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"One of the greatest games of all time"

Ever since I got Heroes of Might and Magic for the GBC it’s been one of my favorite series of games. Then, about a month or two ago, I searched GameFAQs for Heroes of Might and Magic. I saw that there were quite a few for the computer, so I read some reviews for them. In the end I decided to buy Heroes of Might and Magic III. If you read on, you can find out more about this excellent series of games.

Graphics- 10 out of 10
HOMM 3 has the most detailed graphics I have ever seen. When you’re in the overworld it gives you semi-birds-eye-view of the area, and shows you every last little detail on everything in excellent color. When you’re in a town/castle/necropolis/whatever you can see everything on everything. For example if you see a skull you can see little crevices and cracks in it, and just about everything else on the skull. Another great thing is the in-battle graphics. They go into as much detail as the town graphics. If an Arch Devil kills a unicorn you can see it burst into flames and its body disintegrate to ashes.

Good Points-
*Very detailed
*Everything looks exactly like it should.

Bad Points-

Sound- 9 out of 10
The sound is nearly perfect. HOMM III spans over 100 different tunes, and they’re all great, but the sound is almost always a little too loud. Despite whether you turn your computer’s volume down or up, it’s always a little bit too loud. Besides the music, the sound effects are great. Everything sounds the way you think it would.

Good Points-
*Great music
*Wonderful variety of songs
*Excellent sound effects

Bad Points-
*Always too loud

Play Control- 10 out of 10
As in all Heroes of Might and Magic games, there are a ton of menus and that may seem confusing at first, but once you get used to it will be as easy as riding a bike. There are lots of options too, but mostly all you have to do is admire the graphics and the sound while you click on whatever option you want to use. Whether you’re moving one of your “heroes” (that’s what the game calls them) or killing a group of Hell Hounds, it’s always very easy.

Good Points-
*Easy to use and to get used to
*Simple controls
*User-friendly menus

Bad Points-
*All of the menus might overwhelm some newbies to the game

Game Design- 10 out of 10
Right now you might be thinking “So why’s it so great? All it is, is another stupid adventure game.” Well, let me tell you, it’s not. It combines RPG and adventure elements to make one hell of a game. Spanning over 150 creatures, 50+ spells, over 150 magical artifacts, 10 types of towns for you to take control of, 32 different classes of heroes, and tons more things, HOMM will please almost everyone. There are also over 100 scenarios and 8 campaigns for you to play.

Good Points-
*Nice variety of levels
*You can create custom scenarios and campaigns with the very easy-to-use editor
*Loads of secrets
*More than 150 creatures for you to kill, enslave, recruit into your army

Bad Points-
*None at all

Story- 10 out of 10
I can’t even begin to tell you any part of the story, because each scenario has its own story, and all of the campaigns have stories that tie together, so if I told you any part of the story it would give away a lot of surprises. But trust me, the story is very good.

Good Points-
*Very detailed storyline
*The story unfolds as you go along

Bad Points-
*None (again)

Replay Value- 10 out of 10
Heroes of Might and Magic III will keep you playing for months on end, not only because of its size and challenge, but also because it’s so fun. I’ve had it for a few months and I still play it very frequently. With online play, ton of codes, scenario and campaign editors, and much more, HOMM III will keep you busy for awhile.

Good Points-
*Online play
*Unlimited possibilities with the campaign and scenario editors
*Tons of levels that will keep you coming back for more
*Even the most attention span deprived will play for days

Bad Points-
*None (Geez! What’s 3D0 trying to do, make another Gauntlet Legends?!)

Challenge- 10 out of 10
As I have said before in this review: The are over 100 levels, and eight campaigns with levels exclusive to them. If you’ve ever played another version of Heroes of Might and Magic, you might have thought that the levels are only a little bit hard, but that all changes in this game. Even if you set the game on the easiest difficulty level, you’ll have tons of trouble beating the level. Seriously, even the easiest level will take you at least a half an hour to beat.

Good Points-
*The levels are very hard
*Six difficulty levels

Bad Points-
*The levels might be too hard for some people

Overall- 10 out of 10
Overall, Heroes of Might and Magic III is well worth the 30 or 40 bucks it costs. It’ll keep you playing for ages, and if you eve do get tired of it (yeah right) you can always create your own levels and campaigns, and if you get tired of that you can always try your skill against others in the multiplayer mode via the Internet. All in all HOMM III is almost as good as Harvest Moon 64 and Gauntlet Legends. It’s also rated “E” for Everyone by the ESRB rating board, with a note of animated blood and violence. So if you’re looking for a really sweet game for your computer, just get this one. You won’t be disappointed.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/05/01, Updated 01/18/02

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