can't play. But if you have a K6-II, go to the 3DO support page and you'll find the solution.

Multiplayer: 10/10 ''No network required''

Yes, network IS required for IPX, TCP/IP, Internet games... But to play with friends (or foes?), as this game is turn based, just choose the Hotseat type of protocol :)!!! The only bad thing in the multiplayer is that you have to wait the movements of all players, which may take many, MANY, MAAANY minutes.


Type: RPG/Strategy
Multiplayer: Yes
Players: Up to 8, I think
Record Type: Savegame slot
Controller: Mouse + Keyboard
Overall Score: 8

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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