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"Awesome game to play"

The third sequel the Heroes of Might and Magic games, but is it that good? Of course it is with so much new improvements in this game and also new stuff how could it not be good.

Major improvements from the original HOMM game which had cartoonish graphics and now in this game they made the game 3D-rendered, from heroes to units this is what make this one peoples favorite HOMM game to play. Some of the units got a new make-over making them look more scary than silly.

The thing i love about these game is about the variety of music to hear from like the different castles which have their own lets say opera music which is totally awesome. A job well done.

If your a fan of HOMM game than you know what's this game all about but if not than i tell you. All of the Heroes of Might and Magic game are turn-based strategy game which you get to control a hero who has its own castle which you can used to build building, hire units or troops or even more heroes if you want. After than you get your hero and you get too explore the map collecting more resources to build more stuff in your castle or used it to hire units because most of the level 5 units require other resources than gold like crystals or gems etc. You also get to collect artifacts to make your hero better or your units, collect treasure and battle monsters who usually guard the valuable treasures. Most of the time your either building and exploring or fight the enemy hero or monsters.

Replay Value
There are plenty of campaign to choose from in this game from playing as the good guys or the bad guys it all depends on you and what you want to play 1st since it does not affect the story on which you play 1st. Theres also a scenario to choose from its like multi-player but you could play against other computers theres also a multi-player game so you can go head to head against your friend too see who's the best of the best. Even if you beat all the campaign and scenarios than there's also two expansion games but i did not buy them yet maybe later I will.

All in conclusion, with the amazing graphics, sounds and lots of new improvements from the previous HOMM game, this game will please the novice and experts out there.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/06/02, Updated 04/06/02

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