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"Who needs to sleep?"


''Hey, you wanna play some Heroes?''



''Hey, I win!''


This is Heroes of Might and Magic III, the ultimate stay up all night game. It combines strategy, skill, and even some luck to win. It's easy to grasp, but you might not even master it in your lifetime. Just make sure to bring a friend along.


Never ugly. Never. Everything looks wonderful. Each hero on the screen (Represented by a small horse and rider) and you can always tell the difference between the different races. Battles also look nice, and the monsters look very cool. I will say, however, that I like some of the monster designs better for Heroes II, but it's nothing major. Even though graphics look great, it's not the focus of the games, it's the:


Ok, first off, you start with a town and one hero of our choice. You use your limited movement each day to explore the map to gather resources, find artifacts, and gain experience. You use gold and wood, as well as other resources, to build ''Creature Dwellings'' in your town. You use these buildings to purchase units to build your army, and the population grows each week. You then take your hero to pick up the units at the castle, and use them to smite your enemies. And thats the basics of Heroes III.

But it goes deeper. Some building increase your skills, add defense, speed up monster growth, able you to learn magic spells, purchase new heroes, or any number of things. Every Creature can be upgraded as well. As simple as all that sounds, it's not. Players must guard their castle, flag new minesites, conquer enemies, and just explore all at the same time. This leads to some major strategic planing.

What are do the monsters do? Battling, of course! If a hero rendezvous with a enemies or wondering monster, then they enter battle mode. The player (or players) take turns attacking the other in a chess like battle. Each unit type is represented by a single unit with a number telling how many you have. So even if you have 1 Footsman on the screen, you might have 40 really there.

Each unit has hit points, attack points, defense points and speed points. Explaining how the attacking system would be very time consuming and boring to write, so pretend you know what I'm talking about. Each unit can walk a certain number of spaces each turn, and if it can, attack another unit. Things like Morale and such help in the battle, as well as spells. Whoever dies first or retreats loses, and the hero is gone. The winning hero can then gain experience points to learn more skills.

SOUND 9/10

Sound loses one point because the cool opera music from Heroes II is gone. But all in all, music is very cool. Each unit makes it own grunt and stuff, so it's neat. And the best part is the music is in Mp3 form, so you can listen to it whenever you want!

STORY ?/10

It has one, but I haven't played the one player mode much, so I have know idea what it is. Sad, eh? Something about good and evil, undead kings and some chick with red hair and revealing armor.


ONLY PLAY THIS GAME WITH A FRIEND! Or over the Internet.... things get real boring real fast with one person. If you have several hours to kill when a friend or four, spend the night playing Heroes and watch the hours fly by. Heck, I once stayed up until 4 AM playing Heroes II once.....


Heroes III has a grand total of 16 hero classes, 2 per race. One of them might and the other magic. And here they are:

Castle: Humans

Knights are a good all around race with some very good monster types. Most of the units a swords men, mixes in with zealots and griffins. The Knight has the most powerful monster type, The Archangel.

Fortress: Lizardmen, Gnolls

Hailing from the swamps, these witches and beastmasters use dangerous beasts as weapons, such as Hydras. Although somewhat weak in combat and magic, they are very cost efficient, have great defence, and come in great numbers.

Inferno: Demons, Efreeti

Made up of the forces of Hell, the demons are quite skilled at fire magic. Good at fighting and magic.

Stronghold: Orcs, Goblins and Ogres

These warriors from the desert have the highest attack power, but the lowest magic skill.

Tower: Humans, Genies

Take the Barbarians, and switch the stats.

Rampart: Elves, Dwarfs

Most of these units are tough but slow, such as the Dwarf, Unicorn and that walking tree thing. Magic is lower than the others, but cheap.

Dungeon: Menotaurs, Troglodytes

Masters of magic AND combat, the Warlocks are a force to reckon with. Beware the Black Dragon.

Necromancers: Linches, Vampires

The Undead are a powerful race, but can be hard to master. they are the most balanced, which can be a good or bad thing, since they have very weak and very powerful monster types at the same time.


I can't stress this enough: Heroes III is a multiplayer game. It just isn’t much fun if you play against the computer. When you play this game, kiss your life're not goning to see it in awhile.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/04/03, Updated 05/04/03

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