Review by JoepvanDeutekom

Reviewed: 01/23/04

Not perfect, but a superb replay value

When you first play heroes, u think ok a pretty good game but not one of the best games i ever played. But u cant stop playing anymore. Then you explore that heroes of might and magic 3 one of the best games ever is. If you played heroes of might and magic 1 & 2 this one is even better. Thats why i write this review, because i have respect for this game.

Graphics 8/10

Ok, the graphics are well done. But there are so much better graphics, think at Halo, Empires: Dawn of the Modern World, Starwars: Knights of the old Republic etc. But if i play this game i dont think what a bad graphics, no i think these graphics are really well done! (For a Stratagy game then)Some people disslike the graphics of this game, but think its a stratagy game, what do u expect. This is good for a stratagy game really.

Sound 8.5/10

The sound and music doesn't make you sing and dance but they are not bad at all. I really cant write more of the sound. The sound is just good, not stupid, but not awesome to.

Gameplay 9.5/10

This is a game that have very good gameplay. Some people say its just: build a army and kill your enemy. NO! it is really stratagy that keep you alive. The campains are good to. U can choose out 3 campains. if u complete a campain u unlock another one. 6 campains in total. They are not short, but long campains. Trust me. So, dont say: there are just 3 campains, because u can unlock 3 other ones.

Replay 10+/10

The replay cant be better then this game. I have buyed this game 2 1/2 year past. And i still play it full time with my self, or with friends. U can play online, or hot seat (one computer). Trust me, this is so good game that will keep you a very long time busy.

Difficulty 1/10 - 10/10

If you play vs a computer, you can choose your difficulty, if u play online, sometimes u have a very hard person vs you and sometimes its just a person that cant think and then u win easy, so its just what u want.

Overall 9/10 Not a average!

This game is close to perfect. If u look for a game where u have to think, pick this one. This will keep you playing, you cant stop. I will love this game.
This game deserve RESPECT!!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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