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"The expected upgrade, but a little bit easy"

I was waiting for this game for a long time. In fact, I was playing Heroes II while the third chapter was released. I saw a demo on a friend´s machine and I was very expectating to playing with it asap. Finally I got the game. As I could see on the online game web sites, the game it was badder, bigger and better. The armies were totally redesigned, and all the characters (heroes & soldiers) were modeled in 3D. They look all very well with a few exceptions, only the dragons don´t look so "realistic". I preffer the graphics of the Bone Dragon of the part 2 than this one. The same type of cities that were in Heroes II are here. An also some new ones. If you wanted the same game, with a face washed and some good additions, you´ll not be dissapointed.

There are new things you´ll like:

- character progressive experience (the skill levels of the heroes are not lost between missions in a campaign - as in H2 - , the attack level, the defense level, the spell power, the magic points & the spell book). In H2 it was too bad to have a really powerful hero, to start from scratch in the next mission.

- there is an underworld behind the land (as dungeons), with specific characteristics. In some of them you cannot use spells in combat!

- when you´re handling a hero, and if you pass the mouse over the special buildings (like the ones where you can learn spells, gain experience or defense or attack levels), it appears on the bottom of the screen if you visited it or not (in Heroes 2 I really can´t manage too well where was the hero and where not, I was usually visiting the same place twice or more, and remaining one hero not as his maximum possible level)

- you can carry a ballista and an ammo cart also. In heroes 2 some times (only a few, in fact), in long battles my archers will not have more rows to use! The problem is fixed if you have this one (an only cost $1000)

The big dissapointment of Heroes 3 is its difficult level. It´s SO EASY. The first three campaign are no challenging at all. I played it WITHOUT losing any battle! The computer AI it´s no good, and the quantity of troops of the computer heroes are not really a lot (I remember Heroes 2 when the computer cames with an horde of 200 vampires). You´ll past almost 40 hours of playing looking for some really action. It will no be a shame if you get bored until the 4th campaign. Also the "campaign" are a big flask. Each one they have only three missions. I wanted some more action.

And the final problem: you´ll need a powerful Pentium II machine to play it smoothly. Why? Because the music of the game is played in MP3 format!! In an hour I usually play only two weeks of the game´s time. The game is a little bit SLOW.

You must try the single missions, the multiplayer options, and the mission editor for really challenging action (perhaps in the expansion pack release on early august?)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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