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"You'd only want to play Heroes III twice"

This is one of the best strategy games that I've played in my life. I learned that after the first time playing it. After the second time, close to worst strategy game I've ever played.

STORY The game is about a kingdom that was taken over by a group of people. You must restore the land to what it once was. You control heroes of might, and heroes of magic. There are six different story lines for you to complete.

CHALLENGE The game is fairly challenging, but once you know the abilities of your enemies,( second time through) this game is too easy.

GAMEPLAY Each one of your heroes commands a different army. You use your armies to attack your enemies and complete the mission objectives. You can hire new heroes at taverns, while you must have built a specific building to train different units. There are fifteen different hero/heroine types, and each one comes with it's own type of units. The game has nine different races to choose from, each with eighteen different units to make. Your heroes can learn spells, and different skills. The battles are turn based, and depending on your army, can end easily in defeat, or can earn you very easy victories. That is not what you would expect in a turn based, strategy game. What kind of strategy is it just to build a colossal army? If you wanted to do that, you can just play Warcraft! You also gather six different kinds of resources to build your buildings and units.

GRAPHICS The cinematics are brilliant, but the game itself is poor. It does have some nice detail, but doesn't have that spark to liven it up.

SOUND Sound? What sound? Those stupid little tunes playing in the background?

CONTROL It's nice. No hotkeys to remember, it's all in the mouse.

REPLAYABILITY ZERO. The first time playing this game is just plain awesome. But When you start the second time, you'd realize that there is nothing more to do. No hidden quests or secrets to unlock. You have absolutely no reason to play it the second time. Well there is a map editor you can use. You can give your opponents an advantage or something, but the game will still be boring.

If you like strategy games, do NOT touch this game. It will ruin your love for strategy games.

STORY 10/10
SOUND 0/10

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 07/31/01, Updated 07/31/01

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